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The Changing of the Rangers
by: Chris Carkeet

The Turbo Rangers - Tommy, Katherine, Adam, Tanya, and Justin- were called into the Command Center by a frantic Alpha 6. There were bright flashes of multicolored lights as the teens teleported into the Chamber.

"Dimitria, what's up?" Asked Tommy.

"Divatox has materialized in the Angel Grove park, and she is issuing a challenge to you!" Dimitria answered. "And she's threatening to destroy the city if you all don't show up!"

"So, we'll just go over there and kick her butt!" Announced Justin.

"That won't be a simple task my little friend." Alpha 6 said. "She has a powerful weapon in her possession - The Sword of Death."

"Sword of Death?" Tanya asked.

"It is a weapon of great power and evil, and it has the ability to cut right through your protective suits." Dimitria explained. "I do not know exactly how she got it, but you would be putting yourselves at great risks by fighting her now! The Blue Centurion would not be able help you either, for he is recharging in the Power Chamber. "

"So what do we do, just stand around and watch while she destroys the city with that thing?!" Adam said, somewhat sarcastically.

"Adam's right. When we became Turbo Rangers, we accepted the great responsibility of protecting the Earth, no matter what the risk." Agreed Kat.

"Okay, if that is your choice." Dimitria sighed. "But please, be careful!"

"Don't worry, we'll all come back alive and victorious, like we always do!" Tommy said with full confidence. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!"


All five Turbo Rangers morphed and immediately teleported to the park. Divatox was waiting for them, The Sword of Death in her hands.

"Ah, Turbo Rangers!" She taunted. "What took you so long?"

"We're going to beat you like we always do!" Justin exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm not too sure of that!" Divatox laughed and she crouched down into a fighting stance and sheathed her Sword.

"Let's get her!" Yelled Tommy as all five Rangers rushed at Divatox.

Divatox growled as she hit Tommy with a front snap kick, and, with the same foot, threw a back kick which sent Kat sprawling on the ground. She then spun a sharp elbow to Tanya's face and threw a punch at Justin, who flew back into Adam. The two fell down in a heap.

"Turbo Rangers, assemble!" Tommy commanded. The Turbo Rangers responded by retreating a bit and gathering around him.

"She's tough!" Adam exclaimed.

"Enough of this, it's time to finish you all off!" Divatox then pulled the sword out of its sheath and held the golden handle in her hands. Its magnificent blade flashed in the sunlight.

"You don't scare us, you witch!" Justin shouted as he carelessly left the group and charged at her. "TURBO HAND BLASTERS!!" He shouted and the Blasters materialized on his arms.

"Justin, wait!" Tommy shouted to him.

But it was too late. With a loud war cry, Divatox thrusted The Sword of Death forward. The long blade ripped right through Justin's suit with ease and tore into his stomach. The poor twelve-year-old boy screamed in pain even as Divatox withdrew the sword from his body. The Hand Blasters fell off of his arms and dissipated.

"JUSTIN!!!!" The rest of the Rangers shrieked in unison.

"She . . . she stabbed me!" Justin croaked as he fell to his knees, clutching his abdomen. Under his helmet, his face was wet with tears and his blue costume was stained crimson red from his own blood. "Oh, God . . . it . . . hurts!" He gasped one final time before slowly demorphing and slumping to the ground.

"JUSTIN!!!!" The Rangers screamed again as they rushed to his fallen body. Tommy frantically checked for a pulse.

"No pulse." He said, horrified. "NO PULSE!" He said again, this time much louder.

Kat's eyes were swelling with tears. "He was so . . . so young! So . . . so much to live for!"

The four Rangers then turned their attention to Divatox, who was grinning devilishly, The Sword of Death was now caked with Justin's blood.

"Oh well, he was a spoiled brat anyway." She laughed. "Now, who else wants to taste Death?!"

"This one's for Justin!!" Adam exclaimed. "TURBO THUNDER CANNON!!" The Cannon appeared on his right arm. "FULL CHARGE!! FIRE!!!"

