Disclaimer : Okay, this is my first attempt at a Kimberly/Jason romance fanfiction. Though this is a relationship that was often overlooked on the series, it was hinted at in the last movie and I wanted to put it to a fanfiction. I've always wanted to see these two together anyway. Lol. These characters do not belong to me and I'm using them without permission from their real owner, Saban Entertainment. I hope you enjoy my fanfiction, please send all comments to me at Cleopat213@aol.com.

A Ranger Romance: Part One
A New Romance Is About To Blossom
By Kimber

Florida: Coach Gunther Smidt's Gymnastics School

"Once again Kimberly, you must have a perfect and flawless beam routine if your to perform well in the Olympics." Coach Smidt walked around the gym critiquing all of the gymnasts performing on different apparatuses. When he turned his back on Kimberly she rolled her eyes and clenched her fists. She thought to herself as she hopped back onto the beam. She didn't mind all the hard work she was doing, lord knew she would need if she was going to perform better at the Olympics, but Coach could really get on a person's nerves after awhile. Getting ready to practice her routine again, Kimberly Hart was about to get a blast from her past that would change her life.

Florida:The Miami Airport

"Flight 121,direct from California has now landed at Gate 3b,repeat: Flight 121,direct from California has now landed at Gate 3b." The loud speaker sounded off after it had finished its message. Passengers began to pour out of gate 3B.The last passenger, stepped out. He was a very handsome teenager with dark brown hair, cut short, brown puppy dog eyes and he was very well built. Walking to the baggage claim, Jason lee Scott, thought about the reason he had flown all the way from Angel Grove California to Miami Florida. That reason: Kimberly Ann Hart, his old time friend, and long time crush. Of course He had never actually admitted that one fact to her .He went through it over and over again in his mind. He'd even gone so far as to admit his feelings for Kim to Tommy Oliver, his best friend and Kim's ex- boyfriend. Of course Tommy had to eventually drag it out of him. Jason had fallen for Kim hard. Even before he had left for the Peace Conference in Switzerland. However, Kim had fallen for Tommy and Kim's happiness was important to Jason. He did not want to do anything that would ruin her happiness. Shaking himself out of his thoughts he picked up his bags and made his way out of the busy airport. The beautiful Florida sun shone down on him, lifting his spirits. As he hailed a cab, he knew what he was going to do. First he'd stop at his hotel and drop his bags off, take a shower and change, then he would go find Kimberly. As he climbed into the cab Jason thought to himself. *Its time to let her know how I feel. * The cab sped off to the hotel with Jason thinking about Kimberly Ann Hart, the whole way.

Author's Note: Well I hope you liked part one of my Ranger Romance. Look forward to hearing your comments. Look for the second part coming soon.