by Kelly Pierce

It was a warm Friday afternoon in Angel Grove, and a crowd had gathered at the community pool for a diving meet between Angel Grove High and their nearest rivals, Stone Canyon. As Adam and Tanya entered the stands area, they were hard pressed to find the rest of the gang due to the immense crowds. Finally, they saw Rocky waving to them and hurried over to where he, Tommy, and Billy were waiting. "Man, I can't believe these crowds," Adam said.

"Tell me about it," Rocky agreed. "I almost missed you, until I saw Tanya's dress. You could pick that out in New York fog, you know."

Tanya grinned and turned around once, giving them a good look at her bright yellow dress. "Well, that was the idea," she insisted. "Is the meet about ready to start? I can't wait to see Kat dive."

"Yeah; in just a few minutes," Tommy answered, checking his watch. "We'd better go find some seats." They did so, and a few minutes later the meet began. All the divers did well, but Katherine, who'd been training for years and had almost gone to the Pan-Global Games, was by far the best, outshining Stone Canyon and even some of the Angel Grove divers.

"Would you look at her?" Rocky said once. "She's absolutely incredible."

"I'll agree with that," Tommy put in. "She's the best one here." After the meet had ended in Angel Grove's victory, Kat emerged from the locker room to find Billy waiting for her. "The other guys went over to Ernie's to begin the celebration," he told her. "I volunteered to bring you over."

"Sounds great," Katherine agreed. "Let's go." Her cheerful mood faded on the way over, however, and she ended up looking somewhat down.

"Is something wrong, Kat? You look kind of sad." Billy commented. "I need to talk to you about something, Billy," the girl said with a small sigh. "But you have to promise you won't tell anyone, not even Tommy." Puzzled, Billy agreed, and she went on. "I went to see Tommy the other day, to see how he was doing. Sometimes I think he's still a little upset over Kimberly, so I wanted to see if he was alright. We got to talking about it, and he told me that I'd done so much to help him, he thought of me as a sister." Here she frowned, and stopped speaking.

"Well, correct me if I'm wrong, Kat," Billy said, frowning, "but isn't that a good thing?"

As they pulled into the parking lot of the Youth Center, Kat sighed. "I don't want him to think of me as a sister, Billy; I'd like him to think of me as perhaps something more."

"What do you mean?" Billy asked. He pulled into a parking space near the front doors of the building, and they both got out.

As he came around the car to face her, Kat took a deep breath and said the one thing she'd never told any of her friends since she'd come to Angel Grove. "Billy, I've had a crush on Tommy since I first laid eyes on him." She hurried on, ignoring his expression, before her nerve gave out. "That's why I did what I did. I could have taken any one of your Power Coins; in fact, it would have made more sense for me to have taken Tommy's, because his has the most power of all."

"So that's why," Billy broke in, his expression thoughtful. "I'd always wondered why you took Kimberly's - elimination of a rival, right?"

"Exactly," Kat confirmed unhappily. "When I finally broke Rita's spell, I felt so guilty for what I had done; I wanted to find a way to make up for it. I was so happy when I was able to get Kim's coin back for her, and then when it was given to me, I vowed not to dishonor it. The strange thing is, I never thought about taking advantage of her being in Florida. I saw that Tommy loved her, and I couldn't bring myself to hurt him - or Kim. I didn't want to be the one to break them up."

"And when Kim broke up with Tommy, it must have seemed like an opportunity to have your wish," Billy guessed.

Katherine shook her head as they began walking towards the building. "Actually, no. At first, I could see that he was hurting so much, all I wanted to do was comfort him, help take the pain away. I never even thought about it until I went to see him the other day. When he told me he thought of me as a sister, I felt like my heart was being stepped on." She shook her head in regret as they enetered the Youth Center.

"You know, Kat, I could probably talk to Tommy if you wanted, see how he feels-" Billy began, but he was cut off as the girl shook her head.

"No, Billy, you promised you wouldn't. I don't want him to know, it would just make things strange between us. Promise you won't tell him - please?" They had reached the lockers outside the central area where the others would be waiting. Here Kat turned to Billy, her blue eyes reminding him of his promise.

"All right, I won't tell him," he agreed. "Come on, let's go on in." The party was great, and everyone had a good time. At one point, Kat found herself dancing with Tommy; hopefully she searched his eyes for some kind of feeling, but all she found was just friendly affection. Bitterly disappointed, Katherine laid her head on his shoulder to hide the tears she couldn't hold back.

