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The Vulture(2099) is from Marvel Comics (namely SpiderMan 2099). Blight is from Batman Beyond as of DC comics and the WB network. Beryl and the Sailor Scouts come from DIC in the popular yet incomplete Sailor Moon series. The DBZ team and all Dragon Ball villains are also property of DIC under the Dragon Ball series. Skeleton Warriors, Baron Dark, and Grimskul are property of Landmark entertainment. Mistress Nyx is from Harris comics.All other characters and new attacks are my own invention unless otherwise noted. Thanks for your patronage. Now back to the story.

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 12
The Stage is Set!
By Jorge Carreras

Beryl's warship has entered orbit around the Earth. "Now, Baron, time to soften up those Sailor Brats that have been plaguing me so.."

Baron Dark:"My queen, we need to know their location before we can attack."

Beryl:"Good point, Li can you home in on them?"

Li:"Simple, I just home in on the ship that we saw fleeing that asteroid earlier. I know that it is quite rare if not unique and those fools will not be eager to destroy it. Besides, it just so happens I know where that Goku lives. They should be nearby."

Beryl:"Excellent, Provide Baron Dark with the location. Baron, send your weakest troops first. WHEN they fall, and they WILL FALL, send the next stronger and so on until we can gauge their strength. THEN and Only then will I send My ultimate troops. Vulture and Blight was it?"

Vulture(2099):"Yes, I am Vulture. I just happen to have a craving for sweet fresh meat. I can't wait to get my talons into those Sailor Scouts you've been describing for us." (Literally. He's a canibal. YUCK!)

Blight:"Sure, I just want to get rid of this Radioactive appearance and reclaiming my empire as you promised. I will do whatever it takes to do that and gain vengeance against that BATMAN who did this to me, and against the son who betrayed me!"

Blight then throws a radioactive fireball at the hologram Li is projecting of Goku's house. Just when it's about to crash into the black dragon balls. Metallica stops it with a dark fog. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but not your vandalism. Keep your emissions to yourself until you enter the battlefield."

Blight just cackles. The mutagen and the radioactive treatment he undertook to keep from literally decaying into a pile of ash have warped his mind. He is completely insane! Besides becoming a glowing, radioactive skeleton warrior hasn't helped matters in the slightest.

Li:"I have their location, GO!"

Baron Dark calls forward A six armed skeleton, "Arachnis! I call you." He also selects some drug dealers and local thugs he picked up. "Arachnis. Lead this rabble into battle and do your best."


Baron Dark:"Cybron, Go with him. Do not fight unless attacked. I need you to report on the battle."

Cybron:"Right, Baron."

Beryl:"Not bad, but I commanded that you were to send only your cannon fodder now."

Baron Dark:"I thought it would be smart to have an eye witness account. Besides, Arachnis is just a little too eager to enter battle to just sit back and watch."

Li:"Yes, this should be a good start."

Beryl:"Agreed Li. Go now. And I suggest you stay out of sight, Cybron."

Beryl suddenly teleports them to the location, Cybron takes his opportunity to find a decent hiding place. Arachnis just yells some illegible battle cry and charges the ship. The other skeleton warriors just watch until the warriors come out. Goku is the first to arrive. Second is Grimskull. Grimskull shoots Arachnis and Goku telekenetically lifts the debris and scatters it to the wind. "That should buy us a little time."

Cybron:"These warriors are really clever. Plus they have Telekenetic abilities, Arachnis was just shot down and his bones were scattered to the wind."

Beryl:"Interesting, continue the battle. Reinforcements will arrive when the rest of the warriors emerge."

The other skeleton warriors go into action. They try to rush Goku, they manage to get a few feet when Grimskull starts shooting, and Goky hurls fireballs at them. Krillin, Gohan, Vegita and the others arrive. The Sailor Scouts decide to hang back and wait, knowing Beryl they know this is just cannon fodder to determine their strength. This is in no way the main assault force.

Vegita:"Looks like the party's started without us."

Vegita and Goku start flying around punching warriors in the chest, removing heartstones. Turning them back to normal thugs and drug dealers. The thugs and drug dealers then draw their weapons and that's their fatal mistake. Even Goku, the most forgiving, pure hearted man in the universe doesn't like being shot at. The thugs get vaporized. Drug dealers, not being total morons (at least not most of them) drop their weapons. "Hey man, chill. We dinna wanna no trouble here! The Baron, Beryl, and her goons grabbed us off the street. We dinna wanna no rumble here."

