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Power Rangers: Galactic Thunder
Episode 1
"Chase Into Space" Part 2
Written By: Donte Frazier, Jake Self, and ThunderLight

Continued from "Chase Into Space" Part 1

[The Rangers run out to fight the Army of Pirahnatrons]

TJ: Let's get 'em guys!

[The Rangers dash into battle, only to be overtaken by the Army of Pirahnatrons in a rather short while. Justin is thrown to the ground while trying to punch one, Carlos and Ashley are tackled, Cassie is kicked to the ground, and T.J. is pummeled by five of them. Lightning Cruiser and Mountain Blaster try to intervene, but are captured by Divatox. The Rangers Regroup]

Justin: We've gotta get back in the Power Chamber!

TJ: You guys go ahead! I'll hold 'em off!

[Cassie grabs TJ's arm]

Cassie: No! We go together! C'mon!

[Cassie drags TJ behind her as they all run into the safety of the Power Chamber. T.J. makes sure to lock the door behind him and they all stumble back into the main room, only to be greeted by a worried Alpha 6]

Alpha: Yo Yo Yo! Are you guys alright?

Justin: We're fine Alpha, but we took quite a beating out there.

Carlos: How are we gonna stop 'em?

[Justin looks at the viewing globe in disbelief]

Justin: Looks like we won't hafta. They're leaving.

Other Rangers and Alpha: What??!

[Alpha examines the controls and looks at the viewing globe. He turns toward the other Rangers]

Alpha: Yo Yo! He's right. They're gone!

TJ: But...Why?! They had us! Why would they just give up?

Alpha: Yo Yo, I don't know, but you guys should stay in here for the time being. I'm gonna check up on the systems. Youze guys better rest.

[Alpha goes off to run a systems check and the others dissolve off into groups. TJ with Cassie and Ashley, and Carlos talking to Justin.]

Justin: (worried, to Carlos) They'll be back, won't they.

Carlos: Yeah. I think so. You scared?

Justin: Yeah...You??

Carlos: Yeah. (changes the subject) So, Justin. About your dad, did he get the job?

Justin: Yeah. But he won't take it. Not if we have to move away from Angel Grove, and you guys.

Carlos: You've got a great dad.

Justin: (thughtful) Yeah.

[Suddenly, the room begins flashing and the viewing globe goes out. The room goes dark. Alpha comes running in]

Alpha: Yo Yo Yo! It's Armaggeddon! We're doomed!

[TJ grabs Alpha]

TJ: Alpha, calm down! [Alpha calms] Now, can you bring the viewing globe back online?

Alpha: Yo...I think so.

[Alpha approaches the viewing globe, when it suddenly lights up, and Zordon's face appears]

Alpha: Zordon?!

Zordon: Yes, Alpha. It is I.

[TJ steps forward]

TJ: Has Dimitria arrived on Eltar yet?

[Zordon lowers his head]

Zordon: I am sorry rangers. Dimitria and the Blue Senturion were destroyed by Dark Spectre's forces before she could intervene.

[The Rangers stand in shock. Justin is the first to speak]

Justin: She's...gone?

Zordon: Yes. I am sorry.

TJ: Why did you contact us, Zordon? What's wrong?

Zordon: I am afraid that Eltar has been conquered by the United Alliance of Evil. They have enslaved my planet and destroyed all of my fellow Morphin' Masters. They are currently on a search for me. I warn you, rangers. Once they find me they will come for Earth. You are it's only hope.

Carlos: But what can we do?

Zordon: There is a great pow---

[But Zordon is cut off as the walls cave in and an Army of Pirahnatrons fall into the power chamber. Suddenly, even more break in through the doors and pile in. Then, Divatox walks in, followed by Elgar]

Divatox: Hello Rangers. [notices Zordon on the viewing globe] Oh, and if it isn't the Master of Power himself. How's your planet's destruction going, Zordy?

Zordon: You will never win, Divatox.

Divatox: (smugly) Watch me.

[Divatox zaps Cassie and laughs as the other Rangers watch her fly into the wall in horror. She then slumps lifelessly to the floor]

TJ: CASSIE!!!! [He runs over to and kneels beside her] (whispers) Are you alright?

Cassie: (her helmet is off) Don't worry about me teej. (coughs) Just don't let Divatox win. (coughs)

TJ: I won't.

[TJ stands up and turns to face Divatox, his eyes blazing]

TJ: You've just made your last mistake, Divatox!

