Disclaimer: Concept is Sabanís along with Goldar but Characters are mine. IGPF belongs to Ellen Brand. This is the Fourth from last installment of this series. A surprise is planned.

A Changed Soul Emerges
by Robert Gutheim

IT was Early Morning on a Saturday when Teri Reynolds rolled out of bed at the her house. Her bedroom was well decorated in various shades of Blue. Probably the single most important item on the Desk inside her door was her Morpher. For Teri was no ordinary sixteen year old girl. No Teri was a Power Ranger. Teri was one of only three rangers not living at their base a couple miles from the Settlement that Teri lived in. It wasnít that she didnít want to live in the base she just never got around to moving over there. The first thing Teri saw when she walked downstairs after putting on a Pale Blue Robe was that there was a Tall Blond haired Caucasian looking Male in the Kitchen cooking breakfast. The Male in question was a frequent visitor to the house from when Teri had cracked her skull the previous fall because she forgot to morph before a battle with some Gearheads in the hall of the high school.

"Morning I/Oca," Teri said.

"Morning Teri. So whatís on your Game plan?" I/Oca asked.

"First off going into GSA and getting hair cut. I donít really need it since my hair is regulation but I still think it could use a trim. Then I might swing by the Base and swim a little with Kelly. Also I figured on Stopping off somewhere and getting some supplies for the house. Powermatic and Stephanie donít have anything up their sleeves do they?" Teri asked since I/Oca handled a lot of the computer work at the base.

"I donít think so. Andrew figured he would be arriving back today with some refugees from the assault on Angel Grove. He transmitted a partial list. Iíd check with FREDA and see when he is expected just in case you need to assist," I/Oca said.

"AS you know my dad died when I was real young," Teri said.

"Yes I was briefed on that. How often did you and Devon have a father figure in your life?" I/Oca asked.

"There is only one person I ever really looked at as a father figure in my life. When I tell you who that person is you will probably laugh," Teri commented.

"I donít know. Depends on who you are thinking of," I/Oca pointed out.

"You," Teri said.

"Somehow Iím not surprised. I almost think of you as a daughter," I/Oca started to say when the phone rang.

"Reynolds, Residence," Teri said.

"This is Kim, Andrew is forty minutes out. Someone from Immigration is enroute to coordinate processing but Iíd like you two here ASAP."

"Unless you want me working processing in my bathrobe at least give me a chance to get dressed,": she said.

"Not a problem just donít take too long. Dress Uniform," Kim ordered.

Teri then hung up the phone while racing for the stairs.

"Trouble?" I/Oca queried.

"WE have to work processing at the base when Andrew arrives and he is within an hour of arrival. I better get into Uniform," Teri said. About halfway up she suddenly stopped "I just realized my Dress uniform is in my quarters at the Bunker and Kim wants me to wear it."

"Just throw your gi on or is that at the Bunker?" he asked.

"No thatís here," Teri said as she reached the top of the stairs. Soon as she came downstairs in her Gi she grabbed her keys and headed for her sky blue car. I/Oca slipped into the passenger seat. Thankfully it didnít take long for her to reach the bunker.

"You could probably have run here faster then it took to drive," I/Oca said.

"Yeah but then I would have been too sweaty," Teri said.

Teri took the first stairwell she got to down to the living quarters and took a quick Ten minute shower and spent five minutes drying her hair. After that it was simply a matter of putting her dress uniform on and heading for the gym where the processing was being done.

"Teri, you will be handing out the forms that the refugeeís will need. Most of them are kids in fact there are only two families. The oldest kid not part of a family is 13 and the youngest is a five month old infant.

Janet who was taking her seat at a station for setting up the electronic transaction accounts peeked up a little at the mention of the infant.

A short time later the first refugees started to walk into the gym. Kelly had a super shocked look on her face.

"Mom, Dad, what brings you all here?" she asked.

"We got home to find our house was a pile of rubble from a major attack. We figured since there was nothing holding us on Earth we would relocate here," Mr. Brennan said.

Kelly quickly pointed them toward Teri for the forms and they went to small tables nearby to fill them out then they went through the other lines. Andrew walked in last with his flight suit on and he had the last refugee in his arms.

Janet since the last refugee besides the infant had already gone through her station got up and relieved her husband of his bundle.

"So what is this cute little ones name?" she asked.

"Ashley," Andrew said. "If you want it could be Ashley Elizabeth Hammond."

"Youíve got to be joking," she said.

"Janet, I already have the process going to make it happen," he said.

"Any particular reason?" she asked.

"Well someone would have to handle processing for her and I felt we would be just the people to do it."

Teri meanwhile excused herself and headed for her quarters so she could throw a spare Uniform on. As she was leaving she passed Kelly and Fran.

"Teri, want to raid the Youth Center?" Fran asked.

"Not right now I have a ton of errands to run. Kelly, we still hitting the pool later?" She asked.

