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A Rock Feels No Pain
by Don Berry

Angel Grove, DeSantos household
"Pietrocito, let me in," Mrs. Maria DeSantos called to her son.

"Mama, me llamo es Rocky," he said while opening the door to his room.

"And just what do you think Pietrocito means? Comprendes?"

"Si, Mama. What do you need, Mama? I asked to be left alone."

"Mi pobre hijo. Rocky, I know you used to be a Power Ranger. You have to talk to someone about this. Maybe that nice Cranston boy?"

"Mama, Billy's in Scotland. I wouldn't even know how to get ahold of him."

"Rocky, you will have to talk to someone about this eventually... I'm here, hijo. Remember that." She then left Rocky's room, shutting the door. _Maybe I should call up Billy.... Or maybe that Escoces woman he met some months ago. She seemed to make him happy. What was her name... Rahne, yes her name is Rahne._

Muir Island, Scotland Homebase for Excalibur
Rahne Sinclaire was enjoying a nice quiet evening at Muir Island. With Billy's help Moira was making progress curing the Legacy virus, Pete Wisdom and Piotr Rasputin had made peace between them. Piotr was finally dealing with the loss of his sister, his brother and his parents an event that had occurred over a course of weeks and which had contributed to his breakdown. Piotr was finally able to let go of Kitty and be happy for her relationship with Pete Wisdom.

Amanda Sefton had returned to Kurt, which made him much happier. Brian Braddock had returned from his little snit over losing his powers, which made Meggan glad. Billy and Trini were growing even closer than seemed possible, and Douglock was starting to integrate his two selves, his past as mutant Doug Ramsey and his past as the alien known only as Warlock. Rahne was happy for them all, but she felt something was missing from her life. What she didn't know.

She was still trying to figure out what it was when Billy knocked on the doorframe to her room. "Rahne, you got a minute?"

"Aye, Billy. What troubles ye?" Rahne still found it hard to believe how much Billy had matured since he had joined the team. Sure he had been a serious young man, but under the tutelage of the others and Trini's presence, Billy had turned into a very effective and dangerous individual who pursued Xavier's dream of a human/mutant peaceful co-existence as fervently as Scott Summer's.

"Rahne, it's Rocky. His mom called. He's off the Power Rangers, it seems he hurt his back and his replacement did such a good job they never bothered to ask if he wanted to come back. His mother says he's not doing good. I thought you, me and Trini could go over and talk to him. I know what he's going through. He will need your support Rahne. Rahne your the only girl I ever saw him take an interest in. Ever."

"When do we leave?"

"Soon as you pack."

Angel Grove, DeSantos Household
"Rocky, there's an Escoces woman down here wanting to see you!" Mrs. DeSantos called up to him.

_Escoces? What's a Scot doing out here? The only Scot I know is...._ "RAHNE!" Rocky yelled. He then nearly flew down the stairs to the front door.

"Aye, Rocky it's me. I hear ye were feelin' puirly? Is tha' true?"

"Rahne, let's go to the park to talk. It's to loud here."

"Just how many kids did yuir mother have?"

"I'm the oldest of eight. How about you?"

"I'm an only child."

They walked in silence to the park. Rocky couldn't believe how much he had missed her. "How'd you get here anyway?"

"Billy and Trini gave me a ride over. They're over at the Youth Center."

"I'll need to talk to Billy later. Rahne, why are you here?"

"Ye needed me to be here, I came."

Rocky looked into her eyes and for the first time since his father died, allowed himself to cry.

Angel Grove Youth Center
Billy and Trini were surprised by both the changes and similarities to the Youth Center. Ernie gone, Lt. Stone taking his spot and two chimpanzee's of all things as waiters. The two chimps seemed to be very intelligent, almost human-like.

Trini saw Tommy and the others sitting at the table that the Ranger's had been using for as long as Trini could remember. She had been told that Rocky had been replaced by, she never would have believed this, by a child. Trini nudged Billy to get his attention and indicated Justin. "Oh you have got to be kidding me." Billy muttered.

Kat was the first to see Billy and Trini. With a smile, she rose and rushed over to Billy and hugged him. "Billy! It's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you as well, Kat. Trini you remember Kat?"

"Hello, Kat."

"Hello, Trini," Kat said, then she let Billy go and hugged Trini as well.

Don't get angry, she's just a very friendly person, Trini.

I'm not angry, Billy. I'm just a little uncomfortable with her because of the whole Kim thing.

That wasn't her fault, Trini. Kim forgave her, so should you.

Okay Billy.

Adam came up to his friend. "Billy, you're looking good. What are they feeding you in Scotland?"

"It's not haggis. Adam, it's real good to see you." Billy told him. Then lowering his voice to a whisper, he asked, "How is Rocky doing?"

