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Rangers Found
by : Power Blue

"Hmm, of the five, you had to be the one least affected. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. Trakeena should be happy that I'm bringing you back," said Deviot. He was carrying the dismembered body of Psycho Pink from the battleground in which her and her fellow Psychos had been defeated. Psycho Pink had been the only Psycho Ranger that Deviot found not beyond his repair.

"It won't matter if I have all five Psycho Rangers or not. I'll make sure that Psycho Pink will end the Ranger career of at least one Ranger; that will be satisfactory." Deviot walked a bit farther from the battleground and teleported to the Scorpion Stinger.

* * *

"And that's the grand tour," said Maya as she sat in a chair in front of a console. The Space Rangers, minus Zhane, and the Galaxy Rangers were standing in the bridge of the Astro Megaship.

"Well I can say that your Ranger powers are very different from ours," stated Ashley.

"And those Galactabeasts! Talk about MAJOR freakouts!" exclaimed Cassie.

Laughter erupted from the group.

"It's really no problem Cassie. I'll admit, at first it's hard to cope with a Zord that has a mind of its own, but I shrugged it off. Once I realized that both of us are on the same team with the same goal, the fear of falling off or being crushed goes away," said Kendrix reassuringly.

"I've got a question then. How does it feel when you guys call on the Lights of Orion and when you do Power Up Mode?" asked TJ.

"It's a total rush. It's as if you body materializes to become this great force that can have a massive impact, somewhat like teleporting and morphing but greater in a sense," answered Kai.

"Well if anyone doesn't mind, I have got to leave. I have a job to do," said Damon.

"I'm with Damon. I have to continue research on the Galaxy Book. We'll catch up with all of you later," said Kendrix as she stood beside Damon.


"Bye!" said Kendrix and Damon as they left the bridge.

"What about you Kai?" asked Leo.

"I have the rest of the day off. When Psychos Blue and Pink attacked Kendrix and me, I was leaving my shift then."

"Well TJ and Carlos, let's head to my room. You can relax there," said Leo.

"I'm coming too," added Kai.

"Ashley and Cassie, I can show you my room," said Maya.

"Sounds like a good idea. I'll come," said Ashley.

"Me too," said Cassie.

The girls left the bridge.

"Are you coming with us Andros?" asked Leo.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. I want to run over some stuff with DECA."

"All right. Alpha can give you directions to our room. We'll see you later," said Leo as he, Carlos, Kai, and TJ left the bridge.

As soon as Andros knew that the guys were a good distance away from the bridge, he proceeded to speak to DECA.

"DECA, could you perform a search for Zhane and Karone?"

"Yes Andros. Performing search now."

"Andros, are Zhane and Karone still together?" asked Alpha.

"Not exactly. Last I knew, they had gone their separate ways although it's possible that they've reunited."

"Andros, the scan is complete," answered DECA.

"All right, where are they?"

"Zhane is currently on KO-35 assisting Kinwon in the remodeling of the Mega Winger."

"Oh well, at least he's doing something constructive. How about Karone?"

"Scanners indicate that Karone is presently on the planet Onyx. It has pinpointed that she is in Onyx's central bar. As to what she's doing is unknown."

"What could she be doing there?" asked Alpha.

"Don't worry Alpha. I have a feeling as to why she's there. DECA, contact KO-35 and ask for Zhane to come to Terra Venture. If he asks why, tell him it's my orders. Alpha, tell Leo and the others that I won't be able to make it for awhile."

"Why Andros?"

"Because I'm heading to Onyx."


"I know Alpha. It's dangerous, but I want Karone to come to meet the Galaxy Rangers."

"All right but be careful."

"I will."

* * *

"All you could bring back was Psycho Pink!" Trakeena was ecstatic and pacing in front of her throne.

"Trakeena, Psycho Pink was the least damaged among all five Psychos. She's the only one within my repairing abilities," Deviot stated.

"Well I want more!"

"Trakeena, you must realize Deviot's side in this matter. The remaining Psychos are beyond his repair, and Deviot is great at repairing. We'd have to find someone of super-intelligence in order to repair the remaining Psychos," said Kegler.

Trakeena stared at Kegler as if she wanted to kick him on the floor, but she couldn't. Trakeena knew that Kegler made great sense, but whom could she find to assist Deviot in repairing all of the Psychos? She could use her magic, but the she would have to serve as the Psychos' source of energy. _Who is smart and resourceful enough to help me? _

"Ah!" exclaimed Trakeena in awe.

"What is it Trakeena?" asked Villamax.

"I know exactly who can help Deviot revive all of the Psychos. Villamax, go to the deepest dungeon room and press on the right wall. The wall will give away to reveal a secret room. You will find a being there. Bring him to me."

"Yes Trakeena," said Villamax as he left.

"Deviot, go back to the battleground and gather the parts of each remaining Psycho Ranger. Bring the parts here and arrange them according to each Psycho color."

Deviot left as ordered.

"Trakeena, what are you planning?" asked Kegler.

"I'm planning the destruction of those Space and Galaxy Rangers."

* * *

"Sold for 200 dinkars to the gentleman with eight arms."

The auctioneer handed a large handgun to its new buyer.

"Now to the auctioning of this staff. As you see, it has a diamond-shaped blade with a striking lightning symbol on both sides. This is followed by a long, slender pole," said the auctioneer as he brandished the staff. "I'll start the auction of this item off at 400 dinkars."