Divatox: (sarcastically) Oooo! I'm shakin' in my stylish boots!

[TJ puts his helmet on]

TJ: Rangers! Assemble!

[The other rangers put their helmets on as they quickly gather behind TJ. TJ turns to Justin]

TJ: Justin, This could get dangerous. I need you to stay with Cassie. Do not, I repeat, _DO NOT_ disobey my orders. You got that?

Justin: (nods his head) I gotcha' Teej. I won't let anything happen to her.

TJ: Ok. (looks to Zordon)

Zordon: (nods his head) May the power protect you, Rangers.

Divatox: Shat up over there!!! (points her finger to Zordon's tube and sends a bolt of energy crashing into Zordon's tube, shattering it)

Ashley: No!

TJ: You're gonna pay for that Divatox!! Rangers, ready! (They enter their fighting stances)

Divatox: Pirahnatrons, get them!!!!

[The army of Pirahnatrons descends on the Rangers as they try their best to defend themselves, being very outnumbered. Two head for Justin and Cassie]

Justin: Oh no you don't! Auto Blaster!

[Justin's Auto Blaster appears in his hands and he quickly blasts the rouge tuna's away. He decides to lend the others a hand and starts blasting away random Pirahnatrons]

Ashley: Auto Blaster! (She tries to blast a Pirahnatron, but her gun is kicked away, she dives for it, but it's smashed by a Hammer wielding Pirahnatron. It then kicks her away] Ahh!

Carlos: [Kicks a Pirahnatron as he sees Ashley] Hold on Ash!! [ He flips toward Ashley and helps her up] Are you O.K.?

Ashley: Yeah, but that creepazoid's gonna pay! Star Chargers! [Her power weapons appear in her hand as she runs off after the Pirahnatron]

Carlos: [Chuckles to himself as he dives back into the fray]

TJ: [Karate kicks a few Pirahnatrons and then glances at Divatox, who is just sitting on a console, watching the fight] Don't you ever fight?! Or do your lackeys do all of the work??!!

[Divatox stands up quickly, eyes glaring]

Divatox: You will pay for that remark, Red Ranger.

TJ: [Kicks a Pirahnatron away] I doubt it.

Divatox: Very well. If you demand a fight, it is what you will get! Diva Sabre!!!

[Divatox's black handled ninja Sabre appears in her hands. She brandishes it menacingly as she glares at TJ]

Divatox: Diva power!

TJ: Whatever. Turbo Lightning Sabre!!!

[TJ's sword appears]

TJ: Let's get this over with.

Divatox: I hope you like untimely death, Red Ranger! [She blasts him with her eye lasers, catching him off guard, and charges at him]

[TJ barely avoids the downstroke of her sabre as he quickly rolls out of the way, into a croutch]

TJ: I should have expected that, coming from a cheater like you! [gets up]

Divatox: But you didn't. Just like you didn't expect...this!!![Blasts at him again]

[But to Divatox's surprise, TJ jumps clear of her blast and brandishes his sword as he comes down. Their swords meet with a loud "cling" that sounds throughout the Power Chamber]

Divatox: Clever. [Strikes his sword] But not clever enough!

TJ: [Ducks a slash of her sword that would've taken his head off, does a spinning low sweep that takes her legs out from under her, and flips over her sprawled body to the other end and brings his sword down]

Divatox: Oooff! [brings her sword up to block his downstroke, and blasts him with her eye lasers, pushing him backards, stumbling into a console. She then leaps up]

TJ: Two can play at that game. [Grabs his AutoBlaster and blasts Divatox backwards. She stumbles into one of the glowing, colorized tubes where the old suits used to be]

Divatox: [Looks down at her singed suit] Oh, you're gonna pay now!

[She rushes at him and their swords meet once more, as the battle rages on.]

[Meanwhile, Elgar decides to join in on the fun]

Elgar: Hmm... Auntie D's tied up wit' the Red Ranger, and the Pirahnarons are tied up with the other Rangers. What can I do?

[He walks round, stepping on various Pirahnatrons that had been kicked to the ground]

Elgar: Ooops, 'scuse me. [Looks around, and spots Zordon and Dimitria's tube] Ooooh! Zordon and Dimitria's plasma tube! If I destroy it, they can never come back!! [Brandishes his hammer and throws it at the tube, which shatters upon impact. Elgar holds up his hands in triumph] Yeesss!!!

