Rangers, Arise!
By: Chris Carkeet

Lord Zedd sighed as he stood on his balcony overseeing the Earth, thinking to himself. These Ultra Rangers were starting to tick him off; always meddn a heated battle with the clones.

"Attack!" Jason commanded.

At once, the Rangers plunged into battle. Each separated into individual fights. Zack took on the Justin and Billy clones, Trini battled the Tanya and Aisha clones, Lt. Stone and Rocky double-teamed the Adam clone, Kimberly fought against the Katherine clone, and finally Jason faced the Tommy clone.

The Justin clone attacked Zack with a punch to the solar plexus. Zack blocked the Justin clone's small arm with ease.

Lord Zedd sighed as he stood on his balcony overseeing the Earth, thinking to himself. These Ultra Rangers were starting to tick him off; always meddling in his plans, always destroying his monsters and property, and always foiling his master plots time and time again. There had to be some way that he could destroy them. He was thinking about facing the Rangers himself, but then he would be putting his well-being in jeopardy. So that plan of attack was to be saved as a last resort. He had tried every monster, spell, and trick in the book, and still the same, fruitless results 99% the time. Even on those rare occasions that a plan of his did work, the Rangers would just bounce back and continue to fight with even more determination than ever. There just had to be some way to send this last generation of Power Rangers to their graves. All of a sudden, a new, fiendish plan unfolded in his wicked mind.

"Finster, get in here!!" Lord Zedd commanded as he walked back into his throne room.

"Yes, my master." Finster said as he hurried in.

"Finster, I've just had a wonderful plan." Zedd began. "I want you to create exact replicas of all the dead Rangers, but make them evil and obedient to only me!"

"Exact replicas?" Finster stroked his chin. "Yes, it can be done, but I need a single cell from all of the dead Rangers' bodies."

Lord Zedd then picked up his Z-Staff and shot a lightning bolt through the balcony of the Moon Palace and straight to Earth. The bolt passed over the graves of the dead Rangers in the Angel Grove cemetery, then returned to Zedd. A small petree dish filled with water magically appeared in his hands.

"Done." Zedd said as he carefully handed the dish to Finster.

"I'll get on it right away." Finster then scurried out of the room and into his laboratory.

* * *

Back in Angel Grove, Kimberly and Trini sat at the Juice Bar, sipping their banana shakes as they talked.

"It's been almost a month now since the deaths of Aisha and Billy." Kimberly muttered.

"Yes, I know." Trini responded.

Depressed, Kim looked down at the smooth surface of the table, staring at the slight reflection of herself. "I mean, the way that Goldar killed Billy right after Aisha's funeral in the church, and right in front of us all." Kim then paused for a second as she made swirls in her shake with her straw. "I feel that we could have done something to save him. He didn't have to die." Kim's eyes then swelled up with tears.

Trini reached over the table and touched Kimberly's hand, which prompted Kim look up at her. "Goldar just grabbed Billy while the rest of us were busy fighting." Trini said sadly. "And there was nothing we could have done."

Kim wiped her eyes. "Yeah, I know." She then looked down at her shake as she continued to make swirls. "But I just couldn't stand losing another friend like that. I mean, we had already lost Tommy and the others two years before, and now Aisha and Billy." Kim paused for a second time. "And, I'm afraid it will happen again. Zedd and Rita won't stop until we are all dead."

Trini then looked into Kim's teary eyes. "Don't worry, Kim." She said. "None of us are going to die, we won't give Zedd and Rita that chance."

"I hope so, Trini." Kim said. "I hope so." Kimberly then looked down at her watch. "Well, Trini, it's time to meet the others in the park."

The two girls got up and left the Juice Bar.

* * *

Finster stood over his laboratory table, busily working. This had been the hardest assignment that Lord Zedd had ever given him. Beads of sweat rolled down the little scientist's forehead. He wiped them off then continued his work, knowing that if he didn't produce results, Zedd would kill him, literally.

Finally, after three agonizing hours, Finster completed his work. Miniature clay statues of all the late Rangers stood, in a row, across Finster's lab table. He had quite some trouble adding in all the detail to the statues; many of the complications coming from carving each one of the long ropes of Aisha's hair. Crossing his fingers, Finster took the petree dish that Zedd had given to him, filled an eye dropper with the dish's contents and carefully applied a single drop to each of the clay statues.

"Now for the final touch." Finster whispered to himself as he produced a small bag of magical powder.

Reaching into the bag and grabbing a handful of the powder, he sprinkled the glittery dust over each Ranger statue. The powder turned blue as it passed over the statues of Billy and Justin, yellow as it adorned the statues of Aisha and Tanya, pink for the statue of Katherine, green as it covered Adam's statue, and finally red as it came across the statue of Tommy. All of the small clay figures then began to glow their respective colors.

"I have done it!" Finster exclaimed in delight as he carefully loaded each of the glowing clay figures onto a tray. "A little time in my monster-making machine, and they will be perfect!"

* * *

An hour later at the Moon Palace, Finster emerged into Zedd's throne room, where the evil entity was sitting rather impatiently.

