Disclaimer: This story is my first attempt at a fanfic for MMPR so please be kind. The character of Tina and Jason's mother are mine but all other characters mentioned belong to Saban Entertainment. This is the first part in my one story. It is not a series but I am writing it part by part. This may be small but its the introduction.

A Ranger Surprise
By Kimber

"Flight 101 direct from Florida has just landed at gate 15, flight 101 direct from Florida has landed at gate 15." The Angel Grove Airport was filled with people going here and there, place to place. A young man sitting on a bench stood up and made his way to gate 15. He watched as passengers poured out of the gateway. Smiling as the last person walked out carrying a carryon bag, he called out her name "Kimberly!!" Kimberly turned to the person and smiled.

Walking over to him she dropped her bags gave him a hug."Jason,its great to see you." Jason smiled down at her. "Lets go pick up your bags and then we can talk more." The two teens made there way over to the luggage pickup.

As they waited for her bags to pass by, Jason asked her all kinds of questions. "So how we watched you in the Pan Globals Kimber. You did awesome." Kim smiled, "Thanks Jase, It should have been able to get the gold but that one little slip on the floor and poof. But the silvers not bad."

Kim picked up her bags as they came by. In all there where three.

Grinning Jason remarked, "Is that all? With a grin of her own she hit him lightly on the arm. "Very funny, just help me with these, okay." Jason picked up two of her three suitcases and they walked towards the exit of the airport. "So," Jason said, "Its good to be back home?"

Kim looked around and smiled, "Definitely, Florida's nice but nothing can compare to good old Angel Grove. It was nice of your mother to offer to let me stay with you guys till I find a place of my own."

"Well, Tina, is leaving for camp for the summer so you'll take her room, and my mother already considers you family.

The drive to Jason's was a quiet one as Kimberly looked out the window and sighed a contented sigh. Jason smiled, it was good having one of his oldest friends back home. Jason's car pulled into the driveway and both teens jumped out. Grabbing one of her suitcases while Jason grabbed the other two, the old friends walked into the house.

"Mom, I'm back and brought a friend with me." Jason announced in a shout.

No sooner had he said it then his mother ran out of the kitchen and gave Kim a big hug. "Welcome home Kimberly. Its so good to have you back here in Angel Grove. Your Mom called from Paris, she just wanted to make sure you got in safe. She said to write her to let her now how you are as soon as your settled."

"Thank you Mrs. Scott, its great of you to let me stay with you until I find my own place." Kimberly said as she returned the hug.

"Nonsense, your almost like family, you and Jason grew up together and family is always welcome. Jason why don't you show Kimberly up to her room and then she can get settled."

"Sure, come on Kim, I'll race you." Jason said as he picked up the two suitcases and ran towards the stairs. Kim ran after him with her other suitcase and they made a charge up the stairs.

Once they had both made it to the room, Kim put her suitcases on the floor and dropped onto the bed while Jason dropped onto the floor out of breath.

"Man I'm getting too old for this." Jason said between taking gulps of breath.

Kimberly laughed, "This coming from the health guru himself," she threw a pillow at him which he threw back. They both were quiet for a minute after that till Jason stood up. "Hey I've got an idea, why don't we take a trip to the Youth Center?"

"I don't know Jason, I mean don't you think where a little old for that place?"

"Hey I resent that, I still teach Karate Classes there." Jason said with a mock frown. "Come on it will be fun, what do you say?"

Kimberly looked at her lifetime friend and smiled, "Okay lets go." They ran down the stairs to the front door. Jason told his mother they were leaving and they got into his car. When they arrived at the Youth Center it was pretty busy. After all it was summer and every youth in Angel Grove loved the Youth Center. They got out of the car and walked into the Youth Center. Taking a seat at there old table, memories started to flood Kimberly's mind. While Jason went to get them some drinks, Kimberly gazed around the Youth Center. Everything was the same as it had been. She'd heard that Ernie had come back and bought the place back from Adele. Kim glanced at the young girls on the balance beam that she had used oh so many times and sighed. Unbeknownst to her a group of teens walked into the Youth Center who shared the same secret as Jason and herself.