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This takes place after the Turbo Rangers get the Rescue Zords.

You Can't Always Get What You Want
by Don Berry

"Aunt Divatox, someone by the name of Hydro-Hog has a message for you. You want to hear it?" Elgar asked.

"What does that loser want? Oh, very well! Put it on the screen," Divatox told him.

"Divatox! As lovely as ever. May I present a token of my esteem for your eternal beauty?" The Hydro-Hog asked.

"A present? For me? What is it? What is it?"

"A weapon that will enable you to defeat the Power Rangers. If you would allow me to deliver it in person?"

"Sure, sure. Come aboard."

After Hydro-Hog had arrived, he presented Divatox with his gift to her. She looked over the present. "Interesting. I had heard of these but never seen one before. I thought they were all dead. Hmmm. The form is pleasing. I'm not to thrilled with the color, but I can change that. Is it fully functional?"

"In any and all endeavors you wish it to perform."

"Excellent. Rygog, have it cleaned up and taken to my quarters," Divatox then turned to the Hydro-Hog. "I must thank you for your present. Where ever did you find it? No matter. I must give you a 'proper' thank you. Whatever could I do to show my appreciation?"

Divatox turned slowly to the side. She then tensed her arm, which activated her wrist blade. Before the Hydro-Hog could react, she slit his throat. The Hog slid to the deck of the submarine and died drowning in his own blood.

"Elgar! Porto! Clean up this mess. And tell the cook it's pork chops for dinner tonight. Now, to enjoy my gift. I can finally have that honeymoon..." Divatox then went to her quarters.

"And don't bother me until I come out!" She then slammed the hatch behind her.

* * *
It was another quiet day in Angel Grove. For once the monsters weren't attacking. The Turbo Rangers were making the most of it.

Cassie, Ashley and T.J. were in the park watching Carlos and Justin play soccer. The three of them thought it was kind of amusing that Carlos found it necessary to play full out against kids at least four years younger than him. Eventually, the team Carlos and Justin were on won. So they came over to their friends.

"Looking good, Justin. You too, Carlos," T.J. told them.

"Thanks, man. Hey, did you hear? Kim Harte is coming back. Her and Jason Scott," Carlos said.

"Really? Wow, I saw Jason in an exhibition once. The man is good... Justin, what's wrong?" T.J. asked.

"Nothing, really. I've just met Jason and Kim before and it wasn't at a good time," Justin told him.

"What happened?" Ashley asked.

"I can't talk about it. Really, I can't. It's not for me to say. You guys want to go to the Juice Bar?"

The older Turbo Rangers looked at each other. They knew that eventually Justin would tell them what happened. But if they tried to push it now, he'd clam up.

"Sure, Justin. That sounds great," Cassie said.

They all left the park. None of them had noticed the shadowy figure in the tree above them. It watched them leave the park and then, moving from shadow to shadow it followed them.

* * *
"So, Jason, are you going to be glad to get back to Angel Grove? I know I am."

"Yeah, Kim. Especially since I'm going there to stay. Rocky asked me to be a partner in his dojo and I agreed. Helping him teach and taking college courses at AGU will take up my time. What are you going to do?"

"I'm taking courses at the University as well. Trini and Zack are coming back as well, right?"

"They should be at the airport when we get there. Then it'll be all us original Rangers."

"Except for Billy."

"Yeah, except for him."

* * *
The figure observed his targets. They all had behavioral patterns that he could exploit when it was time to fight them. The red one had great power but while skilled, lacked control. The one in yellow was too emotional. The one in green's arrogance would be his downfall. The blue ones youth could be used against him. And the one in pink's blindness to what was obvious would take care of her.

They were not as skilled in the arts of fighting as some Ranger groups the figure had seen. They were still learning how to be a team. Their leader was still trying to feel his way into his role. Their scientist, while intelligent, lacked a creative spirit. But the one that was their heart, she was dangerous.

_Good_, the figure thought. _I enjoy a challenge._

* * *
Divatox looked upon her latest gift. Her brother, General Havok, had been impressed with the potential inherent in the unleashing of the gift upon the Turbo Rangers. She wanted to be sure that it would not be wasted. It's shock potential would only be of value once.

She had sent it to observe the Turbo Rangers. She wanted it ready to destroy her enemies when she desired it too. The gift was anxious to attack but she restrained it. She hadn't found the proper time for it to attack.

So she wiled away her time using the gift to burn off her greatest passion besides wealth. Her carnal appetite.

* * *
Jason was picking up his duffel bag from the luggage carousel when he heard his name being shouted. Turning he saw Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan rushing towards him.

"Zack! Trini! Good to see you!" Jason told them.

"Jason! My man, long time no see! Jeez, did you get bigger?" Zack asked.

"Jason, it is wonderful to see you," Trini said before hugging him.

"Isn't anyone happy to see me?" Kim asked Trini and Zack.

After Trini, Zack, Kim and Jason had finished greeting each other, they decided to go to a restaurant to talk. They chose Italian.

After they got seated, Zack turned to Jason. "So, have you heard from Billy?"

"No. He never sent a message of any kind from Aquitar. He must be doing good if he hasn't said anything. So what are you and Trini going to do? Kim and I are taking college courses at AGU. I'm also helping Rocky out at his new school."

"Well, I got a job working at the local radio station. I'm supposed to be part of an on-air team with some girl named Tanya Sloan. Either of you know her?" Zack told them.

"We've met. She's a nice person. She also likes to dress in yellow, like a certain someone we know used to," Jason said.

"Oh, really? That should make things interesting in the broadcast booth," Zack replied.

"As for myself, I am taking courses at the University," Trini told them.

Zack looked over at Trini. "So, Trini. Are you going to tell a certain someone how you feel about them? You're here, he's here."

"Zachary, I told you I'd tell him in my own time," Trini hissed.

"What's going on?" Kim asked, amused by the whole thing.

"All right. Jason, are you seeing anyone?" Trini asked.

"No. The last girlfriend I had was Emily but we fell apart.... Why do you want to know?" Jason asked. The others at the table could see the rapid change come over his face as he figured out why Trini had asked him that.

"I thought you liked Billy?"

"He was one of my best friends. But he had feelings for someone else. He could never tell her though. Even though I tried to get him to," Trini told him.

Kim looked interested at that. "Really? Who was she? Did I know her?"

"Maybe you did. Billy and the girl switched bodies for about two days. I forget her name but she wore a lot of pink."

"Oh. Then Tommy showed up and he lost his nerve...." Kim finished for her.

"Yes. He hated Tommy at first while being happy that you were happy. It took him a long time to get beyond that," Trini told her.

"I never knew."

"This was Billy we're talking about. He would never say anything that he felt would hurt you, Kim. If he hadn't left for Aquitar, he might have tried to visit you in Florida. If he had gotten the chance."

Kim sat staring at her plate. "Can we talk about something else? This is depressing me."

"I'm sorry, Kim. I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

"That's okay, Trini. Let's just talk about something else..."

* * *
Divatox looked over at her gift. It had finally tired her out. She looked it in the eyes. "Get your gear. I want you to watch the Ranger's fight. Just watch, don't fight them yet."

"Yes, Queen Divatox," The gift then started putting on it's armor. The armor was colored silver with black highlights. It's weapons were a staff and twin swords strapped to the warriors back.

After it finished preparing it left Divatox's quarters. She followed it out. "Rygog! Elgar! Go to the gold mine with some pirhanatrons and draw out the Rangers. Stealth will follow and observe. MOVE!"

Divatox's minions bowed then left.

"Using your gift wisely, sister?"

"What do you want, Havok?"

"Nothing. Let me offer my chromites to help when you wish to have 'Stealth' finally fight the Rangers."

"Thank you."

"Think nothing of it, Divatox."

* * *
T.J.'s communicator went off. "Yes, Dimitria?"

"Rangers, Elgar and Rygog are at the gold mine. Go there at once to stop them."

"On our way," He told her.


When the Rangers arrived, they saw Rygog, Elgar and a school of pirhanatron stealing the ore from the mine.

T.J. was the first to step forward. "I thought you learned the last time not to try and take gold from here, Elgar!"

"What! You guys, again? Go bother someone else."

The pirhanatrons didn't wait for Elgar to give the command, they attacked the Rangers. Elgar squared off against the Red Ranger, thinking that maybe this time he'd get lucky and win. As usual, he was wrong.

Cassie, Carlos, Justin and Ashley were having fun stomping the pirhanatrons into the dirt. Rygog finally got tired of the whole thing and teleported Divatox's minions out.

"That was it? No monster to beat up? Divatox must be slipping. Let's go, guys," Carlos said.

None of the Turbo Rangers saw the figure in the shadows. It had learned all it needed to know.

* * *
"So what you are saying, is that with Porto's help, you can work it so that there is a phased-polarity charge on the pirhanatrons, which will cause the Power Rangers to short out when they touch them? That's what you said, right?" Divatox inquired.

"Yes, my Queen," Stealth replied.

"That's what I thought you said... SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?"

"The Power Rangers will lose their link with the power crystal. They will have none of the Turbo powers."

"This is fool-proof? There is no way they can just have replacements show up, is there?"

