Silent Moon
by: Brittany

A flash of light and Liz found herself in front of a peacful lake on a beach.The sun was almost down and she could see a town across the lake.As she regained her senses and wondered where she was a voice called,"LOOK OUT!"She had barely enough time to see a blue frizzbee hit her in the forehead.She quickly fell to the ground,wincing in pain.

"Are you okay?"asked a boy around 12 dressed in blue."Are you hurt or anything?"

"I'm fine,"she answered slowly getting up.Her head hurt and something was familer about the place...

"Justin one of these days you're going to kill somebody with that thing,"called out another voice.Liz suddenly stopped in her tracks.She knew that voice...

"Well she's okay,"Justin replied.

Liz slowly got up and shook her hair out of her face.She suddenly heard a sharp gasp and realized where she knew the voice from.The last person she wanted to see:Adam Park.He was staring at her with his mouth slightly open in surprise.Her blood froze.She was back.She hadn't died.But...she had killed herself.Even she knew that.She was back in old Angel Grove,facing Adam,her boyfriend.

"Elizebeth?"he whispered."But I thought...I saw you..."

"I know,I know.I don't really know what happened but...."She looked over at Justin with an uneasy look.Adam caught the glance."Uh,Justin can you excuse us please?"

He sighed."Yeah,yeah.Always leave the kid out of everything.I never get to know anything,"he mumbled as he walked down the beach.

Adam went back to Liz."So what happened?"

"I think Zedd wont let me die.He threw me through a loop or something."

"Oh my gosh!Liz..."

She held up her hand."Don't say anything Adam.I'm sorry for everything I did and I know I can't change it.Don't worry though I'm leaving Angel Grove."

Adam was shocked."You can't leave!!I haven't seen you in two years!"

"Two Years?!Dang it must have been a time loop he threw me in.Man this is weird."

"You can't leave me here."

"Why not?"

"Becuse I've missed you so much."

"After all I did?Adam I can't even look you straight in the eyes right now.I almost killed all of you.They probably hate me now."

"I never told them."


"I promised you that I wouldn't tell and I didn't.nobody knows but you and me."

Liz felt like crying.He cared about that much."That is really sweet but I still have to leave.Please understand that I can't stay."

"I can't let you go.Not after all we've been through.I've missed you for so long....."

"But the others!"

"The rangers have changed too.Tommy and I are the only ones left.And Tommy isn't around much anymore with the racecar stuff."He sighed and took her hands."They'll never know about you.How could they find out?"

"You weren't there Adam!You didn't live almost killing the only friends you had!"She was now almost yelling at him."I can barely stand here seeing you without cracking!Don't you remember what I did?!?!"

"Yes I do!"he snapped back."But I know you have got to have a good reason for why you did it.Why did you do it?"

She looked at him,tears forming in her eyes.She knew that she had to tell him,but she didn't want too.It was a good reason but it brought up painful memories.But she had too."Adam I did it for you."

"What?"He didn't understand at all.

"Remember when I told you to take off your helmate?Did it blow up afterwards?"


"Zedd threatened to kill you if I didn't work for him.I...I couldn't let him kill you.I had no choice."

Adam suddenly felt his stomach cave in.This was serious.She had been forced to do it.He couldn't let her leave though,not yet.She ment everything to him."Liz you can't leave.Everybody's been looking for you for two years.Your mom got so upset that she moved away..."

"Becuse I was gone?"

"Yeah.I don't want you to go either.Please?I've missed you so much that I can't let you go now."

"I don't know,Adam.I don't know if I can live with the guilt."Her bright blue eyes looked into his,piercing Adam's soul.He sighed."Can you at least think about it before you do?"

"I don't have anywhere to stay,here or anywhere else.I could go find my mom and go back."

"Or you could stay with me?I mean my dad is a police officer.Your case of dissapearence has been the most baffling since."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.C'mon.Then you can at least think before you do something you regret.Please?"He suddenly gave her his brown puppy dog eyes.She smiles slowly.She could never resist his brown eyes...."Fine.But if I choose to leave let me leave."

"Okay.Now there have been a lot of changes to the rangers since you left...." * * *

Divatox smiled to herself.The silver ranger was back on earth again.This could prove to be very interesting."PORTO!!!Give me the power stats on that Silver Ranger."

"Yes ma'am.When she was working for Zedd she had an almost unbelieveable power.She was almost their defeat."

