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Okay, this fanfiction takes place during Season 2, after Zack, Trini, and Jason have left for the Peace Conference, and before Kat takes over for Kimberly. Lord Zedd and Rita are together, and the Rangers are using the Ninja Powers (Although the way this fic is heading, I don't know how much of the Zords we will see) Enjoy!

Night Three
by: Cricker

It took Kimberly a few seconds to realize what had woken her up. Then it was like a bolt of lightning, propelling her from the warm safety of her bed in a desperate search for her communicator.

"Aisha!" she shook the sleeping girl, noticing that she too was not wearing her communicator. "Come on, wake up!"

"This better be good," Aisha grumbled, her eyes still closed.

"Where is your communicator?" Kimberly was tearing her room apart, throwing clothes and books around in a frenzy.

"It's right..." Aisha sat up quickly when she didn't find the silver band around her wrist. "I don't know. I don't remember taking it off!"

The familiar beeping came to their ears, and they both dove towards Kim's bed. There wasn't quite enough room for Kimberly to fit under it, so she searched with outstretched fingers, pulling out movie cases and a popcorn bowl before her fingers fell upon the cool metal.

"Kimberly here!"

"Thank goodness we reached you!" Kimberly could just picture the robot scurrying around. "The senses have picked up putties just outside of Angel Grove!"

"We're on our way!"

"Please hurry Rangers!" Kimberly was shocked at the amount of fear in Zordon's voice, and she threw a quick glance at Aisha. The expression on her face told Kim that the yellow ranger had picked up on it too. "I could not reach Tommy or Adam."

"Rocky and Billy?"

"They are already there, and severely outnumbered."

"I can't find my communicator!" Aisha dug into her overnight bag, coming up empty handed.

"No time, we'll find it later!" Kim got ready to teleport them both to their friends "Stand close!"

Rocky felt his feet fly from under him, and braced himself for the fall. He had lost track of Billy what seemed like hours ago, but he had problems of his own. He hit the ground hard, amazed when he did not hear anything crack. His relief was short lived as the putties came at him from every direction, kicking and punching the fallen Ranger. He tried to fight back, but there were so many of them. He closed his eyes to fight against the pain, praying that the others would get there soon.

"Rocky!" his eyes snapped open, and he saw Kimberly and Aisha standing above him. The putties backed off for a moment, trying to decide what to do. Aisha extended a hand to Rocky, helping him to his feet.

"Let's get em!" Rocky fought with renewed strength, and with the extra power the girls brought, soon the putties laid around them on the ground. Then just as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone.

"That was close!" Rocky suddenly remembered Billy. His eyes searched quickly, and his heart jumped into his throat.

"Billy!" he was only about 50 yards away, but it seemed to take an eternity to reach him. Lying on his back, Billy wasn't moving, and Kimberly fell to her knees beside him. A streak of white announced the arrival of the white ranger, who quickly joined them around their fallen comrade.

"Billy?" Tommy watched as Billy slowly opened his eyes, and groaned. Kim helped him into a sitting position, and noticed he was favoring his right arm.

"I can't move it," he winced as pain shot through his upper arm.

"We better get him to the hospital!" It took a couple of efforts to get Billy to his feet, and with a quick glance around, they all teleported.

It took almost two hours of waiting in the emergency room before Billy was admitted. All efforts to reach Adam had failed, and Kimberly could not shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. She hated when she right about those things.

"Clear the way please!" a gurney came crashing through the double doors from the ambulance entrance, and people scattered to get out of its way. The color drained from Rocky's face as they realized who it was.

"Adam!" Tommy had to hold Aisha back as they passed, tears streaming down her face. Adam was on his stomach, and Kimberly felt her whole body go numb as she saw the reason for it. Three long scratches were clearly visible, surrounded by black and blue. Then the gurney was gone, and the silence was so intense as no one even seemed to breath. Tommy held Aisha who was sobbing into his chest, and he motioned for the others to follow him.

"I'm sorry Kimberly," Rocky shook as he said the words.

"What for?"

"Not believing you," they stood in the late morning air, away from prying ears.

"Come on guys," Tommy fell into his role of leader. "we don't know what is wrong yet."

"I do!" Rocky spat the words, and Kimberly was shocked to hear the venom.

"What?" Tommy's eyes narrowed.

"Where were you this morning!" Rocky fumed.

"I was at home!" Tommy shot back.

"At home!" Kimberly quickly stepped between them as they came almost face to face. "what were you doing there while the rest of us were fighting?"

"I was..." Tommy's shoulders dropped, and his voice trembled. "I was sleeping."

"Oh, I see!" Rocky scoffed. "So while Billy was having his arm broken, you were sleeping!"

"I didn't even hear my communicator!" Tommy stammered. "I haven't slept at all these past few days and..."

"That seems like a legitimate reason to me!" It took both Aisha and Kimberly to keep them apart.