"The only way a replacement Ranger would be able to use the Turbo Powers was if at one time they had been powered by the Morphin Grid and had never been holders of the Turbo Power before. When the pirhanatrons touch the Rangers, they'll blow the polarity for the whole device. So Dimitria will not be able to call back the previous holders of the Turbo Powers."

Divatox looked at Stealth. "Get Porto and get it done. The sooner, the better."

"By your command, my Queen."

* * *
It was a simple mission for Elgar. Show up with some of his pirhanatrons and let the Rangers fight them. So he went to Angel Grove University and started knocking around the students. For him it was fun.

Then the Turbo Rangers arrived. It soon got even better.

* * *
The Rangers arrived to see Elgar and his pirhanatrons scaring the University students and destroying every thing they could. So they moved in to stop them.

The Rangers were each facing a pirhanatron, which then attacked them. It was then they realized they may have made a mistake in fighting. They lost their powers.

T.J. didn't stop fighting. He'd fought without powers before and he could do it again. Cassie was shocked but continued defending herself. As did Carlos, Ashley and Justin. There was not much more they could do. The pirhanatrons weren't backing off.

The Rangers got help from four of the college students. With that help, the pirhanatrons were defeated. Justin had seen two of the students before. "Jason, Kim thanks guys. We almost got killed," Justin told them.

"What happened to your powers?" Jason asked.

"When we touched the pirhanatrons they disappeared. I don't know why," Justin replied. It was then that T.J.'s communicator sounded.

"Yes?" T.J. asked.

"Teleport yourself and the four who helped you to the Power Chamber. Hurry, Rangers," Dimitria told him.

"On our way," T.J. said. He then looked to the four students. "We're going to teleport now, please don't panic."

He missed the look of amusement the four shared. "We'll try not to get scared," Jason told him.

They then teleported away.

* * *
Trini and Zack looked around the Power Chamber. Unlike Jason and Kim, they had never been to the revamped Command Center. It was interesting, but not what they were used to.

"Rangers, you have lost your powers because of Divatox's newest minion, Stealth. He is the last of the Lin Kieu Warriors. A perverted and evil off-shoot of the Ninjetti. They are never to be underestimated," Dimitria told them.

"How could he make us lose our powers? I didn't see anyone there besides Elgar and the pirhanatrons," Carlos asked.

"All Lin Kieu Warriors are trained in the sciences as well as the fighting arts. With their training and the sensors in their armor, it would have been easy for him to determine your weaknesses. Which he did."

"So now what? And why did you want them to come here? I thought no one was supposed to know about this place?" T.J. asked.

"T.J., these were four of the five original Power Rangers. They and one other will assume your powers until they can be returned to you," Dimitria said.

"Who will the fifth be?" Jason asked.

"The one who gave Justin his Zeo crystal. Rocky DeSantos. Justin, bring him here as quickly as you can."

Justin teleported without saying anything.

"Jason Scott, do you accept the powers of the Red Turbo Ranger until such time as they can be returned to T.J.?"


"Trini Kwan, do you accept the Yellow Turbo Power until they can be returned to Ashley?"

"I accept them."

"Zachary Taylor, do you accept the powers of the Green Turbo Ranger until they can be returned to Carlos?"


"Kimberly Harte, do you accept the powers of the Pink Turbo Ranger until they can be returned to Cassie?"

"I do."

Justin then arrived with Rocky. He appeared slightly confused but seemed ready for whatever could be asked of him.

"Rocky DeSantos, do you accept the powers of the Blue Turbo Ranger until they can be returned to Justin?"


"Then place your hands on the Power Console and accept the Power."

The five placed their hands on the console and were then infused with the power of Turbo. The five looked at their new uniforms and started to once again get used to the feeling of having the power in them.

"You are now the Turbo Rangers. Until Alpha and I can find a way to return the powers."

"Hey Dimitria! We got some monster of Divatox's rampaging through Angel Grove. It's in the business district," Alpha-6 told her.

"Go, Rangers. And be careful," Dimitria said.

Jason looked at Dimitria. "Right! Let's go. BACK TO ACTION!"

The Rangers then teleported out.

* * *

Part 2

T.J., Cassie, Ashley, Carlos and Justin were depressed. They had been entrusted with the Turbo Powers and had lost the ability to use them in less than a month. Now they had to watch while someone else took over for them. And as T.J. watched on the viewing screen, the older Rangers were much better.

He felt Cassie put her hand on his shoulder. He turned to her and tried to smile reassuringly. Carlos and Ashley were trying to make Justin feel better. He wasn't handling this as well as the others.

Alpha-6 and Dimitria were keeping their own counsel on the matter. They had offered some words of encouragement but had mainly left the Rangers to themselves. So it was surprising when Dimitria spoke up.

"Rangers, we have a visitor."

Turning, they saw the Phantom Ranger standing in front of Dimitria's tube. "Come with me. There is a way for you to be Rangers once more. It is dangerous but the risks are worth the reward. Will you allow me to take you were you need to go?"

"Why don't you just let the other Rangers keep doing what they're doing? They are better than we are," T.J. asked.

"For now they are. They have more experience than you do as a team. You have been doing this for about a month. Most of them were a team or a member of a team for more than two years. It is not a mark of shame on your part that they are better as a team. If you survive, eventually you to will have their degree of skill. Will you come with me?" The Phantom Ranger asked.

T.J. looked at his team. They all looked to him. They all nodded.

"Okay, take us to this place where we can get new Powers. Where is it by the way?"

"Phaedos," The Phantom Ranger moved over to the main console of the Power Chamber. He then punched in some coordinates. The Phantom Ranger then stood beside the Rangers.

"Hit it, Alpha."

Alpha-6 started the teleporter.

The last thing the Rangers heard was Dimitria wishing them luck.

* * *
Jason was impressed with the power of the Rescuezords. With them, they had destroyed the monster that Divatox had sent to Angel Grove. He still missed his old Red Dragon zord and his Tyrannosaurus zord but these weren't that bad.

Jason and the other Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber. All of them were worked up from the sheer joy of having the Power. For however long it took to get it back for T.J. and the others.

Jason looked around. "Dimitria, where are the others?"

"The Phantom Ranger has taken them to get another Power. They are going to Phaedos. They will return if they succeed."

Rocky looked at Dimitria. "The Phantom what?"

Dulcea, the Master Warrior of Phaedos, felt the arrival of the supplicants to the Great Power. Swiftly moving to a position where she could observe them unseen, she saw that these were humans. All six of them. Even the one in the armor.

The one in armor she had met before.

* * *
T.J., Carlos, Cassie, Ashley and Justin looked around at where they had arrived. The beach was both beautiful and desolate. The Phantom Ranger looked around. "We must go this way. Follow me."

Not knowing what else to do, they followed him. He led them to a rise which seemed to lead to a plateau. The Phantom Ranger stopped and then cocked his head to the side. "Dulcea is here. Don't try to touch her. Don't gawk at her. And most importantly, don't talk back to her."

The Turbo Rangers saw a figure in a robe with a staff walk towards them. The Phantom Ranger stepped between the Rangers and the figure. They bowed to each other.

"Why have you brought them here?" The figure asked. Carlos noted it was the voice of a woman.

"They are the ones of the second prophecy, Dulcea. The Millennium is almost upon us. As it was written, so has it come to pass. They are the ones," The Phantom Ranger told her.

Dulcea looked the Phantom over. "Is the situation dire?"

"Not yet. There are others protecting the Earth as we speak. Kim and Rocky you know. Jason, Trini and Zack have also joined them. You were told of them."

"What of Aisha?" Dulcea asked.

"She is in Africa. A continent on the Earth. She is well."

"And yourself? How do you feel?"

"We are not here for me. They need to go on the quest for the Great Power. Then they need to be trained. They have less training than the original team that Zordon put together."

"Yes, you would know of that. Very well, all of you follow me," Dulcea told them.

"Excuse me, but what is this second prophecy?" T.J. asked.

"I will tell you when we are at the Temple. Now follow," Dulcea commanded.

The Turbo Rangers fell into position behind Dulcea and followed her. After several hours of walking she brought them to a circle of stones that at one time may have been magnificent but now held an inkling of their former glory. In the center of the cleared area was a fire.

Dulcea lead the Turbo Rangers so that they were across from by the fire. T.J. was first from the left, followed by Cassie, Justin, Carlos and Ashley. The Phantom Ranger stood to the side of the clearing.

Dulcea then took off her robe. She stood before them wearing her green bikini and skirt. Ashley reached over and hit Carlos gently on the back of the head to get him to close his mouth. Cassie wasn't as gentle with T.J.

"Before I begin, know this. If you have any hesitations about doing this, then stop now. If you are not found worthy, the bringing forth of your spirit animals will kill you. If you wish to stop, then say so now."

Dulcea waited a few moments. Then she reached into her pouch and pulled out a handful of powder. "Buried inside each of us is an animal waiting to be released. This is the basic principle of the Ninjetti."

Dulcea blew the powder into the fire which caused it to flare up. Then the Turbo Rangers saw golden lights streak through the fire and then towards them. They braced themselves but were surprised that it didn't hurt when they were merged with the light.

The Rangers looked at each other and found they were dressed in ninja style uniforms in the colors they had as Turbo Rangers. There was a stylized gold emblem with an animal on their chest. The only difference between what they had as Turbo Rangers and what they had now was that Justin was the same height he normally was. They pulled the hoods back on the uniforms.

