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by: Cinders

Angel Grove park seemed unusually quiet on this particular Saturday. Ahzza didn't mid though, not at all. For the past two weeks after having the confrontation with Zarian on AGU's campus, she had been isolating herself from everyone. Speaking to them only when she had to. Zarian hadn't put in another appearance since that time, though she knew he was never very far from her. His was a presence that couldn't be ignored.

She still couldn't believe that she was a part of the prophecy her people had been waiting for, for over two-hundred years. And for the past few days, she had found herself watching everyone she met. Were they the second part of the prophecy? How would she even know if she did meet that person? Zarian, himself, hadn't known she was even a part of it, until that fateful day at the river. How long would it take to find him/her? They didn't appear to have a lot of time. Sedra seemed to be looking for the light and the wolf too. And what about the Darkcylde?

Ahzza stopped a the edge of the small pond, in the parks center, watching the sun's light reflect off of it's surface, flashing into her eyes. Was she destined to shine brighter than the sun? Or would she be eclipsed by it's light? Too many questions, too soon. Shaking off the thoughts that were keeping her imprisoned in her own mind, Ahzza stooped down to pick up a couple of rocks that sat at her feet.

Rising up, she watched the glassy surface of the water. Taking one rock in her hand, she flicked her wrist, releasing the rock, to let it skip across the surface of the water. The rings from it's skip, growing bigger and bigger until they began to overlap. Merging into one large ring. Ahzza began to wonder if that is what would happen to her, when she merged with the wolf. If they would remain as one individual, or if they would become one single entity? Releasing another stone into the water, disrupting the previous ring, Ahzza let her mind go back to a happier time.

Sam Trueheart had taught her how to skip stones on the river in the early spring, when it's banks were full. Even though the thought made her smile, it quickly disappeared. In all of the years she had lived on the reservation with Sam and David, she had never let her mind wonder to her mother, and where she might be, she had no reason to. Sam and David were her family now. The reservation was her family.

But now, now that she knew who she was destined to be, she couldn't help but wonder who she was. What was in her mother's genealogy? Who was her father? And the question had been nagging at her everyday since meeting Zarian at the river.

Sighing, Ahzza tossed another stone, watching as it skipped across the water, causing each place that it touched to turn into a small ring of ice. For a moment, Ahzza stood in stunned silence, as the rings of ice slowly melted, leaving no trace that they had ever been there. Thing like this had been happening more and more frequently. Yet, she still couldn't get use to the idea that she could actually control the elements. But, she didn't know how to do it. It always just seemed to happen when she was distracted. And there was only one person who could tell her how.

Casually, Ahzza launched yet another stone into the pond, watching the rings grow.

"I know you're there, Zarian. I admit...I need your council." Ahzza continued to toss the stones, stooping down now and then to pick up more, as she listened to the sounds of the park while awaiting his presence.

"So. You've come to terms with who you are?" Came his familiar voice. Gazing down into the water, Ahzza could see his reflection, from where he stood behind her.

"I don't really have much of a choice, do I? If I refuse to believe it, would it go away?"


"Then I guess I've come to terms with it." Slowly she turned to face him. He was a beautiful man. And quite tall. He wore the same clothes as he had that day at the river, and on the AGU campus. She'd have to help him in the fashion department some time. She smiled at the thought of him in a pair of black jeans and a black button up shirt, with the cuffs rolled up.

"I have two questions." Ahzza stated, as she let the image go.

"Okay." Zarian moved to the large bolder that sat next to the pond's edge, his arms crossed, waiting for her questions.

"Um...number one...How do I use my powers? And, number two...How do we find the Wolf? I'm fairly certain that he/she won't actually be a wolf." Ahzza chuckled softly at her wit.

Zarian was completely taken off guard by her laughter. He hoped that she would do it more often. He liked hearing it, and he liked seeing her smile.

"Well. To answer your first question...to use your powers, you need only to think of what you want the elements to do, and of nothing else, and it will happen."

"But, I wasn't thinking of turning the water to ice when I stuck my finger in it, or when the rock I threw touched it."

"What were you thinking of?"

"Actually, nothing." Ahzza looked at him, confused.

"But, your subconscious mind was. Even if you don't realize that it was." Zarian only smiled at her confusion.

Ahzza closed her eyes, and tried to think of what she wanted the elements to do. Opening her eyes; a mischievous curve to her lips, she looked at Zarian. Quickly she looked around the area, to make sure that they were alone, she mad a ‘come-hither' motion with her arm. "Like this?" Before Zarian could respond, a wave of water rose up from the pond; and seeming to hang in mid air, it suddenly rushed toward him, drenching him completely.

Zarian listened to Ahzza's laughter as he stood, water running in rivulets down his face, he began to wipe away the water from his eyes.

"Yeah. Like that." He replied, chuckling. Holding his arms straight out to his sides; drawing more laughter from Ahzza, he inquired, "Do you think you could help me out a little here? It's quite evident that I do not have control of the elements myself."


