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The Deepest Light
Chapter 1
by Jessica Faith Hardy

Two beings relived memories of the past...

"Zordon, Eltar was doomed from the start; you can't blame yourself!"

IT'S NOT ELTAR THAT I THINK OF, ALPHA. A sigh, deep and driven with sadness, echoed through the Command Center. "None of us could have saved her, Zordon. We know how much she meant to you---to all of us. We tried, but-"


"Zordon, we all tried to save her! But not even Dulcea or Ninjor could have-"


Another sigh. "Aye yi yi, Zordon, please quit blaming yourself. There was nothing any of us could do." Outside, the storm broke, and it began to rain.

* * * * *

Below the mountains in Angel Grove, a young teenager fought not the evil creatures of space, but a creature in his mind.

** help me **
** help me find my father...**

Tommy Oliver bolted straight up in his bed, screaming. Sweat poured down his muscular chest despite the coolness in his room. Gradually, as he began to wake up, he realized what was happening and threw a pillow across the room angrily. "Damn," he cursed. The voice, so familiar yet so strange, had been haunting him for weeks now. As he stared out at the thunderstorm, he began to wonder if he was going insane. He heard the door open and slam shut downstairs, then the shuffling footsteps going towards the kitchen. Bottles rustled and clanked around; Tommy knew instinctively what was going on, and he sighed heavily. "Tonight's shot to hell," he murmered, sitting in the floor to meditate. Thunder rumbled around him, and he prayed for morning to come.

* * * *

High above the suffering Earth, Rita Repulsa was pacing the throne room impatiently. "Goldar!!!!!" she screamed, plunking her bottom down in the throne.

Goldar came scuttling in, grumbling to himself. "Yes, Empress?" the warrior asked in his gravely voice, rolling his beady eyes.

"You gold baboon! You took your sweet time getting here! Now stop griping and listen to me! Go get me the chi' Railnae and bring her here!"

He stared at her in shock. "But, Empress, we don't have the coin anymore! We can't summon her!"

"Then go get the coin, you moron! That little traitor Tommy still has it, and... "She walked over to her telescope and peered into it. "Ha! This is perfect! He's at his weakest now!" She whirled around, an evil grin on her face. " Now get down there and take the coin from that white mite!"

As he left for battle, Rita called after him, "And, Goldar, I don't want to see him alive again."

* * * * * *

Tommy stumbled down the stairs wearily, his vision blurred from lack of sleep. He had finally drifted back to sleep, but the odd voice kept haunting him...

_*chi'Railnae...the six made one...*_

It was starting to worry him; he glanced up at the clock as he entered the kitchen and decided he had enough time to ask Zordon about the voice. He brushed back his long hair, still wet from the shower, and was about to open the refridgerator when he noticed something on the table. An empty beer can had spilled out, (why can't he stop it? Tommy thought as he watched his father sleep off his hangover in the den) and under it was a green-edged diploma(?). He lifted it curiously, then dropped it in horror.

It read: "Pine Hill Orphanage now declares that Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Oliver are now the parents of "Tommy", child 35357, as of this date, 12/19/79." Below was his father and mother's signature. "No, he said in shock. "No..."

* * * * *

The teen crashed blindly through the grove by his house, his mind reeling. He was adopted? He had never looked anything like his father and mother (God rest your soul, Mom, he muttered as he ran), but he had never thought anything of it... until now. And now, as he ran away as fast as his feet would carry him, it was all he could think of. Tommy tripped suddenly over a fallen tree branch and collapsed into an angry heap on the ground. "No, damnit," he cursed furiously, forcing the sudden tears back. "This can't be happening!" All his life, when his father would fly into a drunken rage, he would refer to Tommy as the "little bastard"... _Now I know why._ He ignored the blood running down his leg from where he skinned his knee in the fall; he had more important things to think about...

"Hello, White Ranger." Tommy whirled around to see Goldar standing behind him, a maniacal grin on the beast's face.

"Are you ready to die?"

The Ranger leaped to his feet and snarled, "I'm not the one who's going to die here, Goldilocks..." He reached behind him for his morpher...

With a sudden lunge, the evil warrior swept out his sword and sliced the boy's shoulder open to the bone. "Want to give up, little bastard?" he laughed as Tommy stared at him in horror.

"What's wrong, Tommy?" the gold-armored monkey sneered.

"Can't han-" Goldar suddenly broke off as a well-aimed kick sent him flying backwards.

Tommy gripped his morpher in his uninjured hand and shouted, "It's morphin' time.. White Tiger!!" He was clad in his white and gold uniform, but something was still wrong; he turned to see a putty reach down in the dirt where he had fallen and pick something up. Realizing what it was, he lunged for it, but too late; the putty had thrown it to Goldar.

