Authors note:I'm sorry this story is kinda short but I didn't have a lot to work with so just enjoy it's beauty.

Series note:Nobody is writing to me saying they like my series so I decided to end it here.Plus,with my hectic shedule,I don't have time to keep keeping up with a consistant plot.I will warn you,the ending isn't really complete but it ends it.

A Thousand Tears
by: Brittany

Liz stared at Adam for a moment.Had he just asked her to marry him?She stood there,breathless and scared.She didn't want to say no but she had to think about it.She wasn't sure if she was ready for such a commitment.She felt tears sting her eyes.I can't take this.Everything was coming down at her in one moment.She started to sob.This can't be happening.Without answering him she began to run.She could hear Adam coming after her,calling her name.

She ran down the cliffs,still crying.Finally she stopped as she hit the beach below.She fell to the sandy ground and could only cry.She couldn't keep doing this.She felt Adam's arm around her after a moment,whispering that it would be okay.She thought of him for a moment.How much courage had taken him to ask her.He must feel so bad...."Adam I'm sorry.This is just...."

"I know.I'm sorry.I should've thought about how you'd feel before I asked you."

"No it's not your fault.It's just that everything is being thrown at me at once.It's not that I don't love you."

"I understand.Listen just forget it."

"No Adam.I can't forget it.This is honor."

He kissed her."No prob.I don't need a right away answer.Take your time alright?I don't mind.I don't want to pressure you into anything."

She looked into the water for a moment.It was so peacful.She heard Adam leave but she didn't move.This answer could change her life forever.It could hurt or heal.She loved Adam but was she ready?She was only 17 legally but becuse of the time loop she looked like she was 15.Adam was only 18.They were very young.And what about parents?It wasn't really Adam's mom:more like his dad.What would they think?How would they support each other?She knew that Adam had a summer job as a stuntman but when summer was over what would they do?There were so many reasons to say no but she wanted to say yes.Why?

It then hit her.She loved him more than anything else.The two were meant for each other.But they couldn't.But they wanted too.It was to be.A smile crossed her face.She had her answer.Quickly she ran to catch up with Adam."Adam!"

He turned around,surprised."What?"

"I have my decision."

"Already?You can think carefully.I'm not rushing you at all."

"I know but I realized something."

"What?"Before he's even finished,she kissed him,long and hard.Adam was surprised at first but soon realized what she was saying:yes.Yes she would marry him.Yes she would be his wife.Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter:only her.They stayed in the embrace for a moment longer until finally,to Adam's dismay,they parted.She smiled."I realized that all's we have is love.We can make it over any other problems."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Adam.I will marry you."

"Oh man!This is like the best day of my life!I never thought anything like this would happen.Maybe everything was for the better."

"Maybe Adam.But whatever it is we're going to be together."

"Yeah I guess so."He sighed."The only problem is I have to tell my parents.I mean my mom can understand but my dad...."

"Don't worry.They'll understand when they're ready.For now we just have to live our lives for each other."

"Right."He kissed her."So everything is better now?"


"Good."He took her hands."C'mon.Lets tell Justin."


"Well he's the only ranger still speaking to us.We should tell him anyway."

"I guess so."Adam kissed her on the cheek.She smiled.Suddenly everything was perfect for her. * * *

"Getting married!Man I wonder how Tommy would react to that!"exclamied Justin."You would be dead!"

"Yeah,"giggled Liz.She sat down next to Adam on Justin's bed.She kissed him.

"Ugh.You guys are sick."Justin made a face."So what did your parents say?"

"We havent told them yet,"explained Adam."I don't know how my dad is going to react."

"Man you guys are brave."

"I'll say,"mumbled Liz.Adam put his arm around her.

"So am I invited to the wedding or what?"

"Yeah.You're going to be the only other ranger there.The others better not even try." * * *

Adam sat down on his bed and sighed.Liz was still staying at his house and it was driving him insane.He knew that they had to tell his parents but what would they say about it?He really didn't care but they were still young and his dad could forbid them still.He sighed.He wanted her more than anything.He sighed again.He didn't even have an engagment ring for her.

He then heard her come in."What's up honey?"She rubbed his shoulders."You're all tense."

"My parents of couse.And you."


"Well actually the fact that I don't have an engagment ring for you or anything."

"So?I only need you."She sighed and placed her head on his back.

"Yeah but I feel bad.You deserve it so much."

