Disclaimer: Concept is Sabanís Characters are mine IGPF is Ellen Brands. This Fanfic will be taking Place on Earth in Dear Old Angel Grove. The Clock is Ticking as this series nears itís conclusion. Trust me Iíve got a real good Cliff Hanger Planned for the Final two fanfics.

Trouble in the Grove
by Robert Gutheim

"Andrew, we are arriving in orbit of Earth," the computer said during a sleep period.

"Thanks," Andrew said. "Place a wake-up call for my room and Bradís room for 0700."

At that time in the Base for the Geo Rangers.

"Brad is going to get it good if he ever turns up," Heather said.

"What would you do to him?" Gamma asked.

"I havenít decided yet. But trust me it wonít be pretty. WE nearly lost six battles because we couldnít form the Megazord," Heather said.

While Heather was venting steam Andrew and Brad had teleported in behind her.

"To think all this time I thought you cared," Brad said right before Heather turned around and slapped him hard across the face.

"OW," Brad said. "Zolkar, do something." He asked his Mentor who had watched the whole thing with a slight grin on his face.

"What you deserved it," Zolkar said.

"All I did was go visit my girlfriend," Brad said.

"Thatís why you deserved it," Heather said. "Angel Grove was nearly destroyed because of your raging hormones."

"I doubt it is that bad," Brad said.

"Let me put it to you this way. Our families are staying at a hotel in Stone Canyon and we have been sleeping here as much as possible," Heather said.

"Heather, how quickly did everything go wrong?" Andrew asked. "When my team left back in November Angel Grove was still fairly intact."

"True then Brad left us short handed and evil almost destroyed our home. Angel Grove might never be the same," Heather said.

"Donít listen to her Brad. Only about a quarter of the City was destroyed. Our Families are in Stone Canyon to keep them safe from Taxicat and his Goons," Pilar said as she walked in. Brad took a good long look at the Yellow Ranger and for some reason trusted her information. Pilar then gave Brad a big Spinning Hug that almost knocked Andrew over.

"Zolkar, since I am here anyway I almost wonder if I should examine the destroyed area for an IGPF report," Andrew said.

"Might not be a bad idea. Take Brad and Pilar with you and I suggest going morphed," Zolkar said.

"Probably a smart move," Andrew said. "We better head up to my ship. I want to let my other passengers know that it might be a bit before they can return to Angel Grove. Also I want to put my other Uniform on since I will be on IGPF duty."

They soon were back on the ship.

"Andrew, when will we be Teleporting down?" Mr. Brennan asked.

"I donít know. The City is in pretty bad shape. How bad depends on which ranger you ask," Andrew said as he headed for his shipboard quarters. Brad followed him.

"Looks like I got off easy. All that happened was I almost had my jaw broken," Brad said.

"If the situation had been different he would probably of really nailed you. For all you know Kelly might have tipped him off about her having already read you the riot act about deserting your post," Andrew said as he Buttoned up his IGPF Uniform top.

"We better locate Pilar and teleport down," Andrew said as they headed for the bridge. By Chance the Yellow Geo Ranger was on hand with her arms prepped for Morphing. The bridge was otherwise secure.

"Well looks like it is time to Morph," Brad said.

"I agree," Pilar said.

"Geo 5 Power Up," Brad said.

"Pink Geo Power."

"Red Geo Power."

They then Teleported down to the Area of worst devastation.

"Man he must have really done a job on this place," Brad said. "I donít think Kellyís parents should teleport down right away."

"What makes you say that?" Andrew asked.

"That house over there was Brennanís," Pilar said. "Their entire neighborhood looks to have been flattened."

"Not good. You just get back from Christmas to find your house destroyed. I donít think I would want to be in their shoes about now. I hope Janet and I never have to deal with something like this," Andrew said.

"Is Janet someone real close to you?" Pilar asked.

"Oh yes Janet is my wife," Andrew said. "She was born on this planet in fact in Iowa."

"You might want to take some detailed scans of this area," Brad said.

"I am Iím going to scan the Entire area of devastation. I wonder if I should do it from the air," Andrew said.

"How would you do it from the air?" Pilar asked.

"I brought the Armatron with me on the ship. Therefore I have access to some pretty good armor," Andrew said.

"You can check from the Air while Pilar and I check the ground," Brad said.

"Black Ranger to Armatron, launch Flight Pack Mode Battle Armor," Andrew said.

"Armor Up."

Andrew then took to the air and used a wideband scan that was so sensitive it could read the fine print on a contract from 2000 feet up. Shortly after that HE teleported back to the Ship with Pilar and Brad. Mr. Brennan was waiting on the bridge when they arrived.