Zarian watched, with little surprise, as Ahzza spun her finger in the air. Suddenly the air swirled faster, wrapping itself around Zarian, drying the water that clung to him and his clothes. Finally, as the wind died down, Zarian stood before Ahzza, rumpled, but unharmed. Laughing, she apologized.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm glad you're enjoying the use of your new powers at my expense. And I think the apology would sound more sincere if it wasn't followed by a bout of laughter."

Ahzza stifled the laughter as best she could, trying to decide if Zarian was upset. But as she watched a smile dance at the corner of his lips, and a wink from his eye, she knew that she hadn't crossed the line.

"Are we quite finished with the first question now?" Zarian asked, taking his place on the bolder once more.


"Okay. You wanted to know about the Wolf? The Wolf will be a man, because the Light; you, are a woman. That is assured. And no, the Wolf is not an actual wolf, but human, just like you. And, as I did not know you were the light, until I saw you use your powers at the river, I will not know who the Wolf is, until I see someone use their ability to shape shift. I have no idea when, or where we will find him."

"I hope it's soon, Zarian. Sedra's not going to wait for us." Ahzza stated, feeling a bit of desperation.

"I know."


Christie headed through the park following Billy, David and David's brother Tommy. They had made plans that day to play a small game of flag football. Christie distinctly thought she'd heard them say that three or four of their other friends were suppose to meet them at the park. When no one but Tommy showed up, David asked him about it. Tommy told him that the others were busy with other activities, and couldn't make it.

Christie had even sought out Ahzza, wanting to invite her to join them, but when she got to Ahzza's dorm room, she was gone, and her roommate hadn't seen her all that day. So Christie was surprised to hear a voice that sounded amazingly like Ahzza's, as they passed by a group of trees that separated the rest of the park from the pond.

"Hey guys. I think I spotted Ahzza. You go ahead and I'll see if it's her. And if it is I'll try to get her to join us."

"Cool. We'll be in the open part of the park." Tommy said as he, Billy and David continued on without her. Heading to the large open area of the park where they generally played flag football.

"We'll be there." Christie waved. She watched the trio move on past the group of trees. Turning, she followed the sound of the voices.

As Ahzza's friend, Christie, she pretended to show concern for her. But, she had the feeling that Ahzza knew something. She'd been acting strange ever since that day she'd seen Ahzza talking with the tall blond haired man. And because of her strange actions, Sedra didn't want Ahzza out of her sight.

As she drew closer to the voices, she pulled up short, hiding within the safe shadows of the trees. It had been Ahzza, that she'd heard. But, she wasn't alone. The strange man from campus was there with her, and they didn't appear to be arguing this time. As a matter of fact, he seemed a bit disheveled, stand in front of Ahzza, straightening his clothes, and tucking the tail of his shirt into this pants. Ahzza was sitting on a bolder in front of him, picking leaves out of her hair.

"That was fun. But, I think I'll get better at it the more I do it." She overheard Ahzza say.

Chuckling to herself, Sedra moved out from behind the tree, taking on the persona of Christie once more. "I wonder what they've been up to? As if I couldn't tell. I think I can cross him off of my list of virgins to get blood samples from." She said to herself as she approached the duo.

Zarian looked past Ahzza, and stopped tucking in his shirt. Quickly he checked over, in his mind, what he and Ahzza had been talking about, and how long the young girl who was approaching them, had been watching.

"We've got company." He whispered to a startled Ahzza.

Ahzza lept from the bolder, nearly bumping into Zarian, and putting them both into the pond.

"Maybe she didn't see anything." Ahzza stated, hoping that she was right.

"We can hope." Both of them plastered an innocent smile on their faces, as Christie approached them.

"All right you two. You can quit the little innocent looks. I saw what you two were doing." Ahzza and Zarian gave each other worried glances.

"I-I don't know what you mean? What were we doing?" Ahzza asked nervously.

"Oh, come on. You know. The park isn't exactly the most private place to do that sort of thing. Far be it from me to put a damper on a little added spice, but you two should really keep it to the bedroom. Especially if there's going to be more of it." Christie smiled mischievously.

Both Zarian and Ahzza kept staring at her, then smiles of understanding curved their lips, as they looked at each other. Ahzza couldn't tell who was more embarrassed. Her or Zarian?

"Umm....we didn't think anyone would be able to see us here. How much did you see, by the way?" Ahzza asked, wanting to know just what Christie had seen to give her the idea that she and Zarian had been having a little make-out session.

"Enough to know what you two had been up to. By the way, I don't think I've met your friend here?"

"Oh. Christie, this is my friend...Josh...Josh White. Josh," Ahzza elbowed Zarian in the arm, getting his attention. "This is my friend, Christie."

"Nice to meet you." Zarian said, mulling the new name over.

"Friends, huh?" Christie raised an eyebrow and smiled. Ahzza actually blushed harder at the thought. "Billy, David and Tommy are waiting for me. I told them that I'd try to convince you to join us. We've planned a game of flag football. The others didn't show up, and we sure could use more players."

"Sure, we'd love to join you."

