Disclaimer: Power Rangers is the property of Saban Entertainment. I am simply writing this story for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others.
Author's Notes: There is no violence whatsoever in this story. It takes place a few weeks after Countdown to Destruction. I’ve seen few other authors use music in their fanfics so I’ve decided to add a few songs to mine. This won’t happen often, but only when its helps add flavor to my story.

The Cook Out
by Marques Jeffries

The sun shone brightly as T.J. Howard set up the grill on the deck of the Hammond family’s townhouse on the beach. Ashley’s parents had given the Rangers permission to use the house for the weekend, and the teens planned to throw a pool party.

"How’s it coming, Teej?" asked Carlos, as he walked onto the deck, carrying a bag of charcoal.

"I’m going to set the grill near the edge, so that the smoke won’t get into the house," T.J. replied, as he sat the grill down.

"Ashley wouldn’t like that at all," Carlos commented, as he leaned on one of the deck’s railings.

"Ashley wouldn’t like what?" asked the Yellow Ranger, as she stood in the doorway of the sliding door to the townhouse.

"Oh, I was just telling Carlos where I was going to sit the grill," explained T.J. "So who did you invite?"

"Andros, Karone, Zhane, Cassie, Justin, Tommy, Adam, Tonya, Kat, and well pretty much all of the former Rangers," replied Ashley with a smile.

"All of them?!" exclaimed Carlos.

"Yeah, Cassie and Tonya helped me track down some of the earlier Rangers," explained Ashley. Just then the front doorbell began to ring. "I’d better go see who it is." Ashley then disappeared back into the townhouse.

"I hope everything turns out the why Ashley wants it to," stated Carlos.

"Me too," replied T.J. T.J. and Carlos were a little uneasy about Ashley’s decision to invite all of the Power Ranger Family. The Space Rangers had heard many tales of the heroic deeds of the earlier Rangers, but they didn’t really know much about them personally.

"I wonder what’s on the menu?" stated Carlos, who didn’t notice an Asian girl sneak up behind him, and drop a piece of ice down the back of his shirt. Carlos jumped, in shock, and then turned around to see his friend and fellow teammate, Cassie Chan standing there giggling.

"Sorry, Carlos, I just couldn’t resist," smirked Cassie. Carlos just replied by giving Cassie a sneaky glare of his own, as if to say, I’ll get the last laugh.

"So, Cassie, did you bring the potato chips?" asked T.J., as he began to heat up the grill.

"Yeah, I brought three bags of Doritos, one bag of Ruffles, a bag of Lay’s, and three bags of Cheeto’s," replied Cassie.

"Hi, everyone!" exclaimed Justin, as he and Tommy Oliver emerged through the sliding door.

"Ashley told me to bring the hamburger meat out here," stated Tommy. Tommy sat four packs of meat on a table, and then shook hands with T.J., Cassie, and Carlos.

"You guys haven’t heard from Jason, have you?" inquired Tommy.

"Um, yeah, when I called him, he said that he and his girlfriend had somewhere else to go first, but that they’d be here," stated Cassie. "Well I’ll let you men chit-chat. I’m going to see how Ashley is coming with the apple pie." Cassie then headed back into the house.

The four males talked about sports and how glad they were that the 49ers had finally found a good Running Back in Garrison Hearst. Moments later, Andros and Zhane walked onto the deck carrying a cooler.

"Now at least we can "beat the heat" with some sodas," Justin remarked, as he opened the cooler and pulled out a Pepsi.

Back in school, we use to dream about this everyday,

Could it really happen, or do dreams just fade away,

Then we started singing, and they said it sounded smooth,

So we started a group, and here we are kicking it just for you!" sang Karone and Cassie, as they each added the ingredients for a German Chocolate Cake. Even back in the days of being Astronema, Karone had loved music, but now that she lived on Earth, she had gained an even greater interest in it, especially when it came to the music of Celine Dion and Boyz II Men.