TJ: Nooooo!!! [gets caught offguard by Divatox, who slashes him three times with her sword, and ues her eye lasers to send him reeling into a wall]

Divatox: [walks up, menacingly] Looks like you lose Teeej. [ Laughs uncontollably as she raises her sword high above her head] Goodbye!!!

TJ: No Divatox. [TJ grabs his laser pistol and blasts her sword out of her hands] You lose. [He points his Auto Blaster at her, but it is blown away by her eye lasers, then she blasts his sword out of his hands] No...

Divatox: [Eyes glowing] Yes!! [She shoots her eyes off, but he suddenly rolls out of the way] Get back here!!

TJ: Sure. [Kicks her in the face, sending her into a console]

Divatox: If hand to hand is what you want...[Takes a karate stance]

TJ: [mouth drops open below his helmet] _You_ know karate?!

Divatox: [shrugs] fourth degree black belt in the evil Martial Arts. [kicks him in the face, he goes reeling into a control panel] Now shut up and fight!

[Meanwhile, Justin finds himself getting bored with blasting Pirhnatrons and decides to talk to Cassie]

Justin: Cassie, how are you?

Cassie: [Winces] Fine, Justin. The "Auto heal" in the suits is working, only very slowly.

Justin: Well, you'll be fine, hopefully.

Cassie: How are the others doin'?

Justin: Well besides the fact that Teej is getting his butt whooped by Divatox?

Cassie: Yeah.

Justin: Well, the others seem to be doing fine. Carlos and Ashley have already taken out aproximately 75 percent of the Pirahnatrons. Carlos is currently in a duel with Elgar, winning it, while Ashley is finishing up the other Pirahnatrons.

Cassie: Where are Rygog and Porto?

Justin: I don't know.

[Meanwhile, outside the Power Chamber]

Rygog: How long have they been in there?

Porto: Apoximately 15 minutes, 25 seconds, ooops, I mean 26,27,28,29...

Rygog: Shutup.

Porto: Ok.

Rygog: Well, she said if she doesn't come out in 25 minutes, to blow the place up, right?

Porto: That is Correct.

Rygog: Well, how many minutes left till 25?

Porto: Well, Aproximately 10 minutes, 56 seconds, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51...

Rygog: [groans]

[Back inside the Power Chamber]

TJ: [Gets kicked by Divatox] Ufff!! [Falls to the floor]

Divatox: [Eyes glowing] Goobye Red Ranger...And this time I'm for real.

TJ: [Glances up in fear] No...

[Justin glances up]

Justin: Nooo... [glances around the room, when he suddenly spots TJ's sword.] Uhhh...[Glances at Cassie, lances at the sword. Suddenly, Justin dives st the sword and grabs it] Divatox!!!!

Divatox: [Turns at him, in a rage] Whaaat!!!

Justin: [smirks under his helmet] Nothin. Teej, catch!! [Hurls TJ's sword at him]

TJ: [Kicks Divatox aside, leaps up and grabs his sword, turns around and blasts Divatox with his Auto Blaster as he lands and rushes at her with his sword. Power surges though his sword as he runs her through with his sword. A great boom is heard as it runs trough Divatox]

Divatox: [Eyes wide] Noooooooooooooo!!!!

TJ: [Drops the sword, and Divatox falls to the ground, the sword still embedded inside of her] It ends here.

[TJ collapses to the ground]


Rygog: How many minutes left?

Porto: 6 minutes, 44 seconds, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39...

Rygog: Argggg!!!

[Inside the Power Chamber]

[Carlos kicks Elgar aside as all of the Rangers, except Justin and Cassie, rush towards TJ as he struggles to his feet]

Carlos: Whoa! [Notices black blood oozing out of Divatox] That was cool man!!

TJ: [glares at Carlos] Death is not cool, Carlos.

Carlos: Sorry.

Ashley: So...What happens now?

TJ: I don't know. [Walks over to Cassie and Justin, Ashley and Carlos follow him] Justin...

Justin: [looks down] I know. I wasn't supposta help you. I was supposed to stay with Cas...

TJ: [cuts him off] You saved my life. Thank You. [bends down and smiles] I would've died hadn't it been for you. I owe you my life.

Justin: [bursts into a smile] Anytime, Teej!

[Suddenly, a bright golden light appears over the Rangers]

Carlos: [Covers his eyes] What the heck?

