Avery has acquired his powers from a mystical egg in Limbo, a place between one moment and the next, his kingdom. Thanks to Tommy and Kat, he now has complete control over them. Tommy has discovered that he has been bestowed the power of Knowledge, an ancient prophesy that will show him the future. Gasket has been refitted with a new body after Avery destroyed his last one.

Deep Freeze
By: Beau Dobo

"…ice, cold, wind, and snow, all are just another name for fear…"

A ring of cigarette smoke rose up from the lips of the man in the expensive Gucci Suit. His arms carefully folded across his chest and his eyes carefully monitoring the computer screens in front of the soldier beside him. The room was filled with the soft whine of computers and the occasional flickering of a monitor and the ever-present thundering of fingers on a keyboard.

Above the mass of electronic equipment was a pair of giant monitors, displaying the atmosphere above the earth. Floating easily above that, was a large device. A satellite that was aimed directly toward the earth, hovering like a giant sentinel in space just waiting to be activated. The soldier at the computer beside the man wearing the Gucci suit stopped and turned toward him.

"Sir, the Mjolnir is ready."

Another ring of smoke escaped the man's lungs; "I want the Chinese to be really cool, okay?"

"Yes sir," replied the soldier returning to the computer.

Already after only a few simple keystrokes, the satellite was beginning to move. To orientate itself toward the Chinese state.

* * *

The round kick landed solidly in Tommy's stomach. He slid back and crumpled to the ground. Jason righted himself and stretched out his hand to help Tommy back to his feet. Jason returned to his side of the ring, while still extending his apologies.

"Still want to keep going?" asked Jason, settling back into his rhythmic bounce.

"More than ever man," replied Tommy, easing himself into a tight karate stance.

This time Tommy saw Jason's round kick before Jason could throw it. He darted around Jason's knee and the kick tenderly touched Tommy's shoulder. Tommy smiled as he sat in the tiny pocket between Jason's kick and his mid-section. With just the smallest flicker of effort, Tommy laid into Jason with several sharp punches, knocking Jason over.

Tommy cringed as Jason flopped down onto the floor. It took Jason a moment to mentally check himself over before he slowly sat up.

"A little harsh don'cha think?" asked Jason, caressing his mid-section.

"Sorry," said Tommy, tearing off his gloves and throwing them across the gym floor.

"Still a little frustrated about Avery?"

"More than ever man."

"What's there left to be frustrated about?"

"Lots of things," replied Tommy, "he's got no one to control him, no one to enforce any responsibility, no one to guide him, nothing."

"He's got a conscience," said Jason, still sitting on the tile floor, "we've got proof of that."

"But what kind of a conscience?"

"I'd like to think it's an honest one."

"One that allows him to attempt murder?"

"I would guess from what you've told me that it wasn't really him that was trying to kill you," replied Jason, carefully standing up, "and what about what Kat told us?"


"It sounds to me like the whole evil in him separated completely with his whole good," said Jason, "and I hate to remind you and me both, but we have done that kind of thing too."

"Then why can't we communicate with him?"

"Well, when's the last time he ever hung out with anybody?"

"I've only heard of him coming into the Youth Center once," said Tommy, "when he taught Rocky the correct form of Dhou Minh."

"I'm sure he knows that he's got us as friends," replied Jason, "I just don't think he knows what to do with them."

* * *

"Sire!" shouted a sentinel cog; "Look here!"

King Mondo, the great cybernetic ruler of the Machine Empire, slowly strode over to the computer screens to interface with the sensors. In the orbit around the earth a device was emanating a bright blue ray. The ray was directed back toward the earth in the zone known to the Machine Empire as China. Where the ray had penetrated the atmosphere a swirling mass of clouds thundered over this place, China. Upon closer imaging of China, King Mondo realized that the device was causing the storm that was rolling directly over China.

"Most intriguing," said Mondo, pulling away from the computer interface, "it seems as though the earthlings have created a device to create major earth weather storms."

"So what?" shouted Prince Sprocket, as he chewed on a piece of metal from a busted cog.

