Warning:This story is a much darker version on how Liz became the silver ranger.It contains a lot of violence and some material not suited for young children.I also apologize for the rather crude fight scenes.Also this story is a very mushy/dramatic love story so if you are sensitive better have a LOT of tissues handy.(I mean it too!)

Murder of Innocence
by: Brittany

Elizebeth Maxwell sat on her window seat and looked out the window at the peacful Angel Grove.It was dusk and everything looked beautiful.It almost always did.She sighed.Everything was so different from back at home.

She watched as the boy next door helped his mom plant some flowers.Over the past few days she had watched him and he seemed rather nice,not to mention cute.He had dark black hair and tan skin.He looked very athletic.Yet he also seemed very shy and mysterious.She didn't know why or how but she was falling for him.He just had something about him.She had also noticed that he wore almost all black.He'd look really good in dark greens too,she thought.She watched as his mom went back inside and then she made up her mind.I should at least meet him.Forget Chicago girl and start over like you want too.Quickly she grabbed her gray hooded coat and rushed outside.

It was a groggy gray Febuary afternoon and the smell of rain hung in the crisp air.She walked over to the fence separating the yards,feeling rather brave."Hi!"she called to him.

Adam looked up to see the last person he expected to talk to him.There stood his new neighbor Elizebeth.She was very pretty:Brown hair,tan skin,and the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen in his life.He had a huge crush on her but why would she ever talk to a guy like him.He was so shy and she seemed so outspoken;like Rocky.But now here she was talking to him.Quickly he stratened up the best he could and joined her at the fence."Uh,hi.You are Elizebeth right?"

"Liz.Call me Liz.I hate Elizebeth."

"Why?I think it sounds nice."

"Just call me Liz.Do you go to Angel Grove High this year?"

"Yeah.Are you?"

"Yup.Is it nice?"

"For the most part.I have friends who help me through it.there are a few bullies you should watch for."

"Okay.Thanks for telling me.I am really nervous about it.Y'know I've never seen these people before.I hope I have a good first day."

"You should.I could show you around and stuff.That is if you want me too."

She smiled."I'd love that.Thanks again.I really apperciate that."

He smiled too."Your welcome.It's no problem."

Liz grinned again and walked back to her house.He was so cute!She was really falling for him.She could now admit it to herself:she was really in love.Liz you can't!What would happen if he ever found out?Liz shook out the voice from her head.It always spoke to her and she had shut it out for a while but now it was back and was out to get her."Forget it all,"she mummered to herself."This is not my old life."

Adam sighed and watched her walk away.He liked her a lot and wished he had enough nerve to ask her to the Valentines Day dance.She wouldn't go with him anywhere.She was Rocky's type not his.He went back to his moms garden,all the time thinking of her. * * *

Zedd growled.He hated love."I guess I'll need to find a way to destroy her."Just as he was about to cast his spell he felt something from earth."No it can't be!I made sure they could never get back.Unless...."He stopped and smiled.Maybe this could be his lucky day."Oh Rita!"

"Oh what now Zeddy?I have a headache."

"I have a plan on how to destroy those ranger pests once and for all!"Zedd quickly whispered something in Rita's ear.

"Are you sure Zeddy?She doesn't look like much."

"Maybe not but she has the powers.If I can take control of this power the rangers will be gone for good and then the earth will be mine forever."Zedd laughed."This time nothing will stop me."

"Well how are you going to make sure that she cooperates?She wont work for us."

"Yes but the Black Ranger and the girl have feelings for each other.She'll do anything to keep him alive.Don't you see my pet?We can use this emotion love against them.We can destroy them."

"Well then lets get to it."

"Yes."He rubbed his hands together and laughed."But first I must bring forth the powers from her mind.That will be easy.She can do it herself with a little help from me!"He pointed his staff at the earth and a silver streak shot out at her."There!Now we just sit back and watch the fun." * * *

"If you like her so much just ask her out Adam,"said Rocky."There is no way she'd say no to a great looking guy like you."

Adam sighed and dug through his backpack.It was another typical schoolday and he was depressed over Liz.Rocky was trying to get him to ask her out."Rocky she's nothing like me.She's the kind of person who would go out with someone out going:like you."

"Me?"Rocky pretended to be shocked."Well I am flattered but I already have a girl if you remember Jessi.She would kill me if I went out with anyone else."