"Well then I think I can have some fun with her.She feels very bad about what she did to them.Hmmm..."

"What are you going to do Auntie D?"asked Elgar.

"Something to break the rangers up.They will never forget what I'm going to do to them.Watch out rangers.The silver ranger is back." * * *

Liz looked out at the pouring rain.She was staying at the Parks house until she made up her mind.Mr. and Mrs.Park were out of town for the weekend(which Adam had forgot)so it gave them a few days to make up an excuse.She was grateful that they were gone and that Adam was there for her.But right now she just wanted to think.I can't stay here but I can't leave Adam.She didn't know what to do.

"You okay?"Adam was standing in the doorway to his room.He grinned slightly as he caught the refections of the raindrops on her face.

"Yeah.just thinking about how I got into this mess.Everything just seems so unreal."

"When you're a ranger nothing is real."

"I know."She sighed."I also don't know if I should leave or not.I feel so guilty."

He sat down beside her and placed his arm around her.He knew that they weren't going to get over this too easily.They were both coming to tearms with their lives."I want you to stay here.Even if the others found out about you they still couldn't do anything.I mean you did it for me."

"Still Adam I can't live with it.What I did was horrible.I really hate myself for doing that."

"Don't hate anyone,even yourself."He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek."I'm sure everyone will understand in time."

Liz curled up against him and they both watched the rain.Liz sighed.Sometimes she could still hear the laughing giggling of her brother still lingering around.Liz he's gone!Forget it all!That's what you came here for!But she couldn't forget it.Not at all.It was too horrible.She curled up into a ball as haunting memories flooded her distraught mind.Adam seemed to notice her tenseness."What's up now?"

"Nothing,"she lied.If you knew...

"C'mon Liz.You look like you're about to cry.Tell me."

"It's nothing Adam.Please just leave me alone.It has nothing to do wether I stay or not."She sighed."It has nothing to do with you either."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!I just have to think about all this."Adam sighed at her outburst and kissed her on the cheek.He then left her to think.Liz didn't really have much to think about except how she'd like to turn back time and if she should leave or not.It was impossable to go back in time but right now everything seemed impossable.Memories began to flood her mind. Flashback-1985.Suburb outside Chicago.

"Come on honey.I know you can do it.Just try once more,"coaxed a young man to his daughter.The light brown haired girl,barely four years old,nodded to him and dove into the clear blue water.She swam laps across the pool with an incredable ease unlike very many.She was special.

"Keep trying and one day you will get somewhere,"he said again to his daughter."Elizebeth if you keep up your work like this one day you will get to that somewhere and get your reward.Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy,"she beamed.She loved swimming.

He smiled."My little mermaid.Go on now and swim."She smiled and jumped back in.Everything was perfect.Nothing could ruin her life.* * *

Liz felt tears coming to her eyes as that fateful day returned.How everything had changed that one night.Her life was completly different since then.Not careing if anyone saw her or not she curled up and cried.She cried becuse she was the silver ranger.She cried becuse of Adam.She cried becuse she didn't know what to do.

All her life,Liz had been everything but normal.She had often tried but never succeeded.She thought Angel Grove would change her life around for the better.It had but made things a lot worse.Her mind was battling over what to do.

She looked out at the rain again.She could almost see the images of her past.My life will never change.It will always stay the same. Flashback-1994.Olympic trials.

The announcers voice sounded.Liz took her place at the block,streching her arms and neck.Everything she had worked for in life had come down to this.She was the favorite and destined to make it.Everything in her life was on this one spot.Shaking all the pressure off her mind she got into position.Breathing steady and concentrating the best she could,she listened only for the signal.

Suddenly she felt a push behind her.She lost her balance and toppled off the swim block.What in the world?Her mind didn't have time to think much as the chlorine stung her eyes and she realized what had happened.She felt a stabbing pain in her right shoulder and was fully aware that she was underwater.She saw red mix with the blue water and she realized that it was all over with.Just before she passed out she knew that she had lost the game.It was all over. * * *

Liz rubbed her right shoulder at the thought.She had lost it all in that one moment.She could remember it so well.The screams of the crowd and the smell of chlorine.Her shoulder still felt weak from the accident.How only one moment could ruin lives I don't know.I only know that it happened.

Adam walked into the room."Sorry I have to get my..."He stopped.She wasn't even listening to him.She was staring out the window,wide eyed at the rain.He also saw tears in her eyes."Liz are you feeling alright?"She didn't answer him.Slowly he placed his hand on her shoulder.She was surprised."What?"

