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Bullet Bree A. Bullet

We'll Be Alright
Tommy and Kim deal with the loss of the green ranger powers.


Bullet Joy Bailey Bullet

"Cycles of Shadows, Cycles of Light"

A Silver Lining
T.J. and Carlos show Zhane what "Earth" is like!

War Story
A young woman aboard the MegaShip has had a troubled life.

Shadow darkens six hearts.

Missing Karone
Zhane wishes he'd said something to her.

Missing Zhane
The other Rangers try to find him.

"Stand Alones"

Somewhere Out There
Cassie finally learns Phantom's true identity.

Circle in the Sand
Phantom reconsiders.


Bullet Don Berry Bullet

"The Tales of Swords and Shadows"

"Of Swords, of Wolves and of Shadows Met"
It's pouring rain!

A Rock Feels No Pain
Rocky feeling left out after his accident, gets some
help when an old friend returns.

From The Ashes, Reborn
Billy, Excalibur, and Spectrum Force team up to stop Phaedra.

"Stand Alones"

Quantum Blues
Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the Rangers' lives; and makes more of a
difference than he'll ever know.

A Different Shade of Blue!
How things might have been?

The More Things Change!
A sequel of A Different Shade of Blue!

You Can't Always Get What You Want!
After the new Rangers lose their powers, it's up
to the old Rangers to save the day!

Not All Redbirds are Falcons
Young Tim Drake moves to Angel Grove, and trouble comes
along for the ride!


Bullet Chris Carkett Bullet
These stories contains violence. Rating: PG-13

The Changing of the Rangers
Divatox has come up with a plan that may actually work.

Two More Deaths in the Family
Now, Billy and Aisha are being targeted.

Rangers, Arise!
Zedd has plans to create clones of all of the dead Rangers.


Bullet Cinders Bullet

"Ranger of Light"

Every Hero Needs A Beginning
Billy's loneliness may be causing him to have some bad dreams,
but are they only dreams, or something more?

A New Ascendancy
There is a new evil and new powers.

Intercalate Maleficence
Billy seeks out the meanings of his dreams, while Sedra and Locan put in an
appearance for the Rangers.

Dawning Light
The 'Light' has been found, and Sedra goes to college to find the Power.

Can Ahzza find the 'Wolf' before it's too late?

Taming the Wolf
Will Billy give in, or get out?

The Rescue
It's finally time for a rescue, but is it already too late?

Advent of the Ranger of Light
If you thought that Sedra and Locan were evil,
you haven't met the 'DarkChylde'.

"The Once and Great Power"

The Power
When the Lightstar powers aren't enough to fight Astronema,
the Rangers must find more power.

The Missing
Astronema has a new weapon to use against the Lightstar Rangers.

The Gathering of the Rangers
Can the Lightstar Rangers gather together all of the former Rangers,
before Astronema can get to them first?

Wolf in Water
Once on Aquitar, the Rangers are finally able to find Billy. But...where is he?
And why won't anyone tell them where he is?

It's Morphin Time
The Power is back, and better than ever.

The Power Of One
Who will give their life for these, thy friends?


Angel Grove: City of Angels
When an ex-Ranger dies, can an angel save Billy's soul?

Interview With a Power Ranger
A reporter's life is never dull, but one reporter found more than
she was expecting, when she went in search of the truth behind the
one-hundred year old myth, known as the Power Rangers.

The Hardest Thing
What is the hardest part about loving two women? It's telling
one of them, 'Good bye'.

The Darkside of Genius
Little did Billy know of the fate that awaited him,
when he received his powers on Phaedos.

Blue Christmas
When an old friend comes home for Christmas,
she brings back some old memories as well.

Things That Make You Go 'Huh'?
Could he be any more confused?


Bullet Sarah Clutter Bullet

Uncertain Futures
A friend of the Rangers gets into trouble.

The Wedding
Jason and Laura are together.

A Friend from Long Ago
A friend from Jason's past may still be alive . . . and only
if he can get to her!


Bullet Meda Conway Bullet

"The Rule of Destiny"

The Huntress
Although the outcome has yet to be realized, Ashley's destiny may
not be quite what she was hoping for!

The Night of the Dark Moon
Sequel to "The Huntress!"