"Well how bad is it?" Mr. Brennan said.

"Iíd teleport down at your own risk. You house looks to have been flattened," Brad said.

"Not good," Mr. Brennan said. "I wonder how Cynthia is doing."

"A lot of parents are in Hotels in Stone Canyon. I recommend we head there so we can check in with them," Pilar said.

They then Teleported to Stone Canyon with Kevin staying aboard the ship.

"Colleen, Tim, I see you made it back safely," Mr. Cox said.

"Yes we did Steve. How was everything here?" Mr. Brennan asked.

"It was fine until Taxicat started going through town. A good portion is gone," Mr. Cox said.

"I saw. I went through the Devastation with someone from IGPF. Brennanís was flattened," Brad said.

"I wish I had had a way to contact you but near as I could figure you were probably on your way back to Earth at the time. My house was hit a little bit since it was on the edge of the area Taxicat went through but Things didnít go well. Gina is in the hospital here in Stone Canyon in Serious condition and this is the reason I wished Iíd been able to contact you but Cynthia Collins was killed," Mr. Cox said.

"Not good. One of the other families on the trip Colleen and I went on was interested in adopting Cynthia. Now it looks like Iíll have to go back and tell him that she is dead," Mr. Brennan said.

"If you want Iíll go with you," Mr. Cox said.

"I donít think that will be necessary Steve. Besides Gina needs you," Mrs. Brennan said.

"I know," Mr. Cox said.

A short time later Andrew and Brad with Pilar and Heather along went to visit Bradís mother.

"Brad, is that you?" Mrs. Cox asked her voice strained.

"Yes it is mother. Sorry I let you down," Brad said.

"Brad, you couldnít have predicted this. Even if you had been here He still might have done all this damage. It would have taken more Rangers then anything to prevent the Damage. He sent down a whole Divisionís worth of Kitatons for the one battle. Even if we had had the entire Demona Team helping us we couldnít of done much," Pilar said.

"It might have made a difference though," Brad said.

"A difference maybe but it would have been a small difference. Pilar is right the fight most likely wouldnít have been an easy one. If you had been here for the battle you yourself might be sitting in a funeral home somewhere waiting to be buried," Andrew said.

"Brad, just do the best you can to stop the fiend who did this," Mrs. Cox choked out.

"I will mother. You can count on that. Taxicat will pay for this and he better bring cash because I wonít accept a check and I also wonít take a credit card," Brad said.

"You are something else," Heather said. "But you can count on one thing Brad Iíll be right beside you."

"Thanks, Heather. I wasnít sure after I first saw you," Brad said.

Meanwhile at the Geo Rangers base Billy and Sven were watching a TV news broadcast.

"Earlier today this scene was shot from the area of Devastation here in Angel Grove. Two questions come to mind. A Who is the guy in Black alongside the two rangers. Also where has the Red Ranger who also appears in this scene along with the Yellow Ranger been prior to today. He or She has not been seen in battle since Early December," the reporter said.

"Billy, does the Guy in Black look familiar to you?" Sven asked.

"A little bit. Looks like my Cousin Janetís husband. Wonder why Janet hasnít stopped by to see me since they arrived," Billy said.

"Good question. Maybe she isnít in town. For all we know Andrew if that was Andrew might have come back to turn Brad over to Zolkar," Sven said.

"Assuming that was Brad with Pilar," Billy said. "Iíd wager my next paycheck at Taco Palace that the goofball in Black was Andrew."

"Foolish wagers should never be made," Zolkar said as he wandered into the lounge area.

"Zolks, what do you think will happen to Brad?" Sven asked.

"According to Andrew Kelly really read him the riot act. While I could take his morpher away from him I have a feeling that such action would be a mistake," Zolkar said. "Right now Brad along with Andrew and the Girls are walking through Stone Canyon Memorial Hospital visiting victims to the Siege especially Mrs. Cox. Andrew is here on official IGPF business."

"Why would IGPF send Andrew to conduct the Investigation?" Billy asked.

"They didnít. His original reason was to Bring Brennans home from Capsilon IX after Christmas and He decided to look into the Siege after he arrived," Zolkar said.

Andrewís investigation took the rest of the day and Brennanís stay aboard his ship with him and Kevin that night. The next day Andrew and Kevin went down Early to the Orphanage.

"Morning, how may I help you?" a case worker asked.

"My wife and I are interested in adopting Patricia Collins," Kevin said.

"I see," She said as she glanced at Kevin and Andrew.

