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Authorís Note: This story obviously takes place during the Ninja Ranger period. This fic and many others after it will not contain continuity. They just are similar in that they are Ďsocial conflictsí. Now on with the story.

Troubled Waters
by : Power Blue

Tell me whoís gonna look at you
And love you for the person you are
Tell me whoís gonna understand
That sometimes you can take things too far

Tuesday morning, on the school bus

"Morning Kim," said Billy as he greeted his friend. He sat on his assigned seat with her.

"Hey Billy."

The bus turned right as it headed west on Cambridge Avenue.

"So, was what Aisha told you true?" asked Billy.

"Yeah. I saw it myself. I called Tommy last night and talked to him about the hickey. He said he got it by getting Ďmixed upí in something. I told him that I didnít want him as my boyfriend anymore."


"Iíve got to tell you something, but youíve got to keep it a secret."


The bus made a stop. Two students boarded the bus. As they sat down, the bus driver continued on her route.

Kim toned her voice down to a whisper as she began to speak.

"Yesterday, I kissed somebody."

"Who?" Billy asked as he toned his voice to a whisper.

"I kissed Richie."

"How? When? Where?"

"Over by Coach Colmís room."

The bus made another stop. Approximately seven students boarded the bus this time. As the last student sat down, the bus driver continued on the bus route.

"So when did this happen?" asked Billy.

"Yesterday afternoon after the early buses left."

The bus stopped once more. The final load of students boarded the bus. This stop would be the last one before reaching the drop off at Angel Grove High. Once everyone was seated on the bus, the bus driver headed for the high school.

"Please tell me no one saw," said Billy.

"No one sawÖwell except Brandi. You know how nosy she is. During the entire kiss, she kept peeking around the corner."

"You better hope she doesnít tell. Better yet, you better hope Melissa doesnít find out about this."

"Oh, I know. Since Brandi tells so many lies, no one will believe her about something like this. I donít think anyone else saw. Ms. Barker approached me shortly after Ďthe kissí and asked for my name, but I donít think she saw anything."

"Girl, you are crazy."

*Laughs* "Be quiet Billy."

"All right Kim. All right."

* * *

Tuesday afternoon, third period (outside)

"Iím so glad we got out of that class," said Adam.

"Iím shocked at how fast you got Ms. Wilkins to sign a note for us to view the Spanish class," said Billy.

"Yeah, I am amazing."

"I wonder what Zordon would have to say if he ever caught wind of what just happened."

"Hopefully nothing."

The two continued to talk as they walked to the Spanish room.

"Well as you know, I have moved on from Trini. Iím starting to think about Kim now, but Iím not sure."

"Sure of what?"

"Whether I should pursue Kim. She has did something pretty bad lately, but I canít tell."

"Come on Billy. You can tell me. Itís not as if you were sworn to secrecy. You know that Iím your friend; you can trust me."

Billy remained silent for a moment. "Yeah, youíre right. Iíll tell you." Billy told Adam nearly the entire story with only leaving out the part about Tommyís hickey.

"Oh. Well I did see Kim and Richie talking yesterday, but I didnít think much of it," said Adam.

"I know that what she told me doesnít bother me. Sheís a great friend, and I enjoy being at her side to listen to what she has to say. I donít know; thereís just something about her."

"Well, you know you have a major stumbling block along this path of love. Tommy. If you decide to pursue, you are risking your friendship with Tommy, which could have dangerous repercussions."

"Iíve analyzed all of the possible consequences of this, and that was the primary consequence that did yield the most harm."

"Well, at least this can be said. You truly do have something for her. Something deeper that what you expressed during the time you were thinking about Trini."

"You couldnít be closer to the truth."

* * *
Tell me whoís gonna be there when
Times are good and when they are bad
Tell me whoís gonna love you girl
The way I love you

Wednesday lunchtime, at the Juice Bar

"Hey Kim, I didnít see you on the bus this morning," said Billy. He sat down at the table Kim was seated at.

"Yeah, I finally drove to school this morning."

"Thatís good. So where are the others?"

"Actually I donít know. This table was empty when I came so I sat down."

"Pretty peculiar."

"Yeah, very strange."

"So while weíre alone, I can quiz you on anything that has happened since yesterday."

"What do you mean?"

"The Richie-Tommy-you-and-anyone else situation."

"Oh. Well I havenít heard from Tommy lately. As for Richie, that was only a one-time thing. He had made the move, and I took it. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides, I would never want to destroy the relationship he and Melissa has."

"Thatís good. So, how are you taking the hickey situation?"

"Well there was some stuff I didnít tell you regarding that."

"Like what?"

"Well, I think Tommy and I are no more."

"How come?"

"When I confronted him about the hickey, I was pretty upset. I think that I might have said some harsh things to him to make him think that I donít want him anymore."

"How did you come to that conclusion?"

"He called me last night and told me that he doesnít think that we should be together anymore. In fact, he told me that he has a new girlfriend."

"Donít tell me that he told you who."

"A new girl. I think her name is Kat."

"So there arenít any hard feelings between the two of you?"

"As of right now, none, and I donít expect any to show up in the future."

"Well thatís good. At least there wonít be any animosity between you two, for yours and the teamsí sake."

Kim looked at Billy admiringly. "Billy, guess what?"


"Youíre a great friend. It pays to have a friend like you."

"Well thanks and ditto Kim."

"Youíre welcome."

"Kim, how about I take you to the movies tonight, as friends."

"Hmm. Well I donít have anything planned tonight, so Iíll go. What time do you want me to be ready?"

"Eight will be fine. My dad should let me have the Escort tonight."

"Iíll be ready and waiting then."

Tommy, Adam, Aisha, and Rocky approached the table that Kim and Billy were seated at. They sat down.

"So where have you guys been?" asked Billy.

"A fight occurred in the History building, and we helped to stop it," answered Aisha.

*Bell Ring*

"Time to go already?" asked an exasperated Rocky.

"I guess stopping that fight took all lunch period. Donít worry Rocky; youíll be able to save your appetite until after school," said Adam. He and Rocky left the table to go to their next class.

"Come on Aisha. We donít want to be late for Spanish. You know how Mr. Garund gets," stated Kim.

"Donít I know? Letís go." Aisha and Kim left together.

"Iím glad for you."

"What are you talking about Tommy?"

"I mean Iím happy for you Billy. Youíll finally be able to do something you should have done long ago, if it wasnít for me."

"What or who are you talking about?"


"Did Adam tell you?"

"No, he didnít. Iíve always suspected it but never acted upon it. My letting Kim go is for the greater good. You two deserve each other. I never felt totally whole with Kim, as if part of me knew that she was for someone else and not me. Iím thinking that my relationship with Kat is going to be different."

Billy looked at Tommy as if he was shocked by all his friend had said.

"Thanks. At least you understand." Billy shook Tommyís hand. "Now we better get to class before weíre late. I donít want to pick up any of your bad habits."

"Donít push it Billy."

The two friends shared a joyous laugh and headed to class.