The Great Moon War!
Chapter 1
By Jorge Carreras

"A Globe Gobling Super Enemy

The Size of Three Planets!"

In this chapter I intend to take up where WAR PLANETS took off. War Planets is copyrighted by Mainframe Entertainment of Canada. It was canceled after the first season on the WB network although "Behold the Beast" to "Ragnarock Part 2" was shown over five times. I do SO hate it when a series, particularly a good one, gets canceled in the first season leaving all the fans hanging.

The alliance of four worlds is quite pleased with itself after destoroying the Beast Drone base built out of Remorrah, the 'dead world.' This was a difficult battle, and many good troops died. Femur, ruler of bone fled in terror when Remorrah revealed its true nature and began shooting seven Null energy cannons.

Vox:"Alert! Solar Anomaly in progress!"

Techla:"NO! NOT NOW! It's too soon!"

Jade:"Now What?"

Cryos:"By the great glacier! Something's gone wrong with the sun!"

Graveheart:"The BEAST! It's here!"

No sooner does the Beast Planet emerge then a null cannon is fired and an energy blast hurls from the sun to the farthest edge of the planet cluster, a distance four planetary orbits away. IMPACT, and one of the battle moons, five massive battleships the size of moons belonging to planet Rock, is hit and immediately destroyed.

Jade:"The Battle Moon! It's gone!"

Graveheart:"Looks like the real war has only just begun."

The Beast Planet begins advancing toward the battle fleet from the sun. Void appears deep inside. Lamprey and Block appear from within him. Suddenly Lamprey gets a little woozy.

Block:"I was right, the Beast was not happy about the destruction of Remorrah."

Lamprey:"Void, I need an audiance with the Beast at once, its urgent."

Void is a dark energy being like Block and Lamprey with only a skull visible inside a body made of null matter. He doesn't say a word, but just raises an eyebrow and nods.

Block:"Trying to suck up, Lamprey? Hoping that the Beast won't blame you for having to intervene?"

Lamprey:"No, Block. Something far more bothersome than these Alliance pests has just come to light."

Block:"And what could that be? This is the first time someone, or something has ever destroyed a planet base like Remorrah."

Lamprey:"Not exactly."

BEAST PLANET:"After both your incompetence in dealing with these four worlds, and the destruction of Remorrah, I thought you two would know better than to bicker and disturb me."

Lamprey:"Forgive us my lord, but I just learned something you will find most troublesome."

BEAST PLANET:"I've heard that before, what is it this time?"

Lamprey:"Metallica, our ally in the Negaverse has just been utterly destroyed, along with being erased from the timeline."

Block:"What? You bother the Beast with that?"

Lamprey:"If that was all, no. But the Moon Kingdom has re-emerged. There appears to be a new, more powerful Queen Serenity in charge."

BEAST PLANET:"The Moon Kingdom? Are you sure? I remember how they tried to poison me when Planet Helios self-destructed within me. It was all we could do to escape. Besides, I thought Metallica and her general Beryl sucked the life out all the planets in the Moon Kingdom to cover our escape."

Block:"That is not entirely true, my liege. Although the Moon and most of the planets were drained of life, Metallica and Beryl were finally imprisoned by Serenity on the Moon just before they made their final assault on Earth. We were too weak ourselves to assist. My elder brother Tackle was responsible for that."

BEAST PLANET:"Yet another example of your incompetence. He paid the price for his, and if you persist in annoying me, so will you."

Block:"Yes, master."

BEAST PLANET:"Continue, Lamprey."

Lamprey:"When Metallica and Beryl were erased from the timeline, the Moon Kingdom and more importantly the Moon itself was restored."

BEAST PLANET:"Restored? How?"

Lamprey:"The Moon was physically destroyed, I'm not sure how. After Metallica was destroyed, it now exists, full of life, and apparently populated by the original inhabitants."

BEAST PLANET:"You were right to bring this to my attention. If this Moon Queen is indeed more powerful than the original Serenity and has the power to restore planets, this could be a grave threat indeed. Suppose that those planets which I already consumed were to be restored, and their armies be sent against me."

Block:"Shall we take a fleet of Beast drones and attack this Serenity, master?"

BEAST PLANET:"Only under my direct supervision, Block. Your incompetence has cost us dearly already."

Block:"What shall we do about this alliance? If we head to the Sol system to attack the Moon Kingdom, they will surely follow."

BEAST PLANET:"For once, Block, your point is valid. You and Lamprey will take a small fleet through the portal I will generate to our Helios base, assuming it still exists somewhere in the asteroid field. If it is functional, I want you to build as many beast drones as you can and populate the entire system. Then and only then do you attack the Moon kingdom directly, but only to keep them occupied until I arrive."

Block:"Sounds like one of Lampreys fancy, complicated plans, and it's my duty to inform you that they have not worked either, but I will do as you command."

BEAST PLANET:"This is your final chance, both of you. Fail me again, and you both know the consequences."

Lamprey and Block:"Agreed."

BEAST PLANET:"Void, one more thing. Make sure they stop their little bickering and actually work together. Their petty game of one-upmanship is giving me a headache. It was once mildly amusing but now just leads to failure."

Void nods and opens his cape, then Lamprey and Block jump in and Void vanishes. A portal opens next to the Beast Planet and a fleet of Beast drones plus one Beast Warship flies through it.

Graveheart:"This can't be good. The beast is so confident of its victory that it's already sending advance forces to the next system."

Cryos:"Perhaps. We already know they care nothing about their troops. They shot at their own ships in the battle with Remorrah. Perhaps the Beast's overconfidence may yet be its downfall."

Graveheart:"I can only hope so. We should try reaching Teckla. Perhaps whatever she found on your homeworld will be of use to us."

Pyrus:"Um, guys. I think the Vizier wants to tell you something."

Vizier:"I have grim news. According to the ancient texts, there is a force that defeated the Beast once, long ago. Around the time the treaty of four was signed. The name of this force is lost, but according to legend, they're the ones that BUILT the Battle Moons of Rock!"

Graveheart:"Built the Battle Moons?"

Vizier:"Yes, they were given to the king of Rock back then. Seems this king was just as stubborn as Mantle, if not more so. These Moons were given to him just to get him to the table. The treaty was signed on Remorrah, when it was still a living world. I believe we should try to reach them."