"That doesn't mean she's gonna go out with me.Listen I can't.She'll never go out with a shy,boring,unpopular guy like me!"

"Hi Adam.You have History class too?"came a familer voice from behind them.Adam immedeatly turned to see Liz sitting down in the seat next to him!His heart almost stopped."Uh yeah,"he managed to choke out.

"So you must be Adam's neighbor Elizebeth,"said Rocky."He's told me a little about you."

"Call me Liz alright?I hate Elizebeth,"she mumered to him as she got her books ready.

"Alight Liz.So you're new in town?"

"Yup."Adam sank lower into his seat.He hoped Rocky wouldn't embarrass him too much.Maybe class would start soon if he was lucky enough.

"Well my name is Rocky and I will be your personal servent for this class.Hope you have fun."

"Rocky will you please shut up,"she said very calmly.Rocky was taken aback but kept on going.

"Have you heard about the Valentines Day dance this Saturday night and if you have do you have a date?"

Liz's hopes sank.Rocky was going to ask her to the dance.He was cute and all but she wanted Adam to ask her.She took a glance over at Adam's direction.He was hunched over his book and she could see a burning blush on his face.Does he like me too?She sighed."Yes Rocky I know about the dance and no I don't have a date yet."Don't ask me out,don't ask me out....

"Well then you're in luck!My friend Adam here doesn't have one either!"Rocky hit Adam on the back."What do you say?"

Liz saw that Adam was blushing fiercly and looked very nervous.But she could only smile.Why she had fallen for him was still a mystery to her:especially after Chicago,but she had."Sure,why not."She noticed how Adam looked so surprised."Can you pick me up around 7:00?"

"S..sure,"he managed to gasp out."

Just then class started and their converstion was cut off.All through class Adam was grinning.He couldn't believe it.She had said yes to him.A nerd like him.He caught a few glances from her every now and then.Does she like me?Or am I over excited about the dance? Liz looked herself over in the mirrior.She couldn't believe her luck.She was finally going out with the guy of her dreams.And this meant that she had to look good.Ignoring her tomboyish ways,she had dressed herself in a short white sleaveless dress with her hair up in a French braid.All's she could think about was Adam.

Suddenly she felt dizzy.Her heart began to pound and she almost fainted.I wonder if I'm coming down with something?Normally she would've stayed home but she wanted to go so badly.Besides Adam would be very dissapointed.

As Liz heard the doorbell ring she knew she had to do it.Pulling her senses together she walked down the stairs and opened the door.There was Adam,smiling shyly and blushing a bit.She forgot about her headache and concentrated on the night she wanted to have.

The Youth Center was decorated festively in pink and reds.Most of the couples were dancing.Liz could tell that Adam was nervous.She couldn't blame him:she was the same except more excited.She hadn't been out on a date since....Forget that!It has no point here right now.

The two stood by the punch bowl for a while."Do you want to dance?"Adam asked finally.

"Sure.I'd love too."She noted his surprised look.For some reason she found his shyness very cute.

The two danced to Mariah Carey's song To Be Around You.Adam tensed up but tried to look relaxed.This was his wildest dream:to actually have a crush like him(or at least go out with him).He knew he should thank Rocky and soon he began to relax.

Liz had to admit that Rocky could be annoying but he did set her up with Adam.She had to give him credit for that.Her mind drifted from Rocky to Adam.He was so cute,nice,had those lovable brown puppy dog eyes...suddenly she felt pain in her head.No not now!Please...She tried to ignore it but soon crumpled over with the stabbing pain hin her body.It was almost like she was changing...

She felt Adam's hand on her back."Are you alright?"he asked with worry.

"I'm fine really.Just a headache.Nothing very serious."

"Are you sure?Do you want some air?"

Liz thought for a moment.Alone with Adam..."Sure that might help me a bit."

The two left the Youth Center and headed for the park.It was a clear night,rather romantic,but niether could speak.Liz was rubbing her aching forehead and Adam was nervous.Liz could plainly see that.

"Are you better now?"he asked.

She nodded."Yeah.I've been getting them for a while now.Don't know why.They'll probably go away soon though.I wouldn't worry."

"Oh."They walked again in silence around the lake.Adam's mind was screaming at him to ask her out.What if he embarrassed himself?She would never like him then.Just get it over with!If you don't try you'll never have another chance!He couldn't risk it.He just couldn't.