Dulcea walked around the fire and then stood in front of Ashley. "Ashley, dexterous and proud. You are the Mongoose."

She then stood before Carlos. "Carlos, you are the Chameleon."

Next was Justin. "Quick and clever, Justin you are the Fox."

Then Cassie. "Cassie, with the voice of an angel. You are the Nightingale."

Finally she came to T.J. "Thaddeus Jerome, strong and sure. You are the Panther."

T.J. looked at the others. "Don't say a word," He then turned to Dulcea. "Now what do we do, Dulcea?"

"Now I will tell you of the second prophecy. It is said that five who once had power will come, guided by one who has known both youth and infirmity. They will gain the Great Power or they will die. If they live, they will be the only ones able to stop the gathering of evil that is to come at the Millennium. You are that five. He is the guide," Dulcea said while pointing at the Phantom Ranger.

"Now, you will wait until daybreak and then journey to the Monolith. On the way to the Monolith you will be tested. You will face your final trial at the Monolith. For now, wait here and rest. I must speak to him alone," Dulcea said.

She then led the Phantom Ranger into the area around the Temple.

Carlos turned to T.J. "Thaddeus Jerome? No wonder you call yourself T.J.."

"Carlos, shut up. Does anyone else have something to say about my name?"

* * *
Dulcea looked at the Phantom Ranger. "Can you take your helmet off?"

"Only in a controlled environment. Which is part of the reason why I need to talk to you. I need a cure for my condition."

"What is your condition?"

"You are familiar with what happened to me?"

"Yes. But I thought a cure had been found?" Dulcea asked.

"It was a stop gap measure at best. It was revealed that since I too am part of the second prophecy, the normal cure for my situation would not work. So they devised this suit. If this ruby is removed from my chest I will soon die, as has nearly happened."

"I know of a way for you to regain what you have lost."

"What must I do?"

"Take the quest. Out of the armor."

"I won't last more than an hour out of the armor, Dulcea."

"I can use some of my own life force to enable you to survive for a day."

"So it will be a do or die endeavor? I agree. This is no way for me to live."

"When the others leave, you will go with them. For now, rest. I will see you in the morning. Good night."

"Good night, Dulcea."

* * *
The Turbo Rangers saw the Phantom Ranger come towards them. "I will be going with you in the morning."

"You will? Will we get to see what you like without the armor?" Cassie asked.

"Yes. If you will excuse me, I must prepare for tomorrow," The Phantom Ranger then sat against one of the few remaining walls and appeared to go to sleep.

Ashley walked over to Cassie. "Well, now you'll have the answer to your question."

"What question is that, Ashley?"

"What he looks like," Ashley told her.

"Oh that. Never crossed my mind."


The Rangers then prepared for what was ahead tomorrow.

Divatox was worried. The new Turbo Rangers fought with more tenacity than she was used to dealing with. The Lin Kieu was willing to go to Earth and fight them but without a zord of some kind, Divatox knew he would lose.

Rygog and Porto were working on some new zords. Hopefully, they would be able to create one powerful enough to destroy the Rangers. The only problem would be if Elgar tried to help.

General Havok was still quietly observing all that happened. While he didn't appear interested in what was going on, Divatox knew he wasn't missing anything that occurred. She would have to make sure he didn't try a power grab if she succeeded in conquering Earth.

Sometimes, Divatox hated the fact that the only people she could trust where the ones she had to fight.

* * *
Kim and Trini were enjoying their day. The two were catching up on old times and were discussing all that had happened while they were away from the other. They knew that the guys were at the Juice Bar working out. They decided to join them there.

When they got there, they found Zack once again trying to be the center of attention. He was succeeding as usual. Jason and Rocky were sparring. Neither was trying to seriously hurt the other. They were attempting to gauge the others skills.

When Trini and Kim came in, Jason and Rocky stopped and then walked over to them. Jason sat beside Trini, while Rocky sat across from Kim.

"So what do we do now?" Rocky asked.

"About what?" Jason said.

"Divatox. Are we just going to stay with the old pattern of reacting to her attacks or are we going to find her base and the next time she attacks, counter-attack there?"

"You know we can't escalate a conflict, Rocky. Even if we want to," Trini told him.

"I know. It just gets so frustrating waiting for her to make the first move. I've never liked having to wait," Rocky said.

"I understand. Believe me, when I say I understand. But it is the way we do this. That is just one of the things we can't change. We defend, Rocky. We don't attack," Jason said.

Trini saw Kim staring off into space. "Kim, what are you thinking about?"

"I'm wondering how the others are doing on Phaedos," Kim said.

The morning had come. The Rangers had gathered together. Except for Dulcea and the Phantom Ranger. They had not shown up yet.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Once this is started you can not go back. You either succeed or you die," Dulcea said. They were in the cave that she used as a domicile.

"How is that any different from what usually happens on the quest for the Great Power?"

"Good point. Are you prepared? This will hurt."

After the Phantom Ranger had nodded his head, Dulcea began to separate the armor from the Phantom Ranger. The Phantom Ranger found out that Dulcea had a great talent for understatement.

* * *
The Rangers saw Dulcea come towards them. She was alone.

"Where's the Phantom Ranger?" Cassie asked.

"He is here," Dulcea said. Then she looked at the emptiness beside her. She moved her staff in a sweeping motion and the figure in a black Ninjetti outfit who appeared was knocked off his feet.

"Quit playing, pup. This is serious," Dulcea said.

The black Ninjetti rose to his feet in a single fluid motion. "My apologies. It's habit."

Cassie looked at the Phantom Ranger. He was dressed as they were but in black. The emblem that had his spirit animal had a wolf on it. He was human or looked it from what could be seen. His eyes were blue and he was Caucasian. Unlike the others who were still getting used to the feel of their new uniforms, he wore his like he had worn it hundreds of times before. He also appeared calm.

"T.J. you still lead of course. In some ways I am along for the ride. But there is something that I must do myself, as there is something that you and the others must do without me."

T.J. looked at him. "So what do we call you?"


* * *
They started on their journey. T.J. had Billy and Ashley in the front, followed by Justin and Carlos and then Cassie and himself. The trip through the desert was uneventful. Actually, it was boring.

They were walking through the jungle when Billy told them that they had better start paying attention to what was around them. Carlos and Ashley could have sworn that they had seen Billy somewhere before. He hadn't removed the hood of the uniform. For all they knew, he couldn't.

Ashley turned to Billy. "Have you done this before?"

"Yes. Three years ago."

"So you know what will happen?"

"From what Dulcea has told me, the trials change for each new group of questors. If I told you about what I faced you might ignore what your mind is telling you. You can't afford to do that here. Take nothing for granted here. That is the best advice I can give you," Billy said.

"How much further to the Monolith?" T.J. called out.

"Two, maybe three hours at this pace. That, of course, is without interruptions."

T.J. thought about that. They had come to a clearing which was filled with flowers. The path lead through the clearing.

Billy stopped at the edge of the clearing. When Ashley tried to step forward she was stopped with an arm across the chest. "Don't."

"Why not?" Ashley asked.

"I'm not sure. But I know this, if you walk through there you won't like it."

Carlos had had enough. This guy not only had Cassie hanging on his every word but now he was trying to do the same thing to Ashley. "I think you're just scared. There's nothing out there but some bees."

Carlos then walked out into the clearing. He got about halfway across when he turned around and faced the others. "See? Nothing. Come one, we don't have much time.... What are you guys staring at?"

Carlos turned and saw a large black beetle that had come out of the ground behind him. It reared up and then drove it's head towards him. It was only instinct that enabled him to avoid the attack.

He quickly rolled to the right of it, and kept moving trying to get away from its head. It soon became apparent that if nothing was done Carlos would soon be beetle chow.

Justin sized up the situation. Then he quickly moved forward and ran up the beetle's carapace towards its head. Cassie and Ashley tried to get the beetle's attention away from Carlos. T.J. and Billy followed Justin.

The three of them made it to the beetles head. T.J. looked over to Justin. "Now what?" He yelled.

"Rip off the antenna. It should slow it down so we can get away from it," Justin yelled back.

"That's a great plan, Justin. So how are you going to get it to hold still so we can grip the antenna and rip them off?" T.J. asked.

"I hadn't gotten that far yet. Give me a minute, okay?"

"WE DON'T HAVE A MINUTE!" T.J. yelled.

Billy concentrated for a moment. "I have an idea. This will slow it down for a moment."

Billy started moving his hands and then unleashed a blast of energy into the back of the beetles head. The three of them barely managed to hold onto the beetle as it quickly stopped. Justin and T.J. both grabbed an antenna and snapped it in two. All three of them quickly jumped off the beetles head.

All the Rangers then ran from the clearing. After they had gone half a mile down the trail and they were sure the beetle wasn't following them, T.J. had them stop running and start walking. He then turned to Carlos. "Next time, listen."

"Okay. Sorry about that," Carlos said.

T.J. looked at him. "That's all right. It broke the monotony."

Cassie turned to Billy. "Was that here last time?"

"No. Believe me, I would have remembered that," Billy said.

Part Three

Angel Grove Youth Center and Juice Bar

"Rocky, Jason what can you tell me about this Cestria person that Billy stayed on Aquitar for?" Kim asked.