"Iím not his wife. His wife is back on Capsilon IX. Iím with the IGPF," Andrew said.

"Were you hoping to conduct the adoption according to the laws here of the Laws on Capsilon IX?" The case worker asked.

"Most likely on Capsilon IX since that is where Patricia currently is," Kevin said. "After my wife and I decided to adopt her we didnít see any reason for her to return to Earth just to turn around and go right back to Capsilon IX."

"I will make arrangements for her file to be transferred via courier to Capsilon IX so you can look into the adoption," the case worker said.

Andrew took his badge out of his pocket since he had put civilian clothes on.

"I happen to be stationed on Capsilon IX so I can easily volunteer to act as your courier," Andrew said.

"That would be helpful. Your badge I assume you are a cop of some type," The Case worker said.

"Intergalactic Police Force," Andrew said as he gave her an extended look at the badge. "Iíll be filing a report possibly as early as this afternoon with my superiors."

"I see. Mind if I speak with you privately for a few minutes," she asked.

"Sure, Kevin, you might want to head up to the ship. I might be a while," Andrew said.

"Your friend is being helpful in my opinion. WE have 150 kids orphaned by the devastation. Most of them are being processed but in most cases it takes time and It wouldnít surprise me if things get worse before they improve. Two cases come to mind off the record of course Danielle Weaver and Janice Reed. Iíll tell you about Janice first. She is a very adorable seven year old Caucasian Girl who lost her parents in the attack by Taxicat. I was processing her when a Young Family came in. They had lost two kids in the attack and the one child they didnít loose a 14 year old girl is on crutches. Janice was in my office at the time. I politely asked her to excuse me while I spoke with the family. The mother told Janice she could safely stay. They wanted to help kids who had lost their family to the devastation that the attack caused. In fact the mother said that the way they were willing to start was by giving Janice a home. Janice is happy now since she has a home," The case worker said.

"So Janice is a success story, but what about the other Weaver girl?" Andrew asked.

"Completely other direction from Janice. Kids like Janice we have no trouble placing. Danielle though is Another Story. Danielle is a 15 year old African American girl who is a little delusional," the caseworker said.

"In what way?" Andrew asked.

"She wants to become a Power Ranger so she can help get rid of Taxicat and his goons," the case worker said. "Even without her delusions kids her age are very rarely adopted. Most people donít want to adopt a child that old. The Shelter staff wants to help her but Iím not sure how much help we can be," the case worker said.

"Mind if I sit down with her for a few minutes," Andrew said.

"You can try," the case worker said.

The Case worker then walked him down to a private room where a Tall African American girl was working at her desk.

"Danielle, you have a visitor," the case worker said.

"Can he help me become a ranger?" Danielle asked.

"I donít know," the case worker said.

"So what made you decide to talk to me?" Danielle asked.

"Your interests in fact," Andrew said. "Have you tried to apply to any academies at all?"

"A Year ago I applied to both Eltare and Triforia which are the two best known academies. Eltare sent a letter back that they found me qualified only there wasnít room for me in the incoming class since there were only so many seats for non ranger descendents. They did say I was a waiting list though," Danielle said.

"A childhood friend of my wifeís is the Base Operations instructor there. What about Triforia?" Andrew asked.

"Failed the psychological exam," Danielle said. "Guess it will take a miracle for me to ever become a ranger."

"You a big fan of purple or something?" Andrew asked.

"Yes I am," Danielle asked.

"Danielle, you mind if I discuss your situation with a few people?" Andrew asked.

"Sure but donít broadcast it over the news," Danielle said.

"I may send for you who knows," Andrew said.

"I doubt I will be going anywhere," Danielle said.

Andrew then walked out and teleported over to the Geo Rangerís Base.

"Brad, have you seen Zolkar?" Andrew asked.

"He is in his office actually," Brad said.

"Think he would mind my intruding?" Andrew asked.

"Canít say," Brad said.

Brad lead the way to Zolkarís office and knocked.

"In," Zolkar said as he was removing a small box from a safe.

"Zolkar, think you could find a place on the Ranger Team here for a girl who is interested in helping end Taxicatís tyranny?" Andrew asked.

"Depends, did you have any particular person in mind?" Zolkar asked.

"Yes I did a Girl named Danielle Weaver," Andrew said. "She doesnít know Iím here. I didnít even identify myself using either my IGPF Badge or my Battalion card."

"I am glad to hear that Danielle is interested. I was about to gave Gamma teleport her here," Zolkar said.

"I told her I might send for her," Andrew said.