Liz watched him and sighed.She could tell he liked her.If only he would ask her out.She thought a sec.If he likes me,and I like him...She smiled."Adam would you like to go to the movies with me tomarrow?"

He looked at her like she'd been shot."Uh,yeah,I guess."She likes me!She likes me!

"Good.I need a friend in this town."She looked casually at her watch."Oh my God!It's almost midnight!Mom's gonna kill me for being late!"

"I'll walk you home?"he offered.She only grinned and nodded.Somehow on the way home their hands met each other. * * *

Liz watched as Adam walked back to his house.He was wonderful.Nothing could spoil her fun.Or so she thought.A sudden squawking noise broke her thoughts and she was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of black birds.She jumped and backed away from them only to face a big gold monkey."Time to see your new master silver one,"the monkey said."Don't resist and this wont hurt much."

"Don't touch me!"

"Come with me now!"

"Never!"Liz kept her watch on them all.She fought the best she could as they began to attack but there were too many of them all.The monkey lashed his sword at her,cutting her forearm.As she winced in pain the birds grabbed her and they all dissapeared in a white light. * * *

Zedd smiled as the Tengas brought the silver one into his presence.The Tengas dropped Liz on the floor and walked away.Zedd chuckled and immedeatly threw chains on her."Well my new evil one.Ready to help me destroy the Power Rangers?"

"I'll never work for you!Let me go!"

"Zedd laughed again."You have spunk ranger.I like that.Now I'm sure you are curious to know who the Power Rangers really are aren't you?"

"I don't care.Let me out of here!"

"Well you shall find out."He fired up his veiwing globe and slowly revealed the identities of them all,saving Adam,the black ranger,for last.She could only stare at them,wide eyed,knowing that her world was going to change."He...he's a ranger?"

"That's right.Now what if I say that if you don't help me,I will hurt your little black ranger.Now what will you do?"

Liz looked from Adam's picture to Zedd and took a deep breath.She had no choice."I'll work for you."

Zedd smiled evily."Alright my new slave.Tonight will be your first job.I don't want them killed.Just wounded very seriously...." * * *

Adam sighed.She had asked HIM out.Maybe she does like me.Oh well we're going out on a date!Nothing else seemed to matter at the moment.Only how he wanted to be with her forever.His thoughts broke as his communicator beeped."Adam here.What's up?"

Alpha answered him."Adam,we have got something big here.Morph and teleport to the north side of the lake.The others are already there."

"Right I'm on it.IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"Adam morphed and teleported to the lake where the others were,and something none of them wanted.In the midst of the Tengas stood a ranger like them,dressed in silver and had a sword with a catlike image on it.He wasn't exactly sure--none of them were-- about whose side this ranger was on.He could tell it was a girl by her figure but that was it.He was about to think that she was on their side until she gave Tommy a side kick.This surprised the others and they backed off her a bit especially when she punched Rocky in the stomach.She lashed out at all of them,throughly roughing them up.The rangers were suddenly helpless.

Liz couldn't believe what she was doing!It was almost like a second nature to her and she hated every moment.She had never been a fighter.Adam was her friend.But he would be killed if she made one wrong move.Telling herself that this was all for him,she fought the best she could and was very surprised to how weak the rangers seemed compared to her skill.Suddenly all the Tengas dissapeared and Liz knew that her first fight was over."I'll be back rangers,"she growled with more force than she wanted."Trust me,I will be back." * * *

"Where did she come from?"asked Kimberly."I didn't think ANYONE could be that powerful."

"Yeah,"agreed Aisha."And where does she get her powers from?It just doesn't make any sense."

"Rangers,"boomed Zordon."This is indeed a delimma.I'm afraid we cannot find out who this ranger is or where she gets her powers.Zedd has put a block on her.Her indentity remains a secret."

"What about her powers?"asked Billy."I didn't think there was a silver power coin."

"There isn't Billy.She draws her powers from a different source than we do."Zordon hesitated to tell them that this silver ranger might be the one from the story long ago on Sachiko.He didn't believe though how she would be on evils side.

"We'd better be on a lookout then,"said Rocky.

"Right,"agreed Tommy."We wont let this ranger get away from us." * * *

Liz slank down on her bed,thinking about what she had just done.She couldn't believe that she was working on the side of evil.And against the man she loved.Sighing heavily,she turned on her cd player.Music always made her forget but she knew that this wouldn't be something she could forget easily.Somethings were unforgatable.

