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Previously on Zeo Realizations: Billy contemplates why he couldnít accept the Gold Ranger powers. Zedd and Rita discuss a spell they cast on Billy to increase his anger on being a non-Ranger. Mondo receives an exceptional monster but sends a dud in its place. Billy becomes enraged at his friends and Zordonís attitudes and goes AWOL. He makes shocking remarks towards his friends and teleports from the Power Chamber. Will Billyís hatred towards his friends turn him to the side of evil? Find out on Zeo Realizations next!

The Search Begins
by : Power Blue

_Theyíll learn not to mess with me. _ Billy began to rummage through his things. _Once I return, none of them will think of me as before. Iíll make sure of that. _

Billy found all of the items that he was searching for and placed them on his lab desk. He picked up a several printouts and an old piece of paper that resembled a piece of papyrus. _These scrolls and printouts should help direct me. Spending extra time in the Power Chamber really pays off. _ He began to drift off. He placed the scrolls and printouts on the lab desk once more.

Billy picked up a machine that was approximately seven by five by nine inches in volume. It appeared to be very complex in structure but simplistic in management. _This portable teleportation device (PTD) should allow me to teleport anywhere I need to in combination with my communicator. _ He placed the PTD in a blue duffel bag.

_And now for protection. _ Billy picked up a Zeo Laser Pistol and brandished it in front of him. He then held it up in the light to admire it. _To think it was almost foolhardy to have manufactured an extra Zeo Laser Pistol. Well, Iím glad that I have it now; for some reason I feel that this will come in handy. _ He placed the laser pistol in his duffel bag.

Billy continued to place several other items into his duffel bag. The items included a compass, two oxygen tanks, a breathing apparatus designed for extraterrestrial travel, food and drink, and a sleeping bag. Once these items were in his duffel bag, he zipped it up.

_ Neither Zordon nor the others will bother me when I return. _ "Ah!" groaned Billy. A sharp pain erupted through his body.

All of a sudden, Billyís demeanor changed. _No, Iíll be of great help. Zordon and the others are my friends. _ "Ah!" groaned Billy again as the sharp pain erupted through his body.

Unknown to Billy, the pains that he was receiving were the effects of Zeddís spell weakening and strengthening. Billyís unnatural hatred had begun to fade in and out. Luckily for Zedd, the spell strengthened itself before Billy had time to realize what was going on.

_No, Zordon and the others wonít reap the rewards of my discovery. Iíll make sure that this is for me only. _ He picked up the computer printouts and scanned the paper on top.

"It will be best to star off from where the Zeo Crystal was placed," said Billy aloud. He set the coordinates in the PTD for the cave directly under Zedd and Ritaís palace on the moon.

Billy placed the breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks on himself to be prepared for his arrival on the moon.

"Itís time to get out of here," said Billy as he performed the last positioning of the breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks. Then, he teleported to the moon.

* * *

"Yes!" exclaimed Lord Zedd.

"What are you yelling for Zeddy?" asked Rita.

"The spell is working."

"How do you know?"

"I made a connection with the spell so that I will know of its progress."

"Oh. How delightfully evil," chuckled Rita. Then she became serious. "Just make sure it works."

"Yes, with control of Billy, we will plow the Machine Empire and those Zeo Rangers into the ground!" exclaimed Lord Zedd.

* * *

Things were abnormally quiet around the Machine Empire. No attacks were being planned against the Rangers because of the Rangers recent victory; this was normal. King Mondo had secluded himself from everyone with the exception of one monster; this was abnormal. Usually, Mondo was somewhere planning the next attack against the Rangers after letting his oil pressure moderate itself. The decrease in movement began to worry Prince Sprocket.

"Mommy!" exclaimed Sprocket as he was searching for his mother. He finally found her in her bedroom chamber Ďoilingí herself.


"Yes, Sprocket?" asked Queen Machina as she turned to face her son.

"Mommy, is Daddy all right?"

"Of course he is Son."

"Iím getting worried that he may have a virus and his motherboard may be going haywire and thatís why he isnít here."

