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Quantum Blues
by Don Berry


The man found himself under a tree. He was eating a tuna sandwich. It was quite good.

_This isn't so bad,_ he thought. _Easier than what normally happens: no boxer trying to hit me, no stage hands rushing me on-stage for a play when I don't know which one it is, no VC in the trees trying to kill my brother's SEAL team. This is kind of relaxing. Nice picnic area, the tree I'm under has plenty of shade. I'm wearing blue overalls, glasses; that's not so bad. And this is a damn fine tuna sandwich. Thank God, I'm not a woman this time. Let's see the girl to my left is all in pink, she's pretty but she's all over the guy in white, they look happy. The guy to my right in black is dancing to a beat apparently only he can hear. There's a guy in red and a girl in yellow performing a kata. Wait, I know her._


"Yes, Billy?" Trini stopped her form to put her full attention to his question.

_She called me Billy. Who's Billy? Wait, she mentioned a guy named Billy before, he was an old high-school friend of her's. Oh no, I'm in high school again. What the hell are those things?!_

"Putties!!" Jason bellowed.

"Let's get them, guys!" Tommy commanded. The rest proceed to defend themselves against the putties.

"Oh boy..." Dr. Sam Beckett whispered.

* * *
Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator... and vanished.

He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in a the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that the next leap will be the leap home....

* * *
Sam watched in shock as the five teenagers, using various martial art stylings, proceeded to fight off the grey humanoid creatures that they had called putties. _I don't believe this, where the hell am I, the Jackie Chan Twilight Zone?_

"Billy! I need your help!" Kim screamed out.

"Billy, hurry up and help Kim!" Tommy commanded.

_Oh, they mean me. They must think I know how to fight. Well, I'd hate to disappoint them._

Springing to his feet, Sam ran toward the group of putties fighting Kimberly. Using a Tae Kwon Do leaping kick, Sam connected with one of the putties, which knocked it into two others. Rolling, Sam swept the legs from another, then leapt to his feet and hit a third with a spinning backfist. Ducking one of the grey figures attacks, Sam executed a flawless roundhouse on two of the putties which had gotten close enough for him to kick.

Observing that when the putties were hit on the "Z", that they proceeded to fall apart, Sam concentrated on connecting with it, and in short order managed to destroy five of them. "Thanks, Billy," Kim managed to gasp out.

"No sweat, Kim." Sam answered. Then he leapt back into the fight.

Seeing that Trini was about to be overwhelmed, Sam runs forward then drops down, rolling on the ground, cutting the legs out from three of the putties. Rising quickly, Sam then jumps forward and tackles a puttie, then while rolling off it, elbows it's "Z". Which causes it to break down into it's component parts. Sam then rose swiftly to his feet.

The remaining putties teleported away and the Rangers came together as they caught their breath. Tommy's communicator sent out it's alarm.

"Yes, Zordon?"


"Okay, Zordon. Rangers out."

Looking around, Tommy saw that the other's were fine, just winded. "Why don't we go to the Youth Center and relax. Jason, can I talk to you for a second? We'll meet the rest of you there."

"Okay, Tommy. Don't be to long."

"All right, Kim. We'll be there soon."

After the other's had left, "Jason, has Billy been eating his Wheaties lately or has he gotten alot better, alot faster than he should be?"

"Yeah, bro, I know what you mean. Did you teach him any Tae Kwon Do? I sure didn't."

"No, I never did. Plus, did you notice that once he actually started fighting he wasn't as hesitant as he usually is?"

"Yeah, maybe he read a book. You know, like the 'Tao of Jeet Kune Do'. After all, he is smart."

"True, keep an eye on him anyway. It might be nothing, but you never know..."

"Sure, bro." They walk after their friends.

The Juice Bar
Dr. Sam Beckett was a genius. Everything he put his mind to he excelled in, be it sports, the martial arts, science or medicine. He had more doctorates than he could count and yet he found it hard to understand the girl in pink who was continually trying to draw him into a conversation. Sam had gone to the bathroom and looked in the mirror at "his" face, and found himself seeing a nice-looking young man who probably needed to buy contacts, wear different clothes and get a better hair-cut.