Smiling, Christie headed off, as Ahzza passed a relieved glance at Zarian, who seemed like a mouse caught in a corner by a cat. "Are you going to be all right Za...Josh?" Ahzza couldn't help snickering.

"I'm not sure. I was only suppose to protect the Light and the Wolf until they could be brought together, and the powers merged. I wasn't suppose to get involved in their mortal lives." He whispered, so only Ahzza could hear.

"What, are you afraid you might actually have some fun?"

"Well, according to your friend, I think I've just had more than my share today." Ahzza broke into laughter at the remark. It was quite hilarious. She could just imagine how Zarian had taken the whole idea.

Ahzza and Zarian continued to talk and laugh, following Christie to the open area of the park. But, the moment they entered the area, the laughter died, and everything else became quite serious.

Billy, Tommy and David were in the midst of a battle. Sometime after Christie had left them, Locan had appeared in the park. As Ahzza watched in shock, she realized that this particular battle was awfully one sided. Billy was just picking himself up off the ground, David was clutched in Locan's clawed fists, and Tommy was preparing to land a kick to the monster's back. Before Ahzza could regain her senses, Zarian come up beside her, taking up a fighting stance. She wanted to help them, but watching, she knew that if they couldn't fight the monster; and them having more fighting skills than herself, she wouldn't stand a chance. And she didn't know what Zarian could do. Before either one of them could make a move, Christie screamed, calling out Billy's name, dashing toward the fray.

"Christie! No!" Ahzza screamed out. Christie didn't stop. Ahzza prepared to go after her, but was stopped by a strong hand on her arm. "Damn it, Zarian. Let me go. He'll kill her."

"And he'll kill you. I'll get her." Of all the things Ahzza hated the most, it was men thinking that they could handle situations better than she could. But, she understood his reasoning, and she remained where she was, rather unwillingly.

As Ahzza watched Zarian head toward Christie, she saw Locan toss David away from him, like a rag doll, landing him atop of a surprised Tommy, as they both collapsed to the ground.

Billy, finally getting to get to his feet, growled inhumanly at the beast, attacking him with a front snap kick. Locan seemed to have known what Billy was planing to do, and grabbed the offending leg before it could make contact, jerking it up. Billy tried to use the strength in his other leg, to lift himself up and flip out of Locan's grasp. But Locan held tight, and jerked Billy's leg up higher, knocking him to the ground. As his head made contact with the unforgiving ground, Billy saw stars dance before his eyes.

From somewhere close by, Billy could hear someone calling out his name, and the voice seemed familiar. Blinking his eyes, he tried to look around, tasting the coppery sting of blood on his lips. Soon there were hands grasping him, trying to pull him from the ground.


"Get up, Billy! Hurry!" Doing the best he could, he helped her get him to his feet, moving out of the way just as Locan's clawed foot came down on the area where Billy had just been.

"Arghh!" Locan roared in rage, grabbing the closest person...Tommy. "Insignificant, human!" Taking an arm in each clawed fist, Locan proceeded to try and rip Tommy's arms from their sockets. Screaming in pain, Tommy tried to force his muscles to fight against the pull, to resist.

Zarian met Billy and Christie as they moved away from the enraged creature. Trying to take the burden of Billy's weight off of her shoulders. At the sound of Tommy's screams, Billy pulled away from Zarian, pushing past Christie to run to Tommy's aide.

"Tommy!" Locan looked up to see someone heading toward him. Dropping on of Tommy's arms, Locan struck out with a clawed hand, digging deep gouges across Billy's chest, knocking him back to the ground.

A blast rocked the ground near them, startling Locan. Turning, the beast found four, colored warriors standing behind him, minus their Red leader. A groan from Tommy caught Locan's attention. Looking down at the weakened figure hanging limply from his hand, Locan smiled; then raring back, he flung Tommy at the new arrivals, as if he weighed nothing more than a piece of paper.

Adam and Rocky raced forward to catch Tommy, to break his fall. Kat and Tanya fired at the hulking beast to give them cover.

Sedra was finding it harder and harder to keep up the persona of Christie, especially when she saw Billy laying on the ground, blood staining the front of his shirt. Biting her lips to keep from smiling, she forced herself not to race to his side as she waited for Locan to move away. Finally, the opportunity presented itself when the Power Rangers arrived, diverting Locan's attention away from Billy.

Billy could feel the burning in his chest, and his fingers came away from the area feeling sticky and wet. Trying to force away the pain behind his eyes, Billy opened them slowly, looking up at his blood covered hand. Suddenly Christie's features filled his gaze.

"Billy! Come on!" Christie looked at his blood soaked shirt and hand. "Oh, God. You're hurt." Christie wrapped her arms around him, pulling him from the ground. Finally getting him to a kneeling position, she gasped when huge hand grabbed her by the neck, yanking her off her feet and away from Billy. Billy tried to reach out for her as she screamed his name. Locan turned away from him to face the on coming Rangers. Holding Christie up between them, they came to a halt, blasters held at the ready. With a feral scream, Locan disappeared in a flash of green flames, taking Christie with him.

"Christie!" Billy screamed, reaching out to empty air.