"Thanks for bringing your CDs, Cassie," stated Karone. "Motownphilly is one of my favorite songs."

"Mine too," replied Cassie.

"Hey, Karone, what’s in this container?" asked Ashley, as she held up a blue container that had been lying on the counter.

"Oh, Zhane and Andros said that its some sort of Kerovan delicacy, but as far as how it tastes, I’ve never tried it before," the Kerovan girl replied.

Ashley opened the container and looked at the contents. The food appeared to be some sort of green gelatin, however it was emitting a smell that was very unpleasant to Ashley. "I’ll ask Andros about this stuff later." Ashley quickly closed the lid and placed the container back onto the counter.

Within the next hour or so, Adam, Tonya, Trey, Rocky, Trini, and Zack arrived.

"I just got off the phone with Kat, and she says she’s on her way," stated Cassie, as she walked back into the kitchen.

"Good, now the only people missing are Billy, Jason and Emily, The Aquitian Rangers, and Kimberly," Ashley stated. Ashley noticed that a worried look crept onto Tonya’s face at the mention of Kimberly’s name. "Tonya, what’s wrong?"

"You invited Kimberly?" asked Tonya.


"And you said that Kat is on her way?"

"Yeah, so what. Is there some bad blood between Katherine and Kimberly?" Ashley asked.

"Well you see Tommy and Kimberly use to date, and had even talked about marriage many times, but all of that changed when Kim went to Florida to train for the Pan-Global Games, three years ago." Tonya began to explain.

"Really! I didn’t know those two had been a couple!" stated Cassie.

"Yeah, well the keywords are "had been." About five months after she had left, Tommy received a letter from Kimberly, stating that she had found a new love. Tommy was devastated and had even considered stepping away from the team for awhile, to get his head straight, but fortunately, Kat was able to talk him out of it. She was right there when Tommy needed a friend, and because of that Tommy found love with her--," stated Tonya, before being cut off by Adam, who had entered the kitchen.

"Until she moved to England to pursuit her ballet career," Adam said.

"So you guys think seeing his two old flames, might upset Tommy. Right?" asked Ashley. Ashley had put a lot of time into planning this cookout. Today was supposed to be a day that the entire Power Ranger Family could sit down and get to know one another, and the thought that a mistake on her part could ruin the day, was very depressing to Ashley.

"Listen, Ashley, I can see, by the expression on your face, that you’re upset by this, but it was a simple mistake," assured Adam.

"Yeah, Ashley, you didn’t know that Kimberly and Tommy dated, or what seeing her and Kat might do to him," added Karone.

"I’m going to go let Tommy know that Kat and Kimberly are on their way," stated Adam.

"Yeah, I think that might be the best way to handle this," stated Trini, who was also surprised by this revelation. She knew that Kimberly had left, and that Tommy began to date Kat, several months later, but now she knew the whole story. The girls watched as Adam turned around and exited the kitchen.

"Hey, Adam! Good luck," yelled Tonya. Just then the doorbell began to ring.

"I’ll get it," said Karone, as she ran out of the kitchen.

"Boy did I mess up this time," groaned Ashley, as she smacked herself on the forehead.

"Hey like Adam and Tonya said, you didn’t know about Tommy’s history with Kim and Kat," reminded Cassie. When Karone returned, the other girls could tell by the expression on her face that the latest arrival was either one of two people, and sure enough Katherine Hilliard entered the kitchen behind Karone.

"Hello, Kat, its good to see you again," greeted Ashley, as she shook hands with the former Pink Ranger.

"Hi, Ashley, its good to see you again, also, and thanks for inviting me. I brought two cartons of vanilla ice cream," stated Kat, as she handed the two cartons to Ashley.

"Thank you. I’m sure that, with all of the people here, it’ll get eaten," replied Ashley.

"Speaking of people, is Tommy here, by any chance?" Kat inquired.