"No Sprocket. Your father is fine. Heís just concentrating on the monster Klank and Orbus made so it will be able to destroy the Rangers for good."

"Oh," said Sprocket, relieved by the news he just heard. "Thank you Mom." Sprocket hugged his mother.

* * *

Everyone was speechless. Billy had spoken such harsh things to them. How could he say such things? Were Billyís statements true?

Zordon knew what was in his Rangersí minds. "Rangers, all of us were and still are shocked by what Billy said, but there is an explanation. During his speech, I was able to analyze his mental being. I discovered that Billy was under the influence of a poorly made spell. The spell was made to feed on Billyís subconscious of why he wasnít a Ranger. This way, the spell would grow. It had reached a peak, and thatís why Billy began to speak and act irrationally."

The Rangers and Alpha released a huge sigh.

"So, the feelings Billy claimed to have were created by the spell?" asked Adam.

"Yes and no. Many of the statements he made did surface in his mind with no help from the spell, but Billy already declared those statements incorrect. The spell caused those statements to resurface. The only legitimate feeling that Billy had was wanting to be a Ranger again."

"Well Zordon, is there any way to make him a Ranger again?" asked Jason.

"Yes, but there are reasons for not disclosing the information. As of the present time, there is no need for an extra Ranger. At the time Gold Ranger appeared, we did require his assistance. The negative proton particles in Billy blocked the acceptance of the Golden power, mainly because of its Triforian predecessor. Thatís why Jason became the Gold Ranger. As of now, Gold Ranger is needed and hopefully will stay as a part of the team.

"As for the making of a new Zeo Ranger, there is one possibilityÖ"

"Zordon, sorry to cut you off, but if there was always a way to make Billy a Zeo Ranger, then why wasnít it done?" asked Rocky as he fixed his gaze on Zordon.

Zordon realized that all eyes were on him, so he spoke the remainder of what he was saying. "Iím going to get to that Rocky. There are two extra Zeo Subcrystals other than the ones the five primary Zeo Rangers possess. The Gold Ranger powers are drawn from the sixth Zeo Subcrystal, but finding the crystal is a mystery. As of now, the Golden Power Staff is used to energize the Gold Ranger. The last two subcrystals were made to join the first five as the Zeo Crystal, but something drastic happened. Evil forces discovered that a magnificent power crystal was made, and they wanted it for themselves. In order to keep the crystals from evilís grasp, the group had to think quick. They decided to join the subcrystals into one crystal and hide it in a power field only accessible to good. The first five were easy to join, but the last two werenít. So it was decided to hid the Zeo Crystal in the power field and create staffs relating to the sixth and seventh Zeo Subcrystals, so the powers of the Subcrystals could be embedded within the staffs. The staff of the sixth Zeo Subcrystal, the Gold Ranger power, was sent to Triforia in hopes that the power would remain on the side of good. As for the seventh Zeo Subcrystal, by the time the power of the sixth Zeo Subcrystal had been embedded in its corresponding staff, time was running out. The power was embedded in its corresponding staff, but the forces of evil were advancing towards the moon that the staff could not be sent to another planet. The staff was carefully hidden in a dimension with only clues to find its location. The Zeo Crystalís creators had dispersed by the time the evil forces had reached the Moon. They, the evil forces, discovered the scrolls that contained the clues to the location of the seventh Zeo Subcrystal, but they could not decipher the meaning of the clues. There are over thousands of dimensions, and it would be tedious work to search all Ďthoroughly.í So they only know of the Zeo Crystalís and the sixth Zeo Subcrystalís locations. The Gold Ranger power was too much to handle, and the Zeo Crystal could not be accessed for fear of sudden destruction. So the entire project of obtaining the Zeo power was dropped. When I obtained those scrolls, I kept them for safe keeping, for whenever the need to decipher them would come. They should still be here."

"Zordon, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I decided to look for them while you were speaking. I discovered that they are gone, along with a spare Zeo Laser Pistol," said Alpha V.

"Billy must have taken them. Thatís why he said that we wouldnít stop him," said Tanya.

