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Our Story
by: Kim and Mariah

Setting - Angel Grove High school

Mrs. Applebee- Well class, that concludes our discussion on evolution. (bell rings) See you tomorrow class.

Kim- (to Mariah) What's up?

Mariah- Nothing much.

Kim- Do you want to walk home with me? Tommy has to stay after school and demands that I don't walk home alone.

Mariah- Sure. Work doesn't start until 5:30 anyway..

(on the corner of Angel Grove Highway and Magnolia)

Kim- Tommy is so worried about me. I'm sick and tired of him watching me like a hawk!

Mariah- It just shows that he really loves and cares about you.

Kim- Well, I just feel like he's being to overprotective. He always listening to Micheal, I'm just sick and tired of it. He had never, in the two years that we were together, acted like this till Micheal came.

Mariah- He just doesn't want you to get hurt. Just let him play hero. I wonder if Rocky's okay. He wasn't at school today.

Kim- Maybe you scared him away. He realized what he told me and chickened out!

Mariah- Funny. Very funny. I guess we all know who's going to get my vote for homecoming queen this year.

Kim- who?

Mariah- I don't know. Maybe... KAT!

Kim- You wouldn't! Would you?

Mariah- I'm surprised at you Kimberly Ann Hart! I thought you knew me better than that! Of course I wouldn't vote for Katherine.

Kim- You had me there for a minute, Mariah. Thank you. I swear, for a sec... (All of a sudden, Kim's world goes dark.)

Mariah- (turns around) What the... KIM! What's wrong with you dude? You could've killed her!

Dude- One last person in the world. Oh, I'm crying.

Mariah- What do you want anyway?

Dude- I want your money and valuables.

Mariah- Well, you didn't have to knock her upside the head!

Dude- That would take the fun out of it!

Setting- four blocks down.

Tommy- (thinking to himself) I hope that Kim didn't walk home alone. I'm just so afraid I'm going to l...

Mariah- (off in the distance) HELP!!!! (Then, her world goes dark)

Tommy- (speaking to himself) That sounded like Mariah. MARIAH! (Tommy starts running down the street to where Kim and Mariah are) Kim! Mariah! How did this happen? Who did this? Why? (Kim starts to stir around and she just barely opens her eyes)

Kim- (weakly) Tommy, I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you. Next time I will... (she goes back out)

Tommy- (starting to break up) Kim? Kim! (he goes to cradle her and then he realizes how much blood she's lost.) I'm going to get help. I'll be back a.s.a.p. (He goes to the nearest pay phone and calls 911 and runs back) Girls, I'm back. Help is on the way. (the ambulance arrives)

police officer- How did you find them?

Tommy- I was walking home after school and heard Mariah scream. So, I ran here and found them unconscious. Then, I called 911.

police officer- Well, you need to go to the police station so you can be questioned. I'd advise you to go now.

Tommy- But I can't. I have to be with Kim. If I'm not there, then she'll never get better.

police officer- Most likely, if you don't go now, then they'll begin to suspect you.

Tommy- Do you think I would hurt them?

police officer- You seem like a nice young man. I'msure you didn't do this to these girls, but opinions don't count. Facts do.

Tommy- I guess you're right. Tell Kim that I'll be there as soon as I can. (Tommy leaves.)

Setting- Police Station

Tommy- ... and that's my story.

police officer #1- Okay kid. Thanks for the information. You're free to leave.

Tommy- No problem. Hey, can I use your phone to call my brother about what happened?

police officer #2- yeah, sure. Over there. (He points at the phone on the desk)

Tommy- Thanks. (He goes to it and calls Micheal)

Micheal- Talk to me!

Tommy- Micheal, it's me. Call the others and tell them to meet me at the hospital.

Micheal- Why? Are you hurt?

Tommy- Not me. Kim and Mariah.

Micheal- Are they okay?

Tommy- I don't know yet. I'm at the police station. They were questioning me about what I saw. I was planning on going to the hospital now.

Micheal- Okay. I'll call the others.


Tommy- ... and right now Mariah's in X-ray just to make sure she didn't break anything.

Aisha- Are they awake yet?

Tommy- I don't know? When I arrived they were just taking them to X-ray.

Nurse- Are you guys here for Mariah Johnson and Kimberly Hart?

Tommy- Yes ma'mm.

Nurse- You can see them now, but I'd advise that you go one at a time.

Tommy- Well I'm going to Kim's room.

Rocky- And I'm going to Mariah's room.