"Well, are they ready?" Zedd asked as he stood up from his throne.

"Yes, my lord." Finster then put the thumb and pinkie finger of his left hand into his mouth and let out a loud whistle.

Seven figures then stepped into the room, and Lord Zedd immediately saw that they were exact duplicates of Tommy, Adam, Tanya, Katherine, Aisha, Billy, and Justin. The clones were so perfect that one would have thought that they had risen from the dead.

"We are at your command, master." The Tommy clone said.

Lord Zedd then carefully inspected each one of them. "They look excellent so far Finster." He then looked to Finster. "Tell me, can they morph?"

"Unfortunately, no." Finster responded. "That part of the cloning process simply wasn't feasible. So, to make up for the lack of Morphing Powers, I have given each one of them super- human strength, speed, and agility. They should provide an unbelievable challenge for the Ultra Rangers, even in their morphed states."

"Well done Finster, you have pleased me." Zedd said. "Now, send them to Earth! Let's see how the Rangers fair against them."

"At once." Finster then turned to the clones. "You heard the Master, get going!"

The clones then immediately disappeared in a huge ball of flame.

* * *

Back in Angel Grove, the six Ultra Rangers were walking to the park; the place where the Turbo Rangers had their final battle with Divatox.

"Well, here it is." Rocky sighed as they stopped and surveyed the area. "The place where Tommy and the others fell."

"It's time to pay our tribute to them." Jason said as he handed each Ranger a seed. They planted them in the ground, then paused in a moment of prayer, which was lead by Lt. Jerome Stone.

"May these flowers bloom and glorify the names of our dearly departed friends, who fought for the common good." Stone paused for a second, then continued. "And may God endow upon us, the strength to triumph over the demons who reside on the moon, so that they may never cause harm anyone ever again. Amen."

"Amen." The others then crossed themselves.

Suddenly, there was a brief flash of fire as the clones teleported in. The Ultra Rangers whirled around and were completely shocked at what they saw.

"Aw, how touching!" The Katherine clone laughed in her thick, Australian accent. "You all really shouldn't have!"

"No!" Zack said, in disbelief. "It can't be!"

"Ah, but it is, Zack." The Aisha clone said.

"T-Tommy?" Kimberly gasped as she reached out for the Tommy clone. Without warning, he backhanded Kim to the face, then kicked her in the stomach, knocking her on her back. The others ran to her aid.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jason demanded, his shock turning into anger.

"We work for Lord Zedd now." The Tanya clone said.

"He is our master." The Billy clone added. "And he commands us to destroy you all!"

Lt. Stone shook his head. "No! You aren't really them, our friends are dead! You all are just some sort of evil clones!"

"I think the ex-cop has figured it out!" The Justin clone said sarcastically. "Come on, let's get them!" The boy then rushed forward and knocked Trini and Rocky to the ground with two mighty kicks.

Zack, seeing his friends in danger, tried to lunge at the Justin clone, but was stopped by the Aisha clone, who kicked him in the face. Zack, despite the immense pain, tried to counter attack with a punch, but the Aisha clone just caught his fist and flipped him over onto the ground.

Kimberly faced off against the Katherine clone, who laughed when she saw Kim get into a fighting stance. "Do you really think you can beat me Kimmy?"

Kimberly said nothing, but responded with a swift kick to clone Kat's head. But the blond clone had moved aside and swept Kim's legs out from under her. Kimberly went crashing painfully to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lt. Stone was being pummeled by the Billy and Tanya clones. Stone tried to retaliate, but the clones had the upper hand. The Billy clone held Stone in a death grip from behind as the Tanya clone threw punch after agonizing punch into the ex-cop's stomach.

Jason wasn't doing too well either against the clones of Adam and Tommy. The Adam clone jabbed Jason in the face twice as the Tommy clone executed a spinning kick to Jason's chest. Jason flew backward a few feet before landing on the grass.

* * *

In the Command Center, the alarm began to ring loudly. Alpha 6 ran to see what was wrong.

"Oh, no!" Gasped Alpha 6. "The Rangers are in some serious trouble!"

Dimitria turned on a viewing screen and watched in horror as her unmorphed Ultra Rangers were being beaten by the clones. "They can't take much more of that! Alpha, teleport them here immediately!"

Alpha frantically punched a sequence of buttons on the computer console. There was a flash of multicolored light as all of the Rangers appeared. At once, they slumped to the ground, all writhing in agony.

"Yo, Rangers!" Alpha exclaimed. "You all were getting seriously pounded out there! Why didn't you morph?"

"It's not often that you see a group of your dead friends appear right in front of you from out of nowhere, then try to kill you!" Jason snapped back, painfully clutching his stomach. "It kind of took us by surprise, you know!"

Dimitria shook her head. "Rangers, you cannot be held back by their appearances. You all must remember that your real friends have gone on to a higher existence, and that your new foes are nothing but evil clones that must be put down."

