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Goldar's Little Mistake
By Kheram Iceflame

It was a normal summer morning, about ten a.m., in Angel Grove, meaning that while there had been no monster attack yet there was still at least eight hours of daylight left. In a secluded section of Angel Grove Park, what appeared to be a young man wearing what looked like a duster had just sat down to eat a late breakfast when there was a golden flash of light behind him and a rough and obviously non-human voice spoke behind him.

"You are coming with me, puny human," said a dog-faced figure with wings in golden armor.

Turning calmly and with an expression of disgust on his face, the man at the table stood and spoke one word, "Why?"

Somewhat nonplused by his quarry's refusal to be afraid of him, the figure in golden armor tried to regain the verbal advantage, "My Empress Rita commands your presence."

The man at the table smirks and says a single word as he shrugs off what was now obviously a cloak revealing a glittering suit of chain-mail with a bastard sword belted at his side, "No."

Taken aback by his prey's flat refusal to take him seriously, the figure in golden armor automatically assumed that his prey had to be an ally of the Power Rangers, therefore if he challenged the human then his life would be safe because the Power Brats could not kill. This assumption was what sparked his next words, "You wish to fight me, puny human?"

Drawing his sword, the man grinned and spoke, "Why not, I am Kheram, Blademaster of House Iceflame and I accept your challenge."

The golden-armored figure stated his name and rank to finish the formalities of the duel and attacked, "I am Goldar of Titan, General of the Armies of Empress Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd."

The battle lasted a brutal 15 minutes before Kheram gained the upper hand and disarmed Goldar with a sweeping maneuver which placed his sword blade against the dog-faced goon's throat.

Goldar spoke for the first time since the battle began, "No human has ever defeated me. How did you do it."

Smirking, Kheram used his free hand to brush his hair back from his ears revealing that they have points to them, "Who said I was human, you dog-faced ape, and five hundred years of almost constant practice can do wonders for a person's skill with a blade"

Goldar smirked and spoke once more, "What you are does not matter. You still can't kill me."

The elf began to snicker. "What the hell do you think I am, a damn Power Ranger," he said then slammed his sword completely through Goldar's neck, decapitating him. Kneeling next to the body he grabbed a handful of grass and used it to remove the blood from his sword blade. As he stood back up and returned his sword to it's sheath six figures in spandex appeared in front of him. The figure in white, obviously the leader, spoke first.

"Why did you kill him. He would have run away if you had given him the chance."

The elf regarded the figures in front of him calmly as he replied, "I killed him because in my culture all challenges are to the death unless first blood is declared at the time that the challenge is given. Also, he was a worthy opponent and as such deserved a warriors death rather than the humiliation of surrender. Now, if you six will excuse me, I will be heading home."

Before any of the figures in spandex could react, he had pulled out a strangely glowing gem and spoke a single word. There was a blinding flash of light and when it faded the elf was nowhere to be seen, leaving the spandex clad figures to look around in confusion.