"Hey T.J. you don’t mind if I sample one of those hot-dogs, do you?" asked Zhane.

"Go ahead, man. You can tell me how they taste," stated T.J.

Zhane picked up one of the franks with a fork, and took a bite. "Not bad, not bad at all," Zhane then finished the frank, and was about to get another one, when Karone stopped him.

"Hey, wait for the rest of us, Zhane," Karone stated.

"I’m sorry, but I’m getting really hungry," replied Zhane. "Have you girls almost got the vegetables and desserts ready yet?"

"Almost," Karone replied.

Near the pool Tommy was chatting with Billy, who had just arrived with the Aquitians.

"So what have you been up to?" asked Billy.

"Not much. I’ve been taking a few courses at Angel Grove University, and doing a little car racing on the side," Tommy replied.

"That’s great, Tommy. I’ve been working on a formula, which will help the Aquitians survive out of the water for extended periods of time. When Divatox’s forces attacked Aquitar, during the last war, the Aquitians nearly dried up when they were captured," the original Blue Ranger explained.

"Yeah that whole invasion was really scary," stated Tommy.

"You can say that again," stated Andros, as he walked up to the two former Rangers.

"You must be Andros," stated Tommy, as he extended his hand out. "Its nice to meet you."

"And you must be the legendary Tommy Oliver. Adam and T.J. have told me all about you," the Kerovan replied, as he shook Tommy’s hand.

"Andros, this is my good friend Billy Cranston," stated Tommy.

"Nice to meet you, Billy," Andros said, as he shook hands with Billy.

"You too, Andros," replied Billy.

"Hey, Tommy, could I speak with you privately for a moment?" asked Adam, as he walked up.

"Sure," Tommy raised an eyebrow, and followed Adam around the side of the townhouse.

"I wonder what’s wrong?" inquired Andros. Billy knew that what Adam had to say involved either Katherine or Kimberly. Andros and Zhane, who had just walked up, listened as Billy told the story of Tommy, Kimberly, and Katherine.

"Okay, Adam, what did you want to talk to me about?" asked Tommy.

"Well there’s no easy way to say this but---," said Adam.

"Kat?!" said Tommy. Adam turned around to see Kat standing there behind him.

"Hello, Tommy, its been a long time," said the Australian blonde.

"I’ll let you two talk," said Adam before walking away. As he turned the corner of the house, Adam found Karone, Trini, and Rocky.

"What are you three doing?" asked Adam.

"We want to hear what they’re saying," whispered Rocky.

"Their having a private conversation. A PRIVATE conversation, which means it doesn’t include the three of you," stated Adam.

"Adam’s right, you guys, let’s give Tommy and Kat some privacy," stated Karone. The four teens walked over to where Billy and the two Kerovan males were standing.

"So how are things in England?" Tommy asked, trying to break the ice.

"Oh things are great. I’ll be going to Paris for a performance, in two weeks," Kat replied.

"I’ll bet you’ve met a lot of interesting guys in England," stated Tommy. This was Tommy’s way of finding out if Katherine was involved with someone.

"Yes, but right now I’m focusing on my career. Perhaps in a few more years, I’ll be ready to settle down and get married," Kat explained. Kat knew what Tommy was trying to get at, and figured she’d better clarify what she had just said. "Tommy, we had something special, but a lot has happened in both of our lives. You got your auto racing to keep you busy, and I’m following my dreams in England. I hope that we will always be friends, though."

"Always," Tommy replied, as he and Kat embraced.

"Let’s see, Ashley said that the townhouse was on Maple Lane. Ah, there it is!" exclaimed Kimberly Hart, as she drove her white Ford Mustang. As soon as she pulled into the driveway, Kimberly noticed Tommy’s brown Ford Explorer. Kim parked her car, and turned the motor off. She began to wonder what she would say to Tommy after all these years. Kimberly thought that she had sorted out all of her feelings for Tommy, but now that she was only moments from seeing him face to face, all of her old emotions began to rise up.