[Zordon's face appears in the light. He looks down at the Rangers]

TJ: Zordon?! But, how?

Zordon: I am dead, Rangers.

Justin: What?

Zordon: Yes. But, I would have rather died than have been used in the hands of evil. Who knows what would've happened. I am happy.

Ashley: But, what happens now.

Zordon: I see that you have killed Divatox.

TJ: [steps forward] I'm sorry, Zordon.

Zordon: Do not be. You did it in pure self-defense, to save your friends. Though, now Dark Spectre will be after you.

Justin: Who's that?

Zordon: Dark Spectre is a being of great evil. He is the grand monarch of all that is evil. There is only one way for you to stop him, Rangers.

TJ: How?

Zordon: You must seek the help of the Nasada scientists'. Years ago, I gave them secret blueprints with which they built a spaceship of great power. It has the power to do many things, but most of all, it has the co-ordinates to the Lost Galaxy.

Justin: Lost Galaxy?

Zordon: Yes, a Galaxy that _No_ human has ever ventured to. It holds many great powers, among them, the Lights of Orion and Quasar Sabres, twin powers that are able to link up with each other to give the user an enormous strength unheard of in this Galaxy. But, only those who are worthy are able to wield the awesome might of the Sabres and Lights.

TJ: Are...are we worthy?

Zordon: I am sure that you are, Rangers. You must go to NASADA.

[Suddenly, Elgar jumps out from behind a console where he was hidden]

Elgar: [grabs Justin and holds his sword to his neck] Nobody's goin' anywhere!

TJ: Justin! [walks toward him, but stops when Elgar holds his sword more tightly to Justin's neck] Let him go, Elgar!!!

Elgar: [tears appear in his eyes] Never! You killed Auntie D! Now I'm gonna kill him!

Zordon: Let him go, Elgar.

Elgar: Shutup!!!


Rygog: Just tell me when. [Clicks the "on" switch]

Porto: 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50....


Elgar: I'll kill all of you! Starting with him!

TJ: No..


[Elgar blasts Justin in the back until he demorphs]


[Elgar looms over Justin and steps on his chest]


Elgar: He will die! Because of you, Red Ranger!!!


TJ: [He rushes forward, but is too late as Elgar blasts Justin once in the Chest]




[ All of the Rangers rush to Justin as TJ brandishes his Turbo Lightning Sword and shoves it at Elgar. Elgar blocks and they start to duel]


Ashley: [Crouches by Justin with the others, with tears in her eyes] Justin, you're gonna be okay.

Justin: [coughs, and gives a weak smile] No I'm not. I'm dying, Ash.


[TJ jabs Elgar in the chest and black ooze leaks out]

Elgar: Ouwww!!! Now you'll kill me, too, huh?

TJ: [With anger in his voice] If it's the last thing I do. You'll pay for what you've done to Justin. [Shoves his sword at Elgar's face]

Elgar: [blocks] And you'll pay for killing Auntie D!!! [Jumps at TJ]

TJ: [Holds his sword out] Turbo Lightning Blast!! [The sabre unleashes an awesome amount of energy that strikes Elgar and sends him tumbling toward the floor. TJ then stands over his body and prepares to kill him in cold blood, a look of cold steel in his eyes. He holds his sword up, and prepares to shove it into Elgar]

Justin: [weakly] TJ!!

TJ: [Turns to look at Justin, looks at Elgar once and runs over to kneel by Justin] What is it, buddy?

Justin: Don't...[cough]...don't sink to his level TJ. If you do, then Divatox will have won.

TJ: [thinks this over for just a moment, then grabs Justin's hand] You're right, Jus'. I won't do it...for you.

[Justin smiles]

Justin: I love you guys...bye.

Ashley: [crying] No! You won't leave us!!

Zordon: Do not worry, Rangers. Justin will be safe.

Cassie: [smiles weakly] I know. You'll be with him, Zordon. [Turns to Justin] We'll miss you, man. Say Hi to the big guy for us.

Justin: [softly] I will. Goodbye. [Justin closes his eyes]

[Ashley breaks down in tears as Carlos holds her. Cassie squeezes TJ's hand lightly as he just stares at Justin's body, with tears in his eyes]

TJ: Bye, Justin...we'll miss you. [A tear fall's down TJ's cheek as he says this]


Zordon: Fear not, Rangers. Justin is safe.

Ashley: [looks up at Zordon with tears in her eyes] What now, Zordon?