Adam squeezed the trigger, and a green laser beam blasted from the Thunder Cannon and sped toward Divatox.

"Ha! Is that the best you can do?!" She then swung The Sword of Death and hit the beam, sending the projectile rocketing back at Adam at twice its original power and speed.

"Ahh . . . " Grunted Adam as the laser hit him directly in the chest. His body demorphed as he flew backward and hit the ground with an audible *THUMP*. The Thunder Cannon twirled away from his arm and vanished into thin air.

The two female Rangers screamed as they looked at Adam's dead body. He had a huge hole burned right through his chest, which his blood oozed from.

"You see!" Divatox said. "The Sword even has the power to turn your own weapons against you!" She then lifted the Sword of Death high in the air. "Now, who wants to be next?"

Suddenly, Alpha 6's voice spoke out of Tommy's wrist communicator.

"Rangers!" Alpha cried. "Retreat back to the Command Center now!"

"Sorry Alpha, but we're not going to let Justin and Adam's deaths be in vain!" Tommy responded angrily.

"If your not going to teleport back yourselves, then I will do it myself!"

"I think you'll have a hard time teleporting us back in our morphed states without our communicators!" Tommy said as he and the girls quickly removed their wrist communicators and threw them on the ground. Just in time, too, for the tiny devices had teleported away a split second later.

"All right, let's get back to business!" Divatox laughed as she swung the Sword back and forth.


The Turbo Weapons then appeared in the remaining Rangers' hands.

"Come on!" Divatox taunted. "Attack me with your weapons!"

Tanya and Kat were about to shoot their weapons when Tommy held out his hand and stopped them.

"No, she'll just make your weapons backfire, like she did to poor Adam." Tommy said.

"Then what should we do?" Tanya asked nervously.

"DIE!" Divatox screamed as she charged at the three teens.

"Lookout!" Tanya exclaimed as she threw herself in front of her two friends. Those were her last words, for Divatox had swung the Sword and split her throat wide open.

"Join your boyfriend, Yellow Ranger!" Divatox laughed.

"Ack . . ." Tanya gasped as she dropped her Star Charges and clutched her squirting neck. Her body demorphed and she fell dead to the ground.

Tommy and Kat retreated back a few feet.

"You monster!" Kat screeched. "You're nothing but a monster!!" With her mind clouded with rage, she loaded an arrow into her Wind Fire and aimed it at Divatox.

"No Kat! Don't use your weapon!" Tommy warned her.

But Kat didn't listen to him and shot her arrow, only to have it bounced back to her by The Sword of Death.

"AAAIIEEEE!" Kat screamed as the arrow stuck into her stomach. "Tommy, help me!" The Wind Fire dissipated right in her hand as she demorphed and fell into Tommy's arms.

"Kat, no! Not you, too!" Tommy sobbed.

"Tommy . . . I . . . I . . . love you . . ." Kat said in between gasps.

"Kat, I'll get you to a hospital!" Tommy cried. "Just hang on!"

"I'll . . . always love you Tommy . . ." Then with the last bit of her strength, she pointed to Divatox, who was laughing maniacally. "Get . . . her! Get her for me . . . and for . . . the others." Kat then closed her eyes and was gone. Tommy gently laid her body on the grass.

"Justin, Adam, Tanya, and now Kat!" Tommy said as he began to slowly advance toward Divatox, clutching his Lightning Sword in his hands. "You've killed my friends!"

"Don't worry Red Ranger, you'll be reunited with them shortly." Divatox said sarcastically.

"YAAAHHH!!" Tommy yelled as he swung his sword at Divatox.

She ducked the attack and brought The Sword of Death across Tommy's abdomen, slicing his through suit and deep into his flesh.

Tommy screamed as he kicked Divatox's Sword out of her hands. The weapon which had killed four Rangers and just now mortally wounded the fifth flew into the air and vanished.

Despite the immense pain, Tommy violently grabbed Divatox's black and purple hair, spun her around and put her into a karate hold which pinned her to him.