She turned on her faveorite song.It was sad but she still liked it.It discribed her life completely.Something she wished other people would understand but they never could.The song was by Mariah Carey.And like always it brought tears to her eyes. You look at me and see the girl
Who lives inside the golden world
But don't believe
That's all there is to see
You'll never know the real me

She smiles through a thousand tears
And harbors adolesent fears
She dreams of all that she can never be
She wades in insecurity
And hides herself inside of me.

At this point Liz was crying.No one knew her and no one tried.To them,she was different.They didn't want her around.If only I wasn't the way I am.She was too different to start over and life didn't have room for her.Millions of times she had thought that she belonged someplace else but she never knew where.Sometimes she thought she didn't belong anywhere. * * *

Days had passed since that night.Liz had gone to the movies with him and he had been so nervous.What did he really expect though?She was beautiful and he was so...plain.How could she ever like a guy like him.Rocky was more for her,but not him.

Currently he was watching her swim in her pool.From his yard he could see her swim laps across the pool.Every now and then she'd dive.He was more amazed by what she was wearing,a silver bikini,than her almost perfect swimming skills.If she only knew...

Liz could see Adam watching her.He was supposed to be working on the garden but she always caught his longful glances.The other day passed through her head.So far she had fought the rangers only three times but she felt bad about it all.She was on evils side.Against the man she loved.She had already made up her mind about making sure that he never knew about her or her past.

She caught another glance as she got out to dive.She sighed.This time she needed to be brave.Smiling she walked over to the fence and leaned against it."Hey Adam!Wanna join me?"An inviting grin spread across her face.

Adam looked at her wide eyed."Sure!"he stammered."I'd love too."

"Cool!"Adam stared at her as she dove back into the pool.Quickly regaining his senses he ran inside to get his swim trunks.He couldn't believe it.Was she just being friendly or did she like him?He couldn't decide.But something in his heart told him that his life would never be the same.

When he was ready he raced outside over to the pool only to find that Liz was gone.He sighed heavily.What did I really expect?He was about to turn around and leave when something grabbed his ankle and pulled him into the pool.He popped up,coughing and sputtering,when he saw Liz,smiling at him wickedly.Adam narrowed his eyes and dunked her."You dunk me,I get you back,"he explained.

"Oh fine be that way,"she pouted.Though the pout Adam could see a smile.He rolled his eyes."Alright.I'm sorry."

"Thank you."She giggled and dove under the water.For a moment Adam could only stand there and watch her.She swam almost like a fish:graceful and swift.Finally she rose above the water.She looked so beautiful...

"You're staring at me Adam."

Her voice broke his thoughts."I...I'm sorry.I was just noticing how well you can swim.Almost like a fish."

She smiled."My dad used to say I was a mermaid in disgiuse.I believed him too."

"I think I would believe it too."

"Nah.If I were a mermaid I would look more beautiful than this."

"I...I think you're pretty."Adam's mind clicked.What had he just said?!

"You really think so?"

He gulped."Yeah."

"You're staring again."

"Oh sorry."He blushed and turned away from her.An awkward silence settled on the pair.Liz sighed.If anything was going to happen between them it was up to her.She smiled as she realized that the Savage Garden song Truely Madly Deeply was playing on her cd player.This was her once in a lifetime shot and she had to take it.Before either of them knew what was happening,Liz leaned forewards and kissed Adam square on the lips.Adam stood there in complete shock for a moment but soon realized what was going on and enjoyed the moment.Finally the two parted.Adam stood there looking rather blank and she smiled.She had to admit she really liked it.And she could tell by his face that he had liked it too.Quickly she dove into the water and swam towereds the deep end.

Adam stood still,his mind blank.Had she just kissed him or was this a cruel trick by his imagination.He hoped she had.Finally he realized that Liz was gone.He looked around to see her in the deep end,beckoning him to join her.He was blushing fiercly.She sighed."Adam if you're going to go out with me quit being so darn shy!It gets on my nerves sometimes."

"We're going out?"

"Adam what did we just do?"

"Right."He felt a fluttery feeling in his stomach.She liked him.She really liked him."So I guess you like me."

"No Adam I just did that for fun."She grinned."Of course I do.Who wouldn't?"

"Well I mean we're so different..."

"Opposits attract.C'mon Adam.You aren't a jerk like other guys.You know how to treat a girl right.Other guys can be so pushy and stuff but you just kinda stand out."

