Water Thicker than Blood
by: Silver Tiger

Adam sat in his room,thinking.About Liz mostly and about himself.She had been the light of his life and now she was leaving him again.So far he had only accomplished to make himself feel worse.

Currently he was listening to Liz's favorite band Savage Garden.He never really liked them but there was one song that really hit him hard.It was like about Liz.Her life.It really explained her.But it was so sad.
She's taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside
Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes
Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one.
They're saying,"Mamma never loved her much."
And,"Daddy never keeps in touch."
That's why she shies away from human affection.
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come
And she'll say to him....

I would fly you to the moon and back,if you'll be...
If you'll be my baby
Got a ticket for the world where we belong
So would you be my baby?

She can't remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was colorblind
All her friends they've been tried for treason
And crimes that were never defined.
She's saying,"Love is like a barren place,
And reaching out for human faith is like a journey I just don't have a map for."
So baby gonna take a dive
Put shift to overdrive
And send a signal that she's hanging all her hopes on the stars.

Suddenly his communicator beeped.He sighed.He didn't want to see her.He didn't want to see her before she left him again.Sighing he answered."What?"

"You'd better get down here,"answered Billy."It's really important."

"Listen,I don't want to see her."

"Please just trust me and get over here."He paused."I promise it's nothing bad to your part."

"Is Tommy there?"

"Yes.Please Adam?This is really important.She's awake and she needs you here."

"She's awake?"

"Yeah.You have to get down here.She only wants you.But there is just one little problem...."

Adam didn't even listen to the end of the sentance.He teleported out thinking of only her.She was alive again.Alive.The word had made an impact on him several years ago,wishing that she was still alive.Now she was there.And she wanted him!She wanted him there with her.She ment everything to him and he didn't want to loose her again.All's he could see was her face in his mind.Her face he would never see the same way.The bright smile was replaced by her serious look as she had told her life story.Her eyes were cold,like steel,boring into his mind. * * *

Adam found Tommy next to Alpha looking upset,and his sweet Liz sitting on the examining table,looking frightened to death at what Billy and Justin were doing to her,like she didn't trust them.

"Elizebeth!You're okay!"he cried.He embraced her in a hug.When he pulled away she looked even more confused than ever."What's wrong?"

"Adam there is a side effect to the fever and we aren't sure if it'll go away or not."


"She's lost her memory.The only thing she remembers is a white light and something about the green ranger which is why she wanted you."

"Oh."He looked at her."So you don't know me at all?"She shook her head.He sighed and the smile on his face had turned to a frown.She was supposed to be all better.

"Are you the green ranger?"He nodded."I remember seeing you before the white light but that's it."

"What white light?"

"I don't know.That's all I can recall."She jerked back a bit as Billy went back to scanning her.Adam was now afraid for her.She didn't know anything about him.She was so vulnerable to Tommy now.But at the same time he was happy that she had forgotten her past.Maybe now she would go back to the girl he loved.The smiling girl he once knew.

"Green ranger?"

"Adam.My name is Adam."

"Adam do you know anything about me?Where I came from or anything?"Billy and Tommy looked at him anxiously.They wanted to know too.

"No I don't.Sorry."You just can't know Liz.It would be too hard for you right now.Some day.

Tommy and Billy were very surprised.He knew something about her and they knew that.Yet he didn't say anything.Billy knew that he was probably protecting her from any kind of harm.He just didn't know how.Nothing about her seemed to make any sense.She had a past and Adam knew.

"Wait!"cried Justin."Where's she going to stay?I mean you said that her mom moved away."

"She's not staying here,"Billy blurted out.None of them wanted Tommy to have direct access to her.

"She can stay at my place."said Adam."I'm sure my parents will understand."

"Are you sure?"asked Billy.

"Yeah.We have a guest bedroom."He turned to Liz"That is if you want to.You don't have to stay with me."

She studied him carefully.He seemed nice.And trustworthy.And Billy had said something about her being his girlfriend."I guess it wouldn't hurt."

"Okay,"said Billy."You gotta tell us if you remember anything.We have to know,alright?"


