Special Note: I did not see the end to Sailor Stars, so I don't know if Serena and Darien got married in the series, or what the capabilities of Sailor Cosmos I hear about are So She/he? is regrettably absent from the fanfic If any of you out there know, you can E-mail me at Psionicost@email.msn.com. In this chapter we learn the identities of the assailants on Serena's wedding. They are The Ginyu Force!

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 2
By Jorge Carreras

The people in the church start panicking, Serena starts Wailing: "Geesh! Why does this keep happening to me? Can't I ever have a normal life?" (Good question, Serena. But even your Crystal can't do that.) Suddenly one of the guys gets a number on his eye piece and says "That's her! She's got the crystal on her."

The scouts all say in unison "If they can detect the crystal in her locket then they can detect us too. Transform. Moon Eternal Power! Moon Crisis Power! Mercury Crystal Power! Mars Crystal Power! Jupiter Crystal Power! Venus Crystal Power! Neptune Crystal Power! Uranus Crystal Power! Saturn Crystal Power! Pluto Crystal Power!" Serena's parents and brother look on in amazement. (So Serena is Sailor Moon, this explains alot.) Thinks Serena's parents.Eternal Sailor Moon says "This could get ugly, people. Everyone out!" The crowd did not need to be told twice. The people streamed out every exit. The scouts then all say in unison:

We're the Sailor Scouts, our purpose is to protect this planet. We're here to banish scum who want to take over and screw up our lives. We vanquish all the armies of evil and rudeness. AND THAT MEANS YOU!

Sailor moon adds: "Especially after trashing my wedding!" The assailants say:

We're the Ginyu Force!
We live to cause death and destruction
wherever we go, and no one is going to stop us!

They then strike a real goofy pose. Luna then proclaims "I don't know which group is goofier, the scouts or the "Ginyu Force." Artemis just nods. Strangely enough, Darien (Tuxedo Mask) is mysteriously absent, and noone seems to notice. Nor do they ever. Apparently he is rather shy about transforming into Tuxedo mask, since we so seldom see it, and noone really knows what if any phrases he says for it.

Serena: "Mercury, does your computer tell us anything about these guys?"

Mercury: "Not much. They aren't from the Negaverse, but they're not from Earth either.

Neptune: "We already know they can detect the crystal with their eyepieces, I suggest we destroy those things as soon as possible." The bad guys then start, "OK who gets to go first? ROCK PAPER SCIZZORS, ROCK PAPER SCIZZORS!..."

Artemis: "In the goofy contest, looks like the Ginyu guys are winning, this doesn't look good for the scouts."

Luna: {sigh} "Sure doesn't, Artemis. Goofyness is the Scouts' strongest weapon."

Guudo (the guy with 3 eyes) thinks, "I've got a bad feeling about this. Just like last time. How do I get out of this now?"

Serena: "Mercury, use your "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody combined with Neptune's Submarine Reflection to shatter them. We'll take care of the rest as it comes."

"Submarine Reflection!" "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" Mercury's Ice harp and Neptune's Mirror send Ice spears to shatter the Ginyu's eye pieces, also known as scouters. When the scouters are shattered, the Ginyu stop the stupid "Rock-Paper-Scissors" things and the big guy says "Those Brats just broke our scouters! OK that does IT. Get them! Ricuum Flame Throw!" He then opens his mouth huge and starts belching flame at the Sailor Scouts! "SHINING AQUA ILLUSION" and Mercury hurls a torrent of water and ice back at Ricuum but that isn't enough! The flames just keep coming. "DEEP Submerge!" and a wave of water heads at Ricuum and both puts out his flame and sends him into the wall. "So you like playing with fire? Well Try this! Mars Flame Sniper!" and Sailor Mars sends a flying arrow of Flame right at Ricuum (The big orage guy with a Really big mouth, and a small tuft of orage hair on his head.) Guudo then says "Time Freeze" and stops the action He sees that Mars' arrow is headed straight for Ricuum's head. he thinks, "Hmm, that may not be his strongest asset, but even without a scouter, I know that blow would surely knock him out." Guudo then pushes Ricuum just enough to move him out of the way. "Now to deal with that fire bug." What Guudo doesn't know is that Sailor Pluto, as the Guardian of Time is completely immune to his "Time Freeze" and is studying him, waiting for her opportunity. Hoping not to give away her advantage too soon.