"Not good, man. Not good."

Justin stood at the edges of the impromptu get together, nervous about meeting the famous Billy. The one person that everybody kept measuring him up against. Tommy and Adam had talked about all the times Billy had made some device designed to defeat a monster. Justin got the feeling that they had made the television character MacGuyver based on Billy.

Billy looked over at Justin. "You're Justin? Pleasure to meet you," Billy said, while extending his hand.

"Thank you. It's an honor to finally meet you."

"So how's Zordon doing?"

"Didn't anyone tell you? He left for Eltare with Alpha-5."

"Really?" Billy then turned to Trini. "You want something to eat or drink, Trini?"

"Sure, a Mango smoothie."

"Be back in a minute."

Billy walked up to the bar. Lt. Stone was trying to get his assistants to clean a spill they had caused. Looking up, Stone saw Billy standing in front of him. "Hi, what can I get you?"

"A water and a Mango smoothie, please."

"Coming right up." Stone proceeded to put the smoothie together after giving Billy the water.

Billy watched the two chimps. He could have sworn they acted in a familiar manner. More out of boredom than anything else, Billy read their minds.


Tommy, Trini, Adam, Kat and Tanya were surprised at the outburst. Billy rarely, if ever, showed strong emotions.

"Billy what's the problem?" Trini asked, concern evident in her voice.



Angel Grove Park
Rocky had finally stopped crying. Rahne had assured him that she hadn't minded the fact that he cried in front of her. "Rocky, you've graduated. What are ye going to do now?"

"I don't know. I was thinking of starting a martial arts school."

"Come back with me to Scotland. It'd be to painful for ye here. Moira can get ye a job if ye need to send money to yuir mother. I really want ye to come with me, Rocky. Please."

"My mother can't afford to keep me around forever. I'll tell her and we can leave as soon as I pack my stuff. Let's go talk to her now."

Walking hand in hand, they went back.

Angel Grove Youth Center
"Billy is this a joke?" Tommy demanded.

"No, Tommy it isn't. Look, they were changed by Divatox into chimps. It's your responsibility to ensure they get changed. Rocky's ready to go with Trini, Rahne and myself to Muir Island."

"How'd you know that?" Tommy asked.

I'm telepathic, Tommy. Didn't Zordon tell you that?

"Let's go Trini. Adam, if you get the chance come to Muir Island. Bring Kat, Tanya and Tommy and Justin if they want to show up. We have to go."

Muir Island
Amanda Sefton felt something from the Midnight Runner as it landed. She was curious to meet the boy that Rahne had pined for. From what Billy and Trini had said he would be a good person to have around. A definite change from all the 'gloomy gusses' she had to live with.

When Rocky got off the ship he felt the wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean. "MADRE DE DIOS! HACE FRIO!"

Rahne chuckled beside him. "Rocky, it's not cold yet. It's still summer, ye ken?"


"Rocky we are in the North Atlantic." Billy told him.

"Rocky, relax," Trini told him. "You get used to it. You just wear real heavy coats for a long time."

Amanda walked up to Rocky. He watched the blond woman come towards him. He hadn't met her the time Excalibur had come to Angel Grove. "Hola, I'm Rocky DeSantos."

"Hello, Rocky. I'm Amanda Sefton. Have you always had an affinity for magic?"


"Rocky, you have a potential for magic. Will you allow me to train you?"

"Will you teach me enough to be able to fight with Rahne and Billy?"

"I'll teach you what you learn. What you learn is not necessarily what I know. Magic is not like learning a multiplication table. It's an individual thing. Granted some types of magic seem similar, but in actuality it's all up to the person. And Rocky, I fight with the team. If you do well enough, you'll be able to fight with us. You were a Power Ranger, yes?"

"Yes, I was. When can we begin?"

"After you get used to the time change. For now, stay with Rahne. Get as much time together as you can. You won't have much time for anything else. Rocky, I'm glad you are here. The teacher learns as much as the student. Welcome to the Winding Road."

"The what?"

"The Winding Road is the path to magical power in a responsible fashion. No deals with the devil, no pacts with gods and no shortcuts. This is all hard work. But when you die, your soul is yours. Free and clear."

"Thank you, Ms. Sefton," Rocky then left with Rahne.

Kurt walked up to Amanda's side. "Taking on a student, Amanda?"

"Yes. Kurt, he has the potential and it needs to be tutored."

"Training a mage won't be too different from training mutants. Just don't conjure any demons in the kitchen."

"Sure, Kurt."

They watched Rahne and Rocky meet Rahne's foster mother, Moira MacTaggert. She hugged Rocky and then led them into the complex.

"How many more ex-Power Rangers are we going to get on this team, Kurt?"

"I don't know. But at least they already know how to work as a team. Come on, let's go in."