Adam looked her over.She still seemed scared.But why?Didn't she trust them?He couldn't really blame her about Tommy but Billy and Justin?Niether seemed like they could even take down a putty.Was she really afraid of them?"C'mon Liz."

"Liz?"She paused."Is that my name?"

He smiled and nodded."Yeah.C'mon you'd better rest.It's been a long day for all of us."He glared at Tommy.Tommy just glared back evilly.Adam sighed took her hand.He teleported them out in a flash of green. * * *

Liz looked around Adam's room.It was comfortable and made him seem even nicer.She wasn't very happy though.It had been a mirical getting Mr.Park to let her stay.

Presently she was looking out at the drizzling rain,thinking.She could remember a little but not much.She had absolutly no idea what the white light meant.It had no sense to it.And Adam.Why had she seen him?

"Please tell me you're alright,"came a voice from the doorway.It was Adam.

"I'm fine.Your room just has a better room of the rain."She stopped."Why?"

"Or last conversation started out like this.It wasn't very happy."He suddenly regretted the last statement.

"What was it about?"

"Nothing.Forget it."He crawled up to the window seat next to her."I wish you could remember me."

"I wish too.I mean I seem like we meant a lot to each other."

"Yeah.You still mean a lot to me though."He sighed."I guess we just have to start over."

"Are you sure you don't know anything about me?Anything at all?"

His mind raced.Should he tell her?He didn't want to lie but she was already so vulnerable.She was scared to death and upset.You can't tell her.She can't know.She always wanted to start over and here is her chance."Nope.I'm sorry.Not many people knew much about you.Not even me."

"What about my parents?"

"They moved away."

"Oh."The two sat in silence,listening to the rain pouring onto the window.Liz looked out and suddenly found herself in a pool of water.She saw water all around her and the chlorine stung her eyes.She couldn't breath and a sharp stabbing pain hit her shoulder.Blood stained the water.Her lungs felt like they were being crushed from no air.She realized that the blood was from her shoulder.The pain grew and she tried to scream but the water muffled her cries for help.She thrashed about trying to get to the surface.She felt hands on her shoulders...

"Liz!Are you alright?"

"Huh?"Liz suddenly realized that she wasn't in water but still in Adam's room.She was breathing--thankfully--but it was rapid and shallow.Her pulse raced with fear."It must have been a flashback,"she whispered.

"Flashback?You mean you remember?"

"Not everything.I remember being surrounded by water and feeling pain but that's it."She paused,remembering the blood."What does it mean?"

"I really don't know.Maybe you'll remember more later."He could've kicked himself.He was lying to her!She meant so much to him that he couldn't hurt her though.He didn't want her to get hurt.Tommy was still a threat to them both and the last thing she needed was to find out the truth,



"How close were we?"

"Very close.More like best friends than boyfriend.You told me everything."

"Evidently not my past."

"Well you said what was on your mind."He sighed."I could tell by your face what you were feeling."

"Oh."He looked back out the window.Liz looked him over.He was handsome,thoughtful,and seemed gentle,yet he was very muscular.No wonder she had fallen for him before.She was falling for him now.He cared about her very much.He loved her,didn't he?She looked into his eyes and suddenly it was like she could read his thoughts.She could hear everything that he was thinking.She gasped."You do know something about me!"

He looked at her surprised.How could she?Surely she was reading his thoughts again.She wouldn't know how though.Or would she...?"Did you read my thoughts?"

"Yeah.You know something about me don't you?"

"Not much.Please trust me.I'd never do anything to hurt you in any way."

"I do trust you.I just want to know."

He kissed her on the cheek."You'll find out soon.I promise.Just trust me right now."

"Okay."She sounded dissapointed and her face looked upset.Adam placed his arm around her and even though she didn't know him she cuddled to his shoulder.He stroked her hair and sighed.Nothing was ever to be the same. * * *

"Oh my God,NO!!"The world was lost as she ran from the wolf.The great blue wolf could hurt her greatly.She had to get away from him.The wolf had already gotten Tarus,her mate,and was now after her.She could still see the rough blue fur and wild red eyes.The jagged teeth covered with Tarus' blood.And the falcon was after her too.The two were very dangerous.The only ones that hadn't harmed her was Tarus.Now it was all up to her to save their child.The child had been strangely silent but Kassia wasn't going to complain.Quickly--tired from running--she ran into some brush.She had to catch her breath.