Kimberly looked up with teary eyes, a trickle of blood coming from her nose. She had a brief flashback of how the Tommy clone had attacked her. "Zedd has gone too far this time!" She exclaimed as she pulled out her morpher. "Pink Ultra Power!"

At once, the morpher bathed Kimberly in a pink light. Her pink suit of armor appeared on her body, and her helmet snapped in place. "Back to action!" Kimberly exclaimed as she teleported herself back to the scene of the fight.

"Hey, wait for us, Kim!" Jason called. "It's Morphin' Time!"

The Rangers then retrieved their morphers and held them high above their heads.

"Blue Ultra Power!" Zack exclaimed. His blue suit of armor appeared on his body as his helmet snapped into place.

"Green Ultra Power!" Rocky hollered. His green suit of armor adorned his body and his helmet snapped on.

"Yellow Ultra Power!" Trini yelled. Her yellow suit of armor adorned her body and her helmet into place.

"Black Ultra Power!" Stone called out. His black suit of armor appeared on his body and his helmet snapped on.

"Red Ultra Power!" Jason finally boomed. His red suit of armor appeared on his body and his helmet snapped on around his head.

All at once, the Rangers activated their teleporters to plunge back into the fray with the clones.

"Be careful, my Rangers." Dimitria said, quivering with fear.

* * *

When the Rangers arrived back in the park, they found that Kimberly was already iput him into a hip throw which sent the boy on a crash-course with the ground. Zack then turned around and smashed into the Billy clone's face with his gloved fist, then spun a sharp crescent kick to his chest. The Billy clone howled in pain as he fell down.

"Hey, no fair!" Whined the Justin clone as he helped the Billy clone to his feet.

The Billy clone then lifted the Justin clone onto his shoulders. "That's it, Zachary Taylor! It's time to play rough!" The Billy clone announced.

Before Zack could react, the Justin clone leaped off of the Billy clone's shoulders and used his momentum to slam into the Blue Ultra Ranger with a well-placed jump kick. Zack was forced back a couple steps and immediately keeled over, winded by the sudden blow, even with the protection of his heavy armor.

Taking advantage of the moment, the Justin clone rushed at Zack and reached for his belt, which was the holster for Zack's morpher. Somehow, the boy managed to rip Zack's morpher off, causing him to demorph.

"Hey! My morpher!" Zack exclaimed as he tried to grab it out of the Justin clone's hands, but the boy was quick and kept pulling the Blue Ultra morpher away from Zack every time he tried to snatch it.

"Ha! Ha! We have your morpher!" The Justin clone taunted, sticking out his tongue at Zack.

Zack was so preoccupied with trying to get his morpher back from the Justin clone that he didn't notice the Billy clone sneak up behind him. Zack felt a sudden and sharp pain as he slumped to the ground. Despite the pain, Zack rolled over and saw the Billy clone standing over him, holding a rather large stick in his hands.

"Don't worry, Zack." The Billy clone smirked, tossing the stick aside. "We'll take good care of your morpher for you!"

With that, the Justin and Billy clones transported out in two bright flashes of blue light, and Zack was powerless to stop them.

Meanwhile, Trini was doing well against the Tanya and Aisha clones. Trini knocked the Tanya clone to the ground with a heel-palm strike under the chin, then spun around and slammed her elbow into the Aisha clone's face. However, the Aisha clone did manage to recover and counter attack with lucky kick to Trini's stomach. As Trini keeled over, the Tanya clone delivered a knee strike to the small of Trini's back, forcing her to the ground.

"You won't be needing this anymore, Trini!" The Tanya clone said as she reached down and unfastened Trini's morpher from her belt, causing her to demorph.

Before Trini could even utter one word in protest, the Aisha and Tanya clones had spirited away in two flashes of bright yellow light, taking Trini's Yellow Ultra morpher with them.

In another area of the park, Stone and Rocky were pummeling the Adam clone. Lt. Stone, after jabbing the Adam clone in the face a couple times, threw the clone to Rocky, who caught him and held him in a vise-like grip.

"You're nothing like the Adam I once knew." Rocky spat before giving the Adam clone a hard punch to the back of the head, which sent him sprawling onto the ground.

Stone then gave the fallen Adam clone a sound kick. "Rocky's right." Stone said to the clone. "You may have Adam's face and body, but you possess none of the good qualities that made the real Adam such an outstanding person."

The Adam clone just looked up at his two opponents and smiled. "Oh, I think I have retained one of Adam's characteristics."

"And what might that be?" Rocky asked sarcastically.

Before either Lt. Stone or Rocky knew what had happened, the Adam clone had snatched both of their morphers off of their belts and forced them to demorph.

"His craftiness." The Adam clone answered before teleporting away in a blinding flash of green light, the Black and Green Ultra morphers gripped firmly in both of his hands.

"Our morphers!" Rocky screeched, bewildered. "That asshole clone took our morphers!"