Morning's Light
Ashley reflects on recent events.


Girl Talk
Kim has a talk with someone unexpected.


Bullet Beau Dobo Bullet

Baptism of Fire
Tommy isn't having a very good day!

Master of Himself
Can Tommy survive!

Deep Freeze
It's cold.

Would the Real Katherine Hillard Please Stand Up?
Kat is emotionally and physically damaged.


Bullet Donte Frazier, Jake Self, and ThunderLight Bullet

"Power Rangers: Galactic Thunder"

Episode 1
When The Future as you know it is changed, what will
the greatest outcome be?


Bullet Donte Frazier Bullet

"Power Rangers: The Destined"

Destiny's Foils
When five Rangers learn that they are destined for greatness,
will they accept the challenge?

Destiny's Fall
The Rangers reflect on their destiny.

In the Beginning
The Journey Continues.

"Stand Alones"

The Lone Warrior
What did Billy think about the night he gave Tanya his Crystal?

Destiny Reawakened
The Prelude to the LG/LR Crossover.

Love at Twilight
Andros is seaching, and an Angel assists.


Bullet Kristen Fallon Bullet

The Darkest Dimension
After being injuried by a strange monster, Billy is
sent to the darkest dimension of all!


Bullet Garl Glittergold Bullet

"Love's Power"

A Talk
Jason and Billy have a talk with one another.

Back Together
They have a reunion.


The First Time I Loved Forever
Before they got back to Earth, the Rangers had some personal things to settle.

Ghostly Guardian
Phantom Ranger fears nothing...except one thing.


Bullet Justin Lam Bullet

"Power Rangers: Ultimate Union"

Mike is having some problems.


Bullet Power Blue Bullet

"Struggle For Love"

The Talk
Cassie and T.J. have a deep discussion.

"A Powerful Return"

Look Who's Coming Back
It's the return of an old friend.

TV Contestant Auditions
You could win valuable prizes!

Just a Short Time
Time becomes very precious.

The Game
Questions must be answered, or Billy will be lost.

"Zeo Realizations"

Why me?
Billy contemplates why he isn't a Ranger.

The Search Begins
It takes skill to do what he can do.

"A Galactic Advance"

Last Resort
The Rangers search for other resources.

Can't Keep Us Down
It's time to reclaim Angel Grove.

"Joint Force Strike"

The Linkup
Doom seeks assistance.

"Social Conflicts"

Tommy is done wrong.

Troubled Waters
Kim swimming in treacherous waters.

"A Vampire Turnaround"

The Power of a Bite
The Count makes his mark.

Bat Be Gone
There's one bat getting on everyone's nerves.

"Astral Ventures"

Rangers Found
Another Ranger, besides the Space Rangers, is found.


A Brother Or A Friend
Leo has to make the choice of his life.


Bullet Kheram Iceflame Bullet

Goldar's Little Mistake
Goldar makes a fatal mistake.


Bullet Alex Queirolo Bullet

"Light and Dark Series"
WARNING: These stories contain adult scenes and violence.

Rocky's been kidnapped by a psychopath who wants the mysterious
dangerous powers that only Rocky has access to. Returning for a
visit Kimberly joins Rocky to save their lives whiles trying to
to keep the "Infinity" powers out of the hands of the bad guys.

Kimberly is assaulted at her hotel in Florida by a deranged stalker.
The gang tracks him down while Kim deals with the fear, pain, and anger.

Before and After
Why were Jason and Kimberly scruba-diving before being
kidnapped by Divatox.

Stories written with Kittie J. Verdena

Paying the Consequences
During a trip to Florida, Rocky and Tanya are kidnapped by Lord Zedd
who throws them into an alternate dimension.


Bullet Shadowcat Bullet

"Lost In Love"

Heartbreak Times Two
T.J. wants to speak with Cassie.

The Eyes That Never Cried
Phantom has made a mistake.


Cassie's Angel
Cassie gets bad news and T.J. is there for her.

Brother Help Me
Mike is in danger.

Blossoming Love
T.J. and Cassie celebrate an anniversary.

A Change in Friends
T.J. and Cassie talk.

At Long Last
They find each other.

For the Rest Of My Life
Phantom has something to ask Cassie.