"Well, she's the niece of the Blue Alien Ranger, Cestro. If I remember correctly she is also a scientist or something like that. She's the one who came up with the cure for Billy's aging." Jason said.

"What does she look like?" Kim asked.

"Well, she has light brown hair, like you. Her eyes, I think, were a hazel, like yours. She was around your height as well. As for if she was beautiful, I can't say. She wasn't my type." Rocky told her.

"Oh and just what is your `type', Rocky?" Kim inquired.

Rocky looked uncomfortable for a second and then mumbled, "I don't have to answer that. Besides, she isn't around here anymore."

Jason glanced over to Kim. "Did you understand that?"

"Yeah. I have a pretty good idea who he means." Kim said.

Before Jason could ask who Kim thought it was, their communicators sounded. They got up and then found a secluded area of the Youth Center. "Yes, Zordon... I mean, Dimitria."

"Jason, you and the others need to go to Angel Grove Universities Science Department. Several of Divatox's pirhanatrons were sighted there." Dimitria told them.

"On our way." Jason said.

Jason, Rocky and Kim then teleported to the University. At the University they met up with Trini and Zack.

"So what exactly are we looking for?" Zack asked.

"Some pirhanatrons were seen near the Science Department buildings. They might be trying to steal some of the experiments. Kim, Trini and Rocky you take the south entrance. Zack and I will take the north side. Be careful and yell out if you see anything. Let's do it." Jason said.

The five Rangers then split up into their teams.


The young woman sat down in the chair before the Dean of Admissions. He looked at the papers before him and then the woman. "Normally, you wouldn't be accepted until all of your papers had been processed. But the letter from the Dean at the University of Kenya and your GPA have heavily swayed my decision to accept you. Welcome to Angel Grove, Miss Campbell."

"Thank you, sir. And please, call me Aisha. Could you tell me the way to the Sciences Building? Most of the my classes will be there."

"Certainly, first you..."


"You know, I forgot just how annoying this part of being a Ranger could be." Rocky said.

"How's that, Rocky?" Kim asked.

"You know, walking around trying to find the bad guys so they can attack us." Rocky told her.

"Oh, that. Yeah, this does suck. But it's part of the job." Kim said.

"Don't worry, Rocky. Kim and I will protect you."

"Thank you, Trini. That means so much to me. Will you hold my hand when I have to cross the street, too?" Rocky jokingly asked.

"Only if you want me too."

"Hey, I think I found them." Kim said.


"In the Physics department, Rocky."

"I'll tell the others, you two check it out." Kim said.

Trini and Rocky then entered the room where Kim had seen the pirhanatrons.


Kim found Jason and Zack and told them about what she had found. When the three made it to the Physics Department they could hear the sounds of combat. They ran into the room where the fight was and saw Rocky and Trini beating up pirhanatrons.

Jason could see that while Trini and Rocky were being kept busy, three of the pirhanatrons were trying to move a metal barrel. The three pirhanatrons then moved to one side of the barrel and started to tip it over. Before it fell, Jason could see the words "Caution: Contains Liquid Oxygen. FLAMMABLE. Contents under pressure. Do NOT jar."


Aisha Campbell was enjoying the walk through the University grounds. When she had lived in Angel Grove, before she went on the quest to find the Zeo crystal and decided to stay in Africa, she had never visited the University. Now, she was a student here.

She hadn't seen any of her old friends yet. But the majority of them wouldn't recognize her, because of the temporal displacement enacted by MasterVile and the Zeo crystal. Only the former Power Rangers would remember her.

She finally came to the Sciences building. All the people were running out. She stopped one of the students. "What's wrong?"

"There are some monsters in the Physics department. We were told to leave." The student told her.

Aisha let the student go. She then entered the building.


The barrel fell over with thud. After Jason had finally opened his eyes again, he saw that the barrel hadn't exploded. The pirhanatrons started rolling the barrel towards one of the side doors.

Jason, Zack and Kim started fighting their way through the pirhanatrons. The close quarters prevented them from using their superior speed to the Rangers advantage. But their teamwork enabled them to finally defeat their opponents. The pirhanatrons gave up and either ran out the door or jumped through a window to escape.

"Why didn't they just teleport out?" Jason asked.

"This part of the building is shielded from outside radiation to protect the more sensitive experiments. A by product of that is that teleportation can't get through it." Trini explained.

"I wonder what they needed liquid oxygen for?" Rocky said.

"I don't know, but we better leave before the police get here." Jason said.

As they were leaving, they passed a slightly familiar looking young woman. Jason, Zack and Trini walked by her but Kim and Rocky stopped in front of her.

"Aisha?" Kim asked.

"Hi, Kim. Hey, Rocky how ya been?"

Rocky just stood there. He opened his mouth several times trying to say something but nothing came out. Kim finally put her hand over Rocky's mouth and answered for him. "He's fine. As you can tell, your arrival was a bit of a surprise. If you're happy to see Aisha, nod your head Rocky." Kim told him.

Rocky started nodding his head.

"See? He's just the same as always." Kim said.

"I can see that. So, anyone want to tell what's been happening around here?" Aisha asked.

"Sure. Let's go to the Juice Bar first." Jason said.


While Aisha was being reacquainted with her friends, Divatox was working on her inter-personal skills with her lackeys.

"IDIOOOOTTTTSSSSS!!!!! You incompetent losers! I needed that barrel for the zord that Porto is building! How dare you fail! ELGAR!! Get in here NOW!"

"Yes, Auntie D?" Elgar asked.

"You, Rygog and four schools of pirhanatrons will go to the Earth and get me the materials needed for my new zord. Don't fail me. Go." She commanded. They teleported away.

"Porto, get me all the information you can find on these new Rangers. Have Stealth do the leg work for you. How much longer will it be before the zord is finished?"

"If we had the liquid oxygen, I could get it to you in two days. Otherwise, you will have to wait a month for me to find another suitable fuel source. Then a week to make sure the fuel will work and another week of shakedown flights. It's not like making a monster, my queen." Porto said.

"Do what you can. So have you come up with a name for it yet?"

"We are calling it Goldgoyle, my queen."

"Goldgoyle... I like that."


"So after I left, Jason comes back, takes a power that Billy can't get. Billy gets old and has to go to Aquitar. Stays on Aquitar because of someone named Cestria. Jason loses the power because it's not designed for humans. Rocky hurts his back training. Gives the chance to be a Ranger to a twelve year old. Tommy and the others leave. The new Rangers lose their powers and now are on Phaedos trying to become Ninjetti. Did I leave anything out?" Aisha asked.

"Except for the five of us getting the power, no." Jason told her.

"Gee, a girl leaves and the whole place goes to heck. So when was the last time any of you spoke with Billy? Has he said how he likes it on Aquitar? Is he planning on visiting?" Aisha said.

"No one has talked to Billy since he left for Aquitar, Aisha. Most of us were too busy to write or try to get him on the viewscreen... Without Billy, we had a hard enough time keeping from being overwhelmed by the Machine Empire." Jason said.

"Why's that?"

"None of us bothered trying to figure out the technology that ran the Power Chamber. I guess we felt Billy would always be there." Rocky told her.

"So what's stopping you from contacting him now?" Aisha asked.

Kim got up from her chair. "Nothing. Let's go."

Kim then left the Juice Bar. Aisha looked at the others. "She finally figure out that Billy liked her?"

"Yeah. Yeah, she did. I think she realized that Billy has loved her ever since they met. While Tommy was less than faithful with her. After all, when Kat first showed up he didn't have to respond to what she did." Rocky said.

"We get better catch up with her. I want to see Billy as well." Trini said.

The Rangers got up and went to the Power Chamber.


Elgar was scared. His aunt had told him not to screw up. This time he knew she meant it. It wouldn't take much for her to have him killed.

So he actually planned out the mission to retrieve the liquid oxygen. He would have the pirhanatrons secure the room. Then he and Rygog would grab the barrel, leave the room and then teleport back to the submarine. Quick and simple. Get in and then get out.

For once in his life, he actually did something correctly.


"Dimitria, can we contact Aquitar? We have a friend who is living there." Kim asked.

"Of course. Alpha, please make the necessary connections. Which of the Aquitaran Rangers do you wish to speak to, Rangers?" Dimitria said.

"We want to speak with Billy Cranston. You've heard of him, haven't you?" Trini asked.

"The one who forged a peace between the Aquitarans and the Hydor- contaminators? Yes. It is a shame that he is viewed as a great hero everywhere but his own planet." Dimitria said.

"Yo-yo-yo, I got Aquitar on the horn. So who want's to speak first?" Alpha said.

"I will." Jason told Alpha.

Delphine appeared on the screen. She was flanked by Cestro, Aurico and Cestria. She performed the Aquitaran gesture of greeting, then asked, "How can I help you, Rangers?"

"We'd like to speak with Billy. He isn't busy, is he?"

"I would not know that, Jason. He has not been on Aquitar for almost a standard Earth year." Delphine said.

"What!? " Kim yelled.


"My queen, the liquid oxygen has been added to the fuel mixture. Goldgoyle will be ready in two days to defeat your enemies." Porto said.

"Excellent. Rygog, Elgar get me everyone." Divatox commanded.

"Everyone, my queen?" Rygog asked.