After the party was over, the Rangers were helping to clean up when Tommy's communicator went off. After checking to make sure that no one else was around, the others gathered around Tommy as he responded. "We're here, Zordon. What's up?"

"Power Rangers - report to the Power Chamber immediately. We have an unusual situation." Zordon instructed. He sounded even more serious than usual, which communicated itself to the Rangers.

When they arrived in the Power Chamber, their new command base since the Command Center had been destroyed, Alpha 5 and Zordon were waiting. "What's up, Alpha?" Billy asked, immediately going to check the computer consoles. He brought up what appeared to be a map on the viewing globe; there was an area marked in red in one corner.

"What you are seeing, Rangers, is our latest problem," Zordon told them. "The area marked in red is a cave outside Angel Grove. I am detecting some very strange readings from it."

"What kind of readings?" Rocky asked.

"That is what's so unusual," Alpha commented. "We can detect an energy field surrounding it, but we are unable to penetrate it."

"Rangers, you must go and investigate this immediately; this may be the work of King Mondo. However, since we cannot scan inside the field, you should be prepared for battle. Go, and may the Power protect you." Zordon instructed.

"You got it, Zordon," Tommy answered. "All right, guys, let's go. It's morphin' time!"

In an instant, the five teenagers had morphed into the Power Rangers. When they arrived at the cave, everything seemed normal on the outside, so they entered, watching each others' backs and ready for anything.

As he watched them from his Skybase, King Mondo of the Machine Empire laughed. "Yes, Power Rangers, enter. Enter and meet your doom!"

"Is Swordbot in place, Daddy?" asked Prince Sprocket, coming up behind his father.

"Yes, my son, and he has been equipped with the monomolecular edge needed to penetrate the Rangers' suits. Their suits will give them no protection, and those loathsome teenagers will finally be out of my way! Observe." Together, he and his family watched the events unfold.

As the Power Rangers penetrated deeper into the cave and still encountered no direct threat, their sense of unease grew stronger. "I don't like this," Rocky complained. "Mondo's gotta be planning an ambush."

"I agree," Tommy replied. "Keep your eyes open, guys." Finally, they reached a circular chamber with several passageways leading out from it.

Suddenly, a monster jumped out in front of them. It was tall and really ugly, and two long swords extended from its forearms out over its hands. "Prepare to meet your doom, Power Rangers!" it threatened; brandishing its swords, it advanced on them.

"I don't think so, Pointy," Tommy shot back. "All right, guys, let's take this freak!" The Power Rangers immediately engaged the monster; by an incredible stroke of luck, they managed to avoid its swords for a while. Then, tragedy struck. While dodging a sword attack, Tommy slipped on the gravel floor of the cave and went down. Laughing triumphantly, the monster moved in for the kill.

"Tommy! NO!" In a flash, Kat was by his side, her left arm raised to ward off the attack. Instead of being stopped by the suit, however, the sword passed through the cloth and continued on into the flesh of her forearm. Kat screamed in pain; pulling her arm away, she turned her back to Swordbot, hugging it to her chest.

This proved to be a mistake, as the monster raised its other sword and struck again. This time the blade sank into her upper left arm near her shoulder. Half-conscious and nearly in tears from the pain, Kat collapsed into Tommy's arms. He was alarmed to see blood rapidly turning the pink of her costume to red. "Get Sworbot out of here!" he shouted to the others. "I'll get Kat to the Power Chamber!"

"You got it, Tommy!" Rocky answered. He and the others drew their laser pistols and fired at the robot, luring it back towards the entrance of the cave. When they were almost there, Swordbot played his trump card. Using his swords, he deflected one of the laser blasts up to the ceiling, which caused it to collapse. Fearing for their friends, the Rangers tried to rush forward, but the robot ruthlessly pushed them back, out of the cave. Once they were all out, Klank and Orbus appeared to make the monster grow.

When the rocks started falling, Tommy snatched Kat up in his arms and ran, heading down one of the tunnels at random. Once he judged them to be far enough away that they were out of danger, he slowed and looked around. From just ahead, he could make out the sound of water falling, and walked on to find a cavern containing a small waterfall that was filling a tiny pond. There was air coming in with the water, so Tommy gently placed Kat beside the pond and demorphed. He thought about doing the same for her, but then he remembered something Billy had said about the suits retaining body heat.