Setting- Kim's room

Tommy- (walks in and sits on the side of her bed.) Kim, I'm so sorry. I knew that I shouldn't of stayed after school...

Setting- Mariah's room

(Rocky enters the room)

Mariah- Hey! How's it going?

Rocky- Not much. Are you okay?

Mariah- Yeah, of course! I always pull through. Right?

Rocky- Yeah, I guess you're right. I wish this didn't happen to you and Kim. I feel really bad that I wasn't there for you.

Mariah- Rocky, you're so sweet. You shouldn't blame yourself. Tommy's saying that too. It's nobody's fault. Is everybody here?

Rocky- Yeah. The nurse said one at a time, so I came in here while Tommy went in Kim's room. He's really shook up bad. We all are. You guys could of been killed.

Mariah- I know. Wow, you're getting really upset about this. Come here and give me a hug! (they hug) Do you feel better?

Rocky- Yeah. Actually I do. Well, I better go and let you talk to the rest of them.

Mariah- Okay! See ya later! (Rocky leaves and after a few moments Aisha enters) Aisha, hi!

Aisha- Hi. How are you? Is it painful?

Mariah- I'm fine. I can hardly feel anything at all. Is Kim ok?

Aisha- I don't know. Tommy's still in there. (after a moment) Are you mad at me because I'm going with Adam? Tell me the truth!

Mariah- I was mad at first, but now I'm cool with it.

Aisha- I'm sorry. I know you two were like soul mates, or something.

Mariah- You don't have to apologize because you have feelings for him. You two make a great couple! (she yawns) I think the medicine is getting to me.

Aisha- I'll leave so you can get your rest. Bye! (she leaves)

Setting- hospital lobby

(Aisha returns)

Adam- Is she okay?

Aisha- I don't know. (before she finishes, Adam runs towards Mariah's room) Adam. Adam, where are you going? Okay. I'm going to get a drink or something. Does anyone want to come?

Rocky- I'll come. Anyone else? (everyone shake their heads 'no'. Rocky and Aisha leave)

Setting- Mariah's room

(Mariah's asleep in the bed as Adam rushes in)

Adam- Oh my god! She's dead! (Adam rushes around frantically, trying to find the nurse call button)

Mariah- Adam? Is that you? What are you doing?

Adam- What? You're not dead?

Mariah- Adam, if I was dead, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you. Quit spazzing out!

Adam- Okay. I guess you're right. I was so worried out in the lobby. I shouldn't have gone to basketball practice. I had this feeling all day that something bad was going to happen.

Mariah- You had no way of knowing what was going to happen. You shouldn't worry. Is Tommy still with Kim?

Adam- Yeah. My... (the doctor comes in with a serious look on her face)

Doctor- Sorry to interrupt. Mariah, you have a minor concussion.

Mariah- In English, that means...

Doctor- It means Miss Johnson, that your head is bruised.

Mariah- Oh, thanks. When will I be out of here?

Doctor- By tomorrow, at the latest.

Mariah- Okay, thanks again. Oh, how's Kim?

Doctor- She's in a coma. Her brain is bruised. (the doctor leaves)

Mariah- Oh my god! I can't believe this! Poor Tommy.

Adam- Wow, do you mind if I go see her?

Mariah- Of course not! Go! (Adam leaves. Mariah rolls over and cries herself to sleep, praying that Kim is going to pull through this)

Setting- Juice Bar- 3 weeks later

(Mariah is by herself at a table with books spread out all over the top)

Mariah- Ugh! I can't do this! I hate Geometry! (she slams her book shut)

Rocky- Whoa, has World War III already started? I kinda wanted to get in on the action.

Mariah- I can't concentrate on school when I have this much stress.

Rocky- What you need is a night out on the town.

Mariah- Do you really think so?

Rocky- I definitely think so. How about you and me go to the movies this weekend?

Mariah- Well, um, I don't know.

Rocky- Okay, but I still think you need to get out. (he gets up and takes her by the hand) Lets go right now.

Mariah- What? Rocky, tell me what's going on!

Rocky- It's a surprise.

Mariah- You know how I hate surprises!

Rocky- Oh, come on. It's not going to kill you!

Mariah- Okay. (she grabs her backpack) Lead away!

Rocky- Okay. Let's go!

Setting- Kim's room at hospital

Tommy- Kim, please come back to me. I can't stand it when I'm not with you. (the doctor enters) How is she, doc?

