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by: Marques Jeffries

This series takes place 15 years after the final battle between the Power Rangers and the United Alliance of Evil.

The following is a list of the main characters of this series, and how they fit into the series.

Andros - He teaches Astronomy at Angel Grove High, and secretly serves as a mentor to the Power Rangers.

Ashley - She is now co-owner of Ivory Creations, a fashion house.

Karone - She is a model at Ivory Creations

Zhane - He now owns The Silver Pulse, Angel Grove’s hippest nightclub.

T.J. Howard - The new owner of the Surf Spot

Cassie Chan - She is now a computer programmer at Ray-Tech.

Tommy Oliver - After eight successful years on the NASCAR circuit, he returned to his true love, running a dojo.

Kimberly Oliver - She is the other co-owner of Ivory Creations.

Christopher Medlin (Red Ranger) - The new leader of the Power Rangers. He is the brains of the Medlin brothers.

Timothy Bennett (White Ranger) - Andros and Ashley adopt him, after his parents are murdered.

Michelle Chan (Pink Ranger) - She is sent to live with her Aunt Cassie, after getting in trouble with the law, now she is ready to turn her life around and follow in the footsteps of her aunt, as the new Pink Ranger.

Stephanie Fairchild (Yellow Ranger) - Stephanie comes from one of the richest families in the country. She never truly had any friends until now.

Joseph Guerrero (Blue Ranger) - This Latino stud is #1 in the eyes of all the girls at Angel Grove High.

Nicolas Medlin (Gold Ranger) - He is the brawn of the Medlin brothers. Though very reliable, Nick sometimes lets his temper overrule his better judgement.

Mason Hodges - The powerful CEO of Ray-Tech, an organization that supplies defense weapons to other planets.

Derek Simon (Shadow Ranger) - Vice President of Ray-Tech. He also handles all of Hodges’ “dirty work.”

Princess Zara -Queen of the Brood

The Brood - A ruthless race of beings that are bent on conquering the universe

The Tenga Gang - These futuristic thugs have adopted the image of Lord Zedd’s feathered foot soldiers.