Zordon: You must seek out NASADA.


Zordon: It is the only way to...


Porto: [sadly] Well, I guess Divatox is gone, forever. Do it Now.

Rygog: [just as sadly] Badbye, Diva Queen...

[Rygog presses the switch]

[Inside the Power Chamber]

TJ: Well, I guess...

[Suddenly the whole Chamber starts shaking and the walls start blowing up]

Ashley: What's going on!!!

Zordon: An explosive device. You must escape now, Rangers!

TJ: Let's...[A chunk of ceiling falls] Go!! [They try to teleport, but find that they can't] Zordon!!! We can't! [part of the floor containing Justin's body caves in]

Ashley: JUSTINN!!!!

Carlos: [grabs Ashley to keep her from rushing at the hole in the floor]

TJ: We can't teleport!!

Zordon: I will teleport you. Just remember, Seek out NASADA.

[The Rangers start teleporting out, one by one. Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos first]

Zordon: Seek out Andro---

[But Zordon is cut off as TJ and Alpha are teleported out]


[The Rangers all land on the ground in groups, Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie first]

Ashley: [In a panic] Where's TJ? [Turns to see the Power Chamber explode in a great white light. All three Rangers are thrown backwards as the explosion reaches it's peak]

[A very short while later]

[The three Rangers sit up, Just as TJ and Alpha 6 teleport in front of them]

Ashley: [Jumps up and runs at TJ] You got out!! We thought you...[sniffs]

TJ: [smiles solemnely] Now, I can't go letting you lose two Rangers in one day, can I?

Rygog: Hello, Rangers.

[The four Rangers and the little robot all turn around swiftly and face Rygog and Porto]

Carlos: And then there were two. Let's take 'em Teej.

TJ: [nods] Right. [turns to Cassies] Think you can handle a fight?

Cassie: [nods] Yeah. I'm totally healed now.

TJ: Okay, then. Rangers, Assemble.

[The four strike their poses as Alpha scurries behind them...When suddenly, their suits dissapear in a bright flash of light, leaving the four bewildered Rangers in their civilian clothes]

Carlos: What happened?

Cassie: Our Powers...They're gone.

TJ: The Power Chamber was our source. And now....[They all turn around for a moment, then quickly turn back to Rygog and Porto as they hear their laughing]

Carlos: [Angrily] What's so funny? We can take you, even without our powers!

Rygog: I severly doubt that.

Carlos: Watch me!!! [Carlos charges Rygog] Hyyahh!!

[Rygog simply laughs as he bats Carlos away, and Carlos lands, unmoving, on the ground]

Ashley: Carrrloss!

Rygog: Anyone else care to try me?

[None of the Rangers move]

Rygog: I thought as much. Porto, electranet 'em.

Porto: My pleasure. [Porto presses a button on his chest and a giant, sizzling net sweeps over the Rangers, instantly knocking them out, and tying them up securely. Rygog tosses Carlos in the Net]

Rygog: Good, then. Let's head back to the su---

[Suddenly, A giant golden comet comes racing towards the two]

Rygog: What the...?!

[It stops directly in front of them and forms into a human-looking head, with fiery hair]

Rygog: Who are you, buddy?

Head: I am the messenger from the Sumerian Planet. I have come for Divatox and her henchmen.

Rygog: You just missed the boat. Divatox is gone.

Head: [shocked] What has happened?

Rygog: Well, in short Divatox died in the Power Chamber when we blew it up.

Porto: Elgar must have, too. Since he didn't come out.

Head: [Surveys the damage, and turns back to them] I'm guessing that she told you to destroy the place if she did not come out within the required time span?

Rygog: You got it.

Head: [Looks at the bag Rygog is carrying] And, what is that?

Rygog: Hm? [Looks down] Oh! These are none other than the Power Rangers of Earth!

Head: [smiles] Excellent! But...what has happened to the fifth one?

Porto: We're hoping he died inside.

Head: Well, what do you expect to do with them.

Rygog: We're gonna put them in our ship and sink it, as a tribute to Divatox.

Head: Also Excellent! Well, hurry on. Dark Spectre is waiting.

[Rygog and Porto both turn towards him]


Head: Oh, yes. Didn't I mention it? Dark Spectre is having a joining together of the United Alliance of Evil. They must meet on the Sumerian Planet. Well, hurry off, then. He will be expecting you. [Teleports away]

[Rygog turns to Porto]

Rygog: Let's go. [They both teleport back to the ship]

[Onboard Divatox's sub]

Rygog: Let's drop 'em here. [Empties the bag of Rangers onto the floor] C'mon, Dark Spectre will _not_ be happy if we are late.

