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Timeline: Ninja Ranger's. Kim hasn't left Angel Grove to go make the world safe for gymnast's everywhere. And I'm moving the introduction of certain future Turbo Ranger's forward. DC wise... for those who read the comics...this is set after Nightwing is in Bludhaven and Robin was found in a compromising position by his ex-girlfriend's uncle. If you don't read the comics, then start, otherwise, expect to be confused.

Words between a # indicate words not in English.

Not All Redbirds Are Falcons
Part One
by Don Berry

Gotham City

"But Dad, I don't want to go to Angel Grove. I never asked to be an exchange student!" The 16 year old boy complained.

"Tim, it came about when I was thinking of sending you to that boarding school in Metropolis. You've been selected, it's a great honor. Besides, you'll be staying with the Oliver's and Jack's an old friend of mine. He's got a son about your age. He's supposed to be into the martial arts. Maybe you can tell him about the Ninja camp you went to?" Tim's father told him.

"I don't think he'd want to hear about that. When do I leave and for how long?"

"You leave in a week. As for how long, the rest of the school year, your last two semesters. So you get to spend the winter and part of spring in California. Come on Tim, cheer up. It won't be forever."

"All right, Dad. I'll start getting ready."

"That's good. Let me know if you need any help."


"Bruce, what am I going to do? I can't back out of this. And it is an honor, I guess."

"Tim, go. I'll be fine for a few months by myself. Besides, Connor Hawke has asked for some instruction in detective work. He'll keep me from obsessing to much."

"Green Arrow wants to learn to be a detective? Wonder what Oliver Queen would have thought of that."

"Ollie was a tracker. One of the best. Much better than I am. But as for detective work... he was one of those people who lucked into the clues. He did know how to piece together what he found though."

"I have to get ready. Tell Dick and Alfred bye for me."

"Of course. See you in a few months, Tim."

"See you, Bruce."

Angel Grove Youth Center

"So I have to share my room with some science geek from Gotham City who's father just happens to be a friend of my Dad's." Tommy Oliver moaned to his friends.

"Science geek?" Billy Cranston bristled.

Aisha Campbell put her hand on Billy's arm. Smiling at him, she murmured, "It's Tommy. Knowing more than ten of the elements on the periodic table makes you a science geek. Look at it like this. If the kid is that bad, Tommy will be miserable enough without you having to get even with him."

Billy smiled back. "You're right. You still need me to help you study tonight?"

"Yeah, Billy. Show up around seven. Kim's on a date with Tommy tonight."

"Oh, you mean we can actually study this time?"

Adam Park was watching his two friends. He envied the ease with which those two talked to each other. Adam hoped that he could find the nerve to tell Aisha how he felt.

He turned his attention back to Tommy who was getting a sympathy hug >from Kim Harte. Adam decided to add his two cents worth. "How do you know this kid is going to be that bad, Tommy? Have you ever met him?"

"No. But he's a science geek. It can't be good."

Billy stood up. "Tommy might I remind you, that Iam a science geek. Are you really that insecure that you have to belittle someone you haven't even met yet?"

He's right, Tommy. Don't get all hot and bothered over someone you haven't met yet." Kim chimed in. That's my job, Kim thought to herself.

"So when's he coming in to town?" Rocky DeSantos asked.

"I get to meet him tomorrow at the airport. He has to stay in my room with me. He also has most of my classes as well. I got chosen to be his tour guide."

"What's his name?"

"Tim Drake."

Kim excused herself from the table and then went to the counter of the Juice Bar. There she borrowed Ernie's phone. Dialing in a long string of numbers, she then waited for the call to go through.

"This is Kim. Yes, I know what time it is. I'm real sorry about that but this is the only time I could call. Your flight hasn't changed has it? Good. Billy will be really happy to see you. He's been pretty down since the last time he saw you. OK, I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye."

Angel Grove Airport

Tim was woken up by the stewardess. He groggily sat upright. "Huh?"

"We're going to land. You have to sit up." The woman said.

"Thanks." Tim brought his seat up then stretched in his seat.


The girl looked out at the city through the airplane window. When she had told her friend that she would be coming to Angel Grove, the excited reaction made her happy that she decided to enter the exchange student program. She had met her friend and the others when they came to Sydney. She just hoped that Billy remembered her.


Tommy's adopted father had made him stand by where the passenger's disembarked with a sign that said, "Tim Drake". Tommy hated it. He felt it made him look less than cool.

The other Rangers were nearby. Tommy had whined until they all promised to show up. To shut him up more than anything else they had agreed.

Billy looked to Kim. "Tell me why you had to have me come with you. You know I had planned to work on several new permutations on my latest project. This delay will severely hamper the test results."

"Trust me, Billy. You won't regret coming with me."

"Is there something I should know about, Kim?"

"Just wait."


Tim Drake got his carry on bag and exited the plane. He went through the gate and looked around. He saw a tall boy about his age with long dark hair holding a sign that had his name.

"I'm Tim Drake. You're with the exchange program?"

Tommy looked at the kid before him. He was about the same height as Adam and had black hair. He looked in better shape than what Tommy was expecting. "Tommy Oliver. You'll be staying with me. These are some of my friends."

Tommy indicated them in turn. "This is Kim Harte, she's my girlfriend. That's Billy Cranston, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell and Rocky DeSantos. We'll probably be in most of your classes. Guy's this is Tim Drake."

Tim nodded at the group. "Pleased to meet you."

The one that was introduced as Rocky stepped forward. "You're from Gotham? Have you ever seen the Batman?"

"I can't say that I have. Have you ever seen the Power Rangers?" Tim asked.

"Only on TV... So! Where are your bags?" Rocky quickly asked.

"Probably on the carousel. Where is it?"

"This way, man." Tommy told him.

Billy started to follow when Kim grabbed him by the arm. "Hold on. My surprise is just now showing up."

"Kim, what can be so important?"

"Her." Kim said while pointing at the person coming towards them.


The young woman dropped her bag at her feet. "Hi, Billy."

Before Billy could say anything she hugged him. He hugged her back. Then he finally found his voice. "Katherine? But you're supposed to be in Australia."

"I entered the student exchange program. Billy, aren't you happy to see me?" Katherine Hillard asked.

"More than you can possibly imagine." Billy whispered.

Over Kat's shoulder, Billy could see Kim smiling at him. He smiled back. Kim realized this was the happiest she'd seen him in a long time.


In Angel Grove, California like most cities, there are ethnic communities. Angel Grove has two. One is filled predominantly with people of Japanese descent and is called "Little Tokyo". The other is filled with those of Chinese descent and is called "Chinatown".

In Angel Grove's Chinatown there is a representative of one of China's less glamorous exports, a tong. This tong is called the Ghost Dragons. Their leader usually works out of Gotham City, but an opportunity has arisen that Lynx can not afford to pass up. So she has come to Angel Grove.

#This had better be good. I should be in Gotham supervising a shipment. Why was I asked here?# Lynx demanded of her lieutenant.

#Someone wants to make an alliance. They demanded to see you in person.#

#Who demands to see me?#

"I do, girl. I do."

Lynx spun to see who had spoken to her. She expected many things, but nothing prepared her to face a man with no skin flanked by a monkey in gold armor with wings.

"What do you want?"

"You are going to help me destroy the Power Rangers. Then I will give you this world to rule for me."

"And just who the hell are you?"

"I'm Lord Zedd."

Lynx looked "Lord Zedd" over. "Tell me more..."


Adam looked over to Kim. She was watching Billy and Kat talk while holding hands. He leaned over and spoke quietly to her. "Who's the girl, Kim?"

Kim looked around and made sure that Tim wasn't close enough to hear what she said to Adam. "We met her when we went to Australia last year. After we dealt with Lord Zedd, Billy went sight-seeing and met her. They really hit it off and for the remainder of our stay he was with her. They've been writing letters to each other for as long as they've been apart. She called me and let me know that she'd be coming here and not to tell Billy. She wanted it to be a surprise."

"Why hasn't Billy ever mentioned her? This is the first time I've ever heard of her."

"Billy doesn't talk about himself, you know that."

"So does she know about... you know?"

"No, as I said we met her after we had to deal with Zedd."


"So, Tim what do you like to do in Gotham?" Tommy asked.

Well, I like to swing from rooftops with Batman and beat up criminals, without getting killed by some real lunatics. Then I try to prevent Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, from getting to close to me. And try to get her to ignore the kiss I gave her. And I try to ignore the ones she's given me. You know, the usual teenage things. Tim thought to himself.

"Oh not to much, Tommy. This and that. So what do you do in Angel Grove for fun?"

I'm the leader of the Power Rangers and I help defend the planet from inter-galactic warlords trying to take over the Earth. In the meantime, I spend some of my time making sure Bulk and Skull don't figure out who we are. You know, the usual teenage things. Tommy said to himself.

"Spend some time in the Youth Center, work out and teach karate. You into the martial arts, Tim?"

"I've had a lesson or two." Tim replied.

"Maybe I can show you some moves at the Youth Center after school?" Tommy asked. I hope I don't embarrass him to much when I put him down on the mat in under ten seconds.

"Sure, why not." Tim said. Wonder how put out he'll be if I beat him into the dirt in under ten seconds?


"You want me to choose my best fighters to be made over by you to kill these Power Rangers? Why? Surely you have resources you can call upon to take care of them." Lynx said.

"I do. But you humans are inventive fighters. And for all their strengths, my monsters are stupid. Your tong can provide me with warriors who can use their minds. Do you agree?" Lord Zedd told her.

"How long will this take?"

"One week."

"Then I agree. I'll have them here for you in a few days. My best fighters are spread out over my territory and I have to contact them."

"Very good. When they are gathered, contact me using this." Zedd handed Lynx a black box with a red button on it.

"Just push that and I will arrive." Zedd then teleported out.

#Lynx, are we really going to help that freak?# One of her lieutenants asked.

#Only while it suits me to.# Lynx told him.