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Bullet Kaliana Blademaster & Steve Folger Bullet

Reality Bites
Andros dreams he goes in Karone's place on the Dark Fortress.


Bullet Cricker Bullet

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"
Night adventures..

Night One
The Rangers must discover who is invading their dreams.

Night Two
Someone is hunting the Rangers in their dreams.

Night Three
Tension builds as the Rangers try to cope.

Night Four
A trusted friend reveals what she knows.

Night Five
Adam, Rocky, and Aisha come face to face with the enemy.

Night Five: Part Two
Billy's mind is near breaking.

Night Six
The nightmare is real as one is lost.

A New Day
Ending: Nothing will ever be the same.

"What You Thought You Knew"

What You Thought You Knew
Billy receives a phone call.

What You Thought You Knew 2
Kimberly skates around the truth of her call.

What You Thought You Knew 3
Will Kimberly do what is best?

"Forgive Me Love"

Forgive Me Love
Kim pays a visit to Tommy's house.

Never Saw Blue Like That
Heartbreak is eased as an old friend is rediscovered.


Kim is having children.

Something About the Way You Look Tonight
Sparks fly at the Rangers 10 year high school reunion.


Bullet Steve Folger Bullet

"The Brown Ranger"

Ranger Cousins : Introduction of the Brown Ranger
Zordon has a Brown Stegosaurus Power Coin,
and they need a teen to hold the Power.

The Brown Candle
Rita has a plan to strip the Brown Ranger of his powers.

Virtual Rangers
Billy and Steve work on a virtual reality device.

Rangers on the Court
Zedd and Rita send a monster that just wants to play basketball...

Return of Kimberly/The Burgundy Ranger
A new Burgundy Ranger is joining the team.

The Eye of the Owl
Steve's Zeo Quest takes him to Norway.

A Darker Shade of Green
The Machine Empire has a plan to make Adam evil.

Zeo Ranger 8 - Introducing the Purple Ranger
A new Purple Ranger has arrived, but is she here to stay?

Billy creates some new Zords for the Rangers.

Super Zeo Rangers
The teens are forced to draw on the power of their Super Zeo Gems.

Visit to Aquitar
Steve goes to Aquitar.

Happy Easter, Rangers
Divatox attacks the Rangers with an Easter rabbit.

Turbo Switcheroo
Justin and Steve get a bit swithced

Torch Passed Back
Steve's replacement has a problem.

Double Team
The Rangers are helped out by Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion.

The Phantom Menace
The Rangers run into a enemy of the Phantom Ranger's.

From The Earth to the Astro Megaship
The Rangers make it into space.

Purple Hazed
The Purple Ranger is back... But is this a good thing?

Steve ends up stranded in space.

Steve's & Jessica's Mega 'V' Ultra Adventure
Alpha has discovered another Zord on one of Jupiter's moons.

Brown Out
Ecliptor has destroyed Steve's morpher.

Old Friends
Elgar and Rito team up to give trouble for the Space Rangers

Two vs. Two
Two Psycho Rangers are after Steve and Jessica.

Weather Or Not
A hurricane is brewing off the coast of California.

Mystic Knight Brown Ranger
Steve finds himself in another time and place.

Eighteen Spankings
Steve has a big birthday coming up.

Ultimate Nightmare
Steve has a very bad nightmare.

Nine Lives
Darkonda has to bring back Psycho Brown.

Power Phase
The Rangers have found Zordon's shattered tube.

The Return of the Brown and Purple Ranger
The Galaxy Rangers get two new allies.

Hart To Hart Reunion
Steve is reunited with his dad and his sister.

A Flash Of The Past
Steve accidentally finds out Magna Defender is Leo's brother Mike.

Power Of The Lights Of Orion
Magna Defender temporarily gets the Lights of Orion.

Kiss of Evil
Steve must kiss Trakeena to save his friends.

Impostra's Revenge
Impostra returns and wants revenge on Steve.

Battle of the Brown Rangers
Deviot uses Steve's past morphers to give
Psycho Brown more power.

Suicide Mission
Steve must go alone to save his sister from
Captain Mutiny's slave camp.


Bullet Marques Jeffries Bullet

Never Is Such A Long Time
Astronema makes Zhane an offer. Will he betray his friends?

Talk Show Rangers
The Space Rangers appear on The Ricki Lake Show.