Kimberly began to think about the old days. She thought about how she and Tommy had first met. Tommy had come to her aid when Bulk and Skull were hassling her. She thought about their first kiss, after the Green Ranger Power had been destroyed. She thought about how valiantly Tommy had fought to rescue her when Lord Zedd and Rita had captured her. She thought about how supportive Tommy had been of her decision to move to Florida, even though he knew that it would put a strain on their relationship. And finally, she thought about how hard it had been to write him and tell him that she had someone new, but now she was single once more. She couldn’t help wondering if there might a chance of her and Tommy getting back what they once had.

I will be walking one day

Down a street far away

And see a face in the crowd and smile

Knowing how you made me laugh

Hearing sweet echoes of you from the past

I will remember you.

Look in my eyes while you're near

Tell me what's happening here

See that I don't want to say good-bye

Our love is frozen in time

I'll be your champion and you will be mine

I will remember

I will remember you.

Later on

When this fire is an ember

Later on

When the night's not so tender

Given time

Though it's hard to remember

darlin’ I will be holding

I'll still be holding to you

I will remember you.

So many years come and gone

And yet the memory is strong

One word we never could learn


True love is frozen in time

I'll be your champion and you will be mine

I will remember you

So please remember

I will remember you

I will remember you

I will remember you

I will remember you.

"Well I can’t sit here thinking about the past, all day," Kimberly pulled her keys out of the ignition, dropped them in her purse, and stepped out of her car.

In the pool, Cestro and Justin were racing up and down the two ends.

"C’mon, Cestro! Don’t let that kid beat you!" heckled Delphine, as she watched the race.

"C’mon, Justin, just a little bit further and you win!" encouraged Carlos. Carlos’ encouragement gave Justin just the boost he needed to win the race. Afterwards, Justin, Carlos, Cestro, and Delphine had a water gun fight.

"I knew I should have brought my swimming trunks," grumbled Zhane, as he watched the four Rangers splashing around in the pool.

"Zhane, Andros, T.J., there’s someone I’d like to introduce to the three of you," stated Karone, as she stepped onto the deck, followed by Kimberly. "This is Kimberly Hart. She was the original Pink Ranger."

"Its nice to finally meet you," stated Andros, as he shook Kimberly’s hand.

"Yeah, we’ve heard so much about you," added T.J.

"All good, I hope," replied Kimberly.

"Yeah, Billy told us all about you and---," blabbed Zhane, before Andros covered his mouth.

"Its okay. I’m glad that everyone is learning about one another," stated Kimberly.

"I’ll help you find Tommy," stated Andros. Andros and Kimberly headed over to the pool to ask Billy about Tommy’s wereabouts.

"Zhane, you’ve got a big mouth," stated Karone, as she slugged Zhane.

‘But you still love me, don’t you?" asked Zhane.

"Yeah, but you’re still a knucklehead," Karone joked, before heading back into the house. T.J. just laughed at his two Kerovan friends.

In the den of the townhouse, Jason, Emily, Zack, and Rocky were watching an NFL preseason game.

"Come on, Young, you’ve got to do better!" yelled Jason.

"If San Francisco is going to win this game, they’d better get there passing together," commented Emily.

"Yeah, cause whenever the Packers have a lead, its hard to comeback on them," added Zack.

"Hey speaking of football, Zack, do you remember that time Rita spent the Rhino Blaster and a group of Putties down to play football against us?" asked Jason.

"What?!" Rocky said, curiously.

"Man, do I ever. If my memory serves me correctly that was around the time that Billy, Tommy, and the two of us were trying out for the Angel Grove High Football Team," replied Zack.

"We’ll be ready to eat in about twenty minutes," announced Ashley, as she stood in the doorway to the den.

"Okay," replied Zack.

"I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of those juicy hamburgers," commented Rocky.