Meanwhile, things were heated between Kimberly and the Katherine clone. The Kat clone swung two hook punches at Kimberly's head. Kim ducked under both of the attacks, then brought her right leg up in an attempt to catch Katherine in the stomach. But the Katherine clone had caught Kimberly's leg in mid-kick and slammed the smaller woman to the ground. The impact was so great, that it knocked Kimberly's morpher loose. The Pink Ultra morpher bounded away and Kimberly demorphed.

"I'll take this." The Katherine clone chuckled as she reached down and picked up Kimberly's morpher.

"No you don't!" Kim screamed as she lunged at the Katherine clone, but it was too late. The clone had disappeared in a bright pink light and all Kimberly tackled was thin air.

Jason avoided all of the attacks that the Tommy clone threw at him, but did not bother to counter attack. He was hoping to wear the Tommy clone out for an easy victory.

"Sorry, buddy." Jason laughed as he ducked a roundhouse punch. "But no matter how hard you try, you could never even compare with the real Tommy!"

"That's what you think, Jase!" The Tommy clone snarled. It was quite obvious that Jason was trying to wear him down, so he had to think of a strategy.

"Come on!" Jason taunted. "What are you waiting for?!"

The Tommy clone suddenly faked a kick to Jason's head. As Jason swerved to avoid the false kick, the Tommy clone executed a real kick to Jason's belt. The kick knocked Jason's morpher off and flung it into the air.

"Your morpher is mine!" The Tommy clone laughed as he pushed the now unmorphed Jason down. As soon as the Red Ultra morpher came down, the Tommy clone caught it and quickly teleported away in a brief flash of red light. "So long, suckers!" His voice echoed away through the air. The other Rangers rushed around Jason.

"Now what the hell do we do?!" Zack exclaimed. "They took all of our morphers!"

Jason said nothing. Instead, he just looked up at the sky, staring into space.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the Moon Palace, the false Rangers transported into Zedd's throne room.

"Zeddy-Pie!" Rita called out. "The clones have returned!"

"I saw the whole fight, and it was so glorious!" Lord Zedd bellowed in glee. "You stole the Rangers' morphers! How did you do it?"

"They were all pathetic weaklings. It was nothing, really." The Tommy clone said as he and the other clones handed Zedd the Ultra morphers.

Lord Zedd fingered the six Ultra morphers in his hands as he said, "For this fine achievement, I shall now endow you with the Ultra Powers!" The evil being then placed the Ultra morphers onto a nearby table. Passing his Z-Staff over the morphers, he corrupted each one of them with his evil power. The morphers glowed a darker, eerie shade of their respective colors.

"Justin clone, step forward!" Zedd commanded.

The Justin clone happily pranced forward and stood before the mighty Lord Zedd.

"Justin Stewart clone, I now transfer Zachary Taylor's Ultra Blue powers to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Blue Ultra morpher around the boy's waist.

Immediately, a blue suit armor adorned the Justin clone's body. His helmet snapped in place and he grew to adult size.

"Katherine clone, step forward!"

The Katherine clone immediately did so.

"Katherine Hilliard clone, I now transfer Kimberly Hart's Ultra Pink power to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Pink Ultra morpher around her waist.

Pink armor appeared on the Katherine clone's body and her helmet snapped on.

"Adam clone, step forward!"

The Adam clone did as he was commanded.

"Adam Park clone, I now transfer Rocky DeSantos's Ultra Green power to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Green Ultra morpher to his waist.

Green armor adorned the Adam clone's body and his helmet snapped into place.

"Tanya clone, step forward."

The Tanya clone did so without question.

"Tanya Sloan clone, I now transfer Trini Kwan's Ultra Yellow power to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Yellow Ultra morpher to her waist.

Immediately, yellow armor appeared on the Tanya clone's body and her helmet snapped on around her head.

"Billy clone, step forward!"

The Billy clone stepped before Zedd.

"Billy Cranston clone, I now transfer Lieutenant Jerome Stone's Ultra Black power to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Black Ultra morpher to his waist.

All at once, black armor appeared on the Billy clone's body and his helmet snapped on.

"Tommy clone, step forward!"

The Tommy clone grinned devilishly as he stepped forward.

"Tommy Oliver clone, I now transfer Jason Lee Scott's Ultra Red Power to you." Zedd then strapped the corrupted Red Ultra morpher to his waist. "You shall be the leader of my new Dark Rangers."

Red armor appeared on the Tommy clone's body and his helmet snapped on.

"Hey, what about me?" The Aisha clone whined.

"Hold on, I'm getting to you!" Zedd snapped. "Because we now have possession of the Ultra morphers, we can now tap into the Zeo crystal, which the Ultra morphers were derived from." Zedd then held out his hand and a Zeonizer appeared. "Aisha clone, step forward!"

The Aisha clone eagerly did so.

"Aisha Campbell clone, I now endow you with the Yellow Zeo powers. You are now Zeo Ranger 2." He then snapped the Zeonizer to the Aisha clone's wrist. Her new Zeo costume pieced itself together around her body and she morphed into Zeo Ranger 2.

"A fine accomplishment, if I do say so myself." Finster smiled to himself as he watched the event unfold.

* * *

Meanwhile, the now powerless Ultra Rangers sat in the Command Center, all melancholy.

