Author's Note: This Fanfic combines characters from the new Power Rangers Turbo series and a series of adventures that I wrote known as the adventures of Plastica and Headset. The use of the Turbo Rangers is without the permission of Saban Entertainment.

Turbo Crisis
By Robert Gutheim

One day in Sunny Angel Grove Tanya Sloan and Adam Park were talking with Tommy Oliver and David Trueheart when Justin Stewart their young friend walked over.

"Tommy, you think Divatox will try anything?" he asked.

"I don't know. God I hope we don't have to call Robert and Jess in if something goes wrong," Tommy said. Meanwhile in the ocean Divatox and her dimwitted henchmen Rygog and Elgar were watching the conversation with evil intentions.

"SO the rangers are hoping not to have to call somebody in. I better send tankoid down to keep them busy," Divatox said. Meanwhile in the Power Chamber Billy Cranston along with Alpha 6 and Dimitria were monitoring the situation.

"It sure is quiet. Think Divatox is up to something?" Billy asked. The alarm went off just then.

"I should think so looks like she sent Tankoid down to Earth Alert the Rangers at once" In Angel Grove The gang was continuing the conversation when Katherine Hillard walked over. Werchink a Werchinkchink

"What is it Dimitria?" Tommy asked.

"Divatox sent Tankoid to Earth he is near the abandoned Air Force Base. Report to the Power Chamber at Once," Dimitria said.

"We're on it Dimitria," Tommy said. "WE have to Teleport to the Command Center at once." They quickly teleported away including Justin.

"Whew that is one ugly monster. We're going to need the Armatron on this one," Tommy said. "Tanya take this e-mail address and send a flash message requesting back-up. WE haven't called him in a while but we're going to need him for this one."

"Who is the recipient of this message?" Tanya asked.

"An old Ally," Tommy said. "We better head for the Garage and our Zords. Tanya meet us there soon as the message is off," Tommy said.

"Message is sent," Tanya said. Meanwhile on the other side of the country Jessica Nabinger a similar aged dark haired girl was checking the net for some info when she saw the mail message come in.

"To whoever this message is for you don't know me but Tommy Oliver asked me to request your assistance in Angel Grove meet us at the abandoned Air Force Base and may the power be able to protect you," the message said. "sincerely yours Tanya Sloan the yellow turbo ranger. PS time is of the essence."

"702 to 701 meet me in the Hanger Deck we have to go trouble in Angel Grove," Jess called to her Taller more powerful Friend. "702 to 700 Flight deck load the Armatron into the Commandship and prep it for immediate launch."

"Jess something up?" Robert asked when he meet up with her.

"The e-mail wasn't specific. The writer probably didn't have time for details," Jessica said.

"Nuts, We better teleport directly there. Mike we're probably going have to teleport the Armatron separately so don't pack it in too tightly," Robert said as they vanished.

A few seconds later they materialized in the power chamber.

"Billy, why aren't you in battle right now?" Robert asked.

"I no longer have ranger powers I still do the tinkering though," Billy said. "This is Tankoid, HE is one mean machine. The rangers are preparing to leave." In the garage Tommy was just Climbing into the Red Lightning Zord a race car like zord when Robert and Jessica walked into the Garage, Tanya had just Entered Dune Racer a yellow Dune Buggy like Vehicle, While Justin Entered Mountain Blaster a Blue heavy Duty pick-up. (No matter that the youngest Ranger had the roughest zord). Adam was prepping Desert Thunder an almost companion to the Dune Racer, While Kat was already driving Windchaser a winston cup like vehicle out the Bay door."

"Rangers, Morph for Action," Tommy said while he grabbed his morphing key. "Shift into Turbo"

"Windchaser Turbo power."

"Dune Racer Turbo Power."

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power."

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power."

"Red Lightning Turbo Power." Robert then figured out which persona was necessary.