"Contact Rita and Zedd. I want Goldar, Rito, Scorpina and every last putty and tenga they can get their hands on. When I say everyone... I... mean... EVERYONNNNE!! " Divatox screamed.

"As you command, my queen." Rygog and Elgar quickly started to head towards the lunar palace.


"Yes, my queen?"

"What have you found out about this group of Rangers?" Divatox asked.

"They have fewer weaknesses, my queen. There is no great unresolved feelings between any of them. They are all friends. Any weakness that could be exploited would require weeks of prolonged study." Stealth said.

"What? Who are these Rangers?"

"They have four of the five original Power Rangers of Earth, my queen. The group that was considered unstoppable until Rita Repulsa's long term plan of having a plant on the team succeeded. And Tommy Oliver destroyed those zords and powers that were most dangerous." Stealth said.

"The only plan of Rita's that actually succeeded. Implanting in Tommy Oliver a self-destructive streak. I'm surprised the Rangers lasted as long as they did under his leadership." Divatox said.

"That can be easily explained. He had the one known as Billy Cranston as his team scientist. I believe you are familiar with Cranston's history?"

"That little punk stopped the war between Aquitar and the Hydro- contanimators. I was selling weapons to the HC's. I lost a fortune! Whatever happened to him? Last I heard he was playing house with one of the mermaids on Aquitar." Divatox asked.

"As far as I have been able to determine, he is still on Aquitar." Stealth said.


"Where is he? He was supposed to be with you guys." Rocky said.

Kim looked at Cestria. "You're Cestria, right?"

"Yes, I am. You are?"

"Kimberly Harte. How was Billy before he left?" Kim asked.

"Depressed. The treatment did not have a permanent effect on his aging. Cestro and I built an armored suit for him to wear before he left for Eltar. I am sorry that we could not give you better news." Cestria told them.

"Thank you. If you come into contact with Billy before we do, please tell him to contact Earth." Jason said.

"We will. May the Power protect you." Delphine said.

"And you." Jason replied. The monitor that was showing Aquitar then went dark.

"Well, I guess we call Eltar now. It'll be nice to talk to Zordon again." Rocky said.

"Billy left Earth for that?" Kim muttered.

Trini looked over at her friend. "What was he supposed to do? Ignore the potential for happiness that he could have had? Dimitria is right. Here, he's just another unappreciated geek. Out there, he's a hero."

"I knew I should have told him to visit me in Florida. I knew I should have." Kim said.

"Wouldn't that have made things worse though? I'm sure he wouldn't want to meet the guy you dumped Tommy for." Rocky reminded her.

"Oh... that. You mean my figment of imagination?"

"He didn't exist?" Rocky asked.

"No. I just did that so Tommy would feel justified in pursuing Kat. So I made the guy up." Kim said.

"Tommy was devastated, Kim! That letter nearly killed him!" Jason told her.

"It didn't stop him from eventually dating Kat. I'm not stupid, Jason. I don't care what kind of spell Kat was under. Kat should not have caused Tommy to stray unless it was in his nature." Kim said.

"She's right, Jason." Aisha said.

"True. Okay, lets call Eltar." Jason said.

"I've got a connection now, Rangers." Alpha told them.

Zordon appeared on the screen. "Greetings, Rangers. I have heard of what has occurred. I hope you all do the Power proud while the others attempt to attain the Ninjetti. So why have you called?"

"Zordon, is Billy there?" Kim asked.

"No, he is not. Billy should be on Earth. I sent him to help the new Turbo Rangers. He was to have presented them with the Rescuezords. Has he not done so?" Zordon said.

"The only person to do that was the Phantom Ranger." Dimitria said.

"Exactly. If there are no other questions, I must attend to an experiment. Good bye."

"Good bye, Zordon." Jason said.

The screen went dark. The Rangers looked at each other.

"Billy was the Phantom Ranger?" Jason asked.

"The evidence points in that direction, Jason." Trini said.

"Well, it makes sense. Billy pretty much made the Zeo and Turbozords. What's another set of zords for him?" Rocky said.

"How did you determine that he made the Turbozords, Rocky?" Dimitria asked.

"I was around when he was always running off and disappearing for hours at a time. I thought at first that it was because he was the Gold Ranger. Now, I realize that he was working on the Turbo powers. He made the Radbug with Earth technology. Imagine what he could do with Zordon's assistance... And so, I made a guess." Rocky said.

"Rocky... I'm impressed." Zack said.

"Why's that, Zack?"

"That's the most amount of words I ever heard you say at one time." Zack told him.

"I think you have me confused with Adam." Rocky said.

The alarms in the Power Chamber started to go off. When the sensors were checked, the Rangers saw that a large force of putties, tengas and pirhanatrons were in the Angel Grove Park. Leading them were Goldar, Scorpina, Rito and Elgar. They had hostages.

Tanya Sloan, Adam Park, Katherine Hillard and Tommy Oliver.

"Rangers, we have a message from Divatox. If we do not fight, they will kill the hostages." Alpha said.

Jason looked at the others. "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

Dimitria coughed lightly. "You're supposed to say, `Shift into Turbo'."

"Why? I like mine better." Jason said.

"Use `Shift into Turbo', Jason." Dimitria said.

"All right. SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

Part Four


"Billy, how much longer to the Monolith?" T.J. asked.

"Through those trees." Billy told him.

The Rangers entered the clearing which held the entrance to the Monolith. They slowly spread out while walking towards it.

Standing in front of the former Turbo Rangers were five humanoid creatures. One was a crane, another a frog, another an ape, another a falcon and the last was a bear. The crane stood in front of Cassie, the frog in front of Carlos, the ape in front of Justin, the falcon in front of T.J. and the bear in front of Ashley.

Billy walked around the group and started making his way towards the entrance to the Monolith. He was stopped by a figure appearing in front of him. The figure was dressed in black, hooded flowing robes and was armed with a scythe.

The humanoid figures moved in on the Rangers. The crane leapt into the air and flew over Cassie, landed and then kicked her in the back. The ape rolled forward until it was right beneath Justin's feet, grabbed his ankles and then used it's feet to grab Justin's neck and letting go of his ankles, threw Justin into the pool beneath the waterfall.

The falcon rushed T.J. and slid into his legs, knocking him down. Quickly gaining it's feet, the falcon reared it's leg back and kicked T.J. in the torso. The frog, in a series of quick bounds, moved on Carlos. Springing into a series of roundhouse kicks it caught Carlos in the side of the head.

The bear quickly closed on Ashley. She sidestepped it's rush and stuck her leg out, tripping the bear. The bear rolled forward and turned, then rushed Ashley again. She stood her ground and waited for the bear to come to her. When it got close enough, she grabbed it's lead arm and using it's momentum swung the bear into the ground.

Billy and the figure in black waited for the other to move. The figure chose to break the standoff by sweeping it's scythe towards Billy's legs. When Billy leapt over that attack, the figure moved forward and caught Billy with a kick to the side. As Billy went down, he managed to grab the figure's hood and brought it's face down into the dirt. The two of them quickly rolled back to their feet.

T.J. rolled away from the next kick that the falcon sent towards him. Rising to his feet, he blocked the kick it sent towards him. Feinting a punch he knew it would block, he dropped to the ground and swept it's legs and then still spinning kicked it in the head. Cassie had been moved forward from when the crane had kicked her. She had spun and sent a backhand into the crane which was blocked. Cassie then threw a punch which got through the crane's defenses and then spun into a roundhouse kick which brought it crashing to the ground.

Justin quickly climbed out of the pool. He saw the ape coming towards him and ran to it. Five feet from it, he slid to the ground and stuck his leg up, catching the ape between the legs. Justin shot to his feet and brought his knee into the ape's face causing it to fly back. He then jumped into the air and drove both his knees into the ape's ribcage.

Carlos avoided the next few kicks of the frog. He then blocked it's next kick, moved in and punched it in the stomach. Carlos then brought his elbow down on the back of the frog's neck. It hit the ground and didn't get back up.

The bear surged out of Ashley's grip and grabbed her before she could move out of the way. Crushing her to it's chest, it tightened it's grip. Ashley barely managed to get her arms out of it's grasp. She brought her arms up to either side of the bear's head and then slapped her palms over it's ears. The bear didn't let go.

Billy found himself unable to get close enough to the figure in black because of it's scythe. He couldn't get inside it's defenses, everytime he got close, it'd force him back with a kick or a punch. Billy noticed that everytime he touched it or it touched him, he felt a numbing cold.

Billy knew he needed a weapon. So he tried to concentrate on the feeling that would allow him to obtain the Power Lance. He used it to block the next strike of the scythe. The figure in black stopped for a moment, then resumed it's assault.

Ashley found it harder and harder to breathe. She slapped the bear on the ears again and it still wouldn't let go. So she put her thumbs at the corners of the bear's eyes and pushed in. After she pulled her thumbs back out, the bear let go. Ashley then kicked the bear in the side of the head, knocking it out.

The Rangers gathered together and watched Billy fight the figure in black. The fight looked even, except it seemed that Billy was slowly growing more and more tired. The figure in black seemed as strong as ever.

Billy could feel himself slowly losing the fight. It had been to long since he had been without the Ruby empowering him. And the last time Billy had been in a real fight, it had been against tengas. And that was more than two years ago.

