Once again, the Sailor Scouts and DBZ characters are property of DIC (who thought up THAT name, almost makes you expect them to screw up) and Mistress Nyx is a Vampirella villain which means she belongs to Harris comics. Super Nova Moon and Eternal Dragon Moon are my creations, and I thought Chichi deserves to be a little more involved in the battles than just chewing Goku and Gohan out all the time. Not to mention the fact that Sailor Saturn had to be resurrected somehow. I know Mstress Nyx got blown up in the doorway between Earth and Hell (Drakulon) but Beryl has the Dragon Balls. ;)

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 13
The End or IS it?
By Jorge Carreras

Mistress Nyx:"Oh, I haven't forgotten you guys." (Adressing the Sailor Scouts and DBZ team" She snaps her fingers and suddenly a huge swarm of magically summoned insects appears. So many in fact that they block out the Sun. Imagine midnight level of darkness at NOON!

"That should keep them busy. Now to deal with you three." She then summons up a huge Trident.

"I used this to kill my arch enemy once before. Let's see how well it works on you."

When insects swarm down upon the scouts...

"Fire Storm"

"Silence Wall"

"Deep Submerge"

"Mercury Ice Storm Blast"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution"

"World Shaking"

Tuxedo mask hurls roses right and left.

Ann and Alan call forth a cardian of a giant venus fly trap creature. Still this doesn't even make a dent. "There's just too many of them! We need to shut this down at the source."

When the DBZ tries to make a move towards Nyx, as fast as they are, Instantly the bugs form an impenetrable wall between them and Nyx. "Told you they'd be pre-occupied. Now lets dance."

One of the demons is winged with razor sharp claws. It goes after Galaxia. The other is a giant hellhound. It goes after Neherenia. Eternal Dragon Moon goes up agains Nyx. Super Nova Moon is still tending to her wounds.

"Let's see what you really got, 'Eternal Dragon Moon'" And the battle begins. Nyx draws her super trident against Eternal Dragon Moon Dragon Moon grabs the trident and kicks Nyx in the gut, but misses. Nyx does a roundhouse kick and sweeps Eternal Dragon Moon to the ground. Nyx tries to stab Eternal Dragon Moon in the head but she dodges and kicks Nyx back.

Meanwhile Galaxia isn't doing much better. The flying demon is engaged in 'hit and run arial attacks. Galaxia hurls miniature fireballs at it and when they miss, she tries to pursue it but a swarm of insects knocks her back down. "No fair flying!" <cackles madly>

Galaxia:"In that case.. watch this." She suddenly summons a huge tower of light, knocking the demon out of the sky. While it's stunned she sends her miniature fireballs at it. Blowing it to pieces."

Neherenia is not so lucky. The hellhound she's up against is blowing huge mouthfulls of flame at her, it is all she can do to keep from being fried. When Galaxia runs to help her a huge tower of insects blocks her. "You've beaten your baddie, let her fight her own battles."

Eternal Dragon Moon is not in a position to help Neherenia either. Every time she blocks Nyx's trident, she then has to contend with Nyx's raw magic, not to mention insults. Finally from out of nowhere "Super Nova BEAM!" Nyx Taken completely by surprise winds up flat on her butt. "Don't torment my mother! That's my job!" Eternal Dragon Moon seizes the opportunity to grab Nyx's trident and shatter it."

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Give it up, Nyx. You're beaten."

Nyx:"I haven't even Started yet."

She points up into the air and starts generating a giant energy vortex. "See you in hell!"

The bugs disperse just in time for the scouts to see the vortex. Piccollo suddenly remarks. "She's got an express ticket to the 'next dimension' with our names on it. STOP HER!"

"Kao-Ken Times 10!"

"Gatlin Gun!"

All the Dbz team and the scouts try their missile attacks but they just get sucked up into the vortex. Even World Shaking and Space sword Striker just bounce harmlessly off a forcefield. "You won't escape, Sailor Brats. What kind of name is that anyway? You're not at sea. You've never been on a boat, and yes I have seen your history. Aside from a breif visit to the beach, you've never even been in the ocean. So whose brilliant idea was it to call you sailors anyway?"

Just when it looks like they will all get sucked into the vortex...

"Star Serious Lazer"

"Star Sensitive Inferno"

"Star Gentle Uterus."

"Raging Fireball Strike!"

The Starlights! And Princes Fireball

Metallica:"Just how many scouts are there? They seem to be multiplying."

These attacks somehow manage to strike through the energy field and disrupt the flow of magics. The vortex suddenly snaps shut.

Princess Fireball:"Did you think I was called Princess Fireball just for my good looks?"

Sailor StarFighter:"Sailor Moon? You've changed!"

