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Previously on A Powerful Return: Kai and Damon received contestant positions on the new game show A Blast from the Past. Trakeena tried to trick the Rangers into giving their Quasar Sabers to her and keep Billy, but she failed. Although Billy was rescued from Trakeenaís grasp, Dreadorite quickly regained Billy for Trakeena. A game show invitation has been given to the Rangers. Will they play into Trakeenaís hand? Find out on A Powerful Return next!

The Game
by : Power Blue

"What are we going to do?"

"I guess weíll go Kendrix, but who here knows a lot about the Rangersí past?" asked Leo.

"I know I do. I formerly lived in Angel Grove where the Rangers were originated. Also, Billy told me some stuff about their past, but I donít know that much," Kai said.

"I could help too. From working on the Astro Megaship when it was a museum, I know lots about the Space Rangers," said Damon.

"Alpha could possibly school us on their past too. I know previous Ranger events must have been stored in the Astro Megashipís database," said Kendrix.

"You know what guys?" asked Maya.


"Why would Trakeena choose a subject that we would easily know?"

"He wouldnít, unless it was going to be presented from an unknown perspective," said Kai.

"A personal perspective, like Billyís!" exclaimed Kendrix. "Weíve got to rescue him!"

"No, we canít. Furio and Trakeena arenít going to let him out again until the game. Itís too risky to try to get him off the Scorpion Stinger without knowing where he is," said Leo.

"Well, all thereís left to do is get ready for the history challenge," Maya said.

"Yeah, thatís all we need. Extra material to study for," voiced Damon.

"Well, Iíve got part of that beat. When I was asking him some questions about his past, he gave me some answers from his personal experience as a Ranger," Kai said.

"And Iíve talked to him myself, and heís revealed to me information about his past," Kendrix added.

"DECA should have information about the past Rangers that should help us out too," said Maya.

"This is great. Letís go back to the Megaship and have a big study session," said Leo.

"Yeah, because weíre going to need it," said Damon.

"Are we clear Maya?"

Maya checked the street. "Weíre clear Leo."

"Ok guys. Letís teleport." All of the Rangers teleported to the Astro Megaship.


Celebration and preparation were underway at the Scorpion Stinger.

"Yes, we got the brainiac back!" exclaimed Trakeena.

"Good work Dreadorite," praised Furio.

"Yes, you performed well today. Now, I want you to go and drain Billyís memories concerning anything as a Ranger."

"As you wish Trakeena." Dreadorite left.

"Trakeena, if I may ask, how are we going to design this so called Ďgame showí?"

"Furio, itís simple. If youíd been paying attention to whatís happening on Terra Venture, youíd know that theyíre holding their own game show tomorrow. All we have to do is commandeer their set, transfer it to the Nakell Dimension, and use it to our pleasure."

"That is a marvelous plan, my princess."

"I know. Now make sure that you can gather all of the known evils within this galaxy and invite them to the game show. Make sure that everyone who is nearly someone is there. I want this game show to be the talk of the galaxy."

"Certainly Trakeena. Iíll get on it now."

"This will be the biggest event yet, and Iím going to make sure that it is a smash hit."


The study the Rangers had prepared with DECA and Alpha had reached to the hour of 9:00 P.M. The Rangers were tired out from the amount of knowledge they had consumed during the day.

Alpha spoke to the tiresome Rangers. "Rangers, itís time to go to your living quarters. Youíre tired, and you need your sleep."

"Alpha, weíve got to study more," pleaded Damon.

"Yeah, for Billyís sake," added Kai.

"Youíll have enough time in the morning," advised Alpha.

"Guys, Alphaís right. Letís get some sleep. Weíll need our energy for tomorrow," said Maya.

"Well, good night guys," said Kendrix as she headed to her living quarters with Maya.

"Good night," replied the male Rangers.

"Come on guys. Letís go to bed," said Leo as headed to his living quarters. Kai and Damon followed him.


As morning came, the Rangers werenít able to meet again to study as early as they wanted to. Kai had to complete a few of his duties while Kendrix completed a few of the experiments and lab reports she started the day before. The Rangers were finally able to meet at noon in the Megashipís Glider Bay with Alpha.

