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We'll Be Alright
By: Bree A.

Tommy walked along the lake in Angel Grove like he had many times since he'd moved there. It seemed as if every time something went wrong, the calm sound of the lake's gentle waves breaking upon the shore could soothe his soul. This day, Tommy knew that the lake would not be enough to ease his pain. Lord Zedd had succeeded in draining away the last of the green ranger powers, and Tommy had been left feeling alone, and angry.

Well it seemed like yesterday
When the world was looking dark
it felt so cold and gray
and why the hell am I even here
What's the purpose, all I feel is guilt and hate and fear.

Tommy had often asked himself why he'd been put on this earth. He'd found himself the target of death and destruction too many times. His parents had been killed, leaving him alone and abandoned on a cruel world. Rita Repulsa had recruited him as her evil green ranger, and he'd hurt so many while under her dark spell. Sure, the rangers had rescued him, they'd befriended him, but he always felt like he had been more trouble than he was worth. Tommy stopped walking and stared out at the lake. He wondered if maybe he could just jump in and drown all his troubles away. Would anyone miss him? He wasn't part of the team anymore, they'd have their own problems to worry about now. He knew death or suicide was the cowards way out. Maybe he just needed some time to himself, some time to figure out why everything had worked out the way it had.

But, today was not his day for solitude. He heard soft footsteps behind him and slowly turned to see who it was. He wasn't really surprised to see his girlfriend, Kimberly Hart standing behind him . . . staring at him with her warm, loving brown eyes. The look that she gave him was enough to make any man melt. It was enough to make Tommy realize that everything would turn out all right.

Till that day that you came along
My heart was empty
Like the soul was missing from a song
And I thought I'd loved a few
No one ever made me feel
The way that you do
Hey little girl
Look what you do
Oh, I love you

Kim had been his angel, his savior, too many times. She had helped him through the worse and stood by him through thick and thin. Tommy had noticed that she'd changed a lot since they had first met. She was no longer the bubble headed cheerleader with her head in the clouds, and a penchant for shopping. She was a strong young woman, she still knew the mall layout like the back of her hand, but she was different, she was more concerned with the well being of others, not just herself.

"Kim . . . what brings you down here?" Tommy asked, even though he knew the answer. Tommy knew that she'd come to check on him . . . to make sure he was handling things the right way.

"I was worried about you Tommy," she replied softly.

"Kim, I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me anymore, I'm out of commission. You have more important things to worry about now . . ."

She didn't let him finish, she was angry with his reasoning, "Tommy, don't you ever think that just because you're no longer a ranger I won't worry about you. You are still a part of my life."

"Kim, that's not what I meant. I'm sorry, it's just that this whole situation is just really getting to me."

"Tommy, have you ever wondered how this whole ordeal might be affecting me? I hate that you won't be there with us when we go into battle. I hate that we won't have as much time together. I hate that I'll have to morph to fight monsters while you're sitting at home. I'm going to regret every moment that we don't get to spend together because of ranger business." Tears were rolling down her cheeks, despite her best efforts to blink them back. Tommy was hurt that she felt she had to hide her feelings from him.

Hey little girl, I love you
Well I know I'm not always tight
And girl it breaks my heart
When I have to see you cry
So many things I wanna say
Now I know that you're the reason
That I'm here today

Tommy moved closer and raised his hand to gently wipe away her tears. "Kim, I'm sorry for being so selfish. I didn't even stop to think how you might be feeling. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Just . . . please . . . please don't cry. Don't be sad. I promise you, we'll find a way to make it through this. Everything will be okay."

Kim stepped closer and leaned her head against Tommy's chest. He wrapped his arms around her tiny figure and held her close. It was his turn to comfort her.

Whenever you're here
Just stay near
We'll be alright, yeah alright
Hey little girl
Look what you do
Oh, I love you.

Tommy knew that even though he was no longer a ranger, he would always have Kimberly, he loved her too much to let anything stand in his way, rather, their way, of being happy.