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Author’s Notes: This is my thirtieth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “House of Adonis.” I’d like to thank Shaun MacLeod for his ideas concerning this story. And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Children of Rage
by Marques Jeffries

“Now for Astronema and Ecliptor,” hissed Darkonda, as his ship handed towards the Dark Fortress.

“Traitor!” growled Dark Spectre, popping up in front of Darkonda’s ship.

“Dark Spectre! Ahhhhh!” screamed the villain, as his ship was swallowed by the evil monarch.

There an explosion, and then everything was cold, so very cold.

Darkonda had now become a transparent spirit. He began to float through space until he came across a Kerovan fighter jet. A lifeless young man sat in the cockpit.

*Hmmm, I wonder* Darkonda entered the body of the young man.

“Yes, it worked,” said Darkonda, as he opened his eyes. The villain decided he’d join the Kerovan rebels in their battle against the UAE. When he joined the battle, he learned that young man’s name was Pyro, and that he had the ability to set things on fire with a simple thought.

After the war ended, Darkonda decided he’d stay on KO-35 and build up an army, and hopes of one day conquering the universe.


Fifteen Years and a Half Later

Ray-Tech had finally completed their Defender Zords and Borgs, and so Mason Hodges had called a press conference in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, so that the new weapons could be demonstrated without endangering any civilians.

The Defender Zords had two forms. The first was that of a tank. While the other was that of a stealth jet. Both sets were lined with several laser cannons and heat-seeking missile launchers.

The new Defender Borgs were a striking resemblance to a beefed up CP-3PO from Star Wars. Hodges had explained that these robots had been programmed with the most advanced artificial intelligence possible.

Several News Channels were on hand, so that people worldwide could witness the results of Ray-Tech’s hard work.

The Defender Borgs climbed into their zords, and begin to fire at strategically placed targets.

This press conference had naturally attracted the attention of the Power Rangers, who were watching very closely on the viewing screen of the Astro Megaship.

“We should be spending our Spring Break in Hawaii or Orlando or maybe even the beach, instead of being up here watching Hodges’ little press conference,” Nick grumbled.

“I agree with Nick,” stated Stephanie.

“Don’t forget about that message we got from the Senturions. Some unidentified villains have been attacking Triforian, Kerovan, and Eltarian Military Outposts throughout the galaxy,” Chris stated. “Hodges’ little demonstration would be the perfect opportunity for an attack on us.”

As if on cue, one of flying Defender Zord’s heat-seeking missiles heading off course and destroyed a News van.

“C’mon let’s go,” stated Chris. The six Rangers morphed and headed down to investigate the disturbance.

As the news media ran in fear, three people showed up on the scene.

The first was Pyro, sporting his fiery red hair and wearing and wearing a red, orange, and yellow jumpsuit.

The next was a young woman, with brown hair, and wearing a pink tanktop, some white shorts, and a pair of sneakers.

The third was a guy, with curly brown hair, and wearing a white jumpsuit.

“What are the three of you!” yelled an angry Hodges.

“Its nothing personal, Hodges. We’re just sending a message,” Pyro stated.

“Well you’re not going to send it here,” hissed the Shadow Ranger, as he appeared, with his Shadow Blade drawn.

“Lori, teach this rogue Ranger a lesson,” ordered Pyro.

“With pleasure,” the girl replied. The girl focused her attention on the Shadow Ranger, and in mere seconds, the evil Ranger went flying through the air, and crashing into a nearby rock formation.

“You’re all freaks!” yelled Hodges.

“Shut up, Hodges, and let us take care of this,” stated the White Ranger, as the six Power teens took their fighting stances.

“The Power Rangers,” hissed Pyro. “I’ve waited a long time for this.” Seconds later, the Rangers’ caught on fire under their suits.

“Ahhhhh!” yelled the Gold Ranger, in pain.

“How is this possible!?” exclaimed the Pink Ranger.

“Lori, finish off the Defender Zords and Borgs,” Pyro ordered.