Cryos:"I just hope they try to reach us. We seem to have our hands full."

Femur:"Yo! Graveheart, what's up? Sorry about that Remorrah thing, I had to return to Bone to plan my counter attack. Heard you cleaned their clock."

Jade:"You misserable little toad! You abandoned the alliance and now you've come grovelling back. Why? Worried that the Beast Planet has come to snack on your little world for an appetizer? It just blew up one of the Battle Moons."

Femur:"Yah! You're kidding me, right?"

Jade:"Look for yourself, toad."

Femur:"COme ON! You gotta help me."

Graveheart:"Since you knew enough about the Battle Moons to steal them, perhaps you can lead us to the one who built them."

Femur:"Umm, wait a second, its coming to me. Pelvis, get those archives now!"

Pelvis:"Yes, your exuberance, right away." <bell ringing>

Femur:"Ah here we go, they were built by some power called the Moon Kingdom. Beyond that the details get a bit sketchy. I could send some troops to go find them if you want.."

Graveheart:"If you know where to go, tell us and we'll go get them."

Femur:"Umm, I'm afraid it's not that simple. The Beast had allies back then. Something called the Negaverse. The Moon Kingdom might not be there any more."

Jade:"Spill it, toad! What do you know?"

Femur:"We'd better meet on Bone to discuss it. With the Beast Planet about, this frequency may not be secure."

Graveheart:"Better we meet on Ice. We can watch the Beast better from there."

Femur:"Sure, It'll give us more time to prepare when the Beast comes knocking."

To save a little time and space (Pun intended), we change the scene to planet Ice at the conference table. Teckla is still searching for.. even she doesn't know what yet.

Jade:"Alright, Femur Tell us what you know now, and maybe I won't kick your butt."

Femur:"I just love it when you sweet talk, babe. Alright. According to these archives from before the resource wars began, there was this Queen Serenity and a system of 10 planets 3 of which are at least as big as the Beast. They all lived in peace under her rule, then the Beast came. At first it was welcomed with open arms because Lamprey and her mom Metallica convinced the people that they also came in peace. At least until Tackle and his drones were caught trying to ravage one of the planets from within. Things get real sketchy after that, but one of the planets was destroyed to stop the Beast. Although not destroyed, the Beast was too weak to continue fighting and fled. Which is why the Moon kingdom gave the ruler of Rock the Battle Moons and had us all sign the treaty of four. I have the coordinates, but the stars might have moved in the millenia that we've heard from them."

Graveheart:"That was very helpful. Thanks, Femur. Cryos, when the Beast Drones first attacked your world, you mentioned that the Beast Planet was just a story to frighten unruly children, perhaps that story will help Teckla find whatever it is she's looking for."

Cryos:"Of course! Why didn't I think of that? I'll get the story book right now."

Jade:"What's the word on the Beast Planet?"

Pyrus:"I don't get it, it's reached the edge of the system and is just hovering there. It's not making a move of any kind."

Jade:"It must be waiting to see what we'll do."

Pyrus:"That makes sense. There's no way we can attack it directly. It's just way too strong. Subterfuge is Femur's strong point. Any ideas, Femur?"

Femur:"Was that a slam, kid? I'll think of something."


Void appears at the null base among the asteroids. The base is in terrible dis-repair. Loose wires, broken scaffolding, and null debris lie everywhere.

Lamprey and Block emerge.

Lamprey:"Looks like we have our work cut out for us."

Block:"Agreed. Beast Drones, begin repairs." He then points at two of them. "You and You, scout the rest of the system except Earth and the Moon, and see what if anything you can find."

The Beast Drones nod and get in their fighters and fly away.

Lamprey:"Good idea, I do hope it's worth the risk though."

Block:"Risk? What risk? The force is too small to be noticed, and perhaps there are still some old null energy bases or Negaverse artifacts about that we can use."

Lamprey:"Perhaps, but we don't know how well defended or what kind of detection systems the Moon Kingdom has now. I only hope your scouts don't lead them back to us, like what happened on Remorrah."

Void doesn't look too happy. He looks at Block and scowls.

Block:"We both made our mistakes there, Lamprey. Let's just hope we learned from them, and do better this time."

Lamprey:"For once, Block, you may be using your head for something other than a lava lamp."

Chapter 2
"The HoneyMoon"

Remember, the Sailor Scouts are properties of DIC. Grimskull (Joshua), the Lightstar Crystal, Skeleton Warriors, and Baron Dark are (were?) the property of Landmark Entertainment. DBZ is also property of DIC. Now on with the story.

Back on Earth...

The Sailor Scouts, and 'Earth Special Forces' had just defeated Queen Beryl, Metallica, Baron Dark, Li and his 6 evil Dragon brethren plus a huge horde of Skeleton Warriors. The original Queen Serenity (or at least her spirit) visited the scouts and awakened their full powers in addition to congratulating them and praising their good works. The Moon is restored to its full glory. Now comes the aftermath.

Mercury suddenly collapses. "The radiation from that 'Blight' person is taking its toll." She then powers down into Ami because her body is too weak to maintain the transformation, and she faints. Buulma throws down a Dyno Cap and makes a car. "Lets get her to the hospital now!" Buulma, Yamcha and Vegeta load her onto the back and take off.

Serena (Neo Queen Serenity):"You guys have been very generous, but we need our own place. We can't in good conscience put you in any more jeapordy because of us."

Chad:"I have that covered. While you guys were in battle, I was out scouting the neighborhood. Rei, your grandfather's shrine still stands. While its a revered historical landmark, it needs a bit of work, but I've never seen that intimidate you before. Right Rei? Besides, I still have access to my family inheritance which should more than pay for any supplies we need."

Rei just grabs Chad and kisses him in the mouth. "I love you." He just beams uncontrollably. "I've been wanting to hear you say that since the first time I saw you."

Serena leans her head into Darien's chest. "They make a cute couple, don't ya think?"

Darien just wraps his arm around her back. "Yes they do, dear."

Just then a shuttle from the Moon Kingdom lands nearby and a soldier steps out.

"King Darien (Endymon in the Japanese), Neo Queen Serenity, your majesties, Queen Serenity has informed us of the passing of the throne and your marriage. I have been sent to escort you back to your kingdom, so you may inspect the troops."