Kryllin:"Huh? I didn't understand much, but I think they want to surrender."

Suddenly a ray of darkness comes from the clouds. "Die in battle, or by my hand. Your choice." The drug dealers suddenly scream and turn to dust.

Vegita:"Looks like we shouldn't expect any more of these guys to surrender."

Cybron (behind the house):"Seems that these guys know all about our vulnerabilites, Baron."

Baron Dark (on Beryl's ship):"Let them, we haven't even started to attack them yet. We'll get them eventually."

Beryl:"I knew you'd be useful. You sound like a good general, SO far." This is as close as a Youma ever comes to giving a compliment.

Baron Dark:"I'll take that as a compliment, my queen." (thinking) "Somehow, I'll find a way to turn the tables on this Bitch and we'll see who's the stooge and who's royalty." (Hey, He's a sadistic super-villain. His vocabulary is not as squeaky clean as Serena's.)

Baron Dark:"Troops, check your energy weapons, and get them! Cowardice will NOT be tolerated. As you have just seen."

Skeleton warriors:"Right, Baron."

Hundreds of warriors with energy weapons are then sent down to Earth to engage the Dragon Ball team in battle.

Mercury:"We can't hold back any longer. Our friends will be overwhelmed if we do nothing."

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Correct, Mercury. Though this is not the main assault force, we must intervene."

All the scouts come out of the workshop and uncharacteristically skip their "I'll punish you" speech.

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Super Nova Moon, you and I will deal with the flyers and use our arial advantage to slow these skeletons down. The rest of you, do what you can. I'm sure Beryl will send more soon. Now that we've shown ourselves."

Super Nova Moon:"Right!"

Other scouts:"Gotcha, we'll help protect our new friends"

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Dragon Vorpal Boomerang"

Super Nova Moon:"Super NOVA Blast!"

The flyers are grounded in quick order. Again and again both Sailor Moons pummel and fry the horde of skeletons from above, while the Earthbound warriors do their best to hold their own.


"Destructo Disk"

"Solar Flare"

"Dead Scream"

"World Shaking"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround"

"Crescent Beam"

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"

"Submarine Reflection"

"Supreme Thunder"

Just when it seems the tide might be turning to the scouts' advantage, thousands more of the warriors suddenly arrive. Dozens of Flyers, and countless ground troops.

Kryllin:"THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I Wish Piccolo was here."

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Your wish is a fair one, Granted."

Suddenly Piccolo emerges. "Hello, Gohan. I see you have gotten yourselves in trouble again."

Gohan:"Mr. Piccolo! Am I ever Glad to see you!"

Piccolo:"Likewise. Now let's deal with these guys." He catches one, throws it in the air and belches an energy beam. Of course, it explodes, but then when the bones hit the ground, it re-assembles.

Piccolo gasps."Impossible."

Goku:"That precisely is the problem, Piccolo. Until you remove a tiny gem called a heart stone, they're immortal! They, of course, guard this gem fiercely. It is well protected in their chests."

Piccolo throws off his turban and cape. "Very well then, let's rumble."

Even with the enourmous help Piccolo brings to the team, the battle is still going poorly.

Beryl:"Who could have thought it would be so easy! I have them now."

"Silence Glaive Surprise" Suddenly with a big explosion, Chichi appears IN A SAILOR COSTUME! With a bunch of refleshed and stunned Warriors around her.


Sailor Scouts:"Sailor Saturn? Hotaru?"

Neo Sailor Saturn:"What, Goku? Did you think I was just going to stay home, doing the laundry, while some thugs beat up on my husband and beloved son?"

Goku:"I knew there was a reason I married you."

Vegita:"Later, guys. Right now, we seem to have our hands full."

Neo Sailor Saturn:"Right. Silence WAll!"

An invisible energy field suddenly stops 3 skeleton fighters on speeders.

She then touches her forehead and an energy beam blasts the debris back about 20 feet or so. "forgot I knew how to do that did ya?" This is the attack she used to behead then vaporize a T-Rex in the original Dragon Ball Series. (And yes the beheading was NOT edited out, nor was the vaporizing.) I believe her exact words back then were "Eww gross, I cut its head off."