"Robert, I better warn you your Ranger powers were most likely lost when the Morphing Grid went down." Billy said. Robert said. "I hereby call for Flight Pack Mode Battle Armor." >From the Armatron still unfortunately located on the loading bay floor of Robert's Base came a huge suit of armor that had a jet pack attached. It flew at light speeds and landed around Robert's tight frame While the Rangers were driving off Robert took the Air.

"Interesting the Ranger's friend is considered to be another Ranger. But who is the girl and why isn't she doing anything," Divatox asked.

"Maybe she isn't a ranger," Rygog said.

"Send the Piranhatrons down to keep the rangers friend busy," Divatox said. "HE must not cause the Defeat of Tankoid," Divatox said. Down near the battle field the Pirahnatrons appeared around Robert.

"SO this is what your well styled Putty is wearing this year." (Authors notes Robert last fought alongside the Rangers during the Thunderzord season so he didn't know the name of the dimwitted soldiers that so far have consisted of Putties of various styles, Tengas and Cogs) The Pirahnatrons then proceeded to try and attack him. Robert used a combination of Tae Kwon Do and speed to out do the brainless soldiers. Problem was they were still coming even as he took them out.

"Tommy, I could use some help," Robert called over his communicator.

"Wish we could spare somebody but we're a little tied up," Tommy said as he tried to evade a blast from the Tankoid.

"I think I have an idea. Flight pack Mode Battle Armor off," Robert said. Instantly his armor blasted off knocking out two Pirahnatrons in the process.

"I hereby call forth Stealth Mode Battle Armor," Robert called. The Armatron was still waiting on the loading bay of the base but it quickly took off and headed for the battlefield. Upon arrival it launched a silvery Suit that upon reaching Plastica Formed around his body making him invisible.

"This is fun they can't take out what they can't find," Robert said as he quickly knocked out all of the Pirahnatrons. Meanwhile near the main battlefield.

"Tommy, I don't know how long we'll be able to hold out," Kat said.

"We have to. Justin, did you see where Robert disappeared to?" Tommy asked.

"While he was fighting Divatox's soldiers I could still locate him but now it's impossible," Justin said.

"How did he disappear like that?" Adam wondered.

"The Armatron is a device capable of holding in secure storage all of suits of Armor he would need during a battle." Jessica said. At that Moment Tankoid disappeared.

"We better Teleport back to the Command Center," Tommy said. All of the including Robert returned to the Power Chamber.

"You guys having fun?" Robert asked His Stealth Mode Armor Helmet in his arm the rest of his armor still on so all you could see was his head.

"You look almost like Zordon in that Get-up," Kat joked.

"Stealth Mode Battle Armor off," Robert said. His armor returned to the Armatron.

"Turbo Rangers, everything all right," came over the radio. A white helmeted figure appeared in the viewing globe.

"Blue Senturion, Tankoid is one vicious monster. Luckily so far Divatox hasn't made it grow," Tommy said.

"I'll be joining you in the next battle so look for my patrol zord. The Roboracer. Oh Who is your friend?" the caller asked.

"Blue Senturion, I'm Robert Gutheim better known as Plastica, I carry the powers of the Orange Ranger." The Alarm went off right then.

"Oh great Tankoid is attacking Downtown Angel Grove and HE has Grown," Alpha said. "Aye Yei Yei."

"WE better take him out," Tommy said. "Back to Action." Robert stayed behind.

"We need Turbo Megazord Power now," the Turbo Rangers called. Right then Dune Racer and Desert Thunder Stood on the back ends while Mountain Blaster merged with them. Red Lightning then Switched around and prepared to Join with Mountain Blaster soon as Windchaser was ready with a couple of arms. Blue Senturion pulled up right then. "Robo Racer warrior mode now," The Intergalactic Police officer said.

"Whoa the cavalry has arrived," Justin said. They worked hard to take out the Evil Warrior.

"Dimitria, I know I stayed behind but they need help. My old Cheetah Zord is probably history. I need something though for this fight. I don't have anything in the Armatron that would cut it," Robert said.