Serena:"By all means, Darien, my love, lets get this honeymoon started."

Darien (thinking) "It's about time!" (out loud) "With pleasure, darling. Let's just hope it goes better than the wedding."

The guard knowing it's not his place to inquire further just shrugs and escorts them onto the shuttle to take them to the Moon to begin inspecting the kingdom, and hopefully a romantic honeymoon.

Grimskull:"Your highness, there is just a small matter to attend to before you go."

Serena:"Correct, Grimskull. In all the confusion, I almost forgot. Guard, wait here for a moment."

Guard:"Yes, your highness.."

Serena:"Grimskull, hold the crystals before me."

Grimskull holds both crystals in front of him.

Serena:"Moon Healing Activation!"

She swings the moon crescent wand with silver imperium crystal in a circle from head to toe. An energy beam emerges from the wand and hits Grimskull and the two halves of the Lightstar Crystal instantly re-combining them. Unexpectedly it also heals Grimskull. He's now the handsome, dashing young Joshua he was before Baron Dark tricked him into stealing the Lightstar crystal.

Joshua:"I'm cured! The crystal is whole, and I'm cured!"

Crying with tears of joy, he gives Neo Queen Serenity a huge bear hug

Joshua:"How can I ever thank you?"

Serena:"It was my pleasure. Now go home, your family awaits you."

Joshua:"I.. I can't shadow leap any more!"

Serena:"I see. Guard. We have another passenger. Before we visit the Moon Kingdom, there is an errand we must run first."

Guard:"Very Well, your highness. The royal family has always been eager to help the downcast. The Moon can wait a little while."

They all board the shuttle and head to the hospital where Ami and Buulma are.

Doctor:"I've seen some weird things around these parts before like that Goku fellow jumping out the window and landing on a cloud, but never radiation burns like this. How did she get them."

Buulma:"She was attacked by a glowing monster."

Doctor:"A monster. I should have known. Mutants and monster reports are common place, but still I've never heard about a monster giving people radiation poisoning, especially not this severe."

Suddenly Serena's shuttle just appears outside the window, with Serena and Darian and Joshua inside. "How is it, Buulma?"

Buulma:"Serena! Good to see you, she's serious, but stable. The doctors are trying to purge the radiation from her system now."

Serena:"That's good to hear." Serena just hovers in through the window.

Doctor:"Geesh! Doesn't anybody use the door any more?"

Serena:"Sorry, Doctor, but time is of the essence. Buulma, I need you to contact Torrin again. Seems our friend, Joshua is stuck here now. Repairing the Lightstar Crystal caused him to lose his "shadow jumping" ability and now needs a ride home. As I recall, the Moon shuttles can't leave the system, especially not now. Torrin is the best bet to get him home. Doctor, what I have to say next is not for your ears, please leave us for a moment."

Doctor:"I need to look after my patient."

Serena:"Very well, then I must take your word that you will not repeat what I have to say to ANYONE. It will start a world wide panic."

Doctor:"A world wide panic! What are you saying?"

Serena:"I'm not at liberty to discuss it yet. Either promise me your silence or leave."

Doctor:"I'll be just outside. If her life signs waver in the slightest, I will be back in."

Serena:"Fair enough." The Doctor leaves the room and closes the door.

Serena:"I hate this cloak and dagger stuff. I didn't like hiding my Sailor Moon identity from my family, and I hate this now, but I have no choice. We may need Torrin's ship in the case of a world wide evacuation."

Buulma:"A world wide evacuation! What kind of threat are we expecting?"

Serena:"I know what it's like to be terrified. This enemy is as terrifying as they come. It devours whole worlds for sport, not just conquering and selling them for profit as Frieza did, but consuming them and all living things on them."

Buulma:"Geeshh! If it's not one threat, it's another. Just what is this monster we're gonna be fighting now."

Serena:"Fear not, Buulma you will be among those evacuated. The future counts on it. I can tell you that the monster is 'a globe gobling super enemy the size of three planets,' and we're going to need all the help we can get."

Buulma:"Good, when the time comes, there is someone I know who has ties with the press and can get the word out. His name is Haroyinkobi."

Serena:"Thanks. Relay the message to Torrin to bring his mirrored ship to pick up Joshua, but with only as many people and supplies to run the ship and make the journey. Tell him you don't have specifics but that cargo space will be of ultimate importance."


Serena:"Hopefully, one day, we can get Torrin his own homeworld. This is a big system. If we are victorious, the Moon Kingdom will be more than glad to help. The days of the 'planet trade' are numbered. Doctor, you can come back in now."

Serena gives Ami a kiss on the forehead. "Get well soon, my friend, we need you." She then flutters out the window, back onto her shuttle.

Seiya:"Your highness, why were we not invited to your wedding?"

Serena:"When you left, you didn't exactly leave a forwarding address. I am glad you did come to our rescue though. I'll be more than glad to give you all a tour of the Moon Kingdom. Then I have another favor to ask."

Seiya:"What is this favor?"

Serena:"When we get back to the Moon Kingdom."

While the shuttles fly to the Moon Kingdom, Rei and Chad are busy working on repairing and restoring Rei's Shrine. The rest of the scouts visit with Ami, except of course for Neo Sailor Saturn, who is spending some quality time with Goku, her husband and Gohan, her son.

Goku:"So dear, how did you get to be Neo Sailor Saturn anyway? That outfit looks real good on you."

Chichi:"I'm glad to hear you say that dear. Actually a spirit in this outfit came out of the wall. I screamed. She said, 'Don't be afraid. It is time for your true destiny to awaken. I tried to run, but before I could do anything, she touched my forehead with her index finger, and zap. Here I am. Spooky huh?"

Gohan:"Yep, but that's how Sailor Saturn came back before. At least that's what my comic books tell me."

Chichi:"I thought you got rid of those."

Oolong:"Are you crazy? Those old Sailor Scout comic books are worth enough to make the OX king's treasure look like pocket change."

Poir:"Besides, our new friends wouldn't be flattered if they learned we threw out their histories and legends."

Chichi:"I guess you're right, but Gohan should be involved in his schoolwork, not reading comic books."

Gohan:"Aww, mom!"