"What's going on with you?I know there's more to this than wether you're leaving or not."

"Just leave it.It doesn't concern you."

"Yes it does!"He took her shoulders and made her face him."I don't want to see you like this.Please you have to tell me."

She wiggled free of his grasp and stood up."Listen Adam I don't have to tell you anything.You will never understand anything about me so don't even try!"She stared at him,surprised by her outburst against him.Quickly she whispered,"I'm sorry Adam.It's just that you'll never understand.I have to go!"She turned and ran out of the room.Adam followed her out as she headed out the door into the rain."LIZ!"he yelled out,stopping her her on the front lawn.

"What?!"she yelled back.Her hair was matted to her face by the water.She had a look on her face that pierced his soul."What?"

"Please.I want to understand but you wont let me."


"You wont let me or anyone else in,Liz!You keep everyone away from you.Why?"

"Just leave me alone!"

"You wont let anyone in on your feelings.I don't know anything about you!Nobody does!Why?What happened to you that was so horrible?"

"Go away!"She turned her back to him.

"No I wont go away!I just want to know."He stepped out into the rain and put his hands around her waist."Please let me in.I want to help you but you always push me away."

"I don't mean to..."

"I know you don't but you do.I just don't understand why.You push everyone away from you."

Liz could only stand there and think.The rain was cold but his arms around her felt warm.She sighed and her will caved in.He was right:she did push him away.But that was becuse she wanted to start all over again with a new life.She knew she couldn't but wanted to try.

"Adam I don't know if I even understand what happened.I don't know if I can tell it...."

"Please?"He was begging her now.

She sighed.He had to know and now he would.Taking a deep breath she started to tell."Everything was perfect.I had a nice family,a cool brother,and the perfect life.I learned to swim at age three and I was a natural.My dad used to call me a mermaid.I never thought anything could go wrong.

"One night a fire started in our house and was soon up in flames.My brother came to save me.He did but he then got trapped and died.A few days my dad left my mom and I.I haven't seen him since I was four.

"With my dad gone my mom got really upset and I don't know if she ment it or not but she was mentally abusing me.To make things worse I wasn't very popular with other kids.So to get away from everyone I only concentrated on my swimming and somehow I made it to the Olympic trials."

Liz paused.She definalty didn't want to bring up this memory.It had hurt her so much.On the one hand it had ruined her life:on the other she wouldn't have met Adam.

"Is that all?"asked Adam cautionly.

"No.There's still more."

"You don't have to tell anyone if you don't want too,"he offered.He didn't think that it was THAT bad."It obviously bothers you too much."

"No.Nothing makes sense unless I tell this last part."She swallowed hard."And you should know."

"If you want to.I'm not going to force you."He didn't want to force her into anything that was painful.

"I was confident about me going to the Olympics and so was everybody else.It was there where everything ended.I was getting ready to compete when one of my competitors pushed me off the starting block.I fell into the water but my shoulder hit the cement.I broke it in three places.I couldn't compete.I lost it all.

"To make matters worse I never had a friend in my life.I didn't know how to get friends.I was by myself.I was always alone.Then my mom said we were moving here.I decided to start over again.Then this whole silver ranger thing came up.It ruined my life all over again.I don't know if I'll ever live a normal life.I'm afraid I'm going to give up soon."She shivered.The rain was cold on her soaked skin.

"I never thought..."stuttered the shocked Adam.

"It's okay,"Liz inturrupted."You were right.You would have to know someday and here it is."

Adam didn't answer her.He just stood there,thinking about how her life had been.He didn't think it could've been THAT bad.He didn't know how she could stand it."Listen,Liz,i know this may seem hard but you've got to let go of the past."

"The past is my present.I can never get rid of it."

He sighed."Look at it this way.Nothing could possably get any worse."

"Maybe you're right.I really don't know what to do though."

"Please stay."

She looked up at him giving her his brown puppy dog eyes.She sighed.She could never resist those eyes."Alright.But no one can ever know about me being the silver ranger understand?"

He grinned."I promised you once and I'll keep it forever.I can say that."He then realized that they were still out in the rain."C'mon.We'd better get back inside.Before something else has a chance to happen."

"Right."She allowed Adam to pull her inside the cozy warm house.She felt so safe and vulnurable at the same time.