Lori turned her attention to the vehicles, and instantly they all began to fire on each other. Fire and metal fragments littered the area as the Defender weapons destroyed one another.

“This is really bizarre,” commented Stephanie.

“Get up you stupid Rangers, and get them!” demanded Hodges.

“Hodges, if you don’t talk a little kinder to us, we’ll let them destroy you!” yelled the Gold Ranger.

“Okay, PLEASE, you stupid Rangers........get up and destroy them!” Hodges stated.

“That’s a little better,” Nick retorted.

The six Rangers did their best not to think about the pain, and rose to their feet ready to confront their powerful foes.

“So the six of you want some more, huh,” taunted Pyro. “Vertigo, show them what you can do.”

The guy in the white jumpsuit nodded, and then removed his sunglasses, allowing a white Beam of light to shoot out of his eyes.

The beam struck the Rangers’ helmet causing the teens to lose their equilibrium.

“I’m feeling really dizzy, guys,” Michelle groaned.

“I think I’m gonna throw up,” added Joseph, before all six of the Rangers fell to the ground.

“I think we’ve proven our point. Come, Lori and Vertigo, we have other things to attend, but before we go......Rangers, if you happen to see the former Red Astro Ranger and his sister.....tell them Pyro said hello.” With that the three powerful people teleported away, in flashes of red light.

“Get up, and go after them!” demanded Hodges. As the Rangers laid on the hot sand, they vanished.

“Where did they go?” asked the Shadow Ranger.

“I don’t know,” Hodges replied. “I wish those three freaks had been on our side. They really stuck it to the Power Rangers.”


The Rangers materialized in the Power Lair, where Andros, Billy, Cassie, Darion, Zhane, and Karone were waiting.

“We saw everything on television. Are you guys okay?” Karone asked, as she, Cassie, and Zhane helped the Rangers to their feet.

“Power Down,” Chris said weakly.

No sooner had she demorphed did Stephanie run over to a nearby trashcan and throw up.

“I’d better go get something to settle their stomachs,” suggested Karone, before heading upstairs.

"Andros, that guy Pyro knew you and Karone,” stated Joseph.

“Pyro? Did you say Pyro?” Andros said.

“Yeah, do you know him?” Joseph asked.

“Yes. Pyro is from KO-35. He was a childhood friend of Zhane and myself,” Andros replied.

“Well when he spoke of you and Karone. He said it with resentment in his voice, like he had some sort of score to settle with the two of you,” Tim said.

“This is odd indeed. All of my major enemies, with the exception of Dark Spectre were destroyed during the last war, and the same is true for Karone. In fact, there aren’t many people around now who even know that she was Astronema,” Andros stated.

“Okay, guys, here ya go,” stated Karone, as she and Ashley brought a tray, holding six glasses of juice, down the stairs.

Each Ranger took a glass, and slowly sipped on the drinks.

“Thank Gold for rapid healing powers, or we’d be burned to a crisp,” commented Nick.

“Karone, the Rangers said that Pyro knows you and Andros,” Zhane said.

“The only place I’ve seen that guy is in photos of you, Andros, and him,” the Kerovan woman replied.

“Well I’ve got a feeling we’ll all be seeing Pyro and his two friends again real soon,” Tim stated.

“Honestly, I’m not looking forward to that,” Stephanie remarked.

“Those three obviously possessed some really powerful telekinetic powers,” Darion stated.

“Everyone from KO-35 is taught telekinesis as a child. It usually just involves lifting and moving things, but Pyro was the only person from our planet that could set things on fire. He could have used his unique to bully people when we were in school, but I can only remember him using his powers for simple things like starting campfires or lighting torches. This is definitely not the Pyro that I remember,” Andros stated.

“Back when I was helping the rebels build weapons for the war, Pyro was always willing to help. He was willing to sacrifice his life if necessary to make sure that the UAE was defeated. Maybe fighting in the war did something to his mind,” Zhane suggested.

“Maybe so, but we’ve got to come up with some way to counter the telekinetic powers of those three,” said Chris.


In a forest, Pyro and his two comrades discussed their next move.