Chichi:"Don't start that 'Aww mom' with me, young man, or I'll spank you with this." She taps her silence glaive. "And you know I can do it. Super Sayin or not."

Gohan:"Yes, mother."

Goku:"Hey, take it easy, dear. He's a very smart, innocent, responsible young man. He's entitled to have a little fun now and then. As long as his chores get done. They are done right?"

Gohan:"Yes, dad."

Goku:"Good, my grandfather was a brilliant scientist, and so can you be."


Goku:"You bet. You might make new and wonderful inventions too."

Gohan:"Thanks, Dad!"<hugs> <giggles>

Chichi:"Alright, you two. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I have two children, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

Goku:"And I love you too, dear. You're a great wife and mother, and I am very lucky to have you."

Gohan:"Yuck, mushy stuff."

Goku:"Trust me, Gohan. You'll feel different about that when you're older. For now, you can go play with Icarus. Your mother and I have to talk.."

Gohan:"Sure, dad. Here, Icarus." A pink winged and horned reptillian animal appears honking, and rubbing up to Gohan, and they run off, playing.

Chichi:"I still don't like that beast, but since they love each other, as long as it behaves, Gohan can keep him."

Goku:"Yes, they do well together."

When the shuttles land on the moon,....

Seiya, "So what is this favor you're asking of us?"

Serena removes her royal crown, and then says "The people of planet Rock to whom we gave the Battle Moons needs to hear this message. 'The people of the Moon Kingdom need your support in once again fighting the Beast Planet.' If he does not believe you, show his this trinket. That will convince him."

Seiya:"The BEAST PLANET? That old myth?"

Galaxia:"It's no myth. It destroyed my homeworld just before Chaos was locked inside me. Chaos ruled the Beast Planet then. It rules itself now. Before it would destroy at Chaos' command. Now it just devours for fun."

The starlights gasp in terror. Princess Fireball just nods. "So you want us to check on your friends in the four worlds alliance for you?"

Serena:"Yes, please do. If you see the Beast Planet or any Beast drones there, return immediately. Don't attempt to engage them. It's way too dangerous. In the meantime, I will be preparing our defenses. I know by now that the Beast has learned of the Moon's ressurection, and it will NOT stand for that. I'm willing to wager that there is already a Beast Drone prescence in this system. Which I will have moon shuttles scout for soon."

Princess Fireball:"The mantle of leadership fits you well, Queen Serenity."

Serena:"Thanks, it took some special tailoring to do that."

Princess Fireball:"And if we see the Beast attacking the four worlds, what will you do then? You don't have the spacecraft needed to come to their rescue."

Princess Serena:"We shall see about that. My mother however gave them the tools to defend themselves. Let's pray they use them wisely, and have not been forgotten. If they have been forgotten, take this scroll to each of the kings of the four worlds."

Serena waves her hand majestically and a scroll appears out of thin air. "This scroll will teach them how to use their four worlds as one. As well as what weapons are hidden on each. I only pray they don't turn these weapons on each other when they're done. And that the 'treaty of four' is still in effect."

Meanwhile in the four worlds system..

The Beast Planet has not been as idle as it appears. It's going to strike at the Moon Kingdom. When the Moon Kingdom falls, and the Beast assumes its power, it will be unstoppable. Then it will return and finish the job on the four worlds alliance. But now, it's going to make sure the four worlds don't have the capabilities to flee the system. It is slowly, carefully and quietly scanning the four worlds in order from Ice to Fire as it passes to see if any of the craft on them can leave the system without a portal.

Beast Planet:"So far so good. These alliance fools don't know how doomed they are. Planet Ice has apparently the fastest craft yet even they can't flee the system unless I let them. Their main weapon is still off line! I can't believe they were so foolish as to leave it idle and neglected when the Moon Kingdom installed it soo long ago. These fools have been daydreaming for far too long. Soon it will be time for a rude awakening." Evil Cakles resound in the hollow planet. The beast drones just go about their tasks. Mindless robots that they are, they care little about the Beast Planet's motives. They just do as they're told.

Beast Planet:"Still those Battle Moons are quite bothersome. So far they've destroyed everything I've dished out, except of course for myself. I should finish them before I go, but that would ruin the surprise. Still I should shake them up, see how they run. I'll do that when I pass planet Rock. For Now, a short reprieve. Enjoy it while you can, fools."

Chapter 3
BeetleBorgs Metallix

Beetleborg Metallix Vr troopers are property of Saban Inc, just like the Power Rangers! Perhaps soon we'll see their techo-color outfits show themselves in this fanfic. Maybe not...

Three typical, average kids go inside a haunted mansion.

They freed a ghost and became Beetle Borgs.

Mums:"Beetle Borgs"

Big Bad Beetle Borgs, Big Bad Beetle Borgs.

Then new villains came along and took away their powers.


Beetle borgs were in a fix and now comes Borgs Metallix

Beetle Borg Metallix, Beetle Borg Metallix

Big Bad Big Bad (repeat 2 times) Beetle Borg Metallix

Beetle Borg Metallix.

The beetleborgs Roland, Drew, and Joe are celebrating their victory over Rapgillion a giant reptile monster made from Toxic waste by Nukus, Horribelle, and Vilor. They are eating a pizza with the works and some milk shakes when suddenly Flabber's face appears in a pepperoni.

Flabber:"Great Job kids, but you gotta head to Hillhurst right away. Something's up!"

Joe:"The crustaceans up to something again, this soon?"

Drew:"Yeah, It ususally takes them a day or two to regroup."

Roland:"Nukus must be getting desperate to attack this soon after we stole the Astral axe."

Flabber:"I only wish it was that simple kids. Come to Hillhurst right away. And you'd better hurry."

Drew:"We're on our way."

The beetle borgs all get on their bicycles and ride to Hillhurst. Little do they know that a dreg is after them. Dregs are creatures that live up to their name, they're scraped from the bottom of the barrel in Les Fortunes' immagination. They all work for Nukus.

Count Fangula:"Oh look, dinner has arrived."

Beetle Borgs :"Ahhh!"

Fangula and the other Hillhurst Monsters start chasing the kids around when suddenly Flabber appears and stops them.

Flabber:"We don't have time for that foolishness now. Something serious is coming this way."