Hold your guts in! Tommy thought to himself. If your going to go down, at least take Divatox with you! With that, Tommy shoved the full extension of his Lightning Sword's blade into Divatox's back, the point exiting through her stomach.

"I'll see you in Hell!" She screamed.

"Sorry, but I'm not going there!" He whispered fiercely into her ear.

Divatox took in her last breath of air before Tommy let go of her now lifeless form which collapsed to the ground.

Tommy, looking down and seeing the fatal wound in his stomach, demorphed and fell on top of Divatox's body. "God, help me!!" He screamed, and died.

* * * Back at the Command Center, Dimitria and Alpha 6 just stared at an overhead view of the Angel Grove park on a large monitor screen. All five Rangers and Divatox were lying dead, their bodies scattered about.

Many bystanders who had watched the whole gruesome scene were now slowly starting to surround the bodies, some of them crying, most of them too shocked to do anything. The police were just arriving.

"Somebody, call an ambulance!" Cried one of the bystanders. "The Turbo Rangers are down!"

Dimitria, for the first time in her entire life, was at a total loss for words.

* * * A week later, since the identities of the dead Turbo Rangers had been revealed in their final battle, a big funeral mass was held for all five teens. All of the original Rangers - Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Rocky, Aisha, and even Billy, who had traveled many light years all the way back to Earth from Aquitar, came to pay their respects to their fallen friends.

The grieving parents of the dead teens all agreed that it was best to bury their children next to each other in the center of the Angel Grove cemetery. The city would then construct a huge statue of a Turbo Ranger which was standing upright, hands on its hips, and full of life next to the graves.

Divatox's body, on the other hand, was cremated and her ashes thrown into the Angel Grove junkyard, where the people believed that an evil soul like hers belonged.

* * * Meanwhile, back on the moon, Rita, Zedd, and their henchmen - Goldar, Scorpina, Rito, and Finster watched the ceremony with great joy. The rest of their followers - Squatt, Baboo, and the Tenga Warriors were destroyed by Zedd himself because he felt that they served no purpose and just took up room in their new and improved castle. Goldar and Scorpina were now a married couple and Rito had become a little smarter through the teachings of Master Vile.

"Oh, Zeddy-Poo, your plan worked out like a charm!" Rita said as she kissed her husband's chrome-plated face. "Giving that dumb pirate bimbo, Divatox, your old Sword of Death."

"Of course it worked!" Zedd exclaimed. "That Sword not only curses all those it is used against with death, but it also dooms its user to die by enemy hands, that is why I never used it! But I knew it would come in handy one day, and now that the Turbo Rangers and Divatox are dead, we have no more problems, and Earth is at our total mercy!"

"But Master!" Goldar interrupted. "Dimitria can still replace the Turbo Rangers, even though the Turbo Power has been destroyed. Zordon has done it before!"

"And we also have to destroy the Machine Empire." Scorpina added.

"And we also have to deal with the Blue Centurion, wherever he may be." Finster said.

"Hmm, you're all right." Zedd responded. "I must take care of all of that. But right now, I'm having too much fun watching these puny humans mourn!"

* * * A full year had passed since the deaths of the Turbo Rangers, and by then, Jason, Zack, and Trini had come back from Switzerland. Kimberly had also returned from Florida after she had gotten into a huge argument with her gymnastics coach and quit. Aisha had to stay in Africa to try and solve the problems with the animals while Billy had decided to go back to Aquitar where his wife, Cestria, waited for him. But Rocky had decided not to leave Angel Grove, and it had taken him three whole months to get over the deaths of the Turbo Rangers, especially Adam and Justin. He was now at the Command Center to be with Alpha and Dimitria.

"I still can't believe that they're gone!" Trini said sadly as she knelt down beside each of the graves and placed a yellow rose upon each one, among the countless other flowers that had been put there, too. The wet grass left tiny green stains on Trini's yellow blouse, but she didn't care.

"Yes, it's really sad." Kimberly said as she touched Tommy's headstone. She felt her eyes swell up with tears. "But we've got to learn to let go, that's what they would want us to do."