"All right Rangers, do you have any questions on the material youíve studied?"

"I do. Was Billy an original Ranger, or were the Blue Ranger powers passed to him?" asked Maya.

"I can answer that. He was the original Blue Ranger," said Kai.

ĎYeah, his basic weapon as the Blue Ranger was the Blade Blaster, and his signature weapon was the Power Lance. The Pyramid formation could be used with the Blade Blasters, and the Power Gun was formed with his Power Lance and the other Rangersí signature weapons," added Leo.

"Thatís right Leo and Kai."

"Alpha, letís go through the video archives and watch some old Ranger footage. It should be helpful," said Kendrix.

"All right Kendrix. To the bridge," said Alpha in a commanding voice.

The Rangers spent ninety minutes watching clips from old Ranger battles. DECA alerted the Rangers that the time was now 1:35 P.M.

"Do you feel confident about what you know Rangers?" asked Alpha.

"We should be. My brainís been absorbing all of this knowledge, and I still have enough space for what I have to know for the game show later," Damon replied.


"Where?" asked Leo.


"We need to get there quickly," said Kai.


"So thatís their basis for the game show this afternoon," said Maya.

"How are we going to retrieve the set?" asked Kendrix.

"We donít. We have to go through with the game show to get Billy back before we can even try to get the set back," said Leo.

"Leoís right, but I have a plan. DECA set a lock on the area of the Nakell Dimension that weíll be in. Once we have won the game, teleport us, Billy, and the set back to Terra Venture."

"Kai thatís great and all, but wonít we have to have Billy in our presence in order to teleport him back here?" asked Maya.

"Of course. Youíre not doubting that we wonít win?"


"Weíre losing time guys. Weíve got to go now. DECA set the teleportation coordinates for the Nakell Dimension please. All right guys, ready?"

"Ready as Iíll ever be," replied Kendrix. The others sufficiently nodded.

"Letís morph then. Go Galactic!" shouted Leo. As the Rangers morphed, they were teleported to the Nakell Dimension.


On the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena was sitting in her seat in Scorpiusís throne room with her father. Furio entered the room.

"Is everything set Furio?" asked Trakeena.

"Yes Trakeena. We have stolen the game show set from Terra Venture and have placed it within the Nakell Dimension. The guests are arriving as of now."

"Letís go Father. This should be great."

"Yes daughter," said Scorpius as he, Trakeena, and Furio teleported to the Nakell Dimension.


The Rangers were seated in their seats on stage. They were positioned in front of the hostís podium. The chamber in which Billy would be held was to their upper left. The audienceís seats were behind the hostís podium. There were three balcony seats added to the original design intended. The Rangers reached the assumption that these seats were for Trakeena, Scorpius, and Furio.

Sting Wingers were guiding the audience guests to their seats. Many boos and jeers were coming from the audience directed towards the Rangers. The audience seats were quickly being filled. Once the seats were filled, Scorpius, Trakeena, and Furio entered. They sat in their seats and waited for the game show to begin. Suddenly, the colored lights above the set began to illuminate as Dreadorite finally appeared with Billy and began to speak

"Ladies and gentlemen, monsters and villains, welcome to the Nakell Dimension's A Ranger Past. I am your host speaking. The contestants are the Galaxy Rangers."

The crowd began to boo.

"They are here to try to win back their human friend Billy," Dreadorite gestured towards Billy as more boos could be heard, "by answering questions about Billy's past. Let's hope they lose." Cheers then began to arise from the crowd. Dreadorite teleported Billy to his containment chamber.

Red Ranger spoke, "We're ready. Get on with the show."

"Let me explain the rules. First, YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Second, you will have to answer a total of twenty questions. The first five questions are worth ten points a piece with the value escalating ten points every five questions. You'll have twenty seconds to come up with an answer for each question. You must have a total of 500 points or more to win. Each Ranger will get a chance to answer five questions, leading to a total of twenty-five questions. If you answer your five correctly, you can proceed until you get a question wrong. Once you get one question wrong, youíre eliminated, and I go on to the next contestant. Got it?"

The Rangers nodded.

