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Authorís Note: The purpose of this fic, theme, was derived from a bible verse in the book of Proverbs. I canít remember the exact verse, but it was very special and struck a thought within my mind. Think about it while youíre reading this fic. Maybe youíll catch the theme.

A Brother Or A Friend
by : Power Blue

"Iím glad that both of you could take your breaks at the same time," said Leo as he patted both Kai and Mike on their backs.

"Yeah, well weíve got it like that," said Mike as the other two laughed.

"So, what do you and the others have planned that requires Mike and me?"

"Donít worry; just wait and see."

* * *

As Kai, Leo, and Mike began to walk towards Terra Ventureís residential district, a troop of Sting Wingers were gathered in front of the subway entrance that the three Rangers would have to take to go to their living quarters. Also with the evil group was Deviot. He had a machine similar to the forcefield machine used by Destruxo.

A Sting Winger approached Deviot and whispered something in his ear.

"Ah, the Rangers are falling into our trap," said Deviot. He fired a beam from his hand, which created a visual link with the Scorpion Stinger.

"Yes Deviot?" asked Villamax.

"The Blue and Red Rangers and Magna Defender are heading towards our vicinity. Once I erect the forcefield, send Silverboil to attack Terra Venture, but make sure that he is outside of the forcefield. He will only have the Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers to face."

"I see. So, have you been able to draw the Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers from their quarters?"

"Yes. I sent a Sting Winger disguised as a human with a letter addressed to those three. It instructed them to meet in front of the Science Department. Theyíve already left."

"Great. I will proceed as planned. Trakeena will surely be happy to see the Rangers finally defeated," concluded Villamax as the visual link was terminated.

Another Sting Winger approached Deviot and whispered something to him.

"Now is time to erect the forcefield." Deviot pressed a few buttons. A beam was projected vertically two miles high and then split horizontally to complete the forcefield, which had a five-mile diameter.

* * *

"How do you guys feel about Karone now?" asked Kai as the trio turned a street corner.

"Well sheís no Kendrix," said Leo.

"That but sheís got a great sense of understanding thatís similar to Kendrixís," stated Mike.

"Well, I agree with both of you to a point. I think that her personality has a bit of all of ours meshed together in a way only Karone could accomplish. Donít you think so?"

"Well I think that I really donít care. Karone wonít be here to save you anyway, so why worry?" said Deviot.

Kai, Leo, and Mike looked to see a couple of Sting Wingers and Deviot. Then they looked around to see if there were any civilians in the area

"Why are you here Deviot?" asked Mike.

"As always, to get rid of you." Deviot laughed after this statement.

"Why are you laughing Deviot?" asked Kai.

"Because I know something you donít know," replied Deviot in a childish tone. "Sting Wingers, attack them!"

The Sting Wingers began to advance towards the three Rangers.

"Go Galactic!" called Leo and Kai as the morphed into the Red and Blue Galaxy Rangers.

"Magna Power!" called Mike as he morphed into the Magna Defender.

The three Rangers began to battle the oncoming advance of the Sting Wingers.

As the fight began to end with the Sting Wingers losing, the Rangers began to wonder where there friends were.

"Hey guys, whereís Karone and the others?" asked Magna Defender.

"Yeah, they should have been here by now," replied Blue Ranger.

"Letís just say Ďthey canít go where theyíre not wanted.í Remember this device, Rangers?" asked Deviot as he moved to reveal the forcefield machine.


"Mike, itís a forcefield device. When Destruxo first arrived, she used one of those to keep us out while she searched for the Lights of Orion."

"Ah, your memory is still intact Red Ranger. Now for your reward." Deviot blasted Red Ranger.

"Leo!" exclaimed Blue Ranger and Magna Defender as they ran to their fallen leaderís side.

"Youíll pay for that Deviot!" announced Magna Defender.

"I doubt that. Arachnobot, come forth!"

A spider-like robot appeared before Deviot.

"Proceed as planned," ordered Deviot.

Streams of webbing exited Arachnobotís mouth onto Magna Defender and Blue Ranger, covering them from their feet to their neck. Then Arachnobot created a web in the alley with the two Rangers in the center. Then Arachnobot Ďspití two venom detonators from her mouth, one on each of the Rangers in her web.

Suddenly, Red Ranger began to get up and faced both Deviot and Arachnobot, both now standing by the web his fellow Rangers were attached to.

"What have you done to them Deviot?"

"Simple Red Ranger. Arachnobot here has spun her web and has caught Magna Defender and Blue Ranger in it."

"Let them go, or Iíll use force."

"That still wonít save your friends. See a venom detonator is attached to your fellow Rangersí chests, set to go off in sixty seconds. So you must rescue them first, but thereís a catch."


"It takes fifteen seconds to get the webbing off of one of them and ten seconds to disarm the detonator. Now you only have forty seconds left and a choice to make. Which will you save: your brother or your friend?"

Who would you save?