"Iíll have Pilar fetch her," Zolkar said.

Zolkar then went into the Lounge where the Pink and Yellow Rangers were watching a super old movie.

"The Tin Man tends to make me think of Gamma," Heather said.

"The Cowardly Lion makes me think of Billy," Pilar said.

"Pilar, mission for you. GO to Little Angelís Haven and bring Danielle Weaver here," Zolkar said.

"Pilar, maybe I should accompany you in case she gets rough," Heather said.

"Glad to have you along," Pilar said.

They then teleported to a small area near the orphanage. Upon fully materializing they walked in.

"Hi, weíre friends of Danielle Weaverís," Heather said.

"She is room 218," the receptionist said.

They then went upstairs.

"Heather, you ready for Orchestra rehearsal?" Danielle asked when she saw the two rangers.

"Just about. A friend of ours would like to see you," Heather said.

"I kind of promised a guy I would stay in case he sent for me," Danielle said. "Maybe your friend could come here."

"Not a chance," Heather said. "The friend we had in mind doesnít get out much. Who said he might send for you?"

"He didnít introduce himself but I checked with my case worker and he is an IGPF officer named Hammond," Danielle said.

"Funny I thought Andrew was with the Demona team," Heather said.

"From what Brad learned from Kelly heís both," Pilar said. "I donít think Andrew will scream if you went out for a little while."

"Where is your car?" Danielle asked.

"Hold on to Heather and weíll take you," Pilar said.

Pilar and Heather then activated their teleporters.

"OK where did you bring me?" Danielle asked. "Hope I donít tell that IGPF guy how you just tried to kidnap me."

"Actually that IGPF guy as you just referred to him told me how you want to become a ranger," Zolkar said. "My name is Zolkar. I happen to be the mentor of the Geo Ranger team."

"So why am I here?" Danielle asked.

"To get your wish," Zolkar said.

"This is f***ing unbelievable," Danielle said. "I take it my kidnappers are two of your flunkeys."

"If by flunkeys you mean the other rangers yes," Heather said. "I wear Pink and Pilar Yellow."

"What color would I end up with?" Danielle asked.

"I just happen to have in this box the Purple Geo Morpher. It was my plan from the beginning to make you a ranger," Zolkar said. "You will be living here most likely and your family is cleared for knowledge that you are a power ranger but they are the only ones that can know."

"My family was killed in the attack," Danielle said. "I suppose I probably should tell the lady that runs the shelter so she wonít be surprised if I disappear suddenly."

Andrew meanwhile was walking in uniform into a small restaurant about five miles from the area that was destroyed. An African American Family was also walking in at that moment they had five people in their party Two adults and three children oldest looked to be twelve.

"Evening, Table for Six," the greeter asked.

"Five actually," the Father said.

"It is Childrenís night where Children twelve and under eat at half price when you purchase an Adult meal at regular price but there is a limit of one childrenís meal per adult meal," the greeter said. "Thatís why I figured it was a table of six."

"Sir, if you want to join us you can," the father said to Andrew.

"Sure, so long as you let me pay," Andrew said.

"Youíve got yourself a deal officer," the father said.

They were soon seated at a table.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" a waiter asked a couple minutes later.

"DO you have Triforian Ale?" Andrew asked.

"Do you have ID?" the waiter asked.

Andrew handed over his IGPF ID which thankfully had his birthday down as November 29th, 2048 since it was according to the Earth Calendar instead of the Kerovian calendar.

"Just wanted to make sure since we have a minimum drinking age on this planet," the waiter said. "What about the rest of you?"

The rest of the table ordered soft drinks.

"Man you are something else. This is the first time I ever heard a guy ask for Triforian Ale," the father said.

"A friend of my wifeís introduced me to it," Andrew said.

"Why did the waiter make a joke about this planet?" the oldest child asked.

"I was born on KO-35 in the Kerova System but these days I live on Capsilon IX where I serve both the IGPF and the Demona Rangers," Andrew said. "Iím Andrew Hammond by the way."

"Karl Williams, this my wife Rachel and our kids Tanya, Lewis, and Janey," the father said. "So what brings you to Earth."

"I was bringing the parents of one of my teammates home and after I arrived I started investigating what happened," Andrew said.

"Itís a major Tragedy. Wish there was something we could do to help those less fortunate," Karl said.

"I know of a fifteen year old girl who could use a home," Andrew said. "She lost her entire family in the attack."

"I think I can help your friend out," Karl said. "My wife and I were thinking of adopting another child. While we were thinking more along the lines of an infant or toddler maybe we could go in the other direction."

