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Game of the Century
by Marques Jeffries

On the Cimerian Planet, a meeting had been called for all the members of the United Alliance of Evil. All of the main villains sat at one long table, with their main lieutenants standing behind them.

"Listen well, my followers. After centuries of searching, I have finally discovered the location of the legendary Orb of Saltorus," stated Dark Spectre.

"The Orb of Saltorus," Divatox said curiously. "But I thought it was only a myth."

"It is very real. It is within an arena on the planet Spirix," the evil monarch stated.

"I will take a group of Cogs to Spirix and retrieve the Orb for you, master," offered Prince Gasket.

"Dark Spectre, don't send that walking trashcan!" yelled Rita Repulsa, as she pointed to Gasket. "Send Zedd and I."

"How dare you insult my husband in that matter!" yelled Archerina, angrily.

"Silence! If it were that simple I would have taken the Orb, myself," Dark Spectre snapped. "The Orb is protected by a spell that I cannot break. The only way to seize the Orb of Saltorus is to win it in competition."

"We could compete against each other, and who ever wins can give the Orb to Dark Spectre," suggested King Mondo.

"I have a better idea. One which will not only get us the Orb of Saltorus, but also allow us to humiliate the Power Rangers," stated Astronema.

"What do you have in mind?" Dark Spectre inquired.

With all of the other villains' eyes fixed on her, The Princess of Evil began to speak once more. "I propose we challenge the Rangers to a basketball game."

"Ha, ha, ha, a basketball game?!" laughed Divatox. "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard!"

"You're just jealous because you didn't think of it, besides it won't be just any basketball game, but the most respected basketball game in all the universe. We will face the Rangers in the Space Jam," Astronema said.

"An excellent idea--," Dark Spectre said, before being interrupted by Zedd.

"There's only one problem with your plan, my dear----None of us have the skills to play basketball. I mean four of those Rangers are from Earth, where they probably have played basketball many times." the red villain stated.

"There is a simple solution to that problem," Astronema stated, confidently. "We'll steal the talent of the Earthling ballplayers. I believe their organization is called the NBA."

"Put together a team, and leave for Earth, immediately," the Grand Monarch of Evil commanded.

Aboard the Astro Megaship, the Rangers were lounging in a room that resembled a living room. Alpha and DECA had tapped into NBC's signal, and the Rangers planned to watch the game between the Los Angelos Lakers and the Indiana Pacers.

"This could be a preview of the NBA Finals," commented Carlos.

"Yeah, both these teams have all of the tools to go all the way," added Cassie.

"Actually, I think Orlando is going to surprise everyone this year," Ashley stated. "What do you think, T.J.?"

"I'm a Bulls fan to the bitter end, but without Jordan, Pippen, and the Worm, they've got a date with the Draft Lottery. So I think I'll have to agree with Ashley about the Magic winning the title, this year," the Blue Ranger explained.

"Has the game started yet?" Zhane asked, as he and Andros entered the room and took a seat.

"Shaq and Rik Smits are about to do the jump ball," Cassie replied.

BOB COSTAS: "The Lakers get the tip, and now they're off to the races. Wow! what a slam by Eddie Jones!"

ISIAH THOMAS: "It's very important that the Pacers don't allow the Lakers to score too many easy baskets."

"Whoa! did you see that spin move by Reggie Miller!" exclaimed Carlos.

"Don't get too excited, Carlos, cause it looks like the Lakers are on the fast break," commented Ashley. The Rangers watched as Eddie Jones threw a long pass to Kobe Bryant, who delivered a spectacular slam dunk. "I was right."

BOB COSTAS: "Man, the Lakers really look like they're on top of their game, today."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Hey wait a minute! Oh my God, there's a monster on the court!"

BOB COSTAS: "The officials are trying to get the players off the court."

"Its Ecliptor!" exclaimed T.J.

"What is he doing to Shaquille O'Neal?" stated Cassie. Everyone watched in shock as Ecliptor grabbed the Laker Center, and then the two of them were surrounded by a strange red glow. When the glow stopped, Shaq tumbled to the floor, as if he had lost all of his strength.

"What did you do to me?" Shaq asked, weakly, as he looked up at his attacker.

"I now have your basketball talent. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" replied Ecliptor, before teleporting away.

All the Rangers could do was look on in shock. Why in the world did Ecliptor do this? They all thought. Before any of them could utter a word, the scene on the television screen switched to Hanna Storm.

HANNA STORM. "Ladies, and gentlemen, it appears that Shaquille O'Neal is not the only target of aliens. Moments ago, during a game between the Seattle Supersonics and the Utah Jazz, two more NBA players were victimized. A woman, who looked like a pirate, drained John Stockton of his energy, while a red man did the same to Vin Baker."

"Divatox and Zedd," Andros guessed.

"What are those villains up to this time?" Ashley questioned.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we're going to find out real soon," the Red Ranger replied.

"And when we do, we're not going to like it," T.J. added.

"You have chosen well," Astronema said, as she addressed Ecliptor, Divatox, and Zedd, on the bridge of the Dark Fortress.

"I can't wait to see the expressions on those Rangers' faces when we make the challenge," Divatox laughed.

"Patience, Divatox. We must wait for the others to return," Astronema advised.

Just then Prince Gasket and Darkonda stepped onto the bridge.

"And whose talents did the two of you steal?" Astronema questioned.

"You should have seen the look on Grant Hill's face when I sucked out all of his basketball skills. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," Darkonda gloated.

"I stole the talent of Glen Rice," Gasket stated.

"Excellent. Now it's my turn," Astronema smiled. "Elgar, set a course for Philadelphia."

As the Philadelphia 76ers' superstar Point Guard, Allan Iverson, practiced his jumpshot on a basketball court in his backyard, Astronema and about ten Quantrons appeared.

"Grab him!" the Princess of Evil commanded.

"Hey what's the deal, lady?! Iverson asked, as the robotic soldiers grabbed him.

"I want your basketball skills, including that cool crossover move you use to score points," stated Astronema.

"No, not my crossover!" yelled Iverson, in fright, as Astronema placed her hand on his head, and drained him of his NBA talent. "Now that that's done, its time to issue the challenge."

"Andros, I just can't shake the fact that those villains would steal the talent of basketball players?' Zhane said.

"It's definitely strange, but my sister has never done anything without a reason," the Red Ranger replied. Just then the other four Rangers walked onto the bridge.

"Rangers, an incoming message from the Dark Fortress," DECA announced.

"Oh, really," Andros replied, raising an eyebrow. "Bring it up on the screen."

"Greetings, Rangers, I'm sure you know that we have been quite busy lately," Astronema stated.

"Let's cut to the chase. Why have you stolen the talents of those NBA players?" T.J. asked.

"It's simple. The other members of the United Alliance of Evil and I wish to challenge the six of you to a friendly basketball game," Astronema stated.

"What's the catch?" Andros asked.

"We simply wish to humiliate all of you, with the rest of the universe watching," the Princess of Evil replied.

"So are you Power Rangers, or are you Power Chickens!" taunted Zedd.

"We're Power Rangers!" yelled Carlos. "And we accept your challenge." Cassie quickly covered Carlos' mouth before he could say anything else.

"Good, we'll meet you on Spirix, in two days," stated Astronema.

"Spirix?! Hey wait a minute!" yelled Andros, but it was too late. Astronema had closed the communications channel.

"Andros, what's wrong?' Ashley asked, noticing his reaction to the mention of this planet.

"Spirix is where the Orb of Saltorus is kept. Zordon once told me of it, and that it can be claimed by winning a competition. If Dark Spectre gets his hands on that thing, he'll be invincible," Andros stated.

"Guys, I'm so sorry. I guess I let my competitive nature get the better of me," Carlos said, remorsefully.

"Its okay, Carlos. I think this is a challenge we need to take," Zhane said. "If we can win, we can hide the Orb somewhere where the UAE will never find it. Right, Andros?"

"Right, but I think we're going to need some help," Andros said.

"I agree. We've all played basketball on the SimuDeck for fun, but this is a serious situation, besides we'll be fighting an uphill battle, now that they have the talents of some of the NBA's best players," stated Cassie.

"I think I know just the man for the job," T.J. said with a smile on his face. "DECA, set a course for Chicago, Illinois."

"Chicago?" Ashley and Carlos said, curiously. The other Rangers only had one guess as to who T.J. had in mind and his initials were M.J.

"Astronema, did the Power Rangers accept the challenge?" Dark Spectre asked, as he appeared on a viewing screen on the Dark Fortress.

"Yes, Dark Spectre. The Red Ranger knows about the Orb, though," the princess replied.

"No matter. The Ranger will face us, because they won't want us to play someone else, and win the Orb," Dark Spectre explained.

"Exactly," Astronema added. "The Rangers' desire to protect the Orb from evil, will be their undoing." Dark Spectre disappeared from the screen, and then Ecliptor entered the room.

"Ecliptor, what's wrong?" Astronema inquired.

"The Astro Megaship appears to be heading to a city in the central U.S.," the warrior explained.

"Hmmm, what could those Rangers be up to?" Astronema thought, as she placed her hand under her chin. After a few moments it hit her. "Those Rangers think they're so smart, well I'm smarter. Ecliptor, tell Elgar to get us to Chicago, Illinois,-----NOW!"

In a suburban neighborhood in Chicago, Michael Jordan and his wife, Juanita, watched their two sons play a game of basketball, in their backyard.

"C'mon, James, let's hustle!" the former NBA superstar yelled.

"Jeffrey, don't be afraid to take the jumpshot!" Juanita advised.

"Mommy! Daddy! look a space ship!" yelled the Jordans' youngest child, Jasmine, as she pointed to the Megaship, which was now hovering over the house. The Jordan family watched in amazement as all six Rangers teleported down to the court.

"Wow! the Power Rangers," Jeffrey stated.

"How may I help, you guys?" Michael Jordan asked, as he approached the Rangers.

"Actually, Mr. Jordan, we were hoping that you'd be willing team up with us for an intergalactic basketball game," the Blue Ranger asked.

"Team up with you guys? Wow!" Jordan said, still astonished to see the Ranger in his backyard.

"C'mon, Dad, its not everyday that you get a chance to team up with the Power Rangers," stated James.

"What's up, Alpha?" Andros asked, as his communicator began to beep.

"The Dark Fortress is heading this way," the little robot replied.

"Hey, who was that, and what is the Dark Fortress?" Michael Jordan inquired.

Before the Rangers could reply, Astronema, Ecliptor, Zedd, Divatox, Gasket, and Darkonda appeared.

"Well, well, well, so you're Michael Jordan," Astronema said.

"And who are you?" Jordan replied.

"I am Astronema, Princess of Evil, and I know these Rangers are trying to recruit you for their team. Don't accept," the red-headed villainess warned.

"We could use a guy like you on our team," Divatox offered.

"No thanks. I saw what you guys did to my NBA friends," Michael replied.

"That's too bad, because now we're going to have to destroy you and your family," stated Astronema. "Attack!"

The Pink and Black Rangers rushed the Jordan family into the house, while the rest of the Rangers had a short battle with the villains. Though outnumbered, Andros, Zhane, T.J., and Ashley chased the villains away with their Power Weapons.

"You want Jordan on your team, fine, because you're still going to lose," Astronema scoffed, before teleporting away.

"We could really use your help, Mr. Jordan," Andros said, as Michael Jordan and his family walked back outside.

"Please, Daddy, please help the Rangers," Jasmine begged.

"Okay, Okay, I'll do it. Besides, I owe those aliens for trying to hurt my family," Jordan replied.

Michael Jordan said good-bye to his family for now, and then he and the Rangers teleported up to the Megaship.

As the Megaship ascended into space, the Rangers explained to Michael Jordan who they were, and what was at stake in this basketball game. Jordan, in turn, promised to keep their identities a secret, and to teach them everything they needed to know about playing Basketball.

On the SimuDeck, Michael Jordan and the Power Rangers prepared to begin practicing.

"DECA, bring up the basketball court simulation," Andros commanded. Jordan watched in amazement as the empty room instantly became a basketball court.

"And DECA can simulate virtually anything?" The former Chicago Bull asked.

"That's right," Zhane replied.

"Man, I wish I had a SimuDeck at my house," Jordan commented.

The Rangers and Jordan started with a few warm up exercises, and then Michael Jordan explained the concept of the Chicago Bulls' Triangle Offense.

"Remember, Rangers, offense gets the glory, but if we're going to be successful and defeat the United Alliance of Evil, we're going to have to practice defense," Jordan explained. "Now let's see what you guys can do."

During the scrimmage, it was revealed that Ashley and Carlos were excellent three-point shooters, TJ's dunks were as spectacular as Jordan's, Andros had a great jump shot, Cassie was good at stealing the ball, and Zhane was an excellent rebounder.

Finally, the day of the Space Jam had arrived. Dark Spectre had captured Bob Costas, Isiah Thomas, Ahmad Rashaad, and Hanna Storm, and was forcing them to commentate the game. News of this exciting match up had spread throughout the universe, and beings of all shapes and sizes had come to watch.

When Michael Jordan and the Power Rangers, who were calling themselves Team Power, arrived at the arena, a mysterious yellow glow covered them, and when the it ceased all seven of them found themselves in Space Jam basketball uniforms. The uniforms were white with the words "SPACE JAM" written across the front of the tanktop, and their respective last names written on the back. The shorts were knee length, and of course they were now wearing NIKE sneakers.

The villains chose to stay in their normal attire.

BOB COSTAS: "Hello, sports fans, and welcome to the planet Spirix. Today Michael Jordan will team up with the Power Rangers to face Dark Spectre's United Alliance of Evil in the Space Jam."

ISIAH THOMAS: "I don't know about you, Bob, but I think those evil space aliens look really mean. With the exception of that cute redhead."

ELGAR: "Watch your tongue, Thomas. Astronema is too hot for you to handle."

BOB COSTAS: "Okay you guys. Speaking of the Princess of Evil, Ahmad is standing by with her and Ecliptor."

AHMAD RASHAAD: "Your hinus, what is your gameplan for defeating Team Power?"

"Well let's just say that the United Alliance of Evil has a little surprise for those Rangers and that flying basketball player," Astronema stated.

AHMAD RASHAAD: "Would you care to elaborate on this surprise?"

"Actually, I wouldn't. You'll find out, soon enough," Astronema said.

AHMAD RASHAAD: "Would you care to say anything to all of the viewers watching this game, throughout the universe?"

"After today, the universe will belong to Dark Spectre, and Earth's precious Power Rangers and that skinny basketball player from Chicago will be humbled," the Princess of Evil replied.

AHMAD RASHAAD: "Well, Mr. Ecliptor, what do you have to say to our fans?"

"We're stronger than Team Power. We're faster than Team Power. And finally we're going to humble those seven chumps, once and for all. The Orb of Saltorus will belong to Dark Spectre. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Ecliptor gloated.

AHMAD RASHAAD: "Well these two villains seem very confident. Hanna is standing by with Michael Jordan and Andros."

HANNA STORM: "Michael, you've faced many challenges through the years, but how can you and the Power Rangers possibly defeat a group of monsters with the talents of some of the NBA's premiere players?"

"Well, Hanna, the Rangers and I have trained very hard for this game, and even with that stolen talent, those villains are in for the game of their lives," Michael Jordan replied.

HANNA STORM: "Andros, I'll bet Michael has taught you and the other Rangers a whole lot, hasn't he?"

"Definitely," the Kerovan stated. "But we're going to do most of our talking on the court, by playing those villains as hard as we can."

RAY CLAY: "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's meet the Starting Lineup for the United Alliance of Evil! Playing at Power Forward, and standing at 6'8, Lord Zedd! At Small Forward, and standing at 6'9, here is Darkonda! Standing at 7'0, here is the man in the middle, Ecliptor! Standing at 5'7, and running the team at Point Guard, here's the Princess of Evil, Astronema! And Finally, at Shooting Guard, and standing at 6'7, here is the Rim Rocker! The United Alliance of Evil is coached by Dark Spectre.

BOB COSTAS: "Wow! that Rim Rocker looks like a beefed up Michael Jordan !"

ISIAH THOMAS: "But I'm willing to bet that he doesn't have Michael's heart."

RAY CLAY. "Ladies and Gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Team Power! Standing at 6'6, here is the Power Forward, Zhane! At Small Forward, and standing at 6'0, here is T.J.! At Center, and standing at 6'1, here's the leader of the Power Rangers, Andros! Running the team at Point Guard, and standing at 5'7, here's Ashley! And finally, standing at 6'6, and from the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan! Team Power is coached by Alpha 6.

BOB COSTAS: "Andros and Ecliptor are at half court, ready for the opening tip-off."

"ISIAH THOMAS: "I hate to say this, but Andros is going to be at a disadvantage during this whole game. Ecliptor has him beat in height, weight, and strength."

Ecliptor easily won the jumpball, and Astronema caught the ball and started down the court with it.

"I'm open, Astronema!" yelled Zedd. "Toss me the ball!" Astronema made the pass, and Zedd used the sky hook to score the first points of the game.

Ashley brought the ball up the court, and made a quick pass to Andros.

"C'mon, Red Ranger, take your best shot. You know you can't shot over me!" Ecliptor taunted.

"Then I'll just go around you," Andros replied. Andros did some fancy dribbling and then darted around Ecliptor for an easy lay-up.

BOB COSTAS: "Ecliptor may have power, but Andros has speed."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Whoa! Astronema just tossed that Rim Rocker an alley-oop, and he delivered a fantastic slam!"

"In your face, Jordan," snarled the Rim Rocker, as the two teams ran up the court.

"Actions speak louder than words," Michael replied.

BOB COSTAS: "Jordan's calling for the ball. Ashley makes the pass to him. T.J. and Zhane have set a screen for Jordan."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Aw man, there he goes. Flight #23 has just taken off from the free throw line! What a slam by Michael Jordan!"

"How'd you like that one, Rim Rocker?" Jordan asked. The villain replied by simply growling at Michael.

The game continued on, with Divatox and Gasket replacing Astronema and Darkonda in the line-up, while Cassie and Carlos did the same for Ashley and T.J. Both teams wanted to try and stay as fresh as possible.

The first half was filled with runs. The United Alliance of Evil would receive the "shooter's touch", and be virtually unstoppable. However, the Rangers and Jordan wouldn't give up.

With some excellent defense, Team Power would rally to score points. Michael Jordan's athleticism was proving to be too much for Dark Spectre's forces to handle.

With about a minute and a half left in the first half and Team Power up by five points, Dark Spectre called a time-out to regroup his team.

"Why didn't any of you steal Jordan's talent?" the Grand Monarch of Evil asked.

"He was retired, so we didn't think he had any skills left," pleaded Darkonda.

"Yeah, if you're going to be mad at someone, get mad at her!" Divatox said, pointing an accusing finger at Astronema.

"Calm down," Astronema said. "This is no time to start pointing fingers. Do you guys want to win this game?"

"Yeah!" the other villains replied.

"Then listen closely," the Princess of Evil said, before beginning to explain the details of her plan.

"Those villains are really good," Cassie commented, as Team Power huddled near their bench.

"If I know, my sister, she's probably plotting some scheme to shut you down, Michael," Andros stated.

"Don't worry, Andros, I can take anything those villains can dish out," Jordan replied confidently.

Once the game resumed, the UAE began to put Astronema's plan into motion. Everytime Michael Jordan would get the ball, whoever was guarding him at that particular time would foul him. At times the foul would be so hard that Jordan would tumble to the ground.

"Hey, refs, those are intentional fouls! Make those villains clean up their act!" yelled Alpha from the sideline.