She heard the wolf's hot breath coming closer.A small rustle of leaves made her hide even farther from the path.From a small hole she could see dark blue fur and she could hear the falcons call.As if only realizing what was going on the child began to mew."Oh not now,"Kassia whispered."Please don't."

A growling from the wolf brought her attention back to watching him.He snorted and looked around.She brought her hand to the childs mouth.As if getting her mothers message she stopped.The little girl was already afraid after what had happened to her father.The wolf had gotten him.She then began to run with her mother.Now the wolf was after them.

Suddenly the wolf broke through the brush and swiped his claws at them.The girl saw the wolf pounce on her mother and cut her body with his sharp claws.She watched in silent horrar as she saw her mothers torso ripped up.She cried as the wounds gaped open and blood poured out.She saw the wolfs jaws clamp on her arm and heard the screams of pain of pain from the dying form.He was eating her alive.She felt tears stream down her cheeks as she watched.Then,when he was finished,he glanced at her with his red eyes.Silently he vanished into the night. * * *

Liz sat up straight,sweat streaming down her face.The dream had been so real.It stuck in her mind,paralizing her with fear.What did it mean?Had it been a memory or just a stupid dream?What is happening to me?

She checked the clock.It was almost seven A.M.She was realived.She would never be able to fall back asleep.She had so many things running through her mind at the moment.Who was the wolf and falcon?And who was Tarus?Everything was so confusing now.She didn't remember her life.She didn't remember Adam.Adam knew something she didn't.Suddenly she got mad and pounded her pillow.Suddenly a white flash of light blinded her from the impact.Who the heck was I?

"You awake?"

Adam.He had this strange timing everytime she felt terrible he was there."Yeah.You know you have weird timing."

"Thanks.Anyway Billy wants to check you out later.He wants to make sure that there aren't anymore side effects."

"Okay."She sighed."I had this strange dream.It was about this woman and her child running from a wolf and falcon."She paused."The woman died."


"I don't know.It was just so strange."Her mind relived thee dream.Everything was coming down on her at once.She wanted to live her life normal.Or had her life ever been normal?The flashback and dream made her wonder.

Adam left her to get dressed.She didn't want to see Billy or anyone else after the way Tommy had glared at her.Quickly she pulled on a white tee and black jeans.Both belonged to Adam but she had borrowed them.All the while she could only think about what she had been like. * * *

Liz sat still as Billy scanned her for any more damage.Somehow Adam could sense her fear and was watching Billy's every move.Ever since she had come back he had felt like her guard.He had to protect her from any harm.Even Billy.He didn't know if she trusted him but he would never harm her.

Justin was there along with Alpha 6 to help with the examination along with Tommy who insisted that he was just watching.Tommy had a mean look in his eyes and looked like a mad dog.Liz tried not to look at him:they all could see that,but Tommy stared intensely at her.That frightened them all.

"You seem fine,"said Billy."Any flashbacks yet?"

"One."She didn't want to bring up the dream yet.Adam noticed this too and only sighed.

"What about?"

"Water and Blood."Billy seemed taken aback by the answer.So did Tommy and Justin.Adam didn't.He knew what it was all about.What he didn't know was that Tommy saw this.

Adam's mind went on what she had told him about her past.How miserable she had been.He could still see her,the rain on her face,being soaked to the bone and shivering in the cold rain.She looked terrible.Her face though,he knew he would never forget.The look had peirced his soul depths.Her eyes had been sullen and her face completely pale.Her hair was matted to her face and she looked increadibly thin in just shorts and a top.The tale of her life had made it even worse.Adam couldn't blame her anymore for wanting to leave.The fire,lonliness,the defeat.Everything lead up to now.Right now she didn't know any of this.He did any felt very guilty about lying to her.But she couldn't know anything.Not yet.A thing that puzzled him though was the dream.What did it mean?Was it her past?How could it have happened?These and other questions were all left unanswered.Now one but Liz herself could answer them.

"YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!"Liz suddenly cried.As Adam saw tears coming to her eyes he realized that she had read his mind.He braced himself for outbursts."You know everything about me!"She jumped off the table."You know it all and never told me!You know my past!"

"Liz you have to understand..."

"I don't want to understand!"She was now crying and shaking at the same time."I want to go home!I don't belong here!"

"Calm down,"said Billy."We don't know where you belong either.Until we find out...."

She pointed at Adam."He knows though!Let me go!I don't want to know my past or my future!"

Everybody sudenly looked at Adam.He felt hot under the collar.He should've told them.But then he would've betrayed her trust.He had to say something.Taking a deep breath he got ready for a verbal war."Liz...you told me everything about yourself.I just didn't want to say anything."

"Why not?"growled Tommy.

"You trusted me not to say anything.I couldn't break it.I'm sorry."He hung his head.He was no longer a ranger.No longer happy.And now no longer Liz's boyfriend.

"You knew all along and you never told us?"cried Tommy."You never said anything!"

Liz suddenly got worried.She was mad at Adam but Tommy seemed horrible mean.She didn't like him from the first time she saw him.She realized that they were in for trouble.

"Tommy just stay out of this.It's over now."

"No it isn't.You now have to pay for what you didn't do."


Tommy narrowed his eyes."You have to pay for what you didn't tell us.What you didn't do."

Billy stepped back,bringing Liz and Justin with him.He hadn't seen Tommy look like this since he was the green ranger.Billy didn't know what to do.Nobody on the team could beat Tommy.His thoughts about Adam vanished as he knew that Tommy was going to do something aweful.

"You never told us,"Tommy repeated."And now you will have to severly pay."He stepped closer to Adam.The wild look in his eyes scared them all.But Adam was detirmined to look brave.

Liz held her breath.She didn't mean to do this!She was mad at Adam but she didn't want Tommy to hurt him.This wasn't fair!She didn't want this!She wanted to be home.Home and safe.She was instead in a dark place with people she barely knew and the only thing she could remember was the white light....Omigosh that's it!She stopped.But how...?

Suddenly to everyones surprise Tommy gave Adam a roundhouse kick.Adam fell to the ground hard.Billy backed up even more,with Justin and Liz,and quickly pressed the emergency communicator alarms.One by one the rangers teleported it only to find a bloody fight between Adam and Tommy.None of them knew how much things would change.

While Adam was down Tommy gave him a kick in the stomach.Adam could taste blood in his mouth but he got up in defense but soon wished he hadn't.He was able to block off a few blows but Tommy punched him in the side of the head.While he was recovering from one blow,Tommt would send another along.Once again Adam found himself on the cold cement floor,his ears ringing and intense pain thoughout his body,from a low leg sweep.He could hear Liz's screams at Tommy to stop but he didn't.He kept on hurting him with one blow after another.

Liz stood there in the midst of the other surprised rangers.Each one was watching the fight intently,not dareing to cross Tommy.In their eyes Liz could see that they wanted Tommy to win.They didn't care anymore about the former ranger;only what was to happen to their leader.Only Justin seemed to care about Adam's sake.But still they said and did nothing.Nor did Alpha or Dimetria.The only one doing anything was her.Her screams echoed throughout the Power Chamber and she was struggling to get free of Billy's grasp.He was holding her back from stopping the fight.Her eyes were red from crying and tears stained her face.She knew what to do but she didn't know how!It had to do with the light.Please.Tommy don't kill him.

Adam felt blood on his face and in his mouth.All strength was gone from inside him and the pain was unbearable.Why were the others letting him do this to him?Why didn't they help him?Through his blurred vision he could see Billy holding Liz back.Boefore he could see why Tommy kicked him right in the chest.Adam lost his breath and cried out in pain.His mind couldn't think right and only felt pain.Tommy dragged Adam to his feet and punched him.Once again he fell to the hard floor.Tommy just stood there a moment,staring and smiling as Adam lay there in a pool of blood.The only sounds were Liz's screams and his gasps for air.It was an eerie silence,cold and cruel.Adam wondered what was to happen next.He didn't wait long as Tommy took his hands and wrapped them around his throat.Adam felt his breath cut off and he knew that he couldn't breath anymore.He struggled against his grasp but Tommy was too strong.It was over.Tommy had one and he was going to die.