"Iíll have to get back to you since things have come up obviously. You using your car for the errands or your momís car?" the rangers 2nd in command asked.

"My mom is on a trip off planet and her car is at the main space port. Therefore I have Blue1 with me," Teri said referring to her plate number.

"Funny thing is you are technically blue2," Fran commented.

"A fact my mom is well aware of," Teri said.

Teri headed for her car and backed slowly out of the space and left the parking lot. She then headed for a highway toward the main GSA base fifty miles away. Because of the distance she knew even morphed she couldnít make it running. Just going between her house and the Bunker was almost her limit going at full speed and she occasionally ran marathons which were slightly over half the distance to the base. While enroute she thought about what supplies were needed. She had actually considered getting a case of 30 weight oil as a gag gift for I/Oca.

Her first stop was by the GSA Commanderís house.

"Morning Lieutenant, is the Commander around?" Teri asked.

"Hold on Miss and Iíll see if he is available," the Commanderís aide said.

"Ah Cadet Reynolds, what brings you by?" Commander Cummings asked as he walked by right then.

"I came into the base to do a few things and felt a courtesy visit with the Commanding Officer was in order," she said.

"Glad to have you by anytime. From what I heard over the grapevine Angel Grove on Earth is in pretty bad shape," he said as the lieutenant stepped aside.

"Only one ranger on our team has a full idea of what is going on. I havenít been fully briefed on the situation in Angel Grove. Itís my guess that it probably isnít good. Two families were aboard a ship that arrived today. Also 2 dozen orphaned kids were brought here ranging from an infant up to thirteen," Teri said.

"Anything in common as far as the two families go?" he asked.

"I donít think so. One of the families that came was the family of one of the rangers," Teri said.

"What is on your plans while you are here on post?" the commander asked.

"Haircut, then raid the commissary and possibly the exchange," Teri said.

"Swing by for lunch. Iíll have Lt. Cods fix up a nice meal," he said.

"Iíll do that. My mom is out of town and I/Oca was called into work so Iíd most likely be on my own as it is."

As Teri was getting into her car after leaving the Commanderís residence she saw two small lights flashing. One was a voice light the other a data light on her vehicom unit.

"Blue1 to Bunker," Teri transmitted.

"Bunker here," Alphaís metallic voice said.

"Was someone trying to call me?"

"Youíre out at GSA right?" he asked.

"Affirmative," she said.

"If you get a chance Kim would like you to brief Commander Cummings on the situation in Angel Grove. Everything you need was transmitted to your vehicom," he said.

"Iím just clearing his quarters but he invited me back for lunch so thatís not a problem."

"Bunker out."

Teri then proceeded to the barber shop. When she got in one of the barbers a Tall African American lady waved her over.

"Morning Bev," Teri said.

"So how would you like it today?" Bev asked.

"Cut it short," she said.

"How short."

"Short," she said.

Teriís hair starting out was about shoulder height so it wasnít real bad. When Bev finished up it was cut short enough that her neck was visible and nicely sculpted.

"Looks nice. Now I just have to wait until lunchtime when I have to brief Commander Cummings. Maybe Iíll go over to the O-Club and review the material," Teri said.

"Probably not a bad idea," Bev agreed.

Teri spent an hour at the club reviewing the information that had been sent. When she arrived back at the commanders residence about 1145 she asked Lt. Cods if there was a viewer capable of working with her equipment.

"Yes there is Teri," he said.

"How easy will setting it up be?" Teri asked.

"Come this way and Iíll show it to you," he said leading her into a basement room which had a conference table capable of seating about sixteen people and the equipment was along one wall.

"Give me about fifteen minutes with the boss and then bring lunch down here," she said.

Commander Cummings fully outfitted in a Black GSA uniform walked in five minutes later.

"So what is up that required using my conference room?" he asked.

"Apparently during my courtesy visit earlier full briefing materials were transmitted between Rangertech and my car. I reviewed the materials and am prepared to brief you on the situation in Angel Grove California.

The First image was of a typical city neighborhood that you might find anywhere.

"This is an old shot of Walker Creek Residential Sub Division in Angel Grove back in November. AS you can see it looks typical almost as if you could find something like that here on Capsilon," Teri said. "This next shot shows a different story."

The screen changed to show many piles of debris spread throughout the neighborhood.

"This is the same place but taken by scanners aboard our ship within the last few weeks. AS you can see extensive damage. Youíd find it hard to believe that this disaster zone once housed about 700 families including the family of Power Ranger Kelly Brennan. The nice thing is Brennanís were not home when their house was destroyed. Brennanís were here for Christmas. Special Authorization had to be received for this next shot to be shown," she said.

A picture of the Geo Rangers was shown without their helmets but morphed. You could tell it was up to date since Danielle was included.

