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Author's Notes: This is the first Chapter in my new series, Power Rangers: The Destined. This series takes place before "Enter The Lost Galaxy" and totally changes the storyline. Please give me feedback if you like this chapter. Later! :)

Destiny's Foils
by Donte Frazier

Deep in Space, a ball of bright blue light races towards the domed structure known only, as Terra Venture. Faster, the light races until it enters the Forest Dome. It crashes, without much noise, in a clearing.

Out of the slight wreckage, a man arises. Dressed in a cloak and brownish pants, he is definately not of Earth, or Terra Venture. Using his long-ago honed skills to locate his prize, it is confirmed that it is here. Convinced that it is in an eastern direction, he begins his trek across this false land. Like a beast hunting his prey, he hunts.

He hunts the Galaxy Book.


It had not been Kai's day.

First, he had almost been electrocuted by that freak energy wave that had come from the Galaxy Book earlier. And now, he was in charge of putting this stranger behind bars. A mysterious stranger who had tried to steal the Galaxy book. How could things possibly get any stanger?

"I knew you would come"

"Huh?" Kai turned as he heard the stanger speak for the first time. He definately had an accent, but Kai couldn't place it. "How could you know?"

"Because...you are the blue Ranger"

Kai gasped as the stranger spoke his Ranger alias. How could he possibly know that? Had he somehow seen him morph in public? Thinking back, he realized that he hadn't been extremely careful. There had been many times when he, and the other Rangers, had raced down the open streets, screaming "Go Galactic" for anyone to hear. Looking back, he realized how careless he and the others had been. And now, it had possibly cost him his secret. "How did you know that?" He said as he closed the door behind himself.

"Because" The Stranger spoke as he slowly turned to face Kai. "I am the Guardian of the Galaxy Book"

His faced was etched with pain, as a true warrior's would be. He didn't look too much older than Kai. But, Kai had learned awhile ago that aliens' faces don't always show their true ages.

"It is your destiny to help me, and discover your future, as well as your past"

"What do you mean?"

"Earlier," He began. "I sensed that the book sent out an energy pulse. You see, someone read the beginning of the Keantu spell. The energy pulse was negative because, the person who read the spell, was not meant to. Destiny has lead me to you"

"Me? Why me?"

"Because, you are one of the destined"


"Five chosen ones who are foretold by the Great Force to save a lost world. The world of Crystallia. You see," The Guardian raises his arms and a projection appears in the middle of the room. "I can see into the future, as well as into the past"

The projection shows five teenagers standing in a clearing, Kai in the front. He also recognizes Leo and Maya next to him, along with two of the Space Rangers, TJ and Ashley. They were each holding something, but the vision cut off before he could see what it was.

"As you can see, you are the chosen leader of these destined" The Guardian holds out a small pendant. "Now it is time for you to accept your future. Take the pendant"

With but a bit of restraint, Kai holds out his hands and takes the pendant. Examining it, he notices several intricate designs on the front. He can almost feel the power coursing through him as he caresses it. Almost as if...

"...It's meant to be" Kai blurts out, not knowing exactly why. "I can't explain it, but it's almost as if this is what my life has been leading up to. My destiny"

"As it is, young one. As it is. Now, it is time for you to grasp your future!"

Suddenly, Kai knew exactly what to do. Holding the pendant to his chest, he called out the phrase that would forever link him to his destiny"

"Red Destiny Ranger, Power Up!"

Suddenly, in a flash of bright Red Light, Kai's armor formed around him. The armor was bright Red, and slightly reminiscent of the Space Ranger power armor, with the five colors of Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Black formed across the chest. Only, on this armor, the helmet was smooth without much design to it.

"Whoa! I've never felt such power!"

"Well, you must get used to it, young one. This is your destiny. Now, your first mission must begin"

"And what's that?"

"To locate the other Destiny Rangers"


"I'm a what?!" Leo exclaimed.

" For the last time, Leo. You're a Destiny Ranger"

Ever since Kai Chen had heard that he was a Destiny Ranger, destined to save a lost world from what plagued it, he had been trying to round up the rest of them. He had succeeded with Maya, who was now with him trying to convince the hard-headed Leo Corbett, leader of the Galaxy Rangers and one of his best friends aboard Terra Venture. The Guardian had dissapeared to who-knows-where, and These two were left to find the others before he returned, when their true mission would begin.

"But, I'm already a Galaxy Ranger, Kai!"

"So was I, Leo," Kai tried to explain. "The Guardian said that we have to find new people to take on our old powers once we gain our new ones. C'mon Leo, it's your destiny"

Leo stared at Kai for a moment, trying to find another way to argue with him. Once he saw that there was none, he decided to give in. "Alright, but I really think I look better in Red than blue"

"Hey, " Maya chimed in. "It's gotta be better than pink"

Leo laughed as he unhooked him Transmorpher from his wrist. "You're probably right. So," He said as he turned to Kai. "Where's my morpher?"