"Please no!"Liz was crying.Adam had given up.His body was limp in Tommy's hands and the only sign that he was still alive waas a few gasps for air.She had to do something and she knew what but how?She still had to try though.Please let me pull this off.Slowly she she tried to read his mind.It came rather easily and now she could feel all of his pain.It was almost unbearable.The best she could she searched her own mind.She could now remember everything.She knew her past and her future.She knew of her powers,and how to fully save him.She gathered up all of Adam's pain and opened her mind to Tommy.She was Adam's last hope.

Justin suddenly noticed that Liz was glowing a bright silver.Her eyes were closed and her face was in deep concentration.He watched in wonder and realized that no one else knew.He tried to figure out what she was doing but it didn't really look like anything.The fight was soon forgotten and he only watched her in silence.No one else had noticed her and they still watched the fight.

Adam felt his body shut down.There was nothing left for him to do but give up.He couldn't overpower Tommy and no one was helping him.Elizebeth I'm sorry for everything I did.Tears came to his eyes as he thought of her.So it all ends like this.Everything came crashing down on him.He felt his breath stop.Goodbye....

Suddenly all the pain was lifted from him.He could breath again!He then heard Tommy cry out in pain.Adam couldn't see anything but he could hear the screams echoing off the walls.He heard Kat cry,"What's happening to him?!"He then blacked out.

Liz opened her eyes.She smiled as she saw that Tommy had crumpled in pain.Tanya saw the smile."What did you do to him?!You killed Tommy!"Liz's smile immedeatly faded as she saw their angrey glares.Not one seemed to realize what had happened to Adam.Not responding to them she ran to her beloved Adam.Not careing about what the others thought she looked him over only to find more damage than she thought.His face was covered in blood.He was lying so still that it made her blood turn cold.He didn't even look alive.She ran her hand over his shoulder.She could hear the others fuss over Tommy but she didn't care.She knew what she had done to him and didn't feel bad about it at all.

Slowly she ran her hand over his face.Please Adam I didn't mean to do this!I remember everything now.I'm aware of my powers.Please don't hate me.Liz felt tears but tried to remain calm.The others only cared about Tommy becuse he was their leader.They would never accept that he had tried to murder Adam.But never would she let them hurt him.Her vow was simple:the rangers would never be her friends.They made water thicker than blood. * * *

"Is he okay?"

Justin looked up to see Liz standing in the doorway of the Power Chamber rooms.He felt bad for her.Her eyes were red from crying and it didn't help that all of the others thought that she had killed Tommy.Everyone was flocking around Tommy and Adam was forgotten.

"He's not any worse,"he answered,trying to cheer her up.It didn't help:her face remained sullen.He went back to Adam.Adam had cracked two ribs and had several bruises and cuts.His whole body was pretty much cut up;that made Liz feel even worse about the whole thing.

She made her way over to him and began to run her hands through his hair.She liked doing that to him.Her face was still full of concern."Can he talk yet?"

"He hasn't even woken up.He's hurt pretty bad.It could be a while."

"Oh."She sighed.



"What did you do to him.Tommy I mean.Billy says he's hurt very seriously.Almost as bad as Adam."

She sighed again."I took all of Adam's pain and injected it into Tommy."Her voice lowered almost to a growl."He deserved it too."

"How did you do it?"

"I really can't say."Actually Liz could say perfectly how but she didn't want to.Only Adam would understand it at the moment and he was gone from her.Slowly she looked him over.He looked aweful.He was just so still.It scared her to death but she knew that he would live.He had to.He couldn't give up.

Justin put his hand on her shoulder."He's going to be alright.You'll see.As long as I've known him he's never given up."

"Justin you don't even know half of the fight.We aren't fighting for the rangers anymore.We're fighting for each other."She gently touched his scared face."And it's so easy to give up when you don't know if they still love you."

"But he knows you love him doesn't he?"

