Disclaimer: You know the drill from all the other fanfics; the Power Rangers and stars do not belong to me. They belong to Saban, Entertainment. This is the Second Part of the Reality to Rangers saga. E-mail comments to white_tiger@powerrangers.zzn.com. Enjoy! NR refers to the Ninja Rangers. (FYI The rest of this fanfic will be written in script format because it is easier for me to write it this way.)

Time Lost Rangers
Part 2: Rangers to the Rescue?
By: White Tyggor

Aisha: What have you done?! Where are we?!

Adam: Yeah! I mean, it looks a lot like L. A., but we know we're not on Earth. So where are we?!

Alien: Oh, this is Earth, same planet same dimension. Only it's five years in the future.

The guys just stood there in astonishment and anger all at once. Some of them were so angry it showed as you can almost flames in their eyes.

Tanya: My guess is that that's his palace in the middle of the city, am I right?

Alien: I see that you Ranger brats are very bright and perceptive. That is indeed my fort. Too bad you'll never get to see it.

Carlos: We're going to stop you!

Alien: Ah, I think not, puny humans. Allow me to introduce myself. I am one of 5 warlords from the cyberspace dimension, and as you've probably guessed we are trying to capture this galaxy. This planet just happens to be our first stop. Oh yeah, I would like to introduce you to some friends of mine. Meet Micro Max. (All of a sudden a 6'9" muscular humanoid tiger appears out of nowhere. The entire left side of his body looks like a robotic-tiger.) As you can see, his name sadly disgraces his form. Next are my, how do you humans put it, my "click". (All of a sudden there came a combined sound of static and electricity. When they look to the left they see a gang of color coded ninjas coming their way. They sound a lot like a mix between Quantrons and Cogs when they move.

Ashley: Who or what are those things?!

Kim: A major fashions no, no!

Kat: (Nodding & giggling) You got that right!

Tommy: Enough with the joke guys. Stances everyone!

In unison they all got into their fighting stances. All of a sudden eight colored beams of light appears between them and their attackers causing the ninjas to stop. When the beams of light clear, 8 familiar figures were standing before them in fighting stances facing the ninjas. It was the in their ninja forms with a few modifications.

Zack: (Under his breath.) No way! They're real?!

Blue female NR: Sorry boys, their with us.

With that the NR surrounded the guys.

Pink female NR: (Talking into her wrist communicator hidden under the sleeve of her ninja Gi.) Alpha, 24 to teleport in, quick!

Alpha 7: (Over Pink NR's comm.) You got it.

Justin: (With a confused and surprised look on his face.) Was that...Alpha?!

Billy: But that can't be! Supposedly when Zordon and his tube were destroyed, all evil, and all powers formed from grid energy, would be destroyed forever! Also all of the Alpha units were said to shut down and scraped because they were obsolete!

Cassie: Then how is it that there are Rangers standing in front of us?

Kat: Not to mention she just talked to the Alpha from our days, as far as we know?

Jason: This isn't happening! This just can't be happening!

Tommy: Jason, you all right Bro.?

Jason just stands there with a lost look on his face.

Tommy: Guys something's wrong with Jason! I think he's in shock.

They still haven't been teleported yet. By now the ninja's have realized this and are slowly and cautiously advance on them.

Black male NR: Anytime Alpha!

Alpha: I'm trying Rangers, but I have to reconfigure the beams because there are so many of you to beam in. It's going to take a while, but I've almost got it.

Red male NR: Just take your time and get it done right Alpha. We'll just have to hold ground here until you're through.

Alpha: No need, I've got it! Teleporting in, now!

Just as the ninjas reach them and start to attack, the Rangers are teleported out of their sticky situation.

But what are they coming into now? Stay tuned and you'll see.