"Hey, girls." A voice said.

Kim and Trini whirled around to see Jason, Zack, and Lt. Stone standing behind them.

"Hi, you guys." Kim said as she hugged them. Trini did the same.

"Just wanted to visit Tommy and the others." Stone said as he walked up to the graves. There was a brief pause as Stone looked down and read the headstones, and then looked up at the tall statue, like he always did when he visited the graveyard. "I still can't believe that they were actually the Turbo Rangers! I mean, I saw them every day for Christ's sake!" The ex-police officer then just couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Hey, it's okay Lt. Stone, we knew Tommy much longer than you did and we didn't know, either." Zack said as he put his hand on Stone's shoulder. He felt bad about lying to Stone, but it was really all he could say to comfort him.

Then, without warning, a dozen or so creatures materialized all around. Kimberly and Trini let out surprised screams as the things began to encircle them. The creatures looked like red colored versions of the old Putties that the Rangers first fought long ago.

"Lt. Stone, run!" Jason cried as he got down into a fighting stance.

"No way, Jason, I'm sick of running from monsters!" Stone yelled back as he got into a fighting stance, too. "I'm an ex-cop, I should know how to take care of myself!"

It was then that the Putty-things attacked. The first Putty-thing threw a side kick at Zack. Zack blocked the attack with his right forearm and delivered his own counter attack elbow the thing's face. But the Putty-thing caught Zack's elbow and then put him into an arm throw which bore him to the grassy ground. Zack quickly got up, and as he did, he used his right leg to trip the Putty-thing. The thing screeched all sorts of noised as Zack then followed through with a mighty stomp to its chest.

Another Putty-thing swung a roundhouse at Kimberly. She ducked under the thing's arm and delivered her own punch to the its solar plexus. But the thing didn't seem to feel the blow as it wrapped its clay hands around Kim's neck and hoisted her off of the ground. In final desperation, Kim brought both of her knees into the thing's groin. Now that attack it did seem to feel as it dropped Kimberly and grabbed itself. Kim then hit the Putty-thing with a front snap kick which drove it backwards. It tripped over Justin's headstone and hit its head on the base of the Turbo Ranger statue.

Nearby, Trini was battling her Putty-thing. The thing swept its left leg at Trini's feet to trip her. Trini, predicting the attack, jumped over its leg and executed a jumping mantis kick to the Putty-thing's head, causing it to fall backwards. It screeched in anger as it got up and kicked Trini right in between her two full breasts. She shrieked and clutched her chest, letting her guard down. The Putty-thing was about to finish her off with a punch to the face when it was suddenly grabbed from behind by Lt. Stone.

"That's no way to treat a lady!" Stone yelled as he flipped the thing over onto the ground head first, knocking it out. Stone then went to Trini's aid. "Are you all right?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Trini then spotted another Putty-thing behind Stone. "Lookout!" She screamed.

Stone turned around and locked into a grapple with the Putty-thing while another rushed at Trini from her left side. Trini brought up her left foot and kicked out at it.

Jason was being overwhelmed by three Putty-things which now had him pinned on the ground. Jason tried to fiercely kick his way out, but it was no use.

"How do you stop these things?!" Jason yelled. Suddenly, all of the Putty-things were thrown off of him by an unseen force. "What?!" Jason said, confused. He then saw Rocky and a robot made to look like a policeman standing over him.

"We got here as soon as we could!" Rocky said as he helped Jason up.

"Who's your robot friend?" Jason asked.

"I am the Blue Centurion!" The robot replied. "But we'll talk later. Right now we must deal with these Putties!"

Jason, Rocky, and the Blue Centurion then ran to help their friends. It took about ten more minutes of fighting before the Putty-things retreated and dematerialized. All were now wounded and weary from the fight.

"What was that all about?" Kimberly gasped.

"Rita and Zedd are back, you guys!" Rocky exclaimed. "Dimitria said that she detected an explosion on the moon a couple hours ago, and when she scanned the area where the explosion had occurred, she found that Serpenterra had destroyed the Machine Empire!"