"This all makes sense. Remember during the time the Gold Ranger first showed up, Billy was here one minute but gone the next. He told me that his reason for disappearing was because he was creating a portable teleportation device. It could input coordinates and teleport anyone to a certain destination. It wasnít complete and hat to run on an amount of stored energy from the Power Chamber. Its purpose was to be used in times when contact with the Power Chamber was out. He probably has left in search of the seventh Zeo Subcrystal," said Adam.

"Alpha, is there a way to find Billy?" asked Kat.

"Yes and no. Yes, if he hasnít shut his link with the Power Chamber off. No, if he has."

"Rangers, donít worry yourselves on Billyís departure and location. If any part of Billy we know is still in control of his body, he can take care of himself. Go and relax yourselves."

"Zordonís right guys. Iíve got a feeling that Billy will be all right," said Tommy. The other Rangers gathered around him and teleported to Angel Grove.

* * *

The moonís surface was a marvel to see again. The surface was beyond description and left Billy speechless. Although he felt alone while he marveled the moon, he wasnít. The Machine Empireís base was here and unknown to Billy, Rita; Zedd; and gang were wandering on the moon as well. Zedd and Rita were oblivious to Billyís location and did not know how close he was to them. Billy trekked on to Zedd and Ritaís palace, and once there, was able to locate the cave in which the Zeo Crystal was once located for centuries.

Billy began to rummage through his duffel bag for the scrolls.

_Here they are. Clue #1- ĎThe power of five reverts to one, and one plus two is three, in the dimension that you will seek.í What dimension is that? _

After a few minutes of thought, Billy knew the answer. _ĎThe power of five reverts to oneí refers to the first five Zeo Subcrystals. They revert to one to form the Zeo Crystal. One plus two is three refers to adding the sixth and seventh Zeo Subcrystals to make three. There is no dimension labeled ĎThree or Thirdí but the Zeo Crystal deals with polygons. The polygon with three sides is the triangle, and there is a dimension named the Tri-wrap dimension! _ Billy zipped his duffel bag and began to search the Tri-wrap dimensionís coordinates in the PTD. The coordinates were found, and Billy teleported to the dimension with belongings in hand.

* * *

The Zeo Rangers, unmorphed, were gathered around a picnic table in Angel Grove Park, heavy in discussion.

"What if Billy is lost?" asked Kat.

"Donít worry Kat. He has a laser pistol to protect himself," said Rocky jokingly.

"But can that laser pistol protect him from the likes of other evils that he might face?" asked Tanya.

"Weíll just have to pray that Billy is not harmed while heís gone," answered Adam.

"If he does return, will the spell remain?" asked Jason.

Tommy answered his question. " I doubt it will. There must be some test of goodness that heíll have to endure before he can obtain the staff. Hopefully, Billy will be able to rid himself of the spell. Either Billy returns with Ranger power and no spell or returns with no Ranger power and the spell."

Tanya changed the subject. "I canít believe that Billy thought that we thought of him as a do-boy."

"Well, when you consider that he had been a Ranger for sometime and working around a group of Rangers, doing things that normally a ĎRangerí would do, yeah you do start to feel like a do-boy," replied Rocky.

"But donít forget, Zordon said that Billy had already discarded that thought a long time ago. It only resurfaced as an effect of the spell," added Adam.

"Well, itíll be great to have Billy back in battle with us," said Jason.

"If he rids himself of the spell," said Kat.

"If he finds the staff at all," said Tommy.

* * *

As Billy entered the Tri-wrap dimension, a thought entered his mind. _Why would the seventh Zeo Subcrystal be hidden here? This dimension has a direct link with Triforia, the planet that held the power of the sixth Zeo Subcrystal. I hope that Iím right in my conclusions. _

Billy looked up to observe his surroundings. _What a strange place. _ Billy observed his surroundings to discover that it was much like a forest area, but everything was grouped in threes. From bushes to leaves on a branch to little squirrels, everything was grouped trifold.

Billy began to read the next clue on the scroll. _Clue #2 reads ĎThe remaining clues require exploration to find what you do seek, but to make sure youíre going in the right direction, you must acquire a map of the week.í_ "Well thatís simple."