"Well don't you see what we can do?"


"If we take control of the device and redirect it towards Angel Grove we may be able to freeze the rangers solid!" shouted Mondo, turning toward his cog sentinel.

"You are going to do what?" asked Sprocket.

"Watch and learn my boy, watch and learn."

* * *

Avery slowly made his way up the side of the embankment. He carefully examined the grassy park area before him. Short neatly cut grass, surrounded on all sides by thick forest, and at a higher elevation than most of the areas surrounding it. It would serve perfectly as Avery's new out-door training facility.

He set down his duffel bag and walked a few steps into the grassy circle. Sitting down carefully to begin a simple and repetitive stretching exercise, Avery let his mind wander. He thought about that cliff that he used to climb down to and train. Of course there was that marvelous little dojo in Okinawa that Avery had adored when he was first learning Shotokan Karate. But how could that even compare to the out door platform that he and his ninjitsu master used when they were training together.

More importantly that this, was what to do now with these unique powers that he had been bestowed. They were seriously dangerous, almost deadly. If proper training and control were not maintained there would most certainly be another unfortunate incident that could cause some innocent person to lose their life.

Possibly, endanger his life.


Avery stood up and bent over, stretching his hamstrings and lower back. The blood rushed to his head and his face took on a flustered appearance. His brown hair still stood perfectly on end in messy spikes.


Whipping around, the blood rushing away from his brain, Avery stumbled away from the voice.

"Who's there!" he shouted, catching himself.

"It's me and Adam," shouted Rocky, moving through the thick vegetation toward Avery.

"How's it going?" asked Adam, extending Avery his hand.

Cautiously, Avery shook it, and took a moment to examine the pair before answering; "I was looking for a new place to train outside.

He motioned to the circular area; "My last outdoor spot was destroyed by that robot's tunneling machine."

"Gasket's Battle Cruiser?" asked Rocky.

"Whatever it's called."

"Wait, the only area it destroyed was a little section on the far side of the Angel's Mountains," said Adam; "Were you out on the mountains when the ship entered the atmosphere?"

"Yeah, I was there, the stupid thing was making these massive sonic waves that were beating me up, and then it got really hot, I would guess from the friction," replied Avery, turning toward the sun, its bright light reminding him of the terrible burning of the heat waves; "Then I could see a place, I don't know where, or what it was, but I was drawn to it. I ended up going somewhere else instead."

"Hey," said Rocky, "You're the person Jason killed!"

"Excuse me?" asked Avery, a bit perturbed.

"The place that you saw is what we call the Power Chamber," said Adam, showing Avery his wrist communicator, "It's kind of like our home base."

"Intriguing," replied Avery, "Would it be possible to see this, Power Chamber?"

"Oh yeah," said Rocky, stepping up alongside of Avery, "Hang on, this is really cool the first time."

* * *

"Sir," said the soldier behind the computer screen, "There is something wrong with the Mjolnir."

The smoking man in the expensive gray suit turned ever so slowly around, "And what would that be, soldier?"

"It's turning toward the States, sir."


"Because something is pushing it, sir."

* * *

"This whole thing is nuts!" shouted Billy, wound up and tossed the broken part out of the hole in the side of the Power Chamber that he was working in.

"Don't make this project more difficult than it is Billy," said Zordon, "this is just a minor up grading, imagine if we decided to overhaul this entire place."

Another part landed outside of the hole, "Please Zordon, don't even make me think of such a terrible experience."

A trio of bright lights appeared in the Power Chamber. Stepping from the lights were Rocky and Adam. Then, with a look of strange fascination, out stepped Avery. He glanced around the Power Chamber; it was the building that he had been drawn to when he was facing down Gasket's ship. The large face in the green glow, the robot, the people, Avery found something incredible and perhaps, just perhaps it was just the thing that he was looking for.

The alarms in the Power Chamber erupted with their sonic alerts. Billy scrambled out from the inside of the computer hole. He rushed through the trio to the main control grid. Billy's fingers thundered over the keyboard.