Suddenly Guudo gasps, and the "Time Freeze" ends. "Ricuum is alot heavier than I thought. I can't protect him and go after those 'Sailor Scouts'" Mars' arrow hits the wall leaving a huge scorch mark. "HAHA missed me!" Riccuum gloats, then he teleports behind mars and kicks her to the ground HARD! The rest of the Scouts look on in amazement. "Mars missed? She never misses!" Eternal Sailor Moon exclaims. Pluto then whispers to her, "You're right. She didn't. That short, green guy over there with the three eyes froze time and pushed him out of the way. He can apparently do that at will. We have to stop him if this is going to be a fair fight." Suddenly, the big blue guy and the short, orange guy with white hair say come at the remaining Scouts with a barrage of fireballs. "Jupiter Oak Evolution" and Sailor Jupiter sends a swarm of leaves at enourmous speed, not only cancelling the fireballs, but sending the two attackers smashing through the wall.

"You know, Birder. We need more fighting room if we're gonna beat these little girls right." Says the orange guy. (sorry, I never did hear his name) "Yeah, lets make room!" Birder says. The two then blow most of the church away and start flying around, levelling the nearby buildings. "We've got to stop them! They're wrecking Tokyo." Says Super Chibi Moon. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" "Love and beauty Shock!" and the attacks go screaming to the two vandals. They dodge out of the way easily. "Is that the best you got, Girlies!" Smirks Ricuum. Eternal Sailor Moon remembers what Pluto said and whispers to Pluto, you have the best shot at that three eyed guy, go get him. I'll punish the guy who hurt Mars."

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy KISS!" and a blast of pink Heart energy swarms to Ricuum, who teleports behind Eternal Sailor Moon to hit her, but she kicks him, right in the gut. Ricuum pretends to be hurt, just long enough to grab her and throw her straight up in the air and teleport behind her again. Eternal Sailor moon flies out of the way of his punch and Beams him upside the head with her staff. "Venus Love Chain, Encircle! Jupiter Thunder Crash!" and both attacks go flying at Ricuum. Venus Ties him up with her whip while Jupiter's lightning bolt goes after him. "Time freeze" and Guudo runs to knock Venus down. That's when Pluto makes her move. "Not this time, creep. Dead Scream" And a ball of purple energy hurtles toward Guudo knocking the breath out of him, ending the time freeze and revealing Guudo to the rest of the scouts who all run to attack him. The veins in his head bulge out, "YAH!" and suddenly all the scouts are frozen. Of course, the lightning bolt hits Ricuum and stuns him. Eternal Sailor Moon says "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" and blasts him right to the ground leaving a small crater. This leaves Ricuum completely unconcious. "These scouts are alot tougher than they look, Birder we have to finish them quickly, while Guudo has them mind Frozen!"

"I don't think so" says Saturn who breaks free, and Pluto, who is still immune to Guudo's influence says, "As guardian of time, I am sworn to punish you, Guudo, for your temporal infractions, surrender into my custody or perish!" Guudo then Telekenetically lifts a nearby boulder from one of the buildings crushed by the two vandals, Birder and Shawn(?) and hurls it at the Frozen scouts. Saturn runs in and "Silence Wall" destroying the boulder, but a piece of shrapnel hits her in the leg and knocks her down, drawing blood. "Ouch!" With Saturn Down, Shawn and Birder hurry in and start zipping around punching, kicking and bashing the helpless frozen scouts. Eternal Sailor moon swoops down and tries to stop them, but is swept aside. Guudo telekinetically lifts another boulder and prepares to hurl it at the frozen scouts. "I'll take care of them, you guys just keep these three off my back." A red rose hits Guudo in the back of the head. "Dead Scream" and the ball of purple energy hits Guudo head on! Dazing him. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" and Guudo is vaporized, along with the boulder he was preparing to throw. Now with the rest of the scouts free, Birder and Shawn look worried. "Mercury bubbles Blast" and the scouts are shrouded in fog. Birder and Shawn are forced to slow down because they can't see and CHOP! Kick! Smash! Sailor jupiter Karate Chops Shawn in the neck. Sailor Mars Kicks Birder in the head and Sailor Pluto bashes him with her staff. "Moon gorgeous Meditation" and a swarm of crystal butterflies comes from Super Chibi Moon litterally blowing both Birder and Shawn away. They both vanish, probably back to the "next dimension."