"I never thought of that..."He watched as she dove under again.She likes me!! * * *

The silver ranger stood in the park waiting for the rangers to come.Zedd had once again summoned her to fight the rangers again.She swallowed hard and got ready to fight with the Tengas.As the rangers teleported in she called the Tengas to attack.She stood there for a moment,watching and feeling horrable about what she was doing.She was almost tempted to strip off her helmate and tell the rangers who she really was.But she couldn't.It would cost Adam his life.And that she didn't want.She loved him.

Finally she joined in the fight.With a quick blow to Kimberly and a kick to Aisha she advanced on them.Even Tommy couldn't get her down.But not one of them knew that she was holding back her full powers.Her best would've killed them all.

"C'mon guys!"cried Tommy."We can't give up!We're the Power Rangers."

"Yeah but she's tough,"yelled Rocky."We can't beat her.We have to regroup!"

"That's right ranger,"growled Liz."Go and run away!"Adam I'm sorry.Please forgive me!

"We'll be back silver ranger!"cried Tommy."Count on that."With noting more they left.The tengas left and she demorphed.She dropped to her knees and began to cry. * * *

Liz dove madly into the pool.She couldn't take it anymore!The silver ranger was horrible.For the past two weeks two things had happened.The first one she loved and focused on the most:she and Adam had officially gotten together.The two were very happy together and were in love.The second one she wanted to forget.The silver ranger was hurting the rangers badly.Becuse of this she felt very uncomfortable around Adam and his friends.She had overheard Tommy and Kim talking about her being cold.If they could know....So Liz was swimming off her anger and perfecting her dive.She was also waiting for Adam to came over and watch a video.

She didn't know why but she had made up her mind to tell Adam that she was the silver ranger.She couldn't keep something like that from him especially when it was hurting him.Her worst fear was him rejecting her after all she'd done.She dove into the water trying to forget all about the rangers and focus just on Adam.Why can't I just live a normal life?Why does everything happen to me?Memories flooded her mind along with flames.Sometimes she couldn't stand them.Shaking them away she swam some laps.Ever since she'd been a toddler water had been her refuge and now was no different.

"Hey Liz!You okay?"

She popped her head up and saw Adam by the diving board.She swam over feeling uncomfortable.She never felt good by him now.She felt guilt.Slowly she got out and began to towl off."I'm fine.Lets go and watch the movie."

"Not yet.I want to know what's going on."

"What do you mean?"

"All week you've been acting weird.Is something wrong with me?"


"Yes there is.I can see it in your eyes.I want to know what's going on."

"Adam it's nothing.I've just got to get used to somethings.I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude."

"Liz something is wrong.I can see it..."

"Nothing is wrong!Leave it Adam!"The two stood for a moment in silence.Finally Liz spoke."I'm sorry I yelled but please this is something personal.Please leave it."

"Fine.Still want to watch the movie?"

"Yeah I guess."Just as Liz was getting dry Adam's communicator beeped.She sighed inaudibly knowing that Zedd was going to call her soon.And that was the last thing she wanted.

"Uh,Liz,I need to go take care of something.You can watch without me if you want."

"No that's okay.We can see it later."

"Okay.I'm really sorry.Bye!"he called as he ran off.

"Bye,"she cried back.Here we go again.I hope I'm ready for another battle.As she stood there memories came back to her.The heat,the death that surrounded it.Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought.Finally she was teleported away in a silver flash. * * *

"Hello my silver ranger.I have a job for you,"cooed Zedd."I need the white ranger."

"What do you mean 'need'?"Liz narrowed her eyes.She didn't want to give the rangers anymore harm than she already had.

"I need you and Goldar to get me the white ranger.I want him here so I can finish him off."He chuckled at Liz's horrified gaze."But do not worry.Goldar will take care of that part."His voice turned serious."Now go!And do not fail me.Your black ranger is still at stake."

"Yes sir."

"Now go!"Liz sighed and teleported out with Goldar.They landed in the park where the rangers were already fighting the Tengas.She heard Billy shout,"Oh great!This is all we need now!"Liz felt extremily bad but the thought of Adam brought her back to what she had to do.Taking a deep breath she watched as Goldar began to fight.Slowly she placed herself in the action,carefully trying to avoid Adam and Tommy.She was still taking them down though with her lightest blows.