The figure in black sent his scythe down towards Billy's head. Billy moved to the side and then slammed the Power Lance onto the top of the scythe, knocking the blade deep into the ground. He then side-kicked the figure on the front of it's right knee, breaking it. Before it could attempt a defense, Billy ran the figure in black through with the Power Lance. It slowly dissipated on the wind.

The Rangers turned when they heard a grinding noise coming from the entrance of the Monolith. A bright light appeared and then six beams of light streaked out and went towards the Rangers. The Rangers were then enveloped by the lights.

When the lightshow ended, the Rangers found themselves wearing armor that was of the same color as their Ninjetti outfits. Billy was back in his Phantom Ranger armor. He looked down and saw that his Power Ruby was gone. In place of it was a gold emblem with a stylized wolf on it.

T.J. looked at Billy. "Is that it?"

"Yes. We need to return home. It is time for you to resume your rightful place as protectors of the Earth." Billy said. He then showed them how to activate their built-in teleporters.

Dulcea watched six colored streaks of light leave Phaedos. She smiled and then returned to her meditation.

Earth, Angel Grove Park

The Turbo Rangers teleported into the park. They were immediately surrounded by minions of Zedd, Rita and Divatox. Jason took the scene in at a glance and then made his decision. "Kim, you free Tommy and the others. The rest of you keep these clowns off her back. Move!"

Kim called her bow into existence and while running forward shot the manacles that held Tommy, Kat, Adam and Tanya. She stopped running when she came up beside them. "You think you can remember how to fight?" Kim asked.

Tommy looked at her. "Kim? What happened to Cassie?"

"She should be on Phaedos with the others. We're kind of outnumbered here. Do you want to help?"

"Oh yeah." Tommy told her. Tommy then looked at the other former Rangers. "We better stick with the putties. They're the weakest."

"Be careful. You don't have any powers." Kim told them. She then jumped into a pile of pirhanatrons and started fighting.

Tommy saw where the putties were gathered and led the charge.


The Power Chamber

Aisha watched the monitors in the Power Chamber. She saw Kim free Adam and the others. Aisha then went and got a staff from the practice area of the Power Chamber.

"Alpha, teleport me to where Tommy and the others are. They look like they need the help." Aisha told him.

"Will do, Aisha." Alpha-6 said. He then sent her to join the fun.


The Blue Senturion was in the process of acquiring his refueling mixture when he detected a disturbance in Angel Grove Park. Looking at the attendant in charge of the station, he asked that his fuel be put aside and that he would pick it up later. The attendant looked at the Blue Senturion.

"You want us to hold your coffee and donuts then?" The clerk asked.

"Yes, citizen. I will return soon." The Blue Senturion then handed the clerk exact change and left.

"We'll be sure to hold them for you. And thank you for coming to Winchell's."

The Blue Senturion then ran from the store.


Jason had forgotten how much he had hated fighting Goldar and Elgar. It wasn't that they were better than him, although at one time Goldar had been. No, it was the fact that they cheated. It was hard enough fighting the pirahnatrons, tengas and whatever putties got past Tommy, Adam and the others, without having to deal with Goldar and Elgar.

Rocky was enjoying himself to an extent. He just really didn't like having to fight for his life on a daily basis. But since he was here, he'd do it.

Trini didn't like this at all. She disliked fighting of any sort and this really wasn't her idea of a good time. Which was why she had been relieved to an extent when she had been chosen for the Peace Conference. She just hoped that the Rangers that had gone to Phaedos would return and be able to resume their duty.

Zack was having fun. It had been boring for him in Geneva and then in Washington, D.C.. While he had appreciated the chance to do some good for the Earth as a delegate, it just hadn't been his thing. As far as he was concerned, this was.

Kim was trying to understand her feelings towards Billy. Having been told that he liked her was one thing. She didn't know if he had changed in the time that she had left for Florida and he had left to go to Aquitar. Kim also knew that she really should have the talk with Tommy that she had been putting off.

Tommy was worried about Kat. She hadn't exactly been the greatest of fighters with her powers. He was scared to think about how she was doing without them. And it didn't help that he still hadn't had that talk with Kim.

Kat came to the realization that while Juilliard helped her dancing and that dancing kept her in shape, it meant little when it came to fighting. She already knew that she was outclassed in many regards by he putties. It was the fact that she wouldn't run out on her friends that kept her there. Kat knew that she might pay for that dedication to others.

Adam didn't like this at all. He knew he would have some explaining to do to his boss. And it would be very difficult to explain just why he was grabbed by seven large bird like people and taken off the set of "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" when he was supposed to be getting killed by the Slayer. He just hoped that Jeff would understand.

Tanya was happy to see Adam again. They hadn't been able to spend much time together with their conflicting schedules. She really hated that. But Adam did try to see her as often as possible.

Aisha had come to the fight to keep an eye on Rocky. She knew that he had a tendency to not pay attention to everything around him. Besides, it had been a long time since she had been able to beat up a putty. She was surprised to find that she missed it.

The Blue Senturion felt no worry or concern. He also felt no joy when fighting. He did as he had been programmed to do, combat evil in all it's forms and uphold the law. For him, there was no retiring. He was in service until he was either destroyed or could no longer be repaired. For him, service was all.

Jason started stepping up his offensive against Goldar and Elgar. Blocking Goldar's attack, he slipped a kick through his defenses and then dodged Elgar's blade. He moved before Elgar could bring his sword back in line and caught him on the side of the head with his elbow. As Elgar was falling back, Jason quickly brought his sword behind him and blocked Goldar's sword.

Rocky found himself fighting Rito. He was able to put his superior speed to good use against him. Rocky was able to get two to three attacks in on Rito before Rito could bring his sword back on line after attacking. Rocky could see in Rito's eyes that he knew he was losing.

Trini was using her Mantis style kung fu against Scorpina. Scorpina was doing all she could to hit Trini but in the years since she left the Power Rangers she had further improved her form. So Scorpina decided to try a trick of her own. She started to unleash her blasts of venom. They blew Trini back away from Scorpina.


Stealth was watching the fight between the Rangers and Divatox's forces. He really wanted to go down and fight the Rangers. He had a score to settle with them. A score that was over three years in the making. He especially owed the one who was now once again the Pink Ranger.


Divatox and General Havok were sitting on a couch, watching the fight on a monitor. Havok was sipping tea while Divatox was eating from a large bowl of popcorn. She was cheering her minions on while they were fighting. "Hit him in the head! The HEAD, YOU MORON!! WOOOO-HOO, Viva La DIVA!! All right Scorpina! You GO, girl!!"

Havok looked over at his sister. He sighed and then grabbed a scone. "They are doing quite well. Your minions, I mean. Let's hope they can keep the pressure on long enough for their numbers to tell."

"This is better than the Pay-per-view that Porto pirated! Nice going, kick that long haired freak again. NO, not THAT long haired freak, the OTHER one!! The OTHER one!!!"

Havok got up and went over by were Porto was. "How soon till this `Goldgoyle' is ready?"

"It's ready now. I'm waiting for Captain Divatox to give me the order to send it in." Porto told him.

"Wait for the ground troops to fail, if they do. Then send it in."

"As you wish, General." Porto said.



The Rangers and former Rangers found themselves slowly winning the fight. The tengas were giving them the most trouble because they could fly, but even they were slowly being defeated. Scorpina, Elgar, Rito and Goldar all pulled away from their foes and then teleported away. They were followed by the remaining tengas, putties and pirhanatrons.

As the Rangers all gathered together to congratulate each other, there was a large flash of light. When the light cleared the Rangers saw a monster that was already fully grown. It had a long distended and vaguely humanoid features.

The monster looked down on them and started to laugh. "Puny Rangers, know that you face the might of Goldgoyle. And now you will die!"

Goldgoyle unleashed a blast of lighting which hit the area the Rangers were in. They were all blown back. Jason quickly activated his communicator. "Alpha, teleport the non-Rangers out NOW!"

As the former Rangers were teleported out, Jason looked up and yelled, "We need RescueMegazord Power! Now!"

As the RescueZords began to arrive, Goldgoyle started to make his way out of town. Jason wasted no time. "Let's bring `em together!"

The Rangers then formed the RescueMegazord. They squared off against Goldgoyle who was less than impressed with the zord. He unleashed another string of lightning at the RescueMegazord. This forced it back. When Goldgoyle used the lightning again, that dropped the RescueMegazord.

"We're down to 30% on the shields!" Trini reported.

"The power reserves are being drained!" Zack said.

"Okay, no messing around with this guy! We need Artillery Power!" Jason ordered.

The RescueMegazord shot to it's feet and when the attachments arrived on the RescueMegaZord, Jason gave the order. "Artillery Power... FIRE!!"

The RescueMegazord unleashed it's firepower against Goldgoyle. When the smoke cleared, they saw that Goldgoyle wasn't even scratched. It started laughing and then released an even bigger lightning strike against the Rangers.

This totaled the RescueMegazord. Before it could explode the Rangers leaped to safety. Zack looked over at Jason. "Now what do we use? Harsh language?"

"Not quite. TurboMegazord, Power up!!" Jason yelled.


Tommy and the others were watching what was happening on the monitor. None of them had ever seen a monster that had such power since Master Vile himself had appeared on Earth. Through the back of everyone's head ran the same question. If the RescueMegazord couldn't defeat Goldgoyle, then what could the TurboMegazord do?