Yamcha:"Yeah I remeber that. That was before I knew you were the Ox king's daughter. Sorry about the misunderstanding."

Neo Sailor Saturn:"So that's why you were sweet talking me."


Yamcha:"I was just trying to apologize for knocking her out. But she DID shoot at me first."

Goku:"Oh. Ok. We'll talk about this later."

Even though Chichi is now the reborn version of Sailor Saturn and her own dormant powers have been re-awakened, the battle only reaches a standstill.

"Galaxia Hearstone Removal!"

"Neherenia Mirror blast!"

Sailor Pluto:"I'd never thought, I'd be happy to see those two."

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Neherenia! Galaxia! We sure could use your help."

Galaxia:"We owe you. You saved us even though we were both cruel to you and your friends. We gladly offer our assistance now."

With such powerful allies, the battle once again turns in favor of the scouts.

Galaxia's ability to instantly remove heartstones at a distance, proved a powerful advantage.

Grimskull:"How did you learn to do that?"

Galaxia:"When I was possessed by an evil force known as Chaos, I sought out something called Star seeds, your 'friends' heartstones had similar energies, and I had little trouble removing them. It wasn't long before I realized the heartstones were not what I was seeking and left."

Grimskull:"Oh, that explains some 'refleshed' skeleton warriors we stumbled accross a while back. They claimed not to know what happened, but since we could not prove otherwise, they were merely imprisoned and are still awaiting trial."

Metallica:"Galaxia? Neherenia? Those were once the most powerful and brutal Youma the Negaverse had ever known, and now they are working with those wimpy Sailor Brats? What's going on?"

Beryl:"It seems time to unleash the elite troops. Vulture, Blight, Mistress Nyx, GO and do your worst!"

Mistress Nyx:"With pleasure!"

Blight <Cackles>

Vulture:"To quote my favorite role model, Freddy Crougar, 'How sweet, fresh meat!'" It looks as if he would lick his lips if he still had a tongue and lips to do so.

They are teleported into the battle. Then things turn real ugly.

Blight starts hurling radioactive energy blasts around apparently at random, just hoping to hit something, anything. Other skeletons are not exempt. More than once, a stray blast blows up a skeleton warrior nearby.

Skeleton Guard:"Hey watch it, you're supposed to shoot them, not us."

Blight:"I'll shoot what I want when I want." He then grabs the guard who addressed him and reduces him to radioactive ash.

Goku:"Oh great, now we got a loose cannon to deal with, and we can't just reach under his chest to rip out his heartstone either."

Galaxia:"He's projecting some kind of powerful energy field. I can't remove his heartstone at a distance either. It's going to take a marksman shot to do it."

Sailor Mercury (with visor) "He's a walking radioactive fall out zone. I can't scan him very well. But with some cover, I guess I can freeze him long enough for Mars to hit him with her Flame sniper!"

Both Sailor Moons:"Gotcha covered Mercury."

They fly towards blight to draw his fire.

Blight:"What's this? I thought I've seen everything, Now women are flying to be near me? You want a piece of me? I'll show you."

He begins making a huge radioactive fireball and aims it at the Sailor Moons.

In the Mean time Vulture flies high above and starts plummeting down, aiming at the butterfly winged Super Nova Moon.

"Super Nova Blast!"

"Vorpal Dragon Boomerang!"


The three attacks collide in mid air with a bone shattering BANG! Stunned and shaken the Sailor Moons just hover.

"Shining Aqua Illusion!" and Blight is encased in a cage of ice. This won't hold him very long, already it's beginning to glow and evaporate.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" and with a shot that William Tell would be proud of, Sailor Mars sends her flame arrow right through the hand sized heartstone at a distance of 300 feet away. Still Blight looks like a radioactive skeleton, as he always has since he was exposed to that mutagen. But at least now, his mind has cleared, somewhat.

Blight:"Gah! This isn't Gotham. What's going on? I demand to know."

Vulture crashes into Super Nova Moon.

"Well my pretty, your attack won't work on me at close range."<chuckle>

"I'm going to enjoy taking you appart."

Sailor Super Nova Moon grabs under his chest and rips out his heartstone.

Vulture:"Ahh, I'm flesh again. And guess what, I'm hungry. But I think I'll have a little fun with you first."

Vulture then licks her face, "Umm so sweet." He then uses his razor sharp talons to rip her wings and tear her costume.