"Zordon! It's the Blood Red Ranger!" shouted Billy; "He's been picked up by the sensors!"

"Billy he's…"

"We've even got the beginnings of a trace lock on him!"

"Billy!" shouted Rocky.

A finger tapped Billy's shoulder. Billy twisted around and saw the black face mask of the Blood Red Ranger. "Ack!" he shouted, jumping into the air and slamming into the computer console and sliding down to the floor.

Rocky and Adam were laughing so hard that tears were rolling down their cheeks. Billy stared up, terrified at the massive figure, as he slowly stopped laughing and extended his hand. Gingerly, Billy grabbed his extended hand and let the tremendous strength of the ranger pull him to his feet. Then, like melting snow, the ranger's suit slid away and Avery appeared from beneath it.

"Sorry Billy," said Avery, stepping back a bit, "I didn't mean to scare you, but no one else could get through to you."

"Rocky, Adam, why did you bring him here?" asked Billy, looking between the two.

"What are you talking about Billy," said Rocky, "he's a ranger too."

"That is correct Rocky," said Zordon, his booming voice drawing Avery's attention, "I welcome you Avery."

Avery's eyes glanced over the enormous face, "Neat, I'll bet he takes quite a few double A batteries."

"Avery, Zordon is an intergalactic wizard of more than a thousand years of age," said Billy, picking up some of the parts that he had tossed out of the computer duct.

"Interesting," replied Avery, "Grand to meet you Zordon, I'm Avery, the Guardian."

"Of course, the Guardian," said Zordon, his blue green eyes glassing over in deep thought, "You were propelled into Limbo when the ship's radiation interfered with the Power Chambers teleportation devices."

"When I told Jason to switch the frequency, the high frequency must have done it," said Billy.

"Intriguing," said Avery, "I'm just glad I wasn't killed."

* * *

"Something is pushing it?"

"Yes sir, it must be that alien again, sir."

"Those god-damned aliens!" shouted the man in the gray suit, dropping his cigarette and stomping on it with aggressive fervor.

* * *

Rocky, Adam, and Avery appeared in the back of the Youth Center.

"Hey Adam!" shouted Jason, seeing the trio appearing from the locker room.

"Avery?" asked Tommy, spotting him in the group, "What are you doing here?"

"I was just looking for a place to train when these two caught me," he replied, motioning toward Rocky and Adam.

"What did you want to train?" asked Jason.

"I have a martial arts tournament coming up and I needed to get ready for it," said Avery, stepping out toward the middle of the gym floor, "Would you like to help me out?"

"Yeah, come on," said Jason, following Avery out into the middle of the gym floor.

Jason began to do a little bouncing to loosen up his limbs for a quick strike; Avery stood perfectly still. Jason lunged; Avery slid a little to the left. A smile opened up on Jason's face; Avery kept his perfectly straight. Jason's right leg snapped around in a perfect arc his face gripped tightly and his eyes focused on his target. Avery slid right, throwing out a well-timed Muay Thai front kick; it landed perfectly on Jason's knee. With incredible force, Avery shoved Jason's knee away, spinning him around. Jason, who had never seen anything quite like it, lost his balance and flopped to the ground.

Avery slid away quickly as Jason rolled to his feet. He changed his stance as Jason charged. Three fast punches rocketed from Jason's torso. Avery caught the last of the three swings and found a nasty wristlock. He twisted around, bringing Jason to his toes and his pain level to its peak, then with one lightning fast motion he brought Jason and his pride crashing into the floor.

It took Jason a moment or two to recover from the harsh maneuver, "Ouch," he said, sitting up, "Where did you learn that?"

"Twelve years of jujitsu," replied Avery, sliding back toward the center of the Youth Center floor, "I'll teach you all later if you like, but now, who's next?"

"I'm in," said Tommy, striding out to meet Avery on the floor.

It continued this way for almost an hour. Avery would fight, the others would just take turns fighting him, and every time Avery would slide back to the center of the floor as his opponent would slowly get up.

