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When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 11 Put up or Shut up!
By Jorge Carreras

Last time, we saw Beryl/Metallica capture Baron Dark and his Skeleton Warriors, taking them to Earth in hopes of CRUSHING her nemesis 'The Moon Princess.' Torrin and Lightstar have reached the old castle, and finally have the second crystal, yet the victory rings hollow. The crystal is not responding to him as it should. Guardian, Talyn, and Grimskull suddenly appear from a shadow nearby.

Grimskull:"We heard the news, Lightstar, and have brought the other half of the 'Lighstar Crystal' Perhaps re-joining them will have the desired effect."

Lighstar:"It's worth a shot, I hope you're right."

Lightstar brings his half to Grimskull, Grimskull brings his half to Lightstar, they touch and.... NOTHING.

Lightstar:"The crystals won't merge!"

Torrin:"Beryl and her friends must have done something to it."

Lightstar:"Unbelievable. But why wasn't our crystal drained in the same manner?"

Torrin:"I heard that you were forced to change Baron Dark's crystal because he was trying to Super Charge it."

Lightstar:"How do you know that?"

Torrin:"I have friends who have been watching this battle for some time. Apparently, they were not in a position to help. They've had alot of problems of their own."

Lightstar:"Perhaps they can help now."

Torrin:"Let's talk to them back at my ship."

Grimskull:"Not a problem, come with me."

Grimskull takes Torrin's hand and jumps with him into the shadow, and suddenly they both appear out of a tree shadow at Torrin's ship.

Torrin:"That's downright spooky!"

Grimskull:"If we're going to defeat Baron Dark, and his 'new friends' time is of the essence."

Torrin:"Guards, Stand down. We need to talk to Buulma."

"Torrin to Buulma, Come in."

Buulma:"Torrin! Do you have any idea what time it is?!" an image of her in her nightgown appears on the monitor.

Torrin:"Sorry, Buulma. This is urgent. We've reached the rebels. Beryl beat us here and has taken Baron Dark and his skeleton warriors. Apparently by force."

Serena appears nearby in bunny pajamas. "Buulma. What's going on?"

Buulma:"It's Torrin! He's reached the rebels. But Beryl's got Baron Dark."

Serena:"Umm, I don't know whether to cheer or cry."

Torrin:"That's just how I feel."

Serena then sees Grimskull and shrieks waking everyone else up. "What in the hell is that?!"

Grimskull:"The price I payed for letting Baron Dark trick me into betraying my Kingdom. I am now forever cursed with this hideous appearance."

Serena:"Oh, I am so sorry."

Grimskull:"I'm used to it."

Rei:"Geesh, Serena! You could wake the dead." Then she sees the monitor. <sweatdrop> (thinking) "I guess she did."

Grimskull:"I've heard that before." <grim laughter>

Serena:"The situation is bad guys, Beryl's coming and she's got an army of nearly invulnerable skeleton warriors with her."

Grimskull:"Not only that, she has somehow managed to drain the power of Baron Dark's crystal so now it will not work with our own. This is the main power source of the planet. The consequences of this could be dire."

Serena:"That's the one that was altered a while back isn't it?"

Grimskull:"Yes. How did you know that?"

Serena:"It's complicated, but let's just say I've recently gained some 'special insight' into your situation."

Grimskull:"Interesting. I can bring both crystals for you to look at, and instruct you about the strengths and weaknessess of these Skeleton Warriors."

Ami:"That would be greatly appreciated."

Serena:"Yes, indeed."

Grimskull suddenly appears behind them.

Now it's Buulma's turn to shriek. And you thought Serena's wail was bad.


Grimskull:"It's a small gift I got that day when Baron Dark tried to usurp the throne of my world, and broke this crystal."

Grimskul then shows the scouts both crystals.

Ami takes them gingerly, and begins studying them.

Ami:"This could take a little time."

Grimskull:"I'll wait."

Ami nervously opens up her computer, and begins running a scan on the crystals. She begins running a multi-spectral comparison.

Ami:"This is fascinating. These crystals are a very powerful energy source. The one that's been drained has had its molecular structure altered, but it would take a massive explosion to do so."

Grimskull:"It did. Blew up half an island. About 100 acres or so."