The two dried off and curled up on the couch in the living room.All the while both were not watching the television but lost in their own thoughts.Everything was perfect yet everything was wrong. * * *

"Oh those rangers make me sick!"cried Divatox."PORTO!My plan must be carried out right now!"

"Yes my queen,"agreed Porto."I will send the two rangers to their death immedeatly in the cave of death."

Elgar scratched his head."Cave of death?Why send them there?"

"Well,I want them dead,and it's the cave of death...You figure it out!"

He thought for a moment."I give up!"

Divatox clenched her fists but didn't say anything to him."Porto send them there now.The rangers will never know what hit them.I will destroy them once and for all!" * * *

One minute Liz and Adam were sitting on the couch cuddling when suddenly they found themselves in a dark,dank cave.Somehow they had been instantly teleported there.

"Where the heck are we?"cried Liz looking around the cavern.It was almost pitch black except for a few cracks in the wall.She felt around for Adam and soon found his hand on her shoulder.She jumped and started shaking.This wasn't her best day.

"It's gonna be alright Liz.Divatox must have found out about your powers."

"Oh great.This is the last thing I needed."She fell to the floor crying.Adam followed her.

"C'mon it isn't so bad.The others will save us.We wont be here for very long."

"Man what more can happen to me.I've been on the side of evil and am now trapped in a very dark cave!"She placed her head in her hands."Why can't I live a normal life?"

He kissed her on the cheek."Don't jinx yourself.The rangers will save us."

She sighed."That's what I'm afraid of."She sat on his lap.She was very cold.Adam seemed to sense it and wrapped his arms around her.She rubbed her hands across his arms and suddenly felt somthing."Adam!You still have your communicator!"

"You're right!Maybe I can teleport us out."He quickly tried the teleportation buttons but nothing happened."Damn,"he muttered.

"It's okay."She sighed and snuggled closer for warmth.It was getting colder by the minute.

"Are you okay?"he asked.

"No.It's freezing in here.It can't be this cold outside."

"Just try to stay warm.We wont be here much longer.The rangers will save us."Sighing,trying to believe himself,he pulled her closer. * * *

"Oh man!"cried Justin."I got a lock on him but this won't sound too good."

"Where is he?"asked Tanya,concerned about her boyfriend.Adam had dissapeard and no one could find him.Finally Billy had been called back from Aquitar to help Justin out and now the two had found him,trapped in a cave.

"He's in a cave,"replied Billy."But we still don't know where the cave is."

"Great,"mummered Kat.

"But it gets worse.He's trapped with something that gives off a powerful energy.The same energy as the silver ranger did."

"The Silver Ranger?!"cried Tommy."You mean she's back?"

"Yeah.And if Adam is trapped with her...."

"We've got to save him!"yelled Rocky."I can't have my best friend getting killed by an old enemy."

"Silver Ranger?"quiried Tanya.

"Yeah,"said Billy."We once had to face an evil silver ranger.She was very powerful and I've calculated that she could've killed us all if she had any more power.She almost killed Tommy but at the last moment killed herself.We never found out why although Adam was rather horrified by the whole thing."

"Do you know why?"asked Kat.

"Nope,"said Tommy."Although we think he knew something about her."

"Billy,"whined Justin,"I can't get a lock on where the cave is.I need help."Billy rushed over to help him,while the others could only watch and hope. * * *

Adam kicked the wall.A few pebbles fell but nothing happened.He groaned.There was absolutly no way out.He has found some matches in his pocket and lit a stick to light up the cave a bit but it didn't do much.It didn't help the temperature either.It was almost deathly cold.Liz was shivering like mad.He had given her his shirt but that didn't do much for either of them.

"Any way out?"asked Liz.Her voice shook through chattering teeth.

"Not that I know of.We'd better find one fast though.We're going to freeze to death soon."

"Thanks for the encouragement."

He sighed and sat down next to her.He placed his arm around her and was surprised to find her burning hot."Liz,you're burning up!"

"Really?I'm freezing."

Oh man she has a fever.This can't be happening.Quickly he wrapped his arms around her,trying to keep her warm.She shouldn't have to go through this.I mean after all she's been through....this shouldn't be happening to her.

"Don't feel bad for me Adam.I've been through a lot but I'm over most of it."

"Oka...Hey!How did you know what I was thinking?I never said anything about it."

"But I just heard you say that I had a fever and that I shouldn't have to go through all this."

"I never said that."He paused."Do you think that you read my mind?"