Mums:"And what is that? Is that Nukus Creep doing something again."

Flabber:"Worse, much worse." The normally jovial and ridiculous Flabber suddenly takes on a grave look of concern mixed with terrror.

Little Ghoul:"Oh this IS serious. Flabber's never looked like that before."

Flabber:"We face an enemy far more terrifying than anything the Crustaceans or Magnavores could ever dream up."

Joe:"What is it?"


Drew:"Whatever it is, we can take it!"

Flabber:"This thing destroyed my homeworld and condemned me to life as a Phasm here on Earth, and now it's coming to destroy this world too."

Mums:"What in the universe could do that?"

Flabber waves his hands and suddenly a movie screen appears out of thin air, the lights dim and a movie begins to play.

A huge globe gobling super enemy emerges from the sun and heads to Flabber's home world devouring it.

Roland:"How in the world are we going to fight that!? Even Roboborg and Boron are nothing against that. And they're the only part of our arsenal capable of going to space."

Flabber:"Right, I'll go see Art Fortunes about upgrading your arsenal to fight in space. Your Battle Vehicles can handle the adavance troops on the ground though. They are called Beast Drones."

Drew:"Great, as if the Crustaceans weren't enough to deal with."

Flabber:"There's some folks who can help you in Cybron City. I beleive you met one of them already, the reporter, Kaitlin Star."

Joe:"Yeah, she's the one who discovered our identities a while back.."

Flabber:"Well, she's got friends and powers too. If Earth is going to have any hope of survival, we'll need all the help we can get."

Roland:"Right, and I think we'd better borg. Our Mega Spectre Sector Cycles can get us there in no time."

Drew:"Good Idea"

Beetle Borgs:"Data Binders. Input Cards. Beetle Blast!"

Suddenly a comic book page appears out of nowhere and high tech armor jumps on the kids like carboard cut outs. They run outside...

Chromium Gold:"Data Binder, Input Card, Mega Spectre Sector Cycles."

The kids' bikes change into armored motorcycles with cool weapons. They head off to Cybron city as streams of light. The dregs having seen enough, teleport back to Magnavor HQ, now Nukus' base of operation.

Dregs:"Bullub Grbolub Bubbleibu."

Nukus:{Growls}"What in the name of the second dimension are they saying?"

Vilor:"Seems Flabber is worried about the arrival of a new super power."

Horribelle:"That Phasm would be scared of a common cockroach."

Vilor:"This is something that destroyed his homeworld and is now headed here. I believe the exact term is a 'globe gobling super enemy the size of three planets,' and it's headed this way. It's called the Beast Planet."

Nukus:"Hmm, looks like we're going to have to find a way to ally ourselves with this Beast Planet."

Horribelle:"As I recall from my life in the second dimension, the Beast Planet hates all life except its own and will kill us as soon as see us. Why should we help it?"

Nukus:"My dear, Horribelle. As soon as the Beast Planet destroys this planet and the Beetleborgs for us, we can take control of it for ourselves and this dimension will belong to us."

Vilor, Horrabelle, and Nukus:"hahahahA" (evil laughter)

The beetleborgs arrive at Cybron City. They run into the news building. A nerdy looking kid with coke-bottle glasses rushes up to meet them.

Dexter:"Beetle Borgs Metallix! Oh Cool! Can I have an autograph? How about an interview? Can I do anything for you? Here let me polish your armor."

He grabs a handkerchief and starts spraying them down.

Joe(Platinum Purple):"Embarassing isn't it?"

Drew(Chromium Gold):"That's nice, but we don't have time for that right now, Is Kaitlin Star here?"

Dexter:"Kaitlin Star? Oh man! She and her friends Ryan Steel and Collin get all the good stories. When am I gonna catch a break?"

Rolland (Titanium Silver):"Maybe we can do an interview later, right now we need to see Kaitlin Star. It's urgent."

Dexter gets stars in his eyes at the term interview and nearly trips all over himself. "I'll get Kaitlin right away!"

Kaitlin:"Beetleborg Mettalix! You woldn't happen to know the Beetle Borgs? Would you?"

Purple:"That's us! We've had to undergo a few upgrades now that Atr Fortune's brother Less fortunes created Nukus and the Crustaceans. But that's not why we're here."

Kaitlin:"Then why?"

Gold:"Flabber says we need your help and the help of your friends, Ryan Steele and Riley."

Kaitlin:"Flabber? That blue faced ghost thing from Hillhurst? How would he know about Ryan Steele and Riley?"

Silver:"He's been in touch with someone named Proffessor Brown in the Fifth dimension."

Kaitlin:"Proffessor Brown? We'd better finish this conversation in the VR lab."

Meanwhile at the top of the main tower of Ziktor Industries....

Skugg Secretary:"Mr. Ziktor, Kaitlin Star of the VR Troopers has just taken three unknown armored warriors to their VR lab. "

Ziktor:"What? After all this time of inactivity, the VR troopers are up to something? Since they called on re-inforcements, they must be planning an attack on us."

Skugg Secretary:"But they still don't know how to reach the dark fortress, especially since the Box of Icis was destroyed."

Ziktor:"True, but they do know that skuggs have or had bases in my corporate buildings. They might try attacking here first. And Since only dark minions know their real identies, we can't retaliate without revealing ourselves. So we need to attack them first. Leave me.."

The skugg disguised as an attractive secretary in Zictor enterprises leaves the office and closes the door. Zictor then touches a green pyramid crystal. The shades come down...

Forces of darkness empower me. Take me back to my Virtual Reality.

While he is saying this lines of magical energy wrap over his face warping him. When he finishes, he changes into a lizard creature and teleports straight up into a pyramid shaped ship above the top of Ziktor tower.

Grimlord:"Omegakron who are these metal armored warriors?"

A giant head imbeded in the wall, grimlord's personal computer, speaks. "They are the Beetle Borg Metallix, master. They fight a horned enemy, named Nukus and his minions the Crustaceans. It seems they are here to ask for the Trooper's help not the other way around."

Grimlord:"Still I can't take the risk. General IBAR report!"

A window opens up in the wall, and the image of a black armored soldier with a red visor where the eyes are supposed to be.

General Ibar:"I'm here for you, sire."