"That's it Dimitria." Rocky said sadly. "We failed, we lost our morphers. It's over."

"How could we have been so careless and stupid!" Zack moaned.

"We thought it would be an easy victory for us, but it wasn't." Kimberly sighed.

"We never deserved to become Rangers again." Trini sniffed.

"And I was so unworthy to even become one." Lt. Stone added.

"We're sorry that we let you down, Dimitria." Jason said, looking up at the woman in the glass tube. "You can punish us in any way that you see fit."

Dimitria gave the Jason and the rest of the Rangers a kindly look. "My Rangers, you act as though I didn't have a backup plan."

At once, all of the Rangers leaped to their feet. "A backup plan?!" They all exclaimed in unison.

"Yes, my Rangers." Dimitria said. There was a shimmer of white light as Dimitria left her glass column and drifted down to the Rangers. "Now, hold out your hands."

All of the Rangers shrugged and did as Dimitria had asked. Dimitria then calmly drifted over to each Ranger and sprinkled golden dust into their hands.

"I don't get it, Dimitria." Lt. Stone said, confused. "What is this supposed to do?"

His question was answered as the golden dust in each of the Rangers' hands became hard and flat and took the shape of a small, gold coin.

"Good Lord!" Kimberly exclaimed. "Our old Power coins! Dimitria, how is this possible? Goldar destroyed them! I saw it happen with my own eyes!"

The woman smiled under her white veil. "After I had collected the golden powder, which was all that remained of the coins, it was just a matter of time and extensive use of my magic to fuse the Ranger energy back into the powder. I have been saving it for such an emergency as this, but I had my own personal reasons for not telling you all sooner." Dimitria explained. "Now that the powder has come in contact with you Rangers, it has united itself with the life energies in your bodies and formed back into the original six coins."

"So what you're saying is that we're stuck with this original power and there's no way to get our Ultra Powers back?" Rocky asked.

Dimitria nodded her head. "Yes, Rocky, it is true, and I am sorry. The Ultra Powers belong to evil now."

"It's okay Dimitria." Jason said, trying to keep upbeat. "It will feel strange changing from armor back into spandex, but I think we can handle it!"

Dimitria smiled again. "Then do it. Morph and become the Power Rangers once more!"

"That's it? That's all we have to do?" Zack questioned. "There's no spiritual quest involved or anything like that?"

"Not this time." Dimitria giggled. "Consider this my gift to you."

"It's Morphin Time!" Jason bellowed.

All of the Rangers held their coins high above their heads. They were each immediately engulfed in a shower of golden glitter, which rained down upon them from an unknown source.


All six Rangers morphed, then stood before Dimitria. They were all dressed in the six original spandex uniforms that the Rangers first started with.

Lt. Stone looked down at his white spandex costume in slight disappointment. "Yeesh, white definitely isn't my color!" He said.

"I would disagree with that statement, Master Stone." A small voice with a British-like accent spoke seemingly from out of nowhere. "I think that your present attire looks quite splendid!"

Lt. Stone looked alarmed. "What? Who said that?"

The other Rangers, Alpha, and Dimitria giggled.

"Look at your sword, Lieutenant." Zack smiled.

Lt. Stone leveled his sword to his eyes and found that the voice had come from the small, white tiger head on the weapon's handle. "Don't look so surprised, Master Stone." The tiger head continued. "I am but one of the many benefits of being the White Ranger."

"Lt. Stone, meet Saba." Trini said. "Your new partner."

"Umm, pleased to meet you Saba." He spoke to the sword. 'A weapon that talks back to you. What's next?' Stone thought to himself.

"Yo, I'd hate to break this up, but the Ranger clones have returned to the city!" Alpha 6 warned. "And worse yet, they now have your Ultra Powers! This is going to be one heck of a challenge for you all!"

"Don't worry." Jason said with courage. "We'll all come back alive and victorious, like we always do!"

With that, the Rangers, with their new Powers, transported back to the park to face the evil clones once more.

Dimitria shivered. It was very coincidental that Jason should say that.

* * *

Immediately, the Power Rangers faced off against the Ranger clones. All were already morphed into their respective Rangers.

"Ah, I see that you all have a snazzy new look!" The Justin clone laughed.

"Or should we say, snazzy OLD look." The Aisha clone snorted. "You all don't even have a prayer against us with those cheesy Powers!"

"That's it! We've had just about enough of your lip! It's time to finish this, right here, and right now!" Jason shouted angrily.

"I couldn't agree with you more, Jason." The Tommy clone smirked as he raised a hand into the air. "We call upon our weapons, NOW!"

Justin clone: BATTLE AXE!
Katherine clone: BATTLE BOW!
Tanya clone: BATTLE DAGGERS!
Billy clone: BATTLE TONFA!
Aisha clone: ZEO NUNCHUKUS!
Tommy clone: BATTLE SWORD!

The Dark Rangers called on their weapons and began to advance on the Power Rangers.

Jason raised one hand into the air. "We need OUR weapons, guys!"

