By Silver Tiger

Kathrine: I wish I could understand the concept of the new years.I know we need something to mark them off but why have it a seasonal time? Many people out there hate it just as many love it.I personally don't care for it.I just don't see a point to it really except many people gather together and party all night.Then there's drunk driving and many other things that I can't even think of. Another year has passed in our lives and another to look forward too.But seriously......No matter what the others think....I'll always hate it.

The Angel Grove Youth Center was hosting another New Years party.All of the immedeate rangers were there and supposedly having fun. Katherine and Tommy were dancing to the music while Tanya and Adam were sitting at a table and just talking. Rocky was,of course,at the punch table trying to pick up girls while eating his favorite foods.None of them seemed like they were having a bad time but their thoughts were on more than just midnight.

Tanya: New Years again.Just when I thought things were going to get better we enter another year of our lives.I just wonder how many times a year has gone by without us even noticing it. Pretty soon we'll be out of collage and raising families that we wont even care anymore.This year we graduate high school and next year we go off to collage. I want to go on in learning but I have so many friends here. I might never see them again.And Adam....he's going off to Liberty University in Virginia. I don't want the old year to end.

"You okay Tanya?" asked Adam.His deep brown eyes looked at her for answers to what her thoughts were on. "I'm fine,"she replied."Just thinking about the New Year."She managed a weak smile that seemed to fool him for the moment. He resumed watching the band but she kept her gaze on him. He was so handsome:jet black hair,deep brown eyes,beautiful tan and a muscular build.She had fallen in love with him the first time they met. They had been going out for a while and he even kissed her once (his face was so red!) but did he feel the same way about her?It was just something she couldn't answer.

Rocky: Yeah,yeah,yeah.Another year more dead from drunk driving.I hate that about the holidays.Everything has to be dangerous now.Can't go out after dark,no talking to strangers....where did the heart go?I can't really answer that. My dad got killed by a drunk driver on New Years Eve. He didn't make it until midnight so he never saw 1992. Ever since then going on into another year is a terror to me. Everyone else may like it but I go in kicking and screaming. No one change otherwise!I may seem stubborn but it isn't an easy thing. My dad died just around this time....fifteen minutes to midnight. (sigh) At least I can go home soon.

Rocky's sigh brought Adam to a jolt. He turned his gaze from the band to the sandy haired young man. He seemed like he was having a good time but the face didn't seem right.Almost as if he was regretting something....There was no use wondering about Rocky though. His friend lived a life of mystery that no one could solve. Adam was the only one who could see that his hyperness was covering something deep down up. Something very emotional.But since he couldn't prove it Adam just kept quiet. Maybe it was better that way anyhow.

Adam: Why is New Years always so strained? I could never get that. Half of the world is happy while the other hopes their lives end soon. I wish for once that we could all enter a year without being so....emotional. Me,I don't mind a new year.I can stand it anyway but still everything is going to change this year. We're all going off on our own ways and sometime we going to have to leave the Rangers. I want to make it in this world but I still want to see my friends.We hardly ever see Kim or Aisha. I miss them. Aisha was my best friend. Although if she hadn't left Tanya wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be going out. I don't know how I'm going to stand being alone in this world.I guess we're all alone sometimes.

Tommy looked out the window into the darkness.He couldn't believe that another year had gone by. It was his first New Years in a while without Kimberly. He missed her but hoped that she was happy wherever she was.

"Tommy,"said Kat,"you're stepping on my feet."

"Oh sorry."He tried to straighten up but it was impossable. He was so excited about New Years. He personally loved it and thought it was a time to change everything around to make it perfect.

Tommy: I love New Years!It's a day to forget the old and come out with the new!This way we can change our mistakes and make every new year better then the one before. Of course this year we'll all be leaving to our own ways and maybe even quit the Rangers but I'm going to promise myself to keep in touch with them! That way we'll always be together as friends. Maybe one day we can all get back together again as a reunion of Rangers. That would be really cool. Just us: Jason,Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Aisha, Adam, Tanya, Kathrine,Rocky,and I. It would be fun. I'll have to ask Zordon about that......

Just then the clock started ticking to midnight. Everyone counted down to the New Year, ready or not for it to come. Each was lost in their own thoughts about how their last year together could change everything in their lives. None of them were prepared for what was to happen but they all knew it would come.As the counter struck midnight everyone cheered out of habit but in their hearts....all's they could do was cry.

The End...