"You're fighting like a crazy man Ave," said Tommy, sitting down at one of the tables, "Why do you want to train so much?"

"Like I said, I've got a big tournament coming up."

A round of tones erupted from the ranger's wrists. Adam and Avery stopped just before they would have begun fighting again. The rangers crowded around Tommy as he swiftly walked to the door. Avery was the last to arrive there.

"Go ahead," said Tommy into his wrist communicator.

"Tommy, the sensors have detected some unusual activity in the earth's lower orbit," said Zordon, "I'd like you to come and help Billy decipher this anomaly."

"We're on our way Zordon," replied Tommy, he looked around the group, "well, I suppose."

"We'll catch you around Ave'," said Adam, walking out with the rest of the group.

Avery nodded and turned back to the gym, maybe it's time for a little Tai Chi, he thought.

* * *
"Sir, the weather system is still pushing across the country, very rapidly."

The man in the gray suit lit another cigarette. He turned away from the monitor, disgusted. They needed something new, anything new. A fresh idea hadn't come out of his branch since Big Brother. He stopped, his eyebrows crossed sternly.

A puff of smoke escaped him, "Excellent…"

* * *
"What is it Billy?"

Billy twisted back around to the group, "To the best of my knowledge, the device causing the unusual anomaly is a satellite."

"A man made satellite?" asked Adam, examining the computer screens.

"Yes, but it is not by the will of the satellite operator that it is moving its weapon toward Angel Grove," replied Billy.

"What do you mean Billy?" asked Tommy.

"I think Mondo's goons are pushing it."

* * *
"Look my dear," said Zedd, eyes flashing toward earth, "There is a snow storm in Angel Grove."

"A snow storm?" asked Rita, "It doesn't snow in Angel Grove!"

"I know that!" shouted Zedd, spinning around, "I was merely stating an observation!"

"Let me see," said Rita, shoving her half-wit, half-brother Rito out of the way.

She slowly pulled back from the telescope. Swirling masses of snowstorms were dumping heavy loads of thick, moist, snow on top of Angel Grove. She checked one more time just to make sure that she wasn't seeing things.

"Zedd, you're not a moron!" said Rita, sarcastically.

"Silence Rita," replied Zedd, "We must take full advantage of this opportunity, I am sending the Ice Beast."

There was silence from Rita.

"Hey sis, you gonna give the monster that spell for freezing death…"

She struck him with her staff.

"Rita," said Zedd angrily, "now!"

She glared at Rito as her staff flashed and gave the Ice Beast one more card to play. The first ranger he fights will freeze to death in five hours.

* * *
Outside, dusk was beginning to fall and the earth fell beneath its silent weight. From the wind came a stiff chill that brought out a change in the entire atmosphere. In a swirl of clouds that flowed along the surface of the land, a layer of snow and ice built itself up from the ground.

Avery closed the door of the Youth Center and began striding home, eyes searching the chilled landscape that surrounded. When he suddenly stepped in a pile of snow, he stopped looking at nothing and focused on the mounds and drifts of snow that encircled him.

"What's going on here?" he asked to no one, "It's the middle of June and there's a blizzard going on!"

Avery could feel a rumbling in his stomach and the vibrations began to shake his fingers. He whipped around, tossing his bag into Limbo making it disappear. He raised his hands over his face and then quickly pulled the palms across his body, and as they passed, he was transformed. Glowing in the snow before him was a pair of tiny lights. Slowly, ever so carefully they moved toward him. He stared at them closely, curiously wondering why they seemed so fragile. The rumble started again behind Avery, whipping him around. Ready to fight, and sword braced in his hands.

It was nothing.

He turned back to the tiny lights. They blinked like eyes and disappeared. Avery turned around slowly, watching for anything in the swirling haze of white.

The eyes were behind him.

"Who's out there?"

A low rumble replied.

The eyes blinked again, and disappeared. A low rumble echoed so close to him it felt as though Avery was standing on top of it.

The strike was like a bomb, blasting on Avery's back, knocking him flat. He rolled to his feet, recovering quickly. The beast of pure white rolled down its shoulders, ominously moving toward Avery, two little lights shining from its eye sockets.