Ricuum jumps back up. "That was fun! I wouldn't mind doing that again." Suddenly looking around, "Um Guys! GUYS! Where are you? This isn't funny!" The bruised Scouts all say. "Sure isn't, buster! Go back to where you came from, right now and leave us alone! Otherwise, we'll have to send you there the hard way, just like we did to your 'friends.'" "Hehehe, some wussy little girls aren't gonna tell Ricuum what to do!" He then crouches down and lightning starts showing from his body he then vanishes. Suddenly the scouts all start getting pushed around by some invisible opponent. Eternal Sailor Moon flies up to see if she can get a better look only to get spun around faster and faster until she comes crashing to the ground HEAD FIRST, getting partially buried! "Sailor MOON!" the scouts cry in unison. Ricuum then appears directly overhead gloating "AWW, the pretty little bird fall down and go boom? HOHOHO!" Jupiter runs over to help her, and Ricuum apparently teleports right in front of her, "uh uh hah! We're not finished yet." Jupiter throws a punch, but Ricuum grabs it and easily tosses her aside. "NEXT!" "Venus Love Whip Encircle." Ricuum grabs the whip that's coming at him and starts swinging poor Venus around Hitting all the other Sailor Scouts. He then starts yanking her back and forth. Smacking her every time she comes near. "Look, I gots me a Yo Yo. HAW HAW HAW!" Sailor Saturn cuts the whip with her glaive, setting Venus loose but, she's not moving. "AWW you broke it! And just when I was starting to have fun!" gloats Ricuum. Saturn then says "That's quite enough of that! Silence Glaive Surprise!" This summons up a huge white ball of energy surrounding Ricuum and pushing him aside. Mercury in the mean time managed to sneak up to Sailor Moon and with Uranus and Neptune's help manages to pull her out. She does NOT look good. Her lovely face is covered with bruises and cuts, and she's not moving. Mercury listens for a heartbeat and it's very faint. She's breathing, but it's labored and uneasy. Mercury whispers "get her out of here. I've been scanning Ricuum and I have an Idea." Just at that moment the Silence Glaive Surprise blows and Ricuum can't be seen. "He's gone" Saturn thinks, but he isn't he just ran very quickly and got out of the way. Suddenly Saturn gets pelted around like a twig in a hurricane! "Silence Shield" Then she starts bouncing around like a ball in the dryer hearing manaical laughter all the while. "Shining aqua Illusion!" Suddenly Ricuum appears like a frozen block of ice, inches away from Saturn's head WITH HER GLAIVE IN HIS HAND! "Hey! I Can't move!" "Mercury, How did you do that!" Exclaims Mars. "Simple, I had my visor Track Ricuum when he appeared overhead and I noticed that he's not invisible or teleporting, just moving very fast! So when I found a pattern, and locked his position, I froze him." Saturn grabs her Glaive back. "This is for Eternal Moon, Mars Flame SNIPER!" and this time Ricuum cannot dodge and Guudo isn't here to freeze time and push him out of the way. The arrow hits Ricuum right between the eyes. Frying his armor and most of his clothes off.

"Jupiter Thunder Dragon"

"Venus Crecent Beam Smash"

"Dead Scream"

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround"

All the attacks hit Ricuum, since he's too dazed and still rooted to the spot by what's left of Mercury's Shining Aqua Illusion, gets hit dead on by all the attacks. He doesn't stand a chance. He's instantly sent to the "next dimension" the hard way. "This time, he's really gone." says Mercury.

All the scouts then run to the prone Eternal Sailor Moon. Tuxedo mask is holding her, weeping. Luna and Artemis looking on. Mars and Jupiter run up to him! "Where in the world were you?!" Uranus and Neptune say, "Back off. He was getting the civilians to safety, besides, there was little he could do against that kind of firepower. He would have just been in the way." Hurt, tuxedo mask says "Thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies. While it's true I did have to get the civilians to safety, I am more than capable of defending myself...."

Miraculously, Eternal Sailor Moon begins to stir. Her eyes open! "We gave as good as we got, didn't we?"

"Darien! It's good to see you're alright." Looking around she sees all the scouts are bruised and bloody. "Don't worry, those guys are gone. They won't bother us any more. Glad to see you're still alive! That was some fall you took." She then powers down to her human appearance, and tries to stand. "Serena you need to rest!"

Suddenly a very high pitched, whiny voice from overhead says "I'm afraid you won't have time for that. You may have defeated the Ginyu, but you won't be rid of me so easily."

Who is this guy? How are the scouts gonna get away. They can't possibly beat him battered and broken as they are? Or can they? For these and other questions. Stay tuned for the next episode.

Sailor Moon says "Good things are worth fighting for. Winston Church Hill of England said 'Never give up Never Never Never Gipe up' as the Nazis were invading his country in WWII. He didn't and neither should you."

Sailor Moon says: {giggle}