Christmas In Space
The Rangers are celebrating Christmas on KO-35,
but an old enemy has returns to ruin the Holiday Season.

A Year to Remember
Andros reflects over the events of the past year,
but an evil scientist is about to tamper with time.
Can the Rangers foil his evil scheme?

A new drug has hit the streets of Angel Grove, and
a friend of two of the Rangers has become an addict.

Enter the Warzone
The Rangers enter the WWF Warzone!

The Cook Out
The Power Rangers are having a pool party.

Game of the Century
It's Michael Jordan and the Power Rangers v.s.
the United Alliance of Evil in the Space Jam.

"Power Rangers Beyond"

The Power Is Reborn: Part I
Six new teens are chosen to battle evil, in future.

The Power Is Reborn: Part 2
Timothy comes face to face with his parents' killer.

Shadow of Vengeance
An evil Ranger has been turned loose, to destroy the Power Rangers.

Duel in the Desert
The Rangers encounter the Phantom Ranger, as they investigate
Brood activity on the planet Onyx.

A Night of Romance
Chris is in love.

Prank Day
A mobster hatches a plot to kidnap one of the Rangers, but things
don't exactly go as planned.

Broken Chains
The Rangers travel to the planet Isra, to break the chains of slavery.

The Chameleon
The Rangers battle a shape-shifter and the evil Shadow Ranger.

The Rangers are confronted by their greatest fears.

Ranger Revelations
The Rangers talk about their pasts in their greatest fears,
and then face the Brood's latest monster.

The Power Rangers team up with Batman to stop an unholy
alliance between Mason Hodges and Derek Powers.

Wrath of the Flamablizer
A simple field trip to KO-35 is haledt when the Brood sets
their sights on stealing the Battlizer.

Cameo and Corsiette
The Rangers journey to a planet in the Vika Galaxy to
capture an assassin, and to unite two star-crossed lovers.

Passing the Ruby
The Phantom Ranger decides to settle down on Earth with Cassie,
but an evil Brood general has set his sights on the Phantom's ruby.
Can a new hero save the day?

City of Fire
A god-like being threatens to drain all of Earth's energy.

The Master Puppeteer
The Rangers was foil the scheme of a greedy fight promoter.

Dark Spectre's Return
The Power Rangers, past and present, are placed in danger
as their most powerful foe returns. Could this be the end of
the Power Rangers?

Dark Spectre's Return: Part 2
Chris and Ecliptor embark on a quest to rescue the Rangers from
the clutches of Dark Spectre.

Beating the Odds
The Rangers head to a desert world to stop the Brood from
digging up a new weapon.

Six of A Kind
The Rangers embark on a quest for the legendary Liberty Orbs.

Rumble On Terra Venture
The Rangers of Earth team up with the Rangers of Terra Venture
to battle the combined forces of the Brood and Scorpius.

Nick falls in love with the new girl in town, but
she isn't quite what she seems to be.

The Rangers must confront Ray-Tech's new Defender Borg.

Born To Be Psycho
Dark Spectre sends his team of Psycho Rangers to hunt
down the Power Rangers.

Psycho Waves
The Psychos use hidden subliminal messages to turn the people of
Angel Grove against the Power Rangers.

Party Crashers
Cameo and Corsiette's wedding day doesn't go as expected
thanks to the Psycho Rangers.

Going the Distance
The Power Rangers are determined to rescue their captured
mentors, and to put an end the trouble making Psycho Rangers.

Forever Knight
The Rangers team up with the Knight Rider in an
attempt to stop an illegal gun-running operation.

Sting of the Scorpion
Michelle is in Brooklyn for the holidays, but when
the Black Scorpion hatch a scheme, she's the only person
capable of stopping them.

House of Adonis
The Rangers and Batman team up once again, but this
time they'll be squaring off against a group of super
strong fitness instructors gone bad.

Children of Rage
When three strangers use their telekinetic powers to
wreak havoc in Angel Grove, can the Rangers defeat them?
And why does one of these villains want to destroy Andros
and Karone?

Day of Armageddon
As the Allied Planets celebrate the creation of a new Galactic
Communications Network, the New UAE launches a full scale
attack on the universe. Its the final battle between the Power
Rangers and their enemies....And this time they're going
to need all the help they can get.