Avery slashed, driving the beast back, but it too recovered quickly, charging Avery. He took the blow defensively on the blade, knocking him down to his knees. With a quick move, Avery removed the blade from the beast's claws and slashed across its mid-section; a huge explosion of flames and sparks fell from the wound.

The beast stumbled back, falling into the snow. The winds suddenly came up dramatically, covering the beast with drifts. Avery walked up to the drift, prodding it with his sword.

It was empty.

The two glowing eyes appeared in the darkness before Avery. He nodded and a ball of flame erupted from the ground and gorged at the pair of eyes. They darted left, escaping the inferno.

"Come on beast!" cried Avery, marching toward the lights, "You've got to have something more than that!"

The ground rumbled, and the beast's eyes disappeared. The rumbling earth came from all around Avery, as the beast slammed another icy claw into Avery's side. Avery fell, and was buried in the snow. It seemed to wrap around his body; the cold ripping through Avery's every cell. He sat up quickly, shaking the draining snow from his body.

The beast continued to march at Avery, winding another paw. The blow spun Avery around. He continued the spin, slamming his sword into the beast's side, another shower of flames. It had no effect on the monster, as it wound up and knocked Avery over like a small tree in a hurricane. He let go of the sword and it disappeared. The cold seemed to have deepened in chill, like the temperatures had dropped so far below freezing that he could hardly feel himself.

"Time to heat things up," said Avery, jumping to his feet and locking up with the beast.

Avery's eyes flashed over and he called up the fires of Limbo around them. The great circle of flame erupted around them. The blessed star of the ancients was criss-crossing through them inside of the circle.

The flames burned at an unimaginable intensity, but the beast merely smiled, as the wind rose from all directions putting out the flames that are supposed to eternally burn. The beast's fist wrapped around Avery's throat, picking him up off of the ground. He watched helplessly, as his feet dangled in the air, as the beast wound up and threw Avery's struggling body away.

Avery hit hard, as the snow seemed to transform to ice pack as he hit. The drifts again began to envelop him, freezing his suit to his skin. He fought to break away, struggling to claw his way to the surface, but the drifts just seemed to grow larger.

Avery shut his eyes and breathed deeply as his body sunk backwards and through the void of eternity known as Limbo and out of the beast's icy grasp.

* * *
With an ear shattering ka-boom, the super Zeo zords were blasted from the hidden mountain launcher. Suddenly, taken control by the rangers within, the five zords pulled up and rocketed up towards space.

"Okay, we're going to meet some resistance," said Tommy, checking out the advancing radar, "But if we strike hard in the first sweep we might not have to make another."

"Billy, have you got long range scanners up yet?" asked Adam, trying to see what there was beyond the small squad of craft guarding the rogue human satellite.

"It'll just be a few more minutes," replied Billy from within the computer tunnel, "Slow down a bit if you can."

"Can't slow down Billy," said Tommy, throttling his zord up, "we can't let them know we're coming."

"Rolling off to the right," called Rocky, sliding his zord to a more advantageous position.

"Closing in on target," said Adam, "five bogies."

"Ten-four Adam," replied Tommy, bringing his zord further out in front.

What was just a trail of blue light became a bright dot, the massive mechanical device with five Gear Ships surrounding it. Tommy's lasers locked on to one. They suddenly recognized that the zords were coming and began to move.

A white finger gripped the trigger and the lasers blasted from their cannons on the zord's body. Two of the Gear Ships exploded as the lasers made perfect contact. The others spun away leaving only one to maintain the satellite's orientation.

"Split up and take them out," called Tommy, diving for the remaining Gear Ship.

The formation of zords divided and rocketed off after the remaining Gear Ships. Tommy's zord rolled and rushed down toward the satellite. His targeting computer locked in on the Gear Ship; his finger began to grip the trigger.

A green light swallowed Tommy's zord. He flinched back, shielding his eyes from the bright, burning glow. Like an ocean wave, Tommy's zord began to roll over and over, slamming him against his seat restraints.