"Good. Let's play A Ranger Past!"

"The first five questions will be targeted towards the Green Ranger. During Rita Repulsa's first attack on Earth, where was Billy before he was teleported to the Command Center to become a Ranger?"

"Well that's easy. He was at the Angel Grove Juice Bar and Youth Center," answered Green Ranger.

"Correct. Ten points. Now for the next question. Before becoming the Blue Ranger, did Billy readily accept the notion of being a superhero to save Angel Grove and the Earth?"

"No he didnít. After being attacked by Ritaís putties, he and the other Rangers accepted what Zordon had said."

"Correct again. Now for this question: What girl captured Billyís eye during the time he had to battle Madam Woe?"

"Easy Dreadorite. Violet."

"Correct. Let me ask a harder question. What fear of Billyís did he defeat as a result of having to encounter a monster relating to his fear?"

"Well, there are many different fears and phobias. Billyís had to be special in order for a monster to have been created relating to it. Let me guess. A fear of fishing is my answer."

"Correct again."

"HEY, GIVE HIM A HARDER QUESTION!" shouted someone from the audience.


The anonymous shouter kept quiet.

"Now for an extremely hard question Green Ranger. You wonít get this one right."

"Try me."

"Billy received detention for the first time as a result of a prank. What did he do?"

"Billy received detention! Not him!" Green Ranger managed a quick laugh. "Dreadorite, youíre trying so hard. I would answer incorrectly just to make you feel good, but I wonít. Billy didnít do anything. Rita used Putties as doubles of the Rangers to get them into trouble."

"What! You were supposed to get it wrong!"

"Too bad. Iím just that good."

Dreadorite began to heat up but cooled down as he realized that Scorpius and Trakeena were watching him, two people he needed to impress.

"Answer this question then Green Ranger. Billy detected the change of power on the moon. How did he do it?"

"You must think Iím dumb. Duh, he used the computers in the Command Center to detect that Lord Zedd had arrived to the moon."

"You must be dumb. YOUíRE WRONG!" Dreadorite laughed as Green Ranger was removed from the contestant table into the losersí chamber.

"What? How was that wrong?"

"Billy, give him the answer."

Billy received an electric shock from Dreadorite and did as he was told. "There was a loud boom heard in Angel Grove. I could tell that it wasnít natural, but I didnít immediately know how the sound originated until Zordon later informed us that Lord Zedd had arrived."

"Yellow Ranger, itís your turn in the hot seat."

Yellow Ranger sat in the same seat that Green Ranger was recently in.

"Now for your first question. Lord Zedd cast a spell on Zack, the Black Ranger, and Billy, affecting their eyes. What were the effects of Zeddís spell on Billy and Zack?"

Yellow Ranger pondered over the question for five seconds and then answered. "Zack and Billy saw their friends as the enemy as an effect of Zeddís spell."

"Although you didnít specify what type of enemy, you are correct Yellow Ranger. Fifteen points."

The other Galaxy Rangers extolled their friend for correctly answering the previous question.

"Now for the next one. Billy had stumbled upon the creation of a new Ranger during the time of which he and the other Rangers need extra help. What was he doing that led him to this finding?"

_Usually at times where an extra Ranger is needed, so Iíve heard, the current Rangers are in trouble. The Rangers must have needed help. I remember now. _ "Iíve got the answer. Billy was looking for help from Zordon and Alpha."

"Vaguely answered but correct. Prepare yourself for this question: What alien friend of Billyís created snow for him and his friends to experience?"

"Iíve heard of beings who could create snow at a whim. Was it Bookala?"

"Yes, it was Bookala. Fifteen more points. Now try this question. Billy had to deal with a clone of his. How was this clone created?"

"Simple. Lord Zedd created a monster to look like Billy. Just like Rita did before."

"WRONG! To the losersí chamber you go!" Yellow Ranger was teleported to the chamber to sit with her comrade, Green Ranger.

"Billy, provide them with the answer."

Dreadorite didnít have to provide a stimulus to make Billy answer this time. "A friend of mine, Laura, created a statue that resembled me. Rita and Zedd caught wind of this creation and decided to turn the statue into a clone of me."