"Serpenterra?! Machine Empire?! Rita and Zedd?! Dimitria?! What are you guys talking about?!" Stone exclaimed.

Rocky mentally kicked himself in the rear. He had forgotten that the ex-Lt. Stone was among the group.

"Well, I guess our secret's out as well." Zack sighed.

"Secret?" Stone said, confused.

"Don't worry, we'll explain everything." Jason said.

* * * "Blast!" Zedd cursed as he hit the metal railing which lined his moon castle's balcony. "The Mega Putties failed to destroy the original Rangers!"

"Oh, come now, Zeddykins!" Rita said as she stroked his muscular shoulders. "You did succeed in destroying the Machine Empire, didn't you?"

"Yes, that's true." Zedd then turned around to his minions. "But I can't leave a job unfinished. Goldar, Scorpina, Rito! Go down there and finish those humans off!"

"Right away, Ed!" Rito saluted as he and the two other monsters teleported away.

"And that's Zedd, you idiot!!" He yelled.

* * * Back at the cemetery, Jason and the rest of the ex-Rangers were telling Stone a very brief summary about the Power Rangers' history. How they first got their powers, how the Power was passed on from one teen to the next, how the Power Rangers became the Zeo Rangers and from there how they became the Turbo Rangers.

"Wow." Stone said, sounding impressed. "You guys have a really interesting history, and I would like to know more! That is, if you guys don't mind."

Suddenly, Goldar, Scorpina, and Rito teleported in, much like the Putty-things did.

"You ex-Power Punks are history!" Goldar proclaimed.

"It looks like we'll have to tell you later." Zack said to Stone.

"How can we fight these guys?" Asked Kimberly. "We can't even morph!"

"Don't worry Kim, we've beaten these freaks many times before, and we can sure do it again!" Trini said, although confidence was lacking in her voice.

"Prepare to join your friends!" Scorpina said, pointing to the Turbo Rangers' graves. All three monsters then charged at them.

In less than a minute, only the Blue Centurion was left standing. Everyone else was either unconscious or too hurt to get back up. The three monsters closed in on him from all sides.

"How dare you come here!" The Blue Centurion spat. "Just your presence alone desecrates the honorable Turbo Rangers' resting place!"

"Oh, yeah?" Rito snorted. "Then, why didn't you help the Turbo Rangers during their final battle with Divatox?"

"Yes, surely you knew what was going on!" Scorpina added.

"I was recharging my circuits in the Power Chamber at that time." The Blue Centurion defended himself.

"Yeah right!" Laughed Goldar. "I bet you were too afraid to help!"

"Why you criminal scum!" The Blue Centurion then pulled out his Blaster and fired a couple rounds of laser beams at the monsters, managing to hit Rito and Scorpina, but missed Goldar.

"I'm going to tear you up, robot cop!" Goldar growled.

"I don't think so!" The Blue Centurion then hurled a pair of handcuffs at Goldar, which locked his hands together.

"Hey!" Goldar yelled as he tried to desperately break out of them.

"Your finished, golden monkey!" The Centurion said proudly as he leaped into the air and hit Goldar with a jump kick and then landed back on the ground. "Freedom and justice shall always prev . . . AGH!" Scorpina had sneaked up behind the Centurion and stuck her razor-sharp boomerang right through him. Sparks and battery acid flew from the opening it had created as the Centurion fell to the ground.

"Lay off of my husband, Cyber Freak!" Scorpina said as she stomped on the Blue Centurion's head. There was the sound of crushing metal as the Centurion's head was smashed under her foot. His limbs twitched a bit and then his body was still.

Rito was just getting up from the ground, still dazed from the Centurion's Blaster. "Oh, what happened?"

"We just finished off the Blue Centurion, no thanks to you!" Scorpina hissed as she helped Goldar up and removed the handcuffs. "Are you all right, my poor Baby? He hit you pretty hard!"

"I'm fine, now let's finish off the ex-Rangers!" Goldar said, but when he looked around, all of the teens were gone! Only the Centurion's body laid motionless on the grass. "What?! Where did they go?!"