Kimberly: POWER BOW!
Lt. Stone: SABA SWORD!

As soon as the Rangers had obtained their weapons, they once again split into their separate battles: Jason vs. clone Tommy, Kimberly vs. clone Katherine, Rocky vs. clone Justin, Trini vs. clone Tanya and clone Aisha, Stone vs. clone Adam, and Zack vs. clone Billy.

Kimberly and the Katherine clone circled each other, both clutching their bows firmly in their hands.

"I was always better than you, Kimberly." The blond clone laughed. "You were never a match for me! My original had every right in the world to steal your powers from you!"

"She didn't steal them!" Kimberly retorted. "I gave my powers to her, and as I remembered, she reluctantly accepted them!" Kim then suddenly realized that the Katherine clone was just merely trying to psyche her out. "Enough of this chit-chat, blond bitch! Let's fight!" Without anymore hesitation, she quickly loaded an arrow into her Power Bow and shot it at the Katherine clone, who barely managed to avoid the speeding projectile. Kim's arrow stuck into the moist earth and dissipated in a whiff of pink smoke.

With a loud war cry, the Katherine clone rushed at Kimberly and swung the length of her Battle Bow. Kimberly quickly brought up her own bow and blocked the attack, causing a shower of sparks as the two weapons collided. The two Pink women were locked into a tight grapple, each struggling for dominance over the other. It was not a long struggle though, for Kimberly, although being almost a foot shorter than the Katherine clone, had much more body strength, both upper and lower, and was able to overcome the Katherine clone with ease. Kimberly's Power Bow smacked her opponent across her helmeted head, causing the Katherine clone to reel backward. Kimberly then followed through with a powerful kick to the chest area, sending the clone falling flat on her butt.

Meanwhile, across the battlefield, Rocky was having a difficult time dealing with the Justin clone. Not only was the boy incredibly swift and cunning, but he was also quite strong. Rocky had totally underestimated him.

With a, "Hi-Yah!", the Justin clone brought his Battle Axe across Rocky's chest, tearing his spandex costume, but fortunately only nicking his skin. Rocky's costume quickly 'healed' itself by magically sealing the tear.

"All right, brat, that's it! I'm through playing with you!" Rocky sneered.

"Hit me with your best shot, Rocko!" The Justin clone taunted.

Without any hesitation, Rocky twirled his Power Lance and swung it low, snagging it behind the Justin clone's legs. With a hard yank, Rocky tripped his twelve-year-old opponent.

The angry clone jumped back to his feet. "That wasn't nice, Rocky!" He growled as he swung his axe downward at Rocky's head.

Rocky side-stepped the boy's axe and countered with a lance strike to the Justin clone's torso. The attack was blocked, but Rocky still followed through by bringing up the other end of the lance and striking the boy's head. The Justin clone literally felt his helmet crack as he was jarred by the heavy blow.

A set of daggers and a set of nunchuckus collided with another set of daggers as Trini nobly battled her two fierce opponents. Trini's yellow spandex costume was busily sealing the multiple slashes in it as the Vietnamese girl tried her best to block and avoid the Tanya and Aisha clones' weapons, which were coming at her from all directions.

As she fought, Trini recalled all of Master Lee's teachings. She would need to exert all of her skills and use every trick to survive. Trini ducked under a nunchucku attack made by the evil Zeo 2, but in doing so, was hit by another dagger attack from the Tanya clone. 'What would Master Lee do in a situation like this?' Trini wondered to herself. After a few seconds of assessing her situation, she came to her conclusion. 'Of course! He would use a surprise maneuver!' With that, Trini quickly dropped the Power Dagger in her right hand as she retrieved her Blade Blaster from its holster and shot both of her opponents at point-blank range. White sparks flew in every direction as the two evil clones were blown backward.

"That'll teach you to mess with the original Yellow Ranger!" Trini proclaimed, twirling her smoking Blade Blaster.

Elsewhere, Zack and the Billy clone encircled each other.

"Come on, Zachary! What are you waiting for?!" The Billy clone hissed. Hoping to catch his foe off-guard, he lashed out with his Battle Tonfa, aiming for Zack's head.

Zack ducked under the tonfa and counter-attacked by smashing into the Billy clone's stomach with the butt of his Power Axe, then kicking his left foot out and striking the evil Black Ultra Ranger in the thigh of his right leg, causing the clone to drop to the ground on one knee. Zack then quickly sent the downed Billy clone reeling with a powerful axe uppercut to the chest.

The Billy clone painfully picked himself up, a faint cloud of smoke drifting from his chest armor, where Zack had hit him with the Power Axe. "I'll discombobulate you!" The clone screeched. "I'll massacre you! I'll . . ."

"Whenever you're finished mouthing-off, I'll be happy to kick your ass again!" Zack laughed.

Enraged at the mocking words of his opponent, the Billy clone gave out a loud war cry as he charged at Zack, his Battle Tonfa raised high above his head.

Elsewhere, Lt. Stone was knocked down when clone Adam's Battle Boomerang whizzed by and struck his shoulder. Stone's suit quickly sealed the tear that the boomerang had made as Stone rolled to his feet.