"I don't know.Maybe."She shivered."It's getting colder in here."

He felt her forehead."And your fever is getting worse.Man you need some medical care."

"No I don't.I'm fine."She sighed."Adam?"


"What are the rangers now?You said that you and Tommy were the only ones left.What about Rocky and Billy?And the girls?"

"Well Rocky hurt his back and Justin,that kid that hit you with the frizzbee,took over the blue ranger powers...."

"Blue?He was red."

"Yeah was.We changed colors.I'm the green ranger now.Justin's blue,Tommy's red,Kim left for Florida so Kat took over the pink ranger powers,Aisha stayed in Africa so Tanya...Omigosh!Tanya!"


"Tanya she's...oh man."He placed his head in his hands."I'm really gonna have to explain this."

"Explain what?What about her?"

He winced."Tanya...well she's my girlfriend."


"I know!She's the first person I've gone out with since you left.Man...."

"It's okay.You can stay with her if you want.Doesn't bother me."

"No.I love you.I like her.I went out with her after I realized that you weren't coming back.Then you came back...."

"So everything's changed?"

"Yeah."C'mon guys!I really need help.She's sick and needs help.Liz didn't tell him that she could hear every word he thought.She could read his mind. * * *

"Got them!"cried Justin."But it looks like the silver ranger is sending out heat waves now."

"Great,"mumbled Tommy."Well we'd better get to him fast before that silver ranger kills him."

"Yeah,"agreed Tanya thinking about how her boyfriend could fight.He could hold out for a while but the way the others discribed this ranger she was giving her doubts a turn.

"What are you guys waiting for then?"cried Rocky."He could be in big trouble!!"

"Right!"agreed Tommy."IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"The Turbo rangers morphed and teleported to a big cave,the opening covered with two ton bolders.

"Lets get digging!"cried Kat.The others nodded and began to dig.Finally they got to rocks that none of them could lift,so they got out their turbo blasters.The rocks were hard and the rangers were frustrated with worry for their friend and how the silver ranger could hurt him. * * *

Adam heard blasting outside.Way to go guys!In the past hour Liz had becume delerious and finally becume unconcious.She was so hot that she was keeping him warm.It seemed like forever before he saw a faint glimmer of light.He was helpless to do anything but sit there,stroking her hair.

The light got bigger and bigger.Adam soon started digging too from the inside.Finally Justin and Tommy jumped through the hole."Where is she?"asked Tommy,growling fiercly.

"Yeah.Where's the Silver Ranger?"echoed Justin.


"The Silver Ranger,"Tommy explained."We caught the Silver energy radiating heat."

Adam held his breath.Liz!They know...He felt sick.They think she's hurting me."Guys there's something you should know about the Silver Ranger..."

"Look!There she is!"cried Justin.He pointed into the dark cave.They could see a small,shivering figure.Tommy aimed his blaster.

"No!"yelled Adam."Don't shoot!"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Becuse."He sighed."Tommy?Remember Elizebeth?"

"Yeah."Tommy didn't wait for his answer but stepped forward to see the small huddling figure of Liz. * * *

"How in the world could you do that to us?!"yelled Tommy."How?!"

"C'mon it wasn't her fault,"pleaded Adam.

"Yeah right.The girl almost killed us and you say it wasn't her fault!Adam,she is the enemy!"

Adam just stood there,glaring at Tommy.They were back at the Power Chamber talking,or rather yelling,about Liz.She was being looked at by Justin and Billy but Tommy was going ballistic at Adam for never telling them about her.

"Look Tommy,she didn't want to do it."

"I say that we should just kill her off."

"What?!Tommy she is a human being!You can't just kill her like that."

"Yeah,"agreed Rocky.

"Well I'm the leader and I make the desions around here."

"You can't do that to her--or to me.She killed herself!My God what more does she need to do to say she's sorry?"

"Adam she almost killed ME!I can't forgive her-ever!"He suddenly growled."If you don't like it you can leave this team!"

"Tommy,"started Alpha 6,"Yo-yo-yo!What are ya talkin' about?"

"I'm talking about Adam leaving the team or going with us on killing her."

"Us?"asked Justin."I'm not with you at all."

Tommy ignored him."What is it going to be Adam?Leave or stay?"

Tanya held her breath for two reasons.One was that she felt bad for Liz and knew that Tommy was wrong.Second she felt angry at Liz.Adam was her boyfriend.This girl was stealing his heart away from her.She also knew that when Adam was mad he got a look in the depth of his eyes.The look was there now.