* * * During the fight between the Blue Centurion and the monsters, Dimitria had teleported all of the teens, including Stone, to the Command Center, where they were treated by Alpha 6.

Stone awoke to find himself in a very unfamiliar place. It looked like something out of a Star Wars or Terminator movie. There was high tech equipment everywhere. He gasped when he saw a giant glass tube containing a huge, disembodied floating woman's head.

"Welcome to the Command Center, Lt. Stone." The woman said to him. "I am Dimitria, as you may have been told."

"The kids, where are they?" He asked.

"Don't worry, we're right here!" Rocky said as he and the others came up to him.

"Wait a minute!" Exclaimed Stone. "Where is that robot cop that you were with Rocky?"

"Oh my gosh!" Rocky said. "Where is he?"

"I'm sorry Rocky, but I'm afraid that he was destroyed by Scorpina." Dimitria said sadly.

"Well, couldn't we teleport him back here for repairs?" Zack suggested.

"We are not familiar with the alien technology which built the Blue Centurion, therefore we cannot bring him back." Alpha 6 explained.

"No, it's not fair!" Exclaimed Rocky. "We can't lose him, too!"

"Control yourself, Rocky. The Blue Centurion died so that you could get away." Dimitria said. "It's how he wanted to go."

"Yeah, I guess." Rocky sniffed. "But I'll miss him."

"So will we, buddy, so will we." Jason said, trying to comfort Rocky.

"With the destruction of the Blue Centurion, the Earth is now totally helpless. We need to bring the Rangers back!" Dimitria said.

"But how?" Trini asked. "I thought the Turbo Power was lost!"

"It was. But Alpha and I, through months of work, have created new morphers from the energy of the old Zeo Crystal." She then paused for a second. "When I call your names, step forward."


"Yes ma'am!" Zack said as he quickly advanced a few steps. A soft, heavenly light then fell upon him.

"You are now the Blue Ultra Ranger." Dimitria said happily. Heavy blue armor, complete with a helmet and all, appeared on his body. "Your weapon will be the Blue Battle Axe." A huge, blue colored axe then appeared in his right hand.

"Cool!" He exclaimed. "Do we get Zords also?"

"No, you do not. Your size will simply increase when a monster grows big."

"Okay, that's fine with me!" Zack said as he stepped back.


Kim nodded as she stepped forward, her body bathing in the same white light which Zack was in.

"You are now the Pink Ultra Ranger." Pink armor appeared on her body. "Your weapon will be the Pink Battle Bow." The pink bow then appeared in her hand. She then stepped back.


Rocky happily stepped into the light.

"You are now the Green Ultra Ranger." Green armor appeared on his body. "Your weapon shall be the Green Battle Boomerang." The green boomerang appeared in his hand, and he stepped back.


Trini cautiously entered the light.

"You are now the Yellow Ultra Ranger." Yellow armor appeared on her body. "Your weapons shall be the Yellow Battle Daggers." The yellow daggers appeared in her hands. She then stepped back.


"Wait a minute!" He objected. "I'm not a Power Ranger!"

"Well, you are now!" Alpha 6 said. "Don't argue and just step forward."

"No, Alpha. This must be Lt. Stone's choice!" Dimitria snapped.

Stone thought to himself for a second, and then made his way to the light.

"All right!" Alpha cheered.

"Lt. Stone, you are now the Black Ultra Ranger." Black armor then covered the ex- cop's body. "Your weapon shall be the Black Battle Tonfa."

"Tonfa? What's that?" Stone asked. A black colored weapon which looked like a police nightstick appeared in his right hand. "Oh, I've used this kind of weapon before!" He exclaimed as he stepped back.

"And finally, JASON!"

Jason took a step into the light.

"You are now the Red Ultra Ranger, leader of the Ultra Rangers." Red armor appeared on his body. "Your weapon shall be the Red Battle Sword, the strongest of all the Battle Weapons." The red sword appeared in his hand as the light faded. Jason stepped back and lined up with the rest of the Ultra Rangers.

