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The Linkup
by : Power Blue and Voltz

In a galaxy millions of light-years away from the Milky Way, an evil plan is brewing to create a wormhole to gain access to connect the Planet Doom with the Milky Way galaxy.

On Planet Doom in King Zarkon's palace, Hagar, under King Zarkon's orders, is creating a device that would create a wormhole directly connecting Doom to the Milky Way galaxy.

"Hagar, how close are you to completing the device?" asked King Zarkon impatiently.

"Very close, the IWD (Intergalactic Wormhole Device) is near completion. Only a few more additions must be made before I can enter the calculations for the device to start," said Hagar.

"Great, "said Zarkon as he sat in his throne.

Prince Lotar entered the throne room, curious about what was going on.

"Father, what device is Hagar working on?" asked Prince Lotar.

"He is creating a device that will create a wormhole linking the Milky Way galaxy and Planet Doom," answered King Zarkon.

"What for? What do you want with that galaxy anyway?" asked Lotar.

"It's not too complicated, so I'll explain. Thousands of years ago, before I arrived on Doom, I met a villain named Dark Specter. He and I were good friends and reigned with a large evil streak within the another galaxy that is lost now. He was starting an Alliance of Evil in his part of the universe to destroy all that is good. Just recently, an informant of mine told me of his progress. The good sage Zordon has been captured by Dark Specter but his proteges, the Power Rangers, much like the Voltron Force, are searching to get him back. Dark Specter has ordered an exquisite villainess to keep the Rangers away and in the process, destroy them. I plan to use the villainess' assistance in destroying Voltron and the Voltron Force. Although she works for Dark Specter, he shouldn't mind. If she's too loyal to Dark Specter, Hagar will cast a spell to make her join in an alliance with me," concluded King Zarkon.

"All of this sounds good, but why her? Why not Dark Specter?" asked Prince Lotar.

"Dark Specter is the head of evil in that region of the universe. He has lots to do including draining Zordon of his power. Besides, I decided that recruiting the female would be much easier, " said King Zarkon.

"For once, I can compliment you on you plan Father," said Prince Lotar.

"Yes, Son. One day, you'll learn what it takes to be me," said King Zarkon.

"King Zarkon! The IWD is finished!" exclaimed Hagar.

"Wonderful progress Hagar. We're going to the Overstretch cliffs, so bring the device with us."

"Yes, King Zarkon."

"Son, are you coming with us?"

"Yes, Father. I'd love to see this," said Prince Lotar.

Once Hagar had the IWD in his hands, the trio teleported to the Overstretch cliffs.

"Hagar, set the instrument up," ordered King Zarkon.

"Dad, why didn't we just set the instrument at the palace and use it from there?' asked Prince Lotar.

"I can answer that, Prince Lotar. Such is being done because the wormhole needs to reach a diameter so that Astronema's ship can fit through. Also, the wormhole needs to be farther away granting that the ship doesn't encounter any unexpected gravity fields nearby. The wormhole will be oblivious to the naked eye, but the scanners on the planet are set to recognize this presence. After that, the scanners will be deactivated to conserve power," said Hagar.

"Hagar, have you finished yet?" asked King Zarkon.

"No, not yet."


"Yes King Zarkon." Hagar turned away from the prince and began to enter the calculations necessary for the creation of the wormhole.


As the last calculation was entered, Hagar pressed the "Release" button. A ray of enormous energy was fired from the machine. It continued on a direct path through the atmosphere until it was 100 miles from its point of origin.

The ray began to spread into a wide circle fifty miles in diameter. Once the circle was completely formed, another ray was fired into the circle to create the link to the Milky Way galaxy. In ten Earth minutes, a ray of energy appeared near the constellation Pegasus. The ray began to take on the same effects that occurred near Doom. Hagar was able to regulate the progress of the wormhole and soon discovered that it was fully created.

"King Zarkon, the wormhole is complete!" exclaimed Hagar.

"Great. Now to relay my message." King Zarkon raised his staff and fired a beam through the wormhole.

On the Dark Fortress, Astronema was concentrating on her next attack against the Power Rangers.

"Astronema!" called Darkonda from one of the Command room stations.

"What is it Darkonda?" asked Astronema with anger in her voice. She had just been sitting on her throne, relaxed from a day's work of strategizing against the Rangers.

"I've made a grave discovery. In quadrant 352, near Pegasus's hoof, a wormhole has opened."

"How can that be? There aren't any natural wormholes for light-years."

"It was created. I haven't detected any energies from this galaxy that could have created it. Someone from another galaxy must have created it."

"Sorry to interrupt my Princess, but we have an incoming message. Its origin is from through the wormhole," stated Ecliptor.

"Display it on the viewing screen," ordered Astronema.

As the message was displayed on-screen, the face of a vampire-human like man with a crown on his head came into picture and began to speak.

"Astronema, Princess of Evil, I am King Zarkon of the planet Doom. I am an old-time friend, associate, of Dark Specter. I am in need of your services. I know that we evil villains don't work for free, so I am prepared to service you with something you want. Doom technology provides many treasures when utilized correctly. This is an invitation to come to my planet in a galaxy on one of the far ends of the universe. Dark Specter shouldn't mind a temporary leave of absence. Besides, you departure will be for a greater evil. If you decide to come, come through the wormhole. Don't worry; it's very safe. For we of evil are just alike, and I need you like you need me." The message vanished from the viewing screen.