Eternal Dragon Moon comes out of her daze to see Vulture groping her daughter. Well, She becomes downright LIVID! She flies screaming into the Vulture razor claws against razor claws, metal wings against dragon wings.

Vulture:"SO you want to go first, huh? I can get back to her, later. You're alot more fun."

He raises his claws to chop down, but she blocks and knees him in the groin.

"Bastard! Threatening me is one thing, threatening my friends is another, but NOONE and I mean NOONE threatens my family and lives long enough to regret it!"

She clenches her claws in his chest and at point blank range. "ETERNAL DRAGON FLAME!"

A huge blast of fire and light streams from her claws knocking him out of the sky and straight into the ground creating a huge crater. She keeps blasting until there's nothing left of Vulture but ash, and even that smoulders and burns.

She then turns her attention to the other skeleton warriors who stop both shocked and dismayed.

"Eternal Shriek!" Her red jewels in the odangos flash and a huge sonic wave flows from Eternal Dragon Moon and instantly refleshes all the warriors, and draws blood from the ears of those that were already refleshed.

"Silence Shield" and the sonic waves bounce off Neo Salior Saturn's force field protecting both the DBZ gang and the remainder of the Sailor Scouts.

Blight of course is not amused. WHile Eternal Dragon Moon flies to see if Super Nova Moon is alright, he runs behind the force field and gets ready to grab Mercury who froze him before.

Setting Super Nova Moon Down safely, Eternal Dragon Moon sees that the wings although torn, and bloody are not life threatening, though she won't be flying soon.

Eternal Dragon Moon:"All you skeleton scum! Flee for your worthless little lives. If Beryl Doesn't kill you, I will! Run While you still can!"

The former skeleton warriors run alright, they push, shove, and claw past each other to get away as fast as they can. They drop armor, weapons, anything to get more speed. The sheer power Eternal Dragon Moon just displayed is far stronger than anything they've ever seen before.

Mistress Nyx, although refleshed, is the 'daughter of chaos' and is hardly afraid of that. She starts blasting Eternal dragon moon with a stream of Raw Magic.

Eternal Dragon Moon folds her wings over her body and deflects it.

"Eternal Dragon Flame!" and a stream of raw magic runs to Nyx. The two magics Clash fiercely!

Mistress Nyx:"My, my. A real challenge. Know that you will die at the hands of Mistress Nyx, daughter of Chaos."

Galaxia:"Mistress Nyx. You won't just be facing her, you'll also face me. I remember what your father did to both me and my homeworld. Chaos has paid the price for his evil, now it's your turn. Surrender now, and we'll be mercifull. Continue this, and it will end very badly for you."

Mistress Nyx:"The more the merrier. Bring it On!"

She then draws a pentagram in the ground and suddenly a couple of demons come forth. "Attack them, my pets."

Neherenia:"I'll be glad to help you again, Galaxia. After all, you did free me from that mirror I was trapped in."

Suddenly Blight grabs Mercury from behind. The powerful heat and radioactivity begins burning her suit, her skin blisters and peels. "Give it up, Sailor Scouts, or this one dies!"

"Venus Love Chain, Encircle!"

"Three Head, Vine Energy Drain attack!"

Alan and Ann use their cardian to help pull Blight away from Mercury. "The tree of life said we owe you a favor." (As a favor, Sailor Moon used her scepter to remove all the evil the tree was unwittingly poisoned with by Ann and Alan. The Three Headed Cardian was only knocked senseless by 'the doom tree' at the end of the Doom tree saga, It was never actually destroyed.)

The cardian sucks up all of Blights radioactivity and he regains his human apperance, though the suit he's wearing is in real bad shape.

(Thinking)"I'd better play the innocent victim act or I'm dust."

Blight:"Huh? Where Am I? What happened? Who the HELL IS THAT?" He points at Mistress Nyx and her demons.

When the scouts turn to look, he discreetly removes the vines and runs away. "At least I'm cured. Soon, I'll find my way back to Gotham and reclaim my empire." or so he thinks. His footprints have a nice green glow to them...

How will the scouts fare against Mistress Nyx and her demons, even with Ann and Alan's help, will they have the power it takes to face Beryl and her Juggernaut. Will Mercury succumb to the severe radiation dose she just got. Tune in next chapter for the answers on When Sailor Meets Dragon Chapter 13. The end or is IT?