Grimlord:"Prepare for an all out attack on the VR lab. I want those VR troopers and their new friends CRUSHED! Destroy the Vr lab. Level it to the ground. Take all the tanks and Grimstars if you have to! Fail me and your carreer as my general will be over!"

General Ibar:"As you wish, sire."

Grimlord:"Colonel Icelord, Report."

Another window opens in the wall."I'm here, Grimlord."

Grimlord:"Go find me this Nukus, and his Crustaceans, I want to have a talk with them about these Beetle Borg Metallix."

Colonel Icelord:"I hear and obey, master."

General Ibar appears again:"The VR tanks and Grimstars are ready. When shall I attack?"

Grimlord:"Colonel Icelord is engaged in a special project, when I hear his report then attack. Make not one move until then."

General Ibar:"If you say so, sire."

Back in the VR lab...

Professor Brown:"The Beetle Borg Metallix, I'm sincerely honored to meet you. Flabber has told me the situation."

Ryan Steele and Tyler Steele (his dad) "What situation?"

Professor Brown's image in the computer vanishes and we see a high-res image of the Beast planet swallowing a world.

Riley:"We're going up against that?"

Professor Brown:"Yes, we must. Fortunately we're not alone. In addition to the Beetle Borgs Metallix, there is someone named Sailor Moon who rules the Moon Kingdom. Although she may seem to be a clumsy twit, she's got more power and courage than all Earth's other heroes put together."

We are treated to a replay of her final battle with Beryl and her conflict with Sailor Galaxia.

Professor Brown:"Still, Earth and the Moon Kingdom are not alone in this fight, the Moon Kingdom has called for help from the four Worlds; Rock, Fire, Ice, and Bone. You will be charged with protecting The Moon Princess from the Beast Drones and give her support so she can battle 'The Beast Planet.' With luck and courage we can only hope to beat it. If we fail, the Earth is doomed and the universe will soon follow."

Kaitlin Star:"Our powers are great, but what hope are they against something that big?"

Shep (the dog):"Yeah, what are these Beast Drones anyway?"

Professor Brown:"Beast Drones are mindless robots made out of something called 'null matter' bound by a containment matrix on their chests. This is their only weak spot. Destroy the matrix and the drone is destroyed. They have alot of firepower, and if you touch them, the 'null matter' will eat you alive!"

Ryan Steele:"Reminds me of fighting Super Skuggs in the Battle Zone. But Skuggs don't shoot at you."

Such musings are soon cut short however...

Alarm Klaxons go off. red lights start flaring in the lab.

Proffessor Brown:"Alert, a breach in the Reality Barrier is in progress. Grimlord's forces are engaged in an all out attack on the VR Lab."

Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Star, Riley:"Trooper Transform, WE are VR!"

Suddenly all three young adults are suited in high tech armor.

Professor Brown:"General Ibar is attacking with a large army of VR tanks and Grimstars. They're out to destroy this lab and everything in it!"

Riley:"Right. Vr Battle Base Command!"

Ryan Steele:"VR Battle Vehicle Command!"

A huge Flying fortress appears out of the clouds, and a tank like vehicle drops out of the bottom. landing rather roughly. Ryan Jumps inside and starts blasting VR tanks. meanwhile Kaitlin and Riley have their hands full shooting at Grimstars, fast agile vehicles which shoot lightning at the VR battle base.

Ryan Steele blasts through a wave of tanks and gets into a shoving match with Ibar's tank. Usually Ryan Steele just shoves Ibar's tank off a nearby cliff and shuts down all the other tanks under Ibar's control. Unfortunately, this time it's different.

Ryan Steele:"Something's different about Ibar's tank! He's pushing my VR Battle vehicle around. He's pushing me around easily!"

Kaitlin Star:"We've got our hands full too! There's too many Grimstars! They're starting to get past us! We can't protect the lab and ourselves."

Beetle Borg Metallix:"Hang on guys, help's on the way! Data Binder, Input Card, Beetle Battle Station."

In a field behind the Hillhurst Mansion, huge doors open up in the ground and the doors open displaying three awesome high tech vehicles.

"Let's show these VR vermin what the AB's can do!"

Silver gets in his AB and uses his huge green claw to grab Ibar's tank.


Gold:"Good catch Roland, now toss him."

Silver:"You got it." He throws Ibar's tank over his back like a used Coca-cola can.

Ibar's tank starts rolling down the side of the cliff. "AAARRGGGHHHH!" About half way down, it explodes! Ibar's tanks all shut down.

Purple:"Now to deal with these Grimstars!" She swoops down like a hawk on a field mouse and blows them up like nobody's business. Gold and Silver are not far behind, they take up defensive positions around the VR lab and with power energy beams blow away any Grimstars that got past the VR battle base and Platinum purple.

Ryan Steele:"Now that was rather impressive!"

Kaitlin:"Thanks for the assist, Beetle Borgs."

Gold:"Our pleasure."

Purple:"Yeah, that was fun."

Proffessor Brown:"Good work, everyone. Tyler Steele Art fortunes and I have good news for you in the lab."

Back in the Dark Fortress...

Grimlord:"Ibar! You have failed me for the last time."

Ibar:"Forgive me, master. I did exactly as you commanded. I would have had them, but the Beetle Borgs were stronger than I was told!"

Grimlord:"Silence! Your service is at an end. I've had it with your incompetence and excuses."

Suddenly energy beams fly from Omegakron and Ibar ceases to exist in a rather violent way! "EEEAYAYYA!" {BOOM!}

Grimlord:"From now on, the VR tanks will be under your control, Devastator."

Colonel Icelord:"I've reached Nukus and the Crustaceans, Grimlord. Allow me to present them."

Suddenly Vilor, Horribelle, and Nukus appear before Grimlord.

Arcadia:"They don't look so hot to me!"

Devastator(?):"Hmmph, I don't know what reality these freaks came from, but I'm not impressed."

Nukus:"I am Nukus, overlord of the second dimension, looks like I'll have to cut you down to size."

Suddenly energy beams come out of Nukus' eyes and Devestator shrinks about 2 feet.

Arcadia prepares to blast them with her staff, but Horribelle beats her to the punch and shoots her with two scythe like daggers.

Grimlord:"Enough!" Energy lightning splashes around everywhere. Omegakron restores Devastator to his true size.