"Now itís time for you to come to the contestant seat Red Ranger."

Red Ranger was transported to the hot seat to answer the next set of questions.

"Now for your first question: When Billy was given the Blue Ninja Ranger powers, his totem spirit was the Wolf. What characteristics was the reason for Billy receiving these powers?"

"Of course it was because he was silent and sure. Come on Dreadorite; throw something hard at me."

"IíLL THROW SOMETHING HARDER!" exclaimed Dreadorite in anger. It was only Red Rangerís first time being question for this quiz game and already he was getting smart with Dreadorite. Dreadorite calmed down and didnít act upon what he said he was going to do.

"Well, is he correct?" asked Pink Ranger from her seat.

"Yes, he is, but he wonít be correct for long. Red Ranger, hereís your next question: Once upon a time, Billy created a device to shut down the Command Center. What prompted him to make the invention?"

_Billy tried to destroy the Command Center! I never thought that heíd do something like that! _ thought Red Ranger in disbelief. He then tried to concentrate on the correct answer as it finally surfaced in his mind.

"Billy was under a hate spell from Hatemaster. The spell made him create the device."

"Correct, although I donít really care, but correct."

Jeers began to pour from the audience.



"Calm down, calm down. We are nearly halfway through the quiz show. The Rangers have only 165 points; 335 points away from the total they must acquire. Two Rangers have already been eliminated. Who knows whatís in store next?" Dreadorite seemed to have successfully quieted the audience for no one responded to his statement.

"Now Red Ranger, hereís your next question: Billy created an invention in hopes to restore the Rangers through their Power Coins. Only Billy was able to use the machine before it was destroyed. What was the name of the machine?"

Red Ranger took no time to hesitate for he quickly answered this question. "My answer is the Regenerator."

"WHEN WILL YOU EVER ANSWER INCORRECTLY!" exclaimed an exasperated Dreadorite. Red Ranger just smiled inside his helmet and kept his comments to himself. Dreadorite calmed down once more and asked Red Ranger the next question.

"Hereís the next question: Billy created several inventions to accommodate the Aquitian Rangers on Earth. Name two of the inventions."

_Man! Billy went invention crazy! _ thought Red Ranger as the question somewhat took him by surprise. He concentrated hard, trying to think of what inventions Billy created to help the aquatic aliens.

"Well, I know that one was the HydroAtmospheric Generator. As for the otherÖ"

"Whatís wrong Red Ranger? Stuck?" Dreadorite was now making fun of Red Ranger, hoping that heíd get his answer wrong.

"Itís the umÖthe umÖthe Weather Modulator! Thatís the answer!"

"NO! Youíre right." Dreadorite said the last sentence in a defeated tone of voice.

The Rangers cheered for their leader.

"Great job Leo!" exclaimed Green Ranger.

"Stop all of this praise. Red Ranger, get ready for your next question: In order to destroy Hydrohog, Billy summoned a new Zord formation. What was it?"

"Dreadorite, I declare. You have no ingenuity in devising hard questions. This one is so easy I could answer it in a coma."

"If youíre so sure of yourself, then what is the answer?"

"The Shogun UltraZord."



"Youíre wrong, plain and simple. To the losersí booth you go." Dreadorite transported Red Ranger to the losersí booth to join Green and Yellow Rangers.

"Billy, tell them the answer."

Billyís voice boomed across the game show room. "In the need to destroy Hydrohog, I finally initiated the Shogun Falcon MegaZord."

"Ah man! I should have known that one!" said Red Ranger aloud.

"Donít worry Leo. Kendrix and Kai are still left," said Yellow Ranger in consolation.

"Pinkie, itís time for you to come up front and face the music," said Dreadorite as Pink Ranger took her proper place as the next contestant.

"Iím ready Dreadorite," said Pink Ranger.

"I see that you are. Now for your first question: Why did Billy take a non-combative role in the Zeo Ranger team?"

"Well the only reason that someone like Billy would step down from a combative role is if he was inspired to do such. Most likely, Billy decided not to be an active Ranger is because of the influence from helping the Aquitians during their stay on Earth."