Jason looked at his team. "This is what we're going to do. We start the spinout move and then we jump into the air before we get to it for more momentum. Let's do it!"

"Right!" All the other Rangers yelled.

The Rangers started the spinout maneuver and then when they got close enough, they had the TurboMegazord leap at Goldgoyle. The blade hit Goldgoyle full on but didn't even scratch it. Before the Rangers could react, Goldgoyle grabbed the Turbosabre and wrenched it from the hand of the TurboMegazord. Goldgoyle then ran the zord through with the Turbosabre.

The Rangers jumped out of the TurboMegazord and after they had landed, watched it explode. Goldgoyle looked at them and started to once again laugh. "Now what are you going to do? Nothing can harm me! I am invincible!"

Six colored streaks of light landed between the Rangers and Goldgoyle. T.J. turned to Jason. "You mind if we cut in?"

"Not at all." Jason told him.

Billy looked at the Turbo Rangers. "He is your responsibility. I can not fight him with you."

"Why not?" Carlos asked.

"I'll explain later." Billy said.

"Right. We need Ninjazord Power, Now!" T.J. yelled.

As the Ninjazords started to appear, Billy turned to Jason and the others. "While they're doing that, we need to deal with Divatox. The coordinates have already been entered for the Space Base into your teleporters."

Jason looked at Billy. "You got it, bro. Good to have you back."

"Good to be back." The Rangers then teleported out.

When they arrived at the Space Base, they found General Havok, Divatox, Goldar, Rygog, Elgar, Rito and Scorpina waiting for them. Backing them up were twenty of Havok's chromite warriors. Before the two sides could fight, Stealth walked into the room and stopped beside Divatox.

"Rangers, what a pleasure to meet some of you again." Stealth told them.

"Do we know you?" Jason asked.

"You don't. But Kim and Rocky have met me before. Haven't you?" Stealth said.

"Sorry, man you don't ring any bells." Rocky told him.

Stealth then took off his helmet. "Remember me now?"

"Billy?" Kim gasped.

Rocky looked at him for a moment. "You can't be Billy. You're the copy! We destroyed you!"

"I got better." Stealth told him. He put his helmet back on. Stealth then glanced to Divatox, she nodded.

Stealth turned to the Rangers. "Let's dance."

Part Five

Los Angeles Another Time, Another Place

She felt herself falling. There was nothing she could do. The fight she had been in had broken her back. And even if she could move, she had no way to stop herself from falling to her death.

She then heard a voice in her mind. "Serve me. Serve me and you will live. I will give you power that you have never known. I am a fair Master and will give you one who will be yours. As you will be his. All you must do to live is promise to serve me. That is all that I ask. What is your answer?"

"Yes." She whispered.

"Then prepare for pain. You must die, so that you may live." The voice told her. She then felt agony beyond anything she had ever envisioned receiving or even giving to another. She then blacked out.

The owner of the voice looked down upon his newest servant. "Sleep, child. Soon your love will be brought to you. Soon..."

Ashe looked at the woman he had thrown out the window. He could have sworn that he had heard something while she was falling. Ashe ignored the feeling and then went in search of the next on his list. While walking out the door of the apartment a crow went before him.

Divatox's Space Base

The Rangers looked upon the enemy that was attacking them. The Chromite warriors were the first to engage them. Behind the Chromites the Rangers could see the others. Stealth was making his way towards Jason. General Havok was heading for the one he knew as the Phantom Ranger. Rito, Goldar, Elgar, Rygog and Scorpina made their way towards the remaining Rangers. Divatox walked to a chest and opened it. She then withdrew a sabre from the box and unsheathed it.

The Rangers had never fought a foe like the Chromites. They had the skill of the tengas with the strength of the cogs. They were tenacious and absolutely fearless. They were the elite of the forces of General Havok and had never known defeat.

Until now.

Angel Grove Another Time, Another Place

The Rangers looked down on the foe they had defeated. This wasn't like the other's they had fought. This wasn't a monster. This was a human and they had killed him. None of them had wanted to do it but he had forced their hand.

The one in red looked at the one in black. "Get his helmet off. Let's see who he is."

"Right, Jase." The one in black then pulled the helmet off the warrior in green.

The one in blue leaned forward when the helmet was removed. "From the slight sounds of respiration and the continual exuding from his nostrils of a sanguineous fluid, one may raise the conjecture that our erstwhile foe still possesses sufficient vitality to perhaps be resuscitated. And can thus be restored to optimum health."

"What did he say?" The one in black asked.

"He can hear him breathing and he sees the blood coming from his nose. He thinks that the Green Ranger can be brought back from where he's at and then completely healed." The one in yellow told him.

"Oh. I don't think that's going to work, looks like he's drifting off."

The one in green heard a voice. "Serve me and you will live. I will give you power greater than any you have ever known. All you must do is serve me. I will give you one you can call your own, as she will be able to call you hers. To receive these gifts, all you must do is serve. What is your answer?"


"Good. Prepare yourself. For you are to be brought over."

The Power Rangers looked at each other. "He's dead. Let's get him back to Zordon." Jason then paused and looked at the others. " Do any of you know his name?"

"I think he was that new kid, Tommy Oliver."

Angel Grove

T.J. was worried. Goldgoyle had destroyed the RescueMegazord and the TurboMegazord. And wasn't even damaged. He didn't know if the NinjaMegazord would even be effective against it, but he knew he had to try.

"Let's form the NinjaMegazord!" T.J. commanded.

After the Megazord was formed and the Rangers were in the zord, T.J. started to think. "Justin, what are our options?"

"Well, from what we saw at the Power Chamber, this monster is resistant to all forms of attack and uses lightning as a weapon. Straight force is out. We need to use speed to fight this thing." Justin told him.

"What about the next time it uses it's lightning attack we absorb it and then redirect the energy somewhere else?" Carlos asked.

"Justin, would it work?" T.J. asked.

"Possibly. The sensor readings are telling me that the monster uses an electromagnetic force shield as both a weapon and as a defense. If we drain it of power, we should be able to finish it off with what seems to be this zord's weapon."

"Do what you have to do. Cassie make sure that this thing can't touch us. You're our best pilot. Lead it away from the city while Carlos, Ashley and I help Justin." T.J. commanded.

He then looked at Justin, Ashley and Carlos. "Let's get this done."

Cassie checked where Goldgoyle was in relation to the zord. She then moved the NinjaMegazord towards the desert. Cassie used the zord's superior speed to dodge the lightning attacks of Goldgoyle while keeping to her course.

The Island of Muranthias Another Time, Another Place

"Kim, we're your friends!" The Pink Ranger screamed out.

"Friends? I don't have any friends. And sweetie, pink is out." Kim told her before kicking the Pink Ranger. Turning, she saw that the Red Ranger was fighting Jason. Jason was taking his time and enjoying the feeling of breaking his rival physically and spiritually.

The Red Ranger was hit with a punishing sidekick to his knee, which shattered it. Screaming, he dropped to the ground cradling his knee. Kim kneeled beside him. "I bet that hurts like a b$#@h. Almost how I felt when you left me for that Aussie slut. Now, I have a better man to be with. One without a roving eye. Isn't that right, Jason?"

"Yes. Would you like me to kill him for you? Or should I present you with the head of that slut, Kat?"

"Let's kill Tommy together. Then we can kill, Kat."

"Whatever you desire, Kim."

"Do you see that, Tommy? And who said chivalry was dead?"

Before either of them could touch Tommy, they were hit with bolts of energy. Knocked back, the two turned to see who had shot them. The Blue Ranger was standing in front of them with his blaster extended. "Leave him alone or I'll shoot you again!"

"It's the boy. How cute. Jason, kill him." Kim told him. When Jason started forward Justin shot him through the head. Jason dropped to the ground.

Kim looked up in rage. She flew across the temple in her berserker fury. Before Justin could defend himself, Kim broke his arm in three places and kicked him fifteen feet into the temple wall. Just before Kim could start on the painful part of her beating of Justin, she was distracted by white-gloved fist hitting her in the face. Looking up, Kim saw that Kat had a blaster pointed at her. "Don't make me do this, Kim. Please."

"You don't have the guts, you whore." Kim spat at her. She then started to get to her feet.

Kim never made it.

Both Kim and Jason could hear a voice. "Serve me and you will live. I promise you great power in exchange for service. You will have each other and no one will be able to force you apart. These gifts and more will be yours. All you must do is serve. What is your answer?"



"Then prepare."

Divatox's Space Base

General Havok wasn't pleased. His Chromite warriors were being defeated, his sister's minions were a joke and the Phantom Ranger wouldn't die. It just wasn't fair. And to add insult to injury, someone had broken his teapot.

Jason had a hard time equating the copy of Billy with the Billy that he had known. The copy seemed stronger and was more assertive in it's fighting style than Billy he knew. Jason was able to hold his own against the copy he just couldn't gain an advantage. He hadn't had a fight like this since the last time he fought Tommy.

Rocky found himself facing Goldar and Elgar. While the both of them were experienced fighters, his skill managed to keep the fight even. That was when Rito decided to join in the fun.

Zack was fighting Rygog. His superior speed was easily defeating Rygog's greater skill. And Rygog knew it.