"If there's one thing she needs right now," Tommy told himself, "it's body heat." He did remove her helmet, however, to let her breathe easier. Underneath the helmet, Kat was unconscious, and her face was pale. Gently, Tommy tried to open the tears Swordbot had made in her sleeve, and was surprised when the material parted easily. He extended the tear up to her shoulder and removed the blood-soaked cloth entirely, then removed the bandanna he'd been wearing and tied it around Kat's upper arm, to act as a tourniquet.

Outside the cave, the other Rangers were in trouble. "You're finished, Rangers!" Swordbot raged, heading toward them.

"Not just yet, ugly!" Rocky threw back. In unison, the teens thrust their hands into the air and shouted, "We need Zeozord power, now!" At that command, only three of their five zords rushed to them, Kat's and Tommy's having been left behind in the storage bay. Undaunted, the Rangers leaped for their zords and began the fight.

"Zordon, Alpha, come in." Tommy said, pressing a button on his communicator. There was no answer, so he tried again.

"Tommy, it's Billy. What's going on?" His friend's voice came through clearly, and Tommy relaxed slightly as he filled them in on the situation. "We're trying, but we can't get a lock on you," Billy informed him. "Mondo`s energy field is still in place. The others are in trouble, though. Sworbot's giant, and he's attacking Angel Grove. I'm trying to put your zord on remote so they can form the ZeoMegazord."

"All right, Billy; I'll get out of your way." Tommy replied. "I'll try to find a way out of here myself." After signing off, he returned his attention to Kat's wounds and saw that his impromptu tourniquet had slowed the bleeding considerably. Taking his handkerchief out of his back pocket, he wet it in the pond and began to carefully wipe away the blood that was still leaking from the wounds.

As he did so, Kat cried out, but did not regain consciousness. When he was finished, Tommy rinsed the square of cloth in the water and put it aside. Taking off the flannel shirt he was wearing over his T-shirt, he separated the sleeves from the body and used them to wrap the gashes tight. When he was finished, Kat was still unconscious, so he sat down by her side to wait, and to worry about the battle he could not join.

He did well to worry, for the other Rangers were in real need of his help. Billy was having no luck with Tommy's zord, and they needed the ZeoMegazord to destroy this monster. After taking a severe beating, they were forced to retreat to the Power Chamber. Watching them go, King Mondo laughed in delight. "We've got them on the run!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, dear, but we musn't let them regroup," Queen Machina reminded him. "If they rescue the other Rangers, they will be at full strength."

"Then we will simply prevent them from doing so," Mondo decided. "Send down the Cogs to keep them busy for a while."

When the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber, a silent and tense atmosphere awaited them. "Zordon, where are Tommy and Kat?" Tanya asked in confusion. "Didn't they teleport?"

"I'm afraid not, Rangers," Zordon replied grimly. "We could not lock onto them; although whether that is due to the cave-in or to Mondo's force field, I cannot say."

"We've got to get them out of there!" Rocky insisted. "We can't just-" He was cut off by the wail of the alarm, and Alpha directed their attention to the viewing globe, which showed Cogs heading for Angel Grove.

"Oh, great; this is just what we don't need right now," Adam complained.

"I know it is difficult, Rangers, but you must stop the Cogs now. Tommy will do what he can to bring himself and Katherine out of the cave," Zordon told them. "May the Power protect you."

Back in the cave, little had changed. Tommy was drowsing slightly, his head nodding, when a small sound jerked him back to awareness. He turned towards Kat and was relieved to see her eyes fluttering open. "Hey, welcome back," he said softly. "How are you feeling?"

"Tommy? What happened? Where are we?" Kat's voice was weak, but the confusion in it came through clearly, as well as on her face. She tried to rise, but Tommy quickly moved to stop her.

"You shouldn't move, Kat; you were hurt when Sworbot attacked us, remember?" he prompted, gently pressing her back to the floor. Kat's gaze moved from him to her left arm; her eyes widened as she took in the tourniquet and the wrapped wounds.

"Tommy, he went right through my suit! I thought the suits were supposed to protect us, but he cut right through it like it wasn't even there! How could he do that?"

Helplessly, Tommy shook his head. "I don't know, Kat. I contacted Billy, and he said he'd see what he could find out. He's a little busy, right now, though; the others are still fighting Swordbot. Now, what about you? Do you need anything?"