"I'm sorry Tommy but you can't kill the person I love."He quickly turned in his Turbo morpher."I'm not in this team anymore."He teleported out. * * *

Liz was lost in her own world but she could hear everything around her.But she couldn't speak back.She knew she had a fever but she couldn't-and didn't-want to speak.Tommy wanted to kill her.Becuse of what she did.All becuse of her Adam was getting kicked off.

Suddenly she saw a little light in the distance.She had a feeling to head towreds the light.Slowly she went to it.It got brighter and brighter.She felt like it would lead her somewhere.She knew that she was in her mind and her mind would take her to her destiny.

The light.The light is my life.The light is my love.The light is all I ever wanted to be.I must get to the light to be happy.To save Adam I must get to the light.

She slowly began her trek to the world that she wanted.Everything she ever wanted was going to be hers. * * *

"How could you do that?"asked Rocky."You just cut Adam from the team."

"He wasn't listening,"Tommy explained."We just couldn't have him on the team anymore."

"Are you crazy?"cried Tanya."It's not his fault that he didn't want to kill anyone.None of us want to hurt her."

"Yeah,"agreed Kat."We can't."

"Maybe you can't but I can."

"If we let you,"said Billy."Listen we really can't do anything until we know all the facts and for that we need her to wake up."

"How long will that be?"asked Justin.

"She's in it bad.My guess is maybe a few days,maybe weeks."

"Oh man,"Rocky groaned."I can't believe Adam never said anything about this.He knew for two years and never told anyone."

"Yeah,"agreed Billy."It just doesn't seem like him."

"Well there's only one way to find out,"stated Tanya surprisingly."And we have to know."Without another word she teleported out. * * *

Adam sat down on the cliffs.It was his thinking spot,looking over the ocean.The way the waves crashed against the rocks calmed him down.And he needed calming after that scene at the Power Chamber.It wasn't fair!Tommy had blamed him.And Liz.It wasn't his or her fault.She had no choice.If he only could've explained.He had wanted to kill her too!He could Tommy even think that?Liz was a human.Liz was his girlfriend.Suddenly another problem came to mind.So is Tanya....


"Tanya?!What are you doing here?"

"To talk to you Adam.We need to know everything we can about Liz."

"I don't want to talk."

"C'mon Adam.Why didn't you tell anybody about this?"

"Tanya I don't want...."


He sighed."She made me promise.I couldn't break it to her."

"Why did she do it?What is her history like?"

This time he stopped.She had told him everything personally,trusting him not to say anything to anyone.He couldn't."I'm sorry Tanya.I can't tell you that stuff."

"Why not?"

"It's kinda...personal."

This time Tanya sighed.She had one last question.More for herself than anyone else."Adam do you love her?"

"More than anything."Suddenly,as he saw her face,he realized what she was getting at."I'm sorry.It's just that..when I lost her it was so hard and now that she's back...."

"I understand.I just needed to know for sure.It's okay,really.She seems like a wonderful person and I'm glad you're happy."

"She just means so much to me and once she's gone,she'll be gone from me forever.I still can't count how many times I've just sat in my room,hoping that one day she'd come back to me."

"Adam we wont let Tommy hurt her without a fair fight on her side.I don't know what's gotten into him but we can't let him hurt her."

"Thanks Tanya.I just have to think this over.This isn't going to be anything near easy."

"Okay.I'll leave you alone then."She teleported out.

Adam sat there looking at the water.The cliff was a long drop down to the rocks below.The rocks were jagged and rocky.The water lapped up at them.His mind raced a mile a minute just staring at the rocks.She was gone.He didn't trust Tommy for one minute but even if he didn't harm her she was still sick.Deathly ill as Billy put it.And her face.It had been a pale white.Since she had come back she had seemed like a different person.She looked so guilty at first when she was telling her story.Her eyes had been like steel:cold and hard.Now she had a fever,slipping away from him again.He could almost see her face now,from two years ago,when she had been so happy.The way he'd known her.He wanted her back.But she wasn't coming back.Maybe I should just get everything over with?The thought pounded in his head.What was he thinking?Did he really want to....Yes.Slowly he stood up and looked down the drop.It would kill him for sure if he jumped.Silently his mind worked.He couldn't live without her:so why live?