Ami:"Looks like the reasons Beryl couldn't drain the other crystal is the different mollecular structure, and a rather large positive energy cache which shielded it."

Grimskull:"Perhaps that describes Prince Lightstar, and our 'legion of light' movement."

Ami:"Serena, your crystal could possibly restore it, but first we'd have to return the Eternal Dragon back to the Dragon balls so the energy stream would be pure."


Grimskull:"Torrin, your people are welcome to stay with 'the legion of light' for a while. Tell Lightstar I must stay with the people of ... what planet is this again?"


Grimskull:"Right. Torrin, I will stay here to teach them how to fight the Skeleton Warriors, and to see the Lightstar Crystal healed."

Torrin:"Thanks. We could use some supplies. We've been drifting through space for a long time."

Grimskull suddenly gets faint and starts to wobble. He grabs his head. "Gah! Baron Dark is reaching out to me again. He is always trying to corrupt me."

Ami:"That could be a huge tactical disadvantage."

Grimskull:<sigh>"I do it all the time. Until he's beaten, its something I have to live with."

Darien:"That's alright, at least it's not like open possession. You still have control over your own body."

Grimskull:"What? Beryl has the power to posess people. Oh this isn't good."


Grimskull:"Baron Dark has the power to convert anyone with an evil heart or evil intent into a skeleton warrior. I do not know if possession qualifies, but if it does. You could face the nightmare of seeing your strongest friend turned into your deadliest enemy, and nearly invincible at that."

Serena<Crying>"Don't leave me, Darien! Waaah!"

Darien:"I won't let that happen!"

Grimskull:"As for strenghts, the skeleton warriors don't sleep, don't eat, never get sick and always re-assemble quickly when beaten in battle."

Minako:"Are there no weaknesses we can exploit?"

Grimskull:"There is one. This was discovered quite by accident. Skeleton Warriors carry something called a heart stone. Remove that, and the skeleton warrior reverts to his or her natural condition. However, that usually takes hand to hand combat."

Minako:"My specialty. Where is this heart stone?"

Grimskull:"In the chest. But hand to hand combat with skeleton warriors is at best a difficult task. They usually swarm in superior numbers and carry rechargable energy weapons. The best tactic is to hit hard and fast, remove their equipment, or destroy their vehicles then run before they re-assemble."

Mina:"You said usually hand to hand, there is a way to remove the heart stone from a distance?"

Grimskull:"We determined that their heart stones can be shattered by certain sonic frequencies. We did develop a weapon that can do that, but they are few in number and don't usually last long. Plus Baron Dark can re-skeletize a re-fleshed warrior any time he pleases. Not a lasting advantage."

Setsuna:"Just so happens I use sonic attacks."

Sailor Saturn:"So do I"

Serena:"Hotaru! You're Alive!"

Serena runs to hug her but just passes through and almost falls flat on her face.

Saturn:"Not yet, Serena. But when the time is right, I will be."

Serena:"Not to complain, but when is that exactly?"

Saturn:"You'll know."

Suddenly Sailor Saturn's spirit vanishes.

Grimskull:"And I thought what happened on my world was weird."

Serena:<sweatdrop>"It's a Sailor Scout thing. Though you never quite get used to it. Seeing your dead freinds floating around. Appearing and disapearing at strange times..."<Sigh>

Darien:"I suggest we all go back to bed. We have to be fully rested before the training begins."

Grimskull:"Agreed. Although I don't sleep any more. I'll begin setting up the mock-ups. We'll start first thing in the morning."

Serena:<Yawn>"Yes, let's get some sleep." She leans her head on Darien's chest.

Darien (thinking) "Not exactly what I had in mind for my wedding night, or honeymoon for that matter, but then again, I'll settle for what I can get. I'm just lucky to have her."

He just smiles at Serena and everybody returns to their room to get some sleep.

In the morning...

Everyone gets up and transforms into their Sailor Costumes. Darien of course transforms into Tuxedo Mask which is so rare that everyone just has to stop and watch...

