Ranger Wars.
by Tigran

A New Agenda.

StarScream saw Optimus Primal coming towards him. “Optimus I am sure we can work something out!” He said knowing it was worthless. Seeing BlackArachnia appear on the top of the Predacons ship Doomsday he thought that he was saved.

“BlackArachnia shoot him and we can still be victorious!” He yelled again see that it threw the big gorilla off for a second. _Optimus as a gorilla. Who woulda thought?_ He thought to himself as he looked back at the Predacon he had teamed up with.

“With all your dreams and technicolor?” the female robot spat as she shot her rocket.

Scooting back to try and escape Optimus he noticed the body he was inhabiting was spasming and going into stasis lock, looking back he gasped with surprise. “Energon! BlackArachnia you betrayed me!”

Smiling cruely the robot shrugged, “What can I say I learned from the master.”

Looking back to Optimus his eyes where pleading for help, “Optimus.” he said in a very small voice unable to be heard.

Optimus smiled and remembering an Earth video he saw in history class he projected a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, “Asta lavista Starscream.” With that Optimus Primal left and the explosion accrued instantly after.

* * *

Back at the Maximal ship called the Axalon the Maximals where repairing for Starscream and the Predicons had done a lot of damage. Setting down roughly a ton of sheet metal for RatTrap to wield into place he looked up through the whole in the ceiling to Cheetor. “Cheetor are you planning on helping?”

Cheetor’s back stiffened for just a second before relaxing again, he still wasn’t used to all of his feline senses. “Yeah I will be down in a second Big Bot, I was just checking for new constellations!” Looking up in the night sky he smiled then laughed. “Twinkle Twinkle little StarScream.”

As his spark floated through space StarScream had ample opportunity to consider his revenge on the Maximals and Predacons. He wasn’t sure what demension or time they where from but they humiliated him. _No one humiliates StarScream!_ was what he thought for what seemed like enternaty.

Finally after what could have been days or millions of years, StarScream found him floating towards a familiar planet. _EARTH! It can’t be!_ StarScream knew as soon as he entered the atmosphere he would be able to move and find a Bio-mechanicle being and posses them just as he did that idiot Waspinator.

After searching for days, he knew this because of clocks and the sun, he felt a compatible body close by. _Interesting_ he thought to himself, _Why would it be under water._ None the less StarScream had his spark dive until he saw his objective a very strange submarine.

* * *

Porto had been working on the subs computers for three hours already. “Grr Elgar, I will get you for downloading that stupid game!” Porto grumbled to the little monster that was sitting like a punished kid.

“But Porto!” Elagar whined “How was I supposed to know that it had a virus in it.”

“By the title, Virus r us!” The marshmallow shaped creature yelled in fury. Just as he banged his hand on a keyboard he heard a strange voice.

You won’t need to worry about the virus anymore creampuff. I will fix it once I am in your body.

Porto was thrown back by the electrical shock that hit his body, it was also the last moment Porto could remember being in control.

“Porto, are you ok?” Elgar asked afraid of getting in trouble for this.

Standing up and wiping himself Porto looked at Elgar, “I am fine, but I want you out of here NOW!”

Not knowing what to do Elgar transported to earth thinking he would play a video game or two, then it hit him. _Why did his voice sound diffrent?_

The Losing of Their Home

DivaTox walk into Porto’s lab to see what the little bloated jellyfish was so excited about. As she saw the monstrosity in his lab she lost it. “What in the blazes is this thing!” she cried out pointing to a giant robot that looked like it was made out of an old military jet.

“Ahhh, yes this is my masterpiece. I call him StarScream!” Porto answered as he walked up to the humoungous robot. “He should easily be able to destroy those pesky Power Rangers.”

*Don’t make me do this, I beg of you!* the small thought of Porto’s pleaded.

(Shut up! I will give you command of your body back after I get what I want.) StarScream mentally hissed.

“So what does this piece of junk have that all other monsters don’t” DivaTox spat obviously mad about being disturbed.

“This Transformer of mine can transform into a earth jet capable of speeds faster than sound, it can even out run the Turbo Zords when they begin the morphing sequence.”
That obviously caught DivaTox’s attention, “You have to be crazy, those things are huge!”

“I am not crazy at all my queen, I have been studying these earth jets and with the engine I put in that one it can easily outrun them. But.....”

“But what!? I don’t like buts Porto!” DivaTox bellowed like she usually did when she was angry.

Porto growled unusually, “But, I haven’t got the energy needed to make the fuel to power him, however there is an interdemensional island called Dinobot Island that has enough energy.”