He got closer to the edge,tears coming to his eyes and memories flooding his mind.She had always been a mystery to him but that's why he loved her.Becuse she was distant yet there.Finally his feet touched the edge.I love you Elizebeth....

Suddenly he stopped short of almost hurling himself off the cliff.What was I going to do?If I love her I have to go on.Shaking,he moved back and fell to the grass crying.This wasn't going to be easy,he knew that.

He thought of how she really was.That silent,mysterious girl had told him whi she really was.Her fun,happy self had faded away into a girl with deep depression.She had lost her dream in one day,her life in one hour,and self in one minute.She had pushed everyone away becuse she was afraid of becuming rejected again.And now she was being rejected.

And why was Tommy acting the was he was?He had never been mean like this.Tommy had never forced anyone off the team.And he of all people should've understood her becuse of his green ranger experiance.Liz is everything to me.She's my dream and every wish I ever made through the past two years has been for her to come back.And now she is.She gave me confidence.He gritted his teeth.She gave me everything I've ever wanted.I can't let Tommy hurt her.I can't. * * *

Days passed.Billy was working hard to make sure that Liz would be okay.Tommy wanted to kill her but Billy wouldn't let him.They knew too little about her to make any kind of decision yet.

Adam was the only one who knew anything about her and he wasn't talking.Billy didn't actually expect him to say anything.He was too sensitive:especially about her.He couldn't blame him either.Liz's condition didn't seem hopeful.If she did wake up she would suffer many problems.

He felt her forehead.The fever still hadn't broke.She was still hot.C'mon Liz.You have to wake up.Adam needs you.We all need you.We need to understand....

"Is she better?"asked Justin."She still doesn't look very good."

"She isn't any better either.There seems like no hope for her life ever to return."

"Man Adam isn't good either.I tried to call him but his mom said he wasn't feeling well.He really needs her back."

"I know.I wish she could hear us.She's giving up.If only we could say somthing to keep her going."

"Maybe we can but Tommy can't.He's going nuts about her."

"Yeah.I don't know what's up with him.I checked him for spells but it got nothing."

"Wow.I wonder what's wrong."

"I dunno."He bit his lower lip and held her hand."Liz you gotta keep going.Don't give up.Adam needs you and so do we." * * *

Liz was only a few feet from the light.She wanted to see the light.Finally she got to the white light.The white light washed over her and a sense of peace came over her.She could see nothing but light.Suddenly she could see nothing.Every question she had ever asked was answered.She knew why she was there.Why Adam was there.She knew why.

I love you Adam.I'm doing this for you.I know why this happened to me.I know that we are for one another.

Suddenly she felt pain.No!This can't be happening!Not now!She doubled over.Everything was lost again.She had to wake up though.For him. * * *

Billy looked around for a groaning noise.It was coming from...."My God!She's awake!Justin she's awake!"

"What?"Justin and Billy watched in awe as the small figure of the pale girl caughed and woke up.She sat up and stared at her surroundings.She seemed awed by where she was.

"You're awake!"cried Justin."Do you feel alright?"

"Ummm,"she answred in a surprised voice.

Suddenly Tommy teleported in.He had come to check on her and was very shocked when he found her awake.Justin backed away a bit and Billy got himself ready for a fight.Tommy narrowed his eyes."You're awake."


"You!"His voice was cold and harsh that Billy noticed how Liz cowered back.Something was different.She reacted to everything very frightened.Especially to Tommy and she seemed very aware of something.But what?Billy had to stop Tommy."Tommy listen,leave her alone for now.This has been hard."

"I don't care!I have to know why!?Why?!Why,you silver ranger,did you do all that?"

"Do what?"

"You know what!Now after all you did what do you have to say for yourself?"

Liz looked very frightened and scared.Billy put his hand on her shoulder to tell her that it was okay.She didn't seem to get the message though.

Justin looked from Liz to Tommy.Neither moved.He was afraid of what Tommy could do to her.She seemed so innocent that it was almost hard to believe that she had been the most powerful ranger in history.She was so small and frail.So harmless that he couldn't even see her as a ranger.Secretly he liked her.She was pretty.But she was Adam's girlfriend.And Adam was already torn.

Liz stared at the figures before her.Two seemed nice but the one in red was mean.His eyes glowed meanly.She didn't want to be there.And where was the green ranger?He was the only one who could help her.He was the only one who could bring the light back.She wanted it back.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"the mean one demanded again.

She looked around the room again and back to the mean one in red."W...Who are all of you?"