"Something's got me!" cried Tommy, the signal breaking up in the violent attack; "I need help!"

* * *
Miles of space crossed without time and Avery walked carefully into the Command Center. With only a wink of his eye, the power turned on inside of the building. He sat down at the computers, shivering fiercely. He rubbed his hands and arms briskly, trying to warm them with the heat of friction.

"Avery, is everything okay?"

Avery twisted around. Billy sat down next to him, resting a hand on his trembling shoulder. He pulled it away.

"You're freezing!"

"I can't warm up."

"Use your fire."

"It doesn't work."

Billy got up and started rubbing his hands on Avery's back, trying to speed up the blood flow. However, when Avery's skin began to freeze Billy's hands he had to pull away. He rushed into a back room and came back with a blanket. He wrapped it around Avery.

"That's not going to do anything," said Avery, pulling the blanket tight to his body.

"I don't understand, what's going on?" asked Billy, returning to the computers.

"Call the others, I'm going to need help."

"They're a little busy right now," replied Billy, examining the monitors, "I don't think they'll be back for a little while."

A low rumble made the Power Chamber shudder. Billy whipped around; Avery stood up and shrugged the blanket from his shoulders. In one motion Avery lit the fires of Limbo within him and morphed.

"What's that?" asked Billy, as another rumble rolled across the Power Chamber.

"It's him," replied Avery, turning toward the wall that the rumble was coming from, "I'll hold him for now, but I'll need help soon."

"I'll call Trey," replied Billy, turning toward the monitors, "Avery!"

He stopped.

"Be careful."

* * *
"Tommy!" the voice just crackled over the intercom, "Tommy, you've got to get back here, Billy just reported another monster that is feeding off of the cold that's really causing Avery some problems."

Tommy's eyes fluttered.

"Tommy, we need you back here!"

"I'm trying!" he shouted, "I can't move!"

His lips never moved.

The darkness within his mind enveloped him. A white mist seemed to rise from the floor within his mind. A white glow floated across the mist, this time Tommy got up and met the glow midway across the space.

"Okay, what now?" shouted Tommy, recognizing the woman of the prophesy whom he hadn't seen in over a week.

"Do you feel it?" she asked him.

"Feel what?" asked Tommy.

"The prophesy."

The pain suddenly struck him, his intestines seemed to writhe and boil within him. Tommy dropped to the floor. His eyes rolled back into his skull, but he did not lose consciousness.

"Why…are you…doing this?" asked Tommy between forced gulps of air.

"I am not the cause of it," she replied.

"Then what…is?"

"Remember, this is only in your mind Tommy," she knelt beside him, "you can change anything in here."

His body convulsed as his muscles tensed and released, his limbs flying uncontrollably. His head bounced unmercylessly off of the stone-like ground. Vomit seemed to explode from his mouth, as his body wanted to reject all of his internal organs.

"Tommy, you can change it."

"I…can't!" he screamed, "I…c-c…can't! Help…help…help…please!"

She sighed and lay a hand on Tommy's stained forehead. Almost instantly upon contact, Tommy's convulsions ceased, the pain in his stomach faded and his eyes slowly returned to their proper positions. His vision slowly refocused, and from the mist the prophecy began to appear again.

Six soldiers marched down from the top of the hill toward Tommy. Six hawks flew up to meet the soldiers in battle. With quick motions and bright flashes the hawks were slaughtered. The vision began to move and fade, but not before the hawks rose from the ground like Phoenixes to face the soldiers again.

"What was that supposed to mean?" asked Tommy.

"I cannot help you in your quest to decipher it," replied the woman, "Only to see it."

Tommy stopped his next protest, "Okay, just get me back to my zord so I can help my friends."

"You're already in your zord."

* * *
A pair of lights appeared in the darkness of the drifts. They blinked; a rumble pounded the two rangers from all directions. Trey retrieved his Golden staff. Avery's hand slid in front of his chest and pulled out his sword from nothing. The rumble just got louder.

"What's it going to do?" asked Trey.