"In your hand"

"Wha--?" Leo looked down and saw that a blue pendant was indeed in his hand. "How'd that get there?"

"Our Morphers appear when we accept our destiny"

"It freaked me out, too" Maya said.

"Okay" Leo looked at Kai and Maya. "There are only three of us. Who are the other two?"

"For that, my friend, we must go to Earth"


Ashley Hammond couldn't believe her luck. She was supposed to meet Andros at his place for a romantic dinner for two thirty minutes ago. But, as always, traffic in Chicago was downright nauseating.

"Why did we even move here?"

She knew why they had moved there. Ever since they were made national heros all over the world from the "Great Battle", the Space Rangers had been unable to get a moment's rest. But, TJ's grandmother happened to be a Senate member for the state of Illinois. She had also managed to get a law passed that said that, In Illinois, the Rangers wern't to be bothered, under penalty of up to 40 years in jail. A bit extreme, maybe, but it had been unbeleievable what people had done, just to get a glimpse of the people who had saved the world. It became tiring after awhile.

"Oh, this is my stop"

Ashley opened tha door and got out of the "luxury" cab that Andros had sent her. She could hear him now. "We have to keep a low profile. You don't know what kind of psychos will be watching you"

As she rang the doorbell though, she noticed that none of them exactly lived in "simple" houses. In fact, all of them lived in houses two stories or taller.

"Hey Ash" Andros said as he opened the door.

"Hey Andros" Ashley replied as she walked in.


TJ Jonhson was having an incredible day.

He had succeeded in beating Mark McGwire's record and had won the World Series for his team, the Chicago Cubs. Which is why he was even more surprised when Leo, one of the Galaxy Rangers, teleported in front of him and began spouting off about his 'destiny'.

"So, you're saying that I'm destined to save some 'lost world'?"


If TJ hadn't learned from being a Ranger that 'anything is possible', he would've thought Leo was insane. But...

"Okay, so where's this 'new' morpher?"

"In your hand"


Andros had planned on having a relaxing dinner for two, when Two of the Galaxy Rangers had teleported into his house. He recognized them as Maya and Kai, the blue and yellow ones. But that wasn't as surprising as what they told them.

"Are you two crazy?" Ashley said as she stood up. "Lost World? Destiny Rangers?"

"Wait a minute, Ash. These two wouldn't have teleported here if it wasn't so important" Andros said as he faced the two. So, Ashley is supposed to be a Destiny Ranger?

"Yes" Maya replied.

"Look, I know it sounds crazy" said Kai, "But this is quite real. Believe me, I would've never bothered you if it could've been someone else, but the Guardian said that it has to be you"

"OK" Ashley said "What if I do accept this? What happens now?"

Kai looked at her to see if she had, in fact, accepted. When he saw her pendant appear around her neck, he was satisfied. "Well, Leo should have TJ by now. So, I think we hightail it back to Terra Venture"

Ashley looked at them for a moment. "Okay, let's do this. But first, I'm gonna call some friends"


Once all of the Galaxy and Space Rangers had regrouped and made it to Terra Venture, the Guardian knew it was time to begin. Knowing this, he appeared before them, in the Astro Megaship.

"Rangers" His Voice boomed. "You know why you are here, right?"

"Not really" Zhane's voice popped in. "I mean, I've heard the jist of it, but would you mind re-explaining it?"

"Not at all, young Ranger" The Guardian began. "Eons ago, the 5 families reigned over the world of Crystallia. One day, a dark evil consumed this world and prepared to hurl it into a lost dimension. Before this world became lost, they cast a spell that would reincarnate the 5 children of the royal families. These children would be reincarnated in another time and world. I was also sent from that world with a book and scant remains of my memory. The book would foretell the time when the 5 must reawaken to their mission. Their mission would be to take on the royal powers and return to combat, and destroy the evil that consumed that world. You," The Guardian says, while looking at Kai, Maya, Leo, Ashley, and TJ. "Are those destined children of the royalty. And now, you must return to save that lost world"

"But, what about the rest of us?" Mike asked.

"You, the friends and family of those destined, now have the choice. You may stay and live your lives, or come and help the destined ones"

The Rangers looked at each other for but a moment, knowing what their choice was.

The Guardian smiled as he looked at them, knowing their choice. "Very Well. Now, we must go"

"How?" Kai asked.

"I must chant the spell that would take us there"

"Then...we're leaving Terra Venture behind?"

"It must be done, young ones. We cannot risk taking these innocents on our mission"

"Very well, then" Kai replied.

The Guardian opened the book and begin reading a spell in a tounge that was foreign to the other Rangers. As they looked around and reflected on their past...

And looked towards the future.