Porto: And how do you expect for us to get there?

Rygog: Teleport?

Porto: You know our teleportation range does not reach all of the way to the Sumerian planet! We need a ship. [thinks a moment] And I know the perfect place! Let's go. And don't forget to hit the "self-destruct" switch before you leave. [Teleports out]

Rygog: [mutters] Will do, captain ass. [hits the "self-destruct" button] Sweet Dreams, Rangers. [cackles like a maniac before teleporting out]

Ship Computer: Self Destruct mode has been initiated.

[The Rangers lay for a while longer, when suddenly, TJ begins to stir]

TJ: [Sitting up] Oh, man. What hit me?

Ship Computer: Self Destruct mode has been initiated.

TJ: Huh?! Oh no!! [Looks at the others and starts shaking them] Wake up! Ashley, Cassie, Carlos. We've got to get out of here! Wake up!

[Ashley and Cassie stir, but Carlos doesn't move]

Ashley: What's wrong, Teej?

TJ: The ship is gonna Self-Destruct!

Cassie: [worried] Carlos won't wake up...

TJ: Okay. Here's the plan, Cassie, Ashley, help me look for some sort of teleportation device. Anything that'll help us get off this ship. Go!

[They all get up and start searching different parts of the ship]

Cassie: I think I found something!!

TJ: [runs over and reads the panel] Auto Teleport. For all your teleportation needs. Okay, this is it!! Cassie, you activate it while I get Carlos over here.

Cassie: [nods] Will do, teej.

TJ: Good. [Calls to Ashley] Ashley! Come help Cassie! [He then proceeds to run over to Carlos and begins dragging him toward the console] Man, you gotta lay off the cheese cake. [He gets Carlos to the console] Okay, You get it?

Cassie: Almost...Got it!!

[They all teleport out in four white streaks of light as Divatox's sub explodes]


[The Rangers all land in what looks like the remains of a parking lot outside of a building on fire]

TJ: [surveys the area] Where'd ya' teleport us, Cas?

Cassie: Well, we should be right outside of NASADA. But, this can't be it.

Ashley: Let's go ask those scientist's what happened.

[They all jog up to some disheveled looking scientists]

Cassie: Um, excuse me, sir. What happened here?

Scientist: [Looks up at them] NASADA was destroyed.

Ashley: By who?

Scientist: [chuckles nervously] By Space Aliens! These two weird looking freaks of Nature! They came and destroyed the place, and then took off with our top secret rocket! Everything's gone.

TJ: Everything?

Scientist: Yes, Everything.

TJ: Thanks, sir.

[They all walk back to the parking lot, to find Carlos awake]

TJ: Hey, man. Enjoy your nap.

Carlos: [wryly] Not really. [Touches his head, and winces] Why the long faces.

TJ: Rygog and Porto took off in our only hope of stopping Dark Spectre.

Carlos: They took the rocket?! But...why?

Cassie: Guess they needed a ride off the planet after sinking Divatox's ship.

[Carlos wasn't even about to go into that one]

Carlos: Well, what now?

TJ: I don't know, Carlos. I just don't know.

[Later that day]

[The Rangers are heading back to the Power Chamber, heart broken and angry, when they stumble upon someone crying over the rubble]

TJ: [approaches him first, cautiously] Excuse me, Who are you?

[The young man stands up and glares coldly at TJ, he has long, blond hair, with brown streaks in it, and seems to be wearing a flight suit of some kind]

Andros: Who are you?!

TJ: I'm TJ. [Points to the others] This is Carlos, Ashley [He notices that Andros' gaze stops on Ashley for a moment], and Cassie. We are the Power Rangers of Earth. Well, at least we were the Power Rangers.

Andros: Zordon has died. But...what happened here?

TJ: That's a long story. But, who are you?

Andros: I am Andros.

Ashley: Are you human?

Andros: Yes, but I'm not from Earth. I'm from a Space Colony. KO-35, in the Kerova system. Now, what happened here?

TJ: That's a long story.

Andros: I am used to those.

TJ: You'd better sit down.


Andros: So, [Gets up] I must reclaim that ship.

TJ: How?

Andros: I am equipped with a method of Space travel.

