Who Are Your Friends
By Robert Gutheim

One day at the Juice Bar Justin Stewart was having a drink when Jerome Stone walked over.

"Justin, how come I haven't seen you with your old bunch lately?" HE asked.

"Let's see Tanya is working at the Radio Station, Katherine is at the Royal Ballet School in England, Adam is still working the Stunt Show at the Amusement Park and Tommy is learning how to drive race cars. The new bunch are pretty neat though. You ever miss the Chimps?" Justin asked referring to Farkus Bulkmier and Eugene Skullovich two former bumbling Junior Police Officers and Detectives who are now bumbling salesmen.

"Yeah right. They were just as annoying as Chimps as they ever were as humans," Jerome said. Justin's communicator went off right then

"I better be going," Justin said. "I have an early curfew."

"It must be real early it's not even six o'clock yet," Jerome muttered to himself. Outside Justin tapped the teleportation control on his communicator to teleport to the Power Chamber when He ended up far from home. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber T.J. was getting worried.

"Alpha, has Justin arrived yet?" He asked.

"Not yet last I knew he was at the Juice Bar talking to Lt. Stone," Alpha said.

"Strange, better signal Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos. WE may have a problem.

"Wouldn't it be prudent to try and raise Justin first," Dimitria asked.

"Dimitria, Justin has been a Ranger longer then the rest of us. IF he was in trouble he would have signaled," T.J. said.

"I think I found Justin. HE did signal for teleport but for some reason he was intercepted and beamed to the East Coast. I can't figure out where though but there are Piranhatrons surrounding him," Alpha said.

"I think our little buddy is on his own," T.J. said just as Carlos teleported in. Not too far away from Justin's location out on the water Bev Bowcap, Robert Gutheim, and his girlfriend Jessica noticed something up.

"Binocular Eyes," Robert said. "Justin. Aquatic Mode Battle Armor On." At that moment a bulky suit of Armor formed around Robert complete with tanks. He then took to the water heading for Justin's location. Jessica meanwhile felt that Robert would need back-up since the only other suits with functioning autocall functions were his arctic and superarctic and they were designed for colder conditions then Lake Ontario in July.

"Let's power up," Jessica said. "Powers of the unknown, abilities of a strobelight, change me to Headset." Robert meanwhile arrived at Justin's location.

"Armor off," Robert said. Justin saw what Robert had in mind.

"Shift into Turbo," Justin said. "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power." A Few seconds later the Blue Turbo Ranger appeared Also at that Moment a Tall Whiteskinned Ugly Monster known as Elgar appeared. In his hand was a small device. T.J. and Carlos along with Alpha 6 and Dimitria were monitoring all this from the Power Chamber.

"Alpha, that Orange Guy who is he?" T.J. asked.

"HE is one of our finest allies. Why he didn't slip into thin air I don't know," Alpha said.

"Alpha, you saying that Guy is the Phantom Ranger?" Ashley asked when she walked in.

"No that is not what I was saying. That is the Headline Grabbing Plastica. Where Headset is I do not know," Alpha said. "Plastica uses various suits of Armor one of them is a suit of Stealth Mode Armor HE used it one time when Dimitria sent down Tankoid." The alarm went off right then.

"IT looks like Divatox decided to send a few more Piranhatrons down this time to Angel Grove and Rygog is with them," Alpha said.

"We better look into it," T.J. said just as Cassie arrived. "Shift into Turbo."

"Red Lightning Turbo Power," T.J. said.

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power." Cassie said.

"Dune Star Turbo Power." Ashley said.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power." Carlos said. "What did Adam get me in to this time." The other Rangers teleported out to battle Rygog and his school of Piranhatrons.

"703 to 701," came over Robert's Communicator.

"701, go ahead I/Oca," Robert responded.

"I fixed the autocalls on your Standard Mode, Flight Pack Mode, Barricade Mode, Whisker Mode, Lightweight Mode Battle Armor, and Stealth Mode Armor. I haven't fixed the autocall on the Armatron itself so you won't have Super Sized Battle Armor," I/Oca said.

"I doubt I will need it. Thanks for the warning though," Robert said.

"Something wrong?" Justin asked.

"No something's right. Stealth Mode Battle Armor On," Robert said. Within a few minutes the Piranhatrons were defeated. Right when the last one was down a flickering person was spotted. Robert took his helmet off and ran a finer scan.

"Orange Ranger, you took the fun away from me. I thought I was the only one capable of turning invisible," The Phantom Ranger said after he returned to his non cloaked self.

"I was lucky. The autocall for my armor was fixed in time," Robert said.

"Listen. T.J. and the others are in trouble. We better help them," Phantom Ranger said. Agreed. Powers of Glass and Plastic, Change me to Plastica Eagle," Robert said. Soon as he changed he picked up Justin and signaled the Phantom Ranger to ride his back.

"I'm too heavy you'll crash," Phantom Ranger said.

"I'll compensate. I'll have to anyway carrying Justin," Robert said.

"Watch it Plastica," Justin said.

"No Offense Justin. I hope we are successful," Robert said. Two hours later they arrived at the Battle Scene.

"Whoa looks like the cavalry has arrived," Carlos said.

"You got it," Robert said after landing. At that moment Divatox's latest weapon arrived.

"I hope we can take out this menace. Divatox can fight Dirty," T.J. Said.

"I know. I've fought her before," Robert said. "I even have my own zord to an extent. But I Can't summon it right now."

"We'll probably need everything we can. How long will it take to summon your Zord?" T.J. asked.

"Soon as the autocall is fixed not long. For sure not long enough to really be noticed in a time of battle. Let's can a few Sardines in the meantime," Robert said. "It doesn't look good. Launch the torpedoes," Divatox said.

"You got it Divatox," Rygog said as he hit a couple buttons which sent the torpedoes heading for the Monster.

"We need Rescue MegaZord power now," The Turbo Rangers called. Soon as few rescue vehicles arrived and changed into robots before merging into a gigantic Robot. A little ways off was the Robo Racer.

"I figured you All could use a Hand," Blue Senturion Said. "Robo Racer Warrior Mode." The Robo Racer then Changed into a Giant Robot.

"701 to 703 I/Oca how much longer?" Robert asked.

"I just finished. Be warned I packed a few surprises in it. I'm sending the special key to tie your powerband into the Armatron. It will hook into a matching slot on the Armatron once it is in Warrior Mode," I/Oca said.

"Good work my friend. Your timing while poor was impeccable," Robert said. "I hereby call forth the Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor." A few seconds later a huge Cube appeared and then changed around to Form yet another Giant Robot. Robert Flew up and boarded the Robot before humanizing and tying in his powerband. Next thing they knew the Phantom Rangers Zord Artillatron joined the Fight.

"I hereby call for the Turbo Ultrazord," T.J. said. (Authors Note the Turbo Ultrazord is my creation and is a combination of the Turbo Megazord, Robo Racer and the Artillatron in Warrior Mode.)

"Plastica, take command of the Ultrazord," T.J. said from the Rescue Megazord. Plastica immediately did. Shortly after that using the Turboblade they sent the creature packing.

"Not bad, It was a rough battle. Let's face it we needed every weapon we had," T.J. said.

"If Divatox hadn't teleported Justin to my location you would have been a weapon short especially if I/Oca hadn't repaired the autocalls for my armor when he did.

"Let's hope our next battle is a little easier," Blue Senturion said before he and Phantom Ranger teleported out.

The End... for now