"I am a little thirsty," the girl admitted. Tommy turned to the pool; picking up a small curved shell that was lying nearby, he dipped it in the water, then lifted Kat slightly so that she could drink from it. When she was finished, he filled her in on everythin that had happened since she'd been wounded. "Have you looked for a way out?" Kat asked.

"Not yet; I didn't want to leave you here alone," Tommy admitted. "If you think you'll be all right here, I'll go check things out."

"Of course; I'll be fine, don't worry." Kat assured him. "Getting out of here is more important; you go on."

Tommy was still a little unsure, but he stood and headed back down the tunnel, looking for the chamber they'd fought Swordbot it. When he reached it, he found that half of it, including the tunnel they'd entered from, was blocked by the rubble brought down when Swordbot had deflected the Rangers' laser blasts. The tunnels that were unblocked lead to dead ends; frustrated, Tommy returned to the cavern. After several minutes of trying to move some of the rocks, he decided to morph and try his laser pistol.

Back in Angel Grove, the other Rangers were fighting Mondo's Cogs. Rather than retreating like they always did, the robots pressed on, new ones coming to replace the old.

"Man, waht's with these tinheads?" Rocky demanded during a brief respite. "They're just not quitting this time."

"They must not want us to have time to rescue Tommy and Kat," Tanya suggested. "They're sure doing a good job of keeping us busy."

"Don't worry, guys," Adam reminded them. "Billy's back in the Power Chamber, and he's working as fast as he can. He'll find a way to rescue Tommy and Kat. We just have to keep going." With fresh determination, the Rangers pressed on.

Back in the Power Chamber, Billy was indeed working intently on two problems: how to put Tommy's zord on remote, and how to rescue the two captive Rangers. Because of the imminent threat from Mondo's monster, and because he knew Tommy could take care of himself and Katherine, he was concentrating on the zord first.

"Billy; how are you coming with Tommy's zord?" Zordon asked from his time warp.

"I'm just about finished," Billy replied without looking up from the console. "Just a few more calculations . . . " A few minutes later, he looked up at Zordon with a satisfied smile. "I did it," he told them. "We'll be able to sen the Phoenix Zord along with the others when the time comes."

Just then, the alarm sounded, indicating another attack by Swordbot. Billy moved to another console and contacted Rocky. "It's another attack," he reported. "I've been able to rig Tommy's zord, so you'll be able to form the Megazord when you need it."

"Thanks, Billy; we owe you a big one," Rocky replied. "Come on, guys, let's go!" The three Rangers quickly summoned the zords and moved to defend the city. Now that they could summon the MegaZord, the battle was short, and Swordbot quickly disappeared in a fiery explosion.

"Great job, guys," Billy said. "Now come back to the Power Chamber; I'm going to need your help to cut through Mondo's shield."

"We're on our way, Billy," Rocky answered. "Let's go get our teammates, guys!" he cried, and the others readily agreed. Leaving their zords, they headed back to the Power Chamber.

After several fruitless attempts to cut through the debris, Tommy demorphed and returned to the cavern where Katherine lay beside the pool. "Are you all right?" he asked as he sat down beside her.

Kat looked worried. "I can't feel my arm," she told him. "It went numb not long after you left." Though she tried to keep her emotions from her face, they came through clearly in her voice.

Tommy winced and slapped his forehead. "Darn! I knew I'd forgotten something!" He went over to her injured arm and began to untie the tourniquet. "I haven't taken first aid in years," he explained, "and so I forgot that when you put a tourniquet on someone, you have to take it off every so often, or the limb will become infected."

"But isn't taking it off dangerous too?" Kat asked in concern. "I mean - won't it start bleeding again?"

"See, that's why tourniquets are only a last-ditch resot, when you can't get the person to medical help immediately," Tommy explained. "I had this on for - about twenty minutes or so; I'll have to leave it off for at least that long before I can put it back on. Don't worry though; I wrapped the wounds close, so you shouldn't lose too much blood. I'll set my watch for twenty minutes, and you tell me when you get feeling back in your arm."

Kat nodded, and then looked at him closely. "Tommy, what's wrong?" she asked. "I know something's wrong; tell me."