“Great another interdemenisonal island that’s all I need. Well prepare the ship I guess we are going after Lerigot again.” she muttered as she turned to go.

Porto shook his fat head, “I can emulate the energy signature of his key and get us there with absolutely no problems.”

Hearing this DivaTox got furious, “Then why did we worry so much the first time I had the key and had to have that idiot wizard?”

Porto was waddling around his lab getting things straitened up when he calmly replied, “Because for one I wasn’t with you, second the key had to be activated first for the computers to register the signature enabling me to emulate it.”

DivaTox said nothing as she walked out of the lab. As StarScream watched with Porto’s eyes he laughed evilly and began to work on emulating the signature.

Finally after hours of work the portal opend up and and Porto smiled. Lunging through the dimensional gateway he landed perfectly on a prehistoric island.

“Now,” he bagan punching buttons on his portable computer, “all I have to do is siphen off this enrgy into my new body and I will be ready for my revenge.”

Porto watched as a cloud of energy surounded StarScream’s new body, it was scary and yet beutiful at the same time. He woulda have normally been fastenated but he kept hearing StarScream’s thoughts (Now I will get my revenge!)

* * * *

Angel Grove Park, home of several monster attacks but also the Teen hangout besides the Juice Bar, was fairly empty today for there where only eight teens and one twelve year old boy. Most of the teens where playing Frisbee and Volleyball while the twelve year old was helping another with his homework.

“OK Camron, you divide and multiply first, then you do the addition and subtraction unless of course they are parentheses, then you do that part first.” Justin was explaining to the teenager.

“Agg!” Cam yelled in frustration, “I don’t see how you understand all this.”

Laughing Justin replied, “Try hanging out at a shelter with all the TVs and computers being used and you learn to study a lot.” Sighing he relized they wouldn’t get any farther today, “Well while your feeling good why don’t you go play some Volleyball with Carlos, Sjorji, Alshy, and T.J. I am going to the shelter to see if I can stay the night at T.J.’s tonight.”

“OK, Justin. Are you sure you don’t need anyone to go with you?” Cam asked concerned for one of new friends.

“Na, Sjorji would kill me for keeping you away longer.” He laughed.

“OK, well at least tell T.J. we don’t need to get him worried about you.”

“Affirmative.” Justin replied.

“OH NO.” Cam gave a mock groan, “I have to put up with another Billy.”


Camron was about to explain when he heard T.J. yell, “Watch out!” He and Justin both turned around in time to see a big black hole in the air coming towards them. That was the last thing either one of them saw for what seemed like eternity.

“Oof!” came nine cries of pain in unison. All the teenagers and the kid fell out of the sky and landed on an unfamiliar place.

“Where are we?” Sjorji asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” T.J. replied somly.

“A more important question,” Ronnie started, “ is how do we get home?”

A Enemy in deed means Friends in need.
Justin was taping his watch and getting frustrated, “It won’t work!”

Cathy who had stayed silent for a while spoke up, “So it wont work, big deal its just a watch.”

“It’s not JUST A WATCH!” T.J. snapped uncharisticly.

“Then what is it?” Camron asked totaly confused.

“None of your bisnuss you little fart.” Ashly spat.

Ronnie, Sjorji, Cathy, nor even Cam could keep from laughing. After all he was the tallest in the current group by three inches. “Little fart.” Ronnie lughed, “I think he is a bigger fart than you.”

“That’s right no one here is a bigger fart than m.... HEY!” Cam started causing the other three to laugh even harder. Even Justin cracked a slight smile.

“Shut up geekboy!” Carlos yelled. “I don’t want to listen to your anoying....” He was cut off by a long and loud roar.

“What was that?” Cassie asked sound more anoyed then scared.

“Duh, it was a Trynasourus Rex. Why do all the pink rangers have to be air heads?” Justin said in a rather nasty voice. Cassie and him began to argue as did everyone else.

Camron looked around totaly confused, “Um Cathy, Ron, Sjorji? Did he say pink ranger?”

“I think so,” Sjorji started but was interupted.

“Thats not whats worring me. It’s that he said it was a Trynasourus Rex.” Cathy stated.

The others where still arguing when a clap of thunder rose from the east {a guess from wich direction}, and then another and the claps got louder and closer. “Lets go guys!” Sjorji ordered.

“Hey why should we follow her orders?” Justin snarled.

“Because,” Ronnie began has he advanced towrds Justin. “she is sane while the rest of you arn’t! Did you just realize that you told the four of us that you are Rangers, and the fact the there is a T- Rex headed our way!”

Justin thought for a moment and seemed more like his old self, “Oh, yeah.” he replied.

* * * *

“Optimus. Do you read me?” a white tiger spoke into his front leg sholder.

