From the Ashes, Reborn
Part Two
by: Don Berry

* * *

Jocelyn Armand looked at the people who had appeared so suddenly. The one who had called her "Kim" was wearing a dark blue ninja style outfit. The one that had tackled Craig was a woman slightly taller than her, who was wearing a dark blue and yellow bodysuit. The one who had a sword to Rachel's throat looked like a demon, complete with tail.

Of the other ones that had shown up, one was in a red ninja style outfit. Another was a blonde woman who was dressed in a revealing costume. The third was what appeared to be a werewolf. The one behind her was a man dressed in a black suit and a trench-coat. Then there was the large steel figure who had picked up Rachel Summers and was holding her. He didn't look happy.

"What have you done to Rachel?" The steel man asked in a slight Russian accent.

The members of Spectrum Force exchanged glances. "You know her?" Tamara asked.

Jocelyn looked back at the one who had called her "Kim". He looked familiar somehow. Then she figured it out. Ninja style outfits that were color coordinated. Being called "Kim". And the wolf on the front of the blue ones suit. "Billy, is that you?"


Phaedra, Empress of the Denebians, was in a foul mood. Her husband's latest scheme had succeeded. He would show her up to her most loyal followers. How could she keep respect if her husband had to bail her out of trouble?

She then felt the stirrings from the Darkforce dimension. Energies from a dimension that empowered the Denebians. She felt that there were two beings that had this energy. Beings that she would put to her use.

Phaedra concentrated her magic's upon the new arrivals. Soon they would come to her. Then she would use them to regain her honor and restore her proper place in the hierarchy of the Denebians.


Billy looked at the one in orange. "Yes, Kim it's me. When did you start wearing orange?"

"Billy, I'm not Kim. It's me, Jocelyn. And the one in red must be Rocky."

"Have we met before?" Rocky asked.

"You don't remember? We're Spectrum Force!" At the blank looks she was given, she continued. "We first met when Celea and Lord Zedd cast a spell that transported Billy and Kim here..." Jocelyn told them.


While Jocelyn was explaining to the gathered members of Excalibur how Spectrum Force had first met the Power Rangers, the magic that Phaedra had cast started to grow in power. It gathered energy from the Darkforce dimension and bided it's time until it could acquire those it had been sent to find. Soon it would be nightfall.

Then it would strike.


"Jocelyn, right? I don't know about Rocky, but I do not remember meeting you or your friends." Billy told her.

"I don't remember you either." Rocky said.

Piotr spoke from where he was holding Rachel Summers. "Rahne, could you please get Trini? She should look over Rachel and the others."

"Of course, Piotr." Rahne then ran back to the Midnight Runner.

Trini was calmly waiting for someone to either get her or ask her to come. She was performing a kata when she heard Rahne run up to her. She stopped before Rahne got to her. "Yes, Rahne?"

"We found Rachel. The people who were around her seem peaceful enough. They know aboot the Power Rangers. Trini, have yui ever heard of Spectrum Force?" Rahne asked.

"No. Let me get my bag and I'll check out Rachel." After Trini got her medical bag, she jogged over to the others.

Trini looked over those gathered. Piotr was holding a woman with red hair in his arms. Her face had black marks streaking her face. "Piotr, put the woman down so I can check her please."

Piotr gently put her down and then stepped back. Trini checked the woman's vital signs. She seemed to be in good health. Trini then tried to feel the woman's emotions. She felt nothing. "Billy, can you do a scan of this woman's mind please?"

Billy concentrated for a moment. "Her mind is gone. What happened to her?"

"She said she was going to get some help. She then collapsed. I guess she isn't back yet." Tamara said.

"Then where is she?"


Rachel Summers was returning to her corporeal form when she was met by someone with more mental strength than anyone she had ever met. The person manifested on the Astral Plane as a middle-aged man with robes. His eyes were very kind. He then spoke to her. "Greetings, chosen of the Phoenix. I am Zordon. What brings you to this place?"


Neither Excalibur or Spectrum Force had moved from where Rachel Summers lay. They had agreed to wait there until she had recovered. The teams had decided to try and figure just what the other could do.

It had been a beautiful sunset. Amanda Sefton and Kurt Wagner had enjoyed watching it together. Trini, Rachel Castaneda, Jocelyn Armand and Billy were still trying to figure out how Spectrum Force knew so much about them, while they knew nothing about Spectrum Force. Rocky had left with Rahne, Matthew O'Conner and Keith Malloy to get some pizzas. Craig Gillis and Tamara Fox were talking to Piotr Rasputin, Pete Wisdom and Kitty Pryde. Douglocke was standing to the side, observing all that happened but not commenting on it.

No one was ready for both Billy and Kurt to be covered in a flash of darkness. There had been no sound or warning. They were both enveloped in columns of black light. No one had expected an attack so soon. They were not ready.

It was then that the Shadows struck.


"I will see what I can do to help you, child. I have met the ones you have spoken of. I know of some who may be able to help. I will see what I can do. Return to your body, child. It is dangerous to stay out of it for to long." Zordon told her.

"Thank you." Phoenix then left the Astral Plane.

Zordon watched her leave. He then took the necessary steps to contact the ones he had told Phoenix about.


The Shadows that attacked Spectrum Force and Excalibur were led by one that none of those members of Spectrum Force present had ever seen. He stood six feet tall and wore ornate, black armor. His left arm held a black shield with a black sun as a crest and his right hand held a sword with what seemed to be an obsidian blade.