Tommy sighed. "We're pretty well blocked in," he told her. "The way we came in is blocked, the cavern is half filled, and none of the tunnels lead anywhere. I tried to cut through the blockage with my laser pistol, but I couldn't make any headway. It looks like we'll have to wait for Billy to take out Mondo's shield." He looked away, returning his attention to setting his watch.

Kat was silent for a few minutes, and then said, "There's something I want to tell you, Tommy; just in case I don't make it."

"Don't talk like that, Katherine," Tommy told her. "Everything will turn out all right; you'll see."

Kat went on as if she hadn't heard him. "Ever since I came to Angel Grove, I've had the biggest crush on you. It was why I did the things I did. I took Kim's power coin to get her out of the way so I could have you for myself. When I broke Rita's spell, I felt so guilty; when Kim told me she was leaving the team, I felt like it was my fault, that I had chased her away. Then when she asked me to take on her powers and become the Pink Ranger, I felt like it was my chance to make up for what I had done."

Tommy opened his mouth to ask her a question, but stopped. "Did you hear something?" he asked. taken by surprise, Kat stopped and listened as well. Faintly, they could hear the sound of rocks tumbling, somewhere down the tunnel. "I'll go check it out," Tommy said as he stood up.

When he reached the central cavern, the noises were louder, and seemed to be coming from the other side of the barrier. Tommy tried the rocks on his side; finding them looser, he began to dislodge them. In a few minutes, a small hole appeared.

"Tommy! Kat! Anybody in there?" It was Rocky; Tommy nearly laughed with relief as his friend's familiar face appeared.

"Right here, Rocko," he replied. "What took you so long?" he asked as they began to enlarge the hole.

"Tommy, is Kat all right?" Adam asked. "Billy got Mondo's shield down, but the rocks were keeping him from locking on to you. We had to come and do this all ourselves. We were afrid we wouldn't get to you in time."

Tommy's smile faded then, and he looked over his shoulder to make sure Kat couldn't hear them, even though he knew she couldn't. "She's not doing so good," he admitted. "We need to get her back to the Power Chamber, fast."

The hole was now large enough for the other Rangers to squeeze through, and they joined Tommy on the other side. "You guys go get Kat," Rocky told them. "I'll see if I can make this hole larger." He turned back to the barrier as Adam and Tanya followed Tommy down the tunnel. Kat was unconscious when they reached her, and her face was pale. Adam knelt by her and called her name, but there was no response.

"I don't like the look of this, you guys," Tanya said nervously. "We'd better get her out of here."

Tommy knelt and retied his bandanna around Kat's arm, but not as tightly, so that the blood flow could continue. He then picked her up, being careful of her arm, and carried her back to the cavern. Rocky had widened the hole enough for them all to pass through normally, and they hurried out of the cave and teleported to the Power Chamber.

Billy was waiting for them when they arrived, and directed Tommy to lay Kat down on a nearby cot. The teenagers gathered around as he ran a scanner over her arm, frowning at the results. "How is she, Billy?" Tommy asked.

"Well, the tourniquet, probably saved her life, but it's left her arm dangerously short of blood," Billy answered, turning to them. "I've got to get the blood flowing again, before it gets infected."

"Can we do anything to help?" Rocky asked. "I'm afraid not," Billy admitted. "Why don't you guys go home? This is going to take a while; I'll call you if anything changes, I promise."

Reluctantly, the Rangers agreed, and teleported out of the Power Chamber. Billy watched them go, and then turned to Alpha with a sigh. "We'd better get started," he told the little robot. "Let's just hope we're not too late."

Quickly, the two set up the necessary equipment and began the fight to save Katherine's arm. It was a long and lengthy process; they couldn't go too fast for fear of doing more damage, and more than once Billy found himself battling an inner voice that urged him to hurry, go faster, get it over with.

Finally, he shut off the generator with a sigh. "That does it," he announced to Zordon. "All the blood's flowing normally."

"Will she be all right, Billy?" the Rangers' mentor asked gravely. "Well, there's no sign of infection, so she should make a full recovery," Billy said. "She'll likely sleep for a while, so that her body can replace the blood she lost." As he spoke, he unwrapped Tommy's shirt sleeves from around the healing wounds, cleaned them, and wrapped them again in fresh bandages.

When he was done, he contacted the others. "Everything's fine," he told them. "Kat's going to be all right." He smiled as their cheers came over the line. After assuring them he would call them when she woke up, he signed off and sat down to keep an eye on Katherine.