"I know."She smiled and kissed him."And we have to tell your parents sometime.We can't hide it forever."

"I know."He flopped onto his back."This is just so hard.I wanted it to be easy."

"I can understand.At least you have a job."

"Only for the summer.I guess I need to get a permenint one soon."

"Yeah.I'll get one too if you'd like."

He smiled."Thanks."She kissed him."But I think I can handle it by myself."

"Yeah like that fight with Tommy."

"Okay so sue me.C'mon give me some credit here.I'm doing my best."

'I know.I just love to tease you."

"Want to go see a movie tonight?To celebrate us?"

"Sure.Then lets go for a walk.Just us.No more rangers killing us."

He laughed and kissed her."Sure.Wanna go see a scary movie?"

"You know I love too.As long as you're there too to protect me."

"C'mon then."He got up and grabbed his green shirt.Liz followed with her white sweatshirt.They walked out the door unaware of Adam's parents eyes on them. * * *

"Look at them!"cried John Park."They look like sick dogs all hung over each other."

"Oh they just think that they are in love,"sighed Claudia park to her husband."Give them a break."

"But they are also living in the same house.That's what I'm worried about."

"Oh we're here all the time.They wouldn't dare do it in front of us."

"What about the basement?Dark and private..."

"Plus cold and moldy.I trust Adam to be a very responsable person and I trust him.They would never do anything like that."

"Love changes people."

"Adam is an adult now.We can't treat him like a child anymore.He's grown up."

"He still is our son."

"Let them be.It's not like they're getting married or anything.I have a hunch that they are doing the right thing." * * *

The crisp cold night was sharp on Liz's bare arms.It had been too hot for her to wear her sweatshirt and Adam had taken off his coat.The night had been wonderful.She loved just being with him with nothing to distract them.For once nothing went wrong.For the first time they were at total peace.

Adam noticed her face."What are you thinking about?"he asked.

"I'm just noticing how everything is suddenly in our favor."

"Not for long.You know that."

"Don't think about your parents."She kissed him."Just go along with the moment."

He smiled and hugged her."You're right.My mom and dad will take all this sensably."

"See?You're already positive."He playfully shoved her and she giggled."Let's get back.It's late."

"Right."He placed his arm around her and they walked home.All through his mind came thoughts about life.Theirs.How happy he would be if he could have her.And now he could.It was now all up to his parents. * * *

The blue wolf was known to hunt the woods with the white falcon.They had claimed several lives.Kassia was scared but she had to trust Taurus.After all,it was his baby too and he wouldn't let any harm come to it.

"Come on."Taurus whispered."We have to get away from here.The wolf is close by."

"What if he catches us?"asked Kassia.

"He wont.Come on."Taurus grabbed her hand and his daughter and ran.The wolf would hunt them forever because of their mistake.And now they knew that both they and their daughter would pay.

The dense jungle screamed death but the wolf called out fear.That fear made them run on,only stopping when they were well ahead.Finally they could go no further as they reached the stream.

"We must do something to protect her,"cried Kassia franticly."He wont stop until he gets it!"

"I know.We can't let him get the emblem."He paused."And he wont get our daughter."

"What do we do?"

He sat and thought for a moment.Suddenly his face brightened."Let's put the power into the zeo crystal!The owner shall be a brave young man and will have the mind link with the silver ranger!"

"What part of the crystal?We don't even know if they have been given powers!" * * *

"Then we shall give it it's powers."He smiled."Part four will be the green zeo ranger,leader of Taurus."

"How can we ensure that he gets the emblem?"

"There is no way.We can only hope that Zordon of Eltar shall find it when the time comes." * * *

Liz groaned and sat up."Another one of those dreams?"she mumbled.It was a part of that first strange dream."What the heck is that wolf?"Questions flooded her mind about the dream and none of them got answered.Out of frustration she punched her pillow.

She had to find out what those dreams ment.She opened up her closet and took out a white long sleaved top and black jeans.Both had once belonged to Adam.Checking the clock she saw that it was almost ten and so she ran upstairs to Adam's room,careful not to make too much noise.She ran into his room and bounced on his bed to wake him up."Get up!"

He pulled the covers over his head."Go away Liz.It's too early."

"It's almost ten.Get up!"

"We were up late last night."he graoned.

"Only until midnight.C'mon!Get up you sleepy head.I had another one of those dreams last night."

"Fine.Tell me later."