"Billy, are you alright?" Ahzza asked, coming to his side, Zarian behind her. But, Billy didn't seem to hear her, as the darkness that sat waiting on the edges of his consciousness, began to creep in, engulfing him completely.


Locan reappeared in the Throne room of the castle, Sedra still in the guise of Christie, grasped in his hand.

"Put me down...now!" She gasped. Locan, looking a bit startled that he was still holding her, suddenly released her, watching her crumple to the floor.

"I am sorry my Queen. I don't know what got into me." Locan apologized, bowing low to her.

Sedra picked herself up off the floor, brushing the palms of their hands together. "It's quite all right. It was just the battle, I am sure." Sedra looked down at herself and sighed. The front of her shirt and shorts were covered with Billy's blood. Locan noticed the evil twinkle in her eyes, when she looked up at him, the same evil curving her lips.

"Well. I got what I needed. Strange though..." Sedra contemplated. "I spent two weeks looking for virgins; no easy task, mind you, and getting blood samples from them. Billy was the last virgin I needed to get blood from. Heck, even finding out he was a virgin was easier than getting a blood sample from him." Sedra vividly remembered the little make out session that Billy and Christie had, had. Short lived as it was, when Billy gently pushed her away, telling her that he was waiting for thee special person. And every time she tried to trick him out of a drop or two of blood, he was either busy, needed somewhere else, or being disturbed by one of his friends.

In a snap of her fingers, gone was Christie, and back was Sedra. The blood stained clothes held in her outstretched hands.

"We'll get the samples of his blood from these garments. If he doesn't have the AB- type blood that I'm looking for, then we'll have to move on to the next town. Pity though, I was beginning to like Christie." Locan was surprised by that statement, until Sedra followed it with her usual evil laughter.

"Yes, my Queen." Locan said, taking the clothes from her hands, and retreating into the lab.

Sedra was very thankful that she wouldn't have to pretend to be Christie anymore. Of course, she'd have to take on a different guise in the next town. The hardest part about being Christie, was pretending to be nice, and actually like the people she had to associate herself with.

"This humiliating charade would have been over weeks ago, if Billy boy had cooperated." Sedra hated how simple it was to get the blood from him in the battle, she only wished she'd have thought of it sooner. After her last attempt at getting a sample from him, and failing, she told Locan of the groups plans to be in the park. He was instructed to show up and start a fight with Billy and his friends. During that fight, he was to inflict a wound to Billy, in any way possible, to produce enough blood for a blood test.

It had worked perfectly. Within the hour, she would know the results of the tests, and she'd be able to move on, if need be. Leaning back on her throne, she smiled smugly to herself.

"If I can't find the Light and the Wolf, then I'll create the one thing that can and will destroy them...so...no more worries." She cackled, rubbing a blood red nail over the smooth, flat contours of her abdomen. "Just call me, Mommy."


The Rangers were at Billy's side as soon as Locan disappeared with Christie. They knew they had to get back to the Power Chamber as soon as possible, to find a way to get Christie back, but they had an even greater problem right now. Billy was unconscious, and needed the kind of medical treatment that only Zordon and Alpha could give him. But, there was only one problem.

True the park was empty. People had taken off like cockroaches as soon as Locan showed up. But now, they had to get Billy away from here, and they had to find a way to get Ahzza and her friend out of the area.

Tommy, knowing what had to be done, knelt next to Billy, trying to pull him up in his arms.

"Ahzza. The Rangers are going to help Billy. You and your friend can head back to campus. He'll be alright." Ahzza pushed Tommy away, sending him falling back onto the ground.

"He needs medical attention. You need to call an ambulance. And he's not leaving here without me and...Josh." Ahzza looked up at Zarian, as he cast a worried glance a the group around them. Tommy pushed himself up from the ground, determined to make Ahzza understand what needed to be done. As he moved toward her, a hand stopped him. David watched the anger in Tommy's face fade just a little, as he pulled him to the side.

"David, not now. Billy needs help."

"I know that. But, Ahzza's not going to let him out of her site. There is only one thing to do." Tommy looked up at David, as he comprehended his words.

"We can't. I wasn't even suppose to let you know. It's breaking the rules."

"Listen. I know you don't know Ahzza all that well, but I do. I've known her for years, she's our sister. I trust her. She'll never tell anyone what she sees or knows. She's kept a lot of secrets. And I feel that if she trusts...Josh, then I'm certain he is trustworthy as well." Tommy listened to David, wanting to refuse to do what he was suggesting, but looking at Billy's still form, he knew he didn't have a choice.

Moving back to the group, Tommy stood over Billy and Ahzza. Taking a deep breath, he knelt down, placing a hand on Billy and Ahzza. With a motion of his head, Rocky placed a hand on Josh, and Adam placed another hand on David. "It's time to get Billy some help." Before Ahzza had time to wonder what he was talking about, she felt a strange prickling feeling come over her body, and everything seemed to blur all around her. The next thing she knew, they were standing in the middle of the floor of some building.