“So now that this whole planet knows that we can beat the Rangers...will we finally make our demands?” asked Vertigo.

“You don’t get it, do you?! Weren’t you paying attention when I told you about the Power Rangers!” snapped Pyro. “We won’t be able to conquer anything as long as they are around.”

“Calm down, Pyro, Vertigo and I were listening when you told us about the Power Rangers’ meddling ways, but we just don’t understand why you are so obsessed with destroying them, especially the former Red Ranger and the woman who was Astronema?” Lori inquired. “We want to help you, we really do, but you have to be truthful with us.”

“When both of your parents were killed during the war, I took the two of you in when no one else would. I taught you how to use your powers to the fullest, and today the three of us humiliated the Power Rangers, in front of the whole planet. These stupid Earthlings are probably scared to death that we’ll turn this whole planet into a wasteland. The only thing the two of you need to understand is that Andros and his sister Karone will be destroyed, then we’ll crush the current Rangers, and then we will make this planet ours.” Pyro commanded. “Now here is how we will lure Andros and Karone out into the open.”


With all of the earlier chaos, Chris had nearly forgotten that he’d promised to take Jasmine to the new Italian restaurant in town. Fortunately, Nick remembered and brought to his brother’s attention.

“Chris, you look like you’ve been working in the sun all day.” Jasmine commented on Chris’ skin color, which hadn’t completely returned to normal.

“Nick and I were doing some outdoor work for a friend,” Chris replied. “So what did you do today?”

“Oh nothing really. I stayed at home and looked at some soap operas, until Mason Hodges’ press conference came on,” Jasmine replied. “It was very frightening to see the Power Rangers knocked around like that.”

“I’ll bet the Rangers are going to have some major payback in store for those characters, next time,” Chris said.

“Maybe those three are just misunderstood or something,” Jasmine said.

“Misunderstood? They trashed Ray-Tech’s Defense weapons, and nearly killed the Rangers!” exclaimed Chris.

“Gosh, Chris, I was just making a suggestion. You didn’t have to....have to.....bite my head off,” Jasmine said, beginning to cry.

Chris hadn’t meant to get so upset. He was just tense about being powerless against Pyro and company. He also hadn’t expected Jasmine to break down like this.

“Jasmine, you’re right. I shouldn’t have gotten so bent out of shape. I’m sorry,” Chris said earnestly.

“Its okay, Chris. Its this hot weather. Its making everyone cranky,” Jasmine replied, as she wiped her eyes with a tissue.

Just then, a waiter was sent flying through the air, and crashed into a buffet bar.

“Lori.” Chris mumbled under his breathe. Sure enough, Lori and Vertigo were standing in the entrance in the place.

“Chris, its two of those people who beat up the Rangers,” Jasmine whispered.

“I’m going to go call for help,” Chris whispered as he rose from his seat and darted into the Men’s Room. Fortunately, there was no one else in there, so he was able to morph and teleport.

“What are you two doing here?” asked the Red Ranger.

“We came in here to grab a bite to eat, but since you’re here....we’ll kill you first,” Vertigo stated.

Again, Vertigo caused the Red Ranger to lose his equilibrium.

“No!” yelled Jasmine. “Leave him alone!”

“Ahhhhh! Miss Bradley, don’t try to fight them. They’re too dangerous,” pleaded the Red Ranger, as he clutched his head.

To the shock of the Ranger leader and the two telepaths, Jasmine sent both Vertigo and Lori flying through a window!

“You have telekinetic powers?” the Red Ranger said.

“Yes.” With that Jasmine ran out of the restaurant.


“Jasmine! Hey, Jasmine, wait!” yelled an unmorphed Chris, as he chased his girlfriend down a sidewalk.

“Chris, we.....we can’t see each other anymore,” Jasmine said.

“Jasmine, I don’t care if you have telekinetic powers. You just saved the Red Rangers’ life. Your a hero,” Chris stated.

“You can’t tell mom and dad what you saw,” Jasmine begged. “They would be furious if they found out that I used my powers.”