"Might I suggest an alternate mode of attack?" Saba spoke, startling Lt. Stone a bit.

"Later, Saba." Stone told his weapon as he ran forward, executed a phenomenal flip, and threw a graceful spin kick at the Adam clone.

The clone simply pushed Lt. Stone's leg away with a basic blocking movement, then delivered his own kick that sent the ex-cop hurtling to the ground. "Such impressive moves, Mister Twinkle-Toes, but it's going to take much more than a couple of fancy ballet dance steps to beat me! You've been hanging around Zack for too long!" The Adam clone scoffed.

"Your opponent does bring about good a point, Master Stone." Saba said.

Stone shot his weapon an angry and confused look from beneath his helmet. "What? Whose side are you on, anyway?!"

Saba would have shaken his head if he had the ability to. "You're playing around too much and trying to show-off! Be a little more aggressive and use the brute force and police officer mentality that you were once known for!"

'I miss my Battle Tonfa. At least IT didn't have the ability to talk back to me.' Stone thought to himself. 'But, as much as I'd hate to admit it, my annoying new partner is right!' Stone was suddenly aware of the Adam clone's boomerang whirling toward him again; moving so fast that the weapon seemed blurred. With two quick side-steps, Lt. Stone barely avoided the projectile; once when it was speeding toward him, and again on its return to the Adam clone.

"Fast." The clone said. "But not fast enough!" With that, the Adam clone launched two rapid punches and a kick at Lt. Stone.

Stone blocked all of his opponent's attacks, then countered with a swift and powerful slash across the clone's torso with Saba. The Adam clone gasped as he was forced down.

"Well done, Master Stone!" Saba applauded. "Now you are learning!"

"Thanks, Saba." Lt. Stone said. Then a sudden realization washed over him. 'I'm thanking a WEAPON. Oh boy, this is getting serious!' He thought.

There was no fight that could have been more equal than the one between Jason and the Tommy clone. They had traded some serious blows, and both were being worn out.

"Give up, yet?" Jason panted, clutching his sword tightly in his hands.

"No way!" The Tommy clone shot back, equally tired. "I'll never surrender to one as weak as you!" Then suddenly, he was rocked when Jason's Power Sword came across his midsection.

"I'll show you who's weak!" Jason bellowed as he came down upon the Tommy clone with his weapon a second time, but only to have it soundly blocked by the Tommy clone's own sword. There was a loud clang as the two Red Rangers pitted against each other in a test of strength.

The Tommy clone finally broke the grapple by bringing up his right foot and kicking Jason in the stomach. Jason quickly recovered and the two regained their stances.

"YAH!" The clone yelled as he threw his whole body weight forward and executed a jump kick at Jason, but due to his fatigue, he missed and crash-landed back to Earth.

Upon seeing this, Jason broke out into a series of giggles that he just couldn't help. "That was a good one!" He snickered, right before he was hit by a crimson laser from the Tommy clone's Blade Blaster.

The battle raged on for a brief eternity, with the combatants switching opponents every so often. Both sides proved to be pretty much equal in strength and skill, but it was starting to look like the good Power Team was getting the upper hand over the clones.

* * *

On the Moon, Lord Zedd and Rita watched the battle intently.

"Oh, Zedd!" Rita whined in her usual high-pitched voice. "The clones are losing!"

Zedd then stood up and held out his Z-Staff. "It's time to take this fight to a new level! My Dark Rangers, I command you to grow!"

* * *

The clones withdrew back a little from their opponents and regrouped.

"You heard the master, guys." The Tommy clone commanded. "It's time to grow!"

Justin clone: BLUE RANGER, GROW!
Katherine clone: PINK RANGER, GROW!
Billy clone: BLACK RANGER, GROW!
Tommy clone: RED RANGER, GROW!

The Dark Ultra Rangers grow to an enormous size.

Aisha clone: ZEO 2 BATTLE ZORD!

The Aisha clone calls upon her Zeo Battle Zord and she jumps into it.

"Uh-oh, guys! We need Dinozord Power now!" Jason commands.

Instantly, the old Dinozords sprung back to life on Jason's command. All of the Rangers jumped into their respective Zords.

"Triceratops is ready to stick it to them!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Sabertooth Tiger is purring like a kitten!" Trini called out.

"Pterodactyl is ready to fly!" Kimberly stated.

"Mastodon is all good!" Zack added with glee.

"There are two things that White Tiger likes to do: chew gum and kick ass!" Lt. Stone remarked. "And it's all out of gum!"

"Tyrannosaurus is revved up and ready for action!" Jason finished. "Let's do it, team!"

All at once, the Zords attacked the evil Rangers.

The Tanya and Justin clones were pitted against White Tiger and Sabertooth Tiger. The clones made the first attacks; Battle Axe and Battle Daggers swung wildly at the two feline Zords. But the cats, with their spring-like reflexes, were way too fast, and avoided the weapons with ease.