"Be glad that you were correct. You gained your friends twenty-five points. Now for your next question: King Mondo released a monster named Mean Screen on Angel Grove. He implemented many computer viruses in the city and in the Zeo Rangersí weapons which rendered them helpless. How did Billy eradicate the virus so the Zeo Rangers could destroy Mean Screen?"

"Iím no fool Dreadorite. Billy wasnít on Earth to deal with Mean Screenís virus; Adam, a friend of Billyís, acquired an anti-virus from a student named to destroy Mean Screenís virus."

"Precisely. Twenty-five additional points for the Rangers."

The scoreboard instantly added twenty-five points.

"Now for the next question: What was the basis of Billy creating the Red BattleZord?"

"Billy picked up a thing or two on symbiosis technology from his brief stay on Aquitar."

"Ok. Now for another question: Why couldnít Billy receive the Gold Ranger powers?"

"Although his explanation wasnít very valid and still has to be explained," Pink Ranger looked at Billy when he said this. He turned away from her. "His explanation for not being able to receive the Gold Ranger powers was because of negative proton particles he absorbed during the destruction of the Command Center."

"Sad to say, VERY SAD TO SAY, youíre right again Pinkie. Another twenty-five points for you and your friends."

Boos began to come from the audience.

"Come on folks. Calm down. We donít have far to go and who knows whatíll happen between now and the end," said Dreadorite as he pleaded with the audience. The audience respected his wishes and calmed down.

"All right Pink Ranger. Now for your next question: What incident resulted in Billy staying on Aquitar?"

"The effects of the Regenerator on Billy finally caught up with him. Billy began to age and could not find anything to reverse the adverse aging. Finally, Delphine and Cestro told him about the Aquitian Falls and how they are like a human version of the fountain of youth. Billy finally went to Aquitar for a treatment. It worked somewhat, but he would need to stay a little longer for more treatments. In the end, Billy decided to stay on Aquitar with his new sweetheart, Cestria."

"Youíre right again, good for you. Now try this question: What girl was initially Billyís first crush?"

"Well thatís relatively simple. Violet was his first crush."

"WRONG! You humans are so susceptible to believing what is right before your eyes without thorough search. Anyway, Iíll stop my babbling and transport you to the losersí chamber as Billy tells us the answer."

Billy shed a tear as Pink Ranger was taken to the losersí chamber with her other friends. "My first crush was on the first Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart."

Pink Ranger listened in shock for this answer was on not provided in any of the Ranger archives. Dreadorite practically Ďcheatedí in a sense; he had chosen a question that neither of them could answer.

Blue Ranger was thinking exactly what Pink Ranger was thinking. _Now Billyís freedom is riding on me. I have to answer the remainder of the questions in order to get him back. _

Blue Ranger sat in the contestant seat and waited for Dreadorite to ask him his first question.

"Hereís your first question Blue Boy: During Billyís time on Earth, he experienced a total of six power transfers. Name the former beholder and the new recipient. Also, arrange them in chronological order."

_Gosh thatís a lot to answer! _ thought Blue Ranger but he answered the question anyway.

"Here goes the answer Dreadorite. The first three power transfers were conducted at the same time. Jason Lee, the original Red Ranger, passed his power to Rocky DeSantos. Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger, passed his power to Adam Park. Trini Kwan, the original Yellow Ranger, passed her power to Aisha Campbell. As time went on, the fourth power transfer occurred with Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger, who was at the time, the beholder of the Pink Crane Ninja Ranger power. With the help of Katherine, a former servant of evil, Kim retained her Pink Crane Power Coin. Zordon allowed Kim to attend the Pan Global Games. In order to still have a Pink Ranger on the team, Kim passed her power on to Katherine. The fifth power transfer wasnít necessarily a power transfer but rather a replacement on the team. Aisha had allowed Tanya to return to the Command Center with her Zeo Subcrystal. When time came for the Rangers to assume the five Zeo Ranger powers, Billy stepped down and let Tanya take a Ranger position. The final power transfer of Billyís time occurred with Trey, the original beholder of the Gold Ranger powers. Treyís body was weak, and he split into his three selves. He could not bestow the Gold Ranger power any longer and had to transfer the power quickly. Billy tried such but the negative proton particles in his body prevented the transfer. Jason Lee returned to take the position as the Gold Ranger."