"Nope.I think I know how to find out what those dreams mean though."

"Good for you."He dove back under the covers."Now go away.I want to sleep."

"I have to see Zordon."

"Then go see him."

"I need your help.I don't know how to contact him."

"Neither do I."

"Well have you ever heard of the Lunar Emblem?"That got his attention and he sat up and looked at her."The Lunar Emblem?"

"Yeah.It was in my dream.It should be given to the green zeo ranger."

Adam stared at her in shock.He had remembered something.When he had first gotten the zeo powers Zordon had taken him aside and gave him the Lunar Emblem saying that it was the source of his powers.It would hurt him in many ways but if he found the reason why he had it it would give him life.And here was his life."What about the Lunar Emblem?"

"Well in my dream this guy put it's powers into the fourth part of the crystal and said that whoever had the Lunar Emblem would have a mind link to...."She stopped.

Adam got up knowing what she was going to say."Let me find it.It's somewhere in my dresser."

"You have it?"

"Yeah."He looked at her."Zordon gave it to me saying that it could give me life or gain a thousand tears."

"Wow."She helped him search until suddenly his face brightened."I found it."

"Let's see it."He held up a gold necklace with a round silver pendent on it.Planted on the silver was an engraving of a white moon,silver cat,and emerald stars.The cat had diamond eyes."It's amazing."

"Yeah.I never knew why I had it until now."He smiled and handed it to her."Now it's yours."

"Mine?I don't understand."

"I don't have an engagement ring so this will have to do I guess."

"But it's yours."

"No.It looks good on you.Keep it."He placed it around her neck.

"Adam this is so sweet.I love you."

"I love you too."He kissed her.The kiss quickly deepened.Adam's arms wrapped around her.After a moment he picked her up and placed her on the bed.Something had sparked between them.

"Ahem!"Neither of them heard the voice of Adam's mom.They continued making out."AHEM!"This time she was much louder and they both heard it.They sat up quickly,embarrassed.Both were red.Mrs.Park just stood there."Getting a little friendly I see."

"Mom I'm really sorry."

"I understand more than you think Adam."

"You do?"

"Your father and I were the same way.I just want you to be careful."

"We are."

Mrs.Park smiled and almost left but soon stopped.There was something she had to ask."Adam?"

"Hmm?"He sounded a little annoyed because he and Liz were going to pick up where they had left off.

"I want to know something."


"There's something different about your relationship.It doesn't seem normal.It's like you two have a sort of bond."

Liz looked at Adam helplessly.The only way to explain it was to tell about the rangers."Mom we really can't tell you."

"And why not?Adam we've always been so close."

"This is different Mrs Park,"put in Liz."It's something we just can't do."


Adam looked over at her his eyes pleading that he had to tell her.She sighed and nodded.They could trust her to keep the secret.That wasn't the problem.It was more of her powers.She had gone through so much from her past and she didn't want anymore trouble.

"Mom you have to promise not to tell."

"You know I wont."

"Well first of all..."He paused and swallowed hard."Mom the two of us are getting married."He braced himself for an outburst.

"Married!You are way too young!Both of you!"

"Mrs.Park there is a good reason..."

"There had better be!"

She sighed."It all started two years ago...." * * *

"WHAT!!!"Liz quickly hid behind Adam out of fright.Mr.Park was not the easiest person to talk to.Especially about their marrage plans.Mrs.Park had finally convinced them to tell him but now the two felt sorry for giving in.

"You can't get married!"

"Why not?"stuttered Adam.He felt scared not really for himself but because he and Liz might not be together.

"Because you are way too young!You just turned 18!!"


"Nothing more to say!I refuse to let you get married!That is final!!!!"

"I'm an adult now!I can do what I want!"

"Not under my roof you can't!"Mr.Park stomped off.Adam's mom followed him,leaving Liz and Adam alone.Both had long expressions."That went well,"muttered Liz.

"He can't forbid me.I'm and adult now."

"He's your dad.He still can tell you what to do."

"I love you though."He kissed her."We'll find some way to get through this."

"What if your dad keeps us apart?"

"Love will find a way."He kissed her again,this time on the lips."Love always finds a way.You'll see.It's worked out before and it will now."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I know.You're my love.My only love."

"Adam I can't stay here.Something else might happen and I just don't want to be in it.It might be better if I just leave for now."

"Where will you go?"

"I don't know.But I do know that I can't stay here.I promise I'll tell you where I am once I get there."