An hour later, a red flash of light announced Tommy's arrival. "I'm sorry; I just couldn't stay away," he apologized as he approached. "How is she?" he continued, glancing down at the sleeping girl.

"She'll be fine," Billy assured him. "She just needs to rest." He pullled up a chair for Tommy, who sat down without a word. "Is something wrong, man?" he asked. "You look like you've got something on your mind."

"I'm not sure," Tommy admitted. He debated with himself another minute, then decided. "Kat told me something while we were in the cave," he said. "She told me she'd had a crush on me since she first came to Angel Grove.~ He was about to go on when he noticed the expression on Billy's face. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"I just can't believe she told you," his friend explained, shaking his head. "Kat told me everything when I was bringing her to the Youth Center earlier this afternoon." He checked his watch, yawning. "It seems like years ago; I could really use a nap about now."

"You may need one," Tommy teased. "I took one while we were in the cave. There wasn't much else to do." His smile faded as he shook his head. "I just don't know why she didn't tell me before now," he mused.

"I'll tell you why," Billy replied. "She didn't want to ruin your friendship. She told me that she never thought of trying anything while Kim was in Florida because she didn't want to hurt her, or you. And then after Kim broke up with you, she never thought of doing anything then either, because she cared too much for you as a friend; she didn't want to hurt you or make things strange between you. She wouldn't even let me talk to you about it."

Tommy shook his head, confused. "That must have been why she tried to set me up with Heather; she cared so much about me she didn't want to see me hurting. But-" He broke off and shook his head again. "This is just too much." he admitted.

Billy smiled and clapped his friend on the shoulder. "Well, one thing's for sure - you and Kat will have a lot to talk about when she wakes up." he replied.

They didn't have to wait much longer for that, as Kat stirred slightly. Her eyes fluttered open, and as she saw the two of them together, a smile crossed her lips. "I should have known," she murmurred. "Tommy's been spending too much time with Zordon - suddenly he's always right."

"Nothing so grand, I'm afraid," Tommy told her, grinning. "You forgot to bank on our friends' never-ending courage and determination. They defeated Swordbot without us and then freed us from the cave."

"Is my arm all right?" she asked, looking to Billy. "We healed the damage, and there are no signs of infection," Billy told her as he ran the scanner over her arm. "See for yourself."

Kat bit her lip and glanced over at her left arm. Nothing happened for a long moment, and then it lifted into the air, her hand reaching out for Tommy's. As he took it, all three of themsmiled with relief. They joined in a group hug before Zordon ordered the two boys out so that Katherine could get her rest. He let her go home later that night, so as not to arouse her parents' suspicions. Tommy didn't get a chance to talk to her until the next day, when she called him and asked to meet in the park. When he arrived at the spot she'd named, Kat was there waiting for him.

"How are you?" Tommy asked as he hugged her, still careful of her arm, which was in a sling. "What did your parents say about yesterday?"

"I'm okay, really." Kat assured him. "The sling is for my parents' benefit; I told them that I sprained it during the meet and that Tanya took me to get it taken care of. They didn' ask any questions, so I think I'm safe." The smile that had crossed her face briefly dropped away as she continued. ~Tommy - I think we need to talk, don't you?" When he nodded in agreement, she went on. "Let's take a walk, okay?" The two of them wandered through the park, watching the trees and the people passing by; neither spoke for several minutes.

"Billy said he told you what I'd told him on Friday," Kat began. "So now you know how I feel, why I did what I did, and why I never told you about my feelings. I wish I knew where to go from here, but I don't."

Tommy smiled at her confusion. "I don't really know, either," he confessed. "I do know that I care about you; I also know that I'm not all the way over Kim yet." He stopped walking, and Kat stopped with him as he continued. "Why don't we take it one day at a time? We've got time, Kat; let's not rush things."

"That's probably best," the girl agreed, smiling. "I've waited this long - I guess I can wait a little longer." Reaching out, she pulled him into an embrace with her free arm. "Just remember," she said into his ear. "I'll be here whenever you're ready."

"Thanks," Tommy said as she released him. "Hey, why don't we go over to the Youth Center? The guys should be there; maybe we can go catch a movie."

"Sounds great," Kat agreed. The two of them set off through the trees together, at peace with themselves and their world. But when danger threatened, they and the other Power Rangers would be there to fight it - just as they always had been.