"Power Rangers Gaiden"

Journey Through the Gateway
A cry for help takes the Power Rangers to another dimension.

Journey Through to Gateway 2
The Rangers find themselfs in a universe ruled by evil.

In Harm's Way
The Rangers do battle with Hogley and learn more about
the Revolutionaries.

The Rangers and Revolutionaries encounter a new enemy
and a new ally.

Friends or Foes
The Power Rangers become pawns in Darkonda and
Master Vile's scheme.

The Hunt
Lord Shroud sends his latest monster to hunt down the Rangers.

Creatures of the Night
The Rangers and Cobrada must join forces to battle the undead.

The Scrolls of Bangoli
The Power Rangers embark on a journey that will change their
lives forever.

The Beast of Virtue
The Rangers must locate six ancient beasts before their enemies do.

The General's Daughter
Adam must help a young woman see the Light.

The Koma-Tae
Three legendary heroes must team-up in order to survive a dark tournament.

Over the Edge
The Rangers and Revolutionaries are forced to battle two of their own.


Bullet Kali Bullet


Blue Returns
Billy goes home!


Kim wants to find herself.

Where is home, really?

Journey to the Past
Kim has returned home.


Bullet Kim & Mariah Bullet

Our Story
A mugging lands Kim in the hospital and in a coma.


Bullet Kimber Bullet

"A Ranger Romance"

A Friendly Visit
Someone is coming to see Kim.

Surprise Time
Kim is lonely.

Friends Unite
They are together.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
They do some remembering.

"Stand Alones"

A Ranger Surprise
Kim is home.

A Ranger Romance
Are Kimberly and Jason destined are love???


Bullet Kione Bullet

"The Codex of Darkness"

Angel of Shadows
Kim's father has made a terrible deal.

"Stand Alones"

Out of the Blue
Rita plays a song for her beloved.


Bullet Peregrine Bullet

"The Sun Goes Down"

Questing Wolf
Billy and Adam meet a new friend, who discovers something
he shouldn't.

Wolf in Darkness
The stress of being without Powers finally proves too much for Billy.

Spirit Warrior
Billy finally gets what he has been waiting for, but will
it be in time to help the others?

Severed Threads
The return of an old friend to Angel Grove brings the current
team to the brink of destruction.

The Law of Wonder
With the Great Power anything is indeed possible, but is the
price for a miracle going to be too high?

Twilight:- Lengthening Shadows
A strange warning spells great change for the all the Rangers.

Twilight:- Sunstars and Shadows
Billy and the others discover that even in the depths of
space they cannot leave Earth totally behind.

Down to a Sunless Sea
Aquitar should have been the Ninjetti's easiest mission, but
in some ways it may prove the hardest.

Lessons in Harmony
Will the Questing Ninjetti be torn apart before they can
complete their latest mission?

What a Miracle
On a strange planet, Billy and Trini are forced to face the truth.

Nights' Swift Dragons
The first hints of the coming Darkness spells disaster for all the Rangers.

Spirit's Knife
Disaster strikes and revelations follow as the ninjetti run out of time.


Bullet Peregrine and Mele Bullet

Attack Of The Yosties
The title pretty much says it all.


Bullet Purple Ranger Bullet
(aka Lisa)

Calamity Kimberly
What will Kim do when the other Rangers turn against her?


Bullet Sara Bullet

"Together At Last"

Painful Memories
Kim and Tommy are reuniting.

Just Breathe
Tommy hears about Kim's return.

Tommy and Kim dance together.

"Stand Alones"

What A Girl Wants
What does she want?

Viva Forever
Will their love live forever?

A Future Or A Dream?
Could two rangers have a relationship together?

Tommy doesn't want his relationship with Kimberly to end up like dust!

When You Need a Shoulder To Cry On
In pain Kat finds comfort in a close friend. But it's not Tommy...


Bullet Stardust Magick Bullet

It's been five years since Carlos saw the Rangers. . .


Bullet White Tyggor Bullet

"United We Stand!"

Things To Be Missed
Countdown to Destruction told a different way!

The Unity: Part 1
Watch out evil, because the Power Rangers are back!

The Unity: Part 2
Former Rangers join in the fight against the forces of evil!

"Time Lost Rangers"
The Rangers from the past have a reunion only to be attacked
by a new enemy from another dimension

Part 1: The Reunion
Part 2: Rangers to the Rescue?


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