“So how long have you known that you were a telepath?” Chris asked.

“I was born with these powers. Rather than shaking my baby rattle, I made it flow through the air. A doctor once told me that these powers are the result of a genetic defect.”

“That’s nonsense. Kerovans are taught to use telekinesis. Mr. Andros once tried to teach my class how to levitate a pencil, in Kerovan History. Its just depends on how strong your mind is,” Chris explained.

“She’s coming with us,” growled Vertigo, as he and Lori came walking up.

Again, Chris lost his equilibrium, and so did Jasmine. Vertigo tied her up, and then he and Lori vanished with their prisoner.

“Jasmine, no,” Chris said weakly.

“Chris! Chris, are you alright,” asked Tim, as he and Stephanie came running up.

“Yeah, but they took Jasmine. How did you two know where to find me?” Chris questioned.

“There was a report on the radio about a disturbance at Fetticio’s. Nick told us that you and Jasmine were there, so we came to check things out,” responded Stephanie.

“We’ve got to get Jasmine back,” Chris said sadly.

“We will,” Tim vowed. “But right now we have to get back to the Power Lair.”


“Let me go! Let me go!” Jasmine screamed, as Vertigo held her arms tightly.

“She used her telekinetic powers to prevent us from finishing off the Red Ranger,” Lori explained.

“So you’re a telepath,” Pyro hissed. “You made a big mistake when you tangled with Vertigo and Lori. By the way, what were the two of you doing in town, anyway?”

‘Getting some food,” Vertigo replied sheepishly.

Pyro gave his two partnerships an angry look and then addressed Jasmine again. “I might be willing to overlook your interference if you will agree to join my team.”

“Never! I’ll never join the forces of evil!” Jasmine yelled.

“Too bad.....Kill her,” ordered Pyro.

“But...But....boss, she’s just tired. She’ll have a change of heart once she gets some rest. Please don’t make us kill her,” Lori begged.

“Lori, are you questioning my orders. Vertigo, kill them both!” commanded Pyro.

“No! I can’t...I.....I love Lori,” Vertigo replied.

“You what!?” Pyro was furious and immediately started a huge forest fire. He used a staff in his hand to knock out both Vertigo and Lori.

“Now, Miss Bradley, it is too bad that you don’t have a teleportation device like your new unconscious friends,” Pyro taunted. “I should set you on fire, but I have another use for you.” Pyro scooped up Jasmine, and teleported away with her.


“Hey, guys, I’ve got Ecliptor on the viewing screen and he’s got some information,” stated Karone, who was sitting in front of the Power Lair’s main computer.

Andros, Zhane, Darion, Cassie, and the Rangers rushed over to the screen.

“Have you found Jasmine, Ecliptor?” Chris asked.

“No, but I found Vertigo and Lori. Pyro started a forest fire, but I used the Fortress of Power’s water hose to put it out. But there something else.....Its just a strange feeling I’ve got,” Ecliptor stated.

“Tell us. Maybe it will help us find Pyro,” stated Andros.

“Well its like this.......I can sense the presence of Darkonda nearby.”

Everyone’s mouth dropped open at this revelation.

“But.....but it can’t be he was killed during the war,” Karone said.

“No one knows better than you and I, my princess, that Darkonda always had a knack for turning up just when we thought he was gone for good,” reminded Ecliptor.

“That’s tr...,” Karone’s statement, was interrupted when the signal changed, and an image of Pyro appeared on the screen.

“Power Rangers, I’ve got a hostage and I plan on killing her and then torching all of Angel Grove unless Andros, Karone, and the six of you meet me at Darkonda’s old lab. I believe Andros still remembers its location,” Pyro demanded.

“Oh we’ll be there alright,” Chris stated.

“This is a trap,” Michelle said.

“Would you expect anything less from Darkonda,” Andros stated.

“Hmmm, I think there just might be something that we can do to counteract his telekinetic powers,” Tim stated.


“Hey, Darkonda, the game is up show herself!” yelled Andros, as the group entered the lab.