"Hello, Tommy" Tommy rose from his seat and turned around to see Kimberly standing before him.

"Kim, you look great," commented Tommy, as he hugged his first love.

"I’m so glad to see you," stated Kimberly, as tears began to flow from her eyes. This reunion warmed the hearts of Andros, Billy, Zhane, and Carlos, and the Aquitians, who were all standing nearby. Justin was still puzzled by who this girl was, and why Tommy had gotten so emotional over her, when Kat was nearby.

"We really didn’t get a chance to talk after that whole Divatox/Muranthas situation went down," stated Tommy.

"Tommy, all I need to know is: Do you still have feelings for me or are you and Kat building a future together? Its okay if you’re in love with Kat. I know I hurt you very badly," Kimberly stated, tearfully.

"Kim, Kat and I talked earlier, and we both agreed to just be friends. I don’t know what the future holds for the two of us, but what I do know is that I never stopped loving you," proclaimed Tommy.

"That’s so sweet," stated Cassie, as she, Karone, Tonya, and Ashley watched the tender moment from the deck.

"I really hate to interrupt this tender moment, but could everyone please come inside and wash their hands. Its time to eat," announced Ashley.

"Finally, some grub!" exclaimed Justin, as he sprinted into the house.

"Well he’s excited," commented Zack, as he pulled some CDs out of a bag.

"You gotta know Justin to understand," stated Carlos.

While the others were inside, washing their hands, Ashley, T.J., and Cassie set up the table.

A long table had been set up in the backyard, and their was a seat for everyone present. One the table there was hamburgers, hot-dogs, cabbages, carrots, lettuce, potato chips, grilled chicken, and rolls.

"Now seeing this would have really made Zordon happy," Andros whispered to Tommy.

"It sure would have," replied Tommy.

"Jason, by you being the first leader of the Power Rangers, would you please give the blessing?" asked Ashley.

"Sure," Jason replied. Everyone rose from their seats, and joined hands, and bowed their hands for prayer.

Dear God, we thank you for blessing us to come together on this special occasion, and we pray that you would bless those who organized this event.

We’d also like to thank you for keeping your everlasting arms around all of us, throughout the years, as we have protected the universe.

We thank you for bringing us new friends, in the form of Andros, Karone, and Zhane, from another planet.

Now, Father, we ask that you would bless this food.

May it be nourishing to our bodies and our souls.

All these things, we ask in the name of your precious son, Jesus.


"Amen," replied everyone else, in unison.

"That was a wonderful prayer, Jason," commented Emily, as she gave Jason a kiss on the cheek.

"Now can we eat?!" asked Justin. The others just laughed at their young friend’s impatience.

"Everyone dig in. There’s plenty for everybody," stated Ashley.

"Hey, Ashley, try the stuff that Zhane, Karone, and I brought, first," stated Andros, as he pointed to the blue container.

Ashley had looked at the gelatin, earlier, and it didn’t smell very good, however, she didn’t want to hurt Andros’ feelings by not trying it. "Um, okay."

Ashley scooped a pile of gelatin out of the container, and placed it on her plate.

"Go ahead, it won’t bite you," urged Andros.

Ashley used her spoon to scoop up a small portion of the gelatin, and slowly brought up to her mouth, and then ate it. Everyone waited in anticipation for Ashley’s reaction.

"So, whatdaya think?" inquired Zhane.

After a few second a smile came on Ashley’s face. "Its really quite good."

"Its called Mish. Kerovans always eat it on special occasions, like this one," Andros explained. After that Tommy, Kat, Karone, T.J., and Cassie tried the gelatin, and agreed with Ashley.

"Hey, Karone, could you pass the ketchup?" asked Kimberly.

"Sure," the Kerovan girl replied. Karone picked up the bottle, however the lid was up, and she had sneezed it a little bit. Ketchup went gushing into Karone’s face. "Ah, I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!" joked Karone. Everyone began to laugh at the girl’s antics.