Liz didn't answer.She hoped he still loved her.She accused him of lying to her.I'm sorry.So sorry.Just please Adam,don't give up your life becuse of me.You're young and you still have time.Don't ruin it becuse of me. * * *

Adam heard their voices.He couldn't just lay there and not respond but the pain was almost unbearable.His head was spinning and he couldn't recall what had happened after he blacked out except for Tommy's cries of pain.What happened to him?He really didn't care about that right now but only the pain.It spread throughout his body.He could barely move,let alone speak.So instead he just listened to their voices.He could hear Justin leave.As soon as he left Liz began to speak to him.It was a soft,calming voice.Her hands felt so good on his acheing body and her voice soothed his shattered mind.He wanted to speak,to talk to her,but he was unable to do anything.

"If you can hear me Adam,and I know you probably can,please don't give up on yourself."He heard her sob."Please.You fought to save me.I know you did.Tommy would've done that to me."She was crying now."Adam...I love you.I love you so much.Please.You can't leave me like this.If you can do anything,please let me know that you still love me too."

Adam was in pain but she had to know.Slowly in intense pain,he strained every muscle inn his arm to move his hand.With ever so movements he felt around for her hand.When he finally found it he held it gently.He heard her gasp."You can hear me can't you?"He squeezed her hand.He couldn't see the almost heavenly smile on her face."Oh gosh Adam.I'm sorry for accusing you.You were just trying to protect me."She wiped tears from her eyes."The others hate me now for what I did to Tommy but I'm not.I was protecting you.They may hate me but I will always love you."

Adam felt her place her head on his shouler.He knew for a fact at that moment that he loved her.He was suddenly at peace.Peace of mind,soul,and strength.His body still was in pain but he didn't care.She loved him and he loved her.This was the end of their silent war. * * * The breeze blew through Liz's hair as the fresh salt water air blew onto land.The beach was always calm at sunset.She was very happy.Adam had heard her and he forgave her.She didn't care what the others thought of her anymore.She sighed.Or do I?Becuse of her the whole team was at war.All becuse of me.

The water lapped up at her feet.It was cool but it didn't help her troubled mind.Everything was crashing into her life at once.She couldn't go back to see Adam becuse the others were so mad at her that they had practically thrown her out.She didn't really care but she couldn't see Adam.

My powers!I wonder....?She was now fully aware of her powers.She knew what she could do and if she could mentally talk to Adam then that would mean...."I have to try!"she exclaimed.She ran up the beach to Angel Grove woods to a small willow tree by a beautiful brook.Still sitting on some rocks were their inscribed names,written only two years earlier.She kneeled down by the water and closed her eyes.She had to think.She had to concentrate.She took a deep breath.Adam?

There was complete silence all around her but she could hear words in her mind.It was him.Elizebeth....?

It's me.We can talk through our minds.Isn't that great?

I don't understand....

I know all of my powers now.Every silver ranger can talk to people with their minds.But when the person can answer back it means they are mates.

So you mean....?

Yeah.We're mates.Isn't that cool.

I guess.I really don't know what to say.

I know.You don't have to say anything.Besides you can't talk anyway.She giggled a little.I'm sorry.I shouldn't joke about the fight.

It's okay.What happened to Tommy?

I injected all of your pain into him.I could feel your pain.I had to do it.

How did you do it?

Mind power.It's hard to explain really.

Oh.I'm glad you did.I'm sorry that the others hate you but then again they aren't our friends anymore.

I'm really sorry.

For what?

For tearing the team apart.All becuse of me the power rangers are gone.

You didn't do anything.

Yes I did.

No!It was going to happen.If they hate you for doing the right thing they aren't friends.Don't worry.


But nothing.The team was going to tear apart anyway if they were like this.Don't worry.You still have me.And I love you.

I love you too.

Good.I'll be better soon.You'll see.Just go on with your life until I'm better.

Okay.Get well soon.I'll talk to you whenever I can since I can't see you.

Why can't you see me?

They drove me away.Liz felt Adam get angrey.She smiled.He was so protective.I'd better let you rest okay.




Liz cut their connection.It was true!He was her mate.Mate...that ment that they would get married someday.She sighed happily.She loved him so much.It was all that was keeping them together.And it was a powerful tie.She was convinced:they were meant for each other. * * *

Three weeks later Adam was almost better.He was able to sit up and talk.The other rangers were ignoring him and Justin and they wouldn't let Liz in.It didn't really matter:everyday they talked by mind.Adam found that she was rather cheery again.He loved to think that it was becuse of him.And that mate thing really made him happy.They were mates!The belonged together.All we've gone through is worth something.