Avery whipped around, his blade out full length. The edge slammed into the creature's mid-section, doubling it over. Avery's eyes glazed over with a flare of flames, and from the snow beneath the creature's feet, an eruption blasted the beast away.

"That," replied Avery, nearly collapsing.

Trey rushed toward the beast as it rolled to its feet. His Gold staff slammed into the side of the beast's head, twisting it to the side. The beast recoiled quickly and hit Trey with a hard right hook punch. Trey stumbled back from the massive strength of the blow. The beast's fist wrapped around Trey's throat and lifted him from the ground.

With a strained scream the beast launched Trey through the air. His feet flying out behind him, Trey sailed across the entrance to the Power Chamber. A blood red hand snatched him out of mid-flight, and brought him back to the ground. Trey slowly looked up to the great shivering strength that had snagged him from the air.

"I'm really sick of you," he said to the beast, which stopped what he was doing and just stared at the Guardian Ranger, "if you really want a fight, stand here and let's get started."

The beast's eyes flared and he walked up directly to Avery, "How long has it been since you first touched the snow?"


"I think it's been almost five hours."


"In five hours, the cold will kill you."

"Will it?"

"Rita has given it that power."

Avery looked down at his wristwatch, five minutes to twelve midnight. Five hours, that was probably about right. He found some small strength to grasp his sword with, at least giving the appearance that Avery was going to give him a good fight.

The first blow just made Avery tingle all over, but the following waves of pain that rolled across his body were almost more than he could stand. Avery recoiled in time to take another blow from the beast's sharp claws across his chest that he could feel carving him all the way down to the flesh. Avery hit a wall in his back fall, knocking the sword out of his hands. Like minute minions, the crystals of the snow suddenly swallowed the blade and it disappeared from Avery's sight.

A sharp clawed hand grabbed Avery's cloak and pulled him back to his feet. The Ice Beast blew into Avery's face, covering his visor with a thick layer of ice. Now more than hypothermic, Avery was blinded. A powerful swat from the beast and Avery was back on the ground.

* * *
Tanya slid her zord around to the rear of the machine that was attacking them. It was a gigantic Gear ship, larger than any she had ever seen before. From the Giant Gear Ship's main power plant, Tanya could see the large weapon that was blasting the heavy green ray. It was some type of disrupter; it used the intense power from the Giant Gear Ship to overload the ranger's zords.

"You guys," she called, "I think I've found our problem."

"Can you do something about it?" asked Adam, who had taken over since Tommy's zord had gone off line.

"I'm going in."

A metallic fist wrapped around a section of the Giant Gear Ship, smaller tactical fighters were now hitting her with everything they had. The laser blasts and photon bombs almost knocking her loose. The zord reached out for the power plant that was generating the green ray.

The green light suddenly twisted and slammed into Tanya's zord. The control panel in front of her buzzed in objection. She released her grip on the Giant Gear Ship and tried to back away, but the ray only made her zord more confused. The tactical weapons were now a heavy-duty problem, raining down on her with massive force.

"I'm stuck!" she shouted, "Some one, help!"

"I'm coming!" cried Tommy, his zord blasting in from the underside of the Giant Gear Ship.

The green weapon twisted and quickly turned on Tommy's zord, but Tommy had a different plan. Using a little knowledge of Isaac Newton, Tommy turned the power off on his zord. The ray slammed into an uncaring metal object. Without the computers to overload, the zord would not stop.

The bright explosion when Tommy's zord smashed into the side of the Giant Gear Ship made Tanya cover her eyes. Adam lost Tommy when he went into the Giant Gear Ship, he swung his zord around, and hoping to find Tommy deflected off somewhere.

Instead, Tommy's zord came flying from the Giant Gear Ship with the green ray weapon in his zord's hand. The Giant Gear Ship, now almost terminally crippled, floated aimlessly in the space. Tommy met the rangers near the satellite.

"We just can't leave these pieces of space garbage floating out here," he said, slowly turning back toward the Giant Gear Ship, "Let's bring them together!"