"These six individuals are charged with defending Angel Grove from the villains who had caused the destruction of over a 1000 homes along a 3 square miles stretch of Angel Grove. They are in Blue William Cranston V, in Green Seth Lucas, Pink is Heather Marconi the only foreign born member of their team, Yellow is Pilar Rojas, Red is Bradley Cox, and finally purple according to my info is Danielle Weaver. Brad was the teams leader only when the chips were down Brad was no where to be seen. Where was he you ask. Try here on Capsilon IX visiting his girlfriend. Brad has decided to abandon his post and spend Christmas with his girlfriend. Danielle wasnít with the team at that time in fact she joined up during an IGPF investigation handled by Andrew Hammond. Danielle was on the original list but her need wasnít needed until all this happened. She lost her entire family in the assaults on Angel Grove. Thankfully a family who survived the attack without problems opened their home up to her. Yet as I mentioned Earlier over thirty people including two families moved here on the first available ship," Teri concluded. "The 2 dozen kids who were brought here on the ship are only a mere handful of the some 150 at least kids who lost families in the assaults."

"Definitely looks like Angel Grove needs some help. What action has been taken according to your information?"

"IGPF has stationed Senturion units in the System in the hopes of assisting the Rangers with preventing further destruction. Also the Ranger Council is looking into augmenting the Ranger forces already in place," Teri said.

Lt. Cods served lunch right then and they further discussed the situation. When it was over Teri left to visit the Gym before raiding the commissary. AS she was getting ready to enter the Gym Goldar appeared behind her.

"Well Well Blue Ranger ready for your death?" he asked.

"Not today Goldar," she said as she went into a Morphing Stance. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Blue Ranger Power."

The Bluish Aura then surrounded her body as a cheetah came zooming in. Soon as she was fully morphed Goldar came at her with his sword. Thankfully Teri had her saber ready. They battled for a good long time.

"Ready to admit Defeat yet?" Goldar asked after the first hour.

"Not even close," Teri said.

"You are brave ranger. After all you didnít even request help from your fellow rangers," he growled.

"Thatís because I know I can take you on," Teri said. "Iíve done it before and I can do it again if I have to."

"Thatís assuming you survive this encounter," Goldar said as he attempted a rushing attack that only resulted in Teri undergoing a Spinning kick that sent Goldar falling to the ground and his sword flying out of his hands. Teri in order to make the fight a little more fair decided to deny Goldar his sword.

"Ball Blaster Full power," Teri cried firing on his sword. The sword was vaporized. A strange light then appeared over Goldar. Teri looked on as the Fierce Blue Skinned and Furred Warrior changed into a Slightly tall maybe 6-2 Human looking warrior. The Warrior was also wearing gold armor but it wasnít as menacing.

"I wish to thank you for freeing me at last. IT took a lot of courage to destroy the sword that made me into an evil beast," he said.

Teri was reluctant to demorph in case it was a trick.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am Prince Goldarean of Eltare. Many Millennia ago I was captured in a battle between the Eltarian Royal Family and Lord Zedd. HE saw pity on me and changed me into the evil creature you knew as Goldar. That sword became the one thing that kept me evil. I took the time to serve Lord Zedd in the hope that someday he would restore me to my true form."

"Well Your highness looks like that day finally came," Teri said.

"I agree. You can safely demorph now," he said.

"I wasnít sure what to expect. When you decided to attack I was on my way to the gym in order to work out," she said after demorphing such that her flight suit was visible.

"I can imagine. How often do you find that one of your worst enemies is in fact a kind caring person. Teri, I hope some day whatever god you worship blesses you and Scott with many children,"

"Thank you your highness," Teri said. "Iím sure you would like to see more of Capsilon IX then the GSA base. What say I take you on a tour."

"One thing I suppose I should do is get word to the Eltarian Government that Iím all right."

"I can handle that," Teri said as she unlocked her car. "Blue1 to Bunker."

"Bunker here."

"Is it possible to patch me through to the Eltarian Embassy?"

"Yes it is hold on a second."

A brief pause was heard and then a female voice said.

"Eltarian Embassy office of the Ambassador."

"This is Teri Reynolds 56th Battalion 96th Company. I have with me as we speak a Prince Goldarean in good shape and restored to the side of the good."

"What was that name again?" the person asked.

"Prince Goldarean G O L D A R E A N. I havenít gone by that name in several millennia," the prince provided.

"Yeah right stop wasting my time you two," the person said before hanging up.

"I donít think she believed who I was."

"Weíll straighten things out at Rangertech," she said as she started the car and left the compound. An hour later they arrived just as Kim was returning from working at the Youth Center.

"Teri, who is your friend?"

"Prince Goldarean of Eltare. You knew me under a different name though."

"That being?" Kim asked.


That Evening Prince Goldarean joined the rangers for dinner. During the meal the Eltarian Ambassador himself paid a visit. Two Days later Teri stood by as the Prince left on a special shuttle to return to his planet of Birth.

Closing Notes. Probably none of you saw this coming. Prince Goldarean will probably appear again at some point. When Iím not sure.