"How are you doing?"asked Justin,bringing him his lunch."Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah somewhat."Justin handed him a glass of water and Adam lapped it up eagerly."I miss Liz though."

"You really like her don't you?I've never seen anyone so mushy over someone."

"When you get older you'll understand about it all.I never understood it at your age either."

"Do you really want to see her?"

"More than anything."He looked at Justin puzzled for a moment until Justin pointed to his communicator."Ohmigosh!Can you please?"

"Of course."With a smile on his face he pressed the teleportation button and in only a second did Liz appear in a silver flash."Whoa!What happened?"


"Oh man!"The two hugged dispite Adam's pain and kissed.Justin made a face but the two continued.Finally,sick to his stomach,he left.The two didn't even notice.Passion was in the way.Everything that they had missed was in the kiss.They finally parted,breathless and wanting more.

"Man I missed that!"exclaimed Adam.

She grinned."So did I."


"So when is Justin going to let you free?"

"Next week.My ribs are almost better and my cuts aren't that severe."

"Good.I miss you."

"I know."They sat there in an akward silence.They both knew that with the rangers there they were in constant danger.This could be their last time seeing each other.They didn't know that their jugement would come sooner than expected.

Kathrine growled.She had a feeling Liz had snuck in the way Justin was looking.She stared at the embraced two.She growled again.After what Liz had done to Tommy she hated Adam and Liz.How dare they hurt her boyfriend."What are you doing here?"she growled.

Liz and Adam parted with a jump.Liz was shocked and surprised."I...uh...?"

"That's what I thought you little...."Kat came foreward to get her.Liz immedeatly ran.Adam held Kat back for a moment but he was still weak and couldn't hold her long.

Liz soon found herself in the main room of the Power Chamber,panting and out of breath.As she stepped in she was greeted with evil glares by the rangers.Especially Billy.She gulped and stood her ground best she could.

"What are you doing here?"growled Billy.

"Seeing my boyfriend."

"Have you thought of mine?"demanded Kat.

"I only did it becuse I had too."

"No you didn't!"cried Tanya."You stole my boyfriend to do this to us!"

"No I didn't!Honest!"

"Yeah right,"muttered Billy.He came closer to her,in fighting position.She backed away and realized that she had only one option left.Something she had to do."Leave me alone!"She closed her eyes and dropped to the floor.Justin smiled.He knew what she was going to do.

Liz concentrated best she could on Tommy's mind.She glowed a bright silver and the others stood around her,amazed.After about ten minutes she stopped and stood up."I healed Tommy.There was nothing wrong with him in the first place.I just injected all of Adam's pain into him.The only difference was that only I could heal Tommy.She turned her back and walked away."I'm leaving guys.Goodbye."She walked out on them all. * * *

Goodbye everyone.Angel Grove.I'm gonna miss most of you.Liz looked out over the water for the last time on the cliffs.She couldn't wait for Adam any longer.She had to leave now.I'm going to miss you Adam.You wont ever know how much.She started to walk away but stopped as she heard Adam's voice."Wait!Liz please don't go!"

"Adam you shouldn't be running yet.You still need your rest."

"The only time I'll rest is when I get you to stay with me."

"Why should I?I've got no family,no home,nothing.There's no reason to stay."

"What about me?"

"Adam...you know I love you but I can't live like this.It's too hard for me."

Adam sighed.She couldn't leave him,not yet.He looked her over.She looked so good in the fading sunlight.Should I?This could be the biggest mistake in his life if he did but it also could be the best.He took a deep breath.If he loved her he needed to take that chance."Liz ...if you stay...."Why can't I!?I love her!

"What Adam?Nothing you do or say will make me stay."

"But you can't leave me!"

"Adam I have too.I don't have any life and there's no way to start over."

"Yes there is."Liz looked at him and raised and eye at him.Adam smiled.You have to do this.She's the only one for you.Slowly he took a deep breath."Elizebeth Ann Maxwell will you marry me?"