Doctor- The swelling in her brain has decreased quite a bit. I'm surprised she hasn't woken up yet. (the doctor leaves)

Tommy- Come on Kim. Get better. (he kisses her forehead) I've got to go, but I'll be back soon. (he leaves)

Setting- Northern part of Angel Grove Park that overlooks Angel Grove.

(Rocky and Mariah are walking up a hill where there is a picnic all set up)

Rocky- We're almost there. Okay. Now you can open your eyes.

Mariah- (opens her eyes) Oh, it's beautiful! (she gives him a hug)

Rocky- I tried to find the most beautiful spot in the park. Do you like it?

Mariah- I love it!

Rocky- I hoped you would.

Mariah- I do. Very much. (they finish the picnic and sit by a nearby willow tree to look at the view) It's so pretty up here.

Rocky- Diddo.

Mariah- (giggling) Say what?

Rocky- Hey! I'm from New York. We always talk like that. You talked like that. Right?

Mariah- Uh, no.

Rocky- You did too!

Mariah- Did not.

Rocky- Did too.

Mariah- Just shut-up! I don't talk like that!

Rocky- Why do you always win?

Mariah- Because I'm good at it. You probably just let me win anyway.

Rocky- Yep. I let you win.

Mariah- Thanks! It really helps my self-esteem.

Rocky- Don't mention it. (They look into each others eyes and for a split second it seemed nothing ever changed between them. They lean toward each other to start to kiss, when a figure comes towards them)

Liz- Hey! Oh, sorry! I hope I wasn't interrupting anything!

Rocky- (sarcastically) No, of course not! We were just trying to see who's taller!

Mariah- Uh, yeah. Rocky's definitely taller than me. Wow, look at the time! I've really got to go.

Rocky- Okay. I'll walk you home.

Mariah- Uh, no. That's okay. I'm going over to the hospital tonight. Thanks anyway. Thanks for everything, Rocky. It really cheered me up. (she runs over to him and kisses him on the cheek) Bye!

Liz- Bye!

Rocky- Yeah, bye. (he says softly, like he's talking to himself and feeling very confused) Why did she get nervous like that?

Liz- I don't have a clue. Are you guys back together?

Rocky- Not exactly.

Liz- It sure looked like you were. Well, I'll see ya later. (she leaves)

Rocky- Okay. Bye. (he starts to walk towards the hospital and couldn't help but remember that split second, before Liz showed up) I think she likes me. (he says this smiling to himself)

Setting- Kim's hospital room

(Tommy is asleep in a chair by the bed. Mariah enters)

Mariah- Kim, I'm sorry this had happened. Once you wake up, I can tell you about what happened with Rocky and me tonight. (Tommy wakes, but sits silently in the chair. Mariah starts to cry) And poor Tommy, I haven't seen him in three weeks, except for school. I can't take it anymore! He's so sad and depressed all the time. I wish I could do something, but he doesn't let anyone even touch him. It's really bad!

Tommy- (walks over to Mariah) Hey, are you okay?

Mariah- I'm sorry if I woke you up. I guess I'm okay. I don't really know. (they hug for the longest time) Tommy, I'm starting to get worried about you.

Tommy- You shouldn't be worried about me. You should be worried about you and Rocky. (laughing)

Mariah- You heard that?

Tommy- Yeah, kind of. Sorry.

Mariah- It's okay. Just don't tell anyone.

Tommy- Okay.

Mariah- Hey, why don't we get out of here and go down to that coffee shop around the corner?

Tommy- Okay. Just let me put my hair up.

Mariah- Okay. Can I help? (she giggles)

Tommy- Sure. (he sits down in the chair he was in before. Mariah puts his hair in a perfect ponytail and they leave)

Setting- The coffee shop.

(Mariah and Tommy sit down at a table by the window)

Mariah- Aren't you glad I thought of this place?

Tommy- Yeah, actually I am.

Mariah- How much sleep have you gotten in the past three weeks?

Tommy- About ... five hours. (they laugh)

Mariah- I'm serious Tommy. You really need to get out of that hospital.

Tommy- But I love Kim. I want to be there when she wakes up.

Mariah- I know you love Kim, but ... I don't know. I'm just afraid that this is going to affect your health.

Tommy- I'll be fine.

Mariah- Well, I better go. It's almost ten o'clock. Just try to remember what I said. (she leans over and kisses him on the cheek) Bye.

Tommy- I'll see you tomorrow. (she walks out the door)

Setting- Adam's living room

(Adam and Aisha are on the couch making out. Aisha pulls away)

Aisha- Whoa, I've got to go.

