Disclaimer: All characters in this Fanfic are derived from Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon animes (japanimation) which were both dubbed and edited for content by DIC inc. In this episode, we see the wedding of Serena (Sailor Moon) and Darien (Tuxedo Mask) Yet, sadly, things have a habbit of going wrong at crucial moments in Serena's life, and Destiny just keeps throwing some Youma, Monster, or Evil conpiracy right at her and her friends.

When Sailor Meets Dragon
The Wedding!
Chapter 1
By Jorge Carreras

This is the event all you sailor moon fans have been waiting for! Darian and Serena are finally getting married! A joyous occasion indeed. However, dark tidings await this couple in the shadows. Unknown to either of them, a foul beast from the Negaverse was unleashed earlier.


When Serena's crystal shattered as she used its power to divert an asteroid from a collision course with Earth, a being known only as "the invincible one" was unleashed. Queen Beryl herself attempted to use Tuxedo Mask to summon this creature before, but failed. Had she succeeded then, the scouts would have easily been destroyed. Now, however; this creature alone is no match for all the scouts or even Sailor Moon. "The Invincible One" is incredibly cunning as well as powerful considering that he (?) was instrumental in the destruction of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium.

It decided that the best course of action was to find Queen Beryl and await further instructions. While everyone (including Fiore) was busy tending to Sailor Moon after her "Moon Cosmic Unite" steered the asteroid away from Earth, "the Invincible one" quietly teleported across time and space to its mistress Queen Beryl, in what DBZ fans call "the next dimension."


All the Sailor Scouts are there for this moment.

They are all dressed in robes very similar to the "silver millenium robes" Except for little Rini, who is going as a flower girl. It's not often a child can attend her own parent's wedding like this, but that's one of the little ironies of time travel.

Serena walks down the isle, her father holding her hand, (not looking too happy about the whole thing, but since Neptune and Uranus are paying, he doesn't complain. Which IS a first.) As Serena gets to the altar (amazingly without tripping on her dress), Rei's grandfather (who just happens to be a priest) begins the ceremony.

Rei's Grandfather: We are gathered here today to join this happy couple in Holy Matrimony . . . May I have the rings?

Chad (as best man): Right here, Master.

Rei's Grandfather: Darian, as you place the ring on this lovely bride's finger, do you solemny swear to love, cherish, and protect her in good times and bad, and have we seen some bad ones with monsters, villains, and so on. Untill you are both old and grey, and die of old age?

Darien: I do!

Rei's Grandfather: Serena, do you take Darian, to love, and to hold, and nurture and support in good times and bad, monsters or NOT, possesions or not, until you both die of NATURAL causes?

Serena: I DO! {CheerS} YAY!

Rei's Grandfather: I now at long last pronounce you man and wife. Granddaughter, any youmas, or possesions here?

Rei: Grandfather! NO! {BLUSH} Rei's Grandfather: Then Darien, you may kiss the bride, if I don't do it first!

Rei: ... {Sweat drop on her head} Darien and Serena: The wedding went just fine, as for the Honeymoon? We seem to be experiencing a slight delay. The doors of the church, (not to mention a few of the walls) come crashing in, and we see some villains with some bizzare eyepieces demanding to see Sailor Moon and the Scouts.


Sailor Moon says: Reach for your dreams and one day they might come true, even if you have to fight a few obstacles on the way.

Sailor Moon says: (giggle)