"You are now the Ultra Ranger Team, congratulations!" Dimitria said to the new Rangers. "Now quickly teleport back to the cemetery! Goldar, Scorpina and Rito are still there."

"Wait!" Stone exclaimed. "How do we use these powers?"

"You'll know when the time comes." Dimitria said calmly. "Now good luck!"

The Ultra Rangers then teleported back to the cemetery. The monsters were very surprised to see them.

"Who the Hell are you all?!" Scorpina demanded.

"We're the Ultra Rangers, and we're here to take you down!" Jason proclaimed.

Suddenly, a batch of the Putty-things teleported in. "Mega Putties, attack!" Goldar commanded.

Kimberly: BATTLE BOW!!

The Rangers called up their weapons and dispatched all of the Mega Putties with ease.

"All right, now its your turn!" Zack said, pointing at the monsters.

"Let's bring our weapons together!" Jason commanded.

Zack throws his axe into the air.

"Oh crap!" Muttered Goldar, knowing what was going to happen.

Kimberly: BATTLE BOW!!
Kim throws her bow into the air and it combines with Zack's axe.

Trini tosses both of her daggers into the air, which combine with the axe and the bow.

Rocky tosses up his boomerang, which merges with the other weapons.

Stone launches his Tonfa in the air which also merges with the weapons.

Jason jumps up and places his sword on top of all the other weapons.

The weapons begin to glow a bright white as they form into a giant Blaster Cannon.

Jason lands with the Blaster Cannon and the other Rangers crowded around him.

"No, this isn't happening!" Rito screeched putting his hands to his head.

* * * "No, this isn't happening!" Zedd screeched. "The Rangers are back, I can't believe it!!!"

"Calm down, Zeddy." Rita said nervously.

"Oh, shut-up!" Zedd yelled at her. Rita cringed and ran away.

"Well, they're going to die just like the Turbo Rangers did!" Zedd then lifted his Z- staff and fired a lightning bolt to Earth. "MAKE MY MONSTERS GROW!"

* * * Back on Earth, the Ultra Rangers were about to pulverize Goldar, Scorpina, and Rito with their Blaster Cannon when the Lightning Bolt crashed down and made the monsters grow big.

"Ha ha!" Goldar laughed in a deep voice as he crushed the Turbo Ranger Statue into dust, barely missing the Turbo Rangers' graves.

"Oh, your going to pay for that!" Shouted Stone.

"Come on then, make me pay!" Goldar bellowed as he tried to crush the Rangers with his foot, but they rolled away in time.

"Blaster Cannon, separate!" Jason commanded. Instantly, the Cannon broke apart into the individual weapons which all of the Rangers jumped up and grabbed. "We need to grow, guys!" Exclaimed Jason.


All of the Rangers then grew to an enormous size, much like the monsters had grown.

"This isn't possible!" Goldar cried.

The Rangers then noticed that they were accidentally crushing headstones in the cemetery.

"You guys, we've got to take this fight to another place!" Kimberly exclaimed.

"Grab them and teleport to the Desert of Despair!" Jason shouted.

The Rangers rushed forward and seized the three monsters. They all then teleported to the desert, where the monsters threw the Rangers off of them.

"You Rangers will die!" Boomed Rito.

"Okay, let's split up!" Jason said. "Kim and Trini will take Scorpina, Zack and Rocky will handle Rito, and Stone and I will take down that golden monkey!"

"Right!" All of the Rangers said as they split off to fight their designated monsters.

Kim and Trini faced off against Scorpina who had grown meaner and uglier through her transformation.

"Come on girls, I'm ready for you!" Scorpina hissed as she tossed her boomerang which hit the two Ultra Ranger females and came back to her.

Trini and Kim got up, with their weapons at hand.

"DOUBLE ATTACK!!" The girls yelled as Kim jumped up on Trini's shoulders. "TWO . . . ONE . . . FIRE!!" Kim shot an arrow from her Battle Bow while Trini hurled one of her Battle Daggers. But the two projectiles were knocked away by Scorpina's tail.