Cassie: But, what do you mean, _you_? Zordon said that we must go. You can't leave us here.

Andros: [bitterly] You're planetary Rangers, from Earth. What do _you_ know about space?

TJ: Well, nothing. But you need us. Zordon said that he believes that we are worthy to recieve the powesr.

Andros: [clearly annoyed] Very well, then. Let's go.

Cassie: [blurts out] Our Parents.

Andros: What?

Cassie: We've gotta tell our parents where we're going. We might not come back.

Andros: [groans in annoyance] Be quick then. Meet me back here in two hours.

TJ: Where are you going?

Andros: Back to that space command post that was blown up by Divatox's lackeys. There may still be something there that I can use.

TJ: Okay. [turns to the others] Let's go guys.

[They all go off in their separate directions]

[Approximately 2 hours later]

[The Former Rangers meet back at the ruins]

Cassie: [depressed] My mom really didn't want me to go.

TJ: [squeezes her hand] I don't think any of our parents did, Cas'.

Ashley: [softly] Yeah...

[Andros teleports in]

Andros: [walking up to them] Ready?

TJ: Yeah, I think we are.

Andros: Good. [Holds up his wrist communicator to his mouth and flips the panel open] D.E.C.A., come in. [A few seconds pass before D.E.C.A. responds]

D.E.C.A.: [Over communicator] Yes, Andros.

Andros: Prepare to tel---

[Andros is suddenly interupted by the sounds of metal clanking]

Carlos: [Turns around] What the...?!

[All of the Rangers turn around toward the sound. Andros holds his morpher close]

[Sudddenly, it stumbles out into the open]

Ashley: [In disbelief] Alpha?!

[The Former Rangers all rush to Alpha as he stumbles toward them, clearly in bad shape]

Alpha: [speaks incherently and wobbles over to a post]

TJ: What is it, Alpha?

[Alpha just continues to sort through the dirt until he stops, and picks up a black box that was sitting there]

Ashley: What is it?

TJ: I don't know. But it must be important. [Turns to Andros] I think his voice chip got fried in the explosion. But, whatever he's holding must be of some importance. Can we take him with us?

Andros: Okay. [Contacts D.E.C.A. agiain] Teleport us aboard, D.E.C.A.

D.E.C.A.: [Over communicator] Teleporting...now.

[The Rangers take one last look around before they're teleported away]

[Later, Aboard the Megaship]

[Andros and the Former Rangers are walking down a hallway of the Astro Magaship, complete with new flight suits given to them by Andros. While Andros is wearing a standard grey flight suit, with a red shirt, the others are wearing grey flight suits with black shirts. The others are still clearly awestruck at the Astro Megaship]

[They reach the main room, Andros giving the tour]

Andros: The vital systems are controlled by D.E.C.A. She's got eyes and ears all over the ship.

D.E.C.A: I am fluent in over three thousand languages.

Andros: Fine D.E.C.A.

D.E.C.A.: ...Navigate all known galaxys.

Andros: [Slightly irked] Okay D.E.C.A.

D.E.C.A.: ...And am certified in medical, psychological, and----

Andros: [pushes two buttons on a console] This button turns her voice off.

TJ: So, where do we start to look for the Spaceship?

Andros: Well, I've heard, from a few of the rebel monsters, that the entire United Alliance of Evil is being gathered by Dark Spectre on a planet in the Korona system. Most likely the Sumerian Planet.

Cassie: Well, when do we go?

Andros: Right Now. In Earth time, it'll take a couple of days to reach the planet. So, I think you all need to get some rest, so we can start thinking of a plan.

Ashley: That's perfectly fine with me, Andros.

[Cassie rolls her eyes]

TJ: Yeah, we'll see you later, then?

Andros: [smiles] There's nowhere else you can go.

TJ: Okay. What'll you be doing?

Andros: I going to try to fix Alpha's voice chip, and attend to a few...things.

[The Ex-Rangers slowly head off to their quarters]

Andros: D.E.C.A., begin a course to the Sumerian Planet.

D.E.C.A.: Course locked in, Andros. Prepare for hyperspeed.

[As D.E.C.A. prepared the ship for hyperspeed, Andros could only wonder what could be next]

Andros: (thinking) What have I gotten myself into?

[In Space, we see the Megaship jump into hyperspeed, heading for whatever the future held]

-----From one beginning, comes an ending. And from one ending, comes a beginning-----

The End

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