"So has anyone heard how NASADA is coming with their space craft?" asked Tonya.

"Oh, yeah. They’re working on a ship, which will somday carry a space colony into space," stated Jason.

"Actually Zhane and I have supplied them with some of the information needed to build the ship. Commander Narquis said that it was going to be called Terra Venture," stated Andros.

"So how soon will it be ready?" Kimberly inquired curiously.

"Oh they’re still working on the blueprints, so it may be several more months or even years before they begin to build it," Zhane explained, before taking a bite into a hamburger.

"Save some room for some dessert," warned Cassie.

"Dessert!" Zack and Justin said, in unison.

"Yeah, but, Justin, you haven’t touched your vegetables yet," stated Kat.

"Aw man, I can’t slip anything by you. Can I, Kat?" groaned Justin.

"I may not have seen you in about a year, but I still remember how you used to like to have dessert before your main meal," the Australian woman explained.

"In other words, Justin, no vegetables, no dessert," stated Rocky, as he handed Adam a roll.

"Would anyone like any more soda?" asked Alpha 5, as he and Alpha 6 walked over to the table.

"I wish the two of you could eat with us," stated Trini.

"Its okay, we get our enjoyment from watching all of you fellowship," replied Alpha 6.

"I’d like a Sunkist, please," stated Adam.

"Well I’m going to go get the desserts," stated Ashley. "Kim, Kat, could the two of you give me a hand?"

"Okay," replied the two girls.

"Okay, Ashley, we know you didn’t just call us in here to get the desserts, so what do you want to discuss with us?" asked Kimberly.

"Well when I first contacted the two of you about coming, I had no idea about your pasts with Tommy. I mean I knew that Tommy had dated you, Kat, but I just didn’t know how Kimberly fitted into all of this." stated Ashley.

"There’s something both of you should know," stated Kat. "Tommy and I talked earlier today, and we both agreed to just be friends. So if you want him, Kim, he’s all yours."

"I really appreciate you saying that, Katherine, because I’ve been thinking about Tommy for a long time. You just don’t know how hard it was to see you and Tommy together during that whole Divatox/Muranthas mess," stated Kimberly. Kimberly and Kat tearfully hugged and then wished each other the best in the future.

"Well I’m glad I could help," mumbled Ashley, as she watched the two former Rangers carrying a few pies out of the kitchen.

Justin watched as everyone ate their dessert, Zhane had already had three slices of chocolate cake, and was about to get his fourth.

"Slow down, Zhane, save some for the rest of us," warned Andros, as he passed a slice of apple pie to Billy.

"Sorry," Zhane replied sheepishly.

"Justin, you’d better eat your veggies, before Zhane gobbles up all of the dessert," suggested Karone.

Justin quickly took Karone’s advice and ate some cabbages. "Now can I have some cake?" he grumbled.

"Yes you may. What kind do you want?" asked Kat.

Justin looked around at all of the goodies. There was apple pie, sweet potato pie, ice cream, strawberry cake, and two pieces of the German Chocolate Cake, which T.J. was about to reduce to one piece. "I take a piece of the strawberry one."

"An excellent choice," stated Tonya. "I made that one.’ Kat cut Justin’s slice, and handed him the plate. Justin then merrily gobbled the cake up.

"I don’t know about anyone else, but the Zackman is itching to do some dancing," stated the original Black Ranger.

"I’m with ya, man," stated T.J.

"So what CD’s did you bring?" Cassie asked.

"Oh, a whole bunch. Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, The Backstreet Boys, but I think we’ll pump this party up with a little Will Smith," stated Zack.

"Hey isn’t he that guy in Men In Black and Independence Day?’ asked Andros.

"He sure is, but he more famous for his rapping skills," commented Zack.

"Well let us clean off the table, and then all of us will do a little dance’in," stated Ashley.