Shocked, Ahzza took a few steps back, jumping when a huge floating head appeared in a column beside her. Looking around, she saw David, Tommy and the Rangers all in a line before her. Turning her head, she saw her same expression etched on Zarian's face.

"WELCOME, AHZZA AND JOSH, TO THE POWER CHAMBER. YOU HAVE NO NEED TO BE AFRAID." Zordon said, watching the startled pair.

"What have you done with Billy?" Ahzza still didn't trust them. Sure, David was there with them, but what did that matter. What was going on?

"Billy is in the Medical Center, being healed. He's going to be alright." Tommy said.

"I THINK IT IS BEST TO LET THEM SEE WHO YOU ARE, RANGERS. TO SEE THAT THEY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR." Zordon stated, when he saw the distrust in Ahzza's eyes.

Zarian placed a hand on her shoulder, as they watched the armored group begin to remove their helmets. Ahzza gasped in surprise as one by one, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya removed their helmets. Unable to speak, she nearly fainted when Tommy moved to stand at the head of the group. "I think you know everyone." Tommy pointed to each Ranger. "Adam, the Green Ranger, Kat, the Pink Ranger, Rocky, the Blue Ranger and Tanya, the Yellow Ranger. I am the leader of the Power Rangers, the Red Ranger. Zordon, is our mentor, and Alpha 5 is his assistant." Tommy pointed to Zordon and Alpha as he spoke.

Ahzza felt the fear she'd been feeling, seep away from her, to be replaced with curiosity.

"You guys are Rangers? And you never told me?" She looked at David, who shrugged and pointed at Zordon.


"What rules?" Ahzza asked, as she watched Zarian begin to move around the room.


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for them to have to break a rule."


Zarian turned to face Zordon, coming to Ahzza's side.

"I do, Zordon." Ahzza promised, looking up at the floating head, and liking him immensely.

"As do I." Zarian agreed, watching as the Ranger's mentor smiled at them.


"That would be great." Ahzza turned to see that everyone had left the room. A small android moved toward her.

"I am Alpha 5. It would be my pleasure to show you around." Ahzza smiled at the small automaton.

"Yes, I would like that very much. Josh, would you like to come?" Ahzza asked.

"No. I think I'll just look around in here until we're ready to go."

"All right." Ahzza took Alpha's offered hand, and followed him from the room. Zordon watched Zarian with interest. He seemed intrigued by the uniforms in the capsules at the back of the room.

Zarian didn't know how long he'd been standing there, in front of the capsules. But, as he saw Ahzza's friend, Billy enter, along with one of the Rangers, he was certain it had been some time. Billy looked good, and was wearing clean clothes. One could hardly tell that he'd been severely wounded just a short time ago.

"HOW ARE YOU FEELING, BILLY?" Zordon asked. Billy touched his fingers to the gauze bandages that were wrapped around his chest, hidden just beneath his black shirt.

"I feel find, Zordon. Thank you."

"We've got more problems, Zordon." Adam said, leaving Billy's side. "Locan took a young woman with him when he left."

"Christie. A friend of mine from AGU." Billy added.


"Thank you, Zordon." Billy smiled.

Zarian listened to the conversation going on behind him. It was interesting to say the least. These, Rangers, were a noble group. They didn't seem to worry about themselves as a person, but as a team. And even then, they tended to worry about a stranger more than themselves. They worried about those who were helpless against the forces of evil. Zarian smiled to himself.

He continued down the rows of uniforms, marveling at the medallions that graced each chest plate. So engrossed in them, was he, that he didn't hear Billy and Adam come up to stand beside him.

"That was my uniform." Adam spoke up, as Zarian leaned in to look at the frog emblazoned on the medallion.

"You were a frog?" Zarian didn't say this with any sarcasm, but rather with pride. He looked at Adam, who passed a secretive glance a Billy. "Did I say something wrong?" Zarian asked, confused by the boy's reaction.

"No. Not at all." Adam smiled again. "Basically, those were the same words I spoke when I received the powers on Phaedos, from Dulcea. I wasn't exactly happy with the idea at first. But, it grew on me."

Zarian smiled at the thought, though being a frog, a creature closest to the earth, was nothing to be ashamed of. But it was the mention of Phaedos and Dulcea that caught his attention. Dulcea was the planet's guardian and master warrior. He knew that she had been looking for warriors to hold the Ninjetti powers, though he was surprised that she had found them so far away.

Zarian remembered the warriors he had watched become protectors of this planet, and he had watched as they all fell to the forces of evil; man's evil. Walking Wolf was the last protector. Earth's Master Warrior parished centuries before. Walking Wolf couldn't pass on the powers, or return them, so he did the only thing he could do. And ever since Zarian watched Walking Wolf become two different entities, he'd been awaiting their return. Now, he had the Light, and he had to find the Wolf, and soon.

During his thoughts, Zarian had moved on past all of the other uniforms in their capsules. He hardly remembered looking at them, but now; something familiar gazed back at him from the medallion on the chest plate of the Blue Ranger uniform. Something that gave him a moment of hope. His heart began to beat crazily, as he turned to face Adam and Billy.