"After a long and boring answer, youíre right Blue Ranger. Fifty points for you."

The other Rangers and Billy clapped for Blue Ranger.

"Now for your second question: What vital invention did Billy create for his team that carried over for several Ranger teams and years?"

"Easily, itís the same one that we continue to use now, although itís used in conjunction with our morphers."

"Well, what is it?"

"Itís the wrist communicator."

"WOW! Youíre so smart!" replied Dreadorite sarcastically. "Get ready for your next question: Up to the time Billy left Earth, there were three significant characteristics that singled him out among past Rangers. What were those characteristics?"

_Hey thatís not fair. It would take someone whoís been paying good attention to the Rangers to even know what three characteristics singled me out, _ thought Billy as he watched Blue Ranger for his answer.

"Iíve thought about my answer for awhile, and hereís my answer: Billy obviously was the only male Ranger of that time not to have a pierced ear or teach little kids martial arts. The last significant characteristic of Billyís is that he was the first Ranger ever to graduate high school."

"Correct again." Dreadorite thought about his last question intently, trying to devise a question hard enough to fool Blue Ranger.

Up in the balcony, Trakeena noticed the discomfort of the studio audience.

"Furio, how many questions are left?"

"Only one."

"How many points do the Rangers have?"

"They have 450 points."

"And they have to get at least get a total of 500 points to win."


"How many points is this last question worth?"

"Fifty points."

"Letís hope the outcome results in our favor."

Dreadorite looked at Blue Ranger and announced the final question. "Now is time for the final question. You either win or lose. The weight is on you Blue Ranger to answer the question correctly or incorrectly. Now for question twenty-five: In the not so distant past, Billy was recently on Aquitar. He decided to leave and was headed for Earth. Why was he leaving Aquitar after such a long stay?"

"What? How is Kai supposed to know that?" questioned Green Ranger.

_Iím with Damon myself. No one knows why I left Aquitar, unless I revealed that information to Kai when I didnít know it. Oh, I hope he gets this question right. _

Dreadorite finally had the crowd on the edges of their seats. The Rangers were on the verge of losing. This loss would seriously damage the Rangersí reputations and would psychologically hold them back for losing their friend. Everything hung on the balance of Blue Rangerís answer.

Blue Ranger hung his head low and concentrated deeply on the question. After a few seconds, Blue Ranger picked up his head. _I hope that this answer is right. With all my might, I hope that this answer is right. _

"Dreadorite, Iím ready to answer the question."

"Ok. Are you sure that you have the right answer?"

"Yeah, Iím sure."

"Alright then, what is your answer?"

"Obviously wouldnít have left Aquitar for some trivial reason; he had to leave because of something important. If it was because of something that happened on Earth, I believe that he would have been travelling at a greater speed than he was travelling to get home quickly. This leaves the reason of Billyís departure from Aquitar to have been because of something from Aquitar. Billy would have stayed on Aquitar if his relationship with Cestria was still strong, but he didnít stay. So Billy obviously left Aquitar because his relationship with Cestria had weakened and his homesickness finally settled in."

Dreadorite broke down in screams. "HOW CAN HE BE RIGHT! HOW DID HE KNOW THAT!"

"Yes! Iím right! We won!" exclaimed Blue Ranger. The other Rangers came out of the losersí chamber to congratulate Blue Ranger.

Trakeena was upset. "Furio, go help Dreadorite. Daddy and I are leaving." The two teleported away.

Many of the guests began to leave. Although evil greatly outnumbered the Rangers, the Rangers were known for their cunning.

Furio appeared on stage and approached Dreadorite. "Dreadorite, compose yourself. Iíll grab the human; you deal with the Rangers."

Furio began to head towards the chamber in which Billy was being held.


"You really thought that weíd play fair? Ha! Sting Wingers attack!" ordered Dreadorite.

Furio finally reached Billy. "Iím taking you back." He grabbed Billy and teleported away with him.

The fight quickly ended with the Sting Wingers running away scared.

"Letís take this fight elsewhere!" said Dreadorite as he teleported to the Mountain Dome.