Grimlord:"Seems that your enemies have become mine, we should be working together. This petty bickering is pointless."

Nukus:{Growls}"Agreed, but I won't suffer any more insults from your underlings."

Grimlord:"Fair enough. If you defy me, I'll destroy you myself."

Nukus:{Cackling}"For the moment, I'll let you believe you can."

What news does Professor Brown have for the VR troopers and Beetle Borgs? What devious plan are Nukus and Grimlord Hatching? Powerful though they are, what hopes have they got against the Beast Planet. For the answers to these questions and others, stay tuned..

Chapter 4
How the Mantle Crumbles
Part 1

The Starlights and Princess Fireball arrive in the four worlds system. As instructed by Neo-Queen Serenity, they hastily head toward planet Rock and seek an audiance with Lord Mantle. The reception is cool to put it mildly.

Princess Fireball:"I am princess Fireball of the Galactic core, allies to the Moon Kingdom. My consorts and I require an immediate audiance with Lord Mantle."

Captain of the Guard:"Even if you speak the truth, that is not possible. Lord Mantle is in negotiations with the other worlds of the four worlds system preparing for the arrival of the Beast Planet."

Sailor Star Fighter:"The Beast? It's here!?"

Captain of the Guard:"Is this some kind of joke? Look for yourselves."

Sure enough, the Sarlights and princess Fireball look and see the Beast Planet at the edge of the system.

Princess Fireball:"Then our visit is even more urgent! Please contact Lord Mantle immediately."

Lord Mantle's face suddenly appears in the view screen, an act which is completely unprecedented.

Lord Mantle:"And just how are we to know that you are indeed sent by the Moon Kingdom? What proof do you have that you are not Beast Drones in disguise sent to distract us and cause chaos so that the beast can consume us?"

Princess Fireball:"We were instructed to show you this."

Princess Fireball holds out Neo-Queen Serenity's Tiara Crown, an item which cannot be counterfeited.

Lord Mantle:"Very, well. An audiance is granted. But be warned. If this is some kind of trick, you will be ground to dust for your tresspass."

Captain of the Guard:"By the will of Mantle, the Rock of Rock. I hereby grant safe passage."

The four remaining Battle Moons briefly power down so that Princess Fireball's ship may pass.

After landing, the Starlights and Princess Fireball appear in front of Mantle.

Lord Mantle:"Now what is it you wished to discuss? And be brief We don't have time to just chatter."

Princess Fireball:"Neo-Queen Serenity, daughter of Queen Serenity and heir to the Moon Kingdom sent us to seek your aid in fighting the Beast."

Lord Mantle:"Even if we could leave the system, we cannot go to Serenity's aid now. The Beast is here, and would consume our worlds one by one!"

Princess Fireball:"Neo-Queen Serenity anticipated this and gave us this scroll which will advise and instruct you, and the other worlds of this system on how to fight the Beast."

Lord Mantle:"Guard, take the scroll our guest is giving us, translate and copy it. Make sure Graveheart gets it, Don't let Femur have it."

Captain of the Guard:"As you wish, my lord."

Lord Mantle's face softens lightly. "Please join us for dinner as my royal guests. It has been ages since the Moon Kingdom paid us a visit."

Princess Fireball:"We would be honored, Lord Mantle. We however, cannot stay long. Neo-Queen Serenity is expecting our report. There have already been reports of Beast-Drones in the Moon System."

Lord Mantle:"So that's where the Beast sent it's advanced troops. In any event, It is good to have you here. We have much to discuss before your departure."

Meanwhile at the conference table on planet ice.

Cryos:"I have good news, my friend. Tekla has found an ancient control panel of some sort in the heart of the Great Glacier. It is covered with ancient symbols we can't understand and buried in ice which we are carefully removing now, but otherwise the machine appears completely operational."

Graveheart:"Good. We could use whatever aid we get."

Suddenly an urgent communication reaches Jade.

Jade:"Graveheart, you've got to see this!"

Graveheart:"What is it, Jade?"

Upon looking at the vid screen, his questions are answered.

Graveheart:"Lord Mantle! To what do I, a common miner, owe this honor?"

Mantle:"Spare me your false modesty, Exile. Emissaries of the Moon Kingdom are here, and they need to speak with you."

Graveheart:"My Lord! I cannot set foot on Rock or I will be executed! It's your very decree!"

Mantle:"I know that. They're coming to you. They will need escorts to protect them form the Beast Drone Patrols."

Graveheard:"Understood. I'll go meet with them personnally."

Pyrus and Zera (Prince of Fire, and Cryos daughter princess of Ice):"Can we come?"

Cryos:"Zera, what about your training?"

Jade:"She's doing remarkably well. A BRIEF interlude won't hurt."

Zera:"Thank you, Jade." Lady Zera rushes over and hugs Jade around the knees.

Jade:"Now get going, or I'll double your workout."

Zera (Snapping to attention):"Yes, Ma'am!"

Graveheart boards Pyrus' flagship with Pyrus and Zera in quick pursuit and they head towards planet Rock to meet with Princess Fireball and the Starlights.

The Beast is; of course, quite aware of the Starlight's arrival.

Beast Planet:"So, the Moon Kingdom is investigating the situation in the Four Worlds alliance already. This new Serenity has taken the reigns of power well. How amusing. Destroying her will be fun. Sadly though, her scouts won't live to see it. BEAST DRONES! Full attention!"

The beast drones suddenly stop their assigned tasks and pay full attention to the words of their master, the Beast Planet.

Beast Planet:"The emissaries of the Moon Kingdom cannot leave this system alive! Destroy them!"

Fleet after fleet of beast drones launch and head immediately to the Starlight's spaceship.

Beast Planet:"Meantime, I'll deal with Mantle. Planet rock cannot be allowed to implement the knowledge that the Moon Kingdom has given him. Onward to Rock!"

The Beast Planet begins moving in Planet Rock's direction.

Jade:"Now what?!"

Graveheart:"By Mantle's Crown, NO! The beast is moving on Planet Rock!"

Starlights (on view screen):"Mayday, Mayday! We are under attack! Hordes of Beast Drone fighters headed our way! Don't know how long we can hold out. We're trying to outrun them, but we aren't having much luck! We require assistance."