A shower of lightning rose from the joints as the zords morphed together to form the Super Zeo Megazord. The great robot's fist wrapped around the remaining Gear Ship and the satellite, crushing them. It wound up and with a mighty throw launched the two like a bomb at the Giant Gear Ship. The objects smashed together in a massive explosion.

"Now, Super Zeo Laser blast, Fire!" shouted Tommy.

From the chest of the huge zord came a massive laser beam. It slammed into the remains of the Giant Gear Ship, knocking it out of the orbit of the planet and toward the inferno of the sun. A loud cheer resounded throughout the zord.

* * *
Trey leapt on to the beast's back, using his Gold staff to strangle the monster. The beast only smiled and shrugged him off. He twisted around and hit Trey squarely in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Avery crawled to his feet and then used the hair on the beast's body to pull himself up the rest of the way. The Ice Beast smiled as he watched the Guardian struggling for his life. His hand grabbed the Guardian's cloak and lifted him up to a complete standing position.

"Are you ready to beg?" the Ice Beast asked him, a small chuckle following.

A tremendous wave of energy suddenly surged from Avery's body, blasting the Ice Beast away from him. A wild scream exploded from Avery's mouth as another wave of energy ripped into the Ice Beast's chest. Avery stood solidly as the Ice Beast quickly rolled back to his feet and charged. Another painfully terrifying scream and a wall of flame leapt up from the ground around Avery and the beast. Trey slid back from the intense heat of the burning flames.

He looked up and noticed a bright flash in the dark, cloudy sky. Then, the Ice Beast flew from the circle of flame and slid across the muddy ground. The Guardian walked out of the maelstrom of fire with his black bladed sword to meet the crushed beast.

"It's too…hot," said the beast, fanning himself as well as he could, "I…can't…fight…here."

Yet the beast stood up to match the Guardian, pulled out of the ice death sentence, he stepped and swung a wide right hook punch at Avery's head. Avery slipped underneath it. He stood up tall as the Ice Beast made one more motion. The black sword blade began to shine and glow like a fiery torch, it's edge sliced through the Ice Beast like a surgical steel razor.

A strained groan escaped the Ice Beast as it fell away and disappeared in a massive magical explosion. Trey walked over to the Guardian, who was still shivering from the spell; he rested his hand on Avery's shoulder and helped him back to the Power Chamber.

* * *
The acrid smoke was now thickly entrenched into the air. The soldier coughed, and the man in the gray suit looked down quickly. The radar screen flashed twice, brightly, then it was quiet. The soldier looked up at the man in the gray suit.

"It's gone, sir," said the soldier, getting up from the chair he had been stuck in for more than twelve hours.

"Gone," replied the man in the gray suit.

"Yes, sir," said the soldier, "It's been destroyed."

The man in the gray suit took a deep drag on his cigarette, "I see…that'll be all soldier."

He saluted the man in the gray suit.

The man in the gray suit only nodded.

* * *
Adam and the rest of the Power Rangers were back in the Power Chamber, a lot had to be done before they could go out and battle again. A tremendous amount of knowledge was gained in this short period of time and it all had to be analyzed. The zords all needed to be repaired. Avery was slowly being warmed up from the inside out, and would spend the next week or two with a heavy head cold. Trey was dealing with some minor bumps and bruises. Adam was just thinking about why.

Why was there an American satellite that could cause major weather storms, blasting down at the earth? Why did they let the Machine Empire gain any control over it? Adam knew that most military satellites are outfitted with plastic explosives that can be used to self-destruct the satellite if the military feels it has become a threat. Adam leaned back and thought, was there now another problem for the rangers to deal with, one on their own soil?

Tommy carefully put his head down on his hands that were resting on his knees. The newest prophesy was similar to the last, six people and six hawks. There were six Power Rangers, but how does that explain the other set of six? Tommy rubbed the back of his head, it always gave him a migraine when he came out of the prophesy. One day, she said to me, one day I'll read it on my own. Tommy closed his eyes and fell asleep there, dreaming about not worrying about what to do next.