"Follow him guys!" ordered Red Ranger. The Rangers teleported after the monster.

"Iím going to make your end short and sweet." An Erlenmeyer flask appeared in Dreadoriteís hand. He began to drink the contents as they made him grow to gigantic proportions.

"Oh no guys. We have a huge monster on our hands," stated Green Ranger.

"Well letís call on the reinforcements. Galactabeasts arise!" called Blue Ranger.

The Galaxy Rangers jumped upon their respective Galactabeast.

"Ha ha! Your silly animal friends wonít heart me!" exclaimed Dreadorite as he ran towards the Wildcat Galactabeast. He kicked it down, but the Wolf Galactabeast jumped on his back, which sent him to the ground. Dreadorite shook it off but quickly encountered a powerful bodyslam from the Gorilla Galactabeast. As Dreadorite finally arose to stand on his feet, the Condor Galactabeast swooped down to knock him back on the ground.

"IíM TIRED OF THIS!" yelled Dreadorite as he stood up. He emitted a blast from his mouth that hit the Lion Galactabeast.

"Itís time for Zord power," noticed Red Ranger. "Galactabeasts, transform!"

Once the Galactabeasts transformed into the GalactaZords, the Rangers entered their respective Zord cockpit.

"Alright guys. Letís form the Galaxy MegaZord," ordered Red Ranger.

Once the transformation was complete, Dreadorite was ready.

Dreadorite began the fight with a punch to the Galaxy MegaZordís chest. The Rangers delivered a counterattack by performing a right punch. The punch was blocked, but then the left leg moved for a kick. Dreadorite blocked the kick with both of his hands, but soon encountered a MegaZord fist in his face.

Dreadorite began to stand up. "Spear staff." A staff with spears on each end appeared in his hands.

Dreadorite lunged the staff at the MegaZord, but the MegaZord clasped the end with its hands.

Dreadorite flipped over the Galaxy MegaZord and delivered a blow to its back. The staff was dropped, and Dreadorite regained possession of it.

"Guys, we have to destroy that staff. Without it, Dreadoriteís history," stated Green Ranger.

"Youíre right Damon," said Red Ranger. "Galaxy MegaZord Saber!"

The saber appeared in the MegaZordís right hand.

"That sword wonít even scratch my staff," bragged Dreadorite as he began to advance. He took the offensive as he tried to attack with his staff. The Galaxy MegaZord blocked the attacks with the saber but as Dreadorite said, the saber didnít make a scratch.

Yellow ranger had an idea. "Leo, hit Dreadoriteís staff with the saber at full power."

"Great idea Maya. Galaxy MegaZord Saber, full power!" exclaimed Red Ranger.

As Dreadorite was bringing his staff downward, the fully energized Galaxy MegaZord Saber sliced the staff before it ever came into contact with the MegaZord.

"NO!" screamed Dreadorite.

"Now for the finishing touch. Condor GalactaZord, Missile Mode!" called Green Ranger.

The Zord disengaged from the Galaxy MegaZordís back onto its right arm.

"Missile fire!"

Poor Dreadorite didnít have a chance from the time the sequence was initiated. He was still in shock from his staffís destruction and was at his weakest point. As the missile began to approach him, he only had a second to notice what was going on. The next second, the missile made contact with him, and he was destroyed on contact.

"Yeah!" exclaimed the Galaxy Rangers as the monster was no more.

"Alright guys, back to the Astro Megaship. Letís see what we could do about Billy," said Red Ranger as he and the other Rangers departed from the MegaZord.


"Get in human," ordered Furio as he forced Billy inside a cage.

"Let me go Furio!" yelled Billy.

"Youíre in no place to be giving orders, boy."

Suddenly, Trakeena walked in.

"Furio, Dreadoriteís been destroyed. What are we going to do with him?" asked Trakeena as she pointed to Billy.

"I donít know Trakeena. Itís your call."

Trakeena began to think. She finally reached an answer after intense thought.

"Hmm, letís make him evil and work for us."

"Now that I can help you with. Let me summon a specialist in this field."

Blasts of lightning streaked from Furioís hand. Amazingly, a monster began to appear as the blasts went away.