Zera <Gasp>"A battle on two fronts! We must save the Starlights, yet we can't abandon Rock!"

Graveheart:"You're right Zera. Graveheart to Pyrus, do you read me?"

Pyrus:(on view screen):"I hear you, Graveheart. What's up?"

Graveheart:"The Beast is moving on Planet Rock, and the Starlights are under attack! We need your troops to move in and support Rock! I'll contact Cryos and Femur. Hopefully Femur will come to assist you."

Pyrus:"Understood. That Beast Planet Burns me UP!"

Graveheart:"Cryos, Did Pyrus inform you of the situation?"

Cryos:"Yes, Graveheart, my friend. I'm sending all my Bladewings to the aid of The Starlights! Good luck in protecting your World, my Friend."

Graveheart:"Thanks Cryos. It is a real honor to know you."

Cryos:"The honor is mine. Farewell."

Graveheart:"Graveheart to Femur. Can you read me?"

Femur:"What's up hardhead? Beast has you spooked."

Jade:"Why you little toad!"

Graveheart:"I'll handle this, Jade. Femur! The Beast is moving on Planet Rock. You owe him one. Now you have two options. You can lead your troops to aid Pyrus in the Defense of Rock by way of arial bombardment on the Beast Planet itself, or you can run and hide in your little hole and I'll bring the Battle Moons and blast you myself! Fight and maybe live as a hero, or flee and die a coward! The choice is yours."

Femur:"Hey! Who do you think you are you Rock Commoner ...."

Graveheart cuts of the transmission. "I trust he got the message."

Jade:"Now that's a side of you, I've never seen before. I must admit. I like it!"

Graveheart:"Thanks Jade, but now's not the time. We have to save Rock and the Starlights first."

Jade:"Yes, my love. Battle Moons Full Speed to Planet ROCK!"

Cryos' bladewing fleet and the Aurora, Cryos' flagship come to the Starlight's rescue. And not a moment too soon. Though the Starlights fought valiantly, there are just too many Beast Drone Fighters. Their ship is in serious distress..

A massive battle then ensues. The Aurora takes quite a pounding, the fleet of Bladewings struggles valiantly. In the end they're sucessful. The Starlights are saved and the Beast Drones are destroyed, but the fleet has taken heavy damage, and the Starlights' ship is all but destroyed.

Starlights:"You are Cryos, lord of Planet Ice?"

Cryos:"I am, and you are the Starlights?"

Starlights:"Yes. Thanks for the quick rescue. We need to get to your world immediately. The weapons there installed by the Moon Kingdom will help you in your fight against the Beast, and if all goes well perhaps help us as well."

Cryos:"We shall certainly escort you there, though time is of the essence. Planet Rock is under direct attack from the Beast itself. We must go to its aid."

Princess Fireball:"No offense, but after that fight, you are in no shape to help. We MUST go to your homeworld First. Only the weapons there can blunt its attack."

Cryos:"We cannot abandon our friends in the alliance, but your logic is impeccable. I will contact Graveheart and tell him of your plans."

The Bladewing fleet (what's left of it) and the Aurora turn and head for Planet Ice.

Graveheart:"Cryos. What is your situation? Are the Starlights ok?"

Cryos:"Losses were very heavy. We did manage to save them, but we are in no position to help you. Our weapons are badly damaged. The Starlights say there is a weapon on my world that can blunt the Beast's attack. Hold on as best you can. We'll help as soon as we're able."

Graveheart:"Understood. May the Great Glacier guide you."

Cryos:"And May Mantle's crown sit well."

Pyrus' fleet arrives and heads with the Battle Moons on an intercept course with the Beast Planet.

Pyrus:"Good to see you, Graveheart. The Fire Fleet is here and ready for action."

Graveheart:"Good to see you too, your highness. Any word from Femur?"

Pyrus:"No. But you did have a talk with him?"

Graveheart:"Yes. He knows we need him."

Pyrus:"Then He'll be here. I know it."

Vizier:"My Prince, that cowardly toad ran out on us before. How can you be certain he'll be here to help us?"

Pyrus:"I have my ways."

Beast Planet:"Raise Null Energy Shields. Those Fighters will never be able to harm me. At the very least, Mantle's threat is over. At best, Planet Rock will be no more! HAHAHAHA"<Cackles>

On Planet Rock...

Lord Mantle:"Ready the troops! Have all fighters and Tanks in action. The Beast isn't going to take this world without a fight!"

Graveheart:(on viewscreen) "My lord. The fleet is on the way. Hang tight. At least the Starlights made it to Ice safely. They're planning to bring some weapon online that will at least slow the Beast Down, if not stop it cold."

Lord Mantle:"As if I could trust that Ice Flea." He pounds on his granite throne. "But now I have no choice. When all this is over, you and I will have a little conference on Rock. Your Exile will be lifted, at least temporarily. I wish to reward you for your devotion."

Graveheart:"I'm Honored, my Lord. I eagerly await your pleasure."

<end transmission>

Lord Mantle (thinking):"Perhaps I was wrong to exile him. He has always served me faithfully and been well rewarded for his exemplary courage and honor. Still, he did willfully consort with Cryos when Cryos was Rock's sworn enemy. And he refused to give his unwavering allegiance to his own world. That is inexcusable. I had to set an example. I'm just glad I did not execute him. We all need his exemplary leadership now."

As expected, the Beast approaches on Planet Rock. The Fire fleet and Battle Moons come between the Beast and Rock...

Graveheart:"Alright, everyone. This is IT. Fly Smart. Fly safe, and stay frosty. We're only going to get one shot at this. We have to buy time for Cryos to bring his weapon online. I'll use the Battle Moons to try and bring down the Beast Planet's Null Energy shields. The rest of you, use evasive maneuvers and try to keep out of the way of the Beast's cannons. When the shields are down, move in, fly low and inflict maximum damage. We're only going to get one shot. So let's make it count."

Meanwhile on Planet Bone...

Femur:"Alright, Beast Planet. You wanna rumble. We'll Rumble. Eat Hologram you null energy piece of JUNK!"

Femur boards his flagship, the Clavicle and brings a fleet of both real and holographic ships with him. <thinking>"I hope you appreciate this you gravel goons!"

To be continued...