Billy rummaged through his duffel bag until he found what he was looking for. "Here it is. I always have my calendar. Now on to Clue #3."

_ĎNow walk 400 paces forward, to the conjunction of many streets. Choose the one related to gold, and walk 600 paces along the path until a crystal rock you will meet.í_ Billy began to look forward as he began to walk the required paces.

Once he approached the conjunction, he understood why Ďa map of the weekí was required.

_This is very interesting. All of the seven streets meet at this point, and all of them are named after a day of the week. Well, the day related to gold will take some thinking. _

Billy thought for awhile and glanced at his calendar. He suddenly realized his answer.

_How slow can I get? The Gold Ranger is sixth in the morphing process and is powered by the sixth Zeo Subcrystal. Friday is the sixth day of the week, and the street that I shall travel, _ thought Billy. He put his calendar in his pocket and proceeded 600 paces down the street named Friday to encounter a crystal rock.

* * *

In Angel Grove, night was approaching soon. On the moon, Zedd and Rita were preparing to go to sleep.

"Zeddy, donít forget your chrome relaxer," Rita reminded her husband.

"Yes Rita," said Zedd as he left his bedroom in the camper to look for the substance.

While Zedd was gone, Rito entered the room.

"Hey Sis, Iíve got a question."

"Well spit it out! Iím about to go to sleep."

Suddenly, Zedd had returned with the chrome relaxer.

"Why are you here Rito?" asked Lord Zedd as he applied the chrome relaxer.

"Well I was about to tell Rita something. Anyway, I was just thinking about everything that happened today."

"Thinking? That must have hurt," said Zedd as he got in his bed with Rita.

"Yeah it kinda hurt, but anyway, while I was thinking about what all happened, I remembered something."

"What was it?" asked Rita.

"I remembered seeing a beam of white light flying overhead towards the north," said Rito. "What do you think it means?"

"You fool!" exclaimed Lord Zedd.

"Donít you realize what you saw?" asked Rita.

Rito shrugged.

"You probably wouldnít remember. That was a teleportation beam. There isnít a White Zeo Ranger so it had to be a non-Ranger, probably Billy!" exclaimed Rita.

"I think youíre right Rita," said Lord Zedd.

He turned to face Rito. "Rito, get Goldar and Finster."

He turned towards Rita again. "Rita, get up; weíre moving."

"Why are we leaving? To where?"

"Weíre leaving because of a hunch I have. If that was Billy teleporting, then heís probably heading towards the palace."

"Why would he go to the palace?"

"Remember the story regarding the Zeo Crystal?"

"Yeah, I know the entire story."

"Well, you should know the legend that goes with the story about the sixth and seventh Zeo Subcrystals. Both separate Subcrystals were embedded in separate staffs to hold the power. One is the Gold Zeo Rangerís; the other belongs to the White Zeo Ranger. There has never been a White Zeo Ranger, but the power exists. The staff was hidden with only clues to find it. No one has found it since. Really itís a waste of time to look for it unlessÖ"

"Unless youíre smart enough to decipher the clues. Like Billy."

"The camper is ready Lord Zedd and Queen Rita," chimed Finster as he entered the room.

"Go outside Finster. Rita and I are coming," said Zedd. Lord Zed got out of bed and grabbed his staff; Rita got out of bed, dressed in her usual apparel, and grabbed her staff. The two went outside together.

"Listen, I have reason to believe that Rito spotted Billy teleporting to the Lunar Palace. Weíre going in the direction in which the beam was going, but first, a few changes need to be made," said Lord Zedd. Now he faced Rita. "Do you remember the first time we used Katherine for evil?"

"Yes, why?"

"Letís change the camper into what Tommy was lured with then, but two sets."

"Oh Zedd, you do know how to ride in style," replied Rita.

The two villains raised their staffs and fired at the camper. The camper transformed into two í96 Ford Mustangs, one model was crimson and black and the other model was purple, white, and black.

"I want Goldar and Finster with me. Rito, Baboo, and Squatt, you go with Rita."

"Hey Ed, Iíve got a question. How come you didnít do this earlier?" asked Rito.