"There must be something in there is Tommy figured it was needed in this fight," Dimitria said.

"Armatron display inventory," Robert called forth.

"The Armatron currently has in inventory the following suits: Standard Battle Armor, Lightweight Mode Battle Armor, Barricade Mode Battle Armor, Aquatic Mode Battle Armor, Arctic Mode Battle Armor, Super Arctic Mode Battle Armor, Whisker Mode Battle Armor. Stealth Mode Battle Armor and Super sized battle armor."

"Armatron, what exactly is Super sized battle armor something new from the extra value combos?" Jessica asked.

"Negative Headset Super Sized Battle Armor is me in a warrior mode capable of holding Plastica in a powered up state. IT wont quite reach Tankoids height but IT will get close," Armatron said.

"Then Let's go," Robert said. "It's Show Time Let's Power Up," Robert said.

"Powers of the Unknown, Abilities of a strobelight, Change me to Headset."

"Powers of Glass and Plastic, Change me to Plastica," Robert said.

"Back to Action," Plastica said teleporting out with Headset and the Armatron.

"Armatron Warrior Mode ," Plastica called. The most amazing transformation then took place as the eight blocks that composed the Armatron moved around and Stood Up so it was about Four Stories High. Tankoid was Six Stories High but Hey Two stories two Short is nothing to sneeze at. Plastica then took to Eagle Mode and Boarded the Armatron rehumanizing inside of the Suit.

"Hey is this a Private Battle or can any Armored warrior join in," Robert asked.

"What took you so long," Tommy asked.

"Lack of information without doing an inventory, I Could have used this one time while Changing a light bulb," Robert said.

"Why is that," Justin asked.

"The Light Bulb was fairly high up," Robert said as he took a quick punch at Tankoids waist. HE quickly double over in pain. "Looks like bazooka nose has a tummy ache."

"I agree," Robo Racer said giving Armatron a High Five. In Divatox's sub.

"Porto, How was that idiot able to defeat the Pirahnatrons and then Find a Zord so ugly?" Divatox asked.

"Easy he somehow turned invisible. I analyzed his zord. IT isn't really a zord at all but a device known as the Armatron," Porto said.

"What exactly is An Armatron?" Elgar asked.

"An Armatron is basically a mobile Armory. IT is compact enough to carry in a small van or even by Air. His ability to turn invisible is somehow connected to The Armatron," Porto said.

"We must destroy it," Divatox said. Back at the battle field Roboracer, The Armatron, and Turbo Megazord were busy.

"Robert, see if you can Merge with the Megazord. I think it is our only hope," Blue Senturion said.

"I'll try," I Plastica master of the sacred Powers of Glass and Plastic hereby call forth the ability to merge Armatron and the Robo Racer with the Turbo Megazord," Robert said. At that moment Roboracer in Warrior Mode, Roboracer and the Megazord formed a Mighty Warrior capable of taking out anything.

"Uh oh," Tankoid said as he saw a Mystic Turbo Blade shoot out from the Combined Force. (Authors Note the Turbo Blade is the Wing segments from the Flight Pack) Cutting the Evil Warrior into half. Soon back at the Power Chamber A brief celebration was taking place.

"I admit the battle was tough but we took Tankoid out," Robert said.

"I hope to see the day when Divatox is back behind bars where she belongs," Blue Senturion said.

"Agreed," Roger Case who had flown in from Fort Goddard said.

"I must be going though," Blue Senturion said.

"Hey Blue, say hi to your family for me," Justin said.

"I will Justin," Blue Senturion said. "Good Luck and may we meet again."

"Robert, where exactly did your powers come from?" Dimitria asked.

"IT's a long story Dimitria," Robert said.

The End... for now

Authors Note: the answer to Dimitria's question can be found by requesting the Adventures of Plastica and Headset from the author. To make it easier you will need an attachment's friendly e-mail program like Internet Mail or Netscape Mail or Eudora Light