Eternal Dragon Moon:"We're really glad to see you. But let's take care of this Nyx Witch first!"

"Vorpal Dragon Blade!" and the helhound is struck down.

Since Nyx banished the insects, the scouts recognize the window of opportunity. Each and every one of the scouts uses her most powerfull attack.

"Dead Scream"

"Silence Glaive Surprise"

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody"

"Mars Flame Sniper"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution"

"Deep Submerge"

"World Shaking"

"Love and Beauty Shock"

"Super Nova Blast"

"Eternal Dragon Flame"

The DBZ team is not left behind. Tuxedo Mask transforms into 'Prince Darien' and draws his sword.

Gohan, GOku, Yamcha "Kahmeyhahmeha"

Krillin:"Destructo DISK"


Vegita:"Gatlin Gun!"

Piccolo:"Optic Beam"

After being beaten about like a rag doll in a hurricane, Mistress Nyx collapses to her knees. She begins coughing up blood. "Chaos will avenge me."

Eternal Dragon Moon:"I don't think so. I've banished him already."

Mistress Nyx finally gasps as she realizes the collosal blunder she made by not surrendering when she had the chance. Noone in history has EVER banished Chaos and lived to tell about it.

Eternal Sailor Moon:"You've chosen your path, witch. Repent now, or perish."

Just when it looks like Mistress Nyx might finally give up her evil ways, she just laughs. "You're lying. You just have to be. Noone can beat Chaos, and I'll show you." She jumps for Eternal Dragon Moon's throat, but Eternal Dragon Moon pulls back a bloody claw. "Such a shame, she had her chance. And she blew it."

Vegita then licks his lip and hurls an energy blast at the corpse.

"Had to make sure. Now what?"

Eternal Dragon Moon:"I think you enjoyed that just a little too much. But this isn't over yet. Queen Beryl just depleted her troops against us, and she's NOT going to take that. Right now, If I were a gambling woman. I'd say she's going to hit us with everything she's got."

Mercury:"First she's going to 'punish' her lieutenant Baron Dark, then she's going to seek vengeance."

Beryl:"Seems I have no further need of you, Baron. Your choice of warriors was insufficient to beat them."

Baron Dark:"You failed to tell me about the sheer number of scouts, not to mention their allies."

Metallica:"A good general always expects the unexpected, and prepares contigencies if overwhelmed. You did neither."

(Talk about hypocracy, another Youma art. It's ok for them to screw up, but not their underlings. They failed to anticipate Serena's power and the ability of the Sailor Scouts to boost the Silver Imperium Crystal even after their death. But yet they fault Baron Dark for doing the same.)

Beryl crushes Baron Dark's heartstone with ease turning it to dust, and Baron Dark becomes human again. Metallica is about to blast him with dark energy when..

Beryl:"My queen, I have a better idea. Besides we need to conserve our strength."

Beryl then teleports Baron Dark just a few feet away from the ship in a decaying orbit. Metallica and Beryl watch as Baron Dark convulses in agony. His eyes bulge out. His veins begin to erupt all over his body. His jaw clenches in agony. His blood boils in his veins. They snicker and watch him suffer for the longest time possible before he dies a horrible death by explosive decompression then burning up in Earth's atmosphere.

Grimskull, of course, felt it all. "Baron Dark is dead. Beryl had a good time torturing him before he died. She teleported him just outside her ship. The rest I'm sure you can guess."

The scouts all gasp in horror. Eternal Dragon Moon and Prince Darien are hardly surprised. They know first hand Beryl's sadistic nature. They both remember how Beryl had the brainwashed Tuxedo Mask ruthlessly beat and torture Sailor Moon.

"She's going to attack very soon. It's going to take all of us to stop her. We've got to get ready. Alone, I would not stand a chance, even with the Ginzou, I only have one dragon. Beryl has seven and hers are at full power."

Sailor Scouts:"What do you need us to do?"

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Everyone hold hands. That includes Galaxia, Neherenia, Ann, Alan, and our new friends."

They do so in a large circle.

Mercury:"This some kind of planet power?"

Eternal Dragon Moon:"Yes, now mercury, can you get a fix on Li? We're only going to get one shot at this."

Mercury:"That's not going to be a problem."

Beryl's ship has entered the atmosphere and is hovering just overhead. Everyone can see it powering up to fire at full power.

Beryl/Mettalica:"Dragon Balls Activate!"

"Eternal Dragon Moon Power"

"Super Nova Moon Power"

"Mercury Crystal Power"

"Mars Crystal Power"

"Jupiter Crystal Power"

"Venus Crystal Power"

"Uranus Crystal Power"

"Neptune Crystal Power"

"Pluto Crystal Power"

"Saturn Crystal Power"

"Sailor StarFighter Star Power"

"Sailor StarHealer Star Power"

"Sailor StarMaker Star Power"

"Galaxia Cosmic Power"

"Neherenia Celestial Power"

Small rocks float and the ground cracks and shakes as the DBZ gang powers up...