“Yeah, I am here Tigatron,” a voice came through, but it was very staticly, “barly.”

The tiger spoke again, “I am reading a strange interdiminsional frequency, two actually. I am going to check out the one farther away.”

“Negative,” another voice came in, “Megatron is headed to the one closest to your position.” the owner of the voice seemed a little more distant. “Optimus, we can send Cheetor out to scout the second one but if for some reason Megs can use this....”

“Agreed Rinox, Tigatron head to the location closest to you.”

The tiger nodded although he knew he wasn’t seen. “Yes Optimus. Tigatron out.”

The Rangers had been running for quite sometime until the loud claps of thunder where far behind them. Finnaly Sjorji decided that they should rest, Ronnie nor Cathy had any objections, but the newly found out Rangers where arguing and complaining as what appeard to be usual where ever they where. Camron however said nothing and popped a couple peices of candy in his mouth and sat down alone out of the way. Sjorji came over to him with a worried look on her face, “Camron, you know you’ll have to tell them about your diabetes sometime. I don’t think you have enough needles to last long.”

Camron leened over and kissed her lightly then sighed, “You’r right. I only have four syringes. But the running has caused me to be low right now, and of course you, Ron, Cathy, and Justin know.”

Sjorji looked at him with a strange curious look, “Justin knows?”

Camron nodded his head then continued to explain, “When Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam where around as well they all knew. But now the new group doesn’t.”

Sjorji simply nodded sitting next to Camron when they heard Cathy scream, jumping up Camron ran over to see what it was. “Wow, a white tiger!” Sjorji gasped in surpirse.

Camron knew what she was thinking it was a beautiful creater, they where known to be dangerous but this one looked like a pussycat. Suddenly the tiger surprised them all, it spoke. “Who, what are you?”

T.J. snorted, “We can ask you the same question.”

Camron came up and pushed him aside, “Geeze T.J. go take a leak or something.” T.J. growled in anger but Cam could hear Ronnie stiffling laughter. Turning back to the tiger he stated, “I am Camron, and we are homo saipians.”

Tigatron jumped, _It’s impossible,_ he thought to himself. _HUMANS!_ “Tigatron MAXIMIZE!”

The stunned group watched as the tiger transformed into a strong yet gental looking robot,”We must get out of here. Follow me to the Axalon.”

“Where is this place you call the Axalon?” Sjorji asked after an hours worth of walking.

“Its not much farther.” Tigatron shouted to be heard above the constant arguing. Suddenly his began shimmering and spasm. He growld in more annoyance than pain, “Tigatron BEASTMODE!”

After he was a tiger again Ronnie walked up to him, “Are you ok?”

“Yes I am it was simply and energon overload.” he answerd gently.

“Energon? That sounds familar.” Cam muttered to himself.

“Yeah it does, but I can’t put my finger on it.” Ronnie agreed.

Camron started to turn and ask the rangers but as usual they where arguing about the most ridiculous things imaginable, they where even arguing about why they couldn’t use the zords until the monster had grown. Suddenly they all begin to throw up and collapse. “Guys!” Camron yelled in surprise, “Oh no.” he muttered.

“What is wrong with them?” Tigatron asked concerned.

Camron didn’t answer but pulled out a little machine and a couple of tiny needles. Going around to each of the rangers he poked their finger and put the blood on the machine. “This is not good. T.J.’s blood glucose level is 501, Cassie’s 347, Ashley’s is 489, Charlos is the worst off at 599, and Justins is the lowest at 299.”

“Thats not good, but why are they so bad off when you can walk up with 600 pluss blood sugars?” Ronnie asked both worried and confused.

Camron was lost in thought for a second, then responed. “I have more experiance with this, plus my body has a tendency to fight back without killing me. But this is the first time they ever had sugars like this.”

“Then why don’t you four have the same problem?” Tigatron asked.

Cam looked surprised, “Thats right, why don’t the three of you have the same problem?”

“Umm......” Ronnie started then got a little annoyed, “Your the diabetic expert.”

By that time he took out his syringes, “I don’t got a choice, I got to give four of them a shot. Ronnie, can you carry Justin?”

“Why should I? He is a ranger he can take care of himself.” He replied obviously angry.

Cathy shot him a look that said shut up or else, “Ron, we all know you have always wanted to be a Ranger. And is obviously can not take care of him self! Now go pick him up.”

“Yes mother.” Ronnie cameback with a grin.

“Wait. Stay perfectly still.” Tigatron whispered.

“Huh whats going on why....” Ronnie began until he was cut off by a lion jumping out of the bushes.

To Be Continued