Adam- Why? I don't want you to go!

Aisha- Would you please stop your whining! It gets on my nerves!

Adam- Sorry.

Aisha- You should be. (Adam gets up and walks her to the door)

Adam- I'll see you tomorrow.

Aisha- Okay. (she leans over and kisses him) Bye. (Adam waves and closes the door)

Adam- (to himself) Mariah never got this mad when I "whined".

Setting- Kim's hospital room- the next day.

(Rocky enters Kim's room)

Rocky- What am I going to do? Kim, I really need you to help with Mariah and me. (Tommy and Mariah enter)

Tommy- Oh, we're sorry Rocky. We didn't know you were here.

Rocky- No, it's okay. I - I've been here for a while.

Mariah- (walking towards Rocky and whispers in his ear) Come with me to the lobby. Let's leave Tommy alone with Kim.

Rocky- We'll be back in a while Tommy.

Tommy- All right. (Mariah and Rocky leave) Hi Kim. I'm back. Everyone is getting mad at me. They're mad at me because I won't leave this room and get some sleep. (Micheal knocks lightly on the door and walks in)

Micheal- Hey Bro! How long have you been here?

Tommy- Just walked in.

Micheal- Well, where you last night?

Tommy- Here of course.

Micheal- But you said that you just walked in.

Tommy- Well, maybe I was getting some fresh air. As if it is any of your business.

Micheal- Well I'm soo sorry. Maybe if you spent more time with other people who aren't back stabbers...

Kim- (very weakly) I heard that!

Tommy- Kim, you're awake.

Kim- (still very weakly) Could you please keep it down. I've got a really bad head-ache. What am I doing here?

Tommy- You were attacked. You've been in a coma for a little over three weeks. Kim- How much sleep did you get?

Tommy- Some. More like five hours. Kim, wait right here. I'm going to get the doctor. If Micheal tries anything, just let me know.

Kim- Okay. (Tommy leaves)


Setting- hospital lobby

(Rocky and Mariah are sitting on the couch. Five minutes later...)

Mariah- I can't stand this anymore! (She grabs his arm and pulls him close to her and they kiss passionatly)

Rocky- Wow. What was that for?

Mariah- I don't know. I can't believe I just did that! We never even kissed like that when we were thirteen!

Rocky- Yeah, really. I can't believe you did that either!

Mariah- It was completely uncalled for and I'm sorry. It'll never happen again. I've got to go.

Rocky- (grabbing her and sitting her down on the couch) You're not going anywhere and I kinda want it to happen again. You didn't do anything wrong..

Mariah- Do you really think so?

Rocky- Yeah, sure. Please stay. For Kim.

Mariah- Okay, but I can't make any promises.

Rocky- Okay. You look a little uncomfortable.

Mariah- I am.

Rocky- Is it because of what just happened?

Mariah- Sort of. (A moment passes by) Do you remember when we were going to kiss at the picnic? You know, before Liz showed up.

Rocky- Yeah. I can't stop thinking about it.

Mariah- Did you feel, like, nothing changed between us, you know, from New York?

Rocky- Yeah, I did.

Mariah- Okay. I didn't want be weird or anything.

Rocky- Don't worry, you are.

Mariah- (sarcastically) You are so funny. I know I'm weird. You know I'm weird.

Rocky- You are not weird.

Mariah- Okay. Remember when we were six years old? I wanted to be in the circus.

Rocky- Oh, yeah. You wanted to be the bearded lady! That was funny! (he laughs)

Mariah- You see. I am weird! (she goes to the phone booth. Rocky looks over at Mariah and smiles at her)

Adam- What is Mariah mad at now?

Rocky- She's saying she's weird.

Adam- Yep, I know that arguement. Has she given you the circus story yet?

Rocky- Yeah. I was with her that day, when she proclaimed to the world that she was going to be the bearded lady for The Ringling Brothers!

Adam- (laughing) That was probably funny!

Rocky- It was. I need to ask you a question, Adam.

Adam- Shoot.

Rocky- When you were going with Mariah, did she seem like she wasn't good enough for you?

Adam- Yeah. She's really self-conscience about herself. Is she acting like that, or something?

Rocky- Yeah. She wasn't like this up in New York.

Adam- Maybe something happened to her in Australia or here, before we came. Go ask Jason. He could probably help you out.

Rocky- Yeah, thanks man. I owe you one. I'll ask Jason when he comes back from his aunt's. (Tommy runs in)

Tommy- She's awake! Kim's back! (Rocky and Adam both start to run to Kim's room, but they remember about Mariah and turn back)

Adam- Don't worry man. I'll get her.