Darkonda was the first to speak. "I've never heard of 'King Zarkon' but what he has to offer must be genuine. I doubt that this is a trick."

"But we must be careful Astronema. We are not sure of what is on the other side of that wormhole," cautioned Ecliptor.

"If this is a trap, we have the capability to protect ourselves. I think that this King Zarkon is one after my own purposes," said Astronema. She sat on her throne. "Release the thruster brakes. Change our focal direction and head towards the wormhole." Darkonda and Ecliptor manned the required stations for the trip.

In five minutes, the Dark Fortress was thirty miles away from the wormhole.

"Astronema, I have deactivated all thruster brakes and activated all friction resistors. The gravitational pull of the wormhole will begin to take effect in a few short minutes. The ride through will be strange but should be safe," said Ecliptor.

"All right. Proceed," commanded Astronema.

The suction of the wormhole could be compared to that of a vacuum cleaner. The Dark Fortress experienced an incredible jerk as it entered the wormhole. Once inside, it was as if the momentary jerk was sustained throughout the length of the Dark Fortress's travel through the wormhole. There were no bumps or sharp curves, just a straight direct path. Once they encountered the end of the wormhole, the jerking sensation had ended. The occupants of the Dark Fortress found themselves in a part of the universe that had been secluded from the rest. This revelation dazzled some and left others in complete shock.

Astronema quickly resumed command. "Elgar, engage the thruster brakes and disengage the friction resistors. Darkonda, ready the Quantrons in case this is a trap. Ecliptor, try to establish contact with King Zarkon."

"No need for that last command," said King Zarkon as he appeared in the main control room. He stood directly in front of Astronema.

"How did you get in here with out encountering any barriers?" asked Astronema.

"Remember, you're on my turf. I'm not out to get you. I just want to create a partnership with you. Let's go to my palace and discuss the situation," said King Zarkon.

Astronema remained speechless for a few seconds. "I'll go, but Ecliptor comes with me along with some Quantrons."

"Bring whoever you please," said King Zarkon with a smile.

"Darkonda," Astronema looked at the villain, "stay here and protect the fortress."

"Yes Astronema."

"Are you ready?" asked King Zarkon.

"Let's go."


To Astronema, King Zarkon's palace favored the medieval palaces in Earth's past. During her tour of the palace, she learned many things about Zarkon. One important fact she learned was he kept his promises. As she finally entered his throne room, she met two people that were very important to Zarkon.

First, she met Hagar. She learned that Hagar was a crafty old witch who devised all of Zarkon's devilish plots. She created the robeasts, which have some semblance to monsters.

_She could be of great use_ thought Astronema as she walked to meet the next person.

Prince Lotar was the next person Astronema met. She realized that father and son shared no physical characteristics. She began to wonder whether they were alike in personality, but Zarkon began to speak.

"Astronema, I've created a mock throne for you to sit in beside me," said King Zarkon as he sat on his throne.

"No matter. I'll design it to suit me." Astronema fired a ray of energy from her hand to change the mock throne into a replica of her own on the Dark Fortress. She sat down and began to listen to what King Zarkon had to say.

"Astronema, I require you assistance in depleting a force of good. I am a sworn enemy to the Voltron Force. They stand in my way of gaining control of the planet Aries. Their mega-robot Voltron is my worst enemy. If I can destroy him, then the rest is easy."

"So your only problem is this Voltron. Tell me, what are the Voltron Force and Voltron like compared to the Power Rangers I face?"

"Well, things are sorta different here. Let me start with my advances." King Zarkon cleared his throat. "My robeasts are much like your monsters, but they are gigantic in size from the start. As for the Voltron Force, they have no power like the Rangers. The Voltron Force has some martial arts skills and are resourceful but not too much. There are five of them, and each controls a separate lion machine, Zord in your perspective. The lions form Voltron. Voltron is much like a MegaZord with many capabilities. That's all."

Astronema stared at King Zarkon for a moment. She had a look of disappointment on her face but spoke otherwise. "So I see. Well tell me, what technology will you provide for me?"

"That's the easy part. Doom technology is far advanced than any in this section of the universe, I think. It has been around since the dawn of Doom. As a matter of fact, the technology was created by Merla, the Queen of Darkness in this region of the universe." He paused and bowed his head in a sort of regret. "She is also the reason why we don't know how to utilize the technology. She 'saw the light' and became good, taking the knowledge of the technology with her. If you know some way to use it, be my guest, but first, help me to destroy Voltron."

Astronema began to smile evilly. "Of course I'll help. I'll send my technologist specialists to inspect what remains of Merla's evil technology."

"What of the assistance my father requires?" Prince Lotar sternly asked. He was standing at King Zarkon's left.

Astronema's Wrath Staff appeared in her right hand, and she pointed towards Prince Lotar. "Don't you worry about 'grown folks business'. You mind yourself."

King Zarkon quickly rose to defend his son. "Astronema, there's no need for evil-on-evil violence. Let's save the hostilities for the Voltron Force."

Astronema removed her staff from Lotar's neck. "Yes, King Zarkon."

"Now, how are you going to help me?" asked King Zarkon.

Five data cards appeared in Astronema's hand. "By using these."