He screamed no threats, bellowed no war cries nor did he give orders to the Shadows that were fighting. He had singled out the Purple Enforcer as his target and was employing a humbling degree of skill at swordsmanship to beat her. Her personal force- field was the only thing keeping her from being cut, but even that was starting to fade.

There was one Shadow that was different than the others. It fought better and was both taller and actually had a face of sorts. It had focused on trying to defeat Shadowcat in personal combat. They were in a stalemate. Her skill had finally met a match. And apparently so had the Shadow's.


They both felt pain. The slightest movement and thought was agony beyond anything they had ever felt before. Then there were the voices, telling them to submit, to give into the will of Phaedra. To serve the Empress. To prove their loyalty as users of the Darkness.

There comes a point when the mind can no longer process sensation past a certain point. Where it shuts itself down out of a sense of self-preservation. They both reached that point.

And knew nothing more.


As the Shadows were starting to lose, they disappeared. As did the two which had led the Shadows. As did the columns of darkness.

When Excalibur checked where Billy and Kurt had been, they found nothing there. Shadowcat regained her control first. "What were those things and where did they take Kurt and Billy?"

"They're called Shadows. They're the foot soldiers of the Denebians. I don't know who the one with the armor and sword was nor the one you fought. I've never seen them before. As for where they took Kurt and Billy... Probably to the Denebian base." Rachel told her.

"Where is this base at?" Trini demanded.

"An asteroid in orbit around the Earth. We can't get to it now. We've been to long without sunlight and will need to recharge as soon as possible. Then we can try to get them back." Rachel said.

Shadowcat looked at her team. She then looked back to Rachel. "As soon as Phoenix recovers, we leave here. This area is to open. Is there a safe place we can go to?"

Rachel thought it over. "If Spectra agrees, then we can go to the Cloud Castle. It's the safest place I know of."

Rachel Summers chose that time to arrive back in her body. What she saw surprised her. Colossus of all people was holding her in his arms. Kitty Pryde was hanging on the arm of a dishevel looking man in his early thirties who was smoking. Rahne Sinclair was talking with someone in a red colored ninja outfit. An Asian woman in a pale yellow jumpsuit was talking with the Purple Enforcer. Doug Ramsey had apparently come back from the dead. And Amanda Sefton appeared to be on the verge of tears.

"Kitty?" Rachel Summers asked.


"Did I miss something when I was gone?"


"Empress, we have secured the captives and are now performing the psychic probes. We should have information on them in less than one Earth hour."

"Very good. Let me see the weapons you retrieved from them." Phaedra demanded.

"One had these three swords and several knives. They are of high quality Terran steel but have no enchantments on them. The other was more interesting. He was carrying two firearms. They're slug-throwers of Earth design. Thirteen round magazine in a gas operated semi-automatic design. He was also carrying several knives, a portable tool kit and a diagnostics scanner. What would you like me to do with the armaments, Empress?" The lackey asked.

"Keep them around. After these two have been turned, return them to their owners."

"As you wish, Empress." He bowed then left her presence.

"Mother? I've noticed something about the one that looks human."

"What is that, Celea?"

"Remember those humans called the Power Rangers that I dealt with before? I could swear this is one of them. The one they call `Billy'." Celea told her mother.

"Are you sure? Of course you are. This is interesting but unless I can steal his power for myself, it is of no use to me to know this."

One of Phaedra's scientist's approached her. "Great Empress, I have ran some simulations on the computer. It is possible to use a portion of the energies garnered >from Phoenix to find Spectra and then break the shield around her hiding place."

Instead of slaying him for his gall in speaking to her without permission, Phaedra motioned for him to continue.

"If the energies were to be funneled through a spell that you were to cast, it would provide the necessary boost in power. The only drawback is that the spell will take several days to prepare. And Spectra will know you are preparing it. But she will not be able to do anything about it, Empress. Should I start to make the arrangements?"

"Proceed. Let me know when it is necessary for me to become part of the process. You may go." Phaedra told him.

The scientist bowed then left.

The one who was performing the tests on the captives arrived before Phaedra. "Empress, the tests have determined that the two can not be turned with the magic's and technology we have. Their link with the Darkness prevents it."

"Are they immune to possession?" Phaedra asked.

"No, my Empress. They are very susceptible to possession. The demonic one especially."

"Very well. Prepare them."

The scientist bowed then gathered his team.

"Stone! Wind! To me." Phaedra called out.

The Shadow which wore armor appeared first, bowed then kneeled. The other Shadow appeared beside the other and bowed then knelt.

"My loyal Shadows, I have a duty for you to perform which you shall enjoy. Stone! Take possession of the demon. Wind! The other one is yours."

The armored one approached Kurt and then melded into Kurt's body. The only difference in Kurt was that his eyed were solid black.

The other one merged into Billy. His eyes were black as well.

"Now, Shadows you may take the fight to our enemies during the day. The forms you wear will protect you from the light. Acclimate yourselves to your new forms. Understand their powers and the subtleties of their skills. Then when you are ready, you will be told to strike. Am I understood?"

"Billy" and "Kurt" both kneeled and then both said "Yes, my Empress."

They then left the science area to head to the training facility. Phaedra's victorious laughter echoed throughout the ship.



This fanfic was written by Don Berry, and was posted here with his permission.