Sam decided to wait and see if he could learn more about the attack in the park by just sitting and listening to the teens talking. After Jason and Tommy had joined them at the table they had chosen, Kim started talking about some new mall store that she wanted to drag Tommy off to.

"Billy, I need some help with my trig homework. Can you give me a hand with it?" Jason asked him.

"Sure, Jason. Let me see what you're doing." Sam held his hand out for the text book Jason was using.

"Billy are you all right?" Trini asked, concern evident on her face.

"I'm just fine, Trini. Never better." Sam didn't notice Trini's look of puzzlement that she shared with Kim. Sam saw Al walk into the room and start waving him towards the door.

Sam got up to follow Al out. "Look, I have something to take care of. I'll meet you all later."

"Sure, see you later Billy."

The Waiting Room
Billy Cranston had dealt with many strange things in his life. Being chosen to fight an inter-galactic evil by a giant head in a tube, having his consciousness switched with one of his best female friends, and overcoming his phobia of fish by being confronted by a 7' monstrosity called the 'Goo-fish' were just some of things he had experienced. In all, he felt that there were few things left that could amaze him. He was surprisingly pleased to know he was wrong.

He first realized that something strange was happening when he felt himself being pulled away from one of Kim's spur of the moment park picinics. Then he found himself clothed completely in a form-fitting white jump-suit in a feature-less room. _Oh great,_ he thought. _I've been abducted. Or I'm having a real bad X-files dream._

It was a shock then, when a door opened and a slim, oriental woman dressed in a lab coat and blue jeans and a yellow shirt walked in. "Hello, I know this is all confusing for you, but if you bear with me it will all be explained. My name is Dr. Trini Kwan, I'm with the Quantum Leap project. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you look like a friend of mine while you are here. In effect you've changed places with him. Please do not panic. So can you tell me your name?" _Trini seems to be about 10 years older than when I saw her last. Where am I?_

"Trini, my identity is known to you. It's me, Billy."

"Billy who?"

"Billy Cranston! We were fellow students in the Angel Grove School system, we both belong to a rather exclusive 'Club'. I'm the individual who helped you deal with your irrational phobia regarding elevated conditions."

"Oh my god... Billy...." Trini hugged Billy to her. "What do you mean 'irrational phobia', Mr. 'I hate Fish'? Anyway, what do you last remember before you came here?"

"I was in the park, having a picnic with you, Kim, Tommy and the others. Then, I regain consciousness to discover myself in this environ."

"What color was Tommy wearing?"

"White, of course. Trini, due to the enthusiastic way you greeted me, I can only believe that some grave matter has effected myself. Is this correct?"

"Billy, I don't know how to tell you this except to come right out and say it: several months after you graduate from high school, you grow older at an accelerated rate. You're cured by a member of an alien race known as the Aquitarans. You stay with her on Aquitar and marry."

Billy noticed that Trini is almost ready to cry. _I am engaged in the bonds of matrimony and it is not to Trini. What horrid series of events must have occurred to produce that almost inconceivable outcome?_

"Something tells me that you haven't revealed the entire truth of the matter to me?"

"Yes, three months after you marry her, you have a rather bad reaction to one of the local flora. You die before anyone can find a cure. You were 19. Cestria, the girl you married, commits suicide because Aquitarans mate for life. I found out about all this, when I was in my 1st year of college. I never got the chance to tell you...." Trini finally breaks down and starts crying. Billy, after a moment of panic, hugs Trini to him.

"Shhh, Trini. It's okay, there was nothing you could have done about it. It hasn't even happened for me yet. Since you told me this, it won't happen."

"Billy, when you leap back into your body you won't remember any of this. That's how this system works."