Everyone:"Sailor Friends.. CONCENTRATION"

Black fire hurls down from the ship, White light beams up from the circle and the two energy beams collide. The energy is so violent that surrounding buildings shake and crumble.

Mettalica:"Full Power!"


The dark beam bolts down temporarily untill Goku's Kaoken technique takes over and the beam rides upward quickly then it hits....

"It's working, Pour it on friends!"

Goku:"Kay-Oh-KEN TImes THIRTY!"

The ship made of the seven evil dragons begins taking Massive damage. Pieces of debris go flying everywhere.

Beryl and Metallica merge:"Enough of this.. HAH" and they send negaverse power down at the scouts, but it just gets washed back in their face."NO! This can't be! Not Again!" The beam finally does its task and the dragon balls break free! "The Dragon Balls! NO!"

They merge with Eternal Dragon Moon's costume. Glowing gold again. 2 take the place of her odango jewels, one on each shoulder, one in her chest taking the place of the ginzou locket finally one on each wing. The ginzou returns to Sailor Moon's original Crescent wand! "I was wondering where this went!"

{Carry on begins playing in the background.}

The battleship blows into millions of pieces blasting debris everywhere. The seven evil dragons are dead. The force of the blast breaks up the circle knocking everyone unconcious except for Eternal Dragon Moon whose eyes glow red again.

"This time, oh queen of bitches, It's over for keeps! The Eternal Dragon condemns you to eternal death for daring to counter-mand his orders concerning the Dragon Balls for your own evil gain. Now is the time to pay the price."

"Moon Dragon Ball Power UNITE!"

The Dragon Balls all start circling around the wand. Each Dragon Ball sends an energy beam to the Ginzou. When all the beams enter the Ginzou, a huge blast of energy hurls right at Beryl/Mettalica. She/they try to raise a shield, but it's futile. A massive explosion results erasing Beryl and Metallica from existence entirely.

The Eternal Dragon then leaves the ginzou but before returning to its resting place and making the dragon balls dormant again states this message to a stunned looking Serena."In one year's time, you and you alone may use the dragon balls again to save your world. For now, I know the one wish you deserve more than anything else. It is the least I can do for one so noble."

The Moon is restored! Cities full of light and life emerge on its surface, the Moon Kingdom in all its glory. "The other planets I could not restore. That was the limit of my power. But after one year, when the time is right, you may yet use these balls again to defeat an even darker enemy. Fair thee well, Serena, Sailor Moon, Moon Princess."

Chad comes running out of the house, seeing Rei prone, he looks up at serena who is now dressed in Neo-Queen Serenity mode. "She's just sleeping."

They all begin to stir when the original Queen Serenity shows up.

Queen Serenity:"You have all done very well. I am proud of you all."

Sailor Scouts:"Queen Serenity, Your highness. You're alive!"

Queen Serenity:"No, but the Moon Kingdom is, look up."

Everyone looks up to see that not only is the moon back, but that it is covered with the lights of a city and shuttles fly overhead releasing pyrotechnics to celebrate the victory.

Strangely none of the Seyins, Gohan, Goku or Vegeta are affected by looking at a full moon. "Relax, this moon will no longer cause Seyin transformation. You can all sleep safely tonight, but Sailor Scouts, my visit shall be bitter-sweet."

Neo Queen Serenity:"What to you mean, your highness, mother?"

Serenity:"I'm awakening the scouts FULL power for a terrible battle yet to come. I hope it does not, but the restoration of the Moon Kingdom may attract an ancient, terrible enemy."

Serenity then touches Serena's forehead, restoring her memories of the terrible battle that created Sol's asteroid belt, and the death of Sailor Helios.

Neo Queen Serenity:"I understand." She bows then stands back.

Serenity:"Good bye, and good luck to you all." She then touches each of the scouts in turn then vanishes.

Gohan:"What's that about?"

Neo Queen Serenity:"I hope you never have to find out...."

(The end???)

I hope you enjoyed this series. The sequel if it works out should be twice as hot, and filled with plot twists, time travel, some romances and the ultimate crossover battle which hopefully will resolve some series, comic books and other works which were canceled or discontinued without resolution. I HATE THAT..

Sailor Moon says:"Teamwork is a force to be reckoned with. It's not something to be taken lightly."

Mars:"Yeah, even I need help doing my chores from time to time."

Jupiter:"Its great when we each have our role and do our best."

Mercury:"You never know how valuable you are until you help others."

Sailor Moon Says {giggle}