"Let's show these cheap imitations what our Zords can really do, Trini!" Lt. Stone exclaimed.

"I couldn't agree more!" Trini responded.

All at once, the two Zords bombarded the Tanya and Justin clones with yellow and white laser beams. The two titan clones screamed as they toppled.

Meanwhile, Mastodon and Triceratops were handling the Billy and Adam clones well.

"It's time to chill out!" Zack said as his Mastodon blasted the Adam clone with the force of a blizzard.

The Adam clone was blown backward by the onrush of ice and snow. He tried desperately to fling his Battle Boomerang, but his throwing arm was numbed by the cold and he could barely move it at all.

Not so far away, Triceratops had fired its grappling hooks, which wrapped around the Billy clone. No matter how hard the clone struggled, it could not break free. Bolts of electricity then flowed through the chains and electrocuted the evil Black Ultra Ranger.

"I have a shocking personality, don't you think?" Rocky laughed.

Nearby, the Pterodactyl zoomed over the Katherine clone. The Kat clone wailed in frustration as she shot multiple arrows skyward at her flying foe, but missing each time.

"It's time to heat things up!" Kimberly mused as her Zord dived down and dropped the evil Pink Ultra Ranger with a couple of well-placed heat ray bolts.

Kimberly then suddenly noticed the evil Yellow Zeo Zord lumbering toward her, a pair of huge nunchuckus clutched in its hands. "She's got to be joking!" Kimberly laughed as she turned her Zord to face her new opponent. Kimberly then fired an intense pink laser beam from a cannon mounted on her Pterodactyl's back, knocking the huge yellow robot flat on its back. The Aisha clone never saw it coming.

Meanwhile, the Tyrannosaurs was barbecuing the Tommy clone with blast of fire from its mouth.

"Ha! This is too much fun!" Jason grinned as he continued to flame the evil Red Ultra Ranger.

The Tommy clone brought up his Battle Sword in an attempt to shield himself from the attacking conflagration, but with no avail. He was forced to retreat from the mighty Tyrannosaurus and regroup with the rest of his beat-out evil Team.

"All right guys, let's bring 'em together and finish these clowns!" Jason commanded. "Take out your Power Crystals!"

All of the Rangers held out their hands and the Power Crystals magically elongated and materialized. "Two, one, POWER UP!" With that, the Rangers jammed their crystals into a small opening on the computer dash boards in their Zords.

Immediately, all of the Zords merged. Passing directly through its Tank Mode, the Megazord stood up.

"Megazord sequence has been initiated!" A computer-like voice boomed. As the Megazord stood fully erect, its eyes flashed and it dropped down into its fighting stance. "Megazord activated!"

"We need the Power Sword now!" All of the Rangers yelled simultaneously. At their command, the giant sword dropped out of the sky and into the right hand of the Megazord.

With sword in hand, the Megazord rushed forward and made several swings at the evil clone group. The sword first went though the Zeo 2 Battle Zord, then it skewered clone Justin and clone Adam, then sliced clone Tanya, clone Billy, and clone Katherine, and in one final swing, the magnificent blade ran clone Tommy through.

All of the evil clones immediately collapsed upon one another and disintegrated in a huge explosion, with the Rangers watching from the safety of their Megazord.

"There." Jason said, in a low, stern voice. "It is done."

* * *

"I don't believe it!" Lord Zedd screamed at the top of his lungs. "The clones were defeated!" Zedd, now glowing bright red with rage, turned his attention to Finster, who was cowering in a corner. "You have failed me for the last time, Finster! Now you will suffer!"

"Calm down, Zeddy, just calm down." Rita said, quivering.

Zedd paid no attention to his wife as he kept complete focus on the little scientist. The evil being then slowly leveled his Z-Staff, and before Finster could even scream, a powerful bolt of magical lightning leaped from the staff and struck him. In just two seconds, all that was left of him was a smoldering pile ashes.

Rita jumped back and screamed. Scorpina buried her head into Goldar's shoulder. Goldar put a hand around his wife's waist to give her comfort, something that he rarely did. Rito was just frozen in place, dumbfounded.

"Goldar, clean up this mess!" Lord Zedd commanded as he stormed out of the throne room, still shimmering with anger.

Goldar shivered as he slowly approached what remained of one of his long-time colleagues. "What . . . what has Zedd . . ." Goldar's face then contorted in rage. " . . . no. What have the POWER RANGERS done?!"

* * *

"Very well done, my Rangers!" Dimitria congratulated. "You were all wonderful!" Dimitria then noticed that the Rangers weren't sharing in her joy. "My Rangers, what is it?"

Jason looked up and removed his helmet, as did the others. "Dimitria, that was probably the hardest thing any of has ever done." He said, a catch in his voice.

"Yes." Kimberly added. "I mean, we were all fine at first; it became just another routine fight. But when we actually destroyed the clones, something snapped. It was like we just killed our friends."

No one responded. Everyone reflected on the battle for the longest time.

Zack finally broke the silence. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm beat."

All the others nodded, echoing Zack's statement before teleporting out.

The End
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