"Maybe you could show me the schematics for this 'Quantum Leap" device? I might be able to find something I can do to keep my memory..." _And make sure the two of us get together._

Outside the Youth Center....
"Sam, just walk with me for now. Trini's talking to the guy you've leapt into as we speak. Just so you know, this is Angel Grove, California and the year is 1994. It seems there's this intergalactic conqueror called 'Lord Zedd'?" Al looks at his hand-held computer, hits it four times, then checks it again. "Anyway, the only defense against this guy seems to be a group called the 'Power Rangers'."

"Al, apparently the guy I'm supposed to be is a Power Ranger." Sam told him.

"Really? Hold on, Gooshy is calling me back, seems Trini has got some information on our 'guest'. Why don't you go to the park over there and wait for me to come back?" Al then leaves through the 'door'.

Project Quantum Leap
"What do you mean you want him to look at the schematics for the Quantum Leap Accelerator? I don't care who he was to you. NO!"

"Admiral Calivecchi, I've been working here for several years. In all that time, have you ever known me to do something that was detrimental to the Project?"

"Trini, that isn't the point. Sam is my best friend, and as much as I would like this genius boyfriend of yours to live again, I can't take the chance that he'll destroy the Accelerator and Sam's best chance of coming home." Al gently explained to her.

"Al, he wasn't my boyfriend. Which was a mistake on my part. It was only after he died and I talked to my friend, Kim that I found out just how much Billy loved me."

"Kim... you mean that gymnast friend of yours, Kimberly DeSantos? How is she doing anyway?"

"Oh, Kim and Rocky are doing fine. They have another child on the way."

"What about the rest of your friends, Trini? When I met them last year they seemed like nice people."

"Well lets see. Tom and Katherine are doing fine in Angel Grove, she's expecting in about a month. Tanya and Adam are on the set of his latest movie. Jason and Emily are adjusting to being the parents of triplets and let's see, Zack just proposed to Aisha and the marriage will be in July. By the way, you are invited, Al."

"Thanks, I'll try to be there. Trini, I need you to be honest with me. Were you and Billy members of the Power Rangers?"

"How'd you find out? Oh, Sam must have said something when you spoke with him. Yes, Al, Billy and I were Power Rangers, as were the rest of us, Kim, Rocky, Jason and the other's except for Emily. Oh my gosh! If Sam has to morph he could have a problem."

"What do you mean?"

"The morphers only react to those who have the power. If Sam tries to morph he could hurt himself. And it'll prove beyond a doubt that he isn't Billy."

Lord Zedd's Palace
"Perfect, the Blue Ranger is all alone in the park. Goldar, go down with the putties and capture him. Do not fail this time." Lord Zedd commanded his minion.

"Yes, your evilness." Goldar growled. He then left with the putties.

Angel Grove park
Sam Beckett was getting bored waiting for Al to show up. He was ready to get up and go back to the Juice Bar when there were several flashes of lights. Standing in front of Sam were Goldar and the putties.

"Hello, Billy. Lord Zedd wants a word with you. Get him." Goldar growled.

"Not now..." Sam moaned.

Angel Grove Park
Sam Beckett was in trouble. Not only did he have to deal with more of the grey humanoids called "putties", he now had to fight their apparent leader, a winged simian in golden armor. So Sam did what any smart person would do in this situation... he ran away.

This shocked Goldar so much he forgot to order the putties to go after him. Goldar then looked at the putties, the putties looked at him. With a sigh, Goldar and the putties teleported back. _I knew I should have taken the job Rygog offered me, Zedd's going to be pissed._

Project Quantum Leap, the Waiting Room
Billy Cranston was blessed, or cursed depending on how one looks at these things, with an inquisitive mind. So he decided to try an experiment. Looking around the "Waiting Room", Billy cried out, "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

Then he reached back for his morpher and found it. "TRICERATOPS!"

He knew that Trini had asked him to stay in the room, but he decided that maybe he could get better results by asking Zordon if he could borrow some of his equipment. So Billy decided to teleport to the Command Center.