After School
Cassie gets locked in school with a fellow student.

Destiny's Child
A child will be born.

Happy Birthday
Tommy's birthday has arrived.

Be Careful What You Wish For
You might get it.

Shattered Dreams
T.J. is in love with Cassie.


Bullet Shadow Ranger Bullet

"COE: Minion of Darkness"

Blast From the Past
As a new evil is set free an old friend returns.

Dark Waters
Billy and Cestria's happiness comes to an end when the forces
of evil attack.

Dawn of Darkness
While Sam comes to his senses Minion makes his first strike
against the Rangers.

Golden Light
While the Rangers struggle to fight without their powers, an old
friend might provide the solution.

Glimmer of Hope
The Rangers must find new Zords when their problems grow larger.

Trial of the Body
Sam and Jason need to find their powers, but is the cost too high?

Dark Genes
Zordon's attempt to make things easier for the Rangers provides
Minion with some new servants.

Trial of the Mind
Zack and Kimberly begin their quest for their new powers.

Testing Times
The Rangers try out some new Zords while Minion trains
his Psycho Rangers.

Trials of the Spirit
Billy and Trini attempt to reach Ninjor's Temple to gain the new powers.

End of the Trials
David and Tanya arrive on Phaedos to find their powers.

Power Rangers Gone Psycho
The Gem Coin Rangers meet Minion's Psycho Rangers.

Temptation and Betrayal
Just where are the Gem Coin/Zeo Rangers?

A young boys life is on the line, can the Zeo/Gem Coin Rangers
save him? You decide.

Final Battle
The Rangers and Shadow Rangers team up in a final battle
against Minion and maybe save Justin"

"COE: Aftermath"

With Minion defeated, the cleanup begins.

Chasing Shadows
Freed from the Prison Sub-Dimension, Drew, Roland and Jo
must now help Josh escape from Shadowborg.

Shredded Peace
With six Rangers down even Earth villains are trying to conquer Earth.

The Zeo Rangers are awake, but are they ready to take the power?

Making of a Phantom
Minion finds himself in another dimension and that means trouble for
the Blue Senturion and the Zeo Phantom.

"COE: Master of Chaos"

The Master gets ready to attack.

The Master Plan
The Master decides to go after the Rangers one at a time, starting with Aisha.

Fatal Attraction
The Master's new servant has an android only the female Rangers can fight.

Coming of the Dragon Master
The Black Dragon has arrived.

Children of the Dragon
The Rangers can either save Tommy or destroy Nore. Which will they decide?

Shadow Gems 1: New Arrival
The Master has return and this time he wants the mystical powers of the Shadow Gems.

"COE: Amassing the Power"

They're back!

"Time Force"

Time Force
When criminals from the future escape to the past, a new team of heroes is called for.

"COE: Lightspeed"

Cruise into Lightspeed
New villains, new target and new heroes.

"Future Conquests"

Rise of the MegaRangers
Conquest of Evil is over, but a new threat has arrived.
Can the Mega Rangers face this threat?

"Alternate Realities"

An Unexpected Change
When a stranger arrives with plans to change events, anything goes.

A Cry For Help
When in doubt, call on the JLA.

"Brown Ranger Chronicles"

Coming of the Brown Ranger
Rita has been keeping a secret for three years. Now its time for her new evil Ranger to appear.

"Future Shock"

The Last Ranger
In a dark future the daughter on Billy Cranston prepares to embark on a journey to change history.


Bullet SilverZeo Bullet

"Never Again"

Never Again
There's something strange going on..

Jason and Adam make the greatest sacrifice before the earthquake hits.

An old friend claims the Green Powers as the Silver Ranger arises.

An old friend returns to destroy the Rangers in their time of crisis.

Rebirths and Mecha Power
Kim is back and danger rises.


Mysterious Ends
A Ranger meets their end.

Green Memories
The Magna Defender thinks.


Bullet Wildfire K Bullet

Everlasting Love
Tommy invites Katherine up for a weekend in the mountains, but
when evil strikes, Katherine finds she will have to make a
very important decision with even more important consequences.

A Ranger With Two Faces
Zedd has found the Red Candle, and he may be able to create
his own evil Ranger from it.

Total Annihilation
Armageddon - Power Ranger style.


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