Once all of the cleaning was done, it was time to boogie down!

Zack taught Zhane and Karone how to do the Butterfly. The Aquitians entertained Jason, Emily, Billy, and Trini, by doing water stunts in the pool.

"Excuse me, but would you like to dance with me?" asked a voice from behind Cassie. Cassie turned around, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Phantom Ranger.

"I’d love to," Cassie replied, beginning to grin from ear to ear.

"Hey the Phantom is here!" exclaimed Justin. "I wonder how Ashley got in contact with him?"

"Ashley and I used DECA to locate him, and when we told him about the party, he said that he wouldn’t miss it for anything in the universe," explained Andros.

"Hey, Andros, let’s dance," stated Ashley, as she pulled the Red Ranger onto the dance floor.

On your mark ready set let's go
Dance floor pro I know you know
I go psycho when my new joint hit
Just can't sit
Gotta get jiggy wit it
Ohh that's it now honey honey come ride
DKNY all up in my eye
You gotta Prada bag with alot a stuff in it
Give it to your friend let's spin
Everybody lookin' at me
Glancin' the kid
Wish you nig was dancin' the jig
Here with this handsome kid
Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba
I just bite it
It's for the look I don't light it
Illway to amay on the anceday oorflay
Give it up jiggy make it feel like foreplay
Yo my cardio is senfenite
Ha ha
Big willie style's all in it

Na na na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it
Na na na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it
Na na na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it

What you wanna ball with the kid
Watch your step you might fall
Trying to do what I did
Mama-unh mama-unh mama cusa
In the middle of the club with the rub-a-dub
No love for the haters
Mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers
See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders
Met Ali he told me I'm the greatest
I got the fever for the flavor of a crowd pleaser
DJ play another
From the prince of this
Your highness
Only bad chicks ride in my whips
South to the west to the east to the north
Bought my hits and watch 'em go off a go off
Ah yes yes yall ya don't stop
In the winter or the (summertime)
I makes it hot
Gettin jiggy wit 'em

(Repeat Chorus)

Eight-fifty I.S. if you need a lift
Who's the kid in the drop
Who else Will Smith
Livin' that life some consider a myth
Rock from south street to one two fifth
Women used to tease me
Give it to me now nice and easy
Since I moved up like George and Wheezey
Cream to the maximum I be askin' 'em
Would you like to bounce with the brother that's platinum
Never see Will attackin' 'em
I rather play ball with Shaq and 'em
Flatten 'em
Hittin' you thought I took a spill
But I didn't
Trust the lady of my life she hittin'
Hit her with a drop top with the ribbon
Crib for my mom on the outskirts of Philly
You trying to flex on me
Don't be silly
Getting juggy wit it

(Repeat Chorus)

The party was over now. Andros, Zhane, Tommy, and Justin were in the den watching television.

"Man, I had a whole lot of fun today," stated Tommy.

"Yeah, Ashley did a great job putting all of this together," added Andros.

"So, now that you and Kimberly are back together, what’s next for the two of you?" asked Zhane.

"Well Kim and I still have a lot to sort out, but now we’ve got all the time in the world. Hey maybe we can find a girlfriend for Justin," mused Tommy.

"Sounds good to me," Justin replied, with a grin.

"You really are growing up," commented Tommy.

"Let’s see, there’s Andros and Ashley, Zhane and Karone, Jason and Emily, Adam and Tonya, and you and Kimberly. I want in on the romance, also," replied Justin.

In the kitchen, Ashley, Karone, Cassie, and Kimberly were washing dishes.

"Ya know, girls, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to come, but now I’m glad I did," stated Kim, with a smile.

"Yeah, I think everything turned out really well," stated Karone.

"Hey, Ashley, when’s the next party?" asked Zhane, as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen.

"I enjoyed giving this party, but I’m going to let someone else organize the next one," stated Ashley.

The End


I Will Remember You by Amy Grant

Gett’in Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith