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Author's Notes: This is my eighteenth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Dark Spectre's Return: Part 2." And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Beating the Odds
by Marques Jeffries

Stephanie Fairchild was shaken awake by Karone, who was standing beside the bed that had once belonged to her.

"Andros, wants to meet with all of us on the bridge," the Kerovan explained.

Stephanie rubbed her eyes, and then rose to her feet and followed Karone out of the room.


When Karone and Stephanie stepped onto the bridge, Andros, Zhane, Ashley, and Chris were in deep conservation.

Tim, Michelle, Nick, and Joseph arrived shortly afterwards.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few hours, and I think the best course of action would be for us to divide into two groups. One group would return to Earth and check on things, while the other group heads for the Checka Galaxy to battle the Brood," Andros explained.

"Andros, the other Rangers and I will take on the Brood. We may not have our powers, but we're willing to try," Chris said.

"I'll go with them," Ecliptor proclaimed as he stepped onto the bridge.

"Okay then the rest of us will return to Earth. Maybe we can find out what became of the Liberty Megazord's remains," Andros said.

"We're within teleportation range," Michelle informed after checking the computer screen.

"Be careful, and may the Power protect you all," Andros said.

"The same to you guys," Chris said, and then looking around at his Ranger teammates, he asked, "Are you guys ready?"

"Yep," the other Rangers replied.

"Teleporting now," Karone said as she pressed a few buttons on the control panel.

The three Kerovans and Ashley watched as Ecliptor and the Rangers vanished into thin air.

"I hope they're going to okay," Ashley whispered.


The Rangers now found themselves in what appeared to be an Old Western-style city. After walking around for a few moments the Rangers found no sign of the Brood.

"I don't get it. The computer clearly displayed that there was Brood activity here," Joseph said.

"Maybe they're gone or maybe they know we're here, and they're waiting to string a trap on us," Nick suggested.

"Hey! humans, over here!" yelled a voice.

The teens looked in the direction of the voice to see a pudgy, little creature standing in the doorway of what appeared to be a western saloon.

The little alien had a western accent, and was dressed in a vest, some raggedy pants, and cowboy boots. A coat of brown fur made up the outer layer of his body, but he wore a friendly smile on his elderly-looking face.

"Hello," Michelle said as the teens approached the creature.

"Greetings, my name is Wizzle, and boy am I glad to see some friendly faces," the furball replied.

"Its nice to meet you, Wizzle, my name is Chris," the Ranger leader said. The other Rangers introduced themselves and Wizzle told them that the Brood had attacked the town, and captured everyone except for him.

"Well not to worry, because we're here now, and we'll set things right," vowed Joseph.

"But what can six teenagers from Earth do against the power of the Brood. I'm sorry, my young friends, but only the Power Rangers could help now," Wizzle explained.

"We are the Power Rangers," Stephanie explained.

"Unfortunately, our Power Morphers were stolen by the Brood, but we'd still like to help you," Nick stated.

"Do you know what direction the Brood soldiers took your people in?" Chris asked.

"They headed out into the desert. I overheard the monster, who was in charge of them, say that there was something buried out there," Wizzle announced.

"Then we'd better get moving," Chris replied.

So Wizzle led the Rangers into the desert, to search for the Brood and the captured townspeople.

"Boy, do I wish I had my Star Racer right now," Nick groaned as they walked on the hot sand.


Somewhere in the middle of the planet's desert, the Brood had set up a small group of tents.

Under the supervision of the Flamablizer, the townspeople were being forced to dig up some sort of UAE weapon.

"Once Dark Spectre's secret weapons are dug up, the entire universe will crumble at the feet of the New United Alliance of Evil," the Flamablizer gloated.

The fiery monster ordered the soldiers to keep a close eye on the prisoners, and to shoot anyone who tried to escape. He then headed onto a nearby Brood shuttle to contact Dark Spectre.

"What have you to report, Flamablizer?" the Monarch roared as an image of him appeared on the shuttle's viewing screen.

"All goes well. Your weapons will be dug up by nightfall," replied the general.

"Excellent. Has there been any sign of the Rangers? I know they'll try to interfere, because they always do," Dark Spectre warned.

"I've got a bunch of soldiers patrolling the surrounding area. When the Rangers show up I'll be ready for them. They shouldn't pose much of a threat without their powers."

"The Power Rangers mustn't learn what we're digging up. Secrecy is a must," Dark Spectre warned.

"Your majesty, I will not fail you," Flamablizer vowed, before closing the communications channel.


After returning the Fortress of Power to its resting place, under the ocean, The three Kerovans and Ashley teleported back to Angel Grove.

They materialized in the basement of Andros and Ashley's house.

"Okay let's see what's going on while we've been gone," Andros stated, as he used the computer to scan to city. The four of them watched as a press conference was displayed on the screen.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press. I've called this press conference to discuss the situation that occurred in Angel Grove Park, earlier today," Mason Hodges began. "I share the sadness of the people of Angel Grove, in mourning the loss of the Power Rangers."

"Yeah right," Ashley said sarcastically, as she looked at the screen.

"I know that citizens of Angel Grove are fearful that with the Rangers gone, the Brood will attempt to conquer Earth, which brings me to this announcement. Ray-Tech is currently working on creating an army of highly intelligent cyborgs. These borgs will serve as Earth's new guardians." Hodges explained.

"You sure didn't waste any time in beginning this project. How long has Ray-Tech been working on this project?" a chubby reporter asked.

"Actually, these cyborgs were originally supposed to be the Ramrods, but when Ray-Tech became involved with Wayne-Powers, those plans were changed and bigger robots were planned," Hodges replied.

"Speaking of the Ramrods. What precautions will Ray-Tech take to ensure that these cyborgs don't fall into the wrong hands, as the first Ramrod did?" questioned a female reporter from Fox News.

"The artificial intelligence of these borgs will be very sophisticated, meaning that they will be programmed to literally think for themselves. Also, before the question comes up, let me answer it now. Ray-Tech will be building zord-like vehicles for the borgs to pilot," Hodges explained.

"Sounds like you have thought of practically everything," commented another reporter.

"That's true. The first prototype cyborg should be ready within the next two weeks, now if there are no more questions, I will bid you all good-evening," Hodges charismatically stated.

The people in attendance applauded as Hodges and his bodyguards exited the room.

"Cyborgs? Zord-like vehicles? I don't know about you guys, but I think Hodges is in the process of building his own army," Zhane stated.

'And let's not forget that he still has the Psycho Ranger datacards, and the knowledge of how to create his own Rangers," Karone reminded.

"I think the four of us should pay a visit to Ray-Tech. Its about time we got those datacards back from Hodges," Andros suggested.

"This would definitely be a good time to do that. Its Saturday night, so there shouldn't be too many people there," Ashley added.

"And while we're there, we can sneak a peek at those borgs," Karone suggested.

"We can wear these." Ashley held up four ninja costumes that she had pulled out of a large box.

Ashley and Karone headed upstairs to change clothes, while Andros and Zhane changed in the basement. Then they all met in the living room.

"C'mon, we'll take the old Galaxy Gliders," Andros ordered.


As two Brood soldiers passed by a rock formation, they blasted to the ground and then attacked by Ecliptor.

"Stay down," Ecliptor snarled, as he held his blaster on the two fallen soldiers.

The Rangers and Wizzle peered over the top of the rock formation to make sure that no other soldiers were coming.

"Okay the coast is clear. Let's move in a little closer," Chris whispered.

Cautiously, Ecliptor, Wizzle, and the Rangers tip toed closer towards the Brood's camp.

"You guys do know that we're walking into a trap, don't you?" Nick asked.

"But of course," Joseph replied.

Finally they reached another rock formation, and peering over it they could see the captured townspeople digging.

"What are they digging up?" Michelle whispered.

"Oh no," Ecliptor said in a horrified tone. "They're digging up Dark Spectre's Destroyer Zord."


Four figures, dressed in red, yellow, gray, and purple ninja outfits made their way across the roof of Ray-Tech. They found the ventilation shaft, and each one of them jumped down it.

They arrived in a corridor on the second floor of the building.

"The datacards are probably in the lab. Ashley and I will go there and find them," Andros whispered.

"While the two of you are there, Karone and I will head for the Robotics Center, and find out a little more about these cyborgs," Zhane added.

After a stairway, they headed down to the first floor.


Zhane and Karone quietly entered the Robotics Center and immediately a table with a humanoid like being lying on it.

After walking over the get a closer look, Zhane commented, "Hmmm, I guess Ray-Tech is further along with this project then Hodges would have the public believe."

"Why do you say that?" Karone asked.

"Because, this guy is fully built, and all he needs is a CPU," Zhane replied.

"Hey! You two, hold it right there!" yelled a guard, who was accompanied by four other guards, and all of them were totting guns.

"Gotta go!" Zhane said, as he and Karone flipped over the guards' heads and ran out of the room.

"We've got to find Andros and Ashley," Karone said as they ran down the hallway, followed close behind by the guards.


Andros and Ashley entered the lab, where Derek Simon and a few scientists were at.

"Whoops I guess we're in the wrong room," the yellow ninja commented.

"I call security," said one of the scientists.

The four ninjas met up with one another in a hallway, and all four of them ducked into an office.

"That was close," Karone said as she caught her breath.

"Yeah, but we've got to get out of here," Andros added. The ninjas waited for a few more minutes and then exited the office. They found the ventilation shaft that they had used to enter the building, and used it to exit.


As Mason Hodges entered the building he was greeted by Derek Simon.

"We've got intruders on the grounds," Simon informed.

"Did they take anything?" Hodges asked.

"No, but they appeared to be associates of the Rangers."

The two men glanced out of the nearby window and saw four Galaxy Gliders flying away.

"Transform into the Shadow Ranger and bring them back here," Hodges ordered.

"As you command," Derek Simon pulled out his morpher and shouted, " Shadow On!"


The Rangers were now in the midst of the working townspeople.

"We're going to get all of you out of here," Chris whispered to an old creature.

Spotting the Rangers, the Brood soldiers began to fire blasts.

"Time for a workout," Nick said, before executing a frankensteiner on a soldier.

Stephanie flipped a soldier over her head as he advanced from behind her. Tim leaped into the air and extended his legs in two different directions, knocking two soldiers to the ground.

Michelle and Joseph punched and kicked a group of soldiers, while Chris used some wrestling maneuvers to beat down the soldiers.

"Rangers, you won't ruin Dark Spectre's plans!" yelled the Flamablizer. "Ton-Noms arise!"

From beneath the sand, emerged an army of completely white Putties. The Ton-Noms immediately began to attack the Rangers.

Surprising these creatures were very skilled fighters. Every blow the Rangers threw, seemed to be ineffective.

"Fight all you want, Rangers, but you cannot defeat the Ton-Noms," the Flamablizer laughed. From out of nowhere the fiery monster was knocked to the ground by Ecliptor.

Ecliptor pulled the reptilian monster to his feet and then tossed him into some rocks.

"Arrrr, now you're going to pay, Ecliptor!" the fiery monster snarled. The two warriors drew their swords, and began to battle furiously.

Wizzle, in the meantime, was ushering his people away from the area.

"These things are too tough!" Michelle exclaimed as she struggled to her feet after being kicked to the ground.

"Cover me, guys! I'm going to make a run for that Zord," Chris said. The other Rangers did their best to hold off the Ton-Noms while Chris boarded the Destroyer Zord.

The Destroyer Zord was currently in Warrior Mode. It was mostly covered in a black armor, with the exception of two silver cannons mounted on each of its shoulders.

"Okay let's see how you work this thing," the Ranger leader said as he fumbled with the controls. Finally the zord came to life and transformed from a robot to a tank.

The Destroyer Zord began to fire blasts that caused the Ton-Noms to retreat into the Brood shuttle.

"Way to go, Chris!" Nick cheered.

Ecliptor knocked the Flamablizer to the ground and then held his sword near the villains throat. "I will not destroy you today. Go back to Dark Spectre and tell him that he'll never conquer the universe as long as the Power Rangers and myself are around."

"You should have killed me. Your compassion will be your undoing someday, Ecliptor." the Flamablizer then rose to his feet and headed to the shuttle, with the Brood soldiers following close behind.

Chris exited the Destroyer Zord just in time to avoid being teleported away with it.

"The Rangers and Ecliptor then watched as the Brood shuttle headed into space.

"Are all of you okay?" Ecliptor asked, noticing that the Rangers looked a little worst for wear.

"We're okay, but those Ton-Noms are really mean fighters," Joseph commented.

"We're going to have to find a way to get our powers back, soon," Chris said.

"Rangers, you're okay," Wizzle said cheerfully as he and the townspeople returned.

"Thank you for saving us," another creature said.

"You are very welcomed," Stephanie replied.

"So how do we get back to Earth?" Nick asked.

Moments later, the Astro Megaship arrived, and Alpha quickly exited it.

"Alpha, we were afraid that you and DECA had been captured," Michelle said, as she hugged the little robot.

"No, while we were on our way back to Earth, DECA intercepted one of the Flamablizer's messages, and that's what caused us to come here," Alpha explained.

"Dark Spectre is back and he's joined forces with the Brood, and on top of that they've got our morphers," Chris explained.

"Hmmm, perhaps its time we went in search of the Liberty Orbs," Alpha stated.

"Liberty Orbs? What are those?" Tim asked.

"I'll explain on the way, but we must leave now," Alpha instructed.

"Farewell, Ecliptor! Farewell, Power Rangers!" cheered the crowd of furry creatures.

"Farewell," the Rangers waved good-bye to the townspeople before boarding the Megaship.

"What is our destination?" DECA asked once Alpha, Ecliptor, and the Rangers had stepped onto the bridge.

"We will be journeying to a planet on the edge of the universe. A planet that only Zordon has visited. I'm am entering the coordinates now," informed Alpha.

"I've got a feeling that a big adventure awaits us," Nick commented.

"Whatever lies ahead for us, we will face it together. I had no powers, and were heavily outnumbered, today, but somehow we beat the odds, and we'll keep beating the odds until our captured friends are safe, and the New UAE is defeated," Chris vowed.


The four ninjas glanced down to see the Hyena Zord following them.

"Its the Shadow Ranger," Karone said.

"Let's head for the Fortress of Power," Andros said. The Galaxy Gliders accelerated to top speed, vanishing from the Shadow Ranger's view.

"Run, you cowards. Soon Earth will belong to Ray-Tech, and the Power Rangers will just be a bedtime story that parents tell their kids," the evil Ranger vowed as he sat in the cockpit of his zord.

The End