"Was your friend...Rocky...the one who wore this uniform at one time?" Zarian asked. Hope rising in him. Billy and Adam moved from the capsule that held the weapons, to stand at Zarian's side, as he pointed to the uniform he'd been looking at.

"No. Rocky wore the uniform of the Red Ranger." Billy stated. Zarian felt his hope sink. "That uniform...was mine." Zarian looked up, startled, by Billy's words, to see a look of sadness come upon him.

"You, were a Ranger? And your spirit guide was the Wolf?"

"He was. Until I gave up my powers over a year ago. I still wish that I were a Ranger, but I can't hold any powers any longer." Zarian watched the sadness in Billy's expression.

Zarian dared to hope, that this young man, standing before him, was the Wolf. The last half of the prophecy. But, he had to be sure before he could say anything to the boy.

"You had shape shifting abilities then?" Billy looked up at Zarian, a little confused.

"Not that I was aware of. If I did, no one told me about them. All we could do was morph from how I appear to you right now, to become the flesh and blood inside of the uniform you see in there." Billy pointed to the uniform.

"Actually. I'm kind of glad that we couldn't morph into our spirit animals. Rocky, as the Great Ape, would have played toss-the-frog with me." Adam and Billy broke into laughter at the idea, and Zarian could only stare at the medallion, his hope fading fast, as the wolf emblazoned on it, starred back at him, mocking him.


Sedra stood, bent over a microscope, in her lab. It had taken longer than she had hoped, to run the tests on Billy's blood sample. Now she stared at the results of the test, thankful that her search for a mate was finally over.

"Is it..." Locan asked from the doorway.

"Type AB- blood. The most rare blood type on Earth." Sedra stood, folding her arms across her chest, deep in thought.

"Then he is the one."


"How can you possibly mate with one of those...hideous creatures?" Locan asked, feeling sick to his stomach at the very thought.

"I assure you, Locan, that the idea does not thrill me in the slightest. As a matter of fact, I'd much rather not. But, unless you can bring me the Light and the Wolf; there is no other choice. But, the fact that I find this particular human, some what attractive, will make mating with him a little easier to bare." Sedra moved past Locan into the throne room.

"I just don't see the attraction." Locan shuddered uncontrollably, at the thought of a human being considered ‘attractive'.

Locan entered the throne room to see Sedra gazing down at the Earth through the telescope.

"What is our next step, my Queen?" Locan asked, drawing her attention back to him.

"Well, as you know, whenever I want something, I just take it. This human will be no different." An evil smile lit up her face. "The time will present itself."

"Can we afford to wait?" Locan wasn't happy with the results of the last fight. He was just getting started when it was time to leave. He wanted to mame and kill. He had a serious blood lust that needed slacking.

"We can, and we will. True, I'd like nothing more than to find the two entities, but now that I have the means to destroy them, even if they do come together; we have all the time in the world." Sedra strode away from the throne room, plans for the mating running through her head.


As Billy, Tommy, Ahzza and Zarian were teleported to a secluded area of the park, Ahzza found that she was still in awe of all the things that she had been shown inside the Power Chamber. How could such a think like that exist, and no one know about it? She was brought out of her thoughts by the conversation between Billy and Tommy.

"I can't believe that something as big as Rita's castle could just disappear." Tommy wondered.

"Rita and Zedd were formidable foes, but I'm sure that Sedra has a more tricks up her sleeve than we care to know about. We have to be careful when we're dealing with her. Several people have disappeared at her hands, and have never been seen again. For Christie's sake, we need to be careful."

"So, Rocky was right. There is something going on between you two." Tommy smiled.

"No. Not really. She's been a good friend in the short time that I have known her, and like all of my friends, I care and worry about you all." Billy had never told anyone about the little make-out session with Christie, that had confused him nearly as much as it had excited him. He hadn't really believed that he could care for anyone as much as he did for Kim. But, Christie had surprised him.

"Hey man. Did you hear me?" Tommy asked, putting his hand on Billy's shoulder.

"What?" Billy looked at Tommy.

"I've got to get home. I've got to study for a test tomorrow. And don't worry. Zordon will think of something. He always does." Tommy gave Billy a reassuring smile, then headed off to where his jeep was parked.

Ahzza watched as Tommy left, keeping her eye on Billy. He looked a little tired, and she knew that, between the wounds he had suffered and Sedra's kidnapping of Christie, he wasn't going to be completely cognizant. But, a hand on her shoulder stopped her from reaching critical mass on the ‘Mother-hen' syndrome.

"Ahzza. We need to talk." Zarian whispered.

"Now? I'm worried about Billy. I don't know how he felt about Christie, exactly; but Christie liked him a lot. And it had to be traumatic seeing her taken like that."

"I'm worried too. It will take just a minute. He'll be fine. He use to be a Power Ranger, remember? He's been through this sort of thing before." How could Ahzza forget about that little fact. She had been surprised when all of David and Tommy's friends had turned out to be Power Rangers, and even more surprising that Tommy was their leader. But, when she had overheard Billy and Adam talking with Zarian about Billy having been a Power Ranger once, she'd nearly lost it right then.