"After we finish eating maybe we can go visit her," Andrew said.

"We have a lot going on maybe tomorrow morning around 10am," Rachel said.

"Iíll arrange for her to be at the shelter," Andrew said.

After Eating Andrew paid the bill and then Teleported over to the Geo Rangerís Base.

"Andrew, you arranged for me to join the rangers didnít you," Danielle said.

"I didnít do much. He was planning on you being a ranger all along just hadnít contacted you until just now," Andrew said. "Where will you be sleeping?"

"The shelter for now but Zolkar isnít going to contact me unless the situation actually requires it," Danielle said. "Iím going to teleport in shortly probably right to my room."

The next day Andrew met the Williams family a few minutes before hand.

"I hope things go well," Karl said.

"Iím sure things will go well," Andrew said.

Upon Entering Andrew was spotted by the Shelter Director.

"Officer Hammond, you busy?" she asked.

"I can spare you a few minutes," Andrew said.

"I was mainly wondering when you would be returning to Capsilon IX," the director said.

"Probably not until my passengers make arrangements shelter," Andrew said.

"I was hoping you would be willing to wait a few days while we get about 2 dozen kids mostly of school age ready for transfer to Capsilon IX. It would save our having to book passage on a normal ship. Also two families the Brennans and the Whittackers will be leaving for Capsilon. The Whittackers are Janice Reedís new family," the director said.

"By Brennans do you mean Tim and Colleen Brennan?" Andrew asked.

"Yes," the director said. "They figured if rebuilding was necessary it would be best to do it there. For one thing their biological daughter is there."

"I know. Kelly is well known to my wife and I," Andrew said.

Meanwhile Rachel Williams was just entering Danielleís room.

"Danielle, you mind if I sit down?" She asked.

"Sure, Man I feel like Miss Popularity. Twice yesterday I had people stop in to see me. First it was a guy from IGPF and the next time was a couple classmates of mine," Danielle said.

"Danielle, if you could be adopted by someone would you have a problem with it?" Rachel asked.

"Depends Iím on call a lot for a job I got yesterday and I canít very well leave Angel Grove right away," Danielle said.

"My family lives over in the Angelís Heights section. My husband and I have three kids of our own. Our oldest Tanya is Twelve, Lewis is 8, and Janey 5," Rachel said.

"Whoa, that area is full of some real nice homes," Danielle said. "How often does that area get attacked?"

"I think the monster tend to stay away from that area," Rachel said.

"Are you and your husband thinking of adopting me?" Danielle asked.

"The case worker said that we would need you to OK it," Rachel said.

"Iíd like to get to know your family first," Danielle said.

"I think we can arrange for you to visit for a few days," Rachel said. In fact the arrangements are already made.

"You mind if I check with someone first?" Danielle asked.

"Sure, Iíll wait outside," Rachel said as Danielleís communicator happened to go off.

"Zolkar, something up?" Danielle asked in a whispery tone

"Not really Danielle. Just wanted to see if you were going to tell Rachel about your job?" Zolkar asked.

"You think I should?" Danielle asked still whispering

"Definitely," Zolkar said.

"What was that about?" Rachel asked.

"This," Danielle said cocking her left forearm to reveal her morpher. "I use it when I get called into work."

"Youíre a Power Ranger arenít you?" Rachel asked.

"Yes I am," Danielle said. "Just became a ranger yesterday."

"Iím especially glad that we might be adopting you," Rachel said.

Andrew took note of Danielle leaving with the Williams family.

A Few days later Andrew was standing by at the Space Port as the passengers for Capsilon were boarding when Danielle and Tanya walked up. HE would see Karl in the Background.

"Andrew, I want to thank you for arranging for me to get a new family. After visiting for a few days I decided that I wanted to become a member of their family," Danielle said.

"All I did was set the ball in motion. You most likely did the important part. I wish you luck," Andrew said.

A short time later he was sitting at the controls when Hillary Whittacker and Janice Reed walked in. Of course with Hillary on Crutches she mostly hobbled in. Janice Andrew noted had her left arm in a sling and he could see the edges of a cast.

"Captain, everyone is stowed. Oh and the single baby Ashley is real cute," Hillary said.

"Tell you what Hillary, take seat over at communications and Inform the Command Bunker we are one week out and will require Ground Transportation upon arrival.

"Aye Captain," Hillary said.

Closing Notes: Well this Fanfic is finished. Expect to see more of Danielle in Demona39 and Demona40. While Andrew wonít be appearing in the next Fanfic expect to see the reaction the rangers have in Demona 37.