"Stop it!" Kimberly cried. "Don't you see? This is exactly what it wants us to do!"

"Who!" Rocky never unlocked his eyes from Tommy's

"I don't know!" she sobbed. The sight of one of their best friends so hurt made them both stand down. They stood in awkward silence, until the sound of approaching footsteps made them all turn. Billy had emerged from the hospital, his arm hanging in a sling.

"I have a split muscle," he informed them, and then noticed the tension. "did I miss something?"

"I'm going back inside." Rocky pushed past them all and disappeared back into the hospital.

"Come on Billy," Aisha guided him away by his good arm. "I'll walk you home."

Kimberly watched them until they turned a corner, and then turned back to Tommy. She noticed for the first time that his eyes had rings around them, and they were bloodshot.

"Are you okay?"

"I let you all down," he sat heavily on a nearby bench.

"Tommy, you..."

"Don't Kimberly," he put his head in his hands. "I should have been there. Because of me, Billy is hurt. I can't be trusted."

"That isn't true!" she put an arm around his shoulders. "It was one time, everyone makes mistakes."

"I can't afford to make mistakes in this business." he stood and threw the last part over his shoulder. "Next time Billy might get killed. Or you."

Kim could only watch as he teleported away, leaving her all alone. She got up and started walking, needing to just get away from everything. The team was falling apart, and deep down she knew that whoever was attacking them had planned this from the beginning.

Rocky sat next to the hospital bed, and just watched his friend breathe. Adam's parents had shown up shortly after Rocky had returned to the hospital, and they had all waited for the news. It wasn't good.

"I'm afraid that Adam is in a deep coma, but we cannot find any physical cause," the doctor explained. "He is in ICU, where we will continue to monitor him, but that's all we can do for now. We have to hope that he comes out of it on his own"

They had all gone in to see him at that point. He was so pale and fragile looking laying there, and Rocky was almost afraid to move around him. It was late now, almost midnight, but he had not left Adams side once. Adam's parents had tried to send him home, but he wouldn't budge, so they left him to get something to eat in the cafeteria.

The fight kept replaying over and over in his mind. He wasn't sure why he had snapped, but he couldn't forget the rage he had felt. Billy could have been killed, he could have been killed, and it bothered him a lot to know that Tommy had been sleeping.

He pulled his chair closer to the bed, and laid his head on the mattress. He was so tired all of a sudden, and he found he couldn't keep his eyes opened.

"Rocky," the voice made him jump up out of the chair. Darkness surrounded him, and he could hear a distant ticking. Stepping back, he tripped over the chair and fell back. He closed his eyes as the room was flooded in a blinding light, and it took him a moment to adjust. When he could see again, his eyes flew to the door. Standing in the darkened doorway was Aisha, her hand on the light switch.

"Did I scare you?" a smile played on her lips as she slowly walked into the room, her steps echoing on the tile.

"A little," his heart was still pounding as he righted the chair and sat. He checked to make sure Adam was okay before returning his attention to her. "how did you get in this late?"

"His parent's gave me permission," she walked to stand behind him, her hands on the back of the chair. "How is he?"

"The doctors don't know what is wrong," he jumped slightly as he felt her hands on his shoulders.

"Relax," she whispered. "You're so tense,"

She started massaging his shoulders, and he let them go loose. They were so sore from the fight that afternoon, and the massage felt so good.

"Feeling better?" he nodded, closing his eyes. The ticking came back to his ears, but before he could mention it he felt Aisha's hands running over his chest. He grabbed her wrists, closing around her communicator as he jumped from the seat.

"What are you doing!"

"What do you mean?" with her hands still being held, she threw back her head and laughed, showing a full set of sharp fang like teeth. When she brought her head back level, her eyes were glowing yellow. "Don't you like it!"

She broke her hand free of his grasp, and swiped it across his face. He turned just in time to feel her claws rip into the flesh on his cheek. He fell to the ground, holding one hand against his wound, and the light started fading.

"Fool!" he felt a hand go around his neck and lift him high off the ground, his feet kicking to no avail. "you poor trusting fool!"

"What did you do to Adam!" Rocky tried desperately to pry the hand free, but the grip was too strong.

"The same thing I am going to do to you!" the creature threw him then, and he connected hard with the wall. Rocky took no time in making a break for where the door used to be, but stopped when he saw it.

"It's too late!" he heard the cackling voice and knew it was right. The portal was swirling into itself, and he just barely caught a glimpse of the slumbering figure it beheld before it blinked out of existence.

When Adam's parents returned to his room that night, they found Rocky slumped in the chair, his head still laying on the mattress. Then Mrs. Parks scream echoed up and down the ward, as blood trickled from his wound onto the clean white sheet.

This chapter was a very exhausting one to write. I kept starting with ideas and throwing them out. I finally came up with this, and I hope that the slight violence and blood doesn't turn anyone away. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated. Send them my way at Until next time, Smile!