"Eternal Dragon Moon Power"

"Super Nova Moon Power"

"Mercury Crystal Power"

"Mars Crystal Power"

"Jupiter Crystal Power"

"Venus Crystal Power"

"Uranus Crystal Power"

"Neptune Crystal Power"

"Pluto Power"

Goku and the others just wait and watch the transformation sequence. When the sequence is complete, the DBZ team takes their position in the ranks.


Suddenly a huge number of Skeleton Warriors jumps up from the ground.

"Shining Aqua Illusion" and a bunch of them just fall down.

"Dead Scream" and a line of them just freezes and locks in place.

"Space Sword Striker" And an ethereal sword flies and cuts down a path among the warriors

"Deep Submerge" and a wave of water knocks down a fleet of the mock warriors.

"Mars Celestial Fire, Encircle" And rings of fire hurl to the mock warriors.

The DBZ team of couse just rushes around knocking them down.

Eternal Dragon Moon now gains a new attack. "Eternal Dragon Boomerang!"

She removes her V-shaped crown and throws it. Mock warriors fall down. She and Super Nova Moon Fly up to survey the battle scene.

When all the mock warriors have fallen, grimskull says "Impressive,but don't get cocky." He then pushes a button and the Warriors suddenly spring back up and alot closer.

"Fire Storm!" and the closest warriors are instantly immolated.

Pluto and Jupiter engage the others hand to hand. Punching, kicking and bashing in the chest.

Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded.

"Super Nova Blast" And the mockups shatter.

All the warriors stand again, Pluto and Jupiter get caught. Uranus and Neptune aren't far behind.

Grimskull:"Bang, you're dead. We have much to work on."

While the scouts are training, Beryl isn't idle. She has been teleporting Baron Dark around the world "recruiting" new warriors. Most were street punks, drug dealers, gang bangers, the usual rif raff. Some, unfortunately are super powered thugs. Baron Dark got blown up once or twice, but eventually got close enough to touch them, and you all know what happens then..

After some weeks, in intensive training, Grimskull announces, "You are finally ready. While the people of my world did not have such time to prepare, the skeleton warriors were still learning their powers and we had a bit of a cushion. You also have natural powers and abilites to hone. We just had standard vehicles and energy weapons, as well as the usual military training to work with, for those of us who were originally soldiers in the royal army. The rest have had to learn as they go. You have done very well, I'm sure though that Beryl has recruited new warriors on the way here though. So expect the unexpected."

Baron Dark finishes bringing the new recruits to Beryl, "I and Metallica are well pleased, Baron. You have brought some rather impressive new additions to our arsenal. One of them can even fly." She is of course refering to a certain cannibal with razor sharp wings and metal talons, as well as a helmet that makes him look like a vulture. (I will name and list the source of these villains later.) While Beryl is inspecting the troops, Baron Dark seizes his chance. He grabs Beryl and recites..

Darkest Soul

Evil's Courier

Serve me now

As a Skeleton Warrior.

Yet nothing happens. Beryl just laughs. "Nice try, Baron, but that little gimic won't work on me or any one of my Youma. Of Course, Metallica is a little too insubstantial to even touch.

She then reaches under Baron Dark's chest and grabs his heart stone. "I'll just hold on to this little beauty for safe keeping."

Baron Dark:"NO! I may not be able to recruit more warriors with out it! Especially if I'm refleshed."

Beryl:"Relax, Baron, I won't shatter this, unless you make me. You may still prove usefull to me. If you're good, maybe I'll give it back. Consider this your first warning. Defy me or fail me too many times, and not only will I break this, but I'll break you!"

Baron Dark:"I understand."


Baron Dark then rubs his forehead and thinks, "Beryl is here, little Joshua. Together we can beat her. I don't want to be her slave any more than you do. Help me. I can make it worth your while.. Come Grimskull, Come!"

Grimskull gets the message, but he counters "I trusted you once, Baron. NEVER AGAIN!"

Serena:"Grimskull, what's wrong?"

Grimskull:"They're here."

Will the Scouts and the Dragon Ball team be able to defeat Beryl and her new warriors? Who exactly has Beryl recruited? What new and deadly powers do they have? What of Sailor Saturn? Where are the Sailor Starlights? To answer these questions and many others, tune in to the next episode. When Sailor Meets Dragon Chapter 12 "The stage is set."