Rocky- Okay. (he runs to Kim's room. Adam goes to Mariah. He sits down with her and puts his arm around her)

Adam- Hey, it'll be okay. Kim's back. Why are you crying? You should be happy!

Mariah- I'm crying because I am happy.

Adam- I know how you must feel. Come on, lets see Kim.

Mariah- Okay. (they go to Kim's room)

Setting- outside of Kim's room

Mariah- (walks in front of Kim's room and sees a crowd) What's the hold up?

Tommy- The doctor is checking her out. When she comes out, she'll tell us if Kim can have any visitors. (the doctor comes out)

Doctor- Well, for now, we think it would be best if she had no visitors. We're going to move her to a room, where we can watch her more closely. We don't want her to get too excited.

Tommy- How long will she not be able to have any visitors?

Doctor- Anywhere between twelve to sixteen hours.

Tommy- Can't I talk to her for one minute?

Doctor- Sorry, you can wait. If you would like to wait out here for a minute, you can say hi as we take her to her new room.

Tommy- Fine with me. (A few minutes later) Hi Kim.

All- Hi

Kim- Hi, see you later, and Tommy, get some sleep.

Tommy- Yes Kim. (She enters her new room) How could she tell?

Mariah- It's a wild guess, but your eyes are 1/4th of the way open, you're not standing right, and your voice is low.

Tommy- Is it really that obvious?

Rocky- 'Fraid so! I think you should go home and take a twelve hour nap!

Tommy- I guess it would be for the best. If I don't, she'll kill me.

Adam- We'll call you when we get word that we can see her.

Tommy- Thanks. (he heads toward home)

Mariah- I'm surprised he was even willing to leave.

Aisha- She sure has a lot of authority over him.

Setting- Kim's room-12 hours later

Doctor- You've had a remarkable recovery. I think you can have some visitors. (the doctor goes to the lobby) You can see her now.

Mariah- Thank you ma'mm.

Rocky- Let's go and see Kim.

Mariah- Okay. (she takes his hand. Adam sees this and feels in his heart great sadness for breaking up with Mariah to go with Aisha)

Kim- (tiredly) Hi, guys. Where's Tommy?

Rocky- He's at home sleeping. Your orders.

Kim- Good thing for him. I would have had to kill him.

Mariah- Well, Adam is calling him right now. Tommy's orders.

Kim- Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt him to come and see me. (Adam walks in) Hi Adam!

Adam- Hi Kim. How do you feel?

Kim- All right, I guess. (Tommy runs in)

Tommy- What do you mean by "I guess"?

Kim- I just meant that I'm not 100%. So, stay off my back.

Mariah- Rocky, I sense a little tension here. Maybe we should leave.

Kim- no need to leave. There's no tension here. . . . Right Tommy!

Tommy- Right Kimberly!

Adam- Well, I'm leaving, I'll...go... get the others. (He slips out the door)

Kim- Great Tommy, just great. You just had to scare Adam away.

Tommy- It was not my fault. I'm going to leave 'til you calm down. (he leaves)

Rocky- I'll go talk to Tommy. You stay here with Kim. (Rocky leaves)

Mariah- Kim we need to talk. Majorely. Now, what was that all about?

Kim- He walked in and started causing a problem. He needs to stop treating me like a baby.

Mariah- He's just concerned about you. I think you're overreacting.

Kim- Mariah, trust me. I know what I'm talking about.

Mariah- I've known Tommy as long as you have. He's my best friend. He's in love with you. Whenever I'm at his house, or when he's at my house, he can't stop talking about you. It drives me crazy sometimes!

Kim- You know what? I think you're right. The only reason why Tommy is the way he is, is because he loves me.

Mariah- I get tired of always being right!

Kim- Oh, please. (She throws a pillow at Mariah, who ducks out of the way. The pillow hits Adam in the face as he comes into the room.)

Mariah- (laughing) Oops! Sorry Adam!

Adam- It's okay. (to Kim) I see you're in a better mood.

Kim- Yeah, Mariah is an expert of getting people out of bad moods.

Adam- Yep. She's got something inside of her that knows what's wrong.

Mariah- Guys! It's called a brain! I just make all kinds of observations and guess on what the problem is. Besides, I like cheering people up. It's like my hobby, or something. I'm going to go see what happened to Tommy and Rocky. I'll talk to you later. (she leaves)

Setting- hospital courtyard

(Tommy and Rocky are sitting on a bench. Mariah spots them and walks towards them)

Mariah- There you guys are. Kim's in a better mood. Anyone still planning on seeing her?