"You wont get us down that easily,"cried Aisha as she lunged at Liz.Liz quicky took her sword and slashed it at Aisha,obviously wounding her as she lay crumpled on the grass.Rocky took a shot,only to get flipped completely over,landing hard on his back.The rangers couldn't do anything.They were completely helpless.

Suddenly the rangers were teleported out,by Zordon most likely.Goldar slammed his sword into the ground,cursing,but Liz gave a sigh of relief that she didn't harm them. * * *

"Sorry about that,"huffed Adam reaching the Maxwell's porch.He had ran all the way from the park and was tired."My mom had to uh,talk to me about something."

"It's okay.I had to take care of something myself anyway."If you only knew...

The two went inside and began to watch the movie Night of the Living Dead.Liz had decided to forget everything and just enjoy the night.Finally she got so wrapped up in the movie that she did forget,but not for long.Once the movie was over everything would come back to her mind.

Liz suddenly felt his arm around her.He'd done it before but somehow this was different.She snuggled on his shoulder in response.The two sat like that for a while until Liz felt his mouth on her neck.This was the first time she could remember him being so daring.In only a moment the two were making out on the couch.Every ounch of her mind was telling her to stop but she was lost in the love that she felt for him.The thoughts kept coming back but finally left when she unbuttoned his shirt.None of them would ever know her secret life.

The two leaned back onto the arm of the couch and Adam took off her shirt.The movie was soon forgotten and they only concentrated on each other.Before either of them knew it,they were heading for her bedroon.... * * *

In the background Liz could hear Savage Garden playing Tears of Pearls on her cd player.Savage Garden was her favorite band and she loved so many songs by them.They always cheered her up.Except for now.She was thinking about last night.She had slept with him.It wasn't really that:it had been wonderful.It was more about the rangers.He's dating a complete enemy and he doesn't even know it!Her life was still the same:miserable.She'd hoped for a new begining but now there was no more hope.Everything in her life was one big mess.She didn't deserve Adam,he was so sweet.But she couldn't tell him about the silver ranger for fear of rejection.

Suddenly she was teleported out of her room and was in Zedd's cold chamber.He had teleported her out."My silver ranger.Since Goldar failed the mission last time I want you to do it again.I need that white ranger.This time you will not fail!"

"Yes sir."

"Now go again!When you come back I want to see that white ranger in my dungeon."

Depressed that she once again had to fight them,Liz teleported away with Goldar.The once again landed in the midst of rangers fighting Tengas.Goldar immedeatly went to work but Liz stayed back and watched Adam fight.She'd seen him several times practicing at the Youth Center but he seemed so much better as the black ranger.The thought didn't last long as Billy took work on fighting her with a blow to her back.She tried to watch Goldar and fight the ever powerful Billy at the same time but lost sight when Kimberly joined the fight.Finally she gave up to just making sure she didn't seriously hurt anybody.

"I've got you ranger,"Goldar yelled."Say goodbye for good."Liz sighed as she heard his words.Here goes nothing.She teleported out with Goldar and the ranger,leaving the others in complete shock.

"Guys we've got a problem,"whispered Tommy. * * *

Adam awoke to the sound of arguing voices.His head hurt and he felt blood on his arm,and was chained to a pole.Instead of opening his eyes he just sat there listening to the argument.

"You got the wrong one!"

"Yes but Zedd will still be pleased."

"Oh yeah right!The leader is still out there!He wanted the WHITE one!"

"I think you have feelings for this one."

"Shut up!Zedd told me to guard the prisoner monkey boy so just bugg off!!"Adam heard a scuffling noise and figured that one of them had left when he realized who the voices belonged too.He opened his eyes to make sure he was right and there she was.The silver ranger.But what captured him the most was that in the silver ranger suit,was his own girlfriend Elizebeth.He watched as she sighed and placed her helmate down on the floor.It had been a long day and the last thing she wanted was for....

"Elizebeth?"Adam finally managed to choke out.

She closed her eyes in regret.He knows!Oh God what do I do now?Suddenly the orb on the wall lighted up.No!Zedd watching me!I can't be nice.I have to be...She sucked in her breath and prayed that she could do this.

"Yes,"she answered evily.

"You're the silver ranger?"

She turned to face him."Yes I am.Why?"She swore she could hear Zedd laughing.

"I...I thought you loved me."His voice now had pain in it.She took another breath and continued.