"Please don't...."

She took his hands and kissed him."Understand me Adam.It's the only way you'll ever know why."She smiled and walked out the front door,leaving a sad,puzzeled,and curious Adam. * * *

Adam knew that she had to be around the stream.She always went there when she was afraid or wanted to think.And he was sure that since she had no where else to go that she would be there.He walked into the clearing and saw that it was silent and empty except for the talking of the brook."Elizebeth?"he whispered.

"Up here."He looked up and saw her up on a willow tree branch,swinging her feet above the stream.Quickly he climbed up next to her."What are you doing up here?"

"I don't know.I just feel safer up here.Why are you here?'

"I need to talk to you and I knew that you would be here."He sighed."We really have to talk."

"About what?We can't get married.What more than that?"

"Plenty.Maybe we can.There just might be a way for us to pull this off."

"Oh?And how might that be?"She looked at him with curious eyes.She had never known him to go against his parents.

He caught her look."I know I'm going against them but you mean a lot to me.Listen I'm old enough to do this and I will.Liz we have to marry without their consent."


"Well yeah in a way.I'm old enough to do it without them knowing so it isn't really eloping."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah.Do you want to?"

Liz sat there for a moment.There were so many things to take care of before a wedding,even a small one."I don't know if we can Adam.There is a lot of stuff to think about.Where,a place to live..."

"I got my apartment.I was going to move out of the house in another week anyway so that's taken care of."

Liz looked at him astonished."You never told me that."

"Oops.I meant too last night.Sorry."

"Okay.But what about everything else?"

Adam looked around for a moment.He knew what to do but just where could they?He smiled."Alright I have the answer to that.Follow me."He jumped out of the tree and Liz followed.He followed the stream for a little bit until they came to an almost secluded grove with a small lake in it.The lake had a small,but beautiful,waterfall running from another stream."I found this a while ago,just after you left.Ever since then I've dreamed of only one thing and I think it's gonna happen now."


"What's the most important thing about a wedding?"

"The vows of course."

"Well..."He lead her over to the waterfall."Lets take our vows here.Right now."

"Adam!We can't do that!"

"Why not?It wont be legal but until we can have a true wedding it will work."

"Will we have a true wedding?"

"Yes.I promise.But for now want to just do this.Are you with me?"

Liz paused.She really loved him.But this didn't seem right.His brown eyes were begging her but she had to decide on her own.I love him.I love him a lot...."Alright Adam.But only if you promise that we will have a real wedding someday."

"I do.Now..."He dragged her to a little cave under the waterfall."Lets go for it."She smiled and let him begin.

"Okay.Elizebeth,I promise you that I will love you forever and that nothing will ever came between myself and you and that nobody will ever replace you in my life."

She smiled."I accept.Now Adam I promise that you will always be mine and that I will never leave you in my life and I love you with all my soul."

Adam didn't say anything but only kissed her on the lips.She let him and knew that it was over.As they parted she saw him grinned widely."I guess that's it,"she whispered as if afraid to ruin the moment.

"Yeah."He looked out beyond the waterfall."Now there's one last thing I want to do before we can actually move in together."

"What's that?"

"Dunk the bride!"Without giving her any warning he pushed her into the lake.She screamed as she fell in and glared at him angerly as she came up.He was laughing his head off.She grabbed his shorts and pulled him in with her.This time she laughed as he spit out water.He splashed her."Alright already Liz.You win."

"Thank you."She swam up to him."I'm kind of glad we did this.I really love you."

Under the water he placed his hands around her waist."I love you too.I love you so much that I don't want to let you go.I never will anyway."He kissed her on the cheek."I want you to be mine forever."

She smiled."I promise I will be with you forever."They kissed again,this time with more force.Both knew that they would have to face a lot of troubles with this new life but both were willing to chance it.

As they ran off into the woods a shot was sounded.Adam watched in horror as she hit the ground and then a flash of pain hit him in the back like knives.He sat up on his last breath and saw a young warrior in the distance,with a crossbow in his hand.Just before he blacked out Adam heard the warrior say,"It's not time for them to know.The silver ranger is dead along with any memory of her."

Adam looked over at Liz.She was fading away right before his eyes. Adam took the Lunar Emblem from around her neck and grasped it tightly."I love you,"he whispered, hoping she could hear him.

"Goodbye Silver Ranger . . . May the Power protect your friends."

THE END (for good)