Tommy- Do you think I should?

Mariah- Yeah, sure. She's figured out a lot of stuff.

Tommy- I'll go see her, then. (They run in the front door.)

Setting- Kim's hospital room

Kim- ... I don't know why I blew up at him like that. It must be this medication they gave me.

Adam- Could be a possibility. (Tommy, Rocky, and Mariah walk in)

Kim- Tommy, I'm so sorry for what I did to you. I don't ...

Tommy- Kim, I know you're sorry. There's no need for long apologies. So, have they told you when you can leave?

Kim- They said that in about fifteen minutes they're going to take me for another CAT Scan. If they don't find anything, I can go tonight, if they do, who knows. They should be here any minute. They said they want me to be totally relaxed. So, they're going to give me stuff that will put me out for about two hours.

Tommy- Why so long?

Kim- I don't know. I told them that if they find anything, to tell you first. (the nurses come in) I guess this is my cue. I'll see you later. (she leaves)

Adam- (to Tommy) Don't worry man, she'll be fine.

Rocky- Yeah, she'll be home tonight.

Mariah- And you'll see her in class tomorrow.

Tommy- I guess you're right. There won't be anything wrong.

Setting-two hours later

Kim- Did you guys wait here for two hours?

Rocky- Tommy did, but the rest of us didn't.

Kim- Well I expected him to. Have the doctors said anything.

Adam- No, not at all.

Kim- Well, while we wait for an answer, I have a couple of questions.

Mariah- Okay. Go for it.

Kim- Okay. What's up with you two? (she points to Mariah and Rocky) And Adam, what's up with you and Aisha?

Mariah- Nothing much, why?

Kim- I don't know. It's just that you guys are always together.

Mariah- Um, guess what?! I'm doing better on that back-hand-spring!

Kim- Mariah Johnson, you aren't trying to change the subject on me, are you?

Mariah- All right. I'll tell. (she looks at Rocky) Rocky and I have decided to give it another chance. Okay? Are you happy?

Kim- All right! I always thought you two made a good couple! (Mariah and Kim hug) And you, (she points to Rocky) it's about time you've started dating again. Adam, you're next.

Adam- Aisha and I broke up yesterday.

Kim- I'm sorry to hear that.

Adam- Yeah.

Kim- Hey, you'll find someone else.

Setting- thirty minutes later

(Mariah, Rocky, and Adam are out in the lobby. Mariah and Rocky are sitting on the couch together and Adam is standing by the couch looking at Mariah and Rocky picking at each other)

Mariah- Rocky, cut it out! (She laughs as Rocky continues to tickle her) I mean it!

Rocky- No way! Adam, come help me.

Adam- Can't.

Rocky- Why not?

Adam- I lost my privilage to. (he walks away)

Rocky- Has ha been acting weird around you lately?

Mariah- Actually, yeah. Why?

Rocky- I don't know. I just have this feeling .

Mariah- Uh, Oh. Watch out! Don't worry about Adam, he's just a little depressed about Aisha.

Rocky- If that's what you think, it's fine with me.

Mariah- Come on. Lets go somewhere.

Rocky- Where exactly do you want to go?

Mariah- I don't know. Let's just walk around a little.

Rocky- All right. Lets go.

Mariah- Wait. I want to tell Kim that we're leaving. (she runs to Kim's room. The phone rings in the office. The nurse answers it.)

Nurse- Is there a Mariah Johnson here?

Rocky- She's a friend of mine. I'll answer it. (Mariah returns to the lobby to find Rocky on the phone.) ...hold on, here she is. Mariah, it's your mom. (he talks into the phone again.) It was nice talking to you again Mrs. Johnson.

Mariah- How did she know I was here? (Rocky shrugs his shoulders and hands her the phone) Hi Mom. (Mariah talks for a few minutes. Mariah hangs up the phone and walks outside, where Rocky is waiting)

Rocky- So, what's up in NY?

Mariah- As soon as Kim gets better, we all are going up to New York for a few weeks.

Rocky- Really? That's going to be awesome!

Mariah- Yep. We can show them all of our old hang outs and everything. Where were you wanting to go?

Rocky- I don't know. Anywhere I guess.

Mariah- Okay, then. I guess we could go back to my place If you want.

Rocky: Sure no problem with me. (they leave)

The story will continue...............................