"Doing this earlier would have alerted the Machine Empire to our location. The scanners are set to recognize unfamiliar energies approaching and on the moon. They should have found Billy, but they didnít. If they didnít recognize the teleportation energy from Billy, then they shouldnít recognize the high energy from us. I want to use this chance before itís gone. Now letís go!"

The villains went to their designated cars. Powered by Rita and Zeddís magic, the groups rode in the direction of Billyís teleportation beam at great speed.

After five minutes of riding, the groups finally reached the outside of the Lunar Palace.

Zedd scanned the palace for any Machine forces. There were none. "Letís enter!" The cars and villains teleported inside the palace.

The palace began to radiate with evil lightning. The throne room was the primary section of the palace that was affected. As the lightning traversed through the room, the villains began to materialize. First were Baboo and Squatt. Next were the Tengas, materializing in the section of the throne room where Zeddís putties formally were stationed. Next were Rito and Goldar who stood side-by-side before the throne. Second to last was Rita who materialized on the palace balcony. Lightning majestically struck Lord Zeddís throne as the ĎZí on the back of it was illuminated. A final bolt of lightning struck the throne, and smoke began to rise in the room. As the smoke cleared, the throne turned around to face the minions, while revealing that Lord Zedd seated on the throne with his staff.

Lord Zedd stretched and said, "Itís great to be back."

"Yes it is," said Rita in agreement.

"Now for the problem at hand," said Zedd as he walked to the balcony and stood beside his wife.

"There is a legend regarding two extra Zeo Subcrystals. The Gold Ranger power is powered by the sixth Zeo Subcrystal, which possibly resides within the Golden staff. The seventh Zeo Subcrystal resides within the White Power staff of the White Zeo Ranger. There is no White Zeo Ranger as of now because the staff was hidden with only clues to find it. The clues are too confusing; thus the search for the powers is minuscule. I believe that Billy is searching for the power. I want Goldar, Rito and twenty-five Tengas to find Billy and retrieve the power before he does," said Lord Zedd.

"Wait! Donít forget to send a monster with them. You know how valuable monsters are," stated Rita as she hinted towards Rito and Goldar. They were picking their noses at the time.

"Oh yes. Iíll send Revolter to help you out," said Zedd as a monster that looked much like Master Vileís Blue Gobbler but with out all the glob appeared.

"Now letís go to the cave where the Zeo Crystal once was," said Zedd as the minions mentioned for the seizure of Billy and the White Zeo Ranger power followed him to the cave.

Once they reached the cave, Lord Zedd commanded that the minions gather around the extension of rock that had held the Zeo Crystal.

Zedd proceeded to give instructions. "There should be a remnant of a dimensional gap here. Every being is allowed a single entrance to the Tri-wrap dimension. Make sure you get the job done. Now go."

Zedd created a cut in the air, which proved to be the dimensional gap. Once the last minion was through, the gap was closed.

* * *

Billy had finally reached the crystal rock. Once he approached the rock, it began to illuminate. A holographic figure appeared and spoke.

"Here is Clue#4: As the road splits into two, a decision must be made. Will you take the road less traveled by, or the road better laid?"

The figure disappeared. Billy was tired and disappointed. He had hoped that the crystal rock would contain the White Power Staff, but he accepted the continuing journey.

Billy gaped in amazement as if a revelation came upon him. Then he spoke. "That clue is a modification of Robert Frostís ĎThe Road less Traveled Byí. It makes perfect sense. If no one has possibly gotten this far and no one has the power, then taking the road less traveled by is the best choice." Billy proceeded to walk the path Ďless traveled byí.

The sun was beginning to set, and Billy began to search for a good campsite for the night. As the path curved to the right, a large two-story house appeared before Billy with the path ending at the houseís steps.

Billy entered the house and decided to stay for the night. He found the master bedroom on the first floor, adjacent to the den. The den was adjacent to the dining room, which was adjacent to the kitchen. Billy set his duffel bag down beside the bed, kneeled and prayed, laid on the bed, and proceeded to go to sleep without a worry in the world. Unknown to him, an evil presence had made camp in the same dimension as his, with orders to steal the White Zeo Ranger power and to capture Billy.