"400! Do I hear 500?"



"My! 550. Do I hear 600?"

"You'll hear nothing but my fists if you don't stop this auction now," said a female standing directly in front of the auction stage.

"And who are you supposed to be?"

"Don't you recognize me? I'm Astronema, and the item you 'were' trying to auction is my Wrath Staff."

"Astronema!" exclaimed the auctioneer and audience in shock.

Astronema stepped on stage and approached the auctioneer. "My staff," she asked as she held her hand out.

"Of….of course….Astronema." The auctioneer gave Astronema her staff.

"I thought so." As Astronema walked off stage, a stranger dressed in a cloak entered the bar. The stranger saw where Astronema was seated and began to walk towards her.

"Astronema," said the cloaked figure. "I need you to come with me."

"What do you want?" asked Astronema in defense. She stood up to stand against the cloaked figure.

"It's important." The cloaked figure showed her a spiral designed saber.

Astronema looked at the weapon in amazement. "Ahh. I'll come." She looked towards the auctioneer. "Continue with the auction." She left the bar with the cloaked figure.

The two walked about fifty yards from the bar, in a dark alley, before either spoke.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous for you to be here?" asked Astronema in whispers.

"I could ask you the same…Karone."

"I know Mr. Mysterious, or should I call you Andros, the Red Space Ranger?"

"Be quiet and hug your brother." The two engaged in an embrace.

"All right Andros. Now to why you're here."

"Well, the rest of the guys and I are on the new space colony Terra Venture. The reason leads me to something I have to tell you. The cards are gone. They were stolen before they ever reached the auction."

"Are you serious?"


"Well, I'm glad you told me in time."

"Deviot, a minion of the new villainess Trakeena, stole the cards and revitalized them, but the guys, the Galaxy Rangers, and I destroyed them."

Karone released a sigh of relief. "So do you plan to take me to Terra Venture?"

"Exactly why I came. Come on."

* * *

"That's the last one Trakeena."

"Good Deviot. And they're all in order?"


"Trakeena, I have 'who' you wanted," stated Villamax.

"Great! Bring him to me."

A young man about the Rangers' age approached Trakeena. He was accompanied by a staff with a crystal incaxed between two spikes on the head of the staff.

"So after all of this time, you finally BECKON me. What is it Trakeena?"

"You don't speak to Trakeena like that!" voiced Villamax.

"Sit down before some real harm comes to you," retaliated Billy.

"Don't worry about it Villamax. It's just that 'someone' came here with an at-ti-tude! Calm down Billy. I know that I should have kept you up-to-date about things and should have had you out of the dungeon earlier, but I didn't. There's lots to do in this business. I guess Villamax has filled you in on our current situation?"

"If you're speaking of the guy who brought me here, yes he has. Oh, note this: my new name is Degreon. Don't ask why; just know." Degreon, formerly know as Billy, walked towards the dismembered Psycho Rangers. "Hmm, the legendary Psychos. Why are they in pieces?"

"The Space and Galaxy Rangers destroyed them in their last battle."

"And who are you?"

"I'm Deviot."

"You're not the first evil robot-like villain I've seen, but you're intriguing. I can speculate that you revived the Psychos from their data card chambers?"

"Yes but as you know, they're destroyed. Psycho Pink is the only one within my repairs that can support and individual energy source. The rest are beyond me."

"That's why I've called you. I know you have the smarts and now the power to somehow get the Psychos back together," said Trakeena.

"You're pretty demanding; you know that?" Degreon surveyed the Psychos as an idea rose to his mind. "Well you've asked the right person, but before I do anything, I have a couple of demands."


"Well it's only one demand. I want to be included in your inner circle, to know all of your plans and attacks against the Rangers."


"Great. Just make sure that you keep your end of the bargain."

"I will; I will. Now what are you going to do?" asked Trakeena in a fascinated tone of voice.

"This." Degreon raised his staff and chanted the following words: "As the sands of time flow through the almighty hourglass, a grain of sand that has passed through the center is beckoned through once more. As the tie between inventor and invention is reborn, as the tie between power and energy is reunited, Dark Specter, former Monarch of the former United Alliance of Evil, come forth as you return to live once more!"

The lights in the Scorpion Stinger went out. The only light in the throne room was illluminated from Degreon's crystal. A beam of energy appeared in front of Degreon. As the beam dispersed, a pile of lave appeared on the floor. The lava began to form itself in the shape of something, that something being Dark Specter.

Once Dark Specter was fully formed, he stared Degreon directly in his face. "Why have you brought me back to life? Aren't you one of Zordon's original Rangers?"

"I have resurrected you to fulfill my purpose, and yes, I was but my good past is forever gone."

The lights in the Scorpion Stinger became operational once more.

Degreon motioned Dark Specter to look at the mechanical heaps on the floor. "I want you to reconstruct the Psycho Rangers, provided that you are their energy source."

"Why should I do that?"

"To allow the Psychos to destroy the Rangers that destroyed them and to get revenge against Zordon's last group of Rangers, the Space Rangers."

"Ahh! Andros and his team are still alive?"

"Yes, sad to say, but you can make sure that they never see another day. All you have to do is do what I say." Degreon cast a hypnosis spell to surpress any doubts remaining in Dark Specter's mind.

"Will you do as I command Dark Specter?"