The Power Chamber
Justin was working on a device to defeat one of Dark Specter's more irritating monsters, Red Rum. Demetria as usual was being less than helpful with her questions, Alpha-6 would occasionally offer some actually decent advice but for the most part it was Justin's project. So it was more annoying than shocking when the intruder alarm sounded. Justin looked up to see a very old Ranger uniform. The Ranger was wearing blue.

"This isn't the Command Center! Where's Zordon? Alpha?" The Blue Ranger yelled out.

"Yo-yo-yo! What do ya want? I'm busy here, see?" Alpha-6 replied in his less than melodious voice.

"Who are you and how do you know Zordon?" Demetria asked.

"Who are you? What are you doing in Zordon's tube, why is the Command Center so different?" Billy shot back.

"If I told you my name was Demetria, would it mean anything to you? Can you answer my questions as well?"

"Demetria? Never heard of you. My names Billy and I'm a Power Ranger."

"Who was on your team, Billy?" Justin asked.

"Jason, Tommy, Kim, Zack, Trini and myself. Have things changed that much?"

"Demetria, it's the dead one." Alpha-6 told her in his blunt fashion.

"How is it that you are here, Billy?" Demetria, inquired.

"I'm remembered as the DEAD ONE!" Billy screamed.

"Well, that and the quitter." Alpha-6 informed him.

"WHAT!? Which one called me the QUITTER?"

"Tommy. Sheesh, you humans."

Angel Grove Youth Center
Trini Kwan was a very perceptive person. Although in some ways she wasn't as intelligent as Billy, she dealt with people much better. Part of that was because she could pick up on the body language of others. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Billy's was all wrong. This person didn't carry himself like Billy, this person fought better than Billy ever had and most importantly this person didn't speak like Billy did.

"Kim, have you noticed something strange about Billy?"

"You mean besides the fact that you didn't have to translate for him?"

"Yes. Did you notice he walks differently?"

"Trini, why would you notice how Billy walks?" Kim asked. "Is there something I should know about?"

"Kim, as Billy's friend it is important that I know as much about him as possible especially if Zedd managed to slip in a double to infiltrate the Rangers. And why would there be something between us?"

"Wow, it's true what they say about you and Billy. You can see everything but what's right there."

"Excuse me?"

"Nevermind, Trini. Nevermind."

Project Quantum Leap, The Waiting Room
"Okay, Trini. Billy can look at the blueprints to the Accelerator." Al said while walking into the "waiting room".

"Billy, Admiral Caliveechi is going to let you see the... Billy? Al, he's gone!"

"Oh, great." _Now what do we do? If the kid's not back by the time Sam leaps...._

The Power Chamber
"Why exactly did Tommy call me the quitter?" Billy demanded.

"Perhaps because you left for Aquitar?" Demetria commented.

"Because you were a coward maybe?" Alpha-6 added.

"Demetria, shut him up or I shut him down." Billy growled.

"Is that a way for a Power Ranger to act?"

"Lady, I'm dead here. Cut me some slack."

"Billy, when I talked to Trini about you, she said that you used to talk like a thesaurus. How come you aren't doing that now?" Justin asked.

"Simply, put: I do that so people will leave me alone. Trini was the first person who attempted to understand me, so I lessened it around the others. Then we became friends. Besides, I need you all to understand me. I'm leaving. There's nothing for me here."

"Alpha, would you encase him in a force-field please?" Demetria asked.

After Alpha-6 had done so, Billy looked at her. "Why did you do that?"

"Where do you think you are going? Why did you leave where you were?"

"Why are you only asking questions?"

"Would you do me the honor of answering mine first?"

"No. Let me give you a piece of advice. Force-fields are pretty neat and all, but if you know their weakness they fail."

"And what weakness is that?"

Billy pulled out his blade-blaster. "Channeling the Power Coin through my blade blaster will destroy one." And Billy put his words into action.

When he was free, he looked at them. "I might be the dead one, but I was also the smart one." He then teleported out.