"Michael, are you okay?" Cassie asked as she noticed that Jordan was favoring his left leg, as the teams ran up the court.

"I'll be okay. I'll put some ice on my leg at half-time," Jordan said.

ISIAH THOMAS: "What a guy that Michael Jordan is! The United Alliance of Evil keeps knocking him down, but he keeps getting right back up again."

BOB COSTAS: "That's true, Isiah, but Jordan's injury to his leg is starting to hinder his mobility on the court."

No sooner had Costas uttered those words, than Ecliptor made a strong move to the basket, delivering a powerful slam dunk, and knocking both Zhane and Jordan to the ground, in the process.

BOB COSTAS: "Ecliptor has just tied the game at 57."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Team Power has got to hurry if they're going to get off a shot before the half-time buzzer sounds."

With Jordan still down, and Zhane noticeably limping, it was up to Cassie, T.J., and Andros to make something happen.

"Use the full court press!" yelled Dark Spectre.

The villains then used their five to three advantage to double team the remaining three players.

"Give me that basketball," hissed Astronema, as she gave Cassie a swift punch to the stomach, and took the ball.

Astronema then tossed the ball to Gasket who knocked down the three pointer before the buzzer sounded.

"Just one more half, and the Orb of Saltorus will be mine, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Dark Spectre said, as the villains headed into their meeting room.

The other Rangers helped Michael Jordan and Zhane back into their team meeting room.

BOB COSTAS: "Well, folks, things aren't looking so good for Team Power, right now."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Never underestimate Michael Jordan's competitive spirit. He'll use this injury as motivation for him to take his game to another level. Besides, Team Power is only down by three points. I think the Rangers are doing a great job."

ELGAR: "Hey, Popcorn boy! Bring a box over here!"

BOB COSTAS: "Why aren't you in the meeting room with your friends?"

ELGAR: "Oh, I like these cushy seats. Those hard benches hurt my back side."

"Fifteen more minutes, and that Orb will be mine," stated Dark Spectre.

"Yes, Dark Spectre, victory has never been so close," Astronema added.

"I'll bet those Rangers are in their room, thinking about forfeiting the game," laughed Rita Repulsa.

"That was a brilliant idea to rough up Jordan and the Silver Ranger, my princess," Ecliptor commented.

"Of course it was brilliant, Ecliptor. All of my plans are," the Princess of Evil boasted.

"You have all done well, but you have to keep it up. We can't give Michael Jordan and the Rangers a chance to make a comeback," the evil Monarch explained.

"Don't worry, Dark Spectre. If those Rangers thought we were tough on them earlier, wait til the second half starts, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," Darkonda bragged.

In Team Power's meeting room, Michael Jordan was putting some ice on his leg.

"We might as well give up," Carlos said, sadly.

"Don't say that, Cassie," Jordan replied. "I'll be ready when the second half starts."

"Michael, we can't ask you to risk further damage to your leg," Andros said.

"No really, I'll be okay," Jordan explained. "I promised you guys that I'd stand by you til the bitter end, and Michael Jordan never breaks a promise."

"So how are we going to stop those monsters?" Zhane asked. "We've been playing them as hard as can, but they still keep scoring on us."

"If only we could stop Ecliptor and that Rim Rocker," added Cassie.

"Maybe we can?" Michael Jordan said.

"Its almost time for us to return to the court," Carlos said, as he looked at his watch.

"C'mon I'll explain my plan on our way to the court," Michael Jordan stated. Team Power rose to their feet and exited the room.

BOB COSTAS: "Okay sports fans, the second half has just gotten under way, and-----Wow! Zhane and T.J. set an excellent screen, and Andros just delivered a nice Tomahawk Slam!"

ISIAH THOMAS: "Team Power is doing a smart thing. They're following up a great play with a full court press on the UAE."

BOB COSTAS: "And look! Ashley has just stolen the ball from Astronema! She passes to Jordan! Jordan for three! He hits it!

"Let's go, Rangers! Let's go!" chanted the crowd.

On the next few trips down the court, the UAE chose to get the ball to Ecliptor, for some easy dunks and lay-ups.

Team Power continued to turn on the defense, and finally Ecliptor and Zedd began to grow tired, which made it easier for Zhane to grab rebounds.

Finally, twenty seconds were all that remained in the game, and the UAE had the ball, with the score tied at 96.

Dark Spectre had called a time-out, to set up one final play.

"Astronema, I want you run a little bit of time off of the clock and then pass the ball to Darkonda for the last shot," the Grand Monarch of Evil ordered.

"As you wish, Dark Spectre," the redheaded Princess of Evil replied.

Ecliptor grabbed Darkonda by the neck and warned, "You'd better not miss this shot."

"Don't worry, I could make this last shot with my eyes closed," the villain replied.

Over in Team Power's huddle, the heroes were setting up what they hoped would be a game-winning play.

"Okay, we've got Ecliptor and Zedd worn down, so Astronema will probably either take the shot herself or pass it to Darkonda," Michael Jordan stated.

"I think we should try to steal the inbounds pass," suggested T.J.

"That will be our first option, but if they do get it inbounds ----Ashley, I want you to stay on Astronema like you're her shadow. This will force her to either take a shot or pass the ball," Jordan explained.

"Let's assume she attempts a pass," Andros said.

"If that happens, Carlos, I want you to guard Darkonda. When you see Astronema toss the ball, that's when you make the interception," Jordan said.

"So if we get the ball, do we call a time-out?' Carlos asked.

"Unfortunately, I think our best bet to try to get the ball back up the court and get off a shot. Even if we miss it, we've still got a chance in Overtime. The important thing is to keep the UAE from scoring," the former Bulls player stated.

BOB COSTAS: "Sports fans, this is it! This might be the last play of the game."

ISIAH THOMAS: "Zedd successfully inbounds the ball to Astronema."

Astronema dribbled the ball around, with Ashley sticking with her. "In just a few moments that Orb will belong to Dark Spectre."

"This game isn't over yet," Ashley retorted.

Realizing that she wasn't going to be able to shake the Yellow Ranger, Astronema attempted a pass, but Carlos ran for the ball. He couldn't get a grip on it, but managed to swat it to T.J.

BOB COSTAS: "Ten seconds are left in the game! T.J. tosses the ball to Jordan!

ISIAH THOMAS: "Ashley's at the three point line, but so is Astronema!

In one motion Jordan hurled the ball to Ashley, who caught the ball, and then shot it. Astronema barely missed at blocking the ball, as it left Ashley's hand.

BOB COSTAS: "It's good! It's good! Ashley Hammond nails a three-pointer to give Team Power the victory!

"We did it!" yelled Cassie as she jumped up and down on the sideline.

Michael Jordan and the Power Rangers wasted no time in recovering the Orb of Saltorus from a metal case, which had opened upon their victory.

The UAE players began to glow, then a golden beam left their bodies. The beam soared through space and entered the bodies of six NBA players, returning their talents.

"Dark Spectre, I suggest we make a hasty retreat before they use the Orb to destroy us," Astronema warned.

The members of the United Alliance of Evil teleported to their ships, which were currently hovering over the arena. The fleet of ships then headed into deep space.

"So what are we going to do with this thing?" Michael Jordan asked.

Andros raised the Orb in the air, and then replied. "Orb of Saltorus, return these innocent people to their respective worlds."

Team Power watched as the crowd in the stands, the referees, and the sportscasters disappeared.

"I'll bet this is one game that Isiah, Bob, and Ahmad will never forget," Jordan commented.

"Actually, they will forget it," Andros stated. "Only the seven of us and the UAE will retain memories of this game."

"Man, I've really worked up an appetite," Michael Jordan said as he rubbed his stomach.

"We've got a few McJordan sandwiches and some Gatorade to wash it down, waiting for us on the Megaship," Ashley commented.

"How does that sound, Mr. Jordan?" Zhane asked.

"That sounds like a meal fit for Space Jam Champions," Jordan replied.

The End