“So you figured it out. No matter.....I’ve waited fifteen years to exact my revenge, and I won’t be denied,” Pyro stated as he stepped out from behind giant viewing screen.

“Revenge? Revenge for what?!” Karone asked. “You got killed, because of your backstabbing ways.”

“Yes, but none of that would have happened if Andros hadn’t constantly thwarted my plans, or if Astronema hadn’t been Dark Spectre’s favorite servant,” Pyro replied.

Pyro focused his attention on his enemies, but something strange happened. They exploded!

“What!” Pyro said in puzzlement.

“How did you like the Robo Rangers and Robo Mentors?” asked the real Red Rangers, as he and the other Rangers stood in the entrance of the lab.

“While you were running your mouth, we found Jasmine and she’s safe now,” stated the Yellow Ranger.

“So, Darkonda, that means that your extra life is about to run out,” added the Gold Ranger.

Before Pyro could focus on the Rangers, he was struck in the head by Karone’s boomerang.

“After all of the rotten things you did to me, I just had to be here to see you finally get what you deserve, Darkonda,” stated Karone, who along with Andros and Zhane was standing behind the Rangers.

“Rangers, I’ve regained my senses. I’ve going to set myself on fire to destroy Darkonda,” stated Pyro.

“No, don’t do it, Pyro,” Andros pleaded. “We’ll find another way to exorcise Darkonda out of you.”

“There is no other way, my friend. I’m glad you found your sister, and that the Power Rangers are still carrying on Zordon’s legacy. Now I must do what is necessary to destroy this evil being inside of me.”

Before the heroes could utter another protest, Pyro set himself on fire.

“No! I was so close to enacting my revenge!” screamed the Darkonda part of Pyro.

“Good-bye, old friend,” Zhane said.

“The good energy in Pyro will destroy Darkonda’s spirit,” Andros stated.

“We’d better get out of here before this whole place comes down,” Tim suggested. With that, the Rangers and their two mentors teleported to safety.


At the ruins of the Power Chamber, the Senturions had come to pick up Vertigo and Lori.

“Darkonda used us for his selfish purposes. He had Vertigo and I believing that we should use our powers to bully those weaker than we were,” Lori said. “We’re truly sorry for all of the trouble we caused, and tell Mr. Hodges we’re sorry, also.”

“We accept your apology, but as for Hodges.......The two of you actually did us a favor when you destroyed his Defense weapons,” Andros eplained. “Hodges isn’t what he seems, and we’re sure that no matter how times he says that those things were going to protect the planet, he would have eventually used them for evil purposes.”

‘So what will happen to them? I mean, Jasmine said that they tried to change their evil ways” Chris said.

“Yes, but they destroyed several military outposts, and that’s something that the governing body of the Allied Planets won’t be able to overlook. Since they’re minors, they’ll probably end up at an Eltarian boot camp,” a Blue Senturion stated.

“We don’t care, as long as we are together,” Vertigo said.

“Yeah,” Lori replied breathlessly, as the two of them made goo-goo eyes at each other.

“So how is Shaun doing?” asked Zhane.

“He’s currently working on a special assignment. We’ve gotten some very disturbing information, so the Phantom Ranger is investigating the validity of the things that we have heard,” stated the Blue Senturion.

“Let us know if we can help,” Chris stated.

“We will. Now we must go. Farewell, Power Rangers,” stated a Black Senturion.

“Farewell, Senturions,” replied the Rangers, in unison.

The Senturions along with their two prisoners teleported up to the Senturions’ starship, and then the ship ascended into ship.

“I hope things work out for Vertigo and Lori,” Michelle said.

“Yeah, its truly amazing how love can change the hearts of the most vile of villains,” replied Joseph.

As his teammates rambled on about their latest battle, the Senturions’ statement about something very disturbing going on in space was weighing heavy on Tim’s mind. His dreams about Zordon warning the Rangers about an evil that they might not be able to withstand had not ceased, and Tim couldn’t help but wonder just what the future held for him and his teammates.


The End