Kim and Scorpina were evenly matched. They both were fast fighters who preferred to use their speed to their strength. So far, they hadn't even managed to hit each other. But that was sure to change.

Divatox found Trini to be dangerous opponent. She was fast, skilled and above all else, smart. Divatox knew that she couldn't last if she didn't break the deadlock between her and Trini. So she decided to try to surprise her. Divatox sent her tongue out at Trini's face. Divatox never expected Trini to catch her tongue in her hand. Before Divatox could try to pull her tongue back, Trini grabbed the hand that held Divatox's sabre and used it to slice her tongue off. The spray of ichor washing over Trini's helmet provided the opportunity that Divatox's skill had not. Divatox quickly teleported away from the fight. Rygog and Porto soon followed.

Finding themselves without opponents, Trini went to fight the Chromite warriors and Zack went to help Rocky. Zack started to work on Rito while Rocky quickly regained the upper hand in his fight. Trini quickly routed the remaining Chromites.


Justin looked up from the panel he was working on. "Someone want to go up there and tell Cassie to make this ride smoother? If I make a mistake the entire zord could explode."

The Rangers were shaken by another blast from Goldgoyle that Cassie hadn't managed to dodge. "I'll go, Justin." T.J. told him.

T.J. made his way back to the cockpit. "Cassie, Justin's complaining about the ride. Can you cut out some of the bumps?"

"If I could, I would. Goldgoyle does not want to give us anytime to plan. How's Justin's plan coming along?" Cassie asked.

"He needs another five minutes to finish up."

"I'll try to give him as much time as I can, but I can't promise much."

"I'll let him know. Do you need any help?" T.J. asked.

"I'm fine. You better get back and help Justin." Cassie said.

Cassie didn't watch T.J. rejoin the other Rangers. She was more concerned with avoiding the next lightning blast that Goldgoyle sent her way. But Goldgoyle had trapped her and now he had a clear shot at the NinjaMegazord.

Cassie had no place left to dodge. That was when Goldgoyle sent his lightning towards the NinjaMegazord.

Angel Grove Park Another Time, Another Place

The White Ranger watched as the girl that he and the others had accepted held a knife to the Pink Ranger's throat. "Put the knife down, Kat. Please."

"I love you, Tommy. Why don't you love me? Why do you stay with her? She's going to leave you but you won't even look at me. Well, you're looking at me now. I don't care what Rita wants anymore, I want you to love me." Kat told him.

"This won't make me love you, Kat. If you kill Kim then I'll be forced to find you and turn you into the police. So please put the knife down."

"I don't care. If I can't have you, then neither can she. Say goodbye to your boyfriend, Kim." Kat said.

She didn't notice the blue gloves appear on either side of her head until after they had snapped her neck. Letting go of Kim and the knife, Kat started to fall. The Blue Ranger caught her before she could fall to the ground.

Kat heard a voice speak to her. "Serve me and you will live. Great power will be yours if you serve me. You will have one, who will love you, as you love him. All this will be yours if you serve me. What is your answer?"


"Then prepare for what is to come."

Divatox's Space Base

Jason was starting to slowly gain an advantage over Billy's copy. The copy was skilled but it didn't have the pure skill and years of training that Jason had. Jason finally forced the copy's weapon down. "Give up, man. I don't want to kill you."

"Never happen." The copy told him. He then let go of his staff, jumped back and unsheathed his swords. "Now we can have some fun." The copy told Jason before he resumed his offensive.

General Havok had had enough. His minions had fled, his sister was gravely wounded and he was starting to become faint from blood loss himself. "Computer, countdown to detonation: one minute. Begin." Havok then teleported out.

Billy looked around to see who was left. Rocky was fighting Goldar and Elgar with Trini's help. Zack was fighting Rito. Kim was fighting Scorpina and Jason was fighting the copy of himself.

Billy went to help Kim.


The Desert outside Angel Grove

The lightning never touched the zord. When Cassie opened her eyes, she saw the Blue Senturion's RoboRacer standing in front of the NinjaMegazord. He had blocked the lightning with the zord's shield.

"Rangers, I've been monitoring your communications. I'll give you as much time as I can so that you can make the necessary modifications to your zord." Blue Senturion told Cassie.

"Thank you. Good luck." Cassie then moved the NinjaMegazord out of the area.

Blue Senturion reviewed the data he had on Goldgoyle. RoboRacer had insufficient power to defeat the monster. If he fought Goldgoyle, he had a 3% chance of surviving long enough to be used for parts. He accepted this. Blue Senturion remembered his programming. I can not allow by my action, or inaction, a sentient being of good to come to harm.

Blue Senturion prepared his zord's weapon then he leapt to the attack.


Divatox's Space Base

The copy knew he was the last one standing against the Rangers. None of the others had so far interfered in his fight with Jason. There hadn't been a reason for them to do so. He was losing. Jason was a lot better than he remembered him being. Of course, since he was seeing things through the memories he had received from Billy more than two years ago that could be expected.

"One more time, man. Give up." Jason implored.

The copy stopped for a moment and then looked at Jason. "I can't. I have to do this. So let's just finish this."

"You asked for it, bro." Jason said.

Jason started another series of attacks. The copy waited for the right moment and then stepped forward into Jason's swing. Jason's sword caught him under the ribs. The copy fell to the ground.

Jason quickly pulled the sword out of the copy's body. He knelt down beside him. He then felt for a pulse. He looked at the others. "He's gone."

"We need to get out of here, times almost up." Billy said. The Rangers then teleported out.

A figure in crimson appeared beside the body of the copy of Billy. "Serve me and you will live. I promise you power and one to call your own. All you must do is serve me. What is your answer?"

"Yes." The copy whispered.

"Then prepare for what comes next."


The Desert outside Angel Grove

"That's the last one." Justin told his teammates as he bolted the panel into place.

"All right, lets get back to the cockpit and take care of this monster." T.J. said.

The four Rangers returned to the cockpit of the zord. Cassie was watching RoboRacer fight Goldgoyle. She turned to the others. "Is it ready? Blue Senturion won't last much longer."

"It's ready. Let's get this done." T.J. commanded.

Blue Senturion looked at the instruments for RoboRacer. He had less than 15% power to his weapons and shields. One more hit and he'd be ready for the scrapyard. He put all the power remaining into the shields and then waited for the next lightning blast from Goldgoyle. It didn't come.

Standing in front of RoboRacer was the NinjaMegazord. It was being struck by Goldgoyle's lightning attack and was just standing there. Then it stuck both hands in the sky and shot out bolts of energy. For more than five minutes Goldgoyle kept releasing the lightning and the NinjaMegazord kept shooting the bolts of energy.

Goldgoyle then stopped releasing the lighting. Blue Senturion watched the NinjaMegazord call forth a power sword and then swing at the monster. Goldgoyle fell under the attack and then exploded.

Blue Senturion released RoboRacer so that it could be repaired. He then teleported to the Power Chamber. The Rangers followed him there.

The Power Chamber

The Turbo Rangers, Ninja Rangers and former Rangers were all congratulating each other over their victory. Cassie walked over to the person she had known as the Phantom Ranger. "Billy right?"

"Yes, Cassie."

"I was kind of wondering if you were going to stick around now that you've been cured of this aging thing?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know. I was thinking of renewing my friendships with the others. I haven't seen them in more than a year. Why do you ask?"

"If you aren't doing anything, you want to watch me and my band play at the Juice Bar?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, I'd like that." Billy told her. He then looked at her for a moment. "Cassie, I think T.J.'s been trying to get your attention for the past couple of minutes. Why don't you talk to him?"

"You think I should?"

"Yeah. I could tell that he likes you." Billy told her.

"Okay. Talk to you later." Cassie said. She then made her way over to T.J.

Billy watched her walk away. Trini came up beside him. "That was nice of you, Billy."

"Yeah, I guess. I didn't get the chance to ask this before, but when did you get back?"

"A couple of days before they lost the Turbo powers. You know, there's someone who would like to talk to you, Billy."

"Who's that?"


"Really? I thought she found someone in Florida?" Billy asked.

"I'll let her explain that to you. Go on, you've been waiting for her to notice you for more than four years. Here's your chance." Trini told him.

"Thanks. Looks like you and Jason have something going, congrats. Nice to see he finally woke up concerning you. I'm going to talk to Kim now." Billy said.

"Thanks, Billy. Have fun." Trini said. She watched Billy walk over to Kim and start talking. Kim looked happier than she had when Kim had first seen her several weeks ago. Trini felt Jason walk up beside her.

"They finally hooked up, that's good. Looks like things are finally going to get quiet." Jason told her.

"Looks that way, Jason. Looks that way."

Lord Zedd's Former Palace

He looked upon the latest warrior that he had acquired. He then checked the other's that he had collected. They were all asleep in their stasis tubes. He looked at his first pair.

He saw Tommy and Kat. "Seth and Bastet."

Then he came upon Jason and Kim. "Loki and Hela."

The he looked at his latest. The copy of Billy and the one who looked like Trini. "Shiva and Kali."

He then glanced around the throne room at the bodies of Zedd and Rita. They had fought well but they had been no match for him. He had yet to decide if he would make use of their minions.

Huitzilopochtli was pleased. All his plans were coming together as he had envisioned.

The End. For Now.