"Silly boy.You actually thought I would love a guy like you."She slapped him."Dummy."Quickly she slipped behind him so neither he nor Zedd would be able to see her tears of pain."Why would I love you?"She heard Adam sob and saw that the orb stopped glowing.He wasn't watching her anymore.She had to get him out of there.But first she had to set things straight.In all the stress she was feeling she collasped against his back and took his hands."W..what are you doing Liz?"

"Adam I am so sorry.Zedd was watching me and I had to do something or else..."

"What's going on?Why are you the silver ranger?Why are you doing this to us,Liz?'

"Adam..."she paused."I...I can't explain it.Please don't make me."

"But why...?"

She faced him."Please.Just leave things the way they are.I'm going to let you go,okay?"

"Oh man when the others find out about this..."

"Don't tell them."


"Don't tell them.I can't live with everyone knowing.Listen I'll try to undo everything I've done.Please promise me you wont tell."


"Promise me!"

"Fine I promise.I wont tell them but why...?"

"Here!"She tossed him his communicator."Get out of here.Zedd will do something aweful if you don't."


"Goodbye!"She couldn't even face him but she heard him teleport out.How was she to explain this to Zedd?He would do something to hurt her.But she didn't care.She just wanted to be free. * * *

Adam stood still as Billy and Alpha checked him for any damage done from Zedds chamber."How did you get free?"asked Aisha.

"I got my communicator and teleported out."He didn't want to explain any more than that.

"Did you see the silver ranger?"Tommy asked eagerly.Adam cringed.He had promised her and he couldn't break it but these were his friends!"No I didn't,"he lied.Suddenly he didn't feel so well.All those questions about Liz being the silver ranger flooded his mind.Why was she doing this if there was no spell?Why would she fight them.Everything was left unanswered as Alpha called him clear.

"Well we still don't know who this ranger is.I wonder who it could be?"Billy wondered aloud.

"Yeah,"agreed Rocky."I wonder how Zedd got her too."

"This silver ranger is going to be hard to find,"said Kim."I mean we don't even know where to start and if we did how could we get her?"

Suddenly the alarm sounded.The rangers all looked into the veiwing globe to see Tengas attacking people.Tommy sighed."I guess we have to get back to work."The others nodded."BACK TO ACTION!"

They began to fight the Tengas but Adam could barely concentrate.His girlfriend was the silver ranger. * * *

Liz stood in the presence of Zedd.He had a job for her to do since Adam had escaped.She was almost afraid of what it could be but she stood there calmly.Inside she was scared to death of what Adam thought of her now.She could almost hear him,yelling at her for what she'd done.If he could only understand....

"My ranger you let the prisoner escape.So I have a job for you to make up for it."

"What my lord?"

"I want you to go out there and kill one of those ranger brats."

Her knees turned to jello."Kill?"

"Yes kill.It doesn't matter which one really although the white ranger would be good gone..."

"You can't expect me to kill them!I've done enough to them already!"

"You know I still do have Ada under my death wish.If you disobey me..."

"I can't do that!Please don't make me!"She was in tears.She couldn't kill them.

"Do it!Or else your black ranger will be toast!"

Liz hung her head.She had no choice at all."Yes sir."she said quietly.

"That's more like it.Now go!"Liz,still in tears,teleported to the park with Zedd laughing after her.

She landed amidst a fight between rangers and tengas.Quickly she drew her sword and went for the nearest ranger:Tommy.I hope I can do this.She gave him a roundhouse kick and blocked his punches.Every now and then she saw Adam just standing there,watching her fight.Sometimes she even forgot about Tommy and he advanced on her.But she regained her senses and got back to work.Finally she had Tommy on the ground with her ontop of him.The Tengas were gone and the others rangers only stood there in awe,watching her intensely.Trying to keep from breaking down she drew her sword to his neck.

"You'll never win,"Tommy growled."I may die but I die with honor unlike you."

These words suddenly went through her mind with powerful force.She couldn't do this!She looked around to see Adam,breathing deeply,watching her closer than the others.There has to be another way.She couldn't think of any except one.It's my only way out.I gotta do it.

"Take off your helmate black ranger!"she commanded with more force than she wanted.

The rangers watched as Adam slowly took his helmate off and placed it on the ground.Liz closed her eyes and prayed that Adam would forgive her. She lifted the sword from Tommy's neck and pulled it into her own chest.