"How could I forget?" Turning, she looked at Billy's retreating back. Worried about how slumped his shoulders were. Why couldn't Zarian talk to her later, when she'd made sure that Billy made it back to his place all right? "Billy? I need to talk to...Josh," Boy was she having a hard time remembering to call him that, "for a few minutes. Will you be all right? I'll catch up with you shortly."

"Sure." Billy continued on, as Ahzza held back, standing at Zarian's side.

"Do you even realize how much of a jerk you are being right now? What is it you wanted, that you couldn't wait until I got Billy back to his place?" Ahzza crossed her arms over her chest, as she proceeded to glare a hole in Zarian.

"I think I might have found the Wolf."

"What?" Ahzza let her arms drop to her side, as she looked at him in surprise. "Who?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure. But, it seems like too much of a coincidence for him not to be."

"Would you please stop beating around the bush, and just tell me who the hell you think the Wolf is, damn it!" Ahzza had many faults, and one of those was popping up at that very moment. She'd been reprimanded several times by Sam, but when she got mad, she couldn't help but swear.

"I noticed it when we were in the Power Chamber."

"One of the Power Rangers?" Ahzza interrupted. Ooops, another fault.

"Are you going to let me finish?"


"When I was looking at the uniforms of the past Rangers, I noticed that one of them had been lead by the spirit of the Wolf. It may just be a coincidence, but I can't be certain."

"For God's sake, would you just spit it out, or I'm leaving."

"I think your friend, Billy, is the Wolf." Ahzza was speechless, which was quite a surprise. She stood staring at Zarian for a few minutes. Then suddenly, she started to laugh, almost histerically.

"That's impossible."


"I don't know. It just is." Ahzza continued to laugh, until Zarian's stern look stopped her. "Okay, okay. How can you be sure?"

"I don't know. I asked him if he had any shape shifting abilities, and he said that he didn't. But, maybe he just doesn't know he does, like you didn't know you could control the elements, until you were caught up in other thoughts."

"So, you're saying that if Billy is the Wolf, we'll have to wait around for him to...accidentally, use his abilities?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Ahhh, Zarian, this could take forever. And Sedra won't give us that much time."

"I know."

"Let me talk to Billy. Maybe I can find something out that might give us a clue that he might really be the Wolf."

"Very well. I'll be close by."

"You always are." Ahzza smiled. She watched as Zarian checked to make sure that they were alone, and unseen. Then, he quickly disappeared. "I guess I'd better catch up to Billy." Ahzza gazed around in the direction Billy had taken. But, he was gone. "Now where did you go?" Sighing in frustration, Ahzza headed of in the same direction, calling out for Billy as she went.


Billy's mind was preoccupied as he walked through the park, barely noticing when Ahzza called out to him. He silently chastised himself for giving up the chance to become a Ranger again when the Zeo powers had come along.

"I know that if I still had my powers, Locan wouldn't have been able to take Christie. I would have been able to stop him."

"No one stops me from taking what I want. And right now, I want you!" The deep, familiar, and hated voice came from behind Billy. Billy stopped, his back straightening, head held high. Slowly, Billy turned to face his nemesis.

"Locan." Billy's voice dripped with venom, as he faced the creature before him. "Where is Christie?"

"Oh, serving her purposes for my Queen. Sedra would also like a meeting with you; and you will come quietly, or come unconscious, you decide." Locan stated Billy's choices.

"I will not hold court with your so-called ‘Queen'. Nor will I join you in any other way."

"It's your funeral, boy." Locan launched himself at Billy, sword drawn, teeth bared. As Billy glared at him, he waited for Locan to draw close enough, then at the last possible moment, Billy spun into a tornado kick that stopped Locan in his tracks, causing him to stumble back a few feet. Billy prepared for another attack, watching as Locan roared in anger; never hearing Ahzza calling his name.

Once more, Locan attacked Billy. But this time, Billy was prepared...or so he thought. As Locan ran toward him, Billy began to run toward Locan, never taking his eyes off of the huge beast. Still several feet apart, Billy lept into the air, his right leg out for the hard kick that would come when they came together.

But, Locan was even more prepared than Billy had been. Locan kept an eye on Billy's feet, waiting for him to make a move. When he saw that both of Billy's feet left the ground, Locan ducked the blow, coming up behind a surprised Billy. Locan stood and watched Billy land, spinning toward him in a back kick. Ducking that kick, Locan lowered himself into a squat, striking out with his leg, sweeping Billy's legs out from under him.

Unprepared, Billy hit the ground; the force pushing all of the air from his lungs. Trying to desperately drag in a breath of air, Billy watched as Locan stood above him, sword raised to strike.

Ahzza watched the battle between Locan and Billy, as if she had suddenly found herself in some sort of movie. She kept calling out to Billy, trying to figure out what to do.

"Zarian! I need your help!" A movement behind Locan drew her attention.


Ahzza sped toward Billy, who lay helplessly on the ground, dazed and struggling for air.