"Trakeena, meet Imatraitor."

"How do you do?" asked Imatraitor as he bowed to Trakeena. She held out her hand for him to kiss.

"Why did you summon me Furio?"

"Trakeena wants to make this human," Furio pointed to Billy "evil, but there are a few obstacles. First, heís a former Power Ranger."

"No problem."

"Second, he was the original Blue Ranger that the sage Zordon recruited. You know, the guy we always heard of through rumors in the Lost Galaxy."

"Yeah, shouldnít be too bad."

"Last, he was the Blue Ranger for three years straight. Plus he was in the presence of Power Rangers for the remaining of his young adult years until now."

"What? He has a lot of good Ďblueí energy stored in him. This may be touch. I wonít be able to do a direct spell. An indirect spell will take a considerable amount of my energy, but itíll do the job."

"Well, just do it," said Trakeena.

"I need an inanimate object to conduct the spell through. Preferably, Iíll need something possibly relating to his Ranger past," said Imatraitor.

"Hereís one," said Furio. A short staff that resembled half of Billyís old Power Lance with only the two side spikes. The middle spike was replaced by a large blue crystal. He handed the staff to Imatraitor.

"NO, I DONíT WANT TO BE EVIL! DONíT DO IT!" pleaded Billy through screams.

"Quiet human. It wonít hurt a bit," said Furio.

The crystal began to illuminate, and Imatraitor fired a ray of energy from it to Billy. Imatraitor then began to chant a spell

From good to evil

To false not true

Darkness you will be

No more of righteous blue

Evil, you will consume

Good, you will eradicate

For evil is your calling

Degradation is your trait

For blue will be evil

For evilís cause you will win

With Furio as an example

You will never need good again.

"AHH!" screamed Billy as the spellís power began to consume him.

A great pressure was felt all over Billyís body. As the spell began to embed itself into Billyís mind and body, the goodness of the blue energy in him began to battle with the evil.

Billy pictured, within his mind, two persons standing opposite each other. One was a person clad in a blue suit much like a Ranger suit and the other was Billy.

"So, youíre here. You have no business here, and you have no tie to Billy. Iím prepared to send you back to where you came from," said the Blue Ranger.

"Oh be quiet, Blue Ranger. When Rita and Zedd created Billyís evil clone, there was a bond formed between the two. There was always a hidden speck of evil, which is me, in his subconscious mind. When Hatemasterís spell was cast on him, I was finally set free to do some damage. Sadly, I was regressed to the back of his mind. I surfaced for only minute moments during his non-Ranger days with the Zeo Rangers but always pushed back. You never knew that I was her because he always focused on being a good-two-shoes like you. Finally, with Furioís and Imatraitorís help, Iím back to say," said the evil Billy.

"I wonít let it happen. Letís fight."

Bleu Ranger charged at evil Billy, but evil Billy moved quickly out of the way. In hand-to-hand combat, the two exchanged equal blows and were getting no where.

"Forget this. Blade Blaster, fire!" called Blue Ranger as he savagely blasted evil Billy.

Evil Billy landed a few feet from his original location, injured but not hurt.

"Ah, smooth. Good, but not good enough. Take this!" Two balls of energy began to form in the palms of his hands. He merged the two and fired it heavily at Blue Ranger.

"Ahh!" screamed Blue Ranger as the blast knocked him five yards backwards.

"See, my power is already growing."

"I canítÖlet youÖwin."

"Let me let you have another taste of my power." Evil Billy formed another ball of energy in his right hand.

"Now the windup, and the pitch," said evil Billy as he released the ball of energy towards Blue Ranger. The effect from the blast was almost too much for Blue Ranger to take, but he survived. Evil Billy had turned his back, and Blue Ranger took the chance to run away. Once evil Billy turned back around, Blue Ranger was gone.

"Control of Billy is now mine!" exclaimed evil Billy. An evil laugh bellowed from this individual.

Billy awoke in his cage with the staff Furio created in his right hand. He addressed Trakeena, Furio, and Imatraitor.

"Evil is now first nature to me. Iím ready to destroy all that is good," stated the new evil Billy.