"Tough luck, Tommy," he snarled, flashing it before him. The White Ranger extracted his sword clumsily, avoiding use of his right arm. "Give it back to me," he snarled, gripping Sabba's hilt tightly. "You don't need it."

"Oh, but I do," he laughed, raising the Green power coin up to the sky. Evil lightning struck it; suddenly, it reflected off the coin and struck the teen in the chest. He shouted as it burned through his armor into his skin. "You haven't felt the worst of it yet, Tommy," Goldar laughed.

Tommy's vision began to blur; it seemed as though the strength was being drained out of him. He dropped Sabba, struggling to keep himself up....

* * * * * *

Alpha 5 wearily watched the empty tube above him, wondering where Zordon could have went. The multidimensional being had made no other contact with the outside world since their argument earlier that night. Usually Zordon was so calm, so rational... but then, the anger and pain he had felt over the centuries would be more severe now. The Green power coin was defunct now, an empty shell; Zordon had worked himself almost to death on restoring Tommy's powers. It had taken considerable pressure on Alpha's part to get Zordon to drop the idea of revamping the Green morphing matrix; there was just no way to do it. The little robot sighed as he remembered Zordon reciting the terms of the prophecy: "*and they shall be whole, the six-made-one, together and alone, end power of none...*"

The alarm bleeped, jolting Alpha out of his reverie. "What the..." There was nothing going wrong; he checked the viewing globe and the sensor array, but everything was normal. "False alarm," he said to himself. "I'll run a diagnostic...."

He turned away too quickly to see the globe glow with an ominous green light.

* * * * *

..Goldar swung down with the flat of his blade; Tommy screamed as he felt something crack in his chest. Sabba lay on the ground, wires and sparks spewing from his wounds. He could feel his armor fading in and out, and with it his strength; blood was beginning to seep through and stain the white. As his vision wavered, he suddenly felt his armor disappear. He was too weak by then to care; as he slipped into unconsciousness, he saw the evil warrior approach....

* * * * * *

The five Rangers were studying for a pre-calculus test in Billy's garage when a feeble beam came over Kim's communicator. "Kim....[static]...the white ra- ..Tommy...no-" The communique was cut off short by an anguished scream.

"Tommy?" Kim spang to her feet. "Something's wrong; let's go!"

The Rangers crowded around her and teleported away...

* * * * * *

_*No....this can't be....forgive me...*_ The voice died down into sobs.....

* * * * * *

..Goldar had bared the fallen teen's neck and was about to deliver the fatal blow when he heard a scream behind him. He turned and was hit by a pink blur. "NO!! You BASTARD!!!" Kim shouted, beating him with her fists. Red and yellow suited figures came running up from behind and were attacking the putties around them. He threw the girl off with one hand and roared in laughter. "You fools!" he cackled, vanishing into thin air.

The other rangers ran up to the unmorphed Billy, who was crouched at their fallen leader's side. "Get an ambulance," he whispered palely. his fingers were red with blood; he had covered Tommy with his jacket in an effort to stop the bleeding. His voice rose as they stood there in shock.

"Dammit, go get the ambulance NOW!!!!" Rocky dashed off towards a nearby house; Kim knelt down and stroked Tommy's hair gently, staining her hand crimson. "Hang on, Tommy," she said quietly, tears welling up in her eyes. "Please hang on."

* * * * *

The normally bustling halls of Angel Grove Memorial Hospital emergency room suddenly were silenced as everyone turned to gape at the newcomers. The Red and Black Power Rangers filled the doorway, a limp body cradled in their arms.

Behind them, two teens watched; the girl was weeping and the boy was desperately trying to comfort her. The Black one spoke up in a trembling,halting voice, the white diamonds on his armor crimson with blood, "We need a doctor."

* * * * *

Rita beamed her hideous smile at Goldar, who handed over the coin reluctantly. "You did something _right_ for once," she mocked, stroking the golden disk.

A voice suddenly boomed, "Rita? Why the hell aren't you in bed?" The powerful, looming body of Lord Zedd filled the room. "What are you playing with now?"

"Just watch, my evil husband," she cackled, waving the coin in the air. "Wake up,little warrior. _Donom chi'Railnae edram koa!_"

A crackling green light suddenly blazed, and a lithe, slender figure swathed in a green gi appeared on the floor.

She looked up from where she was sitting and suddenly cried out. "No! Not.. not-"

"Welcome back," Rita sneered as the green figure cried out in horror.

tbc . . .