Zarian slowly neared Locan's back, keeping his eye on Billy. As he watched Billy, Zarian suddenly froze in place. He watched carefully, as Billy reached out to the ground behind him; anger and hatred flaring in his eyes. Billy didn't seem to realize that he'd grabbed nothing more than a hand full of grass, but as he threw the fist full of grass at Locan, it wasn't grass that struck the creature in the head, sending him stumbling back.

In the course of the grass leaving Billy's hand; Zarian watched as the grass transformed into a...stone. A stone the same size as Billy's fist. It took Zarian a few minutes to understand just what it was that he was seeing.

Had he truly found the Wolf?

Thinking quickly, Zarian made a waving motion with his hand, and it was soon followed by a slight rumbling noise. Locan had just gathered his senses, when the ground under his feet seemed to rise, rippling beneath him, toppling him to the ground.

Ahzza watched in awe of Zarian's powers, as she slid across the grass to Billy's side. Billy looked up at her, finally able to catch a breath. "Get out of here, Ahzza!" He screamed at her, as he struggled to his feet.

"Stop being so stubborn. You're coming with me." She stated. A roar from Locan drew their attention to where the huge creature crouched on the ground. Ahzza watched as a vine shot out from the ground, wrapping itself around Locan's legs. She looked up to see Zarian standing several feet away, intertwining his fingers together. "We've got to go, Billy!" Ahzza screamed at him, pushing against his chest.

"I'm not running anymore. This is my fight!" Billy yelled back at her, pushing her to the side, and moving past her.

"Don't be an asshole, Billy! Now's not the time to worry about your wounded pride!"

Billy prepared to fire a few choice words back at Ahzza, when a roar from Locan interrupted. They turned just in time to see Locan bringing the blade of his sword down on the entangling vines, slicing through them. Once cut, the rest of the vines fell away from his legs, releasing him. Facing a startled Zarian, Locan threw his arm out, sending a power blast toward him. The full force of the unexpected blast hit Zarian, sending him flying several feet through the air.

Ahzza continued to try an pull Billy away from the battle, as she watched Zarian push himself slowly to a sitting position. "Ahzza! Get Billy out of here!" Zarian ordered her, as he got slowly to his feet.

With a few more pushes, she finally got Billy to start moving, but it was too late. Locan had gained on them, using the length of his stride to close the distance between them. As he reached out for them, Ahzza spun on him. Without thinking, she threw her hands out in front of her. A blast of air flew past her and Billy, hitting Locan hard, but he kept his ground, digging into the ground with his clawed feet; head down, leaning into the wind.

Startled by her own powers, and Locan's strength against them, Ahzza stumbled back when Billy pulled her arm. Locan looked at the small human in surprise. Power over the elements? It couldn't be! This...human was the Light!

"You! We've been looking for you!" Locan reached out a clawed hand, grabbing Ahzza by the arm, dragging her toward him. She could hear Zarian screaming out her name; a flash of movement behind Locan, as she felt Billy's fingers digging into her other arm.

"Zarian, no! Billy, let me go!"

"No! I won't let him take you like he did Christie!"

"Like the female said, let her go!" Locan roared, sending Billy sprawling to the ground with a swipe of his huge arm.

Ahzza didn't look away from Locan as he delt with Billy, and over his shoulder; out of the corner of her eye, she could see Zarian holding his ground. Soon, Locan turned his green eyes on Ahzza, a semblance of a smile curving his lips, exposing his razor sharp teeth.

"Sedra will be very pleased." Locan growled into Ahzza's face.

"Oh, I think...you've gotten a little...more...than you...expected." Ahzza smiled evilly, tossing her head back, and reaching up with her hand to touch his helmeted head.

Locan didn't have time to wonder about her actions, as several bolts of lightening seemed to radiate from her hands, wrapping around them.

Billy had gained his feet, watching helplessly, as Ahzza and Locan were wrapped in a spiral of lightening. Sparks shot out several feet around, as the duo continued to hold onto each other.

Zarian and Billy watched, startled, as with a roar, Locan tossed Ahzza away from him. Billy tried to catch her, but her fall was too fast; knocking him to the ground once more, as she sailed past him. He could hear Zarian calling out to them both, as he tried to reach them. Billy rolled to his side, but was stopped by the downward swing of Locan's sword. The blade buried in the ground just inches from his face. Locan looked over at the stunned Ahzza, "I'll be back for you directly!"

Helpless, Zarian watched as Locan, along with Billy, disappeared in a flash of green flames.

"No!" The scream was ripped from his throat as the flames died away, leaving a small patch of scorched earth, where Locan and Billy once stood.

Regaining his senses, Zarian ran to Ahzza's side, helping her to her feet. At a touch to her shoulder, she winced in pain.

"Are you alright?" Zarian asked, as Ahzza covered her arm with her other hand.

"I'm alive, that's what counts. What are we going to do, Zarian? They know I'm the light now."

"We'll have to hide you, but that's the least of our problems."

"What do you mean?"

"They have the Wolf." Zarian said without emotion. Ahzza stood in stunned silence as five columns of light converged in the park, announcing the arrival of the Power Rangers. But, this time, it was too late.