Project Quantum Leap, The Waiting Room
In a flash of blue light, Billy appeared back into the room. He saw Trini and someone else. "Er, hi."

"It's okay, Billy. He knows about the Rangers." Trini told him.

"Mr. Cranston, I will allow you access to the blue-prints for the Accelerator. Just do not leave this room again, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

Al left the two alone.

"Trini, it's worse than I thought. What happened to the Rangers? Why did Tommy start hating me? He called me the quitter! And I was told that I was remembered as the 'dead one'. Did I really do that badly as a Ranger?"

"No Billy, you were one of the best. Tommy developed a jealousy of you after you became a hero on two planets and you because you were Zordon's favorite. You are remembered, he isn't. Aquitar and Triforia have days of mourning on the week of your death. He failed as a stock-car racer. In the end Billy, your legacy is greater."

"Really? I thought I never made that great a contribution to the team."

"Let me tell you a little about what you do, Billy...."

Angel Grove Park....
Trini Kwan finally found where "Billy" was. It looked like he had been running a few laps around the park. "Hello." She told him.

"Hello, Trini."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Trini."

"Who are you and where is Billy? If you don't answer I'll beat the truth out of you." Trini then took her Mantis style stance.

"Oh, boy..."

Angel Grove Park....
"One more time, where is Billy?" Trini demanded.

"Trini, I'm Billy. Now why don't you... OOF!" Sam grunted and fell, as Trini kicked him in the stomach.

Punctuating each word with a punch, Trini asked, "Where! Is! BILLY!"

Sam blocked the last punch and then rolled to his feet. "Trini, stop this now. This isn't funny and it's not helping. Don't make me fight you."

"Please, where is Billy?" Trini asked.

"I can't tell you that."

"Then I hope you enjoy pain."

Sam prepared to fight her. He had a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He was bigger and stronger than he looked as Billy. He had more than 15 years experience on Trini at fighting.

He never stood a chance.

Project Quantum Leap, the Waiting Room
Billy Cranston looked over the schematics to the Quantum Leap Accelerator. He was impressed with both the complexity and simplicity inherent within the machine. While it was not beyond anything that he had worked on as a Power Ranger, it almost exceeded his knowledge in the field of Temporal Physics. _I knew I should have taken more elective courses dealing with Time Travel._

Trini and Al were watching Billy. Al was impressed with the fact that a high school student was able to even understand what this was, let alone that he was going to try and fix it. Trini was concerned that Billy wouldn't be able to make it work.

Billy looked up at them. "I think I found it. You need to reverse the polarity in two feeds. Afterwards, switch them back. Not everyone needs to remember they came here. But I'll leave that to your discretion, Admiral."

Billy then showed him on the schematic what had to be changed. When Al left to get Gooshie to take care of it, Trini stayed behind. "Billy, we need to talk."

"What about?"

"Us. Actually, how you will be able to make it so the two of us get together...."

Angel Grove Park
Tommy, Jason and Zack were walking in the park, trying to figure out Billy's strange behavior. They came upon Trini beating Billy while he was laying on the ground. She was also shouting something at him....


Jason and Tommy ran over to restrain Trini, while Zack went to help Billy.

Trini saw them coming and rose to her feet. "Stay out of this. He's going to tell me where Billy is." She coldly told them.

"Trini, that is Billy." Jason told her.

"No, it is not. That may look like Billy and sound like him, but that is not Billy. The walk, vocal patterns, body language and fighting skills are all wrong. Billy never learned Tae Kwon Do. That is not Billy. And I will keep doing this to get the information I require. Do not try and stop me."

"Trini, I have to. This is wrong. I know you care for Billy, but beating this guy up will not bring him back." Jason gently told her. He then reached out to touch her.

Trini looked at him, then hugged him. Crying into his shoulder, she asked Jason, "Where is he?"

Tommy looked down at Sam. "You better come with me. Zack, get Kim. Tell her to come with you to the Command Center." He then grabbed Sam by the shoulder and teleported. Jason and Trini followed.

Project Quantum Leap, the Waiting Room
"That's what I have to do?" Billy asked.

"Yes. If you had done that, most of this would never have happened. Just do what I told you to. I will probably never know what hit me...." Trini told him.

Al walked in. "It's set. When Sam leaps, you'll remember your time here."

"Al, shouldn't you check on Sam?" Trini asked.

"Your right. Trini, you have to leave the room as well. No one can be in here during a leap, except for the leaper." Al then left.

Trini looked over at Billy. "I hope this works, Billy."

"Me too. See you soon."

The Command Center
Sam was amazed at the complexity of the Command Center. It looked even better than when he had designed the Project. He would have enjoyed it more if he wasn't in so much pain. For such a slight looking girl, Trini hit hard.

Zordon of Eltare looked over at Sam. _So he is the one of whom I was told. I must have a talk with Trini later about the use of excessive force. However, it appears she was finally able to resolve her feelings for Billy. Good, it is about time they each realized their feelings for the other._


"All right, my name is Dr. Samuel Beckett. I'm a time traveler. Before you ask, I can only travel within my own lifetime. Just keep Trini away from me."

"How do you know, Trini? If I remember correctly, you seemed to recognize her in the park before the putties attacked." Zack asked.

"She works on the time travel project. I met her in college, while I was teaching."

"Why are you here, Dr. Beckett?" Tommy asked.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any control over when and where I go. Some force drives me to correct history for the better. Why I'm here, I have no idea."

Al "walked" into the room. He was impressed. This was actually nicer than the toys Sam had made for him.

"Sam, it's okay. Trini and I worked a few things out."

Zordon looked over to where Al was. WHY IS HE HERE, DR. BECKETT?

"You can see me?" Al was shocked. He thought only little kids, animals and Sam could see him.


"Yes, I am."

"Who's Zordon talking to?" Jason whispered to Tommy.

"Damn if I know." Tommy whispered back.

Zack and Kim then teleported in. Kim looked over at 'Billy'. "Who did this to him?"

Trini stepped forward. "I did, Kim. I was right, he wasn't Billy."

"You of all people, beat the truth out of someone?" Kim was aghast at the thought.

"Al, did you find out what I'm supposed to do to leap?" Sam asked.

"I'm working on it." Al looked at his computer. Then he looked up at Sam. "Looks like it got done. You're out of here."

Sam leaped.

* * *
Billy looked around the Command Center. He saw all his friends. "Prodigious." He whispered.

He walked over to Trini. "Hi, Trini."

"Hi, Billy."

"I was told to do this to get your attention." Billy then kissed her.

When he finally released her, he looked her in the eye. "I love you, Trini."

The same thought ran through everybody's mind at the same time. _WELL, it's about time!_

Project Quantum Leap, Year 2008
"Admiral Caliveechi, how did you like Aisha and Zack's wedding?"

"It was pretty fun, Trini. Looks like there's another leaper in the 'waiting room'. You better take care of it."

"Of course, Admiral." Trini then walked into the "waiting room".

Just before the door closed, Al could hear... "Hello. My name is Dr. Trini Cranston. You may be wondering why you are here...."

Al then went to his office and turned on the news service. "Today's top story is multiple Nobel Prize winner, Dr. William Cranston developing a cure for AIDS...."

He switched to the sports channel. "And once again, racer Tommy Oliver has won his fifth straight Indy 500, now he's off to see his wife Katherine and their new son...."

E! Network. "And Adam Park and his lovely wife, Tanya are finishing his third movie where she provides the soundtrack...."

Local news. "To repeat, Olympic gold medalist Kimberly DeSantos is retiring, she will be opening a joint school of gymnastics and martial arts with her husband, local Rocky DeSantos. This just in, hero cop Jason Scott has successfully brought in the Stone Canyon Slicer. The Slicer, a serial killer operating since...."

_Well_,he thought, _Time to go to work. I just wish that I could know when things are changed by Sam._