The Brown Ranger
by : Steve Folger

After the episode DAY OF THE DUMPSTER:

As Kimberly and the others report to the Command Center, Zordon tells them that he has found a missing Power Coin. This Power Coin gives the power of the Brown Power Ranger. Etched on the coin is a stegosaurus.

"Rangers! I have this Brown Ranger Power Coin. Rita has stolen it and but I have taken it back. There is but another coin. But Rita still has it. Can any of you find a person to whom that he or she might be a Ranger?"

"I think who might be a good Ranger Zordon", Kimberly says.

"Then you must bring this person here", Zordon informs.

Later at the Youth Center, Kimberly and Jason meet her older cousin Steve there. Steve is a sophomore at Angel Grove High. "Hey Kimberly! Jason! Over here!" Steve tells him to come over to the bar where he is sitting at.

"Hey Steve!" Jason says.

"So Steve are you doing anything later on today?" Kim asks Steve.

"No! I got have plans for today. You guys doing something?" Steve asks back.

"Well! Kimberly and I have something to ask of you", Jason tells him.

"Go ahead Kim. Shoot!" Steve tells her to ask him.

"I can't tell you here. We gotta go somewhere else. Maybe your house. I know that Uncle Steve and Kelly are out of town right? Let's go there", Kim tells him.

At Steve's home, Kimberly says to him, "Well you know Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston and Trini Kwan right?" Steve nods yes.

"Well we can use your expertise in some help since you have a brown belt in martial arts. How would you like to help us out?" Jason tells him.

Steve says, "OK. So what's the big deal with me having a belt in Karate?"

"Hang onto me Steve. This is going to be one heck of a ride", Kim tells him as she grabs onto his arm and the three of them teleport away to the Command Center.

"Where in the world am I? Billy! Zack! Trini! What's going on guys? Where am I?" Steve asks.

"Your at the Command Chamber", Alpha-5 tells him. Steve jumps back when he sees Alpha.

"Whoa! Who is this? Somebody in a robot costume?" he shouts out loud.

"No Steve. This is Alpha-5. He's a real android", Billy tells him.

"So why am I here anyway. What is all this?" he says excitedly. Zack tells him, "Calm down Steve. We need you. Tell him Trini.

"We can use your help Steve", Trini tells him.

"Need my help for what? Huh! Who is that in that tube up there? He looks just like Bulk?" he says as he sees Zordon.

"No Steve. That's not Bulk. This is our mentor Zordon. Zordon this is Steve Hart Jr. Kim's cousin", Jason says.

"Welcome Steve! I have something that should belong to you. Reach up for the floating coin you see before you."

Steve grabs the coin and says, "Cool! What is this on the coin? Looks like a dinosaur. A stegosaurus. Wait a sec! The color of the clothes you all wear. Those strange looking watches you all got on. Are you guys the Power Rangers?" Steve asks ecstatically.

"Yep. You guessed it right man", Zack says.

"So Steve, the question we are asking is, how would to be a part of the part team, as the Brown Power Ranger?" Jason asks him.

"A Brown Power Ranger? I guess so. What do I have to do?" Steve asks.

"Your Dinozord is the stegosaurus, Steve. Never use your powers for personal gain and never tell of your identity as the Brown Ranger and especially never fight unless you are forced to do so by Rita's forces. And may the power protect you!" Zordon tells him.

"Here is a Power Morpher for you where your Power Coin goes", Alpha says as he hands it to Steve.

Steve puts the coin in the morpher. "Thanks Alpha", Steve tells him.

Meanwhile at Rita's palace, Rita sees the Rangers at the park and tells Goldar to send down the Putty Patrollers.

"Goldar! Send down the Putties and attack that new Brown Ranger and the others", she says. "Finster! Make me a monster and send it down with the Putties", she tells him.

"Right away my Queen", Finster says.

"Go Putties go! Attack that new Brown Ranger", Squatt and Baboo tell them.

Back at Angel Grove Park, Steve and others enjoy a good walk at the park. The other people in the park start running when they see the Putties and the monster. "What's going on?" Steve asks.

"Putties!" Trini shouts.

"Steve, lookout!" Jason shouts at him as a Putty comes behind Steve.

"Huh!" Steve says. He takes the putty patroller down with a scissor kick right in its chest. Steve sees Goldar and the monster, " Who in the world is that golden monkey? And that monster with it?"

A Putty Patroller tries to hold down Steve as Goldar and the El Primo monster comes toward him.

"Hello Brown Ranger! I am Goldar and this is El Primo. Be prepared to be destroyed!" Goldar tells Steve.

"I don't think so. It's morphing time!" he says as the others join in.







"Let's get these goons, guys", Steve tells the others.

On the moon in Rita's palace, Rita watches the battle in the park through her telescope.

"Magic wand! Make Goldar and El Primo grow!" she says as she tosses out her wand to Earth as Goldar and El Primo grow ten times higher then normal.

"Hey, they got big all of sudden. What now?" Steve says.

"Steve. Its times to call on our zords", Kimberly tells him.

"Let's do it! We need Dinozord power now!" Jason commands.

As the megazord combines, Steve realizes where on the megazord his zord is suppose to form.

"Hey guys! Is my zord able to combine with the Megazord?" he asks.

"No problem, Steve", Zack tells him.

The arms of the Megazord head back into the Megazordís shoulders of Zackís mastodon and the stegosaurus split into two components and becomes the right and left arms for the Megazord.

"Way cool! This is awesome!" Steve says with excitement.

As Goldar and El Primo double team on the Megazord, Jason calls on the Power Sword, "POWER SWORD!"

With one quick slash of the sword at El Primo, he is gone in a blaze of fire.

"You're next Goldar!" Steve says.

"I don't think so! We will meet again!" the giant Goldar tells him as he disappears in thin air.

"Oh no! I'm getting such a migraine", Rita says after she sees the El Primo monster get destroyed and Goldar's retreat.

Back at the Command Center, Steve and others celebrate. "Wow! That was a wild experience for me guys. Fighting those Putties and Goldar was really weird", Steve tell the others.

"So Steve. Do you think of staying as the Brown Ranger with us? You a make a great addition to the team", Billy asks him.

"Of course. I am staying as long as you guys are. Along with my beautiful cousin Kimberly", he says as Kim gives her big cousin Steve a big bear hug.

"Welcome to the team, Steve", Jason tells him.

The Rangers circle up and put their hands together and jump into the air shouting, "POWER RANGERS!"