"That was pathetic!" Scorpina laughed.

"It looks like we'll have to take her on hand to hand." Said Trini as Kim jumped off of her shoulders.

"Then let's do it!" Kim shouted as the two Ranger females rushed at Scorpina.

Trini jumped up and thrusted her remaining Battle Dagger at Scorpina while Kim attacked the scorpion woman's legs with the length of her Battle Bow. The weapons connected with Scorpina's body simultaneously and she fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Rito was having his own troubles battling Rocky and Zack, who always managed to stay one step ahead of him in the fight.

"Eat this, Power Brats!" Rito exclaimed as he shot a fireball from the tip of his bone sword. Zack blocked the fireball with his Battle Axe while Rocky threw his Battle Boomerang which knocked the sword from Rito's hands.

Jason and Stone, in contrast to Rocky and Zack, seemed to be losing the fight against Goldar. The golden monkey would always have a counter attack for all of Jason and Stone's moves.

"I don't remember him being this good!" Jason said, confused.

"Don't worry, Jason, we'll find some weakness in him!" Stone said.

"Why don't you Weakling Rangers just surrender now!" Goldar growled.

"We'd die before surrendering to you, bastard!" Jason then leapt at Goldar with his Battle Sword.

"Have it your way!" Goldar smirked as he kicked the Red Ranger out of the air.

Jason crashed to the ground. Stone helped him up.

"All of the Rangers couldn't beat me! What chances do you think you two have?!" Goldar proclaimed.

"Wanna bet?!" Zack laughed as the he and rest of the Ultra Rangers came to aid Jason and Stone.

"What?!" Goldar said, turning pale. "Where's Scorpina and Rito?!"

"They retreated like the cowards they are." Kimberly said. "Now its time to finish you, Goldar!"

"Perhaps another time, goodbye!" Goldar said as he teleported away in a flame.

"ULTRA RANGERS, NORMAL SIZE!!" All of the Rangers said as they shrank down back to their original sizes and teleported back to the Command Center.

* * * "Well done, Ultra Rangers!" Dimitria said. "Tommy and the others would be proud!"

"Oh no!" Trini shrieked.

"What is it, Trini?" Asked Alpha 6.

"The cemetery!" She exclaimed. "The monsters demolished it in the fight!"

"Not to worry, take a look at the viewing monitor." Dimitria said as all of the Ultra Rangers turned around. The viewing monitor depicted an overhead view of the cemetery, everything perfect, as if nothing ever happened to it. The Turbo Statue was still standing majestically over the graves of the Turbo Rangers.

"Its back to normal." Kimberly said, astonished. "But, HOW?!"

"While you all were battling Goldar and the others in the Desert of Despair, Dimitria used her powers and fixed up the place." Alpha 6 said.

"Amazing." Stone muttered.

"Thank you again, Ultra Rangers." Dimitria said. "The city is safe, for now. But we should always be ready for another attack, for Lord Zedd and Rita still exist."

"And we'll be ready for them!" Jason said happily.

* * * Three days later, all of the Ultra Rangers visited the Turbo Rangers' graves again. A small monument to the Blue Centurion had been constructed right next to the huge Turbo Ranger statue.

"Well, we did it." Jason said, looking down at the five headstones and then looking at the Blue Centurion monument. He couldn't but help notice that there were tears streaming down his face.

"Hey, man." Stone said. "I know that Tommy and the others are proud of us, especially you, Jason."

"Rest well Justin, Adam, Tanya, Katherine, Blue Centurion, and Tommy." Kim prayed, making the Sign of the Cross with her right hand. "You all will be remembered in our hearts and in the hearts of all others."

The Rangers walked away, not knowing what the future had in store for them. But they all knew that in their minds that the final battle between Zedd and them was fast approaching, and they knew that they must win that battle, not only for the Turbo Rangers